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Feel free to post any news, info or links to articles, videos etc in the comments section below of ratchet behaviour here for ALL to SEE.

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60 thoughts on “Daggle/Maggle Watch

  1. Um, are those fake titties on Porsha Williams along with a but implant? 👀🤫

    Why on Earth would a sista need EITHER is beyond me. And here I thought implants was only for white womin. 🤔

    Porsha Williams Plastic Surgery: Boob Job, Butt Implant, Before After Pictures

  2. I thought Black Wimmins had the natural bodies that White Wimmens was trying to copy.

    1. Nah, it’s only the primo athletic well-defined black males that white, Asian & Hispanic dudes wish to emulate. BW have let themselves go so much in the appearance department that nobody tries to physically copy them. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Westernized BW are fat/obese, fake hair, un-feminine looks, shitty “woke” attitude. It’s the truth, sadly.

    1. BW and Lord Napoleon love Chabad Chev and False Flag Fedowitz for the money these two groups provide. You could be the biggest con artist and rabbinic racist in all of Eastern Europe or a gun slinging thug, and they’d still allow you to emigrate and bring your crew with you to cause chaos and panic on law abiding citizens. Meanwhile black men can’t date out without being stalked by black female cucks and ‘Jewish’ beta males who need a real job, spouting disinformation left right and center.

      No wonder people despise black females and rightfully so, this is pure idolatry at this point in time.

    2. I LOVE the comment this dude left on that YouTube video. 😂😂

      Armondo Beck – 5 months ago:
      Anyone simping for black women in 2021 need to reevaluate their life.

  3. Sprat Nation Agenda in Jamaica:

    I told you, a vast majority of thugs and other artistes are complete fishes or asexual. Jamaica’s religion is just as fake as Iran’s, only the Middle Easterners have more balls to call out the nonsense. Too many Jamaican men have become cucks and cowards or brainwashed by Shaniqua and Lord Napoleon’s ‘Anglo-Saxon’ nonsense!

  4. Placing this here as Verbs suggested…

    Hey Verbs,

    Long time reader, first time commenting.

    Not sure if you have seen this yet. I searched the blog and didn’t see anything. Maybe I didn’t look good enough.

    But check out the 13 year old daughter of ex-NBA player Corey Benjamin. Her name is Cori Benjamin and she is also a basketball player. She is caught on video, not once, but TWICE, sucker punching 3 other girls on the opposing team during two separate high school basketball games in Garden Grove, California. This news hit about 3 days ago on November 9th, when Alice Ham posted a video on Instagram of her daughter being punched, knocked out, and suffering a concussion:

    You can hear Cori’s mother, Tyra Hunt, shout from the crowd to “hit” the victim. Here is Tyra’s Facebook page:

    Doesn’t get any more ratchet than that.

    Here is a second video from Alice Ham’s Instagram showing Cori punching out another girl at another game, then running to attack a third girl who tried to stop the fight:

    I seriously thought I was watching “When Animals Attack” on the Discovery Channel when I stumbled across this video on the NY Post website. Imagine the horror of the girls who were punched out of nowhere while playing the game. I’m glad the girl in the second video fought back. Notice how all 3 victims were either non-black, or light-skinned black girls.

    Then, like clockwork, just like you always say Verbs, here comes a simp defending the animal:

    Just in case he deletes it, here is what he said:

    #coribenjamin #benjaminballers #tmzsports #hennychang #channel4news
    there two sides to every story. In this video Cori is being attacked by two highschool girls. Cori might be big but she is only 13 years old. I have other evidence that shows she was also being mulled and accosted in the game in question.”

    Of course he got tore up in the comments with people calling him a fool for trying to explain away this animal’s behavior. I guess he thinks we are blind and did not see Cori attack out of nowhere, while the victims were minding their own business playing the game.

    Here is Cori’s Instagram which has been set to private since the ordeal took place:

    Then she has the nerve to have “God 1st” in her bio. Lol. I can’t make this stuff up Verbs.

    Here is her Twitter:

    Her father Corey Benjamin came out and issued an apology:

    Now why is this man apologizing for his wife and daughter? Why can’t they apologize themselves? Not only is the mother a disgrace, this guy also has a few domestic violence cases himself. No telling what kind of criminal record the mother has. Looks like the whole family is garbage. No wonder the daughter is the way she is.

