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You Think Sub Saharan African Women Are Different? #SHORTS

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I believe Sarah Asio is currently living in Denmark. Her TikTok is full of sub Saharan AFRICAN WOMEN asking to be hooked up with white men, this is why I have to look at these guys talking about getting themselves African women with a serious side eye. Don’t they know that when it comes to African women south of the Sahara, white men are their first choice candidates?

Even if this is a joke, the fact that they’re going along with it and asking to be hooked up with white men from Europe speaks volumes. I’ve already told you “on the fence but still want a black female” Negroes that you need to be very very selective as to which women in Africa you pick from.

Black women in Africa don’t have the same issue with so called European standards of beauty and yet they’re out here bleaching their skin at an astronomical rate trying to look like white women, I should know, I see these skin bleaching, freakish looking, self hating African women here in London all the time.

Remember, these are the same African women who are spending millions upon millions of pounds/dollars buying weaves so that they can try their utmost to look like the white women they so long to be.

Black African women are the biggest white male worshippers on the planet, they’re worse than black females in the West. White men are able to set up adult entertainment websites, film their sexual exploits with random black women from different sub Saharan countries and make a cool mint while these dumb heifers are left holding an empty bag.

Yeah, you “I’m going to get myself a black woman from Africa” Negroes better watch out and be very careful, as far as I’m concerned as mentioned before, either the Horn, North Africa, Cape Verde and Madagascar should be the maximum outreach spots, sub Saharan Africa should NOT be ventured into if you’re looking for a quality woman who doesn’t worship Admiral Frost.

Additional problems arise if you fail to heed sound advice, travel to a sub Saharan African country, pick up an “African queen” and decide to bring her back to the West. As soon as she begins to intermingle and converse with Keisha and Taquanda, it’s a chicken wrap, she will be corrupted and contaminated.

African women just like black women in the West don’t care what condition General Blizzard comes in because in their eyes he is god, any state he resides in is a holy one that cannot be questioned:

You think any black African female would marry your black side if you were a mangled vegetable who needed to travel around in an electric wheelchair, I rest my case. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Sub Saharan African Women Are Premium White Male Worshipping Simps

Most High Bless

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40 thoughts on “You Think Sub Saharan African Women Are Different? #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black African women are fucking terrible and I refuse to date them and other black women throughout the world. What makes me laugh is that you still have these delusional pro blacks telling us SYSBM black men to go the motherland Africa to wife up a black African woman. That ain’t ever happining because I just don’t find black African women because they are always looking fake from head to toe.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. African women are the worst when it comes down to worshipping Captain Frosty. It’s the same situation as black women in the West, they(African females) “settle” for black men because white men in the overwhelming majority of cases don’t want them for anything serious past sex.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Welcome back Verbs. 👍

      2. Brother verbs is back baby!!!🤘🤘 Baby happy 2024. The truth has been spoken women in sub Saharan Africa will do anything to please admiral frost even abandoning their own husbands and children.
        Brother verbs if you remember that before the year ended we discussed the huge chunk of inheritance Kobe Bryant left to Vanessa Bryant I thought we would sweep it under the rag little did I know I was planting the seeds of what was to come when Umar Johnson blasted out Vanessa Bryant at Joe Budden podcast concerning the wealth Kobe left and how it should benefit the black communitah.

        What is in your mind concerning this.

        1. Edward Maina,

          It’s good to be back brother. The worship and admiration African women have for white men is beyond ridiculous. As for what you asked, I’ll deal with my thoughts concerning Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson in tomorrow’s Open Mic Wednesday, be sure to raise the question again tomorrow.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black African women are fucking terrible and I refuse to date them and other black women throughout the world. What makes me laugh is that you still have these delusional pro blacks telling us SYSBM black men to go to the motherland Africa to wife up a black African woman. That ain’t ever happining because I just don’t find black African women attractive because they are always looking fake from head to toe.

    1. Even when they`re real, they insist on being slaves to “acting black” and raunchy, unable to filter out poisonous western media. Always a damn hurdle.

    2. Fence sitters are worse than simps. At least we know where simps stand. Fence ridders are allowed to engage with SYSBM Knights, Passport Brothers and the Black Community.

      They are not asked to pick a side.

      We should force them to pick a side. I said this would be dangerous, just look at the Bdub that ambushed Richie Mac on his show.

      If you want a Black woman you are not SYSBM.

  3. Welcome back Verbs, hope your vacation/holiday time off re-energized your batteries for 2024, because it’s going to be one of those years! I see you’re already starting off with a banger, and no, they would NEVER consider a black man in this state as a mate. You CANNOT convince me that this is ANYTHING more than white worship! There is LITERALLY no upside to a relationship like this! ABSOLUTELY NONE! David Carol was right, his white skin covers a multitude of imperfections and sins! Blech!

