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Dr Umar Johnson Caught Getting Cosy With A Snowbunny!

A special thanks to King Sigma for bringing this latest development to my attention.


Now, of course Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson conveniently has an excuse as to why he was grinning teeth and deeply involved in a cosy conversation with a white female, however if we cast our minds back for a moment, wasn’t this the same man who a number of years back claimed to be celibate only for his backside a short while afterwards to be exposed as being involved in a sexual “entanglement” with a stripper?

I’ve been telling you for the longest not to take these pro blackity black Negroes seriously because behind closed doors, they’re living a completely different lifestyle. They talk black during the day but are sleeping white in the dead of the night.

I knew it would only be a matter of time until Gerbilface Johnson would be caught getting cosy with a non “Afrikan” female. I strongly suspect that Johnson is finally realising that the “black queenie” juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze.

Many of these pro blackity black pyramid heads are finally realising that the modern day black female in her current derelict state simply isn’t worth defending(aside the fact that she cannot be defended on any level to begin with), especially in light of the fact that she herself point blank refuses to give the overwhelming majority of her pro black, blue pulled simps the time of day.

Remember, Gerbilface over the years has been relentless in his campaign, attempting to guilt trip and shame black men into dealing with black women exclusively, at the same time choosing to purposely ignore the many pitfalls and shortcomings that are associated with dealing with modern day black women in his fantasy island quest to reignite so called “black love” which has been squarely in the sewer for many, many years.

Dr Umar Johnson in recent times has even gotten into a back and forth with former American football player and current Fox Sports 1 sports analyst Shannon Sharpe over Sharpe’s rightful defence of the young Bronny James taking a white female to his high school prom:

As I’ve been saying for a long time, Dr Umar Johnson really isn’t in a position to shame and cajole black men into dealing with black women alone seeing as he has yet to snag himself a black queenie. The fact that Johnson after all these years still doesn’t have a black female by his side speaks volumes as to the serious dearth of viable, suitable, attractive, feminine, traditional and child free prospective partners within black female society.

Besides, Johnson has many other issues to worry about such as getting his FDMG Boys Academy up and running, a project that he’s been begging as well as collecting donations for, for over 12 years. Really bruh, how long does it take to set up a school? NOT 12 YEARS SQUIRE!

He also needs to seriously clean up his apartment as well as kick the drug habit that he’s currently being gripped by, where other black men are choosing to place their family jewels is absolutely none of his business and shouldn’t be in any of his concerns.

The only reason why Johnson still feels emboldened to speak on his deep disdain of interracial dating and marriage(black men engaging in it, NOT black women, smh)despite not having a black women himself is because of his many knuckleheaded followers who continue to gas the dude’s head up as well as deliberately fail to check him on his shortcomings and hypocrisy.

So called “black love” is dead and black women were the ones who killed it. Heterosexual free thinking black men have been and still are checking out of the building at an astronomical rate and there is nothing Gerbilface, his black female overlords or any other supporters of so called “black love” can do to stem the exit flow.

SYSBM continues to grow and leaps and bounds as more free thinking brothers realise that by choosing to expand upon their dating options, they now have a much higher chance of landing themselves quality women.

So called King Kong Consciousness has now gotten himself entangled in the same so called “snow bunny crisis” he feigned to come out against some time ago. Johnson now realises just how nice and pleasant it is to talk to a female who doesn’t give off hostile vibes and additionally doesn’t view him as her enemy.

As I said some years back when Brother Polight was spotted with several white women, the pro black doctrine is outdated because it doesn’t account for the black female going rogue and defective descending into a beyond repair state.

Brothers, date who you want to date and NEVER allow these so called red, black and green pyramid head type Negroes as well as angry bitter and disgruntled black females to dissuade you into doing otherwise. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Even Dr Umar Johnson Couldn’t Resist The Feminine Appeal Of The Snowbunny

Most High Bless

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53 thoughts on “Dr Umar Johnson Caught Getting Cosy With A Snowbunny!

  1. Pro black men want all white women for themselves but don’t want other black men taking their white women.

    Thats okay cause at this point, I would only date White Russian women.

    I’m trying to go east, not west.

