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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

No mega rant for this week fellas other than to point out what is already known how we free thinking black men are on our own. We SYSBM practitioners know and accept this, it’s other sects within black male society who typically fool themselves into believing that they’ll be able to rely upon and form some sort of coalition with other non white groups when the going gets rough, however nothing could be further from the truth.

The heterosexual free thinking black man who is fully grounded in his masculinity and manhood is the number one enemy of every other male society on this planet, his own female counterpart having formed an alliance with Colonel Sleet aka the black witch still remains the number one adversary and threat to free thinking brothers worldwide.

Open Mic Wednesday is here, Slaying Evil is always proud to provide a quality space for heterosexual free thinking black men to talk freely. Another Open Mic session has once again landed upon us, what’s on your minds for this week fellas? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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37 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Ive accepted that being a SYSBM black man that I will be on my own in the world and that the black community will hate me forever. I have no regrets about making that decision because I am happier for it because I can be my true self. 😊

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I have no regrets walking away from the dysfunctional black community either, best decision I ever made.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. SYSBM has been a life saver for both of us.

      2. Brothers, it goes without saying:


  2. Verbs you are absolutely right. I try to focus on helping and mentoring heterosexual Black men & boys ONLY.

    If I had Elon Musk f*ck-you money, I would create a gated community/town for the best/brightest intact Black families with fathers in the home. Interracial couples welcome, but only with Black fathers. Private school on the property, no LGBTQIAP indoctrination. Kids would have to test into the school. No dummies/slow/remedials. Hospital also if possible with Black doctors. No single babymamas of any race, no Section 8, no welfare. And armed ex-military security from Blackwater with orders to shoot to kill if they see anything they don’t like, because you know racist KKK whitey wouldn’t be able to help himself. The black queanz would also send their drones to test shit. K!ll ’em all. No Tulsa or Rosewood here.

    That’s what I’d do with $43 Million lol. My fantasy for the day.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I like the idea of a planned community where Black men run things. With Elon Musk type money, one could set up many of them. I would start with buying huge tracts of land. I would start with 2 states, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. I would buy 150000 acres in each state to build my communities on. It would definitely be self contained with the best and brightes black doctors, nurses, lawyers. engineers, skilled craftsmen, pilots, sailors, teachers, etc.

      We would produce much of our own food, we would be coastal, so we would have a fleet of ships and a fleet of planes. Of course we would have schools and hospitals. Our security would be top notch. All elite special forces trained. All members would be extensively vetted for mental aptitude, critical thinking skills, values, world view, and ideology. It would be family centric, but would be tolerant of those who wanted to live single. Minstream Christianity and Islam would be the dominant religions. No wierd religious practices or sects of any kind would be tolerated. Seperation of church and state would be absolute. There woukld be zero tolerance for injustice of any kind, and zero tolerance for corruption of any kind. We would enforce strict rules of public decorum regarding sexual behavior. All explicit sexual behavior would be regarded as private behavior and kept out of the public square. This would absolute enforced, and the requirement for taste, discretion, and privacy would deter the LGBTQ crowd from wanting to live in these communities.

      I differ from your idea in one key respect. No families allowed where the wife is black. If you started allowing such ‘intact black familie’, no matter how good the family seemed, your new society would eventually morph into the same pathologies and dydfunctions as da communitah.

      1. I wish there was a system of your ideas in the UK where I am but black men over here are already dating out closer to 74%.

        This percentage helps black men over here to continue accelerating in many ways.

        I agree that no families should be allowed if their wife is black cause its only interracial with all non black women of different race ethnicities.

        At the same time a white wife as an example can’t be a whore and the ones who have onlyfans accounts ain’t wifey material at all so they can’t be allowed in either.

      2. “I differ from your idea in one key respect. No families allowed where the wife is black. If you started allowing such ‘intact black familie’, no matter how good the family seemed, your new society would eventually morph into the same pathologies and dydfunctions as da communitah.”

