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The Hypocrisy And Black Male Hate Never Ends!

Thanks to King Sigma, Schadenfruede, Shawn Swint, TeamWhiteGirls and others for alerting me to yet another blatant example of the modern day black female being a brazen hypocrite once again.


Now, here is yet another example of the same black females who claim they don’t care who black men date blowing their weaves straight up into the high heavens at the sight of a young black man in the form of Bronny James taking a white girl to the high school prom, you cannot make this stuff up.

Why do black women even care, aren’t these the same sirens constantly talking about “divestment/levelling up/swirling” etc, ie choosing to open themselves up to dating men from non black ethnic backgrounds? What’s the problem here? Notice how when black women manage to date out, the union must be celebrated by all, yet when black men choose to do the same, all of a sudden(according to black women) there’s a serious problem here that immediately needs to be addressed.

The brazen hypocrisy when it comes to black women and interracial dating is well off the damn chain, it’s alright for them to frolic in the hay with Admiral Frost as well as beg for his attention and approval, yet whenever a black man chooses to expand upon his dating options, black women in particular, racist white men and the black female’s pro black male simp flunkies all come out of the woodwork thick and fast trying their utmost to disrupt the black male/non black female unification process.

Black women especially are upset at the fact that Peyton Gelfuso is a very attractive white woman, if she was average looking or ugly, you already know the words that would’ve come out of the black witch’s mouth, “she’s ugly anyway, she can have him”.

As commenter Shawn Swint pointed out in the last Open Mic Wednesday, black folks in general and black women in particular engage in fake outrage over all the wrong issues while at the same time keeping silent and in many cases turning a blind eye to the things that actually matter and ought to be protested.

Black women out here oceans deep in pure jealousy over Bronny and his white female high school prom date, yet whenever one of the members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure is killed or beaten up by Chad, Brad, Colonel Freeze etc, you won’t hear one peep from the black witch contingent, not one word, smh.

Once again, black women are out here making a slap fool out of themselves, claiming one thing but engaging in behaviour that is the complete opposite. The modern day black female, the gift that keeps on giving, lol.

The truth of the matter is black women already know that they aren’t dating and marriage material, however as far as they are concerned, black men don’t have the right to turn them down regardless of the gutter state they’re currently in. In the minds of these black female failures, the black man must always choose her first even though she frequently executes right of refusal manoeuvres against him, make that make sense.

As I’ve stated before, free thinking black men are exiting the building in their droves and the numbers if they haven’t already are due to reach critical mass very, very soon. I don’t feel sorry for black women because they did this to themselves, they reasoned within themselves that they could treat black men like utter trash and at the same time believed they’d cast sufficient spells and incantations in order to keep them locked in on the proverbial plantation.

The thing that kills me is black women are blowing all of their gaskets over a white female who could simply be Bronny’s prom date and nothing more. I remember a while ago black women exploded and deflated their wrinkled bonnets when a TikTok video of Bronny with another young white girl simply engaging in a harmless game went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Black women aren’t fooling anybody here, they typically don’t like prospective young black men like Bronny James who have their stuff together, their heads screwed on straight and who are in the making, they want and frequently go for black males who literally belong to the streets.

Even Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson had to acknowledge in one of his recent videos, unlike black women white women see the potential in brothers from the beginning and are fully prepared to go the distance and stand by black men from when they have NOTHING and are attempting to establish themselves, the white female thinks long term whereas the black witch wants a completed package that is ready to go out of the box and refuses to settle for less, smh.

SYSBM continues to grow in leaps and bounds, black men now more than ever are finally beginning to realise that this modern day black female isn’t worth a fart in a windstorm, simply isn’t worth the trouble and cannot be saved or redeemed. Black women are starting to feel the pinch from more black men turning towards women from non black backgrounds and it’s wounding them very badly.