    Umar Johnson can keep all westernised white women for himself in western societies.

    At my spare time, I’m studying the Eastern Orthodoxy beliefs and Islamic beliefs.

    I’m leaning more towards Eastern Orthodoxy than Islam cause I don’t like the idea of women wearing hijabs and the pedo history of muhammed.

    From now on, Umar Johnson should shut the fuck up about black love cause that has never existed ever in history.

    He should focus on building a school for boys academy but he is a fraud so no school being built.

    12 years living on donations money and probably a drug dealer is telling me everything about his fraudulent lifestyle entirely.

    1. Witwijf,

      Eastern European women are the best white women on the planet hands down, they for the most part subscribe to traditional family values and unlike western white females, you’ll have a much higher chance of finding a quality female with a low body count.

      These pro blackity black pyramid head Negroes are full of crap, if a decent looking white woman merely blew on them, they’d immediately shoot their load.

      The racket is done for these so called pro blacks, most folks by now know that they’re a bunch of frauds who don’t live by what they preach and additionally are seeking to transfer your money into their pockets.

  2. As I said on Open Mic Wednesday, the “Snowbunny Crisis” has come home to roost for the hypocrite Dr. Umar! Caught in 4K! Shall we welcome him into the SYSBM ranks? Hahaha, what a mess!

    That Ekaete B. is a pretty cute black chick. Love her accent, as well. Too bad she’s fixated on who Black UK footballers date. If she moved to the USA she’d be the belle of the ball in da communitah.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      These dudes are gradually being exposed for the fraudulent scoundrels and hypocrites that they are. Johnson is a stranger to interacting with feminine women, he too used to dealing with battle axe type black females. Becky warmed his heart, he couldn’t resist the feminine and friendly energy, she tamed King Kong Consciousness, lol.

      As for that Black British black female, don’t get swooned in by the accent and semi decent looks, these UK black daggles are just as contaminated as their US cousins. Check out her latest videos, weaved up to the hilt in typical black female fashion.

  3. If you don’t consider yourself to be one of those dime a dozen, low IQ, low information, group think, easily manipulated, carbon copy, boilerplate, never an original thought, stereotypical, cliche niggers, then avoid the places they congregate.

    Don’t do the things they do. Don’t dress like them, don’t behave like them, don’t talk like them. Develop different interests from them. In short, have some originality and don’t be a hotep.

  4. Say it ain’t so bruh!!!! The Snow Bunny apocalypse has claimed another victim! LMAO!!! Remember a couple of years ago Fat Phil made that YouTube video telling brothers to stay away from Becky & Maria while being married to Maria in real life. Then he made a video about SYSBM but had to move it to Patreon because brothers was giving his bitch ass the work of God! Even Tariq said if you deal with a woman that has 1 black parent & 1 white parent make sure the mother is white. Last but not least {& my personal favorite} when Brother Polight had Badd Becky wearing the kente cloth dress! LOL! I can’t stop fuckin laughing! These cats know what time it is! LMAO!!!

    1. Val,

      I am glad you bring up Phil Scott (aka Advise Show, now African Diaspora) because this person was the rival of Tommy Sotomayor during the Red-Pill prime years (2011 to 2016).

      Let me explain all the brothers on this:
      Phil has more hatred toward BW than Tommy because of Child Support he went through, not anymore as hi is a free man 7 years ago. He need to thank God and his life for the people like SYSBM today even SYSBM did not exist at the time because if he did not marry a Maria, he would be still in the ghetto shit-hole as Tommy Sotomayor which he is still in.
      When Phil was with Maria, she was there when he was in the shit-hole because of his ghetto ex of a BW.
      I tell you this, she help him through counselling so he can clean his image and stop his hatred toward BW and cleanse his mentality or else he would of dragged himself down to the scraggle daggle Abyss which Tommy is still in.
      Because of his interracial dating with the Maria, he not just went through rehab so he can clean his image, he now overcome the Child Support so he got his passport back and he can travel like how he goes to the African continent, now he is got over 1 million subscribers on YouTube with better fans, because he is free from the hood.