        You’re right. Even if you build a decent environment for the modern low self esteem western black wahmen all she’ll do is get “bored” and start causing chaos. My Claire Huxtable dreams of a decent all Black family got the best of me lol.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Your services are much required because practically nobody is looking out for the heterosexual free thinking brother out here, look at how many of those who have come along claiming to have our best interests at heart only to turncoat and do a complete 180 degree turn and in so many of these cases the catalyst and inspiration for the about face has been the modern day black female, smh.

      Heterosexual free thinking black men need more support and representation and I’m happy to step up to the plate, no selling out of the free thinking black man over here.

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! There are lots of changes taking place in the world today, it’s crazy; while most folks are focused on the leaked draft of Roe v. Wade being overturned, many don’t realize that other rights are being taken away right underneath their noses. YouTube is now teaming up with NGOs and government agencies to combat “misinformation and hate speech”:

    I’d personally like to know who are these NGOs and government agencies that specialize in these specific areas, and how exactly do they define hate speech and misinformation? We’ve taken yet again another step backwards towards the Dark Ages.

    P.S. I want whatever that guy in the video at that EDM festival is having.

  4. Bw on the job found out that i date outside my race. For the last few weeks they have been mistreating me because of it, guess i’m not allowed to have options other than them…

    1. Clay,

      I know this is an American thing,
      I just do not understand why BW lose professionalism at the workplace because you date elsewhere.

      I think sometimes I answer my own question when I say this:
      In the UK, we keep professional/Business and Personal/pleasure seperately.

      We do not to this American stuff where they mix professional/personal at the same time because if these BW has issues with you dating outside the race, they should keep that beef outside of work and do not put that shit at the workplace.

      I seen this on social media on occations that it is very rare in Britain, but very common in America that these western females bring their personal and Social Media beef in the workplace so they can get people sacked.

      If someone got a beef with each other in the workplace, then conflict resolved in the workplace and stay in the workplace.
      Also if someone got beef with each other at home, then conflict resolve at home and stay at home.

      If I had some personal beef with someone and I am at work, I just wait until I get home from and get that sorted.

      The point I am saying is you should pay her no mind.

    2. Clay,

      Black women feel that they own you, as you pointed out in their eyes you are NOT ALLOWED to have any options outside of themselves. Black women are a mean and evil bunch, they’re not interested in a brother with his head screwed on straight until he gets scooped up by a non black female, then all of a sudden they’ll try and act different, however one should never fall for such trickery, lies and deceit.

      As we always say here, go where you’re shown love and appreciation and don’t worry about what these black sirens have to say. I personally would interact with them as little as you can if that’s possible.

    3. I feel sorry for you good SYSBM brothas who have to deal with salty black heffas on the job. Been there done that. Hopefully none of them are your boss. Just do your work and keep it moving I guess.

  5. Good Open Topic Wednesday afternoon,

    According to this guy, if you as black people don’t address the systemic issues against blk people and picking on said people then you’re a coward and a white supremacist.

    “Kevin Samuel Is A Puppet For W/S.”

    1. Forward that guy several clips of Ghetto Gaggers, the Massa TikTok challenge and tweets of “abort black babies”. If that doesn’t break him, nothing will.

    2. How Kevin is a Puppet?

      This guy promoted black love.
      He had his group where no one see and I see this on Facebook that he basically pair 10 or more black couple.
      I think 5 black couples were engaged and got married.
      All in that group and I am not talking some fan page groups.

      He also promote black love without writing a single book, unlike Shawn James, Derrick Jaxn or Steve Harvey.
      He uses the sales analogy to these BW to explain why they deserve the top men.

      Some BW callers saw the light and leave their ghetto friends, the ones who sabotage few good BW when they find good brothers because usually BW hate each other and have this crab mindet as soon as one of them find a good BM her ghetto friends always sabotage it.

      Some BW got rehab thanks to him.

      The simps who hate on him want to enable more hoes of the BW and these are the same simps who complain and dick police thinking brothers.

