Slaying Evil is basically a site of truth, the raw truth and nothing but the raw truth from different aspects of life, however the priority of this site is to wake up the so called Negro to his true identity that has been deliberately hidden from him by the powers that be for a long time.

In recent times I has being bringing forward information pertaining to the true identity of the Negro, however at this present time the black community has a much bigger problem to worry about in the form of feminist dysfunctional and degenerate black women. For the meantime I will be focusing on, dealing with and exposing these women and their reprobate behaviour as their destruction of black society has now reached epic proportions.

In a nut shell, I was and still am sick and tired of lies being pushed and supported and I feel that it is time for me to come out and share the knowledge that I had gathered through my own research.

This site now deals with the problematic black woman issue aswell as a whole host of other general issues of life and what the truth is in regards to them if any. Feel free to browse the site and post comments.

Because of the hot topics I deal with and post, I am prepared to deal with the positive and the negative feedback, all I would ask is that any negative feedback that is given is done so from a constructive and honest perspective and not just from an emotional one.

Feel free also to contact me at verbal159@gmail.com.

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  1. Hello very nice blog! I would like to ad your RSS feed to our network called HWUNET. I would also like to invite you to be a member. My name is Dawid Yacob Maccabeus ( David James Green) I do a BTR show called Signs and Wonders please stop by.


  2. Hi there
    I was quite impressed by the info you share.
    However, since I’ve been doing research on the very same topics for as long as I can remember, I have questions.

    This “activation”, how does it work?
    If one does not know, the imagination can fill in the blanks, but it could be total fiction – if the subject is not guided by higher knowledge.

    Does the “-double-tetrahedron” – or rather the “cube of Metatron” have anything to do with the activation process?

    There are many more from where these questions come from, but I would appreciate any input.

    Then, just for the sake of curiosity:
    Is this site authored by you who seek out these “woriors of light” – to locate and capture / destroy them?

    There are many tricks.. Please know that although I’m not fully “awake” – yet, I am aware.

    Thanks in advance,
    May your path be blessed, and may your spirit prosper by the Love that surrounds you.

    The Freeman


    • Hi Argon, thanks for passing through.

      The activation process comes in stages. Ezekiel 37:1-10 goes through and explains the stages to full activation. This is no work of fiction, this is something that the global elite controllers have known would happen and they have dreaded and feared this time greatly. I suspect that the Most High is playing possum at the moment in order to allow the global elite to believe that everything is under their control. It is when they believe that they have everything locked down is when I suspect that the Most High will open up the can fully and unlock our powers to wreck shop on the planet. The so called Negro waking up in mass to the knowledge that he is in actual fact the true Hebrew is part of that process.

      The cube of Metatron is linked with JewISH mysticism, the kabala and magic. The God of the Hebrews and his people do not deal with any magic, images linked to magic or any images period, sorcery, witchcraft, the kabala or any other super natural power on the left hand side, he just is power and he just deals with real straight super natural power. Satan and his chieftains are the ones who deal with the cube of metatron and its left hand side powers. Metatron=YHVH/YHWH. YHVH/YHWH=BAAL. BAAL is the prime minister of Hell. Contrary to what the impostor JewISH people claim, YHVH/YHWH/Yahweh is NOT the name of the God of the Hebrews.

      Mine is not to recruit anybody, mine is to simple share the knowledge that the Most High God has bestowed upon me, to share among my people to prepare them for the times ahead. The Spirit of the Most High carries out the recruitment process, I am simply a messenger and the message will fall upon those whom it is meant to fall on and stir up.

      I understand your caution as there are many distractions and pitfuls that lay in the path of one seeking truth. Keep walking and asking for truth and you will find it. Remember, Christ stated that “ye SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH and the truth would make you free”. So, it is possible to find the truth and know the truth.



      • Hi verbs2012

        Thanks for the reply.
        I know the Bible well, as well as many other books by this design.
        Although math in digits as well as the roman symbols can yield answers in many things, one should be careful not to be mislead by one’s own superstition, or by the main stream media.
        Should you require more info on “Metatron’s cube”, or “the flower of life”, I would suggest studying PHI (the golden ratio) and “sacred geometry”. If you wish to discard this info as rubbish, or from “the devil”, then this conversation would really be pointless.

        The bulk of knowledge we know as a species does not come from one book, nor does this book have any hard facts. On the contrary, it is subject to interpretation, just look at all the different Christian faitls and churches, reading the exact same book. I’m not about to start a heated debate about that, what I want to give you is a message:
        Open your mind, please, for your own sake.
        War and violence is not the answer. We need to let go of this baseness in our consciousness and realize that we are all one. We should love each other as we would be loved by ourselves. This goes for the power elite also, for they are human beings just the same as we are. Yes I know about the trend going about “lizard people”, but really, look deeper than the obvious. We need to wake up from all these old traditions and superstition and realize that our fate is what we choose.

        It does not matter where we come from, ethnicity, religion, or what ever we want to mention about our origin, what does matter is our future as a species on this planet.

        Thanks for reading.
        A. Freeman


      • The bible is a history book of a people, on the contrary, for the people that the book is written about and is for, the book is packed full of factual information, accurate recordings and logs that can be used by the true Hebrews of today. The problem has never been the scriptures, the problem has mostly been the so called European man who has taken the book, super imposed his own image, knowledge, understanding and interpretation on a book that has nothing to do with him aswell as removal and separation of large parts of the text. The scriptures are Middle Eastern in origin, the so called white man comes from Europe, however in his pride and arrogance, the so called European man believes that he is the master and holder of all knowledge and the interpretation thereof and that anybody who requires any information on any topic must go through him and his “sources”. It is for this reason that the image of Christ has been tainted and misrepresented, I would say that this has been done deliberately as per the age old agenda that has been in process slowly destroying traditions, family values and morality.

        Regrettably, this world is going to get alot worse before it gets better. In an ideal world loving each other would work and would be possible however we live in a world with evil and damn right nasty people. It is important that you do not draw conclusions on the personalities and behaviour traits of other people based upon your own personal individual standards and morality. Regrettably also, the majority of the general public are one though we are not supposed to be “all one”, we are all supposed to be individuals, this oneness that is frequently referred to is Orwellian in origin and only leads to raising a people who cannot think and reason for themselves, in other words zombies.

