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I’ll just be leaving this one right here. We’re now in 2022 and things have only gotten worse for black women as a collective due to them choosing to dig their heals deeper into the ground through their tighter embrace of mutant feminism.

To this day black women are still making up excuses for the overt defection they conveniently label as being “strong”. Meanwhile, black women continue to demonstrate just how savage and evil they are when it comes to the lives of children:

And the black love proponents still expect us to deal with evil creatures like this, smh. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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34 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    If a black woman or any other woman of a different race says that she is a strong independent woman and she is a feminist, I will run away from her and avoid her like the plague because women like that are just bring problems to my life. Women these days think that being strong and independent is cute but it turns off alot of men because no man on this planet wants to date a woman who is trying to be like a man.

    1. Quincy,

      I never forget the video with the British Pro-Black who try to convince you that there are good BW out there and even tried to hook you up with them.
      I thought is was a good idea then, but I said no-point.
      I use to believe in the black love in my 20s but not longer as I realise that I have options.
      People can convince you that there are good BW out there, but it is not point on waiting.
      The rule is simple: Whoever get me, gets me. Meaning if a Becky or a Latina gets me then that is BW’s loss.

      1. Andy C.

        I remember that video livestream that I had with that Pro black Rap Raven very well Andy and I am still not interested in dating black women. I fully agree with you bro. 😊👍

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Whenever dealing with dysfunctional females of any race, simply replace the words “strong” and “independent” with the word REBEL as that is all such women are doing, being rebellious against their biological functions as well as the natural order of authority concerning men.

      Additionally, it should be noted at the same time that there is no such thing as an independent woman because all activities women participate in always involve men at some level.

  2. Gentlemen,

    There is a new term which coined by the YouTuber name ‘Accountability Commentary’.
    Shout out to him.

    Link to his YouTube channel:

    He come up with the new name called ‘Reach Back’.

    What is a Reach Back?
    It is simply where females hit the wall and decide to return back to the culture of origin to settle because they have no options left as they waste their prime years on hoeing, dealing with bad boys and being single mothers.

    We know these types of women who does this.

    Examples of Reach Back females:

    Women who are:
    – Ex-swirlers/Ghetto Gaggers/Divestors, now turn Pro-Black.
    – Who are anti-BM, Pro-Matriarchy, pro white men, come back to the black community because White men do not want them anymore.
    – Born again Christian/Virgin because they are ex-hoes.
    – Ex-Anti-Straight Heterosexual Thinking brothers, pro-Alphabet (LGBT), now pro black, conscious females
    – Turn down good men and have kids with thugs, now practising Celibacy.
    And many more who want to come to good men after been ran through.

    Many topics you made from Slaying Evil are mostly BW who are mostly examples of Reach Backs.

    Only person being a victim of the Reach Back so far is Boyce Watkins because he marry a woman who friend-zone him for 25+ years.

    So far the successful Reach Back females are Irene Yvette, the ex-divestor, turn pro-black has got a black man. Also Christelyn Karazin as she also got a black man, we know who she is, if anyone never heard of her, let me explain to the brothers who are new to this. She does a channel called the Pink Pill and one of the founder to the term ‘swirlers’ which give BW the Pink Penis Package (Pink Pill) to better themselves to get the white men and non-BM.

    Please do not deal with a Reach Back women because they are mostly damaged goods. If they are redeemable, cool, if not, then no.

    Here is the link to the video as he will explain it:

    1. Andy C,

      Over the years I’ve had quite a few black women try that reach back protocol with me and they’ve all been rejected. I don’t play that garbage, they didn’t want me when they were in their prime getting dicked down and knocked up by the fast lane boys, however as AC said, as soon as their options began to run low or ran out altogether, now all of a sudden they wanted to give me “an opportunity”.

      No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. Reach back is a full fledged insult against the guy the woman is attempting to use it on.

      Boyce Watkins sold himself very short not only on settling for a single black mother who didn’t have any other options, but also for trying to shame and cajole other black men into taking the same path of calamity.

      No clean up men over here, reach back women must always be rejected at all costs, Unlike Accountability Commentary, I personally would be reluctant to sleep with any such women knowing their “loose” history.

    2. Andy C,

      This is brilliant and I am glad you bring up the term ‘Reach Back’ into the thinking brothers because I listen to ‘Accountability Commentary’s’ channel.
      It is good how he explained it.
      Dealing with the ‘Reach Back’ females is equivalent to being a clean up man as Verbs stated.

