Negro Wars The Book

Negro Wars is a book that exclusively deals with the modern-day westernised black woman, her dysfunctional mindset and as a result the destruction she has brought upon black society for the past 50 years. After 50 years of brutality against black men and black society it is time to examine, scrutinise and place the modern-day black woman on trail for her crimes against the black nation. To date she is the only stone that has been left unturned in trying to discover what has gone wrong with black families, black communities and black society.

Negro Wars clearly illustrates the observable fact that the modern-day black woman is the enforcement arm of white supremacy within black society and has been working hand in glove with western governments since the introduction of welfare reform. 40% of black men in prison are there because of black women, most black men who are put in jail are there because of black women.

Black women claim to be down with black men in a system of racism and oppression, yet these same black women are quick to use the tools of the same system to oppress, shaft and stab black men in the back when not allowed to have their way. As I have stated in the book, modern-day black women and racist white men are two sides of the same decadent, rusty coin. Both seek the destruction of black society and especially black men.

I also talk about how black women on the whole hate black children, hence the ridiculously high abortion figures amongst black females when compared to other races of women. A black child is 5 times more likely to be aborted in the womb than a white child.

Negro Wars also deals with the deification of the white man as god by black women, how they worship, adore and pay homage to their white father and how they desire mixed children so that they can have offspring with “good hair”.

Though black men would be the ones to benefit the most from reading the book because of the fact that they are the ones being oppressed and shafted by black women the most, the fact that black women are now beginning to spread their pestilent behaviour into other communities means that anybody can read the book and profit from it. Most people have tasted the bitter attitude and the contentious, belligerent and combative spirits that dwell in the overwhelming majority of black women today.

Lastly, Negro Wars calls out those who cosign black women’s dysfunction and fail to check them on their destructive antics, namely the pro black, hotep, black nationalist, back to Africa, red black and green squads who have now decided to bestow upon the black woman titles such as “god” and “queen”.

Negro Wars the book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all other leading book stores. I am not afraid of black women and I most certain am not afraid to call them out on their track record of bloodshed, treachery and destruction against their own people.

Stay Blessed

25 thoughts on “Negro Wars The Book

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  2. I’m sure you’re going to say that I’ve been brain-washed, am self-hating, white washed, or that a black woman didn’t author this posting. Whatever belief will satisfy you and your followers, then okay.

    Being “owned” in the early days of slavery, black people did not know who they were. Systemic and institutional racism are strongholds that we continue to face. In 1964 Lyndon B. Johnson declared, a “war on poverty”. This “war on poverty” did not allow black men to stay in the home if black women and children benefitted from federal programs. So instead of it being a “war on poverty”, it became a war on black families as the black man was driven from the two-parent home. I believe black men liked their freedom, and helped to enforce the broken black family dynamic.

    There has always been a disproportionate number of black women vs. black men. According to the NAACP “1 in 6 black men are incarcerated (2001)”, while 1 in 100 black women are incarcerated. You have a supply and demand dynamic which black men exploit. There are not enough black men available for every black woman. There are also not enough “good” black men who are college educated, mentally healthy, financially stable, and seeking marriage. There are a quite a number of black men who play the field, because they are allowed to get away with it.

    In response to your 12 reasons why black women are not good candidates for marriage:

    1. Too Masculine and Too Violent
    I had to laugh. Where are you getting your information? Television? Personal experience? If it’s from personal experience, I wonder about the types of women with whom you are associating. I know hundreds of black women, poor and affluent who are soft, feminine, and non-violent. I just returned from doing my early morning grocery shopping carrying my pink, leather Dooney and Bourke bag. It’s raining here this morning so I was also carrying my pink umbrella. I had my hair attractively covered since the humidity and dewpoint are quite high, due to the rain. It would have destroyed my hairstyle. I cheerfully greeted other shoppers I encountered in the store, a number of whom were attractive black women. They smilingly returned my greeting. Not one fight broke out among us.

    I also don’t suffer from penis envy. I quite enjoy having a vagina and uterus from which I delivered my outstanding 18-year old daughter.

    When my husband moved out of our home nearly three years ago seeking that greener grass, I stepped up even more than I had already been doing, out of necessity. So, if I seem masculine because I’m doing things that a man should be doing, it’s because I don’t have a choice. I have no brothers, and my father is deceased. I am strong because I have to be, not because I want to be.

    2. Foul Attitude
    I have never been accused of having a foul attitude, nor have the hundreds of black women I know. Even when they are suffering through life challenges, adversity, and disrespect, they are upbeat and positive. Your generalizations are stunning. Again, I don’t know who you are associating with to reach these insulting conclusions.

