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39 thoughts on “Off Topic Section

  1. Dropping the first comment, be free to use this space for any off topic subjects. At the moment the comments are closed, I’m trying to sort this problem out as they should be open.

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    • I actually agree with much more of Polight than others of his ilk, and actually don’t have a problem with polygamy. His reverence for black women is where it gets me.

      Still, if this dude goes for a “Becky”, lol black Women are TOAST. Another major L.

      Also, not sure if I would have that hottie ride me or if I would hi-……..

      Finish the sentence for me please.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Hahahahahahaha, “hit it from the back”, lol. He needs to abandon black women, there are some serious white and non black women in Hollywood, I’ve been there and seen it for myself first hand. Sorry, the black women even in Hollywood don’t compare to their non black female counterparts.

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  2. According to Kid Organic, northern Hollywood is where a lot of SYSBM activity is afoot, and the white Women apparently come preloaded with the “thick setting” lol. It apparently is also where Ghetto Gaggers is filmed. Hmmm….

    And damn u been to Hollywood too?

    Betcha most of the black chicks there that weren’t mixed looked like Laverne Cox.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      When I went I was too busy clocking the non black women, lol. Of course of the black women I saw there, the vast majority were weaved up to the hilt, nothing changes in that respect. My friend introduced me to this chick below, she’s from the minstrel show Love And Hiphop Hollywood. It’s a pity that she has decided to channel her energy into acting ratchet as she is quite an intelligent woman.

      However, she like most black females she loves the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood. And of course she had to get knocked up by one of these dusty hood rappers. She is actually pretty in the face and the last time I saw her she was in shape, a rarity for a black female:

      I agree with KiD Organic, the non black women in Hollywood are serious, however the atmosphere is extremely fake, everybody is trying to show off and there is a lot of back stabbing in nearly all the industries over there, it’s a cut throat environment even in the porn industry. That Ghetto Gaggers material is a complete turn off, it’s sufficient enough to kill any erection, period.

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  3. Also, I’d hate to say it, but could a lot of this picture taking with these white hotties (this is not a new thing with him) be related to the fact that all of his (rather dark skinned) wives are UGLY?!!

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  4. Afroturism1,

    What have you been repeatedly saying about racism in MGTOW:

    Original video:

    This is exactly what I been saying, It doesn’t matter what hobbies, interests, religions, philosophies, employment etc white people are involved in, the race come first above all. For example, you could like fishing as a hobby, you go out with a group of white guys who like the same thing, while fishing you get into a dispute with one of these guys, even if you are in the right they will still take his side because as I have been saying, to white folks the race comes first above ALL.

    By the way the nationality comes first philosophy isn’t only applied by white folks, other racial groups execute this same practice as you have probably seen for yourself.

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    • Just damn, and look at the comments on the videos.

      Notice how the “there’s only a few extremists” argument is EXACTLY like feminism. Just like feminism is for women who can’t get men, same applies to these white boys.

      Also, once again, who put these policies in place? White men! THEY pitch these policies into place!


    • That guy banned me when I told him why he was racist. Instead of debating he got mad and now making videos against MGTOW.
      To be fair there are racists MGTOW, especially on


    • I’ve repeatedly warned black men about joining these MRA and MGTOW groups. I peeped straight from the start that they were white supremacists….

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  5. Well I’m black and have dated my fair share of white girls. In fact my most recent ex was white. And everything you said….. I completely agree with. I found this out the hard way myself. I actually liked the girl and everything was cool at first (aint it always?) until I started noticing things in her. I just had a feeling that she was was with me for other reasons then her actually liking me. For instance, I’m black so that gave her extra attention from all her friends. Everyone is asking her what its like to date me. Two, I just found it weird that it came across like she was trying a little too hard to like hip hop music and be into hip hop culture when all her white friends were not. Like she would rap karaokee songs in bars which gave her soo much attention from all the white people. Thing was she only knew mainstream rap songs. So yea things like that. Eventually she ended the relationship telling me she “feels weird.” Ok cool…. Then three months later she’s with this white dude (most likely talking to him while we were together). It was weird because everything this new white dude was, he was the complete opposite of me. And he was pretty much everything she said she didn’t like about guys. So I came to the conclusion myself that she was rejected by white guys that she wanted and was using me to piss off whoever, while at the same time getting attention from all her friends. Now she wasn’t ugly at all, so I don’t want anyone thinking that I was fitting the stereotype of black guys getting with fat white women. If I had to guess, I’d say she was hitting the wall and the guys she really wanted no longer wanted her. She was 28 at the time (now 29). She has a good career and all that jazz, but I’m pretty sure she was looking for some white dude racking in $100k or something. I knew this because when I was out with her friends, they all question me about my career. Some even had to nerve to ask if I was a project manager at age 26? I was like “huh?” I bring all this up as an example, but I am over her. Only reason I know who she’s dating and all that shit is because me and her share similar social circles and we also work together on a committee for a non-profit. But yea, after dating plenty of white girls, I do know they are only with us for fetish reasons and for attention. Oh well, I can use it my advantage. “She’s not yours, she’s just your turn.”