        It is not a requirement for us to love evil people especially the global elite, the are human beings yes but they are wicked and evil human beings who have dedicated their lives to making mine and others a misery, in fact these elites that you say that we should love have set out to kill me. Should I love a people who have determined a plan in their hearts to vanish me from this planet?

        These “old traditions and superstitions” that you refer to have been what has kept society together and intact. Now that society has thrown off their moral compass, standards and “traditions”, it has gone downhill and straight to the dogs. Sorry, the reality is this, no traditions and standards in place equals a fragmented and destroyed society that cannot join together to stand up against tyranny and evil, look around you.

        Nope, for me as a Hebrew I have a different history to the other nations on this planet, I know already what my future as a Hebrew is going to be on this earth, it has already been recorded and written in my history book. Saying that my heritage and my bloodline does not matter does not make this so. In fact I know from my history that who I am matters a whole deal to other nations who have kept my people down for as long as I can remember. To all the other nations, who I am as a Hebrew has definitely mattered and still matters to them.



  3. Hello Verbs

    My email was taking forever to send,its OK will post here.Anyways i was reading one of the usual blogs that i visit daily and came across this story that completely made my stomach lurch. Men in skirts is by far the last of our worries apparently. These young black kids rapping about…..well see for yourself. So disturbing, end of days i tell you. No idea who to blame for this one. http://sandrarose.com/2013/06/more-proof-that-hip-hop-is-a-bad-influence-on-our-children-2/ What are your thoughts?


    • Harvey,

      GOCC is one of the better Hebrew groups out there, however still like the rest they have and do teach many points of error, America being the heart of Babylon and the need to flee for starters, Christ not being born of a virgin, their interpretation of the word virgin, their mixing of the old and new covenants, compulsory honour of the Sabbath, the Holy Spirit being female and many other doctrines do they teach in error.

      It was mainly them whom the Most High used to bring me into the truth about who I am however the Most High has also shown me the many errors that they and other groups are teaching and I believe that he has raised me up to bring correction on these doctrinal errors.

      Baptism is simply a further step in showing a shedding of the old man and the beginning of the new man, however baptism is not a requirement. A change of the heart is what the Most High is looking for from his people. Remember that through the death of Christ we are now under a new covenant which is based upon faith and belief. What, if you are never presented with an opportunity to be baptised and you changed and dedicated your life to serving him and aiding the arrival of his kingdom, will he not allow you in because you have not been baptised? No, this is not the case. A baptism isn’t really that difficult to carry out either, contrary to what you might have been told. You can perform a self baptism in your own bath, a swimming pool or any other water source, you do not need other people to be involved in it. This is part of the liberty we have in Christ. You now have the power through Christ to step to the throne of the Most High boldly without any assistance being required.

      Most High Bless


      • Thank you very much for your guidance and Advice. It is much appreciated. I’ll be following your blog closely.

        Harvey X Thomison

        CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This message and any accompanying documents contain confidential information intended for a specific individual and purpose. This message is private and protected by law. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying or distribution, or the taking of any action based on the contents of this information, is strictly prohibited.



  4. Wow what a great blog!!! Most High bless you brother through Christ and may He continue to impact you with His word. I too was with gocc before but i’m learning through a brother who is full of the knowledge and wisdom of the Most High. I like to ask you this question, why do you think or believe that the Holy Spirit is not a female? Thank you for the answer in advance. Stay bless.


    • Whosdatgal,

      The first answer I would give you is from the words of Christ himself, he clearly describes the Holy Spirit as being male, not female. GOCC have drawn this crazy conclusion from reading the words of Solomon, seeing that Solomon described “wisdom” as female in nature because of its attributes. They then have made a disconnected leap and concluded that this is referring to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is more than wisdom, the Holy Spirit gives us wisdom.

      The other problem they have with this hypothesis is Wisdom Of Solomon 9:17 which reads:

      9:17 And thy counsel who hath known, except thou give wisdom, AND send thy Holy Spirit from above.

      Wisdom and the Holy Spirit are mentioned here as two separates, they are not concluded as one and the same as GOCC have attempted to promote. Another set of scriptures that present a problem to this theory are Genesis 1:26-27 which read:

      “1:26 And God said, Let us make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

      1:27 So God created man in his own image, IN THE IMAGE OF GOD CREATED HE HIM; male and female created he them.”

      Man was created in the image of the Most High, if the Holy Spirit was female then the first man Adam would have been hermaphrodidic. Verse 27 clearly shows us that “him” was created in the image of God and then the Most High proceeded forth to create male and female(them). The Godhead is plural not singular, this is why the Most High stated that he would create man in OUR IMAGE and after OUR LIKENESS.

      This is one of the many crazy doctrines flying about within the Hebrew camp at the moment. This is one of the problems I am seeing with my Hebrew brothers, too many of them are rushing ahead to accumulate knowledge instead of waiting on the Spirit to guide them into all truth(John 16:13). I do not see what the rush is and besides this doctrine is a clear example of what happens when you do decide rush ahead of the Most High in the flesh.

      Most High Bless


  5. Truthseeker,

    The Most High is more interested in your heart being right rather than the finer details of so called “premarital sex”(which is an oxymoron by the way, the term is completely dead and mute). The Most High understands that even though you can be committed to a relationship, things can and do go wrong. The Most High also understands that this world is not perfect and that we may possibly have to go through a number of relationships in order to find the person that is best suited to ourselves. You can only be an adulterer if you sleep with another person’s spouse ie somebody who is already married.

    I have never heard of devinerevelations.info, I tried to go to the site but it seems like it is an empty domain now unless the name has been changed or it has been moved elsewhere. Can you send me a link to the site please?

    The rubbish that you have informed me about in relation to what they preach is one of the main reasons why I am openly encouraging folks both True Jew and Gentile to exit these monuments of failure as soon as possible. Religion is a load of crud and these so called churches no longer hold the value that they once had back in the day, when they actually served the people. Today these so called churches serve themselves.

