The Guiding Principles Of A TRUE High Quality Black Man

As per the recommendations of Slaying Evil contributors both Brotherdanunlimited and Blue Collar Trevor, I’ve dedicated a separate page to the True High Quality Man Tenets I recently posted in my Friday 11th September 2020 article. These guiding principles will also clearly demonstrate how black women as a collective by default CANNOT and DO NOT qualify as true high value men’s companions.

Having already factored in having little to no debt, good money management, being productive and always looking to improve in any areas that are lacking, let’s deal with this high value man talk that has been circulating as of recently and specifically focus in on the subject from the position of the women a true high value man chooses as well as rejects.

1. A true high quality man values normalcy and much prefers his woman to present herself in her natural state. A high value man will NOT accept a woman who chooses to engage in the dysfunctional practice of wearing the hair of other ethnicities of women upon her head nor will he accept any woman who coats her face with 50 layers of make up as well as decorates herself like a Christmas tree using various other external appendages.

Please remember that these are the same women who for years have been getting into both verbal and physical altercations with Asian beauty supply store owners over fake hair, additionally aren’t these the same females who have no problems diving into dumpsters to retrieve the same? Any man or woman trying to convince you that wearing fake hair is not a major mental illness issue needs to be heavily examined, scrutinised and looked upon with extreme suspicion. A true high quality man will NOT ACCEPT any dysfunctional practices from any woman.

2. A true high quality man will NOT accept any woman who embraces and supports feminism(misandry), homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, pedophilia, incest and any other related branches.

3. A true high quality man will NOT accept a woman who does not respect herself as well as show him the utmost respect as her authority(leader).

4. A true high quality man will NEVER take on board women who have an abysmal track record as well as a nasty reputation concerning stabbing their particular male counterparts in the back repeatedly without hesitation.

5. A true high quality man will NOT deal with whores, harlots, slappers, sluts ie promiscuous women and those who support such lifestyles. Rest assured that a true high value man will run a complete history report on the particular female candidate concerned and make some serious in-depth enquiries before even considering her for the running.

6. A true high quality man by default REJECTS women who already have children as he will be looking to start his own legacy and family tree from scratch. Furthermore, a high value man scoffs at the notion that somehow he shouldn’t have a problem taking on board and raising another man’s offspring. Cleaning up after another man will NEVER be an option considered for a true high value gentleman.

7. A true high quality man will never entertain nor tolerate any woman who believes she is an equal to him, the long established human order on planet earth is that the male is the authority over the female, any woman who refuses to accept this has already proven herself to be a contaminated wench and forthwith is to be discarded of.

8. A true high quality man cherishes and loves the life of the young, innocent and the vulnerable and will NOT accept any female who engages in the activity of either harming or killing any of the aforementioned. High value men will NEVER consider child killers as viable companions.

9. A true high quality man will NOT accept any woman who continually demonstrates a negative attitude towards him. He also will NOT deal with any women who suffer from low self esteem/low confidence and self hate issues as he knows that at some point they will attempt to project those stumbling blocks onto him.

10. A true high quality man will NOT accept any women who are overweight, fatties, wide load cruise ships, tugboats and fully loaded oil tankers are immediately tossed to the side without hesitation or a second consideration. Lazy women are a no no.

11. A true high quality man will NOT accept any woman who does not engage in standard hygiene practices especially when it comes down to sexual health. In the case of a large portion of black women, their WAP is typically smelly as well as a hidden cavern for all manner of diseases, fungi as well as other putrid and nasty contaminants.

12. A true high quality man will immediately REJECT any women who engages in violence or at minimum demonstrate violent tendencies. The true high value male recognises that fighting is a defence mechanism that is to be used in emergencies only, not as a hobby or sport to pass the time.

13. A true high quality man will immediately reject any woman who lacks a maternal instinct, in choosing a female to bring forth his offspring it is important that from the beginning the woman already has in place the behavioural traits required to raise children in a correct, loving, respectable and responsible manner.

14. A true high quality man will NOT deal or interact with women who cannot demonstrate love, a caring nature as well as affection towards their significant others. High value men DO NOT deal with cold hearted savages nor do they entertain females who believe that showering their men with love, affection, care and attention demonstrates “weakness”.

15. A true high quality man will NOT tolerate talk back or argumentative vibes from any female, as far as he is concerned a woman is to keep silent when she is being spoken to and only should speak when the man has finished his speech.

16. A true high quality man will immediately REJECT any women with tattoos, nose piercings or any other out of place mutations and mutilations to the body, such practices are reflective of a degenerate mindset that doesn’t respect the sanctity and the preservation of the body in its purest, unadulterated form.

17. A true high quality man will NOT accept any female who lacks a moral compass, sound principles, grounded ethics, integrity, honesty, accountability as well as a responsible nature.

18. A true high quality man will ALWAYS TELL WOMEN THE TRUTH, even if it means they despise him for it. In like manner a high value man will REJECT any female who cannot accept the truth and any sound advice being given to her.

19. A true high quality man will outright REJECT any woman who feels the need to garner attention from strange men. Furthermore a high value man will dismiss any female who has no problems accepting money and gifts from men she doesn’t know on a personal, met in person level.

20. A true high quality man will NOT accept a female who is money hungry, materialistic and who seeks to spend finances recklessly, typically such women are embroiled in heavy debt, they haven’t matured enough to master the skills of managing their money properly and so will attempt to bring their haphazard spending habits to the high value man’s arena, this is totally unacceptable and such behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Women who are steeped in debt are NOT viable options.

21. A true high quality man is always looking for a young, attractive, in shape, feminine, classic, traditional, cooperative, demure, humble, respectful, peaceful, non confrontational, anti war and conflict, non masculine behaving, attentive, affectionate, loving, caring, honest, responsible, accountable female, any woman who does not fit these standards established he will never consider.

22. A true high quality man will typically look for a woman who has been raised in a two parent household because she’ll have a better idea and understanding as to what a proper family structure looks like as opposed to a woman who was raised in a single mother environment. A strong, robust and solid family in most cases will be much easier to establish with a female who has grown up with a father and a mother in her household.

23. A true high quality man will NEVER COMPROMISE HIS MASCULINITY in any way, shape, form or fashion nor put it on the line for any woman as he recognises that it is the very foundation of who he is.

24. A true high quality man is always in demand, he doesn’t need to chase women because he regularly has an abundance of women in hot pursuit after him. A true high value man as a result doesn’t need to play silly games or devise and implement various strategies and techniques in order to draw females in, he simply appears and women will immediately flock to and gather around him.

25. A true high quality man will NEVER, EVER pander to or simp for any women, nor will he jump to the defence of females who are in the wrong. The woman is an adult, therefore she comprehends and has the full capabilities of standing up for herself as well as not being afraid to be placed under the microscope/spotlight of scrutiny and examination.

26. A true high quality man will ALWAYS seek to give his fellow brethren the BEST recommendations and advice possible, he will NOT attempt to steer his brothers in a direction he’s fully aware will not be fruitful, prosperous and successful but that he knows will instead lead to disaster, calamity and destruction.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Having High Standards Is A Vital Key To Success

Most High Bless

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