As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. Gentlemen, pay no mind to the black female’s opinion concerning who you choose to get with, date who you want to date, go where you will be loved and appreciated, not tolerated and hated. Black women HATE seeing black men happy WITHOUT THEM.

Lastly, never allow these lazy black sirens to shame, guilt trip or cajole you into not choosing to expand upon your dating options, the black witch stays stuck on hypocrisy for life and because of this in real time she’s being replaced and via her own two hands relegating herself into the dating zone of obscurity. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Stay Hypocrites For Life

Most High Bless

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62 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy And Black Male Hate Never Ends!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to mixed race relationships because its fine and dandy for them to date non black men and its gets celebrated by the whole world especially in the black community like its going out of fashion, but let a black man or a SYSBM black man date a beautiful good looking non black woman then black women, racist white men and the black community loses their damn fucking minds because decent black men aren’t allowed to have great dating options with beautiful childfree non black women because according to black women, black male simps and racist white men the only dating options that good black men are only allowed to have are ugly women, fat obese women and single mothers who have multiple kids from multiple wutless baby daddy’s. As a childfree SYSBM black man at 39, I am only interested in dating single beautiful childfree Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women, Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown eyes and Indian women who has to be good looking at least a 6 out of 10 in looks or above, they have to be in shape either slim build or athletic build and they got to have nice personality and be ladylike plus they can’t be a man hating feminist. I am sticking to my dating preferences and I don’t give a fuck if black women, Umar Johnson, black men simps, racist white men and other racist non black people get offended by my dating preferences. You only have one life in this crazy world, live it to the best of your ability, live well, be happy and put your happiness first above everything else decent black men and SYSBM black men. I refuse to date black women, ugly women, obese fat women and single mothers because I have high standards for myself.

  2. Verbs, thanks for the shout out. Yup the hypocrisy here is off the chain as per usual with black hoes. When Malia Obama went to her prom with a white dude, they cheered. Yet their weave is on fire over young Bronny and his GORGEOUS date. You are also right that they are silent when their zaddy makes them single mamas, beats the shit out of them (Chad Wheeler) kills them (Lauren Smith Fields), injects them with HIV (DJ Kidd, Mike Oliver) or literally sets them on fire

    Of course they don’t care about the kid, but his perceived future wealth flowing out of the communitah bka the hands of black hoes because that’s what “the communitah” really means. They wanna be able to bleed a brotha dry like Robert DeNiro’s BLACK ex-wife.

    I just sit back and watch their bonnets explode on Twitter lol. And since KS died, brothas have been cooking these bitches without remorse. You love to see it.


    1. Cynthia G is a retarded ass bitch you know why she ride a little short bus slow handicap bitch 😃😁😃 don’t even stop talking about black men With White Women her jealousy Ass showing it all and she the one hate Her Self and color-struck on black man dating choices SHES making bitch ass videos about brothers 24/7 her low’s life self-esteem any pro Wack think it’s wrong Dating Interracial Relationships er Just Like Her Think everybody going to bend the knee f FUCK Out Here!! With that Pro Wack Trash 🚽 Stuff Is Sound Really Weak I believe Love Is Love Dating outside My Race is the future that’s the right way to follow your heart Brothers Dont let no one tell you can’t #SYSBM4LIFE

    2. Schadenfreude,

      It all good bro. Since the death of Samuels more black men have snapped out of the black witch’s spell and have seen these modern day black females for who they truly are. I’ll keep on saying it, the more black women continue to show their true hands, the more they’ll relegate themselves into dating obscurity.

      It’s a shame that things have to get so bad to this extent before brothers see the light, you’d have thought a large bulk of black men would’ve snapped out of the trance from the Jason Roger Pope saga but nope, so many still stuck with these HIV infected miscreants and as you pointed out, Pope wasn’t the only one to “spread the love”, smh.

      1. Don’t get your hopes up.

        No way they are snapping out of it fast enough, they will still spend 4-5 hours debating BGS IMOR in live streams.

        It’s Gen Z that has tuned out much of this nonsense.

