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Just as commenter and fellow blogger Afrofuturism1 keeps on saying, the overwhelming majority of black women are ticking time dykes. She left the child on the front windscreen so that she could engage in carpet munching activities with a bull dyke who looks no different to your average black male, these women are something else.

This is yet another reason to walk away from black women, one that I’ve highlighted over and over again and that is their serious lack of maternal instincts, love, affection, nurturing, care and compassion towards their children.

As I’ve stated many times before, those black men who refuse to read and accept the handwriting on the wall and still choose to place their penises into these failures and impregnate them do so at their own risk and only have themselves to blame when things go south.

Black women don’t care about black children, let me repeat that for the people in the back, BLACK WOMEN DON’T CARE ABOUT BLACK CHILDREN. They especially despise black male children which is why they tend to abort more boys and have no problems openly bragging about doing it.

Just to recap, she left the baby boy outside the car on top of the windscreen in order to make out with another woman, and these are the women that these pro black, hotep, slowtep, frying Pan African pundits want free thinking brothers to marry and procreate with, get outta here with that garbage.

Not a day goes by without black women as a collective engaging in some sort of folly or Tom foolery, having it documented on video and some meat headed pro black male simp defending the skullduggery, smh. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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45 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. This is another great example of why Black Women are chosen dead last amongst any group. You ever notice when these Black women swirl or “divest”, its usually a man that has less income and assets than her. Serena Williams, Gabby Sibidie, Tika Sumpter, Kelis, Jodie Turner, and the list goes on & on.

    If Black Women can’t find a Black male feminist simp to control or a beta White Male that leeches off them, their last option is to turn to homosexuality.

    The most known recent example is Niecy Nash. She divorced her last husband to be a deep sea fisherman diver. And looking at the statistics and numbers, about 25% of Black women identify as gay or bi-sexual. There has been an uptick of Bi-sexual & Gay Black women marrying each other. See link below.

    What they don’t tell you about these same sex female marriages is domestic violence rates are higher, divorce rates are higher, and nothing of value nor assets are passed down to their next of kin. Just nothing but a bunch of Starkist tuna smelling bitches that are making chaos and trouble. Oh yeah, in the link above, these women are EDUCATORS. They will be brainwashing and programming children with a liberal homosexual agenda like it’s normal when the real world doesn’t work that way. This is in the current LGBTQA + haven of the Atlanta area. These are the Trojan Horses they put in Black Society to destroy it.

    I recently had to cut off a good friend of mine. I mean childhood friend of almost 30 years. I recently came to the conclusion that we are 2 totally different individuals with separate life paths. You know what caused this, HIS WEDDING TO A BLACK WOMAN RECENTLY.

    Me being a good friend, yes, I did support his decision (although not the best long term strategy) and was the best man at his wedding. However, looking at the bride’s family & their hostile, confrontational aura, I have no idea how he’s going to deal with that in the long run. Nor have the mental patience to handle that.

    Also, I started to see Black male feminist traits from him. The type to defend a baby-killing, propaganda spreading, back-stabbing Black whore because he’s fucking one or works around a large swath of them. In a turn of an eye, he reminded me of Moist Twatkins.

    And if I showed you a picture, they could be twins. Bald, fat, black bitch panderer, in denial of how modern Black women are, and one of these negros with a heightened sense of importance however has a useless degree.

    I wish I didn’t have to cut him off but I’m not going to be the one to tell him Black marriages are dead and he’s probably going to have 5 years at max before he’s divorced. He will be at the mercy of the courts paying child support and alimony. If he gets her pregnant, the child is not going to be his more than likely knowing how they met & how she “monkey branched” to him.

    If you have a friend who is enamored with a Black Bitch, cut him off. They’ll start inheriting Black women’s fucked up behavioral traits & ideologies. They soon will become male feminist defending the “Beehive” for an immoral & unethical scumbag with no values.

    1. Ryan,

      You written a massive chunk here, I have to agree, those black men still under the witchcraft who continue to subscribe to the daggle need to be left alone. A number of years back I had a falling out with a guy who comes from across the pond in Chicago, he used to visit London every year in the summer and we would always meet up for a day.

