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Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers – Malcolm Black!


Apparently this B1 pro black bootlicking simp minstrel named Malcolm Black is one of Jason Black aka Dr Claw’s acolytes, so you already know where this is going.

These B1, pro black bread and circus performance minstrels are full of decomposing garbage, they stand here talking about white supremacy this and white supremacy that, yet on the flip side they’ll be the ones begging the same white men they claim are the “oppressors” for breaks and assistance, how the heck does that work?

Notice that no matter what they have to say about other groups of black men, “da communitah” under their watch continues to trundle downhill at a rapid pace. Notice how these pro blackity black blue pilled simps never seem to put any effort into rebuilding “da communitah” they constantly state needs restoration.

As I’ve told you before, these pro black female, black women first, red, black and green mullet heads are all talk, you’ll rarely if ever see them out in the streets actually doing something physical towards bettering the community they claim to love. You will however find these court jesting minstrels online all day going in on productive black men who’ve decided to call it a day and give the so called black community a wide berth for obvious reasons.

Again, just like the black witch, part of the pro black simp’s strategy is to attempt to shame and guilt free thinking black men into returning to the plantation, yes, the same plantation that has already stated in no uncertain terms that we are NOT welcome in it.

Another part of the strategy is demonising as well as creating lies and falsehoods against free thinking brothers, hence the propaganda piece above which is only right in the eyes of knucklehead Negroes who don’t have half a braincell to rub together.

The modern day heterosexual free thinking black man is the most dick policed individual on the planet and in 2022 it tends to be these pro black shine buckets who are the most aggressive in their dick policing enforcement.

Let’s briefly deal with the above buffoonery. First and foremost it isn’t just these divestment black females who have messed up hairlines and wear white women’s hair on their heads, in 2022 most black women are wearing European mop tops, even those who claim to be pro black.

As an original SYSBM Knight I don’t have any problems with my hairline, maybe Malcolm Black’s hairline is receding like the tide and in his jealousy he’s projecting.

Here we go again with the “he hates himself” shenanigans simply because you choose NOT to deal with a group of dysfunctional women, most pro blacks have no idea what the term “self hate” actually means.

Once again, black women actually carry out actions to alter their appearance because they really hate themselves, weaves, wigs, butt implants, fake eye lashes, fake nails, pirate level tattoos, let’s not forget the skin bleaching and using loads of makeup to make themselves look lighter(K Michelle anybody) etc.

Black women are historically the main reason for the downfall of black society, because these pyramid head luggards don’t have a counter argument, once again the shaming tactics are rolled out in their measly efforts to defend their “queans”.

One particular deception that needs to be pointed out in this meme, Malcolm Blackity Black is trying to make it seem as if the things he listed for the divestment squads only apply to them and not most black women as a collective. When you read the Divest side, simply replace “#divest” with “#black women”.

You see how these pro black have white women on the brain more than they claim SYSBM practitioners do? SYSBM members like all kinds of women, however the pro black specimen is always fixated on white women(because he likes white women himself, projecting once again).

What’s the saying, “pro black in the streets but interracial between the sheets”. These B1 failures aren’t fooling anybody over here, many of them date and are married to white and other non black women precisely because the modern day black female is unfit for companionship.

Nobody over here believes they have unity with white men, do you see how these Slowtep half pints continue to make up garbage without any solid proof?

MGTOW was actually created and founded by a black man(Barbarosa), current MGTOW pundits will actually admit that black men were the first MGTOWS. The redpill concept comes from the Matrix which was actually created by a black woman, nothing more needs to be said on those.

SYSBM practitioners aren’t out here single at an astronomically high clip, dick police officer Black needs to look at the 70% single rate of his black queenies before he starts talking about “we are the cause of our relationship issues”.

Finally, the failures in black male society are those who keep on telling other black men what they ought to be doing, yet when it comes to themselves, they are about as lost as a mobile phone hidden in tall grass in a thick forest. Once again, if these pro blackity black savages are so on the money, why does their “community” currently reside in a pile of ashes and rubble?

