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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, no ramblings from me for this week but I’m sure you guys have lots of things that you want to get off your chests. Well, as per usual, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. A long video which is a spot-on synopsis of the state of the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and their allied territories) – a.k.a. The Community:

    Comment from video: “Most of these people like this still depend on the government for everything including their safety. They are so comfortable believing that. That’s so lazy. They’re in deep denial of the truth. It scares them. So they ignore these warnings. I have very few friends because almost everyone I know or meet has that mindset. Even my family members. So I can’t f with them much. I’m basically a loner until that changes.”


  2. Another false flag happening in Texas since people are sick of playing the coronavirus games, and they need a political talking point so they don’t get destroyed in the midterms.

    And these idiots are all falling for it. Not even mentioning monkeypox, gas prices, inflation, food shortages, this idiot leading all but marching us to world war three.

    It’s just disgusting how people use a tragedy to push their political stance on weapons (either for or against) not even 24 hours after this tragedy. Rest In Peace to all the people who were killed, and shame on everyone else who thinks it’s fine to use the backs of dead children to make as their political talking points

    1. Gun control isn’t happening in this country IMO, I could see stricter civil liability for gun owners and manufacturers happening in the future though.

      To a lot of WM the rifle is a symbol of power, a holy relic that their ancestors used to go around the world, stealing, colonizing, and enslaving. It’s almost a religious symbol to them, I see WM riding around with rifle decals on their truck rear windows like it’s a holy cross or something. The WM isn’t giving up any of his guns, especially as his people become a minority due to a lack of fertility. For example think back to the George Floyd protests in the UK, the cops (WM) as well as the WM agitatiors who were there didn’t have guns and were getting their asses kicked in fist fights with BM. Keep the Wall up.

      1. Hold up, what? That sounds like the black women down here in Jamaica and their ratchet status. To BW and beta white men guns represent power and authority. Never mind the fact that Chabad Chev fresh out of the gulag and KGB Cuck Jack escaped to the West and managed to get their hands on some serious firepower causing much grief and misery to the rest of the world. It’s no surprise to me that the white nationalists and black women got their asses kicked in fist fights, like the ultra Orthodox mafia whom they worship they are nothing without their weapons.

        Black women and white men love war so much but can’t take the fight to the Chabad Azov mafia, the Hindutva lobby and the CCP which are the real cause of ‘white genocide’, what a joke. Even Commie Trump did more to stop the problem than their whining did in 40 years. No wonder white women from the Middle East and the Balkans took over the real work in their liberal hideouts. Fox News should have been shut down a long time ago and Dugin, Putin, etc in jail or executed but the so called ‘master race’ was too busy dick-watching to notice George Bush and Xi shipping the industry away to China and the high tech to Israel.

        White women who supposedly ‘betrayed the race’ by dating out were the first to sound the alarm and as usual Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad were too busy fighting Kremlin Cuck Jack in the Middle East and Eastern Europe to care. Now that they’re feeling the consequences they want to run around begging for help?

        Pathetic. No wonder Western black women have the most toxic bodies in the world, they and white men are too busy trying to copy Lord Euro, Thor Pajeet and Baron Goldsmith who don’t even like them in the first place.

    1. Verbs,

      Please delete the above comment (duplicate).



  3. Greetings SYSBMers!
    Although I haven’t commented in a while, I have been lurking around here while keeping up with all the degenerate “woke” fcukery taking place in the rapidly declining feminist but un-feminine “Western” world led by the Mother ship, Amerika. lol

    Let’s be honest here though, the decline of the allegedly “superior” Western society is dangerously in overdrive now. And ya’ll in the US & UK seriously need to start thinking of how to get the fcuk outta Dodge.

    Warmongering against Russia via Ukrainian patsies, seizing assets of a nuclear armed Russia like old colonial pirates, pushing & normalizing racist fascist NeoNazi terrorists onto the braindead Western sheep masses via mainstream presstitutes, mass shootings on an almost daily occurrence to either ignite racial tensions or create even more chaos (in the US), etc etc. tells me that it’s time to abandon ship.

    Do any of you here who live in the US or UK actually believe things & times are going to get any better? Hmmn? Honestly, I see Civil War 2.0 on the horizon in the US. I don’t know how ya’ll over there see it. But watch your backs bcuz King Colonial is rapidly losing his “white privileges” in the new Multipolar World Order after getting his ass kicked in Ukraine while his toilet fiat paper Dollar is collapsing in the multipolar marketplace. Fact!

  4. Da communitah is a mess. The black politicians are all whores and grifters, while the preacher-pimp-politicians are whores and con artists, exploiting the ignorant.

    More and more, the politicians and the preacher-pimp-polticians are scraggle daggles. So the daggles are destroying black lives from the womb to the grave, and all stops in between.