    1. lol. I just saw this comment!
      I also posted something about Miss Teen Scraggle below.
      Them is the sort of niggas that will get all innocent black men caught up in a senseless race war when the shit hits the fan. SYSBMers need to publicly distance themselves from such feral black degenerates once in a while lest we all get painted with the same “black” brush — although Captain Amerika will use it to blame all blackies so they can ignite Race War 2.

  5. Hmmn, I dunno where else to put this feral black teenage beast. But I guess this will do. Once again, it will be the dumb stoopid ignorant black woman that is going to pull all good black men down their fukked up rabbit hole towards a race war. Mark my words!

    Can u spot the injustice against this innocent Asian gal? What a stoopid kunt! 👇🏽

    📌 Garden Grove CA teen with the sucker punch. 📌

    From the victim’s Mother (hammyalice) on IG: 👇🏽

    📌Ex-Bulls Corey Benjamin’s Daughter Cori Knocks Out Lauryn Ham With Sucker Punch During Game
    THIS… this right here makes me SICK to my stomach. This happened to MY DAUGHTER at her game yesterday. There is absolutely no place for something like this in basketball, I don’t care how famous you are!! This mom told her daughter to “go and hit her” and my kid gets an unprovoked sucker punch. I’m sorry but it’s everything that’s wrong with youth sports. The girl and her mom showed absolutely no remorse and offered no apology. Youth sports needs to change. 📌

    Both her & scraggle mamma need some sense knocked into their skulls.
    To ALL non-black folk reading this comment:
    Please note that SYSBMers do NOT associate with feminist, feral or “low information” Western “black” women regardless of whether they’re EDUCATED, wealthy or have a good job. We just DON’T like their ignorant ratchet argumentative & illogical MENTALITY. Hence we avoid them like the plague & have gone SYSBM: .

  6. Yet another stoopid scraggle who will now deservedly be permanently rotting in jail over a senseless cold blooded murder. Again, it is shit like THIS that Captain Patriot will be using to brush ALL black folk as a “menace” — as if we blame the whole white race for all of these illegal wars, Convid-19 Plandemic, mRNA vaccines, & gangster banksterism.

    So THESE are the black wommin Umar Johnson wants decent brothas to marry up? 👇🏽 GTFOH!!

    📌 Delia Johnson, 42, was killed Thursday when a woman calmly walked up to her and shot her in the head and torso several times on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights on Wednesday.

    Female assassin who shot dead single mom, 42, on a NYC street is a ‘friend’ of victim and ‘lured her to scene with a phone call’: NYPD hunt for suspect amid ongoing surge in Big Apple gun crime

    PICTURED: Single mom, 42, who was shot dead at point blank range by female assassin on Brooklyn street after they both attended a funeral – amid surge in NYC violent crime surge

    Female suspect is captured in Florida three months after ‘casually walking up to single mom, 42, and executing her on Brooklyn street’

    Woman arrested in Jacksonville in connection with execution-style murder in New York – 2 Million views.

    Female assassin is captured in Florida three months after ‘casually walking up to Delia Johnson, 42, and executing her on NY street’; Claudia Banton, aka Claudia Williams, has prior arrests for kidnapping and grand larceny – Cops

    CrimeOnline: Suspect Who Shot Woman on Brooklyn Street Nabbed in Florida 📌

  7. This is what I mean when I say Western black wommin don’t think before they act. They’re really pulling down the black race along with their degenerate Pookie & Ray Ray cohorts. More drama on Faux News. 👇🏽

    Woman arrested in Florida for alleged NYC execution-style killing captured on video

    USPatriot70 said – 9 November, 2021:
    13% doing their best to lower to 12%, you have to admire the pace of reduction..

    vicsgr said -13 November, 2021:
    can’t happen fast enough.

    Golliard582 said – November, 2021:
    That blond wig looks like cultural appropriation to me.

    MajorBummer said – 9 November, 2021:
    I think “cultural appropriation” is just one more thing that’s a “one-way street.”
    They can do it, we cannot.

    NeptuneSteel said – 9 November, 2021:
    Does the carpet match the drapes.

    Biden_is_weak said – 9 November, 2021:
    Nowadays, I think the question is, does the tile match the drapes.

    DungerDownUnder said – 9 November, 2021:
    I’m consistently amazed at how law abiding and civic minded the 13% are. A true role model for any third world political aspirant

    Nagant603 said – 9 November, 2021:
    Did anybody ever tell her that wearing a face mask protects from both being infected and being identified? Especially when doing THAT kind of business, wearing a face mask should be a must.

