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Nobody Is Losing Sleep Over You, Smh! #SHORTS


Looks like those links above are now dead. Just checking, is anybody losing any sleep over this masculine, coarse looking, fake eye lash and nose ring wearing old hag above, because I sure am NOT. Do you see how some dysfunctional nugget headed black women can ruffle the feathers of a few blue pilled, black male simps and automatically assume that the same feeling can be extended out to black men as a collective?

In my book, any woman who refuses to submit to a good man’s authority should automatically be abandoned as quickly as possible, this is what her statement is really all about, the fact that the modern day black female refuses to submit to the black man and stands tall and proud in such a position.

As I’ve stated before, black women refusing to submit to black men is no skin off my nose as I no longer deal with black women under dating and mating capacities and haven’t done so for over 17 years, when I went SYSBM back around 2005, I went SYSBM cold turkey and didn’t look back.

The only black men who are upset with black women are the blue pilled, pro black female, black women first simps who black women don’t want anyway. You honestly have to be a complete fool under heavy witchcraft to continue chasing after a group of females who treat you like absolute garbage and only see you as a viable option once they’ve been ran through and used up by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse, Shifty Sizzler and Cheezy Grillz.

As per usual it’s always these ugly looking broads who have the biggest mouths and the most to say. Weakest link? Her face is a weak link and a missing one all by itself. It’s amazing how we’re supposed to be the “weakest link” yet these same black sirens are constantly raising issue about the so called “weakest links” seeking out love, sex and companionship elsewhere.

Don’t ever argue with these unbridled delusional broads, let them talk to the Wall of Silence about their standards, how good and high value they claim to be and what they “require” in a man. Gentlemen, always remember to go where you will be loved and appreciated, not tolerated and hated.

The weakest link my backside, these will be the same mentally ill cretins begging the “weakest links” for “protection” as well as help and assistance in the event of natural disasters. It’s funny how black men all of a sudden lose the “weakest link” status whenever they’re helping these ingrates get across flooded streets to dry land as well as bringing them food and supplies, smh. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

No Sleep Lost Over Here

Most high Bless

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39 thoughts on “Nobody Is Losing Sleep Over You, Smh! #SHORTS

  1. It is kind of funny when these BW and simps saying how we are mad because we cannot have them or these BW washed their hand of us thinking BM.

    Let me tell you something, brothers do not care.
    Even these BW walk away from thinking brothers in droves which they did for the longest, we got over 100 countries to choose from.

    Simps and hotep are the only ones will lose sleep.

    1. These women always saying that these women are rising against the Black Patriarchy and the BM are losing.
      Also no thinking straight BM are fearing the BW rebellion against Black Community as this was done since 1970s and the welfare, liberals and feminist.
      All this talk about rebellion they are 50 years late and thinking brothers have moved on and we do not care.
      They can keep their rebellion because they are the same one want to go back the Black Commnitah when it does not work out.
      I know these hoteps will always welcome the feminist back with open arms.

      I always take the quote you stated from the ‘Anti-Simp Man’ when he said ‘Fine, we got 190+ countries to choose from’.
      I love the quote for a reason when he said that. Because these BW always believe that they are the only females to choose from in the dating pool as simps and hoteps do not have the balls to think outside the box and ge out of the hood social circle.
      Once you go outside the circle, there are plenty of fishes in the sea.

      1. Michael Mister Tea:I hope None of these Worthless,Garbage,Low Life Simp,Beta Male Manginas NEVER Discover or attempt to do what is Critical Thinking Brothers have been doing as far as finding the sweet gems and jewels we have by going to all those Awesome wonderful countries where we are Truly Loved,Honored,Wanted,Desired,Respected and Honored.These Scum bag dudes belong to the streets and Don’t deserve to Enjoy the sweet fruits and pleasures that those countries so joyfully and eagerly give us decent,smart, intelligent,fun filled righteous Brothas.

      2. MMT,

        Black women really don’t understand what small circle of men are fussing over them and on top of this they don’t realise that the circle is getting smaller and smaller. Like I said before, eventually black women via their own hands are going to completely relegate themselves out of the dating market altogether, as they sink deeper into the sewer even some of these simps will begin to rebel against them.