    These so called leaders have been funded by their white liberal beta cuck overlords for decades. These so called leaders didn’t invest an iota in character development and critical thinking skills for the people they were supposed to be leading.

    Meanwhile, the Affirmative Action gravy train is about to end for the daggles. Once that ends for them, they will have to succeed by the content of their character. Heh heh, what character?

    Any black man with 2 live brain cells should know to get out of da communitah as soon as he is able. Then once out, give it a wide berth, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are getting more and more desperate for a decent black man now that they have exited their sexual prime years and entered their 30s and beyond. I had a black woman who is a single mother who matched me on Tinder today and I clearly said on my dating profile that I am not interested in dating single mothers and that I am only interested in dating single childfree women. So I had to unmatch this black woman plus she looked really ugly as well and as my dating policy I refuse to date ugly women, black women, fat women and single mothers.

    1. Women generally and OMG especially the black queans, seem to think that when you say one thing you mean something else. A projection, of course how we all know the daggle act. Like it’s a game of “playing hard to get,” which black women seem to like. Not understanding that when you say you want what you want. You mean it.

      She gassed up by simps, let’s keep it real. She must not used to be men who stand on their square. LOL!

    2. Quincy,

      Tinder is a Hookup app.
      You should you use Facebook dating App you can untick ‘with children’. Also it is free. You will weed out all of single mothers and you will not see any of them. Also, you do not need to put ‘childfree’ as you will no longer see single moms and rarely see BW.
      Watch out of chinese females there who are into Cryptocurrency or any finanicial related topic as they are part of this cryptocurrency scam.

      1. Andy C.

        I tried using Facebook dating app before and it just doesn’t seem to work for me because
        there is no quality women and they want this tall perfect man. The dating apps that I use is Bumble, Happn, Match and Tinder because I have a much better chance of meeting a woman.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! This is an exciting week for me because I’m looking forward to my 29th birthday on Saturday; I’m also potentially looking at a new job opportunity which would be more beneficial for me, so I’m hoping to turn a new leaf and experience more growth.

    So, 2 days ago, my coworker and I were en route to a service call in a neighborhood where it quickly became apparent this was the Black part of town (AKA “the communitah”), and I didn’t feel comfortable being there. We couldn’t even follow where the GPS was directing us because there were children roaming in the streets; we circled the block and still couldn’t reach the house we were headed to because the crowd of children grew and then a fight broke out. It was like watching a Worldstar Hip Hop video in person! We parked our truck up the street next to a church (a Black church), and I told my coworker that if gun shots ring out, screw the job – we’re leaving! The crowd of children dispersed a little as we were walking down, but we immediately turned around when we heard gun shots nearby; I’ll admit, I was a little shook by the experience.

    After that, I felt angry over how low Black culture has devolved, and how the root cause is ignored to make this a matter of socio economics; these B1 negroes are embarking on a fool’s errand trying to save these people. The only viable option is to save yourself, and this past experience reinforced that for me. #SYSBM

    1. @Blue Collar Trevor
      The degeneracy of black “culture” in the US is very real & in your face.
      I really don’t think —- er correction — I DON’T think it can be saved.
      That’s why I refuse to return to the West even though Canada has better overall liveable communities than the US. But that ignorant “woke” shyt is infectious on the braindead Canadian sheep. Just look at our imbecile of a fascist Crime Minister Justine Trudope.

    1. I am not surprised. Western women especially Black American women and those with the same mindset will continue to reveal their ignorance for all to see.

      As for the woman on the video three words: Diseased, Discarded and Dysfunctional.

    2. brotherdanunlimited,

      Did that nigga say “narsinist”???? WTF.

      That bonnet and those eyelashes, damn. Disgusting

      If you stripped her naked and hosed her down with a high-pressure spray (the kind they use to take graffiti off buildings) and gave her a makeover she’d maybe be passable with her dimples as long as she kept her mouth shut but we’re talking about BW here, never happen

      Thanks for the Wednesday laugh lol

  7. Happy Wednesday SYSBM.

    Have you guys heard about this black woman who is a tattoo enthusiast tattooed up his young son? Guys, these ghetto scraggle daggles have lost it. They don’t need theory. They need to go in a mental home. They need to one mad house! These women are frigging crazy people. The ratchet black women have lost it. Well, they lose it all the time.

    I heard that in Texas that 19 children and a teacher was shot dead in a school. The kid, I think he was 18 or 19 went into the school and start spraying bullets. They said that they wanna have gun control but it will never happen in the US. The Americans will never let that happen. Not in a million years. My thing is this. Why is children they are killing when there is a mass shooting occurs? Just wondering. First, it’s that racial mass shooting in Buffalo, New York and now this.

    Boris Johnson and other members of the conservatives were having parties during lockdown. Yeah, things have gone flipping worse for him now. The thing is that if he steps down, that means that he’s third prime minister to resign in the last six years. And if he does step down, who be the new prime minister?