    Tithing and the Sabbath are a part of the old covenant, we are now under a new covenant in which the only qualifications required are faith and belief in the Father through Christ, nothing more. Keeping the Sabbath and tithing were part of the ordinance laws ie works, however we are informed by Paul that salvation is a GIFT THAT IS NOT OF WORKS. Even Christ himself was always instructing his disciples to BELIEVE in him. The key today is faith and belief, works will avail any man and will not help him advance into the kingdom.

    I say this to you, if you are still attending one of these monuments of failure then you need to do yourself a favour, leave that institution of decadence immediately and begin to walk with the Most High as an individual. The Most High is now taking down these monuments of failure, the time is soon coming where there will no longer be any monuments of failure to attend so I suggest if you haven’t done so already, that you begin to forge your individual relationship with the Most High from now. There is no need to be in fear or afraid, the Most High will guide your steps and will not penalise you for making mistakes, they are part and parcel of your walk.


      • Truthseeker,

        The information on the two links you sent me in relation to fornication would seem to make complete sense if a person doesn’t know any better. Dealing with the first site. The first mistake they made was referencing a dictionary for a biblical definition. The bible(KJV) has its own built in dictionary to where you can understand the meaning of a word simply by observing the other words and phrases the particular word in question is surrounded by.

        I came to the real and true biblical definition of fornication simply from reading the scriptures myself and putting the pieces together through the Most High imparting me with understanding on the issue. Yet again, they make the same mistakes that every other institutional church does, they conclude that one definition of fornication is sex before marriage yet they can never show you the proof of this.

        Again, remember what I stated in my fornication blog, there are two definitions of the word fornication, the biblical definition and the pastor’s “convenient” definition. If you read the entire article(which I assume that you have done already), they cannot show you out of the scriptures that fornication equals “sex before marriage”. Go and read it again for yourself if you are still unsure. All they can do to try to convince you that fornication can mean “sex before marriage” is show you the word “fornication” within a few scriptures and then run with the commonly accepted “church interpretation” as a back up.

        I couldn’t believe what I was reading, “living together” constitutes the appearance of evil???? The institutional church is a wicked beast that wishes to control its members and it does so through instilling fear and making it seems as though they are the only ones who hold the true answers. Do not fall for the fear ploy. This certainly is not how the Most High chooses to reveals himself to his people the Jews, or the Gentiles.

        Within the second link this so called “pastor” makes the same mistake as the folks in the first link, he also goes even further to prove his point by introducing the Hebrew and the Greek into the equation which is not a requirement when dealing with this topic. Remember my most recent post on the institutional church technique of trickery, information overload. If you haven’t read this already then you need to go and read it immediately and check out the comments also.

        On the divinerevelations.info site, I didn’t see the particular part that dealt with the tithe and the Sabbath, however not tithing and not keeping the sabbath is not going to send somebody to Hell. As I explained before, tithing and the sabbath are part of the old covenant, we are now under a new covenant that requires only faith and belief. The reason why so many of these institutional churches make it seem as though tithing especially is compulsory is because their pastors are living high on the hog with the money gathered in from the congregation and thus they require the same amount of money or more continuously flowing in, in order to maintain their lavish lifestyles.

        At the end of the day you are going to have to work out your own salvation and individual walk with the Most High yourself, you cannot live off the petrol fumes of other people’s revelations, you need to seek the Most High for your own revelations and most of all, stop walking in fear because of what you have read from other people. If there is something that the Most High needs to reveal to you then he will show it to you himself.


    • Dear Mr Verbs,

      I am from England, London like yourself. I have followed the teachings of GOCC for about a year and they are great but slightly flawed. They are still my brothers and sisters so I continually pray that the mistakes that we spot, they too will eventually see their errors and change some of their doctrine. What I tend to do now in situations when I am not sure about what they are saying is just ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me to an understanding of what the Most High is trying to teach me and my family. I am very new to all this, as I come from a background where my family used to attend all of those horrible evangelical events such as Mission to London in Earls court in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and my parents were obsessed with the teachings of Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo and all the West African preachers who would visit London to speak only of “financial breakthroughs”. At a young age, this made me cringe and I was totally embarrassed by the whole thing, especially all of that speaking in “tongues” etc. I knew that what we were being taught was ridiculous, but I was too young to articulate my discomfort in the matter. Not only that, there is no way you can tell your parents, African ones especially, that they should stop and re-think what they are doing.

      Back to the point before I go off onto something else, I have turned my mind and heart back to The Most High, and I am still very scared of getting my understanding of what he wants us to do in our lives, wrong. I do read the Bible and even though the words are very clear, I sometimes get very confused and terrified of questioning my understanding of what I am reading. I know I have just said I would ask the Holy Spirit for understanding but somehow I am still scared. You guys are so intelligent and I feel like a fool sometimes.

      Please help this sister of yours to find simple scriptures to start me off from scratch again and practical suggestions of a method of starting from the beginning and starting a new life with the Most High. I want to share what I have learned with my King and my children. The only issue is, is that a wife is the one who is supposed to seek instruction from her husband and her husband seek instructions from Christ not he other way around. How do I get the message to my husband without breaking the law of the Most High. My husband is the head of out household, but does not yet know what I know yet properly. I do pray for him though…….

      Thank you for your help & bless you all my brothers and sisters.



      • Lilian Marks,

        One of the common misconceptions portrayed by preachers aswell as the majority of Hebrew groups is the notion that your walk with the Most High must be free of error. I can tell you now that this is not how the Most High works, you will error, you will make mistakes, you will fall, this is part of the faith and belief walk process. I never reached this point overnight, it has taken me around 10 years to reach this stage in my life including a wilderness period of just over 4 and a half years in which I did nothing but read the bible occasionally.

        In relation to starting over, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk, it has nothing to do with anybody else. You determine where you wish to start from, the Most High is not a power who is waiting for you to make one mistake in order to strike you down, that is the image that the insitutional church has commonly portrayed of him and he is not pleased with this false representation at all. The power is now in your hands, you can forge your own walk with the Most High and determine its direction.

        There is no rush to accumulate as much knowledge as possible in the shortest amount of time either, this is what most of the Hebrew groups teach including GOCC, this is a walk that must be paced out. Simply take your time, you will feel anxious in the beginning because of some of the indoctrination that you have received at the hands of institutional church beast pastors and Hebrew “elders”, however over time you will begin to relax and take things at your own pace.