    2. Andy C,

      These black sirens think all black men are alike, therefore if a cadre of simps are getting big mad over them, they automatically think that those same feelings apply to other black men, nope, couldn’t be further from the truth. I most certainly am not losing sleep over a black witch, most certainly not this snaggle toothed monstrosity above, that will NEVER happen.

  2. An ugly mean girl with a Kizzy head wrap (where you can see the tag), raspy voice, fake lashes and crooked-ass teeth, make it make sense. Only dimes can be mean girls. Bring back ugly girl shaming asap.

    “What you gone do about it?” Hahaha NOTHING.

    “The weakest link my backside, these will be the same mentally ill cretins begging the “weakest links” for “protection” as well as help and assistance in the event of natural disasters. It’s funny how black men all of a sudden lose the “weakest link” status whenever they’re helping these ingrates get across flooded streets to dry land as well as bringing them food and supplies, smh. #SYSBM”

    I remember a flood in Texas where a Black man had a small boat and got his white woman, mixed kids and white next door neighbors out. Guess he was the “strongest link” for his friends & family. SYSBM, in case of disaster leave these strong melanated queanz behind, they can fend for themselves.

    1. What does a heifer need a boat for, since she can float her mass behind to safety?

    2. Schadenfreude,

      The delusions of grandeur are incredible with most black women these days, they can look as ugly as a baboon’s testicles but will still have so much to say and have so many “demands” that must be met by the men foolish enough to deal with them, oh well, that’s their liability, not mine.

      Indeed, in times of flooding disasters let these heifers use their BBLs to float to safety and any other silicone they’ve injected into themselves. Not my women, not my problem.

      1. sorry most of the bbls belong to your nonblack women…and those hideous fake lips

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I will never lose sleep over that ugly old hag of a black woman. I have always been SYSBM aware from when I was 12 years old back in 1994 when I was in year 7/first year in secondary school because I felt different from the black community because I wasn’t the stereotypical black guy, but I went fully SYSBM from October 1998 when I was just 16 years old after the last break up with black ex girlfriend whose mum broke us up because I wasn’t Jamaican and she wanted her daughter to only date Jamaican men and I am Guyanese and I haven’t regretted since. Unfortunately my Jamaican ex girlfriend became a single mother when she was 20 years old back in 2003 or 2004 by some yardie Jamaican man and I last saw her back in 2009 when I was 27 years old and she hit the wall badly and that was my lucky escape I guess. I can’t believe that I am a childfree man who is going to be 40 years old in early June 2022 and I haven’t aged since I was 18 years old back in 2000.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Avoiding dealing with black women under dating and mating capacities can add many, many years to your life and help you to avoid so much stress. As we can see, so many things remain the same, black women as a collective continue to get impregnated by the wrong kinds of males and never seem to learn from their mistakes.

      When I was growing up I saw the same thing, black women over and over again rejecting the stable men for the fast lane boys and ultimately paying the price for doing so. As I always say, that’s their problem, not mine. No clean up men over here.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I will never be the clean up man for black womens foolish choices in life especially when they have kids from the wrong dudes and end up becoming single mothers. I am so glad that I am a SYSBM black man who uses his brains.

  4. Verbs2015,

    The daggle in the video above can talk like this because she has been gassed up by black male simps her entire life. I’ll bet she has never even been approached by a high quality black man. So she has no clue about what that is.

    When I was simping heavily, I never simped with a beast like this. There was nothing wrong in the looks department, with the daggles I simped with. Most black male simps would have given their eye teeth just to kiss these daggles’ asses. I was never that type of low IQ, low information simp, because I don’t have a low IQ, and I have always been intellectually curious, so never low information either.

    These daggles had ok looks. I just got tired of their scraggle daggle mentalities.

    The point is, let the low standards black male simps and the beastly scraggle daggles that they pine for, wallow together in their own degeneracy.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      High quality black men wouldn’t even look in this monster’s direction, all she has to choose from are bottom of the barrel, low self esteem, low confidence having black male simps who believe she’s the best thing since the internet.