  3. I like to give Verbs a shout out because this topic is the reason why brothers requested to you to add a Dick Police section on this website to post out shit like this.

    As for people go on about it does not matter who we date.
    I tell you this:

    Anyone can have option but it is a problem or an issue when a thinking BM has it.
    Also if these simps and BW has nor problem BM have options, then they should keep their mouth shut, shut the F-up about it and stay silence. Every time time they say ‘I have no problem with it’ or say anything about it, deep down they are full off anger, jealous and envy. This is something Madbusdriver state many years ago.

    What is worse about it is they are full of envy over a prom.

    1. This is where I agree on you on this because in Black America, this is known as an Black National Outrage. Black National Outrage over what? A brother dating a Becky which causes a National Outrage in America.

      Out of all the issues the world goes through, such as Covid (we had few lockdowns), Economy, politics which affected our every day life in local area such as crime and poverty and these Dick Police hoteps and these bitter divestors are losing sleep over a fucking prom date.

      This is why many years ago Tommy Sotomayor said ‘Fuck the Black Community’.
      I remember years ago Bhad Bhabie decide to do a Caribbean hair style and these BW losing sleep and trolling a teenage girl because of this Bull Shit ‘Cultural Appropriation’ and these are the same ones buying weaves.

      Now these same Grown Ass 30, 40 or 50+ year old hoteps and bitter Black witches trolling a teenage prom couple.

      Something I notice on Social Media:
      I notice that every time BW said ‘I am OK with brothers date elsewhere as long as they do not bash BW.’
      They never go after SYSBM or thinking, why because they don’t bash, they critique and they know where we stand because they know they are fully ghetto so their shaming tactics has no affect on thinking brothers and they don’t play.
      Now you have brothers who are not SYSBM, just dating who they know, minding their own business. Most cases the Beckys ask the brother out. Those BM do not say anything negative about BW, they even cordial with them. As soon as a White Woman post her BM partner on Instagram, all of the sudden, the trolls of Dick Police hoteps and these bitter BW get all butt-hurt (mind you I just said these average brothers did not say anything negative about these BW) making hate comments like ‘Sell-Out’, ‘Uncle-Tom/Ruckus’, ‘Race Traitors’ all because he was with Becky.

    2. Andy C,

      It’s the same old dysfunctional pattern rearing it’s ugly head again and again, everybody else is allowed to have dating preferences except heterosexual free thinking black men. As soon as we choose to expand on our dating options, all hell breaks loose as if WW3 has just begun, smh.

  4. Once again. “Choice for me, but not for thee”.
    All this should do is get more young brothers to walk away. When the women of your extract become traitorous they need to be reformed or removed. Since you refuse reform your ass can be removed as a mating option then.

    1. Autodidact,

      I wish more black men had this attitude instead of believing that they have to stick with the black witch no matter what she does or the cost, smh.

  5. When a black woman sees a black man who is so far out of her league that there is nothing she can do for him, she hates on him.

    It has always been that way with the daggles in da communitah. Given that the scraggle daggle already hates the unobtainable black man, multipy that hatred by a thousand when the same black man dates out.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Black women have fallen well behind the times, they still believe they can bully and cajole black men into dealing with them exclusively. That sorcery only works on the simps, black men of quality ie those black men that count have already left the building never to return.

      The black witch can hate on free thinking brothers all she wants, heterosexual free thinking black men simply don’t care.

  6. Celebrity gossip of dating and break up is huge business of mainstream societies.

    I’m sure Lebron James and his wife ain’t happy with their son dating out.

    When a black man celebrity dates out with a white woman celebrity, the racial abuse on social media demonstrates narcissism from the opposition.

    1. Word on the street is LeBron has a thick snow bunny on the side plus they dug up his prom pics & his date was a snow bunny. LOL!