        The Most High is working through individuals, he is not dealing with churches, their leaders or any other groups and so called “spritual authorities”. Unlike what you have been taught by so called “leaders” in terms of looking towards and working in and through a group, the Most High wishes to work through you, you the individual have talents, gifts and skills that he wishes to use in order to forward his kingdom.

        As for showing your husband these things, there is nothing wrong with imparting this information to him, the bible does indeed state that the man is the head of the woman however giving your husband information that he is not aware of is not usurping his authority nor is this lording over him.

        Most High Bless



  6. Hi,I understand about not tithing and observing sabbath won’t send you to he’ll,but if you love the most high(ahayah) wouldn’t you want to keep his commandment about sabbath…?


    • Ti,

      The Sabbath is part of the old covenant, the Most High through the death of Christ has now put a new covenant in place, therefore anyone who proclaims to have love for the Most High should then demonstrate their love towards him by following the commandments in the new covenant that he has set down.

      Returning to the ordinaces/atonement/sacrificial laws under the old covenant is literally the equivalent of declaring the death of Christ a complete waste. Tredding under foot the death of Christ is not something that the Most High takes lightly.


  7. So the Ten Commandments is old covenant??im on a journey to seek truth for myself.sorry can you re-fresh me on new covenant? Oh thanks for your quick response.


    • Ti,

      Not a problem at all. The majority of the ten commandments are dealing with morality(no killing, no stealing, no lying, honouring your father and mother, not worshipping idols etc). The moral side of the law has no expiry because these laws mostly are concerned with man and man interactions with the exception of not placing any other gods before the Most High which is a man to the Most High interaction.

      The new covenant is simple. Have faith and belief in the Most High through Christ, that’s it. There are no works involved in the new covenant, this is why keeping the Sabbath is a complete waste of time. Works are no longer the way to righteousness, faith and belief now are.


    • Ti,

      No problem. This is a journey so do not feel pressured to have to know all things immediately. This is not a race to accumulate as much knowledge as you can, take your time, relax and learn things at a pace that you are comfortable with.

      Most High Bless


    • Phineaspoe,

      Metrosexual rubbish and nonsense, pink is a woman’s colour, it always has been, it always will be. Only in this society of increasing decadence and spreading deprivations do we see certain pockets of men increasingly compromising their masculinity and adorning themselves with colours that are associated with women. No man can be taken as “real” if he is wearing pink as far as I am concerned. The only men that I can understand who may wish to use this colour are homosexuals and effeminate men.


  8. Hey Verbs,do you follow these debates in the conscious community? There’s a promoter by the name of Sa Neter. He interviews guys on the street like Brother Polight,Shakka Ahmose,Sara Suten Seti,Ali Muhammad among others. I’m sure you’ve seen some of his videos on Youtube. He’s kind if like the “Don King” on the conscious circuit.lol I’ve watched a few of these debates in the past. Some of these brothers do have a lot of knowledge and seem to care about the plight of our people. I have personally even met Seti and Umar Johnson years ago when they did lectures here in Cali. They were really cool brothers. Although I think it’s important to give black people information that can “awaken” them…..we still have to put in the work.
    I think it’s all just turned into conscious entertainment. All this fighting and bickering is a waste of time! It solves nothing. It’s like watching a WWE wrestling event.lol That’s what it’s turned into in my opinion. Although I lean towards a more Pan-African,Black nationalist viewpoint but that doesn’t mean I can not get useful information from a Moorish brother,Muslim or Hebrew Isrealite. I’ve actually know a few Muslims that have given me some great knowledge. I used to know a sista in college that was a Hebrew. She was a very intelligent woman.
    I just think that sometimes we divide each other because of different ideologies. We all have different belief systems but we are all oppressed by these white devils. Your religious belief doesn’t matter to the white man. To him we are all n*ggers! That’s why Malcolm X said leave your religion at home and let’s find some common ground. When Malcolm wentto Africa he saw the suffering of black people was a problem everywhere. White supremacy is a global disease. Black people need to realize that so we can unify and beat this BEAST of a system.
    I know you’re a Hebrew Isrealite so that’s why I’m posting this question to you. There’ a debate coming up with month called Kemet on Trail. It’s with Brother Polight and Shakka Ahmose vs the Hebrew Isrealites. Do you think these debates can be useful? Or do you think they are a distraction for our people? What do you think we should be doing instead? I’m interested in your thoughts. Thanks.


    • Kushite Price,

      I’ll give you a detailed and straight answer sir. For me personally the time for debating has expired. The main issue that I have with these debates is after the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, these debates still solve none of the problems that we have within the black community. Sure, conscious brothers and Hebrew clerics have an opportunity to demonstrate how knowledgeable they are, I will not completely dismiss the information presented as much of it can be very enlightening from all sides, however at some point we have to focus on the pertinent issues affecting us as a people and stop the back and forth, bread and circus, minstrel show tom foolery.

      I’m familiar with Polight, Seti and Johnson but I do not follow the debates, in fact I don’t even follow the Hebrew groups either anymore because even though I believe that they have shown me my true heritage, history and bloodline, they still teach alot of errors. You may have run across some of my posts entitled “Hebrews Still Not Getting It”. I believe that I have written about 3-4 of them to date. I now walk as an individual and receive my instructions straight from the Most High himself.

      Now he has instructed me to go after the institutional church beast infrastructure, coincidently many of our people have been lured into the traps of these church beast institutions and which also by the way are run by the same white supremacist structure that you talked about.

      Now I am very skeptical of alot of these so called “conscious brothers” because when folks were tearing it down in Ferguson, many of these same fellows including Umar Johnson were encouraging black folks down there to continue tearing it up………………but they themselves did not set an example and participate in the very same actions that they were promoting. That is a straight red flag to me, I see the majority of these guys in the same manner that I see the church beast pastors, men simply looking to make a buck, cash in and take advantage of the current degradation and decadency of black folks.

      Another major problem we have as a people is that we are always looking for a leader, the majority of black folks have lost the ability to lead themselves. I believe that this is the main reason why our people are so easily bamboozled, swayed back and forth, to and fro with different pieces of information.