      He would buy a UK pay as you go sim card as soon as he landed so that it would be easier to contact him. One year he gave me the number of a sim card that was defunct, it turns out he found out about my book Negro Wars and this website, he didn’t take too kindly to me reprimanding and calling out his black “queenies”. I haven’t spoken to the guy since. Too many black men are still suckers for the black female, many of them will have to learn the hard way.

      1. He should read “Daughters of The Trade” and “The Man-Not” to get a historical background before finding your book. This way, your acquaintance will have an understanding of BW dysfunction past, present and future.

        1. Blackdjedi,

          From what I observed, I believe he was one of these indoctrinated and brainwashed Negroes to the point where even a historical breakdown couldn’t break him out of the “I’ve got to respect and protect black women no matter what” spell.

      2. Sorry for the word salad and over abundance on paragraphs. I only do that so I’m understood and my point is clarified. My former best friend already had a child with a mixture of Jabba the Hut & Nell Carter. Now he’ll further damage himself for being with this whore.

        The bad thing is I caught the garter at the wedding 😒 A relative from her side of the family caught the bouquet. When asking another friend about what do you think about her looks, he stated, “She looks like she practices witchcraft & drowns black babies”😳

        She wasn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination however the body language & facial expression was offputting to say the least. Then, he tried to hook me up with the twin sister of the bride. I’m like…..uh no. A good indicator or rule of thumb is to know what a womans family background is.

        You can tell alot by their presence. Genetics, ideology, belief system, medical issues, how they will age, etc. I got alot going on and I’m not willing for the Black bitches with the personality of Rah Digga to fuck it up.

        1. Ryan,

          I still read every word, no apologies required, there are no word or paragraph limits over here, write as much as you want. So many black men get caught up dealing with these black sirens, the worst and scary part is too many of them believe the dysfunctional garbage black women frequently bring to the table is normal and acceptable, smh.

          There is no way around the fact that black women as a collective are a contaminated bunch of females who are NOT fit for dating and marriage.

          Black women are revelling in the death of Kevin Samuels, however they’re too knuckleheaded to realise that they’ll continue to sink into dating obscurity regardless.

          Kevin Samuels passed away on the 5th May, today is the 18th and black women are still the last to be chosen for mates.

          1. I enjoyed it when Kevin Samuels lit up the scraggle daggle collective.
            I enjoyed it when David Carroll did it.
            I enjoy it when Verbs2015 does it.
            I enjoy it when Tommy Sotomayor does it.
            I enjoy doing it.

            I used to simp, although I never simped like the brain dead black male simps who perform attack dog services for the scraggle daggles. When I used to cavort with the daggles, I was more like the folicking thru the big booty bimbos sort of simp.

            I liked the big booty bimbos for sex only. I never took them seriously. Even at a very young age, I found the hair weave, the 5 inch nails, the tons of makeup, the six inch high heels, and the slut attire, to be cartoonish. But it was kind of like a vice for me. And I really only got the hots for them after the stress of a hard work week, after having a little too much to drink, and maybe a little too much to smoke. Then I would want to get my freak on. And the big booty bimbos are alway good for that.

            But even before I discovered SYSBM, I never took this type of female seriously. Which is why I can’t understand how attractive, intelligent black men with options, can fall in love with this sort of female. But they do, every day. These men must have something missing upstairs that is vital and basic to critical thinking.

            Some of it can be explained by lfelong conditioning and daily bombardment with the black woman is god propaganda.

            It begs the question. How can any sentient being fail to see that todays black females are obviously broken, delusional, and programmed to be destructive to their own kind ?

            Most black females these days, look like a hot mess, even the ones who are not ugly. Yet, the black male simps keep gassing them up and calling them ‘Quaens’. SMH

  2. In regards to the video and to both women in the car: You stupid motha f**kers. Thanks for revealing your ignorance for all to see.