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  6. Witness the earnings of a foul mouthed, fat and nappy headed ghetto black beast!

    At this point, eradicate these hoes! They are last in EVERYTHING, so they really need a mercy killing. And wtf is with that hair. God, they almost NEED weave.

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  7. @Verbs

    Looks like a dude I used to win hot dog eating contests with.

    You really have to wonder how #SYSBM is just now a thing, as anyone with eyes for the longest time could’ve seen how unfeminine and ugly these women are compared to other groups. The fact that she had that dumbass hood accent didn’t help. But we’re supposed to happily bust nuts up in these chicks and not be embarrassed about it once the sensation ends?

    I’d be ashamed as hell to admit that opened a jar of mayonnaise in one of these creatures.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These modern day black women for the majority part are undesirable and they themselves know this, hence why they are always trying their hardest to shame us into staying on the plantation and dealing with fat, sloppy, mentally damaged, defective beyond repair goods. No thanks, not me. I will not be busting any nuts in tug boats or oil tankers.

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  8. Afrofuturism1,

    Thought you might find this interesting, Tariq Nasheed from back in the day actually being honest. What he talked about reminded me of the run in you had with that black witch the other day:

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  9. It’s obvious you no longer believe in the Most High. Rather, yourself and the lies white women have told you about your penis.

    Good luck with that, nigger.


    • Marc-Lo,

      Yep, the pro blacks who claim to care about black folks are the first ones to call others blacks(mainly Negro men) niggers just like their white father. They talk about black men hooking up with white women all day, however they conveniently overlook the fact that black women are working with white men to destroy black society and have been doing so for the past half a century, hypocrites to the core.

      By the way, I seem to remember reading throughout the bible of the Most High sending out prophets and other individuals of the house of Israel to give his people warning concerning their derailment and unholy ways, in order words to clean themselves up. What I’m doing here is nothing new.

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  10. Im no longer going back and forth with you. You’re a coon. Enjoy your blue eyed, curly head children that you would kill to have, like 80% of you monkeys in the UK.

    You’re beneath me, so this conversation is over. Head over to my youtube page, esau is the devil, and comment there. My videos aren’t monetized, you coon sambo nigger. Because I know the first thing you’re thinking is not to, to give me “views”. I can totally give a fuck. This place is gonna burn, so fuck esau and his “money”. And fuck you too.


    • Marc- Lo,

      That’s why I don’t associate with scum, bottom of the barrel dreg Negroes like yourself, you give the impression that you’re for black folks but are quick to use racist insults and slurs against your own over a difference of opinion. Even though my misses isn’t white, I’ll be enjoying non black females while you stay licking the muddy boots of feral black harridans who wouldn’t spit on you even if you were on fire.

      Nobody asked you to come over here minstrel, go back to the horse stable where you came from. Who raised you, you can’t even express yourself articulately, everything from your mouth is either nigger, coon or sambo. Return to your father Satan, and the realm from whence you came scumbag, be gone.

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    • The Beat Man,

      And the thing about it is if you attempt to show this to black women, most of them will cuss you out, call you a nigger and say that they’ll do whatever the hell the want to do, smh.

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      • when i was a child remember seeing an empty container of one of them hair chemicals and on the back with the ingredients and directions and other writings i remember seeing “hair loss”. this was in Jamaica

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  11. I swear if it was up to me every Black man would have a Non-Black Woman on their arm. I know young Black male teens that are doing very well in school AND already know to avoid Black women. These young Black kids all have either Latina, Asian or White girlfriends. It makes me very proud to see. Our movement must continue to spread.

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  12. I was looking at your august 16, 2014 view of the mike brown fiasco. I will say I do not know for certain that is mike brown in the video of the convenience store footage. The video shows a person, whether the situation is real or fake committing “UNARMED ROBBERY.” Unarmed robbery is when valuables or money is stolen and the thief uses fear and or intimidation as a means to keep the owner or any good samaritan from stopping the robbery. Stealing is when you take something without the knowledge of its owner.


  13. Babs, have you seen the film “Dunkirk” lately? If so, do you think that it is historically accurate, or it’s just a dramatization of real life events (most likely, SOME artistic license HAD to be taken)?


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