    LoyalAmerican870 said – 9 November, 2021:
    This is not going to get better, until the BLM folks look inward and realize they have a much larger problem within the African American community, then they have outside of that community. Only then will the real issues begin to be addressed..

  8. May want to move this to Open mic Wednesday but…
    Overweight black woman gets rejected by a literal Chad ( Football jock) white guy and cries.
    She was actually surprised. LMAO. They REALLY think white guys, especially the desirable ones are checking for them? It’s so funny when they get the reality check. “Good looking” black women can mostly only pull losers and average to unattractive black women think they have a snowball’s prayer in h3ll? Bwahahahaha
    And notice she put the rejection on the internet for the whole world to see. Would she have even recorded it if it was a black man?

    1. That THICCK entitlement programming in a lot of BW’s minds is off the chains. It also shows how dumb they are bcuz if they had any common sense, they’d OBSERVE the typical shape in women guys like that date. And they’d SEE that they don’t have the physical “credentials”.

      The audacity to THINK she could score with the bloke shows how out of touch most BW are.

  9. This post isn’t about a particular scraggle, daggle or maggle. However, there are some important lessons to be learned here as to WHY thinking brothas are avoiding Westernized BW in droves. This was a very insightful post on the 18 Karat Reggae blog. I’m going to snip the important parts so that scraggles can SEE WHY SYSBMers avoid them like the plague. Evidence: 👇🏽

    📌Jamaican women angry at Popcaan over his White girlfriend
    Some Jamaican women were fuming mad at dancehall artist Popcaan over the weekend. Popcaan posted a photo of him and his white girlfriend and that did not sit well with many Jamaican ladies. The reaction was similar to what Usain Bolt got when he had a white girlfriend.

    It is strange that Jamaican women got angry at Popcaan considering the fact that Jamaica has the most skin bleaching per capita in the world. Not only is there a high rate of skin bleaching, but the wearing of European looking weaves and wigs is also extremely high. So even if Popcaan had chosen a Jamaican woman, she would probably look more European than African anyway. He could have done what Jay Z did and get a fake white woman like Beyonce but instead he chose to go with the real thing.

    The actions of Usain Bolt and Popcaan should be a lesson to Black women to start being themselves, stop bleaching their skin and wearing hair weaves to like what they are not. When Black women try to look European there is no way they can compete with real Europeans. If on the other hand, they should embrace their beautiful blackness, their chocolate skin that was kissed by the sun, their full lips that drank from the river Nile, their sexy hips that can be as wide as the river Nile, then they will realize their true beauty. The Black man will then have no reason for even looking at women of other races, as he will be too busy fighting off men of other races who are drooling and craving for his woman… 📌

    I will also add that most BW these days do NOT like to exercise. For me personally, I’m physically attracted to women with fit, toned bodies with titties standing at attention. 😁😛😉👅👌🏾
    No rolls of fat or flabby skirts for me, thanks! I’ll leave that for the simps.

  10. It appears that certain elements of the Lord Anglo’s “MANosphere” are NOT content with being “superior” cold blooded testosterone MEN who are enthused to proliferate their race. Nope!

    Instead of wearing the pants in their relationships, these confused “men” want to wear the skirts. You can’t make this shit up!

    📌 LOL: MAN Crowned Homecoming QUEEN For The First Time 😂 📌

    If Lord Anglo’s male sheep population aren’t distracted with Hollyweird programming, extreme gaming, opiods/meth addiction or pedophilia, you’ll find them permanently cucking like this homecoming male “queen”. Yet they complain when their awakened white wommin use their god-given common sense AND lose interest in their own snow cucks as they explore more manly & pleasurable hobbies like burning the coals.

    Another thing…
    Expect to see this trend go into overdrive as Earth’s superior race appears to be in self destruct mode. Every other race is still waiting for Captain Euro to crack some AngloZio skulls for all the shit that ails their societies instead of dick policing black folk. Not gonna happen.

    1. Lord Ziostein’s foot soldiers are always trying to censor popular alternative media. Right now, GAB appears to be down — for obvious reasons. Here are some backup links.
      Look at these stoopid high schoolers cheering on this madness. This Millenial generation is naive as fck. You’d think white wommin would be waking up to their REPLACEMENTS. The “progressive” ones are dumb as rocks.

      LOL: MAN Crowned Homecoming QUEEN For The First Time 😂

      📌 Missouri High School Picks Male Student as Its Homecoming Queen for the First Time
      One student at a Missouri high school has an extra special reason to celebrate this homecoming season.

