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Simp Embarrasses Himself In Front Of A Big Crowd!


If there’s one thing men in general need to STOP doing in order to maintain the integrity of their masculinity and manhood, it’s getting down on one knee or any knees in front of a woman. Getting down on one knee, both knees or kneeling down in front of a female automatically labels you as weak and subservient to the woman.

What was this sorry excuse of a simp thinking, he got down on one knee, confessed his feelings for a daggle(who he didn’t really know) only to be rejected by the same in front of 120 students, what a premium dunce.

I’ve told folks this many times before, as soon as any man gets down on one knee for a woman, he’s openly declaring her to be the authority over him even though as the man he’s supposed to be the leader of the relationship.

Did you see how she turned the simp down and then turned away as if he was bothering her, I keep on telling you on the fence Negroes that your efforts are completely void holding out for the unicorn black female, everyday you continue to wait in vain is yet one more day utterly wasted. Remember, black women as a group don’t appreciate any good deeds black men do to or for them.

The part where the person recording zooms in for a few seconds at the beginning of the clip, I’m sorry, this heifer is NOT attractive at all, I see the usual heavy makeup and fake eye lashes though this time I didn’t notice any weave. I don’t understand how so many men fall for the makeup witchcraft and deception, don’t they know that if they were to wake up next to the woman in the morning, she would look like a totally different creature?

Again, we’ve talked about black women and them wanting the first right of refusal, what you’ve seen in the video above is a prime example. Now, as with your typical black female, how much do you want to bet that she much prefers dealing with the likes of Slim Sauce, Shorty Fist, Field Mouse, Chunky Bruh, Two Snacks, Sheggy and Cheezy Grillz and turned the dude down because she viewed him as an “educated lame”?

Now, how much do you want to guarantee that if the guy decides that he’s had enough of black women and chooses to cross the fence and give say white women a try, you already know how this lame broad would react, “what, so you couldn’t find yourself a sista”?

Black women are so predictable, they don’t want a so called “educated lame” until he chooses to expand upon his dating options, even then they these black sirens still don’t want him(even though they’ll pretend otherwise), they’re more upset at the fact that his RESOURCES are now beyond their reach.

Gentlemen, in 2022 with black masculinity and manhood under the heaviest attacks, it is very important to keep both qualities strong and intact. I don’t know where this getting down on one knee garbage came from(probably the feminist camp) but the buck stops here.

I’ve NEVER gotten down on one knee for any woman and I NEVER WILL. I point blank refuse to compromise my masculinity/manhood and those who don’t like it can happily chew on dirt, gravel and broken rocks. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Bowing The Knee To Any Woman Is An Abomination And A Total Disgrace

Most High Bless

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51 thoughts on “Simp Embarrasses Himself In Front Of A Big Crowd!

  1. I love to see a black male simp get his just deserts. Black male simps are a pestilence.

    I have observed black male simps all my life. And I can tell you that black male simps tend to be more violent toward other black males becasue they are so insecure about themselves.

    Black male simps fight each other over scraggle daggles. Black male simps have a ‘scarcity’ mentality. So daggles can outnumber black male simps 2 to 1, and these simp will still think that there is a shortage of daggles. And these simps will behave as if there is a shortage.

    The black male simp lives in the perverse reality of his own damaged mind. So actual reality has no bearing on his behavior.

    1. It’s a bit more complex than that in my personal opinion. Understand that many of these Males are raised in a single-household matriarchal culture where women can do no wrong.

      Secondly, this make them a male feminist. Their only purpose in life is to be the subservient sacrificial lamb for their doings.

      Lastly, since men are supposed to be the logical & practical gender out of both sexes, it would make sense that they would be leaders, builders, and design infrastructures.

      Not Black Male society and their feminist way of thinking. If you see the amount of useless degrees and high turnover/high attrition rates of the blue collar trades they get into, it’s now wonder many are just like their female counterparts. Especially in the way of thinking

      1. The black male simp is his own worse enemy. Only the scraggle daggle rivals him as an enemy to free thinking heterosexual black men.

        But do to his greater physical strength and his propensity for performing attack dog violence services on behalf of the scraggle daggle, free thinking heterosexual black men should give the black male simp the widest of berths.