      These ugly females exhibiting arrogance and pomp are a serious problem, however not as serious as the knuckleheaded lugheads gassing up their egos, smh. Most black men if they’re honest have been down Simp Avenue, the problem is so many of them never exit that path.

  5. The only weakest link are themselves and their blackistan males since the beginning of time in the world.

    The strongest link are ourselves who choose to only date out with any race ethnicities of high quality non black women since the beginning of time.

    Even black men bachelors are stronger links since beginning of time than black couple relationships.

    My link with a white wifey can’t be a broken link cause I’ll keep updating it with maintenance.

    1. Witwijf,

      Any black man who chooses to expand upon his dating options as well as take his money and resources elsewhere will always be viewed as a “weak link” by the black witch, yet look at the state of black society under her watch, but we’re not supposed to point this out and correctly allocate the weakest link status in her direction?

      These black sirens couldn’t run a bath yet alone a community, but free thinking brothers who are doing quite well for themselves away from the pile of ashes and rubble black women created are somehow the weakest link, these delusions are nothing but a joke and will remain so, smh.

  6. Hold up; was that Trinidad James? Obviously not, but she does look like him in the face; now, to address her stupidity: who exactly is trying to control Black women? Is she implying that Black patriarchy exists? I can assure you it doesn’t; just look at the communitah and tell me how many homes are led by strong Black fathers as well as the condition to be found there. We all the know the answer to that: the broken homes we see in Black America are led by the daggle, so who’s really the weakest link here?

    Also, when we factor in them being the least desirable for dating and marriage and their subpar net worth, we can begin to see how delusional this braud really is; as Verbs said, only the blue piled hoteps who still refuse to read the handwriting on the wall. There’s no redeeming these brauds; to answer that daggle’s question, SYSBM is what I’m going to do about it! I’m going to build a family with a quality stargate and keep my family away from Blackistani negroes.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Nothing much to add and just reiterating what you said, the black community has been turned into a pile of ashes and rubble under the watch and control of black women, NOT black men, but somehow and every-time this inconvenient fact is conveniently overlooked.

      Black men with sense and intelligence won’t and aren’t paying delusional women like this any attention. I’ll keep on saying it, the time is soon coming where black women with their own hands will completely relegate themselves out of the dating market permanently.

  7. That broad looks like she shoots dice in the alley by the local pool hall! GTFOH!!! No one is losing sleep over these man faced marauders! The Daggle is beyond delusional!

  8. “Weakest link? Her face is a weak link and a missing one all by itself”

    SHOTS FIRED! Pop pop pop!

    She closed those links off quicker than a black man cheating in Greece. I do wonder why?

    This Is the problem with haughty heifers who get their self esteem from a black mirror. The internet is NOT the real world. In the outside world, broadcasting diatribes will be challenged and people have the right to do so. It’s only propagandists, racists and low vibe individuas who insists on their one-sided bullshit being “protected speech”. She’ll find out that Elon Musk opening up Twitter is only the start of social media losing its safe space. Maybe Black Men can finally be heard without being censored.

    1. Sadly true. Racist white man, Chabad extremists and black women are the only ones begging for their racist claptrap to be protected. They can cry about ‘white women stealing their jobs’ all they want, but who’s going around shegging kids and bombing the Middle East again? Shaniquas, Bottom Shelf Brad and Kremlin Cuck Joe can all go take a trip to Ukraine, Greece and Israel and leave the rest of us alone.

    2. Michel,

      Yep and I’ve got no problems firing cannons in the direction of these delusional Cro-magnon looking black harriets as well. I completely agree, the internet is NOT the real world, however unfortunately so many of these delusional broads believe that men showing them interest on the internet equates to the same in the streets, however nothing could be further from the truth. Their so called “safe spaces” won’t last forever.

