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Their Desperation Is Beyond Ridiculous! #SHORTS


Here you go folks, a black female rapping(she’s really begging) about dating a white man. You really have to laugh at the delusions of grandeur most of these wannabe swirlers suffer from, unrealistic expectations that have been conjured up and fomented by the high priestess of Swirl Mountain, one Miss Christelyn Karazin.

Karazin is the original sorceress and enchantress who has bewitched so many black women into believing that they can cross the fence and snag themselves a white man with ease, however the overwhelming majority of these swirlers, levelling up and divestment cronies are quickly discovering that the majority bulk of white men are NOT down with the swirl.

Of course, black men with sense and intelligence have already known this from the jump, this was confirmed when Christelyn Karazin had her famous run in with the former white male YouTuber known as The Vegainator.

These black women stay delusional out here, glueing hair to their heads that is NOT part of their DNA profile, wearing European style wigs of all colours, wearing fake eyelashes, fake nails, construction site layers of makeup, tatted up like pirates and sailors, fighting for sport, sleeping with the gutter of black male society in bulk, being proud to do so and they still believe that white men are going to be checking for them, smh. I guess delusional heads can dream.

For some reason black women are the only females on the planet who still believe they can obtain high quality men with an image and reputation that currently resides in the deepest sewer pipe and has been there for a very long time.

As I’ve stated many times before, most black women don’t want to understand the dynamics between themselves and their white lord and saviour Major Frost, the modern day black female is the white man’s flunky and sex toy, nothing more, nothing less.

This delusional black harriet can rap all she wants, in reality spitting bars will NEVER change the white male/black female dynamic. Swirl Mountain will continue to claim lives as more so called swirlers attempt to reach the summit.

At this point you really have to laugh at the black woman’s delusional mindset, they are at the rock bottom of the dating market, the least desired females on the planet, yet they still have the audacity to call black men “dusties” even though in the same arena we’re far far above them, lol. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Swirl Mountain Remains Undefeated

Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “Their Desperation Is Beyond Ridiculous! #SHORTS

  1. I feel compelled to vent about Kevin Samuel’s untimely death.

    I continue to have gnawing problems with the untimely death of Kevin Samuels. Even though he was a peacock, I personally don’t believe he was gay.

    As a matter of fact, I will posit that he would be alive today if he was gay. America loves to prop up gay black males, make them famous, and use their persona to confuse other black males.

    I will also posit that Kevin Samuels would be alive today had he been SYSBM. In America, I have no difficulty dating non black women. As a matter of fact, many non black women are actively on the hunt for black men with business about themselves. And I regularly benefit from this.

    But at the same time, it has been my experience that the overwhelming majority of American women who are a 5 or better in looks, have been gassed up and simped up so much by American commercialized simp culture, that they make bad relationship material. This applies to black and non black females alike.

    I just cannot understand why a black millionaire such as Kevin Samuels was so involved with American women. He could have afforded weekend trips to South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Cape Verde, Eastern Europe, etc, anytime he wanted.

    It begs the question: why then did he waste his time with the most misandrist population of females any culture has ever produced? Why did he spend so much time interacting with hotep simp society?

    We have seen this movie over and over again. Hotep society tries to marginalize any black man who goes against the hotep narrative of the black male as a simp who subordinates himself to the scraggle daggle, proclaims them to be Quaens, and worships at their nasty bunioned feet. If such a black man develops a black male following, then hotep society murders him, if it cannot destroy him with character assassination.

    General Blizzard works hand in hand with hotep simp culture and the scraggle daggles to keep chains on the mind of the black male. General Blizzard gives hoteps and scraggle daggles all the resources necessary to carry out his nefarious agenda. And they gleefully do his bidding.

    First David Carroll, then Kevin Samuels. I hope this serves as a wake up call to all black men who are successfully calling out the fuckery and dysfunction of America’s scraggle daggles. In America, hoteps and scraggle daggles will kill you, if you let your guard down.

    And the scraggle daggles will twerk on your grave, with the hotep black male simps at their feet.