      2. Ryan,

        I agree, we need to look at the variables that create these pestilent monsters, however as long as these simps are operating against free thinking brothers, I also agree with AmericanBlkMan, they must be viewed as an enemy and be treated accordingly.

        The reality of the matter is most of these drones just like the black witch are too far gone to be redeemed or saved. As far as I am concerned, the black male simp need to burn in eternal flames just like the black female who created him.

        With the amount of damaged inflicted and still being inflicted upon black men by black women and their black male simp flunkies, the time for leniency and mercy passed a long time ago.

    2. “Black male simps fight each other over scraggle daggles. Black male simps have a ‘scarcity’ mentality. So daggles can outnumber black male simps 2 to 1, and these simp will still think that there is a shortage of daggles. And these simps will behave as if there is a shortage.”

      Nigga mentality is that it’s not enough to get your own, you’re not really winning if you’re not taking from the next man. This is why the obsession with “takin yo girl” and shit like that, even though daggles outnumber Pookies in the hood. Of course this mentality spills over into other parts of life, this is why Black men can’t come together as a group for almost any reason.

      I’ve often said that if you presented the nigga with two doors; one with all the tools needed to build his own shit and the other where he’s scamming or robbing somebody for those same tools, he’d take Door #2 every time.

      SYSBM, family. Now more than ever.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        I seem to remember an RnB singer by the name of Joe releasing a song many years back where he was bragging to this chick about “doing the things her man won’t do”.

        I also see many of these modern day mumble female rappers bragging in their raps about sleeping with another woman’s man, smh.

        It’s exactly what you said, they can’t obtain their own so they have to rob and steal from others not thinking about the fact that the same thing can easily happen to them. This is the pestilent black society that has been created by the modern black female and she is ultra proud for the disruption she has wrought upon her own people.

        1. @Verbs

          After all, if they’ll cheat WITH you, they’ll cheat ON you.

    3. AmericanBlkMan,

      The black male simp as you and I have pointed out many times is indeed a curse and a pestilence upon black society, they are the main reason why the standards in black female society have scraped clean through the bottom of the barrel and are now sitting deep in the Cambrian era of the fossil record.

      Scraggs outnumbering black men 2 to 1 plus the fact that increasing numbers of black men are throwing in the towel on black women and instead opting to deal with women from non black backgrounds and these simpleton knuckleheads still believe there is a shortage of black women to go around, smh.

    4. Verbs, AmerianBlackMan and Schadenfreude,

      You said something very though provoking about the simps and this stealing other women from men and I will give you some input with this:

      In the MGTOW stories, if you manage to steal a woman from a man, then man is not just a loser, also this shows a woman is not loyal because she is now become from a ‘girlfriend’ to ‘it is not your girl, it is your turn’.
      Woman with values never get stolen, especially they are taken (relationship, have a boyfriend or married). If a woman who is in a relationship or married doing to a dating site pretending to be single, then she is not loyal period.

      As for the simps who steals peoples women, they have taugh in the hood, they have no options and no fish in the sea so what they do? They steal just like Schadenfreude stated.

      I remember Akwesi (Brother of Logic and Common Sense) use to call hood simps monkeys and gorillas, not because of the colour of their skin and not as a race term, this is because they taught to live in the Animal Kingdom mindset.

      Let me explain to the fellow SYSBM brothers about the hood version of the Animal Kingdom mindset:
      Lion and Silverback Gorillas, also other animals, I not sure the rest basically fight each other to the death and who wins mate the females. Same in the hood, you have 2 simps, most of them who fight each other are best mates or homeboys fight in the Hood Coliseum (not Roman) to the death, just to ask a BW out on a date. Now as human beings we are civilised and learn that there are plenty of women of find, but no, they taught they have no options and they have to kill each other over a ghetto female who does not give a shit about them because none of them will win anyway because one end up dead and another end up in jail.

      I remember a brother told me that some female ask him and his friend to fight each other to win her a date, his respond to his friend is ‘you can have her, I forfeit the match’. A month later the female got mad saying to a brother how he can’t have her. His response is ‘I do not fight for a woman, they are not worth fighting for’. He knew that a good women never let you put you into a bad predicament or trouble.

      That is my 2 cents.

      1. Michael MisterTea,

        Ain’t nobody actually fighting matches and duels to date these delusional black femcels that’s why they’re so bitter.

