Around the time of the Christelyn Karazin and Vegainator fiasco back in August 2016 I wrote an article declaring that the so called Swirl movement was dead, here is that particular article in question:


Since then I have been stating for the longest while that because of the modern day black female’s abysmal representation of herself, swirling has been on a serious decline for these women even though the Pink Pill pimpstress, the black witch of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin has been trying her best to convince her gullible followers otherwise.

It’s pretty obvious that just like the SYSBM thinking brotherhood non black men especially those of the Caucasian persuasion are quickly clocking onto the fact that black women for the most part are NOT fit for long term relationships and marriage.

Therefore in light of this I have purposely set up this page where individuals are free to post links to articles and videos demonstrating the continued failure and the eternal fall of “swirling”. Karazin states that relationships between black women and non black men are increasing, however the truth of the matter is white and other non black men who would’ve had no problems dealing with black women in 2019 are dropping their blacksides like hot potatoes.

The recent breakup of the interracial YouTube Power couple Jamie and Nikki only adds more credence and even more evidence to the table regarding black women and their ever increasing isolation in the dating and marriage world:


The truth of the matter is black women are NOT wanted, they are the least desired women on the planet and they’ve brought such a position upon themselves through their embrace of feminism as well as other things decadent and degenerate.

The sorceress Christelyn Karazin for years has attempted to hoodwink other prospective swirlers into believing that they can snag themselves a white man( I say a white man because a white male are the ultimate goal of the swirler) with ease even though Karazin’s marriage has broken down near to the point of complete collapse, why do your think she never makes any videos together with her husband?

Anyway, Swirl Mountain Graveyard The Evidence Chamber is open for business, I’m sure folks will be able to post a lot more cases of failed swirl attempts as opposed to successful ones. Swirling fails and anything swirling related is welcome on this page. Like I’ve stated many times before, Swirl Mountain has fallen and white lord and saviour loving black females are finding this out the hard way.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Exposing Swirling For The Fraudulent Dead Garbage That It Is

Most High Bless


  1. Jamie And Nikki confirmed separation. But I thought that everything was all gravy in swirl world. As I’ve stated before Swirl Mountain has claimed many casualties and victims and very few if any black women will successfully reach the summit:

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  3. This is from 2017 but nevertheless:

    Black Woman Suspiciously Drowns During Pool Party at Friends’ Barlett, TN Home; Her Stolen Car is Found in MS


    Go to Darian Brittany Towns’ FB page and you’ll find pics of her and her white zaddy.


    Swirling can be lethal for BW.

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  4. Kenyan woman swirled with a racist Spanish man:

    From the description box: “When Ruth left Kenya for Spain to be with her husband, she knew her life would change for better. But upon arrival, her husband started mistreating her and would hardly acknowledge her and all he wanted was his kids. He would at times refer to her as an “ugly monkey from Kenya” and even at one point had her forcefully committed to a mental hospital claiming she was a mad woman with potential to hurt her own children. But even after after a judge granted her custody to the kids, her husband still insists he will come to Kenya, bribe local officials and take away the children.”

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    • I’ve got a little sympathy for this one because she didn’t have a lot of options looking the way she looks.That crazy Spaniard was probably the best she could get. She got her mixed kids out of the deal, which is all these black hoes want anyway. I think African women are hideous, I feel bad about that because I’m black, but it is what it is. Good luck to this one.


  5. Boy, have I got a treat for you with this video! So, David Carroll mentioned this bedwench in one of his videos, and I had to see it for myself; here it is for your viewing pleasure:

    First off, this brawd looks horrible; second, Black women talk all of this ISH about how they won’t settle for “struggle love” (which is code language for not settling with “dusty” Black men), yet here we have this Black harridan who ignored the obvious red flags about this “Bottom Shelf Brad” who doesn’t have a job, is broke, & lives at home with his grandmother! She admitted he wasn’t even a 10, but she was so desperate for White zaddy’s cock; also, he ate the other girl’s booty like groceries. As David Carroll says, “a White man’s skin covers a multitude of sins”; I can imagine she must’ve been roasted bad because she turned the comments off.

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    • Damn bros, literally just be white. Let’s run down the list of “qualities”:

      1. Wigger
      2. unemployed
      3. no car
      4. out of shape
      5. under 6′

      this guy had two black bitches and probably 10 more they didn’t know about. lmfao. BW honestly deserve it, they make it so easy for the lowest white man.


    • And another one. She thought she was doing something. Too bad, she was pretty. Let me guess, it’s the black man’s fault for not PrOteCtiNg her from her Zaddy. Haha, oh well.


  6. Who hurt you? I mean seriously, who hurt you all so badly to create this website it’s insane and evil. It’s insane the garbage that is found on the internet. This website is another garbage site. Please release all the hatred and and anger you have, it’s not doing you any good. WOW.


    • Chafunyuns,

      Who hurt you, really? Didn’t I write about that same commonly used deflection tactic in Negro Wars? You daggles and maggles never fail to disappoint, lol.


      • Maggles learned their tired lines from their single daggle mamas. We all know how black bitches like to repeat the same shit over and over. No surprises here.

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  7. A brain is a TERRIBLE waste on the negro male. When it’s not launching in, giving fire men’s lifts to members of the Far Right, the subhumans are dong excellent imitations of them online. The sooner niggers get beat, crushed, shot or stait-jacket to death the easier the huEman race can breathe.


    • Negro Killer(Wishful Thinking),

      The Negro is the strongest and most robust individual on the planet, we’ve survived everything that’s been thrown at us, we aren’t going anywhere so you might as well find another project to involve yourself in.



