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We Really Don’t Care – Only You Do! #SHORTS


Her Captain Snowy is carrying out basic repairs and construction work around the house, yet NATASHA is behaving as if the dude is building an entire kingdom, do you see how white men can carry out the most simplest tasks but in the eyes of black women the same works are akin to God speaking and creating the world?

The white male worship black women engage in is off the chain, a white guy can fart nearby them and black women will immediately fall down and prostrate themselves as if Christ himself has spoken or performed a miracle, smh.

These are your so called swirlers and divestment squads in action, the ground white men walk on must be worshipped without question, however at the same time these black sirens always seem to have black men in their mouths even though they’re supposed to have “divested, swirled and levelled up”.

Again, notice the difference between black men and black women, black men who choose to date out simply get on with it, we don’t throw our mixed or non black significant others in the faces of black women because dating out isn’t a big deal to us, it’s like a walk in the park.

However with black women who manage to land themselves a Lord Cooler, they always feel the need to brag and boast about their swirling escapades in their attempts to make black men feel jealous(not that this works with free thinking brothers, only the pro black blue pilled simp squads are offended and butt hurt when they see black women dating out).

“Over here, look at me, look how well I’m doing with my Major Frost”, please, we already know that a large portion of white male/black female relationships suffer from physical abuse but because the black witch is so desperate for a white man, she’ll let the violence slide, that is until she ends up getting Jason Poped, Chad Wheelered or worse still ends up dead.

Again, notice how whenever one of these swirling black females gets killed by her white lord and saviour, these same divesting and swirling harriets have absolutely nothing to say and will put in the maximum effort to gloss over the negative accounts. By the way, this is what weave wearing Natasha looks like without the spray paint on her face:

This chicken head has children by Lord Euro, what she ought to be focused on is looking after them instead of worrying about what other men are saying and doing online as well as taking indirect swipes at black men.

Even when they cross the fence, black women still don’t feel complete without getting their daily jabs in on black men, how sad is that? You’ve got your Colonel Blizzard, just get on with living your life without worrying about what your male counterparts are doing, smh. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Remain Defective Beyond Repair No Matter What Race Of Men They Get With

Most High Bless

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34 thoughts on “We Really Don’t Care – Only You Do! #SHORTS

  1. What he is doing is only special if you are used to dealing with pookie and ray ray, who are completely useless as men. In the Black community at this point pookie and ray ray are the only ones seriously dealing with BW. BW at the behest of Black lesbians and feminists made enemies of good BM and now many of them have no man and no father to turn to. Look at the YouTube videos of them posting from run down apts with the smoke detectors beeping because the battery is low, they cant do maintenance and have no man to turn to for it. Hoodrats and their illegitimate kids will neglect and destroy whatever property they move into, its one of the main reason areas go downhill whenever they start moving in.

    Most decent BM that I know work in the trades and are good with their hands. I don’t work in the trades but I learned basic automotive, yard, and home maintenance from my Dad. As you said BW put extra on it because it is a WM doing it. WM could be a meth head but if he cuts her grass white worshiping BW will make him sound like Jeff Bezos. Dating out for a BW is like winning the lottery, the odds of it happening are slim so if it does happen they celebrate it. Dating out is no big deal for good BM. Either way, Keep the Wall up.

    1. “Hoodrats and their illegitimate kids will neglect and destroy whatever property they move into, its one of the main reason areas go downhill whenever they start moving in.”

      An apartment building I used to live in back in the 90s started out nice with a live-in black female manager who kept the place up. She was a bougie Claire Huxtable type, old school. I loved her.

      Then welfare babymamas and they Bebe Kids moved in and tore the place up. Broke out the basement windows, broke the two gas lamps on either side of the walkway, treating the common area like their playground. I’d go out to get the mail and the common area smelled like must from them sweaty funky-ass kids playing in there. There was an ashy Pookie laying up at they crib who didn’t work complete with white wife beater musty armpits Pookie uniform. They lived in the basement apartment. Niggas actually stole my bed sheets out of the dryer in the basement!!!!! Who the fuck steals your bedsheets that you had sex on????

      The good manager left to live down south and they hired a hoodrat black female manager who got caught stealing the $35 credit check fees. She was also calling all the tenants asking to borrow $50. Once they fired her they didn’t have a live-in manager at all and the place went to hell even more. I was making good money by then and moved to the suburbs. The suburb I moved to published its racial breakdown in the paper once. 1% black. What a relief! SYSBM!