      1. If that’s true, that will destroy what little sanity these chicks have left and it’ll be hilarious.

    2. Witwijf,

      Bronny is catching a lot of heat over nothing. We black men per capita are the least wealthiest men on the planet, yet just look at how heads turn and people react whenever we choose to date out. It just goes to show how black men only need to turn up in order to have all other male groups as well as black females running around like feral hogs caught in a trap.

      1. This is the second time Bronny has caught heat from Black women.

        As you said they claim to be divesting from the Black Community specifically Black men, but it’s Black women only that get upset when a successful or a potentially successful Black man is dating or married to an non-Black woman.

        We are the ones divesting from the community at all levels.

  7. The BCDP {Black Community Dick Police} is FULLY funded! I’m not surprised at all by the reaction of these Daggles because that’s what they do. I’m not even surprised by these effeminate ass negro males because Tito called this shit about 4yrs ago & David Carroll also talked about these Beta Male Stalkers! We’ve already heard news stories about some Gynocracy Goon/Simp Enforcer harassing brothers because they’re with a non black/light skin/black woman from another culture. These negro males figure if they can’t have a woman like that then no other black man should be able to either. Straight crabs in a barrel mentality!

    1. All the more reason never to bring your non-black date back to the urban environment. Remember that news item about that black phay-gott “confronting” a heterosexual brother with his white girlfriend in a restaurant, or that six-foot shemale attacking a BM/WW couple on the street in Philly.

    2. Val Zod,

      Too many of these black males are still under the spell of this modern day black female, the black witch hands down dick policing ordinances and these mindless drones carry out the instructions given. Heterosexual free thinking black men can’t catch a break from any corner these days, it’s literally us against the world and unfortunately, our primary enemies look just like us.

  8. “unlike black women white women see the potential in brothers from the beginning and are fully prepared to go the distance and stand by black men from when they have NOTHING and are attempting to establish themselves”

    This is why so many ABW are left on the side lines to be side pieces for life, at best. Too much worship of celebrities leads them to have a skewed view of what ambitious men look like BEFORE they become established in their chosen career fields. Bronny James represents the young BM, who comes from an elite family by any standards. He is living that Fresh Prince of Bel Air lifestyle in real time and the NBA is 2 or 3 years away.

    The 40+ femcels are upset because the many bastard daughters they have can’t compete with the non-ABW options for BM with the resources, mindset, and willingness to explore the sexual marketplace. Likewise, the sadness and anger deepens, because they realize they have created a cycle of spinsterhood or bastardy their daughters are doomed to repeat in the modern sexual marketplace.


    1. King Sigma.

      I fully agree with everything you said bro. 😎💯

      1. Quincy,

        A blind man could see the nuclear level of hypocrisy and anti-Black male venom out here.
        Stay sharp bro.

        1. King Sigma.

          I will do bro. I am subscribed to your YouTube channel bro. Check out my YouTube channel Quincy 82.

    2. How pathetic do BW and racist white men have to be? Plenty of fire in the tank for Bronny and his Becky but none for Chabad Chev, Hindutva Pajeet and CCP Chin who are the real exploiters of the black community and ‘white race’. I bet the Shaniquas and Brads were heavy on Gab or Reconquista Europa crying about “white genocide” with the RT, right wing commie types doing the same on FOX News.

      1. Brennan,

        On the bright side, evidence of their anti-BM hatred is needed to wake up more BM to the number of enemies in our midst.

        Keep moving wisely out here bro.

      2. Brennan Dubalos,

        Yes sir, just like I said, these dysfunctional black harriets and their simp drone squads never have any smoke for the issues that really matter, a damn shame man, smh.

    3. King Sigma,

      Did they restrict your account? I enjoyed your content.

      1. @schadenfreude

        Yeah, I ran into issues of being censored by YT Thought Police back in winter 2021.
        However, I have resolved all those issues.

        Currently focused on projects outside of YT right now.

        When I do return to content creation, I’ll let you all know here on SE.