    Now some guy thing, oh my goodness. There is video footage of R&B singer Tank said on stage that he eat a lot of punany. Alright, that’s fine. And the women go crazy when he said that. And then he said he suck a lot of dick as well. My mind went what? The women were in shock. Everyone knows what’s going down in the music industry. Yeah, the men are going down, but the man said that on stage, in front of women?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all time because these simps, the beta males and the black ratchet whores are coming after them. No, seriously!


  8. I keep telling ya’ll #DollarCollapse is coming. Lord Bankstein obviously wants to kill the economies in the Western world — especially the US — so that the incoming rapefugees coming across the border or from war torn chaos caused by them will push the white “privilegers” to the curb which has always been a top agenda since their birth rates continue to decline in comparison to the dark & brown folk.

    Yep, the cucked snowflakes privileges are now being revoked. And ya’ll know how that’s gonna end: Either recession, depression, Civil War 2.0, Race War 1.0…who frigging knows?

    But something’s got to give bcuz the jig is up. Sayonara Mr. Benjamin$! 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽
    And yet the heavily armed pro-2A allegedly “God fearing” white “Conservatives” sit back & take it up the ass from their psycho Anglo elites while Rome burns. Pathetic cucks they are!

    FYI Department – Some Interesting Developments: 👇🏽
    1) via George Galloway’s channel:
    Dollar is dying there is no question about it
    Dr Francisco Dominguez – Author, Expert in Political economy; Middlesex University.
    quote: “When it comes to the United States, I don’t trust the person or the media. I’d be happy if I never bought another American thing or saw another American dollar. Because I don’t like bullies. I hope this is the end of the era of the bully.” – George Galloway

    2) More Countries are Now Abandoning US Dollar! Is the End Near?
    “23 countries (60% of the world’s GDP) are setting up swap lines which bypass the US dollar & SWIFT, which is the dollar-based worldwide financial transaction system. Among these countries are Russia, China, India, and even Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.”

    3) via RT News Telegram:
    a) The impact of sanctions on Russia is also being felt across Europe and America – where inflation is skyrocketing

    b) UK Energy Crisis: Price Cap To Shoot Up Over $1,000 In October
    UK energy regulator Ofgem has warned the next energy price cap to customers in October will be “in the region of £2,800 ($3,493)” – up from £1,971 ($2,459), itself a 54% rise implemented in April.

    1. Black Picard jackin Brendan Dubalos’ writing style for this post lol.

      Yup the US is headed straight to hell.

  9. Energy prices going up will eventually lead to food shortages.

    The UK hits 40 year high inflation.

    This tells me all I need to know about the upcoming economy collapse of the UK even further.

    It started with brexit, then convid, now getting involved with the war in Ukraine.

    All of this was planned years in advance by the world economic forum and the UN by design for a global reset.

    The national debt of the UK is over a trillion around 1.8

    Fiat currency in general is collapsing.

    Good thing is I don’t have a kid yet cause right now, I need to keep prepping up foods to last for years.

    I need to be in a position when I could exit the UK at any time when shit hits the fan.

    I can only look after myself first before building a new family with a white wifey.

    1. If you’re in the UK move to the continent, at least. Eastern Europe. If I could make a living in the Middle or Far East, I’d do it. Anywhere the governments are still masculine and deny the rainbow feminist agenda.

  10. @Witwijf
    If shit hits the fan, don’t overlook the motherland although I know most of ya’ll SYSBMers don’t like Africa much. No worries! lol 😉

    Things are definitely changing in terms of Africa’s relationship with Lord Euro. As u can see below, Mali has kicked the vulture parasite Frenchies off their land & invited the Russians in to provide security, stability & equitable development. This action has awakened a lot of Africans elsewhere so I expect to see more of this in other countries — pandora’s box has been opened.

    Also, the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) in South Africa has explained why it supports Russia based on its anti-Apartheid assistance. In addition, I’m seeing a LOT of Expat/Repats/Pan Africanists diaspora groups where enterprising brothas & sistas are returning to the motherland from the US, UK, Canada, the Caribbean to start businesses & build a better Africa.

    ALWAYS remember that u SYSBMers can ALWAYS bring your snow bunnies to Africa & never ever have to worry about racial issues. Everybody knows Africans don’t give a shyt about interracial relationships. There’s lots of that over here due to the vibrant expat community groups working here in tourism, NGOs, agriculture, education & the diplomatic field, etc…it’s NOT a big deal here. They simply don’t care. In that regard, they’re a welcoming bunch.