  2. Women generally don’t have loyalty unless it’s instilled in them. I’m still surprised that some BM believe that women, especially black women are sugar and spice and everything nice. Nah. Women can be downright manipulative and self-centered. And don’t expect them to give a damn about the plight of the BM. Apparently, Tommy and the rest of the Blakkkk Mannoooofferrrreee(MBD voice) hasn’t learned this, or knows this but it’s still willing to put up with it because of them being damaged hopeless romantics.
    Because of the perceived status of Lt. Mayo Soyboy and Lord Snow Yeti, it doesn’t matter if these men are trafficking women like DJ Pope or has less testosterone than my left testicle. Because of the perceived status, they can do no wrong in women’s eyes. To these women simple minded assertion, he has power, he builds, he protects, etc. It’s not like they know the difference between alpha and beta men anyway. Hell they don’t even know what masculinity is. They think it has to do with a man grunting. Having sex with everything. Fixing stuff. And being emotionless. We know they ain’t got nothing to do with being a man. Hell, my dad after his divorce was hooking up with numerous younger women. And I won’t even get is younger days in him hooking up with so many women, he could have p.i.m.p. them out if he wanted. And he always stated even when I was a kid that just because you can get laid, does not make your man. In fact if you base your masculinity and being a man on getting p****
    “it’s unbecoming of a man, you’re a buck that could be used. You ain’t s*** to me if you do that. Any fool can get p****, women are women.” His words
    If the narrative was to switch and the man of default status was the black man, you would have the reverse. (Just in traveling, you can see that. When I was in europe. Soon as I start talking, women and people in general will gravitate a bit more towards me. Especially black Americans and black British bros. )Whatever society and the man they deemed powerful says, women follow like sheep.
    It’s the woman that so-called belongs to you having the same talking points as the perceived default powerful man.
    This Natasha chick isn’t necessarily happy because of him doing mundane work. She doesn’t give a s***. It’s that this man has status. He is a builder, he’s powerful, he’s Superior. To her, even though his own group/class sees him as a peasant. (The pandemic has exposed that completely). And that includes the women in his own race/group/class. Whose loyalty is to the ruling class and has been throughout time immortal in Europe. And he’s doing these activities that probably half of us on this website could do.
    And when you understand that. There’s no point of getting mad at them. As late NFL Hall of Fame coach Dennis Green once said “they are who we thought they are…”
    We can come here and treat them for what they are… Entertainment. Anybody want some popcorn?! 😂😂😂

  3. I would have expected that the average swirler would look more like Halle Berry than like Tyrone Berry.

    Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe them. All the more reason why I loathe the blue pilled black male simp who puts them on a pedestal and pines after them, even getting jealous of bottom shelf Brad.

    The same daggle beast who becomes a swirler might have a brother who is a blue pilled black male simp.

    This is why I loathe da communitah. It is a cesspool that mass produces all manner of self hating, emotionall disturbed, mentally ill, subhuman garbage.

    1. “I would have expected that the average swirler would look more like Halle Berry than like Tyrone Berry.”

      That is a burn! Lmao!

      This chick looks like that British actor Daniel Kaluuya, LMFAO!

  4. I bet this swirler ape negress spends most of her time looking at tik tok vids of white women with black men instead of looking after her own kid.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    Black women worship their white lord and saviour and they parade him like the FA Carling Premiership trophy. I have dated interracially with non black women all my life and it isn’t a big deal because I can attract those types of women easily.

  6. She makes it sound like her husband is doing some grand work in their community; the work he’s doing is the same kind of work my father did every day (I’ve helped him on some of his jobs in the past). Clearly, her husband is a productive blue collar worker who stays busy; his productivity is what keeps him from wasting time online, so perhaps she should follow his example and be useful in the home instead of sneak dissing these fake Internet alphas on TikTok. I’m sure he gets hungry after working so hard for her!

    Let’s say this were a TikTok video of a Black man doing the same thing; he’d be called a “lame” or “scrub” by this same female and others like her, so what’s so special about her husband? In the words of the late David Carroll, “his White skin has the ability to cover up a multitude of imperfections and sins”; it apparently also possesses the power to make basic home projects look like Fortune 500 executive work. Give me a break!

    1. “Let’s say this were a TikTok video of a Black man doing the same thing; he’d be called a “lame” or “scrub” by this same female and others like her”

      Exactly. Look at all of the BW calling into KS and saying they want a white collar man who makes six figures, then acting shocked when KS says that isn’t happening for them and that they should look for a regular blue collar brother instead. They will spread their legs and have bastard kids for broke delinquent pookies, then afterwards turn their noses up at blue collar brothers making $60k.