  3. Everytime I hear the phrase “not enough good black men for black women”, I am reminded of the false premise underlying this phrase. The false premise is that there are a lot of good black women.

    Nothing is further from the truth. There is a dearth of good black women; always has been, always will be. Now there are a few black women with Affirmative Action jobs. This does not make them good women. Let’s stop getting it twisted, because Shaniqua is a product of the same degenerate subculture as Pookie.

    Anyway, when this Supreme Court kicks black women off Affirmative Action, you are really going to see black women reaching back for any black male simp who will have their old. ugly. obese. bad attitude asses.

    1. This whole ‘Not Enough Good Black Men’ is bunch of Bull Shit.
      What they really means is the the type of men they wanted do not want them.
      I know they do not settle for simps but they should start doing so as they got alot of Simp Applicants in their DMs, the BW should choose them instead and sorted.
      I remember these so-called Transgender females talk about how they are discrimated in the dating scence and no men want them.
      This is also 100% Bullshit as a lot of White Men (mostly Alphabet fetish) to choose from, why not pick them.

      Another thing, there are talks about there are shortage of BM sperm donors, what are they talking about? They are plenty of pookies to get knocked up by and why should brother donate sperm anyway? These BW will put the donors on Child Support Anyway.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      I’m glad I wrote that recent article on Rebecca Lynn Pope and her hypocrisy as once again I aimed to bring about a full understanding as to exactly which types of black men black women deem as “good” and “eligible”. This is a deliberate oversight that is NEVER probed into on a deeper level, neither as you pointed out is the question as to whether there are any good black women available in the first place ever asked.

      We already know that there are plenty of good quality black men to go around, however at the same time we also know that black women as a collective don’t view decent good black men as “good” and “eligible”, they much prefer criminals, thugs, gangsters and low life dregs which there are indeed a shortage of seeing as most of them are either on the run, in jail, in prison or 6 feet under in the grave.

      The lies of the black witch contingent are falling apart by the day, either way decent black men are checking out and never looking back.

  4. Gentlemen,

    Another so called “red piller” gets exposed for cuffing a single mother, smh:

    Red pill is supposed to ultimately mean truth, yet so many of these guys online who claim to be red pill are NOT living in the truth, in fact they’re actually living so far from it.

    1. The term red pilled won’t be taken seriously anymore after seeing this vid.

      Just like the term conservative won’t be taken seriously anymore politically.

      Fraudulent dating coaches have hijacked red pill.

      Conovan Sharpe ain’t really sharp after getting caught for conning his audience.

      He has just ended his own career and one would think he would build one family with his white wife from scratch but turns out it ain’t the case at all.

      At this point, I’m not going to label myself with any pills.

      1. Agreed; little by little, the Red pill and all of these other pills are becoming obsolete because the younger generation of men are going for happiness straight out of the gate.

        1. That hijacked pill should now be considered a drug. Thinking black men should treat drugs and the scraggle daggle accordingly: Just Say NO. And keep it moving with non-black women. Full stop.


      2. Witwijf,

        As you’ve pointed out, the problem is Red Pill is being hijacked by a bunch of frauds. As I’ve stated many times before, dating coaches are only a requirement for those who wish to wade through and deal with dysfunctional women.

        In his normal state any man can interact with any traditional woman without the need of a dating coach, the dating coach capitalises on the the ignorance of the blue pulled simp who believes that dysfunctional women are the only options available to him.

        As commenter Anthony said, SYSBM automatically forces self reflection and thus self improvement to those who fully embrace the lifestyle, therefore you’ll begin to figure things out for yourself instead of relying on another who is only trying to line his pockets with your money.

    2. This is why the so called Manosphere is a giant fraud.

      It’s to get angry, do nothing males to donate money to them for solutions they can come up with on their own, that are still flawed because you don’t attract women overseas with money as the lead.

      That might work on a Western chick until she finds a dude with more money.

      Fresh & Funk and Sharpe are Black men so it’s hard to rail against them but I do because so many of their flock are Black men who side step SYSBM because that requires self reflection.

      1. Anthony,

        It’s a damn shame, the Black Manosphere could’ve been a monumental reputable force for good, however too many members within it just can’t let go of the same dysfunctional black women they claim the space was set up in response to.

        Black men finally got a chance to air out their side of the story and what do these knuckleheads do, bring in the same black females who have relentlessly been railing against them for the past 50 plus years, what a joke.