    I say this bcuz u can easily obtain an acre or more in rural or semi-rural Africa that is still close to urban centers — if u do your homework properly — and enjoy the benefits of fertile soil, non-GMO produce, peace & tranquility without ever having to think about King Cold getting out of place since we are the MAJORITY – and they KNOW this.

    a) Mali has cut ties with France, abandons French as its official, and ends its ECOWAS membership
    “The government of Mali officially announces an end to diplomatic, military and economic ties with France according to the demands of the Malian people. The government of Mali announces its decision to sever cooperation agreements with France from today the 24th of January 2022.”

    b) Why France faces so much anger in West Africa

    c) Thousands in Mali celebrate expulsion of French ambassador

    d) Ghana Socialist Leader: We Know Who Our Real Enemies Are and It’s Not Russia

    e) Sharpeville Day | Russia equipped us with weapons and gave us money to fight apartheid

    f) Julius Malema Gives His Views On Sanctions Against Russia | It Is Not What America Wants To Hear!

    g) Google opens in Nairobi Kenya its first product development center in Africa

    h) Why Investors Are Piling into African Startups


    j) KENYA 🇰🇪: Top 10 projects ongoing in the country 2022

    k) Dar es Salaam Aerial View , Tanzania 2021 | 4K EPIC DRONESHOTS

    l) East African Federation: A New African Superpower?

    m) How Jamaicans Started The Best Restaurant In Tanzania?


    o) What this couple did to leave Canada for Africa is a lesson for all

    p) They Won’t Show You This Side Of Nairobi Kenya – Africa You Don’t See On TV

    q) Nairobi Farmers market that cuts middlemen to give value to consumers

    r) At the Beautiful Village Market Mall Nairobi During the day and Night. Christmas Season

    1. That’s a lot of links, cool
      It’s a little bit different for us Americans. It’s not a dislike, some of us aren’t African. Which maybe an advantage for us American, just look at that lame dusty Oshay Duke Jackson has blown up LOL!
      Remember, us Americans who are on this site have mostly indigenous native blood. Myself included. Despite what revisionist historians try to claim. So, the title “African American” is a misnomer. Really, these titles and race has nothing to do with biology or DNA. It’s just laws and politics. The group “colored” was originally a label used to group both dark skin native Americans and slaves into the same group.
      After the civil war (aka, post antebellum), laws were passed in various states that allow Europeans with any native American blood to be accepted into a tribe. That privilege was not given to “colored”/Blacks. Unless the tribe themselves awarded some with a status known as “Freedman”
      I digress
      Some of us have less than 25% African blood in us. If we do have blood from Africans, it may have came from the numerous African explorers (especially Musa masa and Shaka Zulu’s tribes respectively) who came to the States. This is of course outside of the 2nd and 3rd generation African immigrants who emigrated around the 20th century turn. They mated it with the indigenous Americans women during the 12th and 13th century. Way before European Moors “discovered” this land. Funny how that seems to get ignored in history LOL.
      Or the fact that nearly all of the Africans that were brought over to be slaves before the mid 1700s were men. (The women were mostly brought over to be a helpmate domestically on the plantation house and for breeding or prostitution.) Some of those men were able to find shelter with some of the tribes. And of course they also married and had children with indigenous women, the largest group women in the states at that time.
      So some of us we may not necessarily be from the motherland and some of our Roots may not Trace back directly there.
      Not to mention, that the trade across the Atlantic itself was banned around 1803 and majority of the slaves in the States were created on “breeding farms” (that is literally the nickname it was called). Including some Irish, poor English, who were bred with them to create another slave class.
      Yeah the slave story is way more complicated and detailed than even slave narrative movies will ever admit.
      Americans generally have a different bond with Africa. Even most of my African friends have acknowledged that we are more indigenous to the States than Africa.
      Personally, I’ve been keeping an eye on South Africa. It is one of the BRICS nation that I’ve been studying for years. That group could be the next superpower in the world

      1. Mack G,

        It is my understanding that most Africa Americans have mostly west African bloodlines. Most African Americans originated from areas around what is now Liberia, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, and Cameroon. There ihas been lots of research done on this. African Americans as a whole have very little native American blood in them. While there is some Caucasian mixture in some African Americans, it is often overstated. As a group, African Americans have at least 73 percent west African bloodlines.

        Africa has so many problems that most American black men in the know would rather not deal with Africa. I don’t care what anyone is saying, sub Saharan Africa is a total basket case at this point in time.

        We wish Africa only the best, but we will not lie about its current condition. If anyplace in Africa is making any legitimate attempts to uplift itself, we applaud them. But unfortunately, most of sub Saharan Africa is shithole country at this point in time.

        To romanticize sub Saharan Africa, is to go down the same slippery slope as the hoteps in the diaspora. They conflate fantasy and reality, and we refuse to do that.

        Until sub Saharan Africa ends its paradigm of corruption, by any means necessary, this black man wants no part of living there. Just as we black men in the diapora must save ourselves first, Africa must save itself first. No one can save us but us. And no one can save Africa but Africa.