    A few weeks ago I was filling a prescription at the pharmacy when there was some trouble. A white guy who was next in line was making rude comments about me. I turned to him, and without using one curse word told him that he was not going to stand behind me and talk about me. We had a verbal exchange, but be assured that not one time was my attitude foul. I asked him, how dare he speak about me? I told him that we all had to wait at some point and that right then, it was his turn to wait. When he called me rude, I told him that he was as well. I had a right to self-advocate. I was aware that he was still talking about me, but he had lowered his voice considerably to a level where I could not make out what he was saying. I achieved my goal without being foul, masculine, or violent, don’t you think?

    Oh, and my estranged wants to reconcile, but I have declined his offer a number of times. Once he moved out the environment in my home became peaceful, and the tension was gone. There are times when I return home from work and there is no television, music, nothing but quiet which I love.

    3. Irresponsible, Unaccountable, Dishonest, and Disrespectful
    Let’s tackle these one at a time. Irresponsible. This one is quite hilarious to me. Most of the hundreds of black women I know are college educated with jobs, careers, and/or business, are homeowners, have their own vehicles, take annual vacations with family and friends.
    Unaccountable? To whom? About what?

    We’re all dishonest? Every time we speak we’re lying? You must have dealt with some incredible amoral women, which speaks to your judgement, not the character of black women. When I am speaking and interacting with other black women, I am not doing mental gymnastics to decide if they’re lying to me. In fact, I trust what a black woman has to say above any other group of people. It’s worked very well for me. I remain unscathed.

    Disrespectul? You didn’t expound about to whom black women are disrespectful. Respect has to be earned. If I am disrespected, I speak up about it to the person involved. If it becomes a pattern that person is dropped from my life, and I move on. This is an act of self-respect which I believe is very healthy.

    4. Weaves, Tattoos, and Fake Everything Else

    Oh, there are black guys who wear weaves. Avail yourself of the internet and prepare to be educated about that line of thought. There are also plenty of white women who wear weave or clip in extensions. Don’t be that foolish. Black men have themselves to blame for black women wearing weaves. From the time we are little girls, our natural, nappy hair is made fun of. We are teased for our dark skin, full lips, big behinds. All of this hatred directed at us at a young age is damaging to our esteem. Ironically, when I don’t straighten my natural hair and wear it full and bushy, I get the most compliments from white men, and white women. I have never received a compliment from a black man when my hair is in its natural state. Black women have bent over backward trying to be appealing to black men including the wearing of weaves. It is a black woman’s choice to wear what she wants if it makes her feel good, even it doesn’t personally appeal to you.

    Tattoos are also a personal choice. You are vilifying black women for having them. There is nothing wrong with having them. It may not be your personal choice. Only a few of the hundreds of black women who I know have tattoos. By far I see more non-black women with actual “sleeves”. It isn’t even a problem in professional environments to have tattoos, any longer. Employees may be asked to ensure that they are covered in the work place, so you are up in arms about nothing, here.

    My 36D breasts are my own. I choose not to wear padded, or push-up bras, but may decide to someday. If I do, it’s my choice. If black women decide to wear breast enhancements or have breast augmentation it is their choice.

    Fake everything else. Hmm….? Are you referring to acrylic nails? I have not ever consistently worn them because I don’t like have tight they feel. I am also not too sure of having harsh chemicals applied to my own nails and possibly absorbed into my body, so I go without them. I think that “fake” nails can give a woman’s nails a uniform appearance. As I type this, the nails on my right hand are long and unbroken. To my frustration, I broke two nails on my left hand, one from breaking down boxes to go out with the garbage, and another bringing a case of water into the house. They are neatly filed, and my nails currently have clear polis with fun, glittery sparkles. If I had “fake” nails, I wouldn’t have broken my nails, and they would have a more uniform appearance.

    5. Hatred for Black Children

    You’re being absurd here. We like our light skinned children better than our dark-skinned children? I can give you a really great example of one of the light skinned women I know who is an Executive Vice President at a Fortune 500 company who has brown skinned daughters who are college graduates. One is headed to a top tier law school in the Fall. That’s how much we hate our brown skinned and dark skinned children.