    4. King Sigma,

      Black women put plainly have two choices, either begin competing with non black women on a serious level(which we already know they cannot do) or be relegated into the dating phantom zone never to be seen or heard from again, it’s really that simple. I’ll keep on saying it, social media has contaminated the minds of black women especially, the entitlement vibrations that emit from these black sirens are off the damn chain.

      Black women have done this to themselves and at this point there is no turning back. The fact that they throw black men under the bus at every opportunity that presents itself also doesn’t work in their favour, such behaviour drives a greater wedge between themselves and their black male counterparts.

      As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      1. @Verbs

        There is a 3rd option that many BW have leaned into heavily – lesbianism.
        25% identify as lesbians now, so that % will continue to grow.

        Most are simply unwilling to make the serious changes needed to compete in the most globalized sexual marketplace in known human history.

        And I don’t care…


        1. Only the Passport Bros create all sorts of problems for themselves because they are still dominated by what they believe makes women attractive based on what an ideal Black woman looks like.

          Not to mention they don’t change their dating mindset for the better. They still end up dating single mothers and other women with poor paying jobs and not much education.

          Because of this, the good women in these countries have been crowded out by opportunists in these countries that are ready to take advantage of them.

          Not knowing the language or culture puts them at a serious disadvantage.

          Long term residents of these countries especially Black men who are a part of the same Traveling community are outraged by the behavior of Black men in Colombia and Dominican Republic.

          Brazil is just far enough to prevent many of these low information passport holders from screwing that country up.

          Europe is largely off their radar as well.

  9. Verbs2015,
    I Thank You Tremendously for the Shoutout Verbs. Usually When it Comes to Straight Black Men or Black Teens like Bronny Who date Outside the Spectrum. Then Comes the Hostility on Both Sides. With Black Women & Their SIMP Soldiers. They Bring out the He’s a Sell-Out, Uncle Tom, A House Nigger or He Hates his Black Mother Statements. When it Comes to White Men & Those With their Mindsets. They tend to Bring out their Little Juvenile BBC Jokes or When it Comes to the Women of their Race. Who they see With a Black Man. They then see her as ”Damaged Goods”, But Despite it All, As Long as your Happy with your Significant Other Who’s Non-Black & She’s Happy with you. Then the Other Irrational, Negative Opinions Mean Absolutely Nothing, But to go Back as I Mentioned Previously, ”A Straight Black Man’s Happiness is like an Eye Sore/Sickness for Others”. Which is Total & Complete Bullshit. #SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Shawn Swint,

      It always comes back to understanding the black female’s mentality regarding black men, she views us as slaves, commodities and assets, as far as she is concerned we don’t have any autonomous rights especially when it comes down to dating, we are to be subject to her and her alone but on the flip side, the black witch herself in her own eyes is allowed to be a hypocrite and frolic in the snow with Field Marshal Avalanche.

  10. I’m really not surprised that this happened. I know how black women think when they seen a black man with a non black women, especially a white woman. But when a black women is with a non black man, nothing but silence. But when a black woman dates a white man, they end up with some worthless dude. She gets a bottom in a barrel type white guy. I saw the photos of Bronny James and Peyton Gulfuso; I see them with a Mercedes Benz AMG GT coupe, blud! Have you ever seen a white beta male have a car like that? Does he have one? If he does, it must be a rundown car. Black women are now stuck because black men are walking away from them because of their dysfunctional behaviour. Look at the UK with black men dating out in large numbers. They don’t wanna deal with the madness of black women. But some black men will say “What about African women or Caribbean women. Why not choose them?” You can but it can be the same thing with them as well. And the simps as well who are willing to come after black men who are with non black women. And they are doing that because that they are siding with these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggle daggles.