      Now here comes the part that the majority of the conscious black community time and time again refuses to address. I have to take off my hat and salute the Hebrews in this area as at least they have recognised the urgency and the necessity to deal with this issue……….the modern day western black woman. The modern day western black woman in general has been the face and the primary enforcer of white supremacy for at least the last 40 years. There is no way around this, many folks may not like it but this is the hard truth that most of these pro blacks do not want to accept.

      It truly boggles my mind how the majority of these conscious clerics can still be addressing black women on the whole as “queens”. Lets look at the current predicament that we face. In the red corner we have the ghetto hoodrat brawler who will fight anything that moves in front of her in the streets at the drop of a hat, who has 12 children by 8 different men, who lives in section 8 housing and who claims welfare(benefits in the UK). This is also the same woman who will twerk and make a fool of herself in public and feel no shame whatsoever just to get some sort of attention.

      Then in the blue corner we have the college/university educated, corporate America/city of London, high earning black woman. This type of black woman is supposed to be the better example of the black community, yet at the same time this supposedly “upstanding” black figurehead is the one responsible for the vast majority of unborn black children being assassinated and murdered in abortion clinics(1876 abortions on average per day in the US), thus by these actions she automatically is a conspirator in the open genocide of the black race.

      Now there are many black folks who have dismissed the abortion figures, however I personally find this difficult to do myself because how do we then explain the fact that our population numbers have failed to increase and have remained at roughly the same level for a good number of years now? It isn’t as if we have the same fertility issues that white folks do, we are the most fertile people on the planet.

      We will not be able to unify as a whole, we will have to unify in small pockets here and there, which to be honest is a much better way of operating because then infiltrators and saboteurs will be spotted much quicker and easier. We have to remember that many of our people have already and will continue to sell us down the river for a dime and a shilling.

      The primary issue I see here is the continued onslaught of irresponsible black women upon the black community and these conscious brothers instead of calling them to account for their foul actions, they give these same black females a pass. If there is going be any kind of reform within the black community, it is going to have to recognise that the modern day western black woman in general has been used as a tool for white supremacy, the ghetto hoodrat who destroys the minds of children and fails to instill them with any responsibility, accountability and honesty, thus the children grow up raggedy and become a curse upon the rest of us, then there is the college/university degree educated, corporate, middle management, high earning black woman who is responsible for the current genocide of the black nation.

      By the way, both of these woman are also responsible for destroying the image of black people and rendering our visage to a last class status because of the weave wearing in their desire to want to look white and put off their blackness. Black women in general today have become so efficient at destroying the black nation themselves that white folks have backed off for the most part and have simply sat down to lunch.

      In conclusion, in my opinion the first place to start should be to begin to hold irresponsible black women to account for their actions instead of defending them(remember that they are the leaders/backbone of the community), this would immediately nullify their agent position for white supremacy and would force white folks to have to go back to launching their offensive directly instead of through proxy. I know that much of what I have said may not sit well with your own views and beliefs, however I am simply going to give you a straight and truthful answer based upon the data available.

      Most High Bless


      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes I agree with you. All the debating is getting quite old.I think it’s time for action. It’s a great way for many of them to show off all the knowledge they have but…….then what??? I think these debates may have started with good intentions at first. But not it seems like a way to just make money. I don’t see how debates address the social problems in the black community. We need to organize and come up with some resolutions at some point. Know what I mean?


      • Kushite Prince,

        The debates are good for spreading knowledge and information but without any further application, these engagements are simply a waste of time. Agreed, we do need resolutions and the conscious male community knows exactly where they would need to start in order to bring about some progressive and serious change…………but they refuse to go there, this is also coupled with the fact that in my opinion the majority of this conscious clan actually do not want black folks to improve, they desire blacks to remain in and hold onto the decadent victimhood status role in order for them to be continually useable.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi Verb,

    I have been following your blog for awhile now & just today I’ve really taking the time to read each & every post from 2010 & so on (currently on November 2010)

    Finally someone spoke what I already knew in my heart & what my dear grand-mother told me. It is very true that the spirit will guide you. From a time in high school where a young woman told me I was chosen & I didn’t know what it meant (I was freaked out & thought she was a lesbian) to ALL the times I’ve went to multiple churches & felt disconnected. Family members would make me feel bad because I would fall asleep & refused/complain about putting money in the collection plate. Verb, I went to a church one time & everyone in the church was running around (literally) with the “holy ghost,” “praising God” & foaming at the mouth (yes I saw a man foam at the mouth, from which I was told was a cleansing) & I was the only person sitting in the pew looking lost. I know family members secretly called me a lil devil(I’ve heard them), cause of my behaviors & I did use to feel some type of way cause I couldn’t connect myself spiritually to the church. I knew I was a good person with a good heart but I “disliked/ hated” going to church. On this journey, I find myself meeting people with the same knowledge as you, somehow stumbling across a interesting dvd that peaked my interest more, to doing my own research, to then stumbling across your blog! I actually use to feel like I was chosen but didn’t know for what because I felt I was on a enlightenment path. I’ve always been misunderstood, teased, etc (fyi: im a very “light-skinned” young woman, & most people think im mixed (white,exotical) until they see that my hair is just as thick at sheeps wool. lol. You don’t know how many people are astonished & then maybe perplexed that a woman of my shade of color could have such nappy hair. Verb, thank you sooo much for words of enlightenment. I’m continuing my path of enlightenment & I find your writing so good, I learn new words like troglodyte & heresy! haha

    Ive found myself wondering is there anything in the scriptures about mixed nations, or half breeds like me as I’ve been called? My mother is black & I know that make me black (Hebrew) but im not well versed with the bible, I actually prefer to read selected scriptures, & books.


    • Porsha Thomas,

      Glad to be of service to you Porsha. Yes, this is the big secret that has been kept from most black folks for the longest while, that we are the children of Israel and our redemption is close at hand. Sadly most of our people will perish because they have already subscribed to the western Babylon system, they have set up the government as their god in place of the Most High.

      The church is a disjointed pile of rubbish, they will try and make you feel guilty for refusing to accept what can clearly be identified as outlandish, decadent behaviours. Shouting out aloud, rolling on the floor, jumping over chairs, dancing aggressively, even foaming at the mouth are all signs of a decadent, piece of trash, devil controlled institution. Anybody in their right mind cannot accept and connect to such outlandish stupidity.