    Piggyback from last week regarding Samuels’ untimely demise, I do have a few questions regarding his message on being a high value man:

    1. To those who listened to him, did Samuels provide money management strategies or tips to his viewers? Including Black men at the time.

    2. Did he mention or at least introduce the importance of a skillset and how Black men can acquire it by career and learning?

    1. “1. To those who listened to him, did Samuels provide money management strategies or tips to his viewers? Including Black men at the time.”

      He did that on his paid tier (not YouTube), you could book him as a consultant.

      “2. Did he mention or at least introduce the importance of a skillset and how Black men can acquire it by career and learning?”

      Yes he championed STEM and skilled trades. He touted not going into debt for a piece of paper, unlike the black wahman. How could he trumpet “high value men” without suggesting the means to acquire Black Male wealth.

      1. I see. Well from both questions answered at least he did change his perspective on Blue-Collar Black men. Otherwise, it would have been issues if Samuels continued to shit on them.

        That does bring me to another question on the subject of high-value men. Did he recommend certain channels that discuss skills related to IT and trucking since he championed them? May it be paid or for free.

        1. Same goes for money management strategies and tips from articles he read himself. Did he do that too?

          1. BlackJedi,

            Kevin is pro-blue collar and respects them because they do all the building and the hands on works.
            Something BW do not understand.
            He respects them because Blue Collar represent patriarchy.

        2. I see on that aspect too. That being said, I do have a question on the subject of being a high-value man. To whom are you trying to impress or notify of your financial status?

          Because if it is for women and not for yourself, you are making yourself an easy target to be manipulated by them. Even with the knowledge accumulated from Red Pill content creators and dating cockroaches.

          1. “I do have a question on the subject of being a high-value man. To whom are you trying to impress or notify of your financial status?”

            “High Value Man” was KS’ buzzword, not mine.

            1. Yikes. That makes it more difficult to worse than I thought. Even with my intellectual disagreements regarding Samuels, I will not go on social media and celebrate his demise.

              Instead I’ll digest the news and reflect upon his time before I give my thoughts the next day or two.

          2. I can give some answers about this High-Value Man.
            The term ‘High Value’ comes from women who want to date the top 10 to 20% of men (80/20 or 90/10 rule in dating).
            Kevin stated that he never come up with the word, the females who practice hypergamy did.

            Just like Schadenfreude said, High Value is just a buzzword coin from females and Kevin use the term he he is one of the top men.

            The definition is basically guys who are on Linked In level, earning 100k per year for 5 years, who has like minded brothers and group. Also are entrepreneurs which show on LinkedIn. When I read the description of the High Value, to me that is not High Value, I see it as a top hard working man how run a successful business.

            The problem you see on Social Media is that these Manosphere guys like Oshay, Obsidian and the crew glamorise and romanticise this stupid High Value and put them in the same category with the Celebrities, Hollywood Actors, Entertainers or Sports players.

            In reality, those top earners as I do not use the term ‘High-Value’ such as Kevin, they are frugal when it it comes to money, this is reason why they do not spend on fancy lifestyle like mansions. They just have a normal house, they do not affiliate with Celebrities, Sports Entertainers, Actors or any Hollywood stuff at all. They hide their wealth as they do not do this showing their bling to impress females. These top men rarely goes on Social Media as they run their day to day business, they do not have the time to do this YouTube livestreams, they have real life, real work.

            Kevin was just a consultant just helping brothers to improve themselves, the reason why he was famous because of World star Hip Hop edit out the Average at Best clip and never show the original clip which make it goes viral, he was not meant to be famous, he was just making videos once a week and run his business in the real world.

            Original clip, not World Star

            But the haters mad him famous just like haters made Tommy Sotomayor famous.

            These top men do not have time for women or dating, they just focus on their business Hussle and real world, as for vetting women, they are very smart at it. Also, they can get foreigners or some young women anyway and they know who are wife material or not. If these women want to be a wife, they have to stated or they can go kick rocks as not have time for BullShit women as they are busy doing important things.