    1. Andre Washington,

      It’s good to be back, I am indeed ready to tackle this year. Let’s see how many more L’s black women are going to take for 2024. African women are some of the biggest idolators on the planet, if they’re not worshipping white men then they’re exalting, worshipping and funding swindling pastors.

      I’ll continue to stand by the statement I wrote in my book Negro Wars that black female dysfunction is an international problem. African women are prolific white men worshippers and they have been for a very long time, you’re right, the late Dr David Carroll called it.

  4. Funny how THEY never get called out though.

    African women outside of Ethiopia/Eritrea ain’t for me (especially Nigerian women).

    I gotta laugh at some of these Passport Bros on twitter and other content creators who claim to be SYSBM but think these women are that much different. One dude in particular thinks South African women are the unicorns of the motherland. I’m like bruh, do you not watch their soap operas, social media etc?? You might as well just stick to western daggles.

    As far as bringing them back to the west (I don’t think it really even matters as much at this point anymore), Eddie Murphy warned brothers about that nearly 40 years ago in his Raw standup.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Those same African women some of these Passport Bros believe are a better deal we already know are no different when lined up alongside their Western sisters. We both walk these UK streets and see African women wearing weaves, wigs, heavy makeup, fake raptor claw nails, fake eyelashes as well as many of them sporting bleached skin.

      South African women are some of the most masculine black females on the planet. Let’s not forget, these are the same black sirens who have been drugging and robbing black men of their sperm(Yep, I haven’t forgotten about those stories).

      African women as a collective are already corrupt in their own lands, bringing them over to the West would simply be like attaching a large turbo to their degeneracy.

  5. Verbs is back, guns blazing. I had to unfollow a certain YouTuber who claims “Passport Bro” and “SYSBM” but was always pushing these African women on his feed particularly South African. Same with Auston Holleman. Started out strong but ended up pandering to the same hoes that were wishing him dead. These “muh melanin quean” niggas are a lost cause. Meanwhile these African queans outright shopping for white men by height, income and “cucumber” size and the women must be willing to do anal sex to please them. Like the late, great KS used to say; “You can’t make this sh*t up.”

    Welcome back, Verbs. It’s gonna be a wild 2024.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Thanks brother, it’s good to be back. This year is going to be a very interesting one, especially in terms of how many more L’s black women are going to take. Like I’ve stated before, most black men can’t walk away from the modern day black female to save their lives no matter what shell she comes in, these guys are stuck on the plantation for life.

      As for Auston Holleman, he himself stated that the women of Romania were the most feminine females he’d come across, but still even he couldn’t pull himself away from Keisha.

      The black female is the white man’s sex toy, however the overwhelming majority of black women refuse to acknowledge this, they believe that there is more to the relationship between themselves and their white lord and saviour Captain Euro, smh.

  6. It is so good that you are back Verbs. You are the only voice on the internet giving black men the unvarnished truth about the scraggle daggle. I truly wish I had had the benefit of a voice such as yours, when I was coming of age. I had to learn the truth about the scraggle daggle thru experience, observation, and educating myself.

    I am definitely paying it forward, and I know I have helped a few young black men avoid taking a path that would have cost them dearly for the rest of their lives.

    I have had firsthand knowledge of women from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Cape Verde. Of the three cohorts, I have had the most interaction with Ethiopian women. I can cosign what you said about women from the horn of Africa and Cape Verde.

    I advise all younger black men to be circumspect about all women, to be doubly circumspect about black women from the horn of Africa and Cape Verde, and to give black women of West African heritage a very wide berth.

    It is virtually impossible for a quality black man to find a woman of West African heritage who is worthy of him. I believe the percent of quality women among women from the horn of Africa and Cape Verde, approaches the same levels as found among nonblack female cohorts.

    I would definitely advise passport brothers to visit Ethiopia and Cape Verde, and to give West Africa and South Africa a wide berth. I don’t have firsthand knowledge of Madagascar. Unfortunately, West Africa, the Americas, and Europe, are loaded with waste black women and their black male simp toadies.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Much appreciated for the kind words brother, I’m just trying to do my part to show other like minded black men that they’ve been right regarding black female dysfunction being out of control and that they don’t have to tolerate/put up with the decadent and degenerate ways of the black witch.

      Quality black females in West Africa are just as rare and non existent as quality black women in the West. I’m just glad that I’m also doing what I can to help like minded black men avoid the death trap that is the modern day black female regardless of where she resides on the planet.