    I think you hear this from me before. Well I’m goanna say it again. Keep, your white sugar honeys safe at all times beacsue these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, the white beta males and the simps are coming after them because they are with non black women. Goodbye, star. I’m tired of these scragglies with weave in their hair and have tones of children, these simps who are defending these hoodrats and the scraggs don’t want them and these beta males with their small dicks.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Yes sir, now more than every black men who have a white female significant other really do need to protect them from the black witch, her mindless simp drone squads as well as the leader of both groups, the one and only Captain Euro.

  11. I meant to say something about this yesterday for OMW, but somebody else had already beat me to it; before I go in, let me first say that Bronny James is looking more like his father as he matures (he has his dad’s smile). Everything about this story makes me happy for Bronny: he looked dapper in his prom suit, his custom Mercedes is very nice, and his prom date is beautiful; he rolled up to prom like Bruce Wayne! What more could a teen ask for on one of the most memorable nights of his young life? Apparently, the answer to that is receiving unsolicited racist attacks against him and his date.

    Last night while on IG, I saw a post on a page run by a Black man where he lamented Bronny dating this White girl saying she’d be the same type to call him the N word and that she wouldn’t be interested in him if he weren’t the son of an NBA superstar; who cares?! I’m glad there was pushback against the attacks against him, especially from other celebs like RG3; I hope Bronny goes the SYSBM route and stays that way.

    1. “Last night while on IG, I saw a post on a page run by a Black man where he lamented Bronny dating this White girl saying she’d be the same type to call him the N word and that she wouldn’t be interested in him if he weren’t the son of an NBA superstar; who cares?! I’m glad there was pushback against the attacks against him, especially from other celebs like RG3; I hope Bronny goes the SYSBM route and stays that way.”

      That’s that old, tired matriarchal talking point straight off the plantation. As if BW don’t call BM “niggas” day in day out. As if BW aren’t interested in a Black Man’s money. That old dog don’t hunt and a grown BM should be ashamed repeating that mess.

      Bronny’s prom date appears during an interesting week in Black social media bka the chitlin’ circuit. The death of KS and the weaveheads twerking on his grave had already “radicalized” the brothas; those same weaveheads rank hypocrisy in criticizing Bronny and his date while at the same time revealed to be dealing with white men themselves, weaveheads ridiculing the video of 215 well dressed Black Men in suits in a Baltimore march.

      But what really got their goat was a Mexican woman standing up for BM on Twitter after a fat weavehead called us “bulletbags”. Somehow BM were supposed to pRoTeCt the very BW that called them bulletbags but instead shocked the glueheads by riding with the cute Mexican. Imagine that. LMAO.

      Many brothas are finally waking up to the sheer evil of the worst, most toxic females on the planet, I’ve seen the #SYSBM hashtag more than ever.

      Big ups to Bronny and his date, bonnets are exploding with rage and weaves are catching on fire like Michael Jackson’s hair, you love to see it.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Normal black men like ourselves are happy for Bronny, it’s good to see him moving up in the world and rightfully making the moves and the decisions that will benefit himself, that is the way it should be.

      As for the black man on IG you mentioned who lamented Bronny taking a white woman to the prom citing his ludicrous reasons, unfortunately in 2022 knuckleheaded Negroes abound. As Schadenfreude has pointed out, these black sirens won’t even address black men by their names, nope, it’s n***a, n***a, n***a coming from their mouths all damn day, the dude can step out here with that garbage.

    3. Exactly! 100% RG3 was attacked when he said he wife had booty and posted a picture of her on Twitter.

      I am not going to separate Black women.

      The ratchet class does all the screaming, name calling and other sh*t. It’s the elites that sit back, don’t agree with either side of what’s happening.

      They don’t want to see more biracial children because they will have to compete with their children and future grandchildren.

      They don’t like the vitriol because it makes Black folk look bad and immature to other racial groups in the US.

      At the same time they have seen the writing on the wall as many of them work in research.

      The pushback will grow because nobody else is going to defend BM/WW couples especially, so if we don’t do it, nobody will.

