Comment Not Showing Up – Don’t Worry, I’m On It

When you blog and write articles on a regular basis you receive a lot a spam and junk mail. WordPress has a system that deals with unwanted mail and advertising and the majority of the time it does the job well. Unfortunately as a legitimate commenter on rare occasions your comments may be mistaken as junk and will subsequently be placed into the spam folder. However I’m well aware of this and because of it I scan the spam folder regularly in order to make sure that comments that are legitimate are put back into the comment section.

If you post a legitimate comment and for some reason it doesn’t show up, it has probably been marked as spam. Feel free to replicate the comment and try again or alternatively you can wait for me to fish your comment out of the spam folder and post it with the rest. Once again if your comment disappears I do apologise in advance for the inconvenience caused and will deal with the matter as soon as I can.


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