      I have to agree with you. If i’d had the information I have now 25-30 years ago, my life would’ve taken a completely different path.

      However at the same time it was profitable that I went through what I did with the black witch because those experiences have bought me here where I can deconstruct the black female as well as show other black men that there is a better path.

  7. I have to ask god this question?

    What was the point of creating the black race in the first place if all black females want to look like white women and be with white men?

    This is a valid question.

    If I was the creator of the universe, I would only create the white race to prevent racism because I only find white women attractive.

    1. Wittexton,

      Very good question. Because Verbs some some brothers jere knows about Robert Mugabe’s quote.
      Robert’s quote was based on his observation which we all see now.
      The observation was based in Mother Earth of Africa where ‘God’ made Black women beautiful. As soon as ‘God’ made Black Women beautiful, the liberal feminist poison God’s creation and what happen when Black females expose to Western liberal Matriarchy?
      Black Women hate themselves. They had natural hair, but, face, colour of their skin. And what do they do? Because of Anti-Patriarchy, they get weaves, shave their eyebrows to put marker pen on it, fake nails and lashes, they now even resort to BBL also in African and UK that Verbs stated and seen on video, skin bleach themselves. All to look and compete with Becky.

      Remember, if ‘God’ cannot make BW happy, then what make these pro-black hotep simps can?

      1. MMT,

        Feminism has done a serious number on the modern day black female’s psyche, the worst thing is black women for the majority part still refuse to acknowledge that the women’s empowerment movement has taken them for a massive joyride.

        They point blank refuse to look like their natural selves, in 2024 it’s nigh on impossible to find a black female who is completely natural from head to toe.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I believe the Most High would say that he’s given the modern day black female free will to be whoever she wants to be and unfortunately copying white women is the path that she herself has chosen within the free will sphere.

    3. I don`t think it`s any coincidence that all women of the world worship white men; not just his skin, but his cranial and facial features. In fact, most accusations of “white supremacy” are just bitter non-passing ethnic women lashing out at what they can`t have, they won`t settle down with their own kind unless they have no other option. Hell, the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans overall have very successful societies yet most of their women will just stay at home will their electronic gadgets and gacha games until Mr Euro makes his rounds, then it`s all smiles for miles.

      Except that JBW(Just Be White) is reserved for Asian women because they have petit, feminine features. Whitey incel could flood all corners Africa and bleach up the continent in one night, yet chooses not to, speaks volumes. There was some Japanese guy who did a study that systematically proved that black women were the least attractive group of women; no racism, no insults, just pure data. Well everyone got up in arms about it and did their performative outrage to try and shut him down, no one could handle the truth.

      The black siren can scream all she wants about “European beauty standards”, everyone has their own tastes but objective beauty standards DO exist, no amount of moving the goalposts can change this. Even in Indian and Hispanic cinema, all the top actors are ones with prominent caucasian-like skulls and features, and this is by their own choice. This isn`t “white worship”, like so many red-green-black wearing shinebuckets would say, this is just observable truth for anyone with eyes to see.

      1. “I don`t think it`s any coincidence that all women of the world worship white men; not just his skin, but his cranial and facial features. “

        I have to take issue with this statement. Yes, there are very handsome Caucasian men, but to suggest that they are all attractive is just patent nonsense.

        I live in a very large US metro area with every race and ethnicity under the sun. And I can tell you that for every Caucasian man with Brad Pitt’s or JFK jr’s good looks, there are 10 butt ugly inbred looking white men who look like they have down syndrome.

        Just like for every one Denzel Washington, there are 10 black men who look like monkeys.

        The point is this; no race has a monopoly on pretty and no race has a monopoly on ugly. The truly objectively gorgeous of any race is a very small sliver of that race. In all races, most people are average in looks. Hence the term ‘average’.

        I generally don’t like the West African female phenotype. But it has everything to do with things that are within her power to control, as opposed to what she can’t control. I don’t, I never have, and I never will have sex or romantic relations with unattractive women. And believe me, I have had attractive women of many different races. Furthermore, even if a woman is physically attractive, if I can’t stand her character I am turned off.

        It is true that Caucasian men are the most desired men. But that has everything to do with their position at the top of the wealth and power hierarchy. I can’t tell you how many Caucasian women I have turned down because they are not up to my beauty standards.

        The percentage of the Caucasian race that is truly physically attractive is no greater than it is for any other race.

  8. Welcome back Verbs, Happy 2024.

    I have no issues of black women dating non-black men and yes, I have said this many times but this doesn’t surprise me when I see some of these black women that are worshipping the white beta males. And when I get a white man, it’s always a beta male no matter if he’s a drunk, a homeless dude who is living under the flyover at Staples Corner, refuse to get a job and so on. When they see a decent black man, they don’t go for him but when it’s a below average white man who is super dusty, they will give him a chance quick time.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times in 2024 as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black men.