  11. Salute fellow brothers, piggybacking from my comment to which I thank those for took the time to answer them;

    Regarding Samuel’s untimely demise it is unfortunate but it happened. Especially since his own actions did cause his end. From taking the sharpshooter or BS-19 vax and consuming Red Bull energy drinks. As that drink has the most chemicals in that product and can cause long-term health damage.

    Also, in regards to pursuing a better quality of life or as the Wicked Witches of the West coined it “High Value Man”, Samuels was the opposite of it as a man with values/standards and financial resources would not go as to reveal it let alone affiliate with others who project dysfunction and teach it. Case and point Nikki Minaj and Future.

    If anything, Samuels’ actions will serve as a cautionary tale for Black men who can think for themselves to take their health seriously(body, mind and spirit) and to pursue a better quality of life without resorting to reckless actions. Also to serve as a learning tool that the communitah and its women are irredeemable.

    I can say more regarding my intellectual disagreements with Samuels’ motives and message, but I’ll reserve it for another day. Or another time.

    1. Black Jedi,

      It was good how ‘Jeezus Kriste’ explained it last week.
      I a bit of a binge watcher of Kevin’s Videos. I am no fan, defence or support of him but I learn about the life of a top cream of the crop men and how tells it how it works.

      I like to add what Jeezus mentioned last week:

      People on social media make assumptions that those ‘High Value’ are scammers or pimps because all they see are this celebrity type, entertainers, rappers on TV and internet so people like these females and the manosphere like Oshay and Obsidian glamorising, romanticise and fantasising what it is because they like to live it.
      But they do not understand the work these top men have to put to become the top men. The blood, sweat, networking, hustle which takes years, the long hours they go through. Also they never watch these videos of these men on how they become successful.

      Example, you have people who made videos how they start from the bottom and work their way up the ladder to the top.
      Kevin Samuels did few interviews that how he use to be a Salesman and how he become a people’s person and their hard work.
      This is another reason why Kevin was always giving shout out to Blue Collar Men because he and everyone knows these people build nice fancy houses and those super tech plumbers how does boliers, risk their lives everyday out in god-knows weather in Summer and Winter so these ungrateful hypergamous females can live in those cosy house getting cool and warm.

      The reason why these BW hate Kevin because they want to live in that lifestyle which these men bust their balls work to because and they got their dreams shattered by the reality and these top cream men are looking for a wife and a help-mate, not a ratchet hypergamous females unlike these rappers and these celebrity does.

      Another note: I notice, Kid Organic made a video about how Kevin rent out cheap appartment and he died with $4m as wealth. This also shows another reason why the top tier men are frugal as he relocates around, except for the car bit I saw on the video. Also nobody new about that $4 million net worth until his death because he does not tell anyone about this. Why? Because they hide their wealth.

      I recommend brothers to do the same when it comes to hiding their wealth especially when you win the lottery because most of the time if someone finds out you do then you be ending up attracting the hypergamous predator.

      I remember years ago Tommy made a video about a brother who won the lottery in the hood. Kept it private, but this stupid of a scraggle daggle girlfriend like to brag about her boyfriend’s winning on Facebook. Luckily that he was smart because he decide to stash the cash in the bank so no one can get him. 3 days later his homeboys at night went to his home and tried to rob his winnings but when he told them that he stashed it elsewhere they killed him because there are no money to rob because of the Facebook post. If the BW kept her mouth shut and not post stuff online, he would be still alive. Even some BWs in the hood always brag on about her lifestyle and going on vacations online which they get burgled when she is out because they post their personal business out there.
      This is another lesson to learn about the top men when they hide their wealth because of this.

      Also this is why Kevin mention about help-mate as a wife because this is what BW do not understand because people like Cynthia G, Paris Milan, divestors and these dick police hoteps keep on going on and on about how when thinking brothers gets Becky when they are rich.
      In reality, those brothers were building and the Becky was there helping when he was building, they build together, teamwork so they become successful together. When you look at Madbusdrivers video, you see the pictures of the interracial couple with stargate. The pictures you see on his video symbolises ‘If you build someone will come’.
      Here is the video from Atlanta which the brother send Verbs when the BW got angry because this brother got a Becky and the Becky explained that she ware there for him and the BW was not.
      This link speaks for itself of why BW is loosing to foreigners:

      That my very long explanation and that is the reason why I do not take this Social Media stuff seriously when it comes to the Top Tier men or listen/watch the manosphere because they just live in the cloud and not in the real world.

      1. I agree with you and I like to tag along to add something, also I got something to say about the manosphere such as Oshay, Obsidian and the crew about this:
        They just co-sign with the High Value because they are wannabes just to get BW. Top men in real life who become High Value are not focusing on women, they have a goal and ambition, busy with their lives and they do not have time for online beefs like the manosphere, I notice Kevin never goes back and forth because he does not have time for that.
        Fake redpill always have women as an end goal so they will say things like ‘you must have game’ or ‘keep fit’ to get women. The manosphere just want you to settle with the Scraggle daggle instead of having options.