      Phil should not be critiquing SYSBM as he was one of the testimony of what happens when he have options just like the reason why Madbusdriver created SYSBM, also Madbus also mention he learn from when Tommy was his Russian ex name Lana.

      Now today Phil is flourishing with is social media platform because he is with Maria whilst Tommy is still dealing with the garbage ghetto females, having fights with them, doing porn dealing with ratchet BW because he is stuck with the hood mindset.

      Phil can talk all of this pro-black hotep/black-love stuff all he wants, but he need to remember who got him out of the shit-hole and we know it was not the BW.

      1. That is real talk Michael and that is why the Hoteps need to keep their mouth.
        What is it happening as few brothers has notice and stated are that these hoteps who Dick-Police brothers wants them to themselves.
        I also agree which most of the brothers here that they are Dick Police Hoteps who put BW on the pedestal during the day and sleep with Becky at night.
        This is no different from Beyoncé who preach and sing to all BW to be single, independent, do not need men on social media and at home, offline, she is a submissive, feminine, wifey, family woman.

        Thinking brothers knows this and they get caught.

        1. It shows how lame and stupid most race purists are. They know their followers are sheep losers so they pull this racist crap for attention. White nationalists and hoteps are good at stirring up division and hatred to cover their own ass

        2. Sheriff X,

          Indeed, black men simply need to be wiser and not fall for the Okey Doke Tom foolery these pro blacks are constantly engaging in. Everytime they attempt to talk that race purity garbage, simply remind them that we already know that they’re NOT adhering to their pro black doctrine behind closed doors.

      2. Michael Mister Tea,

        You’re right. I heard that from a few people about Phil. It’s like MBD has said on a few occasions you can’t serve two masters because as we all know what’s in the best interests of thinking black men is in total opposition of what’s best for the Daggle & the Communitah.

      3. “Now today Phil is flourishing with is social media platform because he is with Maria whilst Tommy is still dealing with the garbage ghetto females, having fights with them, doing porn dealing with ratchet BW because he is stuck with the hood mindset.

        Phil can talk all of this pro-black hotep/black-love stuff all he wants, but he need to remember who got him out of the shit-hole and we know it was not the BW.” Facts!!! Tommy S. Is STILL Stuck In HOODVILLE Ratchet USA As With Shawn James Who Dick Police BM For Exercising Their Dating Options Even Though It Were BM That Supported Him When He Used To Go In On The Daggles…

    2. These race purists are scammers who live off fear. They know their followers are brainless sheeple who only follow the crowd, so they play off these fears. Modern hotep propaganda is literally ripped straight from the Victorian Age with Egyptology put in. That’s it. The fools who watch Fox News and Breitbart are literally living in the 1970s and wishing for the glory days of the Soviet Union.

      These dick policers and racial purists have zero originality and always end up being exposed as Feds and or attention seeking losers.

    3. Val Zod,

      Johnson experienced true femininity, something he hasn’t run into in such a long time. Phil Advise Show is a typical selfish elder Gen X, he wants the best for himself in terms of a relationship but doesn’t want other brothers to experience the same.

      AS MMT pointed out, Phil deeply despises the black witch, however he just like many of these other pretend pro black merchants panders to the black female in order to keep the money flowing.

      I remember when news about his non black wife first came out, I already knew she wasn’t black so it was no surprise to me, however when the clown tried to go in on SYSBM, at that point he had to be called out as a premium grade hypocrite.

      Shawn James aka Reverend Bargain Bucket also had to relocate his anti SYSBM rhetoric to Patreon because SYSBM practitioners including myself gave him that work.

  5. Gerbilface is just another dishonest hotep pimping da communiah. That’s why I always say give da communitah a very wide berth, along with all the Gerbilfaces in it.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The dude has yet to launch his FDMG Boys Academy but still feels as if he has the leverage to talk about the dating preferences of other black men, talk about having his priorities backwards. If I was in Gerbilface’s position, I would be keeping an extremely low profile instead of putting my face out there everytime a black man is seen dating or interacting with a white woman. These Hotep Slowtep clowns talk much but deliver very little, smh.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    Umar Johnson is a fucking hypocrite because he is dissing us SYSBM black men for dating non black women, but he himself is doing the same exact thing. Pro blacks cannot be taken seriously.