      Yep, those who are indoctrinated with the institutional church beast filth feel very uncomfortable around those who refuse to swallow the coolaid, conform and merge themselves with the mess around them. You are like myself, I hated stepping into that institution but at the same time I falsely believed that these monuments of failure were the way forward to connect with the Most High.

      I would refer to out hair as wooly, I’m trying to get out of the habit of using the word “nappy”. The word nappy was forged and handed down from white liberals to self hating black women in order for them to continue the cycle of self hate, lack of value and worthlessness amongst their children.

      Glad to hear that you are finding the blogs to be of value to your walk, I am here to help and to answer any questions and concerns you may have. Feel free to comment on the posts if you want or simply read them if you prefer that. You can always email me if you have any concerns and questions of a private nature. I have a new email address to coincide with my exposure of the church: churchbeast1@gmail.com. Take care.

      Most High Bless


  10. Mark,

    You have to remember that the laws concerning not sleeping with family members and relatives were first handed down during the times of Moses. From the description given in the scriptures it would seem that Ham’s transgression was seeing his father Noah in an inappropriate state and not taking any actions to rectify the situation.

    To draw anything more from this description would be speculating. Obviously Shem and Japheth took the appropriate action in covering over their father’s naked body without looking at him. I suspect that this might have been some sort of tradition practiced at times where similar situations like this would take place.

    You also have to remember that the Most High had blessed all three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth when they came off the ark(Gen 9:1), therefore Noah could not undo that blessing that Ham had received, hence why he went down a few generations to Ham’s son Canaan.

    I suspect that Ham was the childish and irresponsible one out of the three and that he was passing down this same behaviour to his sons, this maybe a reason why Noah placed a curse upon Canaan to be a servant of servants.

    This is where the extra biblical books would normally come into play, they can typically shed light on an event that the standard scriptures fail to expand upon, however there isn’t a book found yet that has dealt with this incident in detail. It is probably stashed in the Roman Catholic archives vault somewhere hidden. Hope that this answer helps you out somewhat.


  11. Good evening verbs.
    I enjoy reading your posts and have a few quick questions.

    I am a so called ‘mixed race’ woman. My mom is white (Germanic ancestory) and dad is from Barbados. My husband is a mix of many different so called ‘races’ too. Anyway….We have been seeking the truth for a while but he is watching more and more videos from a hebrew israelite group. I think some of the info is spot on, but when I watch, I feel like I am sat there listening to one of these pastors again being led down the wrong path…again!!! More and more he wants me to attend sabbath classes, call on the name that they have interpreted as the name of the Father and attend feast days. I want to honour my husband but I really don’t feel comfortable and it is causing a rift. He feels that I am basically not honouring the Most High because I don’t want to get together with other believers in the body. I do, but not in an organisational sense if you know what I mean? How many camps are there with different docrtines etc. Do you have an suggestions according to scripture?

    My next question is- I was on youtube and saw a video by this Brother who openly rebukes an Elder from a hebrew israelite camp who doesn’t 100% condemn interacial marriages. This brothers says hebrews should not marry non hebrews and that they should end their marriage and put away their children if they have any. He says if your father is a hebrew and your mother is not, then you are not a hebrew He uses some scripture. Is this true? And if it is, are we able to get in the kingdom if we follow the laws & believe in the Messiah? I hope you can help in anyway. Most High Bless!!


    • Dana,

      You have to watch out for these Hebrew Israelite groups as they will have you running around in circles and making you feel that if you do not perform things in the fashion that they suggest, you are in danger of being damned to hell. They are good for the fact that they are revealing who we truly are as a people, however like typical Negroes they desire to control others and to make money off the backs of the ignorant.

      Your husband shouldn’t be forcing you to do anything you don’t want to, your walk with the Most High is individual to his despite the fact that you are both married to one another. The name of the Most High issue as far as I am concerned has become a distraction, there are so many groups putting out so many names, this is why I personally dropped all of the names and now stick with the default titles. The condition of your heart is of much more importance than knowing the name of the Most High.

      You have to be very selective about who you decide to meet up with, just because a person may know that they are Hebrew it doesn’t mean that he/she is a saint, as you already know with black folks you must be extremely cautious because there are many snakes in the grass. Don’t rush into anything, if anything it would be better for you to meet up with individuals or small groups that you have already vetted as opposed to immediately jumping into big meetings.

      These modern day Hebrew groups are no different to the modern day institutional church beast. Black folks in 2016 are jacked up period, this is yet another reason to exercise caution when deciding to meet up with others. Sabbath classes are not a requirement according to the new covenant, they may be a requirement according to the “elder” running them, however the Most High most certainly will not be penalising you for non attendance.

      In relation to the statement made by the Hebrews on interracial marriages, what has been stated above is the most stupid and one of the most dangerous doctrines that I have ever come across. First of all, marrying non Hebrews was part of the old covenant, we are no longer under the old covenant, we are under the new covenant which is based upon faith and belief in Christ, not upon works. How can a man command another person to abandon their own family, that is totally ridiculous and reckless. There are no laws under the new covenant forbidding Hebrews to marry non Hebrews as once again the new covenant is built upon faith and belief.

      This is one of the main reasons why I state that you have to be extremely cautious when dealing with other Negroes, they will rattle off some of the most crazy doctrines and then grill you for not wanting to follow their insanity. In relation to lineage and the nationality of the father making the final determination I am slowly starting to believe that this may be true, I am not 100% convinced yet however I am seeing things that are slowly drawing me towards the conclusion that this particular doctrine could indeed be correct.


      • Thank you so much for getting back to me. I really appreciate it. It does feel like these groups are like modern day churches. What made me laugh was watching clips saying we are the church and how we don’t have to attend. Then when I attended a sabbath class reluctantly with my husband the ‘Elder’ saying you need to come to church, we need to come together as a body, making people feel guilty who weren’t gathering regularly. I just went along with the traditional christian movement for my husband last time, even though it didn’t feel right. When I started pointing things out he didn’t want to believe me. He realised that we were being duped eventually, but now the same is happening with the groups. It feels even more difficult now. Even though I point out things what are not right with this group in particular, I am made to feel like I am being operated by a spirit of strife. I just want to read my bible and study together, not have to watch videos, attend classes etc.