        I got something to say about the 2 members – Denis Sperling and the Lead Attorney:
        I respect those brothers because they not just met Kevin in person, but the do legal stuff in real life. I call them the lawyer brothers. I do not know why the Black Communitah hate those guys because the Communitah need those brothers because they can saves their black ass out of legal trouble such as Child Support.

        My advise for the 2 legal brothers are to remove themselves from the manosphere, they just wasting time having YouTube online beefs and legal talents on the hood and there are real people need legal stuff. The hood cannot be saved, even you give them free legal advise.

  12. It’s amazing how much white people embrace Africa & its OPPORTUNITIES more than black people in the West. lol This cute French woman started a bakery in Africa. Where are our brothas & sistas who are still stuck being marganilized in Lord Euro’s world?? smdfh

    You SYSBMers can still set yourselves up in Africa & can still roam the world looking for your perfect spot. But at least have a base in Africa instead of living under King Cold’s boots. There’s lots of opportunities here. And as I’ve said before, you can ALWAYS bring your snow bunnies & kids here. They’ll love the natural sunny outdoors & nature.

    From Nigeria To Senegal to Finally Settling down in Ghana|| Moving to Ghana and starting a Business

    La Boul’ Accra

    Afrika Is Life – 9 days ago
    I love how we embrace the world but the world doesn’t embrace us.

    Esther Aivinhenyi11111 – 16 hours ago
    African Diasporans no more excuses PERIOD! Let’s go back to our beautiful Motherland AFRICA 🌍 and build our continent.🙂

  13. This brotha is a SYSBMer through & through.

    How An African America Family Acquired Acres Of Land For Farm In The Gambia

    KMcirca82 – 1 month ago (edited)
    I’ll be honest as an African in the west. Most of us did not value home until we left. Media manipulation and colonial education did not teach us to value ourselves or our land. People did not want to farm they only sought white collar jobs but the world is changing and the lies are fading as the perspective shifts. We have more than we know, the grass is not greener on the other side. If we don’t love our homes we will lose them. The world is definitely aware of the values of our lands.

    Solomon Mensah – 1 month ago (edited)
    I lived in a village some time in my life. Never realize the benefits of farming all I care was getting Food. But growing up and living in the United States, watching such video has motivated me to start something small on my 2.5 acres which is meant for my apartments in Kumasi. Currently doing Green Pepper and Cabbage, I really feel super happy because workers are been paid … also it feels happy seeing stages on the process. I urge all people to engage in such to help others get Job as well. 🇬🇭 🇺🇸

    #Beyond the limit – 1 month ago
    The part that I enjoyed most was when he said “I got water free, food free” we in Africa don’t appreciate little little blessings, I am thankful Lord✌🏼😘

    Mohamed Turay – 1 month ago (edited)
    If only all African Americans have this thinking like 20yrs back Africa will have been a better home,we hope those who have the opportunity like them will think so too.

    Stratocaster – 3 weeks ago
    African Americans are the real deal. Lot of opportunities await, electricity, Human Resources training and education are key areas. Convergence of African Americans and Africans on the continent will create a lot of value.

    Jallahou SB Sandy – 1 month ago
    Exposure is the key. We often do not appreciate what we have until we travel out of our comfort zones. We Africans in the diaspora now appreciate what we have once we left and travel to other parts of the world.

    bernardo sa – 1 month ago
    Congratulations You are the example for Africans that must invest in agriculture to make zero famine in Africa.

    Beacon of Light at the Derringdo Lighthouse – 1 month ago (edited)
    This Is Exactly What We Afrikans Must Emulate. We Sometimes Nag & Complain. I’m Beginning to Focus My MINDSET on Solutions. I Love This Family. Slow, Steady, & Consistency Wins the Race. Afrika Shall Rise Greater Than It Was Before. The Time Is Always NOW. For Those Who Are Problem-Solvers Will Inherit Afrika. If We In The Diaspora Don’t Go Back Home and Engage And Invest, We’ll Be Left Out Of The New Afrika That Can Shape For the Better Opposed to The Worst.

    BackToNature Africa – 1 month ago
    From one African Organic Farmer to another, BIG Shout Out to the ‘Black Acres Of The Gambia’ from ‘BackToNature Organic Farms’! Farmers will be the African Billionaires of the future & so every Farmer featured on this channel growing Healthy Food makes us all Rich..HEALTH IS WEALTH! Keep up the good work Maya..Africa To The WORLD 🌎🌍

  14. This brotha Nana is definitely a SYSBMer.

    How A Young Ghanaian Left America & Now Owns 10,000 Acres Rice Farm
    Sep 16, 2021 • The Image of AFRICA has been DISTORTED around the WORLD & We are CHANGING the NARRATIVES via YOUTUBE videos One Country At Time.Until the HISTORY of AFRICA is told by AFRICANS, the story of GREATNESS will always GLORIFY the IMPERIALISTS!.
    We are in Ghana & In this Episode.