    1. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

      That is amazing. Dr. Umar “pro black” Johnson is getting caught getting chummy with a white girl.

      It was only a matter of time honestly, and I can pretty much guarantee she isn’t the first. It’s the first time he’s been caught.

      These hotep save da communitah type never cease to amaze me. It’s actually impressive they’re able to hoodwink these low iq, mental midget, imbred negros (incest is one of those unspoken problems in da communitah) and swindle money from them for as long as they did.

      Save yourselves gentlemen. These negros ain’t worth anything.

      1. FDC,

        The dude has been dragging out the launch of his school for over 12 years but yet still has a massive hoard of suckers following him(including anti SYSBM proponent D.Derell who is one of his biggest fanboys) and donating.

        Will his lug head defenders eventually realise that no school is coming, not today, not tomorrow, not ever? Who knows but it wouldn’t surprise me if they continue to drink his poison laced Kool Aid.

        Yep, dude was quite comfortable talking to the snow bunny, where was his usual militant “no Beckies allowed” stance, that’s right, nowhere to be found, lol.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s the same old story with these pro black merchants, they want you to do as they say, NOT as they do. Damn hypocrites, pro black in the streets but interracial between the sheets, smh.

  7. When I saw the title of this article, my eyes opened wide; the “Prince of Pan Africanism” got caught out in 4K skinning and grinning with Becky at the mall. Can you really blame him for not hesitating to linger around some real femininity and a friendly demeanor? How many daggles can he point to and say they were just as friendly? Also, take note of how engaged she is with him in conversation instead of the flippant disposition of the scraggle daggle; it’s possible she was only confirming who he was on her phone, but he did too much explaining on Twitter for that to be the case. I remember the article from a year ago where you wrote about another one of these hypocritical pro Blackity Blacks by the name of Pamue Nicholas Tjipangandjara; he spoke like a pro Black in the streets, but was SYSBM in the sheets. You can’t take these guys seriously.

    1. These hoteps are modern day “Yellow Peril” fearmongerers just like how white supremacists are the modern day “Red Terror”. Delusional fools who need each other to survive.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      To be honest you could be right about her confirming who he was, however because the dude is already on a serious back foot concerning the launch of his boys academy, a lot of people like myself simply aren’t interested.

      Gerbilface has done it to himself, failing to launch his school as well as getting exposed by a stripper, such reports really aren’t a good look for him either way and as a result people will come to their own conclusions about what is going down above.

      Dr Umi Zumi(as MBD calls him) is NOT a principled man, therefore by default nothing that comes out of his mouth in defence of his snow-bunny dealing can be trusted.

  8. How many times fauxTeps have to get caught with non-BWs before their minions realize they are practicing SYSBM; while preaching Black love for sheer profit?

    Umar ‘Prince of Team Becky’ caught dipping in the snow in HD is only more proof, many pro-Black Hotep propagandists are tiring of their own fluff.

    The ‘I want the best for you’ script ‘but don’t want to date or marry you’ effect is sttttrrroong in 2022. Guess Umar stared into the abyss too long, and got swallowed up by the ‘Snow Bunny Crisis’.


    1. King Sigma,

      Dr Umar Johnson put simply is an unprincipled buzzard, 12 years on and still no damn boys school but I’m supposed to believe his response surrounding his cosy interaction with a non black female caught on camera???

      This is the same reason why I brought up the stripper situation, because before he was exposed for that he claimed he was celibate.

      The pro black doctrine in terms of dealing with black women exclusively is a trap and one that every black man with is head screwed on straight should avoid like the plague. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      1. The pro-Black grift is 80% fraud. The remaining 20% were ideas and concepts developed by Black thinkers in their 80s, 90s or now dead. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Mr. Neely Fuller, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, or Dr. Ivan Sertima. Those were dyed in the wool Black Thinkers/Scholars and their ideas have been bastardized, hijacked or misconstrued by thieves and con-artists without depth or character.

        Umar Johnson plays a character on Social media, nothing more or less.