        As soon as these black sirens pretended to show an interest in the space, feigned to finally want to have a conversation with black men and those simps fell for the Okey Dokey, it was a chicken wrap from that point onwards.

        I don’t believe there is a problem with Red Pill per say, the real issue at hand is there are a lot of frauds claiming Red Pill who are very far from it. Thankfully many of those clowns are now being exposed for the frauds that they are, may such exposures continue. #SYSBMFORLIFE

    3. Thank goodness that the red pill encompass way more than dating and women. Because if it was just about dating, a lot of people claim to be red pill would not be that. It’s now being used as a marketing tool by people who obviously are not skilled at marketing, sales, or even just basic human communication and comprehension.
      I heard about this at the beginning of 2022. But apparently he was able to keep this pretty quiet because I thought that this was pretty much known around here. It’s also part of the reason why he came out and admitted it. He also has her and other chicks on their broadcast.

      This is what happens when you trying to market the manosphere and not use it as a place for consultation and giving young men advice and just a place for them to conversate. Express their feelings, because we men do have that. Without having to be scrutinized and judged by the rest of the world. It not good that the 20% of what the manosphere should generally encompass (women) actually encompasses 80% of the freaking talking points. The Vilfredo Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule.
      Why you think chivalry mostly focus around building bonds among men? Men in our nature are independent, so it takes a lot of work and chivalry to bring us together. It’s not like we’re women, where is part of their nature to be communal or communicate with others. And also allows them to easily follow other people. The vast majority of classical literature that I read when it comes chivalry revolved around building bond with other men (especially for nation building and in times of war) as well as improving yourself. Women hardly ever came up and it was only after you did the internal work.

      It’s like they’re trying to paint red paint over a dark blue wall.


  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I’m just now getting back to work after an extended holiday weekend that was also a birthday weekend for my brother and I; it’s truly a blessing to be alive. We’ve recently witnessed a lot of death and carnage recently in places like Uvalde, TX and Buffalo, NY, but I want to focus on Buffalo for a minute and highlight one of the victims, former cop Aaron Salter, Jr; it’s since come to light that this man was an inventor who was working on a patent for a water powered car. Here’s a video a friend sent to me which might shock some of you:

    As you heard in the video, Aaron Salter’s story has a parallel to a man who also developed a water powered vehicle, Stanley Meyer; what’s interesting about both of these men is that they both developed their technologies during a gas crisis, but it was especially done WITHOUT the government’s help (unlike Tesla with their electric cars and other endeavors). Can you imagine how rich these men would be had they lived to see their inventions revolutionize the auto and fuel industries? They weren’t the only ones who’ve tried, though; many others have done the same thing as these two geniuses only to be forgotten. So, this begs the question: was the racially motivated Buffalo shooting a smokescreen for taking out an unsung hero who would’ve been the savior we needed during this gas crisis? I’ll leave that up to your speculation.

    RIP Aaron Salter, Jr

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      It’s funny you should bring up folks inventing cars or other vehicles that can run on water because such individuals in many cases suspiciously either end up missing or worse still dead.

    2. “So, this begs the question: was the racially motivated Buffalo shooting a smokescreen for taking out an unsung hero who would’ve been the savior we needed during this gas crisis? I’ll leave that up to your speculation.”

      A plane full of biochemists and doctors got shot down “accidentally” back in 2013, I think. More disappeared just before COVID emerged. I wouldn’t put anything past these devils.

  6. Yes SYSBM. What you white pussy murderers are dealing with? Ram out some white pum pum? Lol!

    I was at South London today to look at a studio flat but it turned out to be a room. And I have to share the bathroom and the kitchen as well. I have seen this show before in 2013 when I was at Watford, Hertfordshire. I wanna say this. The reason why that black women are single is because of not only of their attitude but they are single because of their dysfunctional behaviour. And when a black woman say that “You can’t handle a strong black woman” who is the man that can handle them? The thugs and the ruff neck dudes that will man handle them.

    And the fat ting that was answering the woman’s question about abortions. You see way she answered the question. the abortion thing. I know that some people say its wrong and it’s murder. In some cases, if a woman wants to abort the child because she’s a teenage mother or had incestuous sex with a family member, okay, okay. But, some black women will not abort the baby. They’ll just keep it because if they have this kid, they will get free money from the government and get council flat. So as they can get this free shit, they are jumping for joy. The bullets I have dodged when I went all up in it raw when I was 13 and all most got the Jamaican baby mother pregnant in 2010.