  9. Damn! What is it with these African hoes not growing their own hair and having a hairline like Robocop with his helmet off? 4c kinky hair aint ideal but far from impossible to work with; I dont even cut my hair and I`ve had random men and women complement my `fro, lol. Hair twists are ugly, I don`t care what anyone says.

    I know some red-green-black wearing pro-wackistanian will claim I`m “self-hating”, I`m just being objective. I do not think there is room in the far future for pure African DNA; UK and US black women on average look better when they can be bothered dress and eat well because they have various levels of Euro DNA in them. Everybody wants white sperm for mixed race children, and whether by being overrun by Chinese immigrants or perfection of designer baby technology, the sub-saharan siren, much like the aboriginal, is a genetic dead-end.

  10. Verbs2015 is back in the saddle! I can’t believe what I heard in those clips; this Sarah Asio character must be the Sub Saharan Africa version of Christelyn Karazin if she is actually trying to hook her fellow African sisters up with a Brad. She said that they must allow Brad to do anal sex? She’s hooking them up with sodomites! Isn’t it any wonder why they catch STDs so freely? They are engaging themselves with White men who are sexually suspect; also, they are asking to get with White men who are older (probably because they believe he has more money as an older man). Say no to daggles of ALL nationalities! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I can still look in my book Negro Wars written 9 years ago(incredible how time flies)and point to the statement about black female dysfunction being an international problem. I’ll keep on saying it till the cows come home, the white male is the black female’s number one preference, they only deal with black men because white men for the majority part won’t deal with them en mass as they do white females.

  11. To paraphrase Al Ain’t Sure aka Dennis Spurly Spurl and The McFlurry King: “My preference is for black men to get with and marry women if African descent from the continent and an Afro-Latina because when I’m making love to my woman, I want to see the ancestors and I want to see the ancestors in My children.

    1. Furyous Blackman,

      Black women all over the world have become problematic, therefore it’s in the free thinking black man’s best interest to expand his dating options past them. The African descent angle can’t work when you have black females regardless of where they reside pining after and zealously worshipping white men.

    2. FB,

      It really annoys me when he says that. Besides, which ancestors are we speaking of specifically? The ones who failed us?

      The ancestors are no better than we are. That’s just some lowkey hotep stuff.

      MY preference for black men is to build a legacy with great women and produce happy, stable children from a loving environment instead of worrying about aesthetics. Our genes are the most dominant anyway.

      1. The ancestors that submitted to their enemies and allowed themselves to be fucked over.

  12. Verbs wrote:
    “I’ve already told you “on the fence but still want a black female” Negroes that you need to be very very selective as to which women in Africa you pick from.”

    I give you the theory behind this, since Auston Holleman denounce as the Leader of the Passport Bros and move to Africa, there are a trend called ‘Pro-Black Passport Bros’. It is the Hotep version of Passport Bros. You will never hear the term ‘Pro-Black Passport Bros’ because they disguise and mix with Passport Bros, but you will spot them when they go to African continent and talk about how ‘Not All Black Women are bad. See there are good BW out there’. Try to deconstruct SYSBM brothers.

    However what these Pro-Black/Hotep Passport Bros never understand and SYSBM do get the memo that Black Women are an International problem. Because Africans follow the West just like the Caribbean Black Females in the UK does.
    Also in West Africa, the BM have to be a Rich Pompous Black Man just to meet the dating criteria for West African Female. Also Southern territory of Africa. I am not sure where that that area is White only area and no black people there and they are making a killing there whilst the rest are in poverty.

  13. On a similar but unrelated note, Zogie De Gemini aka Nigerian Bigfoot is still complaining about the fact that nobody wants her manly ass, and low-key trying to shame men for their choices.

    1. Nigga you need to put a trigger warning on that post, that strong faced hoe look like the black Elephant Man. And all them hoes in the comments talmbout “you look gorgeous.” These bitches are straight cooked. SYSBM in 2024!

    2. This “woman” simply lost in the genetic lottery, it is what it is. There’s no way in hell I’m walking around with THAT on my arm, you crazy?!

      If bdubs had their way, these are the ONLY type of females black men would be allowed to have – not even the few who would be feminine, in shape and actually sound like they have a bit of estrogen in their bodies.

      1. Actual pretty, feminine, athletic BW with their real hair are reserved for athletes and white men.

  14. This is a classic example of how Black women fuckery is a global thing.

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