  2. In his lifetime, the black male simp will put in 10 times more time and efort begging and groveling for some action, than a black man who doesn’t simp.

    And the black male simp will get 1/10 the action and 1/10 the quality of action, that a black man who doesn’t simp, will get.

    Simping doesn’t pay. But most black male simps are immune to learning this.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I will never simp for a black woman or any other woman of any race because they will lose respect for you. I am so glad to be a SYSBM masculine man who is proud of my manhood and I am not changing myself or going down on one knee for any woman.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Simping just like feminism is a failed religion, just like the foolish black females who hold onto and practice feminism with all their might, the black male simp despite bootlicking, brown nosing and pandering to women producing little to no results will still hang on to his religion for dear life in the hopes that one day he’ll have some sort of breakthrough, smh.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Simps have this scarcity mindset.

  4. Any guy who pays for an engagement ring and goes down on his knees in front of his woman is more likely the end of the relationship entirely.

    In this case, I don’t see any ring cause they don’t really know each other like that.

    A classroom out of all places is just not the place for something like this.

    Black couple relationships is the birth root of blackistan nations and very predictable indeed.

    If he dates out with a white girlfriend, we all know the negress mindset reaction after that.

    1. Yeah, this is how it usually starts with dating out. He need to turn this L into an L for learning. And stop inserting his energy on women who aren’t worthy of it.
      Which is why self-awareness, self-esteem, and accountability is so important for us SYSBM knights

      1. This guy in the video is clearly the product of a matriarchal single black mama household smh. Hopefully this L has radicalized him into SYSBM or something close to it.

      2. Mack G,

        “He needs to turn this L into an L for learning”.

        Boom, the question is will he? Agreed, he also needs strong male mentors to help chip away at the feminine mannerisms that have been planted deep into his psyche by the black witch.

        Black women are premium professionals at mangling the minds of black boys and young black men as per the instructions handed down to them by their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost.

    2. Witwijf,

      He did it to himself and has nobody else to blame for the failed result, the students in the classroom seemed more embarrassed than him. I agree, I don’t see why the luggard couldn’t have waited till the class had ended, the professor wasn’t impressed with his Tom foolery either. As we always say, simping doesn’t pay.

  5. Verbs, excellent point about leadership!
    It is so important in a relationship. Women want that. They will never admit it because they don’t know how to, but they want to leave. Women do NOT like to lead. They’re not built for it. It’s almost as if if she has to leave, she’s going to think of you as your son. Call you” boy” and all of that. Which I can’t stand.

    It’s sad. I still have empathy and that dude need a strong father and he doesn’t have it. Hopefully I’m wrong and he does and that father can comfort this man like I was able to have. Even though I tried to play “independent” and didn’t need help my dad. I guess it’s just part of me being rebellious. He would always say “hey I told you so Mack” with a bit of a smirk on his face. I was blessed to have that and I miss my dad to this day.

    This is very common among us. You’ve been seeing it, I’ve been seeing it since I was born. This is why I reference my dad all the time. This was me when I was a bit younger. The only difference is it was mostly non black women LOL but still. But I had someone to explain this concept and I avoided embarrassing myself in front of women. Not to say I didn’t get rejected a lot I did, still do. ,(Even though I got a body like Michael b Jordan before MBJ but hey, lol!)

    This is part of reason why I am biased and don’t really go in on the men all the time. For what? It’s like what the hell do you expect from them? They didn’t have the power to control their upbringing. It’s easy to tell with most men that a lot of the childhood insecurities still hunt them. Most are scared to acknowledge that publicly because well, man isn’t supposed to show no damn emotion.
    They’re not wired to be what they need to be. They’re underdeveloped. It’s not in there wiring, it’s not in their psyche. No matter how much you want to go in on men, is not going to work because it’s not in their programming. You’re speaking of foreign language to them.
    And let’s be honest, it’s not the average man’s fault that society and women are the way they are. The average man didn’t have power to do none of this. The ruling class created this system. They have the power. And that’s what women are attracted to. (You can look at European history see how hypergamus those women were lol. Especially how open they were to being consummated by a British diplomat if you are Irish couple for example, but let’s leave that alone). They’re raised to be perpetual sons, not the leaders that these women claim they want. Which then leaves them and their group vulnerable. There’s so much of a historical precedent, that is really shouldn’t be a mystery on why these men are acting like this. It’s a tactic that has been used by numerous governments. It’s even discussed in the popular book The Art of War, among numerous other writings. This has been going on for three generations at least and people are expecting men automatically notice stuff like this?! They don’t, they’re underdeveloped. They’re not wired to understand that getting down on one need to know weakness. Because they learned it from women and men who didn’t have the strength to be honest with them. People ask why black men act like this and why there’s so many simps? You don’t have fathers around. They going to act like what the hell you see now. My dad talked about this often especially going up in the 90s. It’s not really that hard to see.
    Unless you just want to talk s*** about black man which a there’s a market for that lol. Talking s*** about black man is an American pastime, even white peasants do it. Everybody uses BM’s as scapegoats. Especially the default useful tool, oh I mean default man.