    6. They Don’t Value Good Black Men

    We value good men. However, being a good man, doesn’t necessarily make a black man marriageable. My estranged husband is a good black man who I encouraged, cooked for, made love with, kept a clean house for, but who was not a good partner and husband. He thought he should be able to keep his money for himself since I made more. He might have washed dishes a few times a year. In an effort to keep a clean house, if I moved or tried to put away his “stuff”, he would get upset. This included safety pins from his dry cleaning. If I was too tired for sex, he got mad. After working all day, coming home cooking dinner, washing dishes, doing work at home, and seeing about my daughter, it was often 9:00 p.m. before I could even relax. Meanwhile, he would be sitting on the sofa watching television, or catnapping. Most days he was home an hour or two before I got home, already relaxing. This seems to be a common theme with women I know, married to black men, or they are the major bread winner, also like me.

    7. Unhygienic, STDs and Poor Health

    Again, who have you been with?! Anyone of any race can be trifling about their hygiene. Because of the way a woman’s body is made, we receive men into our bodies. We are often asymptomatic for sexually transmitted disease. We do not give STD’s to ourselves. In the early 1990’s I worked at a clinic in D.C. Most of our clients were black men. When we interviewed them about their sexual partners they were sleeping around, getting oral sex from anonymous people, and yes, sleeping with other men. The men knew they were engaging in high risk sexual behaviors but told us they were not going to stop, and gave us fictitious addresses for contacting their female sexual partners, some of whom they lived with.

    Poor health. I’m in my early 50’s and just had a physical a month ago. All of my numbers were within range. I must admit that I am 10 pounds over my optimal weight, but I wear size 6-8 which isn’t bad. Poor health and mental health issues can go hand-in-hand. Bad relationships with black men, and absentee fathers leaving girls without protection who grow into adulthood with these unresolved issues are factors. We often do so much without support, and then black men like you try to destroy us further.

    8. Most Black Women Come Preloaded with Children

    Not true. The picture you included is an extreme exaggeration. What are there 10 children in the picture? I know one young lady with three children who she is taking very good care of. I know one young woman who was engaged to be married to the father of the youngest of her two children. He went ghost before the marriage took place and his son was born. I had one daughter when I married. She is polite, respectful, well behaved, is a Biochemistry major in college. She wasn’t planned, but has been well-parented by her dad and me. In fact, we have co-parented so well that I never filed a court ordered agreement for child support. Our relationship is quite amicable. As for these black women preloaded with black children, who made what black man fall into her vagina, and release his seed inside her? What about stealth black men who remove condoms during sex when women think they are protected from pregnancy and STD’s?

    9. Argumentative, Never Listen, Always Have to Have the Last Word

    Black women are not allowed to have an opinion or voice it? You want us to be submissive and silent, is that it? I told my estranged husband not to marry me if he wanted a doormat. I am intelligent, educated, with a lot of common sense. I also had been on my own awhile, navigating my world, and being in charge of my life. It is not reasonable, nor is it fair to expect a woman to not be able to express herself, just because a black man doesn’t like it. So if that is what you are basing your bashing of black women on, oh well.

    10. Too Materialistic, Money Hungry, Unrealistic Expectations

    There has never been anything that I have wanted from a man that I have not been able to get for myself, except sex. I have a reasonable expectation that if I can do for myself, then a man needs to be able to provide for me as well. I have settled for, and gotten less than I deserve being supporting of black men who did not have what I have had. It lowered my standard of living, as it lowers the standard of living of other black women, as well. We have very realistic expectations in what we want from our partners. We are considered to be the weaker sex. If we can succeed and thrive in a world clearly not designed for our success, then black men should be able to also do it.

    11. Black Women Love and Worship Feminism

    I appreciate, but do not love feminism. I believe in the rights of women to be who they want, live as they want, and for them to have equal pay for equal work. I have a very dear friend who about 30 years ago received a promotion at work. There was a guy who also received the same position. They were paying him more because he was married and had a family. She was single without children, and was told this by her boss. One thing that you did get right is that feminism for black women is deeper than that of white women. We are not concerned about silly causes like, freeing the nipple, and free bleeding. We want to be recognized in the workplace for our education, experience, and accomplishments. We care about what is happening to our little black girls, at the hands of black boys who are not being socialized to care gently for our girls.