These dudes never call out the original SYSBM Knights because they don’t want the brimestone, so instead in a typical cowardly chicken necked fashion, they create goofy memes which only make sense to themselves as well as the unintelligent, non critical thinking Negroes that follow and support them. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Never Take These Pro Wacks And Slowteps Seriously

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers – Malcolm Black!

  1. The mind of a blackistan male is pure jealousy of seeing a black man with a white woman and complaining about supremacy but no actions on improving their hoods.

    My mind is self improvement everyday, looking into investments in precious metals, cryptocurrencies, real estate, swimming, playing xbox, sometimes creating instrumental music (off grid from social media), not always thinking about white women.

    1. Witwijf,

      Very few if any of these pro black flunkies are about actual action, just like the black females they worship they talk a reasonable talk, however when the rubber meets the road the overwhelming majority of these B1, red, black and green minstrels aren’t doing diddly squat for the so called black communities they claim to love and care for. So instead they choose to go in on those black men who have left the failed state of Blackistan and who are actually making something positive of their lives, smh.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Pro blacks are full of shit and I don’t take them seriously.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I couldn’t agree with your more, they ought to concentrate more on “da communitah” they claim to love and cherish so much instead of constantly worrying about what those black men who have removed themselves from the so called community are doing, smh.

  3. Can’t really take hairline talk too seriously. The control programming these negroes use is pathetic and trickles down to children making lame hairline jokes. These people need to be concerned more about their heir line than their hairline.

    These negroes have even dumbed down the insult/roast game.

    1. Lurker,

      The worst thing about this is shoe shine boy Malcolm black will receive absolutely no brownie points from the angry and bitter black sisterhood. The simpleton mindset of the black female worshipping Negro male is even worse than we thought.

      1. Verbs, you are correct. These Hotep/B1/Black First/Back to Africa monkeys (shout out to the late, great David Carroll) stay kissing the buffalo ass of bitter black women with no reward, yet remember a few years ago when that white boy wore a t-shirt that said “I Love Chocolate” on YouTube and got thousands of views and donations. These simps will never learn.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          This is the white guy you were talking about, Jacob Michael Mason:

          You should’ve seen the comment section of any one of his posts on Facebook, black women were religiously littering those comment sections literally falling over themselves fawning over the dude. This is the thumbnail that shot Mason to stardom amongst the black female community:

          You’re spot on, the pro black simps saw all of this and had nothing to say because as we already know, they don’t have the nuts to challenge their black female overlords.

      2. Verbs,

        they practice a very unique form of submission and intellectual masochism

        1. They practice exactly what they accuse us of all doing which is fawning over White women.

          Their goose is cooked.


          1. Anthony,

            It’s all projection on their part. Accuse your enemy of what you yourself are doing. Flip the genders on anything they say and the truth will be revealed.

  4. Scraggle daggles and simps are but symptoms of a more fundamental problem. The problem is the dysfunctional hotep subculture of da communitah, that mass produces these cretins.

    The dysfunctional hotep subculture is a culture of delusion, degeneracy, sloth, and fantasy talking points. More and more, every cretin in da communitah parrots the same delusional talking points, like sheep. They think like sheep, they behave like sheep, and they are herded like sheep by poverty pimps who make their livings by managing da communitah for General Blizzard..

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The Hotep subculture is a complete and utter joke, all those clowns do is talking about black men who choose to date out and white women all day. I have yet to see anything constructive and productive come out of the red, black and green pyramid head camp.

  5. Good post. The pro-Blacks can say what they will about SYSBM, but they cant stop it and as we always point out a lot of these trash talking pro-Blacks aren’t dating BW themselves. SYSBM and Divest couldn’t be more different, for example some SYSBM are looking for a good BW (mostly non-western BW) and the “Divest” BW are trying to run away from a situation that BW caused (via poor dating and reproductive choices) only to find out that they have nothing to invest into (both BM and non-BM don’t want them).