  9. Weakest link of what? Tell me! I’m not losing sleep over this. I’m sleep comfortable thank you very much. As well see black females acting ratchet and showing on display and celebrating a black man’s death, it really goes to show that they are not dateable in the dating market. With the black women I’m seeing and with my exes in the past, I’m really not missing much at all. What am I missing? Nothing much at all. I’m not bothered of this ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggle daggle who has been ram through by Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Chopper Man Stoley. And fools like Foolmar Johnson who sniffed out the whole bag of cocaine says that we show wife up these harridans that will give problems to good black man. I’m no good black man. Just to let you know!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times because these ghetto scragglies like this woman here are coming after them.


    1. Dr Umar sez:


    2. Money Cultural,

      Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Chopper Man Stoley can have women like this, I won’t stand in their way, they’re free to scoop them up.

  10. Verbs2015,
    WOW Calling Straight Back Men who are looking for Better. ”Weakest Link” & Then Just Disappears from TikTok. If Anything She’s Just Another Mouth-Breather that has Shown She can Talk a Good Fight, But Can’t Back it up. I Can’t Think of Anyone Standing in Line Looking to wanna Date or Breed with that in the Video. Let Alone, Lose Any Sleep Over Not Matting with that. Unless they got Some Heavy Self Esteem Issues. Bottom Line, Let Women like that Continue to Live in their Deluded Fantasies. Cause in the end. That’s just Another Scraggle Daggle that’ll be in a House Full of Cats. #SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Shawn Swint,

      The internet being a serious equaliser has allowed black men to respond in real time to the sewage that regularly disseminates from the mouth of these delusional black harpies, they’re beginning to realise that they cannot fly the same garbage they once did when they had the mainstream media floor and the internet wasn’t available to us. Show no mercy to these haughty black sirens, roast and cook them whenever they set a foot wrong.

    2. but you dont find better, you find the same garbage in other races of women…the facts dont lie. you get the line backing, fake lip having nonblack women. the good looking women of any race get fine ass black men or good looking black men…
      low self esteem black men get the white man’s garbage.

  11. Delusional racist fools will always look for pity from the people around them.

    Look at Putin with his neo-Soviet Union, Third Rome ‘guardian of the white proletariat’ nonsense. People warned the idiots on Daily Stormer and 4chan over and over again, this man is not your savior. He’s connected with the Chabad Azov Mafia that also runs the West and let Russia degenerate into the hub of gay porn and paganism.

    [Note: Is it me or do race purists tend to be secretly fishes? Black women and liberals with the LGBTQ+, the Nazis with the sadomasocism and the Ruskies with the gay porn and male rape problem]

    Nobody listened and now we have this war in Ukraine which only benefits the Chabad rabbis and their agenda of a Greater Ukraine in the CCP Belt and Road program. Same thing with black females and white men. They thought they were on top of the world due to their supposed racial superiority that Captain Anglo and Baron Rothschild programmed into them, but in reality Shaniqua, Brad and Vlad were just the fall guys for the NWO run from Israel.

    Now with interracial dating at an all time high and most of the high tech and industry gone to China through Israel whom the clowns thought was their ‘greatest ally’, the three stooges of the bankers are whining and moaning about being replaced on the usual sites. Pro-blacks desperate for attention have joined them and in the process have made fools out of themselves.

    Ah, well. Not my problem. When even the communist revanchist Trump manages to be ten times better than you in things supposed to be dealt with 50 years ago people tend to look and laugh. Globalization has opened up the markets and it’s hurting them.

    1. Although I have no truck with the Democrats that show themselves to be screeching confused pedophiles, the “right” still haven’t learn their lesson from Fox News selling them out repeatedly. All that’s happened is the table at the top just got rearranged, rather than the table becoming a techno-communist hologram. How is it that Black women, racists from both wings and every other race ALL happen to be kiddyfiddlers?

  12. I don’t pay particular attention to the rantings and propaganda of Black women, White women, or those in between. However, BW continue to operate in a histrontric, anti-social personality disorder tendencies.

    Since they live in delusions of grandeur and false sense of self-importance, many will have to suffer due to their stubbornness (which is a low IQ trait) and inability to adapt with their current environment.