        Sorry for going on. Thanks again!


      • Dana,

        The Most High is working through the individual now, not through groups. These “elders” are attempting to stifle and hinder your walk with the Most High, some knowingly, others unknowingly. Specially appointed buildings and group meeting are no longer a requirement for worship and study of the scriptures. The Most High has stated that he will be the one to bring us together, not men.

        Forge your own paths with the Most High, this is the power you and your husband both have, the Most High is not about regimentation, rigidity and religion. Your husband shouldn’t be afraid to pick up the bible and study it for himself without the aid of “elders”, he ought to be trusting in the spirit to bring him into all truth as Christ stated in John 16:13.

        Men are not a requirement in order to learn(1 John 2:27), the Spirit is quite capable of performing this occupation and does so without any difficulties and assistance.

        Most High Bless


  12. Good Afternoon Verbs2015
    I stumbled upon your blog and found some interesting reading. I have some questions, but before I ask them I was curious what Bible you read from? You mentioned the KJV in your comment section for example but I don’t like to assume.
    Thank you for your time.


    • Raymond Kosta,

      I strictly use the KJV because there are too many serious problems with these other bible versions, words changed completely, verses altered, verses missing, words removed etc.


      • Dear Brother Verbs,

        Long time. Hope you and your family are well. Your books are amazing still (Institutional Church Beast Structure and Negro Wars). As you know, I got them a few days after you advertised their completion. I still use them as references all now. The best people to really benefit from the books are also teenagers especially those approaching their late teens, thinking about their future in all aspects. I have advised most of the parents of the same mindset to purchase your books for their teenage sons and daughters. Your books are extremely easy to read and understand, but the youth of today could greatly benefit from it.

        By the way, I have got the KJV Original African Heritage Study bible (CAIN HOPE FELDER), (reaaaally interesting for those of colour & excellent read). I have had it for a while but no one has mentioned owning a copy so I thought I’d put it out there today. There are a few things that are in error with regards to commentary, such as the “sons of God being described as the sons of Seth rather than nephilim. but an excellent KJV for those who do not want to go down the GOCC route regarding who we are and where we come from and other funny doctrines. Secondly, one would suggest that the entire commentary should be double checked, but tin saying that, the research is second to none.

        One may get terribly confused by certain things in the commentary, as there are phrases still used, which those who are awakened no longer have anything to do with. The other thing is, is that it does not contain apocrypha but comments are made about it. The main body of this bible is definitely KJV as we know it on its own so thankfully, nothing at all has been changed like those other demonic counterfeits. My main comment is about the commentary written throughout the entire book, most of it is accurate but check nevertheless.

        I always get nervous when I discover something, as I do not want to be accused of deliberately causing confusion or false information. But like you always say, never take anyone’s word for anything, check it out your self.

        Excellent Negro Wars and ICBI (the abbreviation of the first book) once again.

        I was wondering if you could please, please, please, do a blog on here in the next few days (I know this is a big ask, as you are an extremely busy person) regarding so-called “Christian” parents deliberately twisting the words of the bible to justify/continue the physical, sexual, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. abuse of their children. This is a topic that really, really needs to be addressed in great detail, as there are still many people especially of colour, stepping out of their homes, turning their backs completely away from the Most High because of the wicked confusion caused within their homes by their false religious parents. These young adults have been taught all their lives to “honour” these parents as par of the ten commandments and are wrestling with this and the fact that they think that the Most Highdoes not love them and that he agrees with their parents abuse. The people who are now adults, entering an equally wicked world than that of their own homes, are extremely vulnerable to the temptations of all the miscreant, animalistic, and debauched behaviour of the people and women you have described throughout all of your excellent website. If you start the header, I will then contribute examples of what I am talking about to get the ball rolling………..

        I ask of this, as I see many, many damaged young adults who supposedly came from “Christian households, many of them not knowing whether they should finally contact the police, as they are scared of dishonouring their parents. They also have to deal with their enablers who are usually their younger siblings or other family members. You mentioned some of this in Negro Wars and ICBI but many of these may not have access to the information the books but have free access here from their local libraries.

        I gave an example of somebody who had to “dishounour” their parents in order to do the right thing by telling the story of what Jonathan had done for David when King Saul was determined to kill David. When Jonathan knew the extent of his father’s wickedness, he was willing to forgo all his inheritance and blessings etc in order that an innocent man would not be brutally murdered, and it so happened to be his best mate. Jonathan did not stand there and make excuses for his father’s wickedness or to use the fact that he was father, he just did the right thing.

        Abusive parents tend to say things like, “well last week you lied and I am sure you are going to do something else to piss me off, so as you are not perfect or well-behaved, I can simply do as I wish to you, such as pick up a wooden plank and whack it across your head if you do not clean the house to my standard” as “none of us are perfect”. Just because a child misbehaves, lies, or steals, does not give parents the license to do as they please with that child and say it was for their own good. It is a parents moral obligation to raise up their child in the nurture and admonition of the Most High………..to teach the child why it is wrong to lie and to warn them of the natural consequences of such a sinful act…………and it does not include battering the child up and down the house……………..

        Please, please, have a think about it……………………..

        As usual I do go on a bit……….but I will get to and stick to the point if you decide to re-open that topic about this……..”abusive so-called christian parents who use the bible to justify their abuse”

        May the Most High bless you and may he continue to guide you in your ministry.


      • Lillian,

        Much appreciated for the compliments, I’m just trying to do my bit to wake black folks up and bring some sort of order back into black society, even if it is only a small amount. As you know already problems do not disappear without being dealt with, however as you can clearly see the majority of black folks seem to believe otherwise. Indeed I’ll have to start targeting a younger audience as they could greatly benefit from reading the works.

        I’ll have to check out that study bible at some point, its sounds interesting.

        I’ll get around to doing a post on so called “christian” parents abusing their children at some point soon, black women are most definitely the leading culprits of this, I touch on this briefly in Negro Wars but I can most definitely expound on the topic a little further. The concept of honouring parents is conditional and is based upon the parents raising and treat the child correctly, however many parents believe that they can treat their children like rubbish and still receive respect and honour, not so at all.

