Donate And Support The Work Here At Slaying Evil

Black folks in particular black men who want their voices to be heard must financial support those who are standing and speaking up for their causes, there is no way around this. Believing that your voices can be heard for free is not how things work in the real world. One of the main reasons why we as black folks have nothing is because we as a collective are not willing to pay for things that are of quality and that have longevity built into them ie things that matter.

Its time to get serious and put your money where you mouth is. If you find this blog site informative and helpful then consider donating via Paypal or becoming a Patreon to support the ongoing cause. As black men you’ll find that our voices are automatically relegated, our views, issues and concerns are very rarely if ever taken seriously. With the mainstream dinosaur media(the very organisation responsible for squelching our voices) now dying the death, now is our time to strike back and strike back hard.

Black men, if you won’t stand up for yourselves, nobody else will, remember that. We as black men are in a war and fighting this war requires resources including those of a monetary persuasion. Much appreciated to those who have already donated and a thank you in advance to those who are willing to financially support the fight here at Slaying Evil. Please click on the links below to take you to the respective pages.£Verbs2015

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