  9. Dr Umar sez:


    1. That parody is lit bruh. Keep it up. Seriously, these hoteps are a bunch of hypocrites. Just like the Europeans who were bitching and moaning about white women and Asians replacing them in the 19th century only to ditch the black, red and green flag and be sleeping with Indian, Asian and Iranian women when on colonial duty. And since Umar knows his followers are too braindead to do critical thinking, he thought he could pull something like that off.

    2. Ignore my own hypocrisy and wife dat 400 pound silverback quean and take care of her squad of kids young nigga!!!

  10. I have always said and observed this about racial purity: it is a scam designed to keep the elite rich and the commoners poor. When the rich Europeans came up and discovered Central Asia, Turkey, India and Iran in the old days, they had to find a way to keep all the snow bunnies and resources to themselves and keep everybody else down. So they sat down and worked together with Lord Shlomo and Rabbi Azov in order to craft this racial integrity nonsense that we know as pro black ideology. Most pro blacks have no idea of this.

    When the New World was discovered, the chosen ones and the Europeans propagated this doctrine of racism/racialism to black females and white men who were always the most subversient among the subjectuated races. In the 19th century, Shaniqua and Chad took the concept of European racialism and turned it around to have them as the Master Race, hence Jim Crow and dick policing. In Russia, the KGB created the evangelical/alt-right movement through combining white nationalism with Greek/Slavic orthodoxy, hence the Proud Boys, Putin and GOP.

    The ironic thing about all of these faux populist/nationalist movements, is that they were crafted for, supported by and propagated by people on the absolute bottom of the social tier. As the Ruskies and Admiral Snowflake began to tear each other apart over who should be the leader of the ‘white race’ the Europeans sat back and laughed while adding fuel to the fire. The ‘white genocide’ meme Lord Snowy and Bumshiqua love to propagate and the cuckservatives made famous, is a word for word copy of the “Yellow Peril’ propaganda racists in Europe propagated when they realized they were being replaced by white women and Asians.

    Shaniquas, Brads and Vlads love to throw a fit about white women who date black men destroying the white race, when white women have been dating brothers since Europeans set foot in Central Asia and Turkey. It should come as no surprise that Fuher Johnson is dating out on the side, as even some of the biggest hoteps in the old days were discovered to be dating white women. Why do you think the Brits held on to India so tightly? They didn’t want the lower level nobles to get themselves some beautiful Indian and Iranian women and threaten the balance of power. There was even a name for it, “the Great Game”.

    There, I have given you more ‘hidden black history’ in a single rant that Umar even has in 13 years. This isn’t even some top secret stuff hidden at NASA and the Kremlin. I found this while doing up research for unrelated videos. And Gerbilface can’t expand his reach?

    The fact that these pyramid heads and Soviet loving white nationalists have been able to run up and down and cause fear, chaos and destruction while looting the pockets of their followers is a telling state to the modern man’s mental makeup.

    Umar’s game is pretty slick, I’ll give him credit for that. He tells Black women and Bottom Shelf Brad what they want to hear while pushing pro black rhetoric as a money making scheme. Black women and racist white men are kept happy because he doesn’t oppose their power and prestige, the Chabadniks are protected from criticism of their behavior and the hoteps are radicalized into delusional nonsense and kept off the streets and getting into political ideology. Running around saying “we wuz KANGZ in Egypt yo” and signing Moltov-Ribbentop pacts with white nationalists who want to revive the Soviet Union is not a good way of getting things done if you want to see actual change.

    When was the last time you saw any of these hoteps taking any form of political action or organization other than engaging in online battles for fame and clout?

    And the people behind Umar the reactionary and Vladmir Putin the revolutionary know this very well. They also know that if black men are freed from the GOP/Soviet chains of racism and the DNC/Azov intersectionality crap, then their power is gone and finished.

    So they go about and fund and back these influencers online, whose role is to protect the system. There is a name for it, “Internet Interactive Activities’. Remember what Verbs said about black women being agents of the state?

    Black women/white women have been the willing tools of power and authority since the chosenites put Becky and Jamal on the plantation. Willie Lynch was right when he low key mentioned black females and racist white men as cucks and cowards who only gain power from abusing those below them.