    Son of Alkebulan – 8 months ago (edited)
    This type of entrepreneur is what Africa and Africans need at this moment in time. Respect to this gentleman. #AfricaRising

    Rhodiya Lawal – 8 months ago

    OneLove Zidanie – 8 months ago
    It’s really “CRIMINAL for Africa to imports any food” Am really inspired by you bro. Will come and visit your farm to learn more. Big ups Maya..!

    Antoinette Daniels – 8 months ago
    Ship your rice to America… trust me. African Americans would love to buy that rice on the shelves. Especially since we are always empowering them. We don’t get the opportunity to buy a lot from Africa. (Try Whole Foods)

    Enoch Baah – 8 months ago
    Africa is fast developing. We need more of you! Big win for Africa

    J K. – 6 months ago
    This guy is amazing. Imagine he’s going to hire/work with 20,000 people directly in that area. Imagine 20 years from now how many lives he will have impacted. He will single-handedly turn that village into a thriving city 20 years from now.

  15. You see? All the SYSBMers are coming back to the motherland to earn big coin. 😉

    I Left America To Kenya & Now Own 20 Acres Organic Farm!

    Ngo Bolingo – 1 year ago
    I am Nigerian American and working my way back to Africa. Seeing these videos warms my hearts and makes me so excited to come back home. Let’s make Africa’s home again!!! See you soon.

    Sivanesan N – 1 year ago (edited)
    The message is really wonderful. we should learn how to manage our expenses by going back to nature ,I am from south India( Tamilnadu),being a Tamilian I were personally touched with your expression because we strongly believe Africans are our ancestors.

    Sam Maher – 1 year ago
    So articulate and to the point. I envy his lifestyle. He’s awoken the Lion within me. I hear my grand parent’s outcry to reconnect with the land I was born in. Time for us in diaspora around the world to listen to our inner callings. Time to leave the hassles and bustles of concret jungle.

    Joel Soto – 1 year ago
    African people seem like the happiest people in the world tbh.
    I live in Minnesota and the Nigerian, Kenyan and Ethiopian immigrants are always such a pleasure to talk to with their brightness and high levels of energy.

    Joseph Varghese – 1 year ago
    I am an Indian. Loved this episode. The farmer is philosophical and practice. He speak sense..back to mother nature!

    Charlie MdeM – 1 year ago
    This is one of the most extraordinary video I have ever watched. This is absolutely astounding. The farm, the philosophy behind it, the charisma of the owner, the connection and chemistry between the host and his guest. Simply remarkable!

    Betty Mwangi – 1 year ago
    I pray that my 19yro son born by Kenyan parents here in the USA, returns back to Kenya, with a plan like yours Sir. Love you love you.

    Raul Lo del gato – 1 year ago
    Great spirit!! I am German living at Canary Island doing organic farming and trying to live close to mother nature. I am glad for you that you moved back to the roots. Afrika has much more resources and possibilities than the so-called developed countries. Use it with pride and get stronger every day!! We can’t eat money. Only nature is nourishing us. Many western people had to learn this the hard way. It’s great to hear you demystifying the American Dream 🇺🇸.
    Greetings from La Gomera.

    La Trekista Boricua Blogger – 1 year ago
    this is fantastic. I just returned 3 days ago from Tanzania & am telling everyone I know about my memorable experiences: the people, the food, the music, the ENTREPRENEURS i met. YES, folks (especially those of us who grew up with western media telling us only about the down side of Mother Africa), the continent is building FORWARD. much love, from your Puerto Rican sister, Lola

  16. I Left America To Kenya To Be An Animal Farmer!

    It is true It is a fact – 1 year ago
    He is right. Iam in canada for 15 years. I Studied here and I have a good life according to Canadian standard but I don’t have a good life and freedom because life here in the west is busy and hard every hour and everyday; day in day out. no rest. The way life is engineered here is work hard, pay taxes, pay bills day in day out. The life is vicious circle. At same time Iam great full too to have everything I need. Iam planning to go back to Africa for good. so if you are planning too, plane ahead and invest ahead before you move out.
    # Make Africa Great Now

    Ivandro Gonçalves – 1 year ago
    I’m a Portuguese man who is in love with Africa I think I have a kind of African DNA. I love the quality of live in Africa the people and all the cultures. European people have no idea how africa is great… keep the good work wode maya. Hope to meet u one day brother.

    giftos1 – 1 year ago (edited)
    As an british born asian with no ties or affiliations with Africa other than having close friends with African heritage, this channel has me hooked. The beauty, the immence wonders of Africa exposed and bought to me in its true and glorious form, makes me really want to be a part of this beautiful continent, its wonders and its people. Wode maya u absolute legend.

