Around the time of the Christelyn Karazin and Vegainator fiasco back in August 2016 I wrote an article declaring that the so called Swirl movement was dead, here is that particular article in question:


Since then I have been stating for the longest while that because of the modern day black female’s abysmal representation of herself, swirling has been on a serious decline for these women even though the Pink Pill pimpstress, the black witch of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin has been trying her best to convince her gullible followers otherwise.

It’s pretty obvious that just like the SYSBM thinking brotherhood non black men especially those of the Caucasian persuasion are quickly clocking onto the fact that black women for the most part are NOT fit for long term relationships and marriage.

Therefore in light of this I have purposely set up this page where individuals are free to post links to articles and videos demonstrating the continued failure and the eternal fall of “swirling”. Karazin states that relationships between black women and non black men are increasing, however the truth of the matter is white and other non black men who would’ve had no problems dealing with black women in 2019 are dropping their blacksides like hot potatoes.

The recent breakup of the interracial YouTube Power couple Jamie and Nikki only adds more credence and even more evidence to the table regarding black women and their ever increasing isolation in the dating and marriage world:


The truth of the matter is black women are NOT wanted, they are the least desired women on the planet and they’ve brought such a position upon themselves through their embrace of feminism as well as other things decadent and degenerate.

The sorceress Christelyn Karazin for years has attempted to hoodwink other prospective swirlers into believing that they can snag themselves a white man( I say a white man because a white male are the ultimate goal of the swirler) with ease even though Karazin’s marriage has broken down near to the point of complete collapse, why do your think she never makes any videos together with her husband?

Anyway, Swirl Mountain Graveyard The Evidence Chamber is open for business, I’m sure folks will be able to post a lot more cases of failed swirl attempts as opposed to successful ones. Swirling fails and anything swirling related is welcome on this page. Like I’ve stated many times before, Swirl Mountain has fallen and white lord and saviour loving black females are finding this out the hard way.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Exposing Swirling For The Fraudulent Dead Garbage That It Is

Most High Bless


  1. Jamie And Nikki confirmed separation. But I thought that everything was all gravy in swirl world. As I’ve stated before Swirl Mountain has claimed many casualties and victims and very few if any black women will successfully reach the summit:

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  3. This is from 2017 but nevertheless:

    Black Woman Suspiciously Drowns During Pool Party at Friends’ Barlett, TN Home; Her Stolen Car is Found in MS


    Go to Darian Brittany Towns’ FB page and you’ll find pics of her and her white zaddy.


    Swirling can be lethal for BW.

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