        Thanks for checking in, its been a while, glad to hear that you are doing well and are in good health. Take care, Most High bless.


  13. Lmao this blog is a joke. What a deplorable funny stupod fucking monkey you are. You’re talking all of this “black power shit” on this page but you have another page encouraging black men to go have children and relationships with white women. Lmfao this is why black “men” will never get anywhere in life: they are all evil, stupid, ugly, hypocritical, self-defeating idiotic motherfuckers.


  14. “Black women this. Black women that”. Blah blah blah.

    You act like all black men are angels.

    Stupid son of a bitch. I hope all that stupidity gets you murdered one day soon.


  15. Do you think Jeremiah 31-33 is happening or is it a future prophecy? I have spoken to some Israelites who say it hasn’t come to pass yet and this is why Brothers are still making videos and preaching on street corners.


    • James,

      The new convenient is already in place, the bible clearly tells us that Christ is the mediator of the new covenant(Hebrews 12:24). All we are waiting for now is the finalisation ie the return of the Messiah. Alot of Hebrew Israelites don’t believe in the new testament whereas others simply haven’t gotten the memo yet.


      • Shalom Brother Verbs,

        Was not sure where to place this message. There is a black family in America who have been systematically destroyed by the Social Services. In the end the father of the family got thirteen years for a crime he did not commit. His wife is awaiting sentencing. Here is the link to their devastating story. This is disturbing. This social services kidnapping of children is rife in England and America. It is a money making empire to destroy god fearing families or families that need support and guidance. This happened just last week with this family.

        This is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGDAOT6Rmuo.

        This is so sad. The same is happening in England from years 1999 to 2000 until present.

        Please, please, please do a blog about this.

        Kind regards



  16. BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN! http://www.BoycottBitches.com I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women? American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least. This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


  17. Hello verb, all glory and praise unto the most High and the Son. I was looking for headcoverings and somehow made it to your website. I hope you’re still up and running for I had a question or two. I met a so called Puerto Rican man who is part of a camp. He shared some information with me that I feel woke me from my old understanding of who the children of Israel are and the Bible itself. I have watched several videos on YouTube concerning other Israelite groups. He told me to stay away for they could teach me wrong and cause me to get lost. Unfortunately him and I don’t speak anymore and I feel lost in this knowledge now. Your comment of walking with the most High individually is something I’ve believed in for myself. The Bible says for us to congregate though doesn’t it? My main question: the man who brought me into this truth and the other groups, seem to have a hate for white people. Stating the so called white man is biblically the devil. That they cannot be saved. That anyone who is not an Israelite, salvation is not of them. They use scripture to back it up. I always check it out. Then fear that this applies to me and my family. Is this truly the teaching of the most High? My mother is white but my father is not but my childrens’ father is white. Is there no salvation for us who believe on Christ but are not from one of the 12 tribes? The man I used to speak to also believes in keeping the laws of the Old Testament. I’ve read you stating before that there is a new convenant but his group and other groups state scripture in the New Testament of Christ saying he has not come to do away with the law. Do we really not have to follow the laws of the Old Testament? Many thanks in advance for taking the time. Peace and blessings


    • N P,

      The individual walk with the Most High doesn’t mean that you cannot fellowship with other like-minded individuals, it simply means that only you and the Most High are to determine how your walk with him is to be, nobody else. The individual walk also means that you do not give up your personality ie who you are for any group, who you are as an individual is very important and that individuality must be preserved at all times. You will notice that when people join groups typically their thoughts, needs, opinions etc are pushed to the side and the group’s issues now take priority, this is not good at all.

      This talk about the white man being the devil is nonsense, what they ought be saying instead is that white folks as a whole are the most easiest for Satan and evil spirits to influence. The Devil as described in scripture is a spiritual being. Or in light of what white folks have done to blacks aswell as to the rest of the planet, they can be called devil spawn or the seedlings of Satan, however they cannot be called the Devil.

      This business about the Gentiles being outside of salvation is yet more garbage, Paul the apostle’s whole ministry was all about dealing with the Gentiles and how they could obtain salvation. Christ instructed his disciples to go into the world and to teach ALL NATIONS(Matthew 28:19-20), salvation as Christ himself stated is based upon faith and belief(Mark 11:22-Mark 1:15), Paul himself stated that salvation is to the Jew first AND ALSO THE GENTILE(Romans 1:16).

      As for keeping the old covenant laws, the Most High himself stated in Jeremiah 31:31 that he would bring about a new covenant that would not be like the old one, Hebrew 12:24 clearly tells us that Christ is the mediator of the new covenant. The new covenant is already in place, this is why many Israelites have missed the boat, mind you Paul talked about the Israelites in his time doing exactly the same thing ie trying to attain to righteousness through the old laws instead of via faith and belief in the Most High through Christ. Paul states that no man is justified through the works of the law but through faith in Christ(Galations 2:16).

      The laws in relation to ordinances, atonement and sacrifice have been done away with, the moral laws(no stealing, no killing, no adultery, no bearing false witness etc) still stand as these are not covenant based, they are commandments that have been set in place for mankind to live in peace and harmony with each other, therefore as long as men and living amongst one another the moral laws will always exist and be valid. This is where the church gets it wrong, they believe that the morals laws have also been done away with, however nothing could be further from the truth. I hope these answers helps you.

      Most High Bless


      • Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. Your answers really did help. Do you consider the Apocrypha as part of the Bible?


  18. Also, what about keeping the sabbath and other feasts and holy days; are these still to be done under the new covenant? Thank you again in advance. Most High bless

    Liked by 1 person

    • N P,

      The Apocrypha is definitely part of the bible, I talked about this very topic in my church beast book. The Apocrypha is a must read aswell as other books such as the book of Jubilees, the book of Jasher, the book of Enoch etc. There is alot more information contained within those books that is not within the standard 66 book bible.

      Keeping the Sabbath, the feast days and the holy days were part of the old covenant ordinances, they are no longer a requirement under the new covenant, as stated before the qualifying requirements for the new covenant are to have faith and belief in the Most High through Christ, nothing else.


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