            I learn a lot about this High Value stuff but the social media just glamourize or romanticise it and it is not the case. Also I do not use that term as it is just a silly word by the manosphere just to get females.
            Just like the taking the redpill is about bettering yourself, not getting females.
            If they just want to be High-Value gimmick just to get women, they are not serious as they go way above their head about it.

            That is all I can say.

            1. Hmm, thank you for your honesty which I will reflect and give my thoughts later on tonight or today.

  3. For those brothas swooning over European BW thinking they’re somehow better, check this guy’s feed. He is from Paris and he’s SYSBM, lol. A few of his tweets are in French but you can get the gist. Black hoes ain’t shit worldwide.

    1. I notice for many years that those French BWs are mostly Africa types who go to the countries such as Britain or America who talk shit about the national BM.
      This is the same types who are rejects in their country go to the west talk all colourism, skin-bleachers divestor types.

      I avoid them. Some cases they talk all this black feminist because some countries don’t play that liberal shit there. They end up with White Men.

    2. Of course, many good debates have been had on this topic here
      Disclaimer: I’m not trying to dismiss the link or the point of dudes holding out hope on the bws worldwide. (E.g. the late Kevin Samuels). The majority of them do, which is why the majority of them deal with bws. Again, personally I do and never have romanticize the BW. She’s a woman just like any other woman and she has to compete. WE are the prize

      We know about how those bws are in Europe. Saw some of the Dynamics when I travel there myself. Especially Italy, Uk, Germany and southern France, man they be just fetishizing bws and I don’t even like using that word. Fetishization is just a natural sexual stimuli based on a preference, that of course society tries to redefine. And plus, this is Slaying Evil. We have Bros who not only tell the stories about what goes on across the worldwide black diaspora. It has spun across the SYSBM Sphere into numerous, good spirited debates about whether you should look for the needle in the haystack as far as bws. Since we at SYSBM don’t believe in absolutes.
      Some of the commenters and of course Verbs himself putting us on even more game about European black women. And their major inferiority complex. This is why I always vet the holy hell out of them and especially biracials when I dealt with them. Because of women’s natural instincts to want to be next to what they see as “status”. The “default man” (my favorite chapter in the SYSBM book). That’s somebody else tells them it is because they don’t determine that themselves but I digress.
      So much for being stronger independent with their own minds, LOL!!

  4. Reason # 1,752,765 to NOT deal with the Weave Walking TOXIC GARBAGE 🤮. White Queens ONLY for me‼️ Let me repeat….WHITE QUEENS TODAY…WHITE QUEENS TOMORROW…AND WHITE QUEENS FOREVER‼️
    #TeamWhiteQueens 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼

    1. A white wifey is golden heaven for me as always.

      Both of us are on the same winning team.

    2. TeamWhiteGirls,

      With the current state of black women, who can blame free thinking black men for wanting to look elsewhere for love and companionship. As I keep on saying, black women with their evil shenanigans will eventually relegate themselves completely out of the dating market. As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

    3. Let’s repeat it for the bleachers


      A woman who doesn’t have a built in deep seated hatred for you is a massive plus.

  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday, brothers! I wanted to revisit the subject of Kevin Samuels’ untimely death after listening to MadBusDriverX’s recent rants on KS after his passing:

    MadBusDriverX was speaking pure, unadulterated facts; Kevin Samuels may be viewed as a villain by the queans and simps who’ve been celebrating his death, but they fail to realize that they were the ones who made him! Isn’t it funny how the BWs always create the very men they end up complaining about? Also, it’s not a good look for the scraggle daggle to be celebrating a Black man’s death, especially one who believed in “Black love” and wanted to repair the broken relationship dynamic between Black men and women; they gave Bill Cosby the same treatment after his infamous pound cake speech, and Cosby did so much to elevate the image of Black people.

    Both Cosby and Samuels sacrificed their time to help the communitah in some form or fashion, but what is the thanks they get? The very folks they sought to help are reveling in their demise, both of which non Black women; who else would like to step up to the plate and help these ungrateful wretches? I’ll leave that one to the Leftist progressives; as for me, SYSBM always and forever!

