Negro Wars The Book

Negro Wars is a book that exclusively deals with the modern-day westernised black woman, her dysfunctional mindset and as a result the destruction she has brought upon black society for the past 50 years. After 50 years of brutality against black men and black society it is time to examine, scrutinise and place the modern-day black woman on trail for her crimes against the black nation. To date she is the only stone that has been left unturned in trying to discover what has gone wrong with black families, black communities and black society.

Negro Wars clearly illustrates the observable fact that the modern-day black woman is the enforcement arm of white supremacy within black society and has been working hand in glove with western governments since the introduction of welfare reform. 40% of black men in prison are there because of black women, most black men who are put in jail are there because of black women.

Black women claim to be down with black men in a system of racism and oppression, yet these same black women are quick to use the tools of the same system to oppress, shaft and stab black men in the back when not allowed to have their way. As I have stated in the book, modern-day black women and racist white men are two sides of the same decadent, rusty coin. Both seek the destruction of black society and especially black men.

I also talk about how black women on the whole hate black children, hence the ridiculously high abortion figures amongst black females when compared to other races of women. A black child is 5 times more likely to be aborted in the womb than a white child.

Negro Wars also deals with the deification of the white man as god by black women, how they worship, adore and pay homage to their white father and how they desire mixed children so that they can have offspring with “good hair”.

Though black men would be the ones to benefit the most from reading the book because of the fact that they are the ones being oppressed and shafted by black women the most, the fact that black women are now beginning to spread their pestilent behaviour into other communities means that anybody can read the book and profit from it. Most people have tasted the bitter attitude and the contentious, belligerent and combative spirits that dwell in the overwhelming majority of black women today.

Lastly, Negro Wars calls out those who cosign black women’s dysfunction and fail to check them on their destructive antics, namely the pro black, hotep, black nationalist, back to Africa, red black and green squads who have now decided to bestow upon the black woman titles such as “god” and “queen”.

Negro Wars the book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all other leading book stores. I am not afraid of black women and I most certain am not afraid to call them out on their track record of bloodshed, treachery and destruction against their own people.

Stay Blessed

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