    Either way most SYSBM are firmly behind the Wall of Silence at this point and likely don’t even speak openly about their dating preferences or SYSBM leanings, they just quietly avoid BW. As SoulNBlack pointed out years ago this is the point of no return for BW, BW are already chronically single and the least desired for dating and marriage, once Good BM stop talking about them and stop trying to date them its a wrap.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      These pro black bootlickers refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall, SYSBM is here to stay and there isn’t a damn thing them or their black queenies can do about it. The comparison of SYSBM to divesting is a ridiculous reach and beyond, however whenever you’re dealing with Negroes who more time don’t have two brain cells to rub together, expect the theories being spewed to be outlandish. foolish, nonsensical and out of this world.

      Precisely, SYSBM was born out of black female dysfunction, it came about as a result of black women unrepentantly engaging in reckless dating choices while at the same time openingly shunning the best and the brightest of black male society. Even a dummy can figure out that if a particular group of men are continually bypassed by their female counterparts, those same men eventually are going to go elsewhere to seek out love and companionship, this isn’t rocket science.

  6. Seems Malcolm Black is learning to create caricature memes – just like the white men he’s secretly in unity with. Oh snap! 😂

    Let’s remind ourselves that the term “self hate” means that you hate yourself. It doesn’t involve anyone else but 2 pence Blacka is clearly missing a few iq points. Hoteps try talking about self worth yet waste far too much time online, observing and dick following other men. Worrying about another man’s hairline, ffs. Beta!

    Unproductive, lazy ass, incense burning, welfare collecting man babies who have never worked a hard day in their life trying to shame a brother? Really bruh? Sit your fool ass down.

    Hoteps are just like those gossiping old neighbours who spend hours talking about people they don’t know whilst life passes them by, all while wearing jiffy pops on their head.

    I always ask these Egypt worshipping RedGreenBlack shine boons: If Africa is so great, why don’t you move there and build? Always no answer, but moving means he’d have to give up his cushy lifestyle. We all know he’s hiding a Becky somewhere, so it’s it Ruth for me, but Shanquisha for thee? Sideway ass hypocrite.

    1. Michel,

      As I stated in Negro Wars, the pro black Negro, his black female overlord and the racist white male are 3 sides of the same unholy triangle. Isn’t it funny how the rhetoric coming from all three groups is identical? The black witch calls free thinking black men n****rs, the pro blacks and the racist Lord Euros do exactly the same.

      These red, black and green, back to Africa(in theory, never in practice) court jesters just like the black witch aren’t going to give up their victimhood status, they love blaming the white man for every woe in their lives but at the same times they readily hold their hands out and always expect Lieutenant Sleet to break them off something, smh.

      The pro black just like the black witch runs on high octane, premium grade emotion, not reason, common sense, logic and most certain not any wisdom nor understanding. These blue pilled pyramid heads are far worse than the black female, they stay dick patrolling free thinking brothers in their jealousy and rage because they unlike us don’t have the courage to let the black woman go.

  7. “Pro black in the streets but interracial between the sheets”

    Damn Verbs! You nail that one. I don’t wanna say this but I think that these pro wanks are with non black women just like the SYSBM guys. Because they know in their thick head that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are nothing to deal with. Because they are dysfunctional. I don’t know why they will attack SYSBM and they are with non black women, smdh! First we have Dr, Foolmar Johnson, then we had Bareback Fountain and now this guy.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all the time now as these simps and these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women. Laters!

    1. I used to live in a mostly black area, and the pro-black jobless guys hanging by the store 24/7 used to gawk in awe when i would srtop for gas with my girl. They wouldn’t call me a sellout or coon either. they would try to befriend me and then ask where i met her at and if they could hang out with me. These guys arwe just using stable men for load-bearing help for the sorry state of their lives. If these guys could deal with more serious women, they would. These men tend to have child like mental states, poor finances, poor skills, low intellect, etc. making them unfit for women with standards or for women who expect men to be actual men.