    1. Pure facts LOL. Chabad racists love to use covert homosexual Third Rome Fox News Russia loving freaks and Neo-Nazi fake liberals and black women as their weapon against black men. Hoteps and white nationalists have been allies since “we wuz KANGZ’. Remember Rockwell the ADL National Socialist and the Nation of Islam working together? And later on, the KGB stacking the ANC with the worst sort of racists during the anti-apartheid struggle?

      These black females and beta white males think that they’re the so called master race. In reality they are nothing more than a front for the Chabad Mafia ‘Heavenly Jerusalem’ agenda. Race purity seems to be a front for sexual deviancy.

    2. AmericanBlackMan,

      Kevin was never gay. He said ot himself few videos. His fashion was flamboyant when he was wearing Kitten Heels and pink clothes at the time which makes him gay because of style of clothing at the time. Manosphere want him to be gay.

      I understand your frustration because without Kevin and David, the thinking brothers are doomed because BW declare open season on BM.

      I tell you this:
      Umar can talk all this hotep all he wants, Boyce Watkins can promote this ‘Step-Daddy’ season all he wants. BW can praise Brothers death all they want.

      But when we go back off the internet and back into the real world, we will always take their knowledge and learn from them whilst the BW still he in the hood, broke, bums, fat and simps will be stuck in the friendzone because they will never learn from Kevin or David. Heck people like Oshay talk all about being pro-Hood and pro-ghetto whilst he lives overseas pimping American BM telling them they should build the Hood. Does he ever learn from Nipsey Hustle? Exactly.

      SYSBM will always evolve.

      As for Kevin, he can easily date any type of women but he decide to help the black community.

      1. Oshay is a huckster like the majority of those in the RP space.

        You would think Donovan’s near death experience and KS actual death would tell the RP community to change direction.

        Na, it must be left to be destroyed by those that economically benefit from the lack of social skills.

      2. “As for Kevin, he can easily date any type of women but he decide to help the black community.” Yeah Unfortunately That’s What Led To His Death Especially Trying To Help These Straggs…

    3. AmericanBlkMan,

      Feel free to repost this in this week’s Open Mic Wednesday if you wish. We all saw the video of Samuels’ lusting after the guy who was walking out of the the coffee shop, I cannot look at that kind of footage and say that the dude is straight, heterosexual men do not lust after other men.

      Additionally, asking another man if he has a big penis is also incredibly suspect, I struggle to see how many of you guys who were his followers can’t see the obvious:

      If your average Joe Bloggs was exhibiting these same types of behaviours, there wouldn’t have been the same hesitation in calling that particular individual out based upon his actions, however as I’ve stated before, many black men gave Samuels a pass because he was lighting up the black witch’s coven.

      That being said, I have no idea why he was so focused on reaching out to a bunch of ingrates who wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire. He did indeed have the world at his feet but decided to stick it out for the lowest common denominator of females on the planet, that was a serious error on his part and any other black man who chooses to embark upon the same path.

      The death of Samuels is a sad situation, however as I’ve stated before, In the case of both Kevin Samuels and David Carroll, I strongly believe the Covid jab was responsible for taking them both out, in the case of David Carroll the jab(as it’s designed to) weakened his immune system to the point where he became wide open to diseases and viruses he normally would’ve had no problems fighting off.

      Black men simply need to walk away in silence and leave these grave dancing black females to their own ill begotten fates.

      1. Verbs2015: I really think Kevin Samuels was Bisexual and Not Gay.Gay men have No interest in fighting for and protecting us heterosexual men like Kevin Samuels did.Our Good Brother,Content Creator and YouTube Podcaster M.T.R./Mediocre Tutorials and Reviews said somewhere around last year this time that Kevin Samuels must be protected aby all means or to that effect,honestly,he wasn’t the one that needed to be protected.We’re the ones who did and that’s exactly what he did for us by Roasting the Black Witches Covens and Not letting them speak negatively at all about us.I recently discovered KS has a daughter.He couldn’t be gay because gay dudes don’t have sex with women but only men.Now,we know Bisexual/D.L. dudes sleep with both men and women and that’s what he must have been doing.As far as his very Untimely death goes,I truly believe all the Red Bulls he constantly drank along with whatever else was involved that took him out unfortunately got to him.The speculation now is that he was Murdered.I very much Agree it could have happened as well as David Carroll being Murdered.