      Student Zachary Willmore made history at Rock Bridge High School in Columbia this week, by becoming the first male student to be crowned Homecoming Queen during the school’s homecoming game.

      Video of the moment on the field when Willmore wins the title was posted to Twitter and YouTube, showing wild cheers and collective excitement from everyone in the vicinity. “It was literally like a dream” Wilmore told KOMU 8 news outlet. “It was just really special to me.”

      The student, who is also a cheerleader on Rock Bridge’s varsity team, was also seen on his TikTok at the homecoming event, wearing a beautiful gold gown and homecoming sash on the field in front of the crowded bleachers…… 📌

  11. Another SYSBM naysayer:

    What was this dude even saying? He was just all over the place with his rhetoric; as usual, it’s the ugly, dusty communitah eunuch who has something negative to say about SYSBM. Also, near the end you can hear a daggle screaming outside which, as he stated himself, defeated the point of his conversation

  12. I know Verbs is going to have a field day with this UK scraggle who is the personification of “bad black parenting.” As usual, Westernized black wommin doing stoopid shit without thinking of the consequences. And as usual, the media shields the Western scraggles from scrutiny. I wanted to peek the juicy comments that would normally show up on these types of abandonment articles, but the Daily Mail disabled commenting. Geez, I wonder why.

    Can’t stand her fake ass hair, looks & shit.

    Well lookie here…a thirsty Anglo Simp couldn’t get enuf of this queanie’s stank puhnani. 4 kids? 👀

    ‘They were bright, caring, loveable boys’: Agony of the father of the two sets of twins killed in blaze at London house ‘after being left alone’ the week before Christmas – as woman, 27, is arrested for child neglect
    …. A 27-year-old woman was today arrested on suspicion of child neglect after two sets of ‘sweet and happy’ twin brothers were left home alone when the fire started at just before 7pm.

    The boys were pulled from the inferno in Collingwood Road, Sutton, by firefighters but could not be saved despite frantic resuscitation attempts in the street outside last night.

    Security officer Mr Hoath has paid tribute to his ‘amazing, smart and beautiful grandsons’, telling MailOnline: ‘I’ve just left my son. He’s absolutely devastated. We all are.

    ‘I’ve lost four grandchildren and he’s lost his kids as well. It’s all the more heartbreaking because their presents were all piled under the tree ready for them. ‘We don’t know what happened and are just waiting for the police to get back to us.

    ‘My son has been up all night and he’s shattered. He’s trying to get some sleep. He’s not in a good way as you can imagine.’

    Today Scotland Yard said a 27-year-old woman had been arrested on suspicion of child neglect and remains in police custody. Officers are also working in the property with London Fire Brigade to find the cause of the blaze. The 60 firefighters who entered the property last night will be offered counselling having been left ‘numb with profound sadness’ after the boys died…..

    1. Carnival Band Master,

      I can imagine Verbs will make an article about this one day.
      The haters will say that you find dirt about BW. Mind you this was one your feed, in front of you, on your lap because they record and post this on Social Media to purposely to go Viral.

    1. Damn Carnival Band Master!
      I thought that was a young couple and it turns out to be mom and son.
      Verbs did make videos in the past about this incest mother and son.
      As you stated. These BW call this ‘Son-Husband’ which is the new trend for the black community.
      This is because of no male patriarchy so the son replaces the dad as the hubby because no father/male in the picture.

      I remember some callers in the Minister Jap show when they use their son’s name on their credit card because the bank requires the man of the house and if there are no men, so they put their son’s name on the credit card.
      These females suddenly max out the credit on weaves and ghetto stuff. As soon as the son turn into male (not man because he is feminised) turns 18, he have to pay all the credit card debt because his mother max out her credit under his name.

      Another thing about this ‘son-husband’, this is normal in the hood, even this is incest by nature because the simps worship this.
      If this was other way around – a man had a a daughter and call it ‘daughter-wife’, the hood will call the police in an instant and he gets death threats or gets killed.
      They all talk about how the hood do not accept male paedophiles there, but they only accept female paedophiles.

  13. McDonald’s Baby Daddy vs Single mom

    Basically the Ratchet single mother is but hurt because his ex (baby daddy) went to McDonalds to buy his son food, the Baby Mon is upset because he did not buy the food for the other 3 kids.
    He only was there for his own child, not the others because that is another baby daddy responsibility.

    I do not feel bad for this guy because should not got involve with this single mom with 3 kids and had 1 for his own (4 kids together).

    Original Video:

    Response from the Ratchet mother:

    Lesson to be learn: Do not deal with single mothers, period.