      1. Exactly, was thinking the exact same. BW look down on blue collar brothas in the skilled trades who are doing the same thing as Lord Cooler in the video. Magically we’re all supposed to be degreed doctors and lawyers when BW deal with us…after their “hoe phase” dealing with Pookie nem. These hoes ain’t shit. Like you always say, Keep the Wall up.

  7. Just finish watching the TV classic Miami Vice on DVD. Take me back. I don’t know why the scraggle daggle is talking about black men while she is with Mayor Frost. I don’t have an issue with black women dating out just the same way as black men dating out but every single time when you have a black woman dating; she always talking about black men doesn’t do this, black men doesn’t do that but what about the white beta male? What can he do? I can’t do anything just like the thugs she use to be with and open their legs too. When it comes to interracial relationships, they say that black men only go for fat white women. I do agree on that. I have seen black men with fat white women but it’s not like black men who are with fat black women. but when a black women is with a white man, they will go for the below average Lord Anglo, Homo Nazi Vern, Brian The Nonce, Cuckold Master Jim, the bestiality specialist McDonald, Cross Dresser Bob and Micro Cock Gary.

    Keep your white sugar honey safe because the black women are attacking them in large numbers.


    1. Cross dresser Bob and Micro Cock Gary. Oh man, you are something else 😂😂😂

    2. “Bestiality Specialist McDonald”
      🐔 🐄 🐎 👩‍🌾 🍆

  8. Hey Guys, have you heard about a black woman had a fight with Tommy Sotomayor on Fresh and Fit? I saw the clip and man oh man. I’m not surprised at this at all people. I’m not surprised at all.

      1. Yeah I see it. Listen here, Tommy is just keep dealing with these ghetto ratchet scraggles and these hoes are nothing but chaotic. I have nothing to say, really!

    1. Tommy sotomayor has a fetish on dark skin negresses but finds them ugly at the same time.

      I don’t understand it, makes no logical sense.

      The reasonable thing he should do is either date out with white women or stay single.

      The darker the berry, the dumber she is.

      The one who eats the darker berry, the dumber he is.

      1. The only thing I can figure is if Tommy went off into the sunset with a non-black female, he would have nobody to bitch about and go back and forth with…which hurts his bottom line. And how many people would quit listening to him if he went SYSBM with a white or other honey? He needs this kind of Fresh & Fit scandal to stay relevant.

        1. It’s the addiction to drama that being raised in a typical black single mother household provides. “Happy wife happy life” is an alien concept – as alien as the sun running out of light.

        2. Very sad, as you mentioned, he needs this to stay relevant. Compare where he is in his life now compared to back when the daggles had their internet “hit list.” Dude tried to court alt-right white boys: didn’t stick. He likewise can’t REALLY double down on calling out daggles, and so the only venue he has is giving them an undeserved chance all while then turning around and crying like a bitch when they act…. exactly as he knows they will.

          1. Well said bro. One day a daggle he’s messing with is gonna catch that dude slippin’ and kill him in his sleep, or get him hemmed up with some goons or some shit. Shocked it hasn’t happened already tbh. Keep the wall up.

  9. A white man could wash his hands after using the bathroom (which they’re actually known for not doing) and black women would act as if God himself had just performed a miracle.

    And honestly, many times this is stuff even Pookie and Ray Ray do for these daggles, but only Brad gets this praise. Someone needs to blow the kid off of race play and other stuff daggles do in a mainstream fashion. Could you imagine if something on the level of 50 Shades was made exposing race play? Black women would be avoided in DROVES while in public, as if they had the bubonic plague. And yet, even with also this ass kissing, the best they can get usually is some race play.

    Again, by deigning black women “queens,” you’re theoretically worshipping white men.

    1. “Again, by deigning black women ‘queens,’ you’re theoretically worshipping white men.”


  10. Clearly Natasheesa is aiming her condescension at black “simpha” males but still she doesn’t mind the same simpha males gassing her head up.

    Notice what you’ll see out in the streets – the “black love” con game promoted by mainstream media, HOWEVER when it comes to BM/WW dating we are largely invisible, whilst getting “yo mama black”, meanwhile white women get put on neo-Nazi websites talking about coal. Get the greasy fuck outta here.

    1. Race purists are often scammers or Kosher hustlers looking for attention. It wouldn’t surprise me if all this ‘Kalergi plan’ and ‘relgious right’ hustle nonsense BW/WASPs are putting up right now was given to them by the elites to push an agenda.

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