        1. Robert,

          Homosexual, bisexual, effeminate, it’s all still a bad look for the heterosexual men who followed him. Again, if he was a heterosexual man, there is no way that he would’ve been able to build up a follower base of 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and 1 million plus followers on Instagram, both platforms would’ve suspended his accounts like they did to actual heterosexual black men who came before him calling these heifers out.

          I can’t fault Samuels completely, indeed, he did do a good work in calling out these black sirens as well as throwing them out of their fantasy world into reality. Samuels’ effeminate nature caught these black females off guard because normally effeminate and homosexual black men are best friends with black women. Though black women needed and still need a thorough grilling, heterosexual black men should not be accepting fruits, bisexuals or effeminates to do the job.

          As for the Red Bull theory, most coffee types contain more caffeine, take a look for yourself:

          80mg of caffeine per each 250ml can of Red Bull is quite moderate, besides adults can safely consume 400mg of caffeine per day without any problems. I still believe the jab took him out and Samuels himself admitted that he did take the deathshot. I personally don’t believe there was a sinister plot to take Samuels out(though there could’ve been a plan or plans in the works), in this case I think he simply made the wrong choice, got his jib jab and shortly thereafter croaked it as a result.

          1. Kevin Samuels was gay and the Convid shot took him out. Clear as day.

            IThe cult following of both has blinded many to the red flags of evidence that can clearly be seen by those looking for it.

            I get it, when you invest in something emotionally, you don’t want to believe the
            contrary. It’s easier to be hoodwinked that to admit being hoodwinked. My opinion only.

            1. Michel,

              I’m in your corner, the cases with Samuels and David Carroll as far as I’m concerned are straight open and shut, two elder Gen X black men, one being a fruit who both made the bad decision to take the “covid jab” and died as a result. Like I stated before, very few if any are talking about the strong possibility of the jab being responsible for their deaths, typically in conversations everything else is brought up as a viable possibility but that.

      2. Verbs2015,

        I won’t debate you about Kevin Samuel’s sexual orientation. We agree on too many other things. I will say this; if he was gay, he had the good sense to not brag about it, like so many fruits do.

        There is always the possibility that the jab could have been involved. But I cannot dismiss the fact that so many scraggle daggles and black male simps wanted him dead. Where there is enough will, there is usually a way. Additionally, there are so many black male fruits who are media personalities in America. America protects them and tries to blow them up. America loves to protect and promote black male fruits. America goes gaga over RuPaul, for example.

        I think it is way past the time that black men with a platform, who are successfully exposing the scraggle daggle, had best take precautions and protect themselves. They need to protect themselves from the scraggle daggle, her beta male ‘liberal’ allies, and the black male simps who populate da communitah. These cohorts will kill a black man for exposing the fuckery and dysfucntion of America’s scraggle daggles. They will try character assassination first. But, if that doesn’t work, they are not above murder.

    4. But at the same time, it has been my experience that the overwhelming majority of American women who are a 5 or better in looks, have been gassed up and simped up so much by American commercialized simp culture, that they make bad relationship material. This applies to black and non black females alike.

      Truest statement I have ever read. Meanwhile go to Germany and have girls who are 7s and 8s with the nicest down to earth personality

    5. { I just cannot understand why a black millionaire such as Kevin Samuels was so involved with American women. He could have afforded weekend trips to South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Cape Verde, Eastern Europe, etc, anytime he wanted. }

      Most likely bcuz he wasn’t a true SYSBMer – in some of his actions. Heck, I would’ve been making those exact trips you mentioned above if I was in KS’s shoes. And then I’d be PERMANENTLY getting the fck outta Dodge after I’ve decided which trip destinations provided me with the BEST possible overall quality of life experiences for raising a family away from Lord Euro’s vulture capitalist bankster Matrix. In a heartbeat!