    If you had your dad in your life and had a decent relationship, you need to call or hug and thank your dad for raising you. Tell him how much you appreciate it and love him. Men don’t hear enough of that these days especially fathers. I’ll just thank my dad from his grave.

    Verbs excellent point about leadership once again. Remember leadership is developed not made. As long as you focus in on that and not even women they going to come because women crave leadership by their very nature. Control your destiny, freedom of choice


    1. PS: the words he said was idiotic and was everywhere. This is some goofy s*** but I just have more of a sympathetic sad energy and don’t even want to roast the dude. This is the definition of idolizing mediocre punani
      Story bothers me more than it should so I’m going to look into that. Thankfully he’s still young.

    2. Mack G,

      Your post is appreciated. But even with the things you have posted, there is nothing that the average free thinking heterosexual black man can do to save the black male simp. The black male simp must want to be saved, and he doesn’t. He loves simping and defines homself as a man by his simp behavior. The black male simp must save himself, if he is to be saved.

      The free thinking hetersexual black man must save himself, and keep the black male simps from contaminating the world he is trying to build.

  6. The simp got exactly what he deserved! The irony of it is she actually did him a favor by rejecting him. Chances are he won’t learn his lesson & he’ll just find another Daggle to submit to or in all likelihood he’ll continue to pursue the same Daggle from the video. SMH

    1. Val Did,

      Yep, he dodged a huge bullet which she aided him in doing, however as you’ve pointed out, he probably won’t see her rejecting him as an actual win in the LONG TERM.

  7. What was this guy thinking in that moment? As you pointed out, this dude is down on one knee looking desperate and being extra milk toast for a daggle’s attention while she’s in class; also, this guy is so infatuated with whatever that he lacks the awareness to see she’s not interested in his “proposal”. The one thing where I do agree with “El Simpo” is that nobody else in the room has what she has: nobody else has the fake eyelashes or construction site layers of makeup like her. Dude could’ve took this L quietly by just approaching her in the hall between classes, but he couldn’t do that; now everyone in school is going to know how much of a thirsty lame you are.

    P.S. I couldn’t help but laugh when she turned him down; the way she just said ‘no’ so casually was funny to me.

    1. He wasn’t thinking.

      He just went with his emotions. He went with some that he saw on some Disney movie, Hallmark random love stories with forced diversity (with the women only, the default man is still the same), some Usher or Justin Bieber song or whatever and thought it applies to real life. Apparently he hasn’t separated that television contrived story lines doesn’t represent anything near real life. I’ve seen this often, especially going up with my friends who dad was non existent for whatever reason.
      He is getting raked over the coal rather badly. He was completely unprepared, in over his head, and you can tell that he did not have anyone to teach him different. It’s not like his mom’s pays attention to him, LOL, he’s just a check. Hopefully this guy don’t eliminate himself but well this could be a dark road for this man.
      It’s a tough, painful lesson to learn. Especially ,when you’re not wired with what you need to develop from a boy, to adolescent, to a man, to a leader.
      Honestly, this WAS one reason why I wished I wasn’t born with this complexion. It hurt my dad when I told him this. And this was a haughty, stoic man with a sad look that I still don’t forget to this day. He was adamant that I spent time from as a teenager to have these conversations I couldn’t really have at home. He had me research and we had conversations about my family history. I saw with my ancestors a lot of black men who had to go their own way just to survive. Along with a black man teacher who I rebelled against but also have the talk of me about this. This is what started me on my journey of studying history too.
      I don’t know why this story bothering me a lot. I just need to flush out my thoughts

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The guy needs to seriously reform his mentality, he rolled into that classroom believing he was being brave and noble but in reality he was behaving like a complete fool and a jackass.