    Black women like to espouse false inferential statistics. However, they have no idea how to actual gauge and read raw analytical data, nor understand quantitative observational data.

    Most of their statistics showing marriage rates to be lasting longer to non-Black groups is false. In fact, it’s in the top 4 for divorce. They are not the most educated in the Black populous nor in the demographic of women.

    In fact, when you look at what they enroll in and the majors they what to be employed in, they are usually 1) Psychology, 2) Sociology, 3) Gender “feminist” studies, 4) Medical Nursing (which most BW change their majors 5 years afterwards), 5) Criminal Justice, and lastly 6) “Political Science”.

    Most of these majors are actually useless. And the ones that aren’t, they are not proficient nor capable to do a phenomenal job. Their whole mantra is “To work two or three times harder to prove they equal to Whites”. Which gets them burnt out and washed within years. Especially being a negro pet and bedwench.

    Lastly (I know I’m going on a long winded diatribe), how can Black women outnumber Black men by three million but their marriage rates are still lower, their out of birth rates with non-Blacks are higher, their STD rates are significantly higher than your male counterparts, and their the least chosen on any scale of dating.

    Everyone is apathetic and doesn’t care about the plight nor struggles of Black women. They shit on their warrior and building class, then are stumped why they are not recieving protection, especially from other groups.

  13. I continue to have gnawing problems with the untimely death of Kevin Samuels. Even though he was a peacock, I personally don’t believe he was gay.

    As a matter of fact, I will posit that he would be alive today if he was gay. America loves to prop up gay black males, make them famous, and use their persona to confuse other black males.

    I will also posit that Kevin Samuels would be alive today had he been SYSBM. In America, I have no difficulty dating non black women. As a matter of fact, many non black women are actively on the hunt for black men with business about themselves. And I regularly benefit from this.

    But at the same time, it has been my experience that the overwhelming majority of American women who are a 5 or better in looks, have been gassed up and simped up so much by American commercialized simp culture, that they make bad relationship material. This applies to black and non black females alike.

    I just cannot understand why a black millionaire such as Kevin Samuels was so involved with American women. He could have afforded weekend trips to South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Cape Verde, Eastern Europe, etc, anytime he wanted.

    It begs the question: why then did he waste his time with the most misandrist population of females any culture has ever produced? Why did he spend so much time interacting with hotep simp society?

    We have seen this movie over and over again. Hotep society tries to marginalize any black man who goes against the hotep narrative of the black male as a simp who subordinates himself to the scraggle daggle, proclaims them to be Quaens, and worships at their nasty bunioned feet. If such a black man develops a black male following, then hotep society murders him, if it cannot destroy him with character assassination.

    General Blizzard works hand in hand with hotep culture and the scraggle daggles to keep chains on the mind of the black male. General Blizzard gives hoteps and scraggle daggles all the resources necessary to carry out his nefarious agenda. And they gleefully do his bidding.

    First David Carroll, then Kevin Samuels. I hope this serves as a wake up call to all black men who are successfully calling out the fuckery and dysfunction of America’s scraggle daggles. In America, hoteps and scraggle daggles will kill you, if you let your guard down.

    And the scraggle daggles will twerk on your grave, with the hotep black male simps at their feet.

  14. Hey verbs i think you should offer advice on how sysbm men can protect their stargates form jealous heifers and captain yeti. Last week i walked into gym with my snowbunny and the hate wss through the fucking roof man its worse cause im tall and goodlooking too shit sad asf what your advice.

    1. Zane,

      First things first, if you haven’t done so already you’re going to have to school your girlfriend on who the potential enemies of your relationship are, don’t leave her in the dark, it helps and equips her if she knows what’s going on with team black women and Admiral Frost throwing major shade on black men and white women whenever they decide to deal with each other.

      Other than that as long as the black witch and General Blizzard don’t do anything stupid and don’t try to get physical with her, let them stew, marinate and burn in their seething jealousy. I remember mentioning here a while back how I went to the gym and Colonel Sleet went out of his way to show me that a black witch was his woman, trust me, I fully understand where you’re coming from.

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