      So let this be a wakeup call for other brothas to LEARN from KS’s “missteps” since he could’ve easily done his YouTube show from any where on the planet while surrounding himself with feminine, conservative, family oriented NON WESTERNIZED women.

  2. These delusional racist black females and beta white men stay taking Ls like a Azov base getting shelled by the Russian Army with Putin and the KGB powerless to fuck it up. How desperate do you have to be to do something like this, aren’t black women and white men supposed to be the master race according to their twisted philosophy?

    This is why white women from the Middle East and Eastern Europe walk all over them because black women/white men are delusional elitist cucks who want attention. Natasha from Belarus or Abby from Syria going about her business is a problem to the racist black female and beta white male, but not Chabad Chev and his Mafiya thugs causing chaos, mayhem and destruction with their gang wars, neo-Nazi movements and ursury, Missa Chin getting rich off weaves and sending Western tech to China through Israel and the likes of Weedman Jake, Dunse Thugs Dave, Scammer Sam and 45 Block Jack wreaking havoc on the streets.

    Black women and white men need to stop dick policing and actually deal with problems instead of whining on 4chan and Gab and making fools out of themselves.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are the most delusional women on the planet because they think that they can get themselves a top tier white man for a genuine long term relationship and we all know that white men are not into black women like that outside a quick shag and ting. Black women are jealous of SYSBM black men because we can easily get into mixed race relationships with non black women and they cant with non black men because we are the second most desirable men on the planet whereas they are the least desired women on the planet.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women have been jealous of the power black men have in the dating and mating market for the longest, this is why they’ve tried all their various techniques of witchcraft and sorcery trying their utmost to dissuade us from looking for love and companionship elsewhere most commonly using shaming/guilt tripping language.

      Like I said before, those techniques are outdated, they no longer work, however black women refuse to go back to the drawing board in order to figure out new ways of trying to keep who those already on the plantation in place and to get those who have left the plantation to return.

    2. “Delusional”? Have ya’ll seen Amerika’s brand spanking new Afro spokeswoman for the White House & that delusional POTUS, Joe BiDUMB??
      Jeeezus, she’s a doozy! Talk about delusional.

      A queer, feminist Haitian. Damn, I didn’t see that one coming.
      Do you know how EMBARRASSING that makes all “educated” black women in the US look? lol
      But they’ve earned it. lol
      Interesting times ahead as the unipolar Babylon & her “Western” vassal slave states sink to new toxic levels of DEGENERACY as the new Multipolar World Order takes shape with Russia, China, India, the other BRICS, EurAsia, Central & South America, and Africa trading freely among ourselves.

  4. Most blizzard frosts won’t even look in the same direction to swirlers and would just ignore them as if they don’t exist.

    They would never look at a tik tok vid like this and just pretend it never happened.

    When a asian woman dates out, she has blizzard frost in her corner as her number one choice.

    When a white wifey dates out, she has a black man in her corner as her number one choice.

    Meanwhile blackistan males are completely opposite cause they will always look in the same direction to their negress females.

    If all blackistan males stopped looking in the same direction to them, I can’t imagine what that feels like and what it would look like.

    That would mean a lot more black men bachelors and a lot more black men dating out with only non black women.

    That would also mean all negress females extinction, that sounds like heaven to me.

    In reality most blackistan males can’t leave the negro mindset, so they can’t date out with anyone.

    1. Witwijf,

      Just as Christ stated that very few find the straight and narrow path, in like manner most black men will never discover SYSBM, they will continue to stick with the devil they know and forever be lost and repeatedly wounded in the process if they’re not snuffed out beforehand as a result of choosing to follow black women no matter what.

      Unfortunately most black men are unable to think and reason for themselves, they require their black female lord and saviour’s approval and validation on practically everything they involve themselves in. As we keep on saying, SYSBM is for the very, very few, NOT the many.

  5. What they are doing is virtue signaling, advertising their desperation, and looking for a savior to their dysfunctional & cathartic lives.

    In the past 15 years due to the online web, we have witnessed how far Black women will go to the extreme to date non-Black men. From dating well known White Supremacist, being in Ghetto Gaggers, making humiliating vlogs & streaming clips, and even sleeping in homelessness & poverty with Bottom shelf Brad.