    12. Black Women Love and Worship White Men

    To your final point. I began dating at 16. In the 38 years that I have dated and been married to black men, I have had one good relationship. I am an attractive, well educated black woman with three progressive degrees, one of which is doctoral level, who:

    • Is not masculine (one of my favorite things to wear is a dress, and I love pink)
    • Is not violent
    • Does not have a foul attitude (people comment to me frequently how happy, or funny I am)
    • Is not irresponsible (homeowner, vehicle, daughter in college, etc.)
    • Is accountable (I apologize when I believe there is a need to do so)
    • Honest (everyone one has lied at some point in their lives, but this is not a character trait)
    • Respectful (I respect those who respect me)
    • Does not have weave, tattoos, or fake everything else (not for me, but a choice any woman has the right to make if it makes her happy)
    • Loves black children (My daughter is black, and guess what? I teach black children.)
    • Loves good black men (Just because he is “good” doesn’t make him a good husband, or provider. I refuse to do struggle love.)
    • Has great hygiene (Gasp! Sometimes I shower more than once a day. No STD’s. Great health!)
    • Doesn’t know anyone preloaded with children (Black women also don’t make babies by themselves. I guess someone made some poor black guys have sex and ejaculate into some black woman’s vagina. Some black men want to bring us down a peg by giving us unwanted children, then leaving.)
    • Isn’t argumentative (I am going to speak up with my partner, or husband and expect my opinion to be valued and respected).
    • Isn’t materialistic, money hungry, with unrealistic expectations (If I can provide for my needs, and wants, a man needs to be able to as well by being a provider).
    • Doesn’t love feminism (I do expect to be treated fairly in the workplace and embrace worthy causes.)

    Finally, I will no longer be dating black men. In 38 years I have given love, loyalty, my body, and time out of my life that I will never get back to men who did not appreciate what they had until the relationship ended. They have phoned to tell me so, or to ask for another chance, just like my estranged husband. Am I perfect, no, but I know that my intentions were pure. Non-black men are socialized differently Men with positive intent, profess (their love), prove their love, provide, and protect (as Steve Harvey is now saying.) I deserve this, and I will have this. I am grateful that my son-in-law will not be black. From the time my daughter was 3 years old, black boys have hit, punched, cursed, and mistreated her. She has no time for them, and I am beyond glad. I smile and frequently go up to black women who I see are in relationships or married to non-black men. They usually tell me that they are happier than they have ever been. One family I run into from-time-to time is a black woman who is a little person. She is dark skinned. She and her white husband have three biracial children. You can tell they have been together for some time, as their oldest daughter is a pre-teen. A black man wouldn’t have had her. I’m glad that she found love on her own terms.

    Thank you for putting your foot on the necks of black women to sell your book, and showing us exactly who you are.

    Wake up black ladies. The only loyalty you owe is to yourself. You don’t belong to anyone but yourselves. Not your mothers, fathers, brothers, the black church, or even the black community. Choose joy. It most likely won’t be in the form of a good black man. There are simply not enough of them to go around. If you wait for him, then you WILL go to your grave, still waiting.

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    • Awesome post. Thanks for writing it. Generalizations are never acceptable from either side. Americans need to get away from focusing on the amount of melanin in each others skin, and see each others individuality instead. Group think is destructive. I hope you find a great man, no matter what race. You deserve it. I am German by the way, with 3 bi racial children, all adults with advanced degrees. One prefers white, one Hispanic, and one is married to a black man. I attend a black church, and prefer the company of black Americans, which is a personal preference, and how I am wired. Awesome stuff. I wish I could meet you in person.


    • I read your post and it made me want to read this book even more. You’ve proves the author’s point and don’t even realize it. I love My Sisters but we never want to deal with issues. We argue every point just like you did above. We talk more than we listen. It great if you see the positive amongst our sisterhood, but let’s deal with the issues we turn our head too.

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  3. This is utterly disgusting. I am so ashamed of my people. You guys let a few white college students perform a social experiment (using fake avatars and hateful words) and convince you that Back men and Black women were at war – then all they had to do was sit back and watch you Black people UTTERLY destroy each other. Unfkinbelievable!

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    • Mariyah,

      Black women have been at war with black men for the past 60 years, where have you been? This is the problem with most black women today, they operate in a completely different realm to this one.

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    • As a black woman, I would expect you to lie. The war has been going on ever since black woman gave up on black people for white feminist in the 60s. This has been a long time coming. Strong and independent black women pushing out bastard children with low life scum, while shitting on black men doing their best just to get educated and gainful employed. AND NOW, as of this writing, black woman and gay black men are comfortable enough to call black men terrorist and such. Yes there is a war and at this juncture, its never ending.

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  4. got nothing to do l with lno two white guys and a social experiment and to make it seem so that men are so stupid to not get anything right until some correcting black women corrects our cornicopia of erroneous perceptions ( especially when it comes to them ) is exactly the problem. but thankfully there are some women who see the same problem we do.