      I’ve come across so many videos over the years of black male simps trying to get with black females and nearly all of them have ended with the simp with egg on his face looking like a premium grade A dunce.

      As much as I hate to agree with the black witch, reluctantly I can understand her position in terms of not knowing the dude from a can of paint and him asking her to be his boyfriend without any dating or courtship in-between.

      1. Homegirl in the video knows that she’s not worth that effort. We all know that they won’t ever admit it, but they know deep down inside that they’re not worth the effort that the black male like this put into. I say it all the time. I can put a tenth of that effort in and still get the “cat.” And have when I was dealing with a few sisters years ago. But then again I’m not romanticizing in them like this guy did. Ever!


  8. Class isn’t the place for that, what a simp. He thought she wouldn’t reject him if he did it publicly. This is one of the worst things I’ve seen these BLK male simps do ever!.

    1. Kinoblack,

      He thought wrong, very wrong, she had no problems sending him crashing into the side of Mount Rejection without any pity or remorse.

  9. I wonder if Brad or Chad had made such a display of submission in asking to couple up; would the female had curved him?

    On another note, the tradition of a man getting on bended knee should have discarded long ago. Men, learn from this fool, in 2022, let the woman chase you…


    1. “I wonder if Brad or Chad had made such a display of submission in asking to couple up; would the female had curved him?”

      Then BM would be blamed for not being romantic. The sistahs would say that’s why WM are better and they treat BW better.

      Blame the Black Man, an American pastime. Even among other Blacks

      Oh, Chad beat her or took her out? Just ignore that. That’s just the jealous dusty beta males telling lies

    2. King Sigma,

      He messed up royally, he exalted the witch and put her on a pedestal as if she was some kind of god being offered a sacrifice, exactly what the SYSBM Tenets vehemently speak against. I clearly see that for so many black men a restoration of true manhood and masculinity is going to be a serious uphill battle, the sad thing is many won’t see anything wrong with continuing their embrace of SIMPleton living.

      You already know she would’ve handed Admiral Frost her number and told him to call her afterwards. In fact, Major Sleet in most cases would’ve used his head and waited till the class was over before making his move.

      The getting down on one knee habit is an extremely pestilent one that needs to be burned out of the psyches of so many men including and especially black male simps.

      1. @verbs

        I agree. In the 4th wave of feminism, let the women get down on bended knee.

  10. Of all the pill jargons, I despise both the Purple Pill and the Blue Pill. As I see them as two directions going to the same route which is the legalized slave plantation via the government.

  11. I want a son. I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew.

    It was 2002 and I was in Jamaica. I was seeing this brown chick on the next side of the district. It was a Sunday evening. I was on the bed on her kissing all over her neck and I whisper to her “You want to be my girlfriend?” And the woman said yes. Things lead to sex the day after. I said on my miniseries Jamaican Pudding on Money Cultural. I wouldn’t do it again. Done it too many times and their gold digging ways, single mothers and all of the other stuff as well. I’m good!

    So this man wants this chick to be his girlfriend and he does that by going on one knee? Guys, if she says yes to him, then he gave her all the power. Now I have no issues of any man asking a woman to be his girlfriend but you can’t go on your knees. And plus the man need to get to know the chick as well. The woman rejected him because she looked at him as some educated lame dude but when the thugs like Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta say “You want be my gyal?” Yo, she will say yes straight away blud!

    If the guy says that to a woman from another race, the black chick who rejected him will say that “You don’t want a sista?” The man ain’t goanna choose her because she rejected him and she embarrassed him in front of 120 students. Well, he did! Simping in on a all time high because that the simps are siding with the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles when thinking black men are talking about the bad behaviour they are displaying. And SYSBM and the simps are going back and forth, you get me?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time as these simps, beta males and the ghetto hoodrats and coming after them.