    1. Correction: I meant to say “both of which non Black women were cited as the source of their ultimate demise”.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    When black women become single mothers that is when they become lesbians because they have ran out of dating options because no top tier SYSBM black men with his head screwed on is gonna date that she beast plus they hit the wall. I bumped into a black woman who I used to go secondary school with as she is in the same year group as me yesterday in my local area near where I live and she asked me the reason why I refuse to date black women and I told her that black women think that I am ugly, they call me racist names in the past, they hate me plus nearly all of them are single mothers, they love bad boys and gangster type of black men why would I as a SYSBM childfree black man at 39 would want to date them in their deplorable state and she couldnt give me a answer because she that I was 100 percent right.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Exactly, black women themselves deep down know that they are jacked up and unfit for dating and marriage. When I was in my late teens and 20s, I watched in real time as countless black women skip over decent brothers, instead happily choosing to open their legs to the dregs and the scum of black male society and getting impregnated by the same.

      Many years later I’ve had plenty of black women come back sniffing around my way seeing if they could get a look in, however they’re no longer in their prime and many of them as you’ve already pointed out have children.

      Besides, it’s a profound insult that they would only choose to offer themselves to me now that their options have run out and they’ve hit the undefeated wall, smh. As commenter Brendan Dubalos would say, no clean up men over here.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro 100 percent. I refuse to be the clean up man for black single mothers or any single mothers of any race who rejected me in the past and put me in the friend zone. No thanks. I rather get with a good looking childfree non black women in her 20s because she is in her sexual prime years.

  7. Quincy,

    Some brothers goes through this as these black women hate your guts since they day you were born.
    In fact they hate you because of your existence. That is how they were.
    Some of these men always assume BM hate BW and they do not realise it is other way around meaning BW hates BM.
    These simps do not even notice this in their teens as they are blind sided.

    I am not worry about these BW as I pay them not mind. I still be cool with them as long they are not one of these ghetto types.

    Another thing I observe, these BW were not lesbians because they are in to women as a preference, they become lesbian to get back at men and make BM jealous. These Black lesbians join the alphabet (LGBT+) and use them to declare war against BM. But fail to realise that the alphabet people do not push agendas towards the brothers, but only white people because liberal shaming tactics do not work on BM.

    Also the recent years during LGBT pride, are starting to cannibalise each other. You think Gays, Lesbians, Bi, Trans are allies with each other? Go deeper into the group and you realise they hate each other.

    1. Andy C.

      I fully agree with you Andy C 100 percent bro. 😎👍

  8. What’s up people? Happy Wednesday. Just finished watching the Europa League final. Gripping thriller between Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers

    I have seen black women who are in relationships with other women, most of the time other black women. I have no issues with anyone who likes the same sex but if I see a gay man, I stay away from him, you get me? Right, the video I saw. The man catch him gyal with another gyal so he knows he suck pum pum. Two, there is a baby on the widescreen crying. Just pick up the child and walk off and finally. Is that a next man’s baby? Because remember people black men is well known taking care of other dudes children so this ain’t new. You need to know about Hollywood with the lesbian thing going down. Well the actresses are going down on each other anyway. I know that I Jada Pinkett Smith is a lesbian, the female rapper Da Brat is now married to a woman but everyone knows that she’s a lesbian. And Mimi Faust from Love and Hip Hop Alanta, she was in a relationship with a female basket ball player. I have no issues of anyone lifestyle but yo, that situation with the yute on the windscreen of car, crying?

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times. Laters!

    1. Money Cultural,

      I checked out the link you provided to your article, all of those women look absolutely disgusting. And these are the poor quality women that these pro black simps are attack dogging for, smh.

  9. I see the Azov Nazi bataljon have given up? Oh well, it isn’t like CNN are saying they are heroes…

    This war (if you can call it that) doesn’t concern black men, yet I must “Stand with Ukraine”, put a flag out and be forced to donate my spare change via Tesco. Card payment, naturally… I do not ever stand with Nazis of any kind.

    Anyhoo, our darling government is giving us £1000 to pay for our heating. The catch? You must pay it back. Or else. Boris the Twat.