  8. Well, looks like it time to light up another one of these vapid B1/Black 1st/Back 2 Africa/Red, Black, & Green flunkies! His first mistake was even trying to address the movement without understanding the philosophy behind SYSBM; his second mistake was comparing SYSBM to the Divesters; also, how can SYSBM Practitioners hate themselves when the whole point of the movement is to SAVE YOURSELF? It’s pretty self explanatory, if you ask me; honestly, who is more obsessed with White women than the daggle and these hotep communists? For SYSBM Practitioners, there are plenty of women around the world from various cultures to engage with; the scarcity mindset of these pyramid heads is beyond me!

    Lastly, how is a movement that is strictly for thinking Black men striving to unite with a group of men who are against them? SYSBM is its own movement that encourages thinking Black men to travel and broaden their horizons; the only Black men who are linking themselves with White men are the ones in the Black Manosphere (which SYSBM is not a part of). Guys like Obsidian and Donovan Sharpe have been on panels with alt-right characters like Stefan Molyneux and Jared Taylor in the past; true practitioners of the SYSBM lifestyle are NOT linking themselves with a group of men who are beta males by nature, so Malcolm Black can stop projecting and snap back to reality.

    1. Didn’t know they tried to roll with Molyneux. Funny how these cats are legit teaming with legit white beta males (that claim to be alphas). This is why I don’t roll with that crew anymore.

      Isn’t it funny how these simps claim that WE are the inverse of the divest crowd, when really these white dudes are? Bitching about the feminism they created and pushed and allowed? CHECK!!! Bitching about the simps and good boogers and gangbangers that they created and pushed and allowed? CHECK!!!

      But WE’RE the goddamn problem, smh.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These pro wackity wack Negroes stay rattling off utter nonsense with a passionate heart believing that the force they place behind the message automatically validates it, once again, what do we expect from a bunch of Negroes who reside under the wings of and get their marching orders from dysfunctional black women? You’re using logic and common sense, such attributes are completely a miss with these pro blacks, like the black witch they say whatever they want and believe it to be true because “they said it”, smh.

      Never expect an honest analysis of SYSBM from a pro black Negro, nor a left leaning, snowflake, black female worshipping flunky. The Tenet have been on the website for well over two years, yet these knuckleheads continue pushing ahead with their straw-man constructs because I suppose it’s easier to speak up against the lifestyle if you simply make things up about it. Malcolm Black is a dummy and he’s proven this via his own lame meme and statements attached.

  9. As I’ve said before, these simps are like someone who, every sentence they say, they have to incorporate how great of a car the Mustang is, meanwhile Ford won’t even let ‘em test drive one.

    Again, how TF is it self hate to want a certain WOMAN? That’s like saying I hate myself because I put on a different pair of clothes. Again, we aren’t the ones making other races a fortune by buying weave, skin bleach and all other kinds of crap.

    Then again, this is the same idiotic inbred group that says you should want a black woman because that’s what color your mother is. More people need to call out MOST black people (not a minority) for being the inbred, incestuous slope headed dumb sons of bitches that they are. Most people in the hood are ****ing their cousins, if not impregnating them. That’s why, despite it all, they somehow get dumber and dumber.

    That’s also why they HAVE to exist as a hive mind: they share a few collective brain cells, and without some script to read from, they’re lost. That’s why I never believed the lie that simps and daggles are the world’s most creative people and that everyone steals from them. Hollywood could make a billion remakes and STILL be more creative than these cousin ****ing hood boogers still talking about self hate.

    1. ouch and damn. But the inbreeding is a problem few are willing to address.

      1. “But the inbreeding is a problem few are willing to address.”
        Its a problem that will only get worse in Black ghettos, I have only heard Tommy Sotomayor talk about it.

    2. AFrofuturism1,

      “Again, how TF is it self hate to want a certain WOMAN? That’s like saying I hate myself because I put on a different pair of clothes. Again, we aren’t the ones making other races a fortune by buying weave, skin bleach and all other kinds of crap.”

      Of course the true sellout behaviour is completely ignored by the pro black contingent because once again confronting such dysfunction would mean holding their black queenies to account and we already know that such actions from these fist pumping cronies is NEVER going to happen.

      These pro black minstrels and court jesters stay making excuses for the black females they love and worship(the same ones that don’t bother giving them the time of day by the way), if only the knuckleheads could figure out that black female society can only improve if correction and chastisement are included as part of the formula.