    When I was up at South London and I saw this black chick. Nice toes, brown legs. I wasn’t macking guys! She didn’t have her natural hair. And when I was heading back home this evening, there was this black woman with weave outside Euston Station. She had a nice slim body but it was the weave, man. Listen, the natural black woman is now a unicorn. You know how many black women that have weave in their hair when I’m walking down the street?

    Hey, Money Cultural is tired now and my left knee is sore as hell. Just hoping it’s not arthritis. Keep your white sugar safe SYSBM.



    Good morning, brothers; so, I happened to log on to YouTube and I see the daggle chameleon turned right winger, Candace Owens, has decided to triple down on the George Floyd situation by hunting down his former roommates to talk about what kind of man he was when he was alive; the situation is already done and dealt with, yet she feels the need to try and squeeze more juice out of throwing dirt on this deceased guy’s name. Granted, George Floyd was not a model citizen, but that had absolutely nothing to do with the actions taken by that demon in uniform that ultimately led to Floyd’s death; this fish eyed heifer is the worst of the worst! If I were a family member of Floyd, I’d sue her for defamation; this brought me back to the article Verbs wrote right after the verdict was announced which shows how wicked the mindset of the scraggle daggle is:

  8. Both BW and WM are being squeezed out and replaced and are lashing out, according to MBD in his latest video and he is 100% right. BW in particular recognize the brain drain in the communitah as intelligent Black Men quietly vote with their feet. They hate when good brothas date and marry out, but refuse to change their behavior to somehow snag these medium-to-high value men.

    Thanks for posting that old Rolonda Watts clip, too. I’ve seen BW online try to gaslight bros that they never talked shit about BM on 90s talk shows. But YouTube is forever. As you can see, BW have been talking this “where are the good Black Men” crap since 1995 and before. I always tell young bros who romanticize the past that there was never a utopian time when BW acted right, they’ve always been this way my whole life and I’m a boomer. Shout out to the white man in the clip that stated that BW want to date WM more than the reverse.

    Hail King Sigma, back with a new stream.

    One of my favorite big booty MILF hoes on IG, Becky DeMilffe, has shut down her accounts in protest of the coming Roe V. Wade repeal. She said if we (men) “let this happen” we don’t deserve to see her perfect white ass (paraphrasing). She has since taken all her pics down. Oh well nice knowing you. White ass on the Gram is a dime a dozen. LOL!

    And justice for Johnny Depp! In a just world this would break the back of false #MeToo allegations but angry feminist will double down you heard it here first. Watch out for new false allegations as revenge for this verdict, just as the original #MeToo wave was revenge for Hillary Clinton losing the election in 2016. They can’t compete with men on a male playing field, so they resort to feminine tactics; crocodile tears, gossip, lies and slander.

  9. For those of you in the UK. What is your opinion on pensions?

    Do you think there’s any point paying into it as the state age is already 67/68 to access it and living standards have gone down to due a range of factors and rampant inflation. Not just to say what about those that don’t even live to that age.

    In my opinion I don’t think it’ll exist in future there’s no point whereas someone could just invest their money instead and have access to it whenever they need. Also NI increased 1.5% so thats 13.5% altogether. Then there’s VAT 20% and basic tax 20%. I’m starting question does it pay to work in the UK.

    Something has to give especially with this cost of living mess.

    1. Jon,

      You said it, you can invest elsewhere where the money is readily available and accessible. The fact that you have to wait till a minimum of I believe 55 to access your own money is a major red flag. The whole pension scheme over here just like the rest of the economy is a bubble waiting to burst.

      As you see the UK is an island where you simply work to survive, unless you are substantially wealthy, life over here is a drag where you’re essentially struggling for most of it.

      As myself as well as fellow blogger Afrofuturism1 have pointed out, the Eastern block is the future. If UK brothers can forge a plan to eventually leave this place then they should continue with it and never look back.

  10. Check this madness out:

    This is what the communitah produces; and in typical fashion, she doesn’t see anything wrong with what she’s doing to her son. If this is the same daggle I’m thinking of, the video of her son getting the tattoos went viral; has she ever stopped to think whether or not his skin is mature enough to mark? Of course not! Her only concern is making money off of her child by dressing him up like Baby Slim Sauce; they stay proving that they’re the worst stewards of children.

    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      Article coming on this on Monday, she was always for the streets, Michael B Jordan should’ve known better.

    1. LaDarrion Robinson,

      I’ve moved this comment to the last Open Mic Wednesday, however feel free to repost the link in tomorrow’s article because it will have more relevance there.

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