  5. This statement is the most real statement made out loud to-date. I have said this numerous times and what’s glossed over mainly is that it comes on the heels of getting educated and employed. I get it but then I don’t because I am a black man. The answer is: raise better men. But, that takes a selfless, willing to sacrifice a generation or two, type black woman. It’s equally hard on her because she has to be empathetic in the face of ignorant men who like her, are trying to get ahead by any means necessary. I will say I understand what has transpired to-date but like anything, there has to be moderation of the balance will unbalance. As of now, there is an imbalance and it has caused a dilution.

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  6. These Russian bots are at it again. There’s no way a black man wrote any of this disgusting filth on this site about black women. Don’t believe the hype you guys. Just like imposters created fake “Black Lives Matter” pages on facebook to further divide black and white people, the same devil is at work here with the attempt to divide black men and black women. After reading many of these posts, if you look at the language closely, black men really don’t talk like that. Nice try Satan…your plan has been thwarted.

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  7. Russian bots? Once again this proves that Black women supported Hillary Clinton to their own detriment. Russian women make better wives than the average Black woman period. I always like the myopic nature of some Black women who post on blogs like this.

    As Tommy Sotomayor has said “Black women wake up everyday looking for something to be upset about”. Western Society views them one way and they can’t escape it. If you picked a Black man who earned less than you yet still was selfish and unwilling to be more helpful around the house which sounds like many White women complaining actually, then that still proves Black women are incapable of picking the right partner, period.

    By stating you made more than your ex-husband she also confirmed the ridiculousness of the income gap between the genders. There isn’t an income gap, there are choices men and women make that directly impact the how much they get paid. Women are less likely to be disagreeable (as to not be called a bitch by coworkers) and less likely to ask for more wages as the corresponding increase in hours and/or responsibilities will directly impact their ability to mate, date and find a husband or family activities which is why this woman had to do additional work at home after coming home.

    While it’s true there are less available highly educated Black men available to Black women they problem is they don’t make do with what’s available. In other words they don’t make lemonade out of lemons. They complain they got lemons and throw them in the trash.

    Non-Black women are more inclined to work with what’s available at their social-economic status and only mildly complain about it.

    Here’s the shot over the bowe –

    While there is no international market for American women to find husbands overseas, the contrary is true for American men. Black men only need a decent job and a passport. They can bypass dating Black women and American women in general and find a marriage minded woman without months and years of BS dating that has been infused with Feminist nonsense. They have turned things like the 3 date rule against less desirable men and throw it out for so-called Alpha males.This is how college educated women end up being single mothers.


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    • 3 date rule? the time to have sex, or dump the girl who guy who doesn’t? you shouldn’t have sex unless you are already committed and seriously partnered, sex is serious not a step along a way to a more serious relationship. anyone male or female who has had more than 3 or 4 sex partners legally married or not by the time they are 30 or 35 hs something wrong with him or her. Either don’t respect their own bodies enough, don’t respect sex, or attract the wrong sort and pick the wrong sort.

      hanging out is better than dating, less room for phoniness and bait and switch.


  8. Anthony Thomas 90% of what you said was the truth. But I feel like it’s my duty to my people to desire my own. Even though they don’t want me. I pass up many races of women just to stick to black women who reject me. I hate it. (I also reject WHORES of any race.)


  9. What the absolute fuck is this bullshit? How delusional can you get? I can’t understand if this website is from a racist white man or a misogynistic black man. Either way, this shit is worse than Alex Jones. I didn’t think it was possible. I’m almost impressed.


    • You’re F****** Insane,

      You would’ve had some credibility had you brought some constructive points to the table. Is that the best rebuttal that you could come up with, really?


  10. Got myself a copy because my best friend had read the book and he told me that to read the book. And when I read the book, it took me by storm. Every thing you said in the book is so true. This is one of the greatest book of all time since Sun Tzu The Art Of War and Nicollo Machiavelli The Price. Truly a work of art. A brilliant masterpiece.

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    • Money Cultural,

      Much appreciated for your support and the kind words, most black men would profit from reading it, however as we already know SYSBM is for the few not the many.


      • I know that SYSBM is not for many black men but as we see black women acting the way they act, they may have to think “where the non black women act?” I’ll date any woman but when it comes to black women us black men have to raise our standards.

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  11. I’m a young black woman, and honestly I had no idea I’m the cause of a “upcoming civil battle”. I’m 18 years old, I live with my (biological) parents, I live in Manchester, UK, born and raised. I’m going to college very soon as this pandemic ends. My GPA is 3.8. I was accepted into Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania, my parents are extremely proud of me, as I am myself. I am going to study biology. I’m a virgin so no “baby daddy” problems here. Am I lost cause too?


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