  12. Bronny is in a sunken place, why can’t he get a sista?!?!? All the crying over a prom date for a kid who goes to a predominant white school. What is he supposed to do? Not go because one of these broads are going to get upset?? Get lost.

    The fact people are STILL getting upset over interracial dating when they can’t even define what a woman is, and think face masks still work all while we are heading into a depression in which we’ve never seen or prepared for, is hilariously pathetic.

    Ignore these broads, go where you’re appreciated and not expected and get ready for shit to hit the proverbial fan. Which is coming much faster than expected.

    1. FDC,

      Well said. The bottom line is black women can’t compete with non black women, therefore these black harridans have to fall back to the usual magic tricks, witchcraft and sorcery of complaining, bullying, shaming, intimidating and attempting to strong arm black men into sticking with them exclusively, smh.

      1. “The bottom line is black women can’t compete with non black women…”

        Saw a tweet where a guy said that BW compare themselves to BM and compete with BM because they can’t compete with non-BW.

        Mind blown over here.

  13. Those breeders and purveyors of death and destruction cannot be taken seriously. Ignore them and keep it moving. Engaging with the matriarchy only serves to waste time you will never get back.


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  14. Somebody in the last post mentioned the historical roots of why BW hate us, this is simply a modern manifestation of this being Bronny and his prom snowqueen.

    To BW it is a betrayal and abandonment since they were the forced breeders of the plantation, as carried out by Cracker Joe Jim. Seeing their “conquered” counterpart leave the cotton fields in tow with Cracker Joe’s daughter short circuits the Daggle’s brain. Her role is to keep the fields replenished with fresh dumb slaves. With no BM left, she is lost and no longer relevant. If you wonder why BW sling the worst slavery-era insults, there’s your history lesson.

    Bronny is a matrix breaker and more power to him and his snowqueen.

    1. Michel,

      You very last sentence sums it all up and ought to be the route all black men should take. As we already know however most black men just aren’t ready to break free from the overseeing black witch and her matrix plantation.

      You can lead the horse to water but you cannot make it drink, we’re showing black men the most viable and sustainable way forward regarding dating, whether they choose to heed the recommended advice is purely on them.

  15. They really need to stop looking at a minors page for goodness sake he is 17 his birthday is October 6. SMH….🏀🥋💊📴🕯⏳

    1. Verbs2015,
      And it Continues, By that I Mean the ”Sistahood” are Going in on Actor Jamie Foxx Again, Because He was Seen Having a Romantic Encounter With a Blonde White Female Model. No Matter What Anyone says, The Standards are Always Different When it Comes to Black Men & Black Women. When a BW Gets with a White Man or Any other Non-Black Men it’s to be Celebrated & Praised, Yet When it Comes to BM Who Date out. it’s Always Vilified, Ridiculed & Seen as Selling out. Though I Have seen on Social Media that Guys Who are Part of SYSBM Are Calling ”Sistah’s” Out on their BS Views. As Well they Should, I Mean Everyone Always go on About BM This, BM That, Because As Usual We as Straight/Non-Feminized Black Men are Always Seen as the Worst of the Worst in Everyone’s Eyes. There’s no Doubt About that, But When it Comes to BW. There’s this Stigma that Says ”They’re not to be Touched” When they Make Errors or Mistakes. I Could go Forever, But I Don’t wanna Continue about the things we’re Already Aware of. Though Here’s the Article from Dailymail & Check out the Responses. #SYSBM For Life!!!

      1. If it was Lil Nas X getting reamed up the ass, it would be “love is love.”

        Jamie Foxx on a boat with a white chick and he’s a “waste of skin and an embarrassment” according to a commenter who we know is a Shaniqua.

        Watching their weaves catch fire is top entertainment.

    2. Trying to regulate as early as possible to stop the bleeding.

      A picture is worth 1000 words.

      Bronny doing it is a signal to more men his age that are on the fence that it’s okay to look at, be curious, date and go to the prom with a non-Black women.

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