    Del La Hoya – 1 year ago
    I keep telling y’all, stop calling Wode Maya a youtuber ,start calling him a pan-African.

    B Da Mentor Signature – 1 year ago
    I wouldn’t like to miss any of your episode Wode Maya and it’s has always been an eye opener for me to be honest …Africa is bless and have lot potential …the most interest part of this episode is that all of his breeding are organic….thank you to the Bigman and thank you Wode Maya…

    1. These 3 young Atlanta based College buddies decided to ditch America & start a business in Africa. Definitely SYSBMers in my book.

      How 3 Young African Americans Friends Built A Beach Front Bar In The Gambia

      Ishmael Banda – 4 weeks ago
      It’s clear these guys have peace of mind in Africa. Africa is such a treasure. Am in love with my continent. Thank you Wode Maya💪🏾

      ThoughtsCameraAction – 2 days ago (edited)
      Great job 👍🏽 it’s good to see brothers in unity reconnecting with our roots and making power moves.

      J – 4 weeks ago
      Ok this is beyond inspirational. I’m so proud of these young men. We need more groups of people like this in Africa putting their money together to make things happen.

      BROKEN ENGLISH – 4 weeks ago
      It’s good to see African Americans came back to mother land and doing business.

      Fresh Shwag – 3 weeks ago (edited)
      This is major! Young Africans/ African Americans should look into investing in Africa. The potential is limitless, especially in The Gambia. Let’s make Africa Great Again. Thank you for the post Wode 💯

      Reclaim Greatness – 4 weeks ago
      I m happy for my Africa American brothers for discovery for them selves, what true happiness is!

      Ghana Mama – 4 weeks ago (edited)
      ATL in the house!!!! Love to see AAmen moving to the motherland. Thanks for sharing their story Maya.

  17. Check out this “woke” degenerate Western shyt against a Muslim Senegalese footballer who plays for PSG in France – just bcuz he doesn’t want to wear a team shirt with the queer rainbow flag. Tired TIRED of this shyt!! smdfh

    Senegalese show support to Idrissa Gueye after homophobia accusations

    African Footballer Idrissa Dragged For Refusing To Wear A Rainbow 🌈 Color Shirt Against His Religion

    GHADMAN – 6 days ago (edited)
    Nuff respect to this footballer !!! We NEED more like him to stand up to SELFISH BULLIES. I STAND WITH HIM.

    Facts over Fear – 6 days ago (edited)
    Trying to force someone and shame them into wearing something they do not believe in is ridiculous. I applaud him. Many ppl for the sake of money SELL THEMSELVES OUT . WELL DONE YOUNG MAN ✅✅✅

    Hayward Mccullough – 6 days ago
    This is a crime against humanity! I stand with him 100%! It’s time for Black people to fight back against this madness!

    Sadique Yakubu – 4 days ago
    A free and democratic France dictating to women of certain faith not to wear veils/hijab 👰 against their wish, BUT FORCING footballers to wear LGBTQ Jerseys against wish is EXTREME HYPOCRISY.

    Gaadiid Kompanie – 6 days ago
    Shameless hypocrisy! Freedom of speech, religion, etc. as long as you agree with us. That’s all it means.


    We need to have a talk about NYC Mayor Eric Adams; ever since this man became the mayor, he’s been flexing his authoritarian muscle with how he’s running things in New York. Now, he’s using the subway and Buffalo shooters and drill rap as examples of why we need to use A.I. to identify violent rhetoric spewed online; what is it with U.S. elected officials wanting to restrict the freedoms of innocent citizens over the bad actions of a few idiots? Why not address the source of the issues these two shooters were dealing with rather than the symptoms? Frank James was a deeply bitter man who vented his frustrations about the very system which he sought help from failing him and making him worse; Payton Gendron was a guy who, according to his family, was paranoid about COVID-19 and that lead him to the “World White Web” which acted as a gateway to a worse paranoia. With the kind of leadership we have in the States, these problems won’t ever be fixed.

    1. Shaniquas, black male simps, king hoteps, Chabadniks and Bottom Shelf Brads never fix problems, they worsen them to cause chaos and enforce their reign over society. Black women and white men cry about being replaced by white females but when you ask them to stop the wars that cause ‘white genocide’ they get upset and call you a race traitor. No wonder even the European wignats have gotten sick and tired of the insecurity duo and the Soviet nostalga losers on the Daily Stormer and Brietbart fucking up the ’cause’ with their constant fighting and endless stupidity.

      With the Azov Battalion being decimated by the Russian Army which is on Putin’s ass for hanging out with the Chabad Nazi crew and key grifters in the right wing movement under pressure from snow bunnies, nobody wants to end up holding the bag and spending time in a supermax. But seeing as how KGB Fox News Republicans and Neo-Nazi libtards are all secretly gay..

    2. Honestly I viewed Mayor Adams as a buck-dancing Negro who wants to please his Democratic party.

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