    1. Michel,

      I’m not involved in any of it. I have to laugh really, one minute the lamestream press were banging on about Convid-1984 and how it was the greatest threat to all humanity(even though Boris and his boys were partying it up all the way while at the same time telling us to “stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives, do it to protect others” etc), then literally overnight the new topic of obsession became Ukraine, you cannot make this garbage up. I’ve completely tuned out of this supposed “war”(I do find it funny that there was a concert recently in a country that supposed to be stricken by war and violence, things that make you go hmmmmm), as far as I’m concerned there is nothing the mainstream media can report that can be believed, everything they put out is lies and propaganda.

  10. Bronny (LaBron’s kid) got black hoes bonnets exploding like Jiffy Pop bags once again with his choice of prom date. Young bros with money going for the gusto right out the gate, not willing to waste 18-20 years of their lives like boomer and Gen X simps shamed into struggling with Shaniqua. Love to see it. SYSBM! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    bronny at prom 🥺😭— austin reaves enthusiast (@localslovebri) May 18, 2022

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Black women continue to harass and throw shade on Bronny and other black men who choose to expand upon their dating options. Meanwhile, at this same moment these bonnet wearing black sirens via their own hands in real time are relegating themselves into the zone of dating obscurity at lightning speed. As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  11. Verbs2015,
    There Really are Some Very Insecure People Brothers. Here it is LeBron James Son Bronny Getting Bombarded With Hate Messages on Social Media over Him Dating a White Girl & Taking her to his Senior Prom. Both From Whites & Black People. Guarantee if the Role was Reversed & Bronny were a White Boy taking a Black Girl or Any Other Non-White Female to his Senior Prom. People Wouldn’t be Saying Anything or Throw out Any Negative Blowback. As Usual The Blowback Always got to be Saved or Drawn at Straight Black Men like Ourselves. Because Happiness for a Straight Black Man is Considered an Eye Sore/Sickness for Others. Funny How they got All this ANGER Towards LeBron Son. When you gotta ask Where was all this for that White Boy Payton Gendron? When he Shot up that Buffalo NYC Supermarket & Killed 10 People. Or that ANGER When Last Year in February that White Football Player Chad Wheeler. He Beat up his Black GF to Where it looked like in the Photos. She was Beaten so Badly. She looked like She was Dying. If I Could I Would say to Bronny ”More Power to Him”. Plus as Long as She Ain’t no Nazi-Loving White Supremacy Headcase Then it’s like Leave Them Alone. Cause if He Choose to Date Out, then He’s Smart Enough to Know it Ain’t Worth Dating the American Ratchet Sistahood. As we Ourselves Know the Very Same Thing. #SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Shawn Swint,

      We already know who the usual suspects are harassing Bronny and his girlfriend, leading the charge are black women followed by their racist white lord and saviour Captain Frost and last but by no means least, the black female’s flunkies, the pro black male simps.

      Black women as per the instructions of their white lord and saviour General Blizzard lead the charge in insanity and hypocrisy, they’ve always got the smoke for black men who choose to date out, however whenever they get chosen by Major Sleet, in their minds we’re not allowed to point out their blatant hypocrisy and double standards, smh,

      As I said to commenter Schadenfreude, these bonnet wearing black sirens via their own hands in real time are relegating themselves into the zone of dating obscurity at lightning speed.

      Black folks ie those being lead by the black witch as you pointed out typically get outraged over the wrong issues while keeping silent on the things that actually matter.

  12. Anyone for monkeypox?

    The new outbreak that (magically) needs testing, which equals a case, then a monkeypox lockdown with masks. Hmm, where have I heard that song before…?

    Monkeypox, the new Convid, so the brothers are going to get hit with a barrage of racist abuse. Great. Just like every other day.

    1. Michel,

      I see them trying this new scam on, a friend sent me an article on this at the end of last week. It will be interesting to see how the public responds, will they fall for the Okey Doke in the same manner they did with Convid-1984 or will they see through the trickery like some did eventually with the so called “3rd shot” and the “booster” for “freedom”? We shall see.

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