      Don’t even bother trying to understand the black female’s and the pro black’s interpretation of “self hate”, you’ll lose your mind. Like I said before, they simply make stuff up and believe it to be true because “they said it” with some passion behind it, they don’t even bother checking the actual facts to see if what they’re saying lines up with the truth, smh.

  10. Verbs2015
    Malcolm Black is a Stupid Idiot & That’s All I Got to say About that Asshole. #SYSBM!!!

  11. I mean hey…if it helps him sleep at night. They can keep attacking all they want, but they can only attack VISIBLE participation/support for SYSBM. Most thinking brothers don’t talk about their preferences in public, rep the slogans or hashtags, etc. Why do all that when you can just outright avoid and distance yourself from these types altogether…hand in hand with your non-daggle woman.

    1. Silently minding your own business with your non-black woman, living your best life with no BW in sight, makes them seethe harder than actually arguing with these maggles and daggles.

  12. “Dr. Claw”

    If you’re making the reference that I think you’re making, then I must say that I am surprised that an alleged British brother would know about that show.

    As for black men being the “original” MGTOWs (at least in the A.D. era; my personal theory is that MGTOW has always existed in some form in every era of human existence), that would make sense. I’ve stated on several occasions that I once called into The Tom Leykis show during the early 2010s, and he outright said to me that his whole “Leykis 101” philosophy is/was based on what he saw black men doing growing up in the Bronx.

    1. “If you’re making the reference that I think you’re making, then I must say that I am surprised that an *alleged* British brother would know about that show.”

      Like American cartoons aren’t broadcast all over the world smh. Not the “gotcha” you think it is.

  13. Leave the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan) and their reprobate residents to marinate in their own failures.


    1. I like that more and more smart brothas are taking this attitude. They will never admit it but the ghetto is feeling the brain drain. Baby Mama Terrorists and their obsession with good BM “mentoring” their bastards lets you know they’re on the ropes. But I thought you didn’t need no man? #SYSBM

  14. Black women are the most beautiful women on earth ill die for my black queen. She gave birth to us and as such i will do whatever it is to uphold our
    nubain queens the black women natural hair flow like water her feminity is pure and most of all their submissive to the right man go bw your stromg and we should be better men to you . Black men have been failing not going to college and that why our women aremt choosing us i know it hard for them when all they have to choose from is thugs which bw hate and as such we should love and adore the bw.

        1. The “natural hair flow like water her feminity is pure and most of all their submissive” part was a dead giveaway haha. Definitely sarcasm here.

  15. Black women are the most beautiful women on earth ill die for my black queen. She gave birth to us and as such i will do whatver it is to uphold eyegrian nubain queens the black women natural hair flow like water her feminity is pure and most of all their submissive to the right man go bw your stromg and we should be better men to you . Black men have been failing not going to college and that why our women aremt choosing us i know it hard for them when all they have to choose from is thugs whoch bw hate and as such weshould love and adore the bw.

    1. Pan Africanist,

      You have to be kidding me with this statement right? Assuming you’re a black man, your black “queen” doesn’t even sport her natural hair, she much prefers to walk around using weaves and wigs that look like white women’s hair. Your modern day black female is nothing short of a joke, she doesn’t want to be black, all your Nubian queen talk means nothing to her.

      The right man to black women is the white man, he is her lord and saviour and this will always be the case. On another note, stop the lack of education garbage, black women openly reject college educated black men, I’ve posted many articles in the past showcasing videos of black women again and again confessing their love for and preference towards thug Negroes, stop the cap.

      Black women readily open their legs to and get impregnated by thugs and criminals because those are the men they prefer despite there being plenty of educated black men for them to choose from.

      1. King Sigma had a story where this black college chick had an apartment on campus, and despite being surrounded by the best and brightest Black male classmates to choose from, she let a local hypermasculine Pookie lay up in her crib where he thugs out and murders her and her sister.

        Yup BW prefer educated college men lol

        One thing I love about this current era is that BM can’t be lied to and gaslighted anymore. #SYSBM

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