  12. I would love to say that he will learn from this misadventure but I don’t hold up much hope. This is the turbo charged SuperSimp™ who will scratch your eyes out and rip out your tongue if you even make a pass at her “girl”. Deary me… The Disneyfied BET-ified SuperSimp™ is a lost cause and a MK Ultra programmed AI drone serving the queen bee Daggle’s vain desires and needs for attention and destruction.

    Nothing will ever EVER change for the SuperSimp, he is fucked, the brainwashing is far too strong to break. White women? Forget it. It doesn’t compute. 256-bit encrypted code is easier to break into than this negro’s mind.

    1. Michel,

      The ultra simp is a lost cause. I believe most of us have simped on some level back in the day, however I’m sure none of us did it to this degree. The black male ultra simp is a dedicated member who religiously serves the black witch’s coven regardless of the damage inflicted upon himself.

      As I always say that it’s a chicken wrap for black women as a collective, the same can be said for deep level black male simp drones.

      1. Oh absolutely I was a clueless simp to white girls, even in my 30s, they saw me coming from round the corner and took full advantage. Usually that’s the product of absent/uninvolved/uninterested fathers.

        The recovery stage is finding things to do that build masculinity, like own projects, weight lifting, working… Heck even a hobby like game programming or something is better that simping – building from the ground up. Something that doesn’t exist outside the frame work of the SuperSimp™

  13. WOOOOOOOWWWW! may I put this clip in my next video I think I will livestream it @verbs2015 with your permission. I will cite the source bro…

  14. Is that simp wearing YELLOW slippers — or sandles? lol
    He’s obviously living on campus, but WTF?
    Style up a bit brotha man!

    Scraggle, good girl, good catch or whateva, u NEVER put a skirt on the spot like THAAAT in front of an entire class. Anybody with common sense knows her dumb womanly “instincts” will not allow her to say “YES”. smdfh

    I’m sure he’ll do just fine if he chases after a non-black or non-Westernized skirt.
    Hopefully he’ll learn a valuable lesson & keep his trap door shut with the public displays of affection to total strangers. He didn’t even ask her for a date FFS. Girlfriend?

    1. Those yellow things are crocs; since when did people start wearing cross as regular shoes?

      1. I’m more interested in scoping the entire 120 students in the classroom to SEE for myself his bold claim that this sista “has the total package” & to confirm for myself his claim that “nobody else in this classroom has what you have…Sorry!!!”. lol

        If this took place in Houston Texas which has a very diverse population of Latinos, Asians, Euros in addition to this sista, then I need to see with my own eyes b4 I can agree with the brotha’s claims. But I think he was just buttering her up so he can get some puhnanni.
        Perhaps he was blown away by her due to the fact that she’s NOT wearing fake hair extensions & what not…and it looked presentable in the ponytail. I usually do a double take when I see a cute sista WITH her real natural hair done up in a nice elegant conservative style…more out of shock like “WOW, a black woman who’s NOT wearing any fake ass extensions or weaves! Really?” lol

  15. At this point BW should be happy that any man is willing to propose to them. Marriage to a BW is like playing Russian roulette with five bullets in the cylinder. Keep the Wall up

    1. These ungrateful German Shepherds won’t appreciate it until they’re old, fat and washed up, looking up guys they rejected years before on social media. “Hey remember me?” I am at the age where this is happening to me. BEAT IT GRANDMA! LOL.

  16. This is the Perfect Example video of what I was Waiting to Respond too. and Seeing this “Simp” get Rejected and Neglected by the Blk Siren witch. was all the Proof I needed. So I did a “Social Experiment” test to Prove that i’m not Imagining” about These Crazy antic blk Sirens, Screwy louie Mentality. I did a Test” and knew what was Coming next. So I Pretended to like this Crazy antic blk siren to Test her Reactions, and Lord Behold! her True Psycho Path” Nature kicks in and “Yes” She Pushed me Away. But” I knew this Was coming in Advance” and when She rejected me. I Proved my test! and Felt a Scence of Freedom and relief.. LOL! -Knowing now, That I’m 100% Justified of Never Looking at them Ever Again! and Now I’m Dating a Sexy Multicultural sparta Model from overseas Who approached me. & Have No Sympathy” For these Crazy antic” Blk” Siren screwy louie Witch’s anymore. Cause Hey” This Blk Siren Witch” just Proved my Social Experiment Test was 100% on Pinpoint*. -SYSBM all the way!

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