    The only reason Black women engage in such deplorable acts is because 1)they have become their own separate group with an agenda and self serving interest, 2) they have turned against their race so who is going to punish or protect them as no one should, 3) despite all their false inferential statistics, they know very well they are not doing good as a group, only a few on an individual level,and 4) their reputation is shot, so much to a degree that they have to accept their place as a negro pet and humiliate themselves for acceptance.

    No one is dating nor marrying Black women on a large scale. We all know marriage and birth rates are down amongst all groups. However, Black women’s statistic in dating, marriage, and interracial dating is still god awful.

    They still claim that their IR marriage numbers are getting higher, which is true. What they don’t tell you is they still get divorced (usually the non-Black counterpart files for divorce 90% of the time) and left with biracial children in a hostile community with no assets to be passed to their mixed offspring.

    There are several examples that I can display that shows this however it would take another comment thread to expose these examples and their statistical falsehoods. I’ve seen plenty of Black women with biracial kids, no man in tow usually, and looking absolutely miserable.

    This is due to the treatment they get from the dominant society by being in a place which they have absolutely no belonging nor placement in. Also, their children are not accepted by any group. Lastly, very few white men are not going to pickup the slack to take care of another man’s lineage. Even if its half white. That demographic is far and few.

  6. I did an article of black females getting degraded by these white beta males on Tik Tok. You think that the Nice Guy Nick will go for black women? No, because that he sees the dysfunctional behaviour they are showing on display and they are not afraid of showing it. But at the end of the day, they will go for the worthless white men who are beta males that will abuse them. I was on the train today coming from Brixton and I stopped at Victoria and I was thinking of this. Black men cheat and white men beat. I was goanna talk about this one Wednesday but let talk about this now. Black men just cheat on their woman, no matter who it is. But the when it comes to the white men, they will beat the crap out of their woman. And these beta males will slap down these black females without thinking if they show that dysfunctional behaviour. We all know that these black females will not deal with the well off white man Nice Guy Nick. They’ll just try use him but they prefer the white beta male more then any high standard man. I have no issues of black women dating non black men but as I see the dudes they are with, it really goes to show that they have no standards

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto gagging, ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  7. All of that peacocking for a White man, and they say Black men are obsessed with White women? Where are the videos of brothers rapping about getting with a White woman? This braud even rapped about making him be interested in her if he had no prior interest in Black girls; give me a break! That “Black girl magic” is only good for making him disappear after he gets her pregnant with a biracial child; then she will later get on social media crying about how he called her racial slurs, was verbally abusive, and mistreated her. If she does manage to snag herself a White guy, we all know how the saga will end.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Exactly, black men aren’t engaging in assorted bread and circus monkey show theatrics trying to get with non black women, we’re simply stepping into the dating arena and making it happen. Black women really believe they have sufficiently hidden the fact that so many black female/white male relationships are contaminated. #BLACKGIRLTRAGIC

      1. We are in primary election season where I live. I have not followed it closely, but I will vote. This year I will vote against every black female running for any type of elected office.

        My reasoning is very strategic. Black female elected officials are weaponized against heterosexual free thinking black men. There are other issues to be concerened with. But this year I will only focus on the weaponization of black female elected officials against free thinking heterosexual black men.

  8. God damn it! That fake hair, fake makeup…that un-feminine LOOK of that swirlin’ sista in the above video ABSOLUTELY drives me BATTY! 🤡🤡🙈 ugh!
    Why oh why do they “style” themselves that way? Why why why?

    Do they not realize how TACKY they LOOK?
    Do they NOT realize that even the decent looking snowflake men ARE TURNED OFF with that look? Do they? lol 🤔👀😁
    I SEE Amerikan sistas in general have really gone downhill in the LOOKS & STYLZ department.

    The only white dude this scraggle is going to lasso is a boring simp LOSER who can’t score any play from sensible, attractive FEMININE white wommin. lol
    They’d be better off just jetting off to Asia instead of swirlin with BW in Amerikastan.😁

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