        What you call “robost” Negro, is actaully DENSE. You get kicked so many times by the white man that you are now a NUMB SKULL. Your are now used to brutality. Chasing after the white male’ss ugliest daughter and unable to move on from your mummy issues. Although I’m sure that ugly, mannish brute bitch regretted shitting out your demonic, gorilla looking arse all those 40+ years ago.

        Nigger, you are way too old for this sort of thing but 100% African Nigger for it.
        Joke’s on you YOU Nigger. You love pink dick really. That is why you are on here, with your cowardly negro behind bitching and whining about black subhuman bitches on GGs.


      • Chicken Neck/Yellow Belly, Flunky

        Oh look, another cowardly, yellow bellied punk who is too afraid to talk smack in the main section of the website, so you’ve come over here to this quiet area where you’ve seen that not many people have commented.

        Another dumb ass who is obsessed and cannot seem to get white women out of their heads and for some reason can’t understand that there are other ethnicities of women on this planet apart from white women, smh.

        A brain was completely wasted being placed into your skull, if you’re not going to use it properly then you might as well pass it on to somebody else who is quite willing to make better use of it than yourself. Lame, take this L and take 10 seats while you’re at it.


      • Verbs,

        Notice how this racist white incel managed to find an obscure blog to post in an even more obscure sub-section of that same blog. Too bad he doesn’t have the same energy to clean up poor white rural America from opioid addiction and suicide. Many white women see the writing on the wall and are coming our way. BW swirlers try to do the same out of spite, with disastrous results. If only they were decent women towards decent black men, none of us would be here. As I like to say, Oh well. Sitting back with my popcorn.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Yep, they come to a website that is practically off the beaten path and then proceed to run their mouths in a quiet corner where they know not many if anybody will respond. These dudes man, always worried about where a black man is placing his family jewels. You’re right, white women know exactly what time it is hence why they also are checking out and hooking up with brothers instead. Recompense is a dish best served cold, lol.


    • Negro Killer,

      I’d worry more about white unemployment, rising white suicide rates, plummeting white birth rates, and rampant white opioid abuse than anything that black men are doing. A good number of your women look like they’re getting off the sinking ship that is the poor white American male and going for the Negro who has nowhere to go but up. Oh well, your problem. not mine! Hahaha!

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    • “tHeSe wHitE bOyS tReAt uS bEtTEr tHaN bLAcK gUyS”

      I take great pleasure seeing these black bitches crash and burn. Funny thing is, the white man can ghetto gag them, dump them and their kids, knowingly infect them with HIV en masse, and even flat-out murder them, but the bedwench doesn’t ever have a bad word to say about her Massa.

      Meanwhile if you even sneeze wrong around these traitorous heffas, they’ll make 100 YouTube channels and Twitter accounts to roast your black ass, and try to make good black men with NO kids and NO criminal records culpable for Pookie and Ray Ray’s actions, and demand we pRoTecT and wife them up.

      No thanks, I’m good. Asian and white only here. Get the popcorn.


  8. HAHAHA!
    What’ the matter NEGRO, can’t you DYS-function by yourself. You need your retarded gay buddies like “Afro” futurism and “Black” Caesar to come to your aid. You psychotic niggers are finished nobodies and you know it. Ain’t no negro woman looking at you gorilla arses because many more of them resemble gorillas too. Thats why you ape run around chasing cave monkeys. So its an understatment to say your “refusal” to date BW is less than convincing because many of those dumb bitches are self-disgusted too, just like YOU and are not exactly begging dates off of you. HAHAHAHA!

    You niggers are a mess. So glad I’m BLACK.
    Stupid apes you all are.


    • ApeBriton,

      Need Afrofuturism and Black Caesar for what, you’ve yet to make any valid arguments, all you’re currently engaging in is name calling. You can’t even make a coherent point on top of this. Keep posting in the same manner and demonstrating to others watching just how retarded you are, I don’t need to say anything, by default you’re burying yourself.


      • ApeBriton

        Who in their right mind would engage with you unless it was to abuse you. You are a mentally ill, brain-dead negroid. A subhuman. A degenerate. A faggot, a nonce and a pink dick worhsipper. I’ve seen niggers like you. You are the nigger that has that stank ass expression on its face when a Black woman walks past. Yet you will lay up with a cave btich that resembles Zelda out of Terrahawks. LOL Let’s face it Nigger that and 250lb Becky is ALL you can get and the odd faggot of course. Nobody else would touch you with a 20 foot barge pole.

        The ugly stank face you have Nigger is because you stink. You are self-disgusted. You are ugly. All that pig vagina and pink dick you consume. Add to all this, the fact that you niggers never wash and smoke a lot of weed. Degenerate Coon. That is what you are. That is ALL you are. Hopefully the Bill will put you down some day soon. Gotta give ’em the credit for taking out the crap.


      • Bootlicking Minstrel,

        Having called me the gorilla from Nigeria, a brain-dead negroid, subhuman, degenerate, homosexual, nonce, pink dick worshipper, coon etc, how do you now feel knowing that you have NOT been successful in shaming me out of my preferences for mixed, white and other non black females?


    • Schadenfreude,

      One of those black sirens actually stated that she liked the way Captain Snowy degraded her race, smh. These chicks are the biggest whores on the planet for Lord Euro but yet expect us to step in and clean up afterwards, ie take onboard sloppy, used up, overclocked goods. No thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass.


      • Verbs,

        Yup, she loves being called the n-word and actually gets off on it, but we’re the “sellouts” for going SYSBM. I would say “make it make sense,” but chaotic black female “logic” could never connect the dots. Hopefully, those white boys run another train on her and go too far, like they always do. One less ghetto gagger, I’m good with that.

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    • And another one. You’d think these hoes would connect the dots but their lust for Captain Cold trumps all else. This Frenchman wading through Wakanda dick-first. LOL. Let me guess African men failed to protect these queens. Oh well.


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