    Racial purists were always weirdoes to me and this proves it to me again

    1. Wheeuw, that was the rant to end all rants. Umar’s game is slick, his followers will overlook this episode and his coinage will continue to flow in his direction, whilst introducing Alison to Cleopatra’s Needle…

      1. They’re brainless sheep and authority worshipping clowns who want attention to relive the glory days. No different from black females/racist faux liberal white men and their Soviet alt right evangelical counterparts bitching about white women from the Former Warsaw Pact and Asians replacing them. As far as I’m concerned black females and white men as well as the commie far right can take their hate with them and take a trip.

        The Islamists were right when they said that American black women/white men and Soviet white nationalists are gay cowards who hide behind race.

      2. Michel,

        You know this, they’re already lining up with a 1001 excuses at the ready, yet they can’t answer for why the dude hasn’t launched his school yet. Can’t even get his FDMG Boys Academy up and running yet he’s always managing to put in his two cents worth every time he comes across brothers who choose to date out. The dick policing is strong with Gerbilface.

  11. When I was finish reading your article Verbs, I just couldn’t stop laughing. As you look it, I can’t take these pro wanks seriously. Because I know that these red, black and green dudes are under the bed sheets with white women. These pro wanks simps always wanna attack SYSBM but they are white women on the mattress. It really goes to show that they know that the ratchet black women are not worth defending. They shouldn’t defend them at all. When you see these black men talk about SYSBM, I really don’t take them seriously. And I know there goanna be simps licking up to the ratchet black women when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women. 2022 is the year of the simp, because look how many they are now. We have more simps then ever. As we see this DR. Foolmar Johnson getting caught being cosy with the white bunny, will the king of the red, black and green will get dethroned? And will black women who are wretched are goanna come after him?

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times as these simps, beta males and these ghetto scraggle daggles are coming after non black women. Enjoy your weekend guys.


      1. Yeah, these simps and beta males are on the prowl ready to attack them.

  12. Verbs,

    There is a term what the Hotep is truly saying to the Black Community is ‘Do not do what I do, do what I say’.
    What basically means that that Dick Police hoteps want you have wife the hoes whilst the hoteps can wife the snowbunnies.

  13. Andy C,

    Indeed sir, that is what these hoptep slowteps do all day, nothing they say is ever to be taken seriously, NOTHING!

  14. Gerbil caught with Bunny! News at eleven.


  15. Pro black dudes be the biggest snow bunny hunters. I remember brother polight several years back took a photo with a white gyal. Even pac love snow bunnies.

      1. Buying incense? Get tae fuck, hahaha! 🤣 He wanted to blow that smoke up her curvy ass.

  16. Tremendous upside is your new nickname Verbs this is the greatest drop ever…….

  17. Gentlemen,

    I had this observation about this who Pro-Black on the streets and Becky in the sheets.

    I remember the BW and hoteps got mad because Madbusdriver made a video mentioning how Snowbunnies are the BM reparations. What they do not know that Madbusdriver was using David Carroll’s talking points because Madbus saw David Carroll’s video about this on his Rabbit Hole.

    Let me explain:
    The detractors assume that Beckys are the BM’s reparations, in reality Snowbunnies are not BM or SYSBM’s reparations, no. They are the Pro-Black Hotep Red-Black and Green’s reparations.
    David studied Hoteps mindest for many decades and we all observe and seen this in real life, on the streets.
    When hoteps talking about reparations, they are not wanting money or cash, no, they was Snowbunnies.

    What we saw that eventually, the Pro-Black Hoteps will get their reparations eventually (Snowbunny) because putting BW on the pedestal will never work, but once they taste the Beckies, they got their compensations. Don’t believe me, look at Brother Polight.

    The Hoteps can go online and preach this financial reparations, talking about Black Love, but when they get home, they have already got their compensation – the snowbunny.

    David Carroll mention, Swirlers/Divestors hate White Women, but love White Men and the Hoteps hates White Men, but love White women.

    Hence the term ‘Pro-Black on the streets, Becky in the sheets’.

    Deep down Umar knows this because he keep on going about the Snowbunny Crisis.

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