    1. Now they are making skits and comedy about it like this stuff is funny which is not.
      She was recording it and saying how she exposing him however in reality she exposes herself as a broke bum.

  14. This Hoe of a Therapist made a video about Black Men.
    2 Parts in 1 video:
    Part 1 = Talking about how men are lonely on dating site because the online dating is rigged
    Part 2 = Video went viral and she got fired

    Blaming Black men for got her fired. Claiming BM went to Massa (White Men) but she made this video and went viral. She did this to herself.

    I was thinking to myself, how can she be a therapist when she talk like this?

  15. Lol, these toxic woke “educated” black wommin leaders running government are waaaay over their small minded heads when in power. The upcoming backlash against this corrupt degeneracy will be a rude awakening for all Westernized black wommin who are literally getting SCREWED & USED by Lord AngloZiostan to keep the Communitah destabilized. lol

    Seriously, black wommin are supremely stoopid for allowing themselves to be used like a tampon over the past 30 or 40 years of Lord Ziostan’s feminist programming to divide the black Communitah. I’m looking at you Condi Rice, Susan Rice, Maxine Waters, Moochelle, Cori Bush, Donna Brazille, Stacey Abrams, dumb Kamala, Ketanji Brown (Supreme Court) et al — all negresses placed in high positions for the sole purpose of sticking it to the black man. None of them have former black Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s chops. She refused to sign the Ziostan lobby’s Israel Pledge so they made sure she never got re-elected.

    New Orleans’ Dem Mayor Refuses to Reimburse City for $29k 1st-Class Flights – Citing “Health and Safety”
    New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell refused to pay the city back for the $29,000 of public money she spent on flights upgraded to 1st or business class since January 2021, because it represented “reasonable means” of protection – despite appearing to break city policy that demands municipal employees pay the cheapest fare.

    Cantrell spent $18,000 alone on a return trip to France to sign an extended agreement with a Mediterranean town, and once spent nine times more on her own ticket than an aide who had to travel coach class.

    “As the mother of a young child whom I live for, I am going to protect myself by any reasonable means,” she told local media. “Anyone who wants to question how I protect myself just doesn’t understand the world Black women walk in.”

    source – RT News:

    DC Mayor’s ‘Border Town’ Crisis Call Slammed by Texas Sheriffs
    After Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public emergency Thursday and accused the Texas and Arizona governors of turning the capital into a border town, border sheriff Roy Boyd shot back: “They have seen nothing.”

    “We’re trying to survive day to day, then they receive a few of these people in their communities and they’re screaming for help when our border sheriffs cannot get any help,” said Border Sheriff Coalition director Clint McDonald.

    “It’s time America takes care of Americans. And right now, we’re just not doing that,” said
    Border Patrol have encountered an estimated 2 million migrants this fiscal year, but only 10,000 have been bussed to DC.

    source – RT News:

  16. Message to Verbs and SYSBM Practitioners with the quote from Robert Mugabe.
    This is also important to why these BWs are not worth it. This was from Africa and I am putting it on the Daggle/Maggle watch:

    “You CANNOT give a woman everything she needs. God Himself gave them eyebrows, they shave it and draw their own. God gave them nails, they cut it off and fix their own. God gave them hair, they cut it off and fix their own. He gave them breasts, they repackage it to what they want. God gave them buttocks, they arrange it to the size they want. If even God can’t satisfy them, then who are YOU to think that you can please them? My brother, don’t kill yourself.”

    – Robert Mugabe

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      These modern day black females know NOTHING about conflict resolution, because their white lord and saviour General Blizzard has allowed them limited immunity, it’s really gotten to their heads to the point where they honestly believe they’ll face no consequences even if they step out of line with their own master, smh.

      1. Verbs2015,

        The ironic thing is, they’re being racist to their white lord and saviour in the video lol. For some reason black females feel they have some god given right to spew racial epithets towards anybody whenever they feel like it.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      The main reason why black women continue to behave like this is because they know there are no consequences to be suffered as a result of their reckless actions. Folks need to begin clouting them in the head whenever they go on foolish rampages like this, dysfunctional black women would learn very quikcly to keep their janky behaviour in check. Again, notice how out of pockets things are getting in these blue, liberal, Democrat run states, enough said.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Even if they’re in the right, black women need to stop with the usual disrespectful, loud mouth, throwing around people’s stuff behaviour in foreign countries because they DON’T have the same rights and leverage as they do in the West. They’ll find out very quickly when they run into the wrong one.

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