      So, no. He is a completly opposite of White Supremacy.

      I am not here to defend and I am no fan of Kevin. However had success stories. Unlike these hoteps who spend day and night putting these BW on the pedestal which still get them no sex by these females.

      I know he gave hope to the brothers that there are good BW out there. As for me, I gave up this black love a long time ago and better off expanding else where.

    3. Brotherdanunlimited,

      As commenter AmericanBlkMan would say, another pandering black male simp trying to give black women a squeeze and a pass. These black males simps are the very reason why black female society will continue to flow down the toilet and thereafter into the deepest sewers.

      They’re a bunch of straight up knuckleheads who believe they can bring some sort of order to black society WITHOUT checking the number one culprit behind its breakdown, the modern day black woman.

      Like I stated in Negro Wars, there will be NO RESTORATION of black nation until the black witch is chastened and brought back into line(which we already know won’t happen because most black men are afraid of the black siren).

  6. To piggyback on last Wednesday’s Open Topic article pertaining to Mr Let Go. If this dude is for real on staying behind and not going anywhere, this is a clear sign that so many black boys and men don’t have the know how to do better based on what the environment they were born into and raised around people in the same manner. They wasn’t presented with a lot of opportunities and options to do better at the beginning of childhood hence It takes long, hard work to get out of it (the struggle) internally and externally.

    Let’s say Mr. Let Go dates interracially and if he has the same present day mindset then his quality of non-blk woman will be no different than the black ones he ‘let go’. The black swirlers do the same thing when picking men. Either party aren’t willing to improve their own individual selves and move up from the stereotypicalness.

    Conclusion, the mentioning above people are settling because it’s easier.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Additionally, the fact that Mr Let Go isn’t willing to expand upon his dating options in light of how deep black women have sunk into the sewers demonstrates how big of a mind shafting he’s gotten from these black females.

      He is your typical black male who despite being treated like garbage by black women, still chooses to return to them again and again and grovel at their feet. It’s a sat situation but unfortunately we have no standard having black men all over the place like this in huge numbers.

  7. Brit on holiday in LA has jewellery stolen by masked gang, yells out “black bastards”

    A Brit shouting “black bastards”, just like his father on the 1970s. Sounds about right.

    Not to mention him flaunting expensive jewellery in thieving Commiefornia. Dude thought he’d be safe in a state where crime is aided and abetted. Should have been more careful.

  8. There is nothing to say but this. as we know that Kevin Samuels died, we all see black women celebrating the man’s death all because he talked about the ratchetness of black women and talked about black men too. When Kobe Bryant died, they celebrated. When David Carroll died, they celebrated as well. and now they are celebrating the death of Kevin Samuels. It really goes to show that these ghetto ratchet black women don’t care about us. Not only that, it seems like they are the enemy of black men. And the simps and the white beta male. On Friday, I’m goanna do an article on this. In the most high we trust? Yes! In the enemy we trust? No!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight at all times.


  9. Well said Verbs. Out of curiosity, are any of you brothers National citizens? If so, what are the pros and coins of that level of citizenship.

  10. Just recently found out that even Tom Leykis has been kicking dirt on the late Kevin Samuels’ name. (This is after KS has, on multiple occasions, shouted out TL as a pioneer for publicly speaking out for men.)

    1. Leykis is mad because he’s washed up and Kevin came in with a similar schtick and became a superstar. Kinda like when Arsenio came in and was the first real competition for Johnny Carson back in the late 80s.

      1. @Schadenfreude


        I don’t know if this is an accurate analogy, but it’s like if Tom Leykis invented the wheel, Kevin Samuels took that wheel and turned it into a wheelbarrow or a rickshaw.

        By the way, I forgot to mention that the main reason that Tom Leykis was dissing Kevin Samuels was because Leykis accused Kevin Samuels of stealing some of his material & talking points.

        I’m not sure of this, but I have heard that Tom Leykis was getting G checked pretty hard because of what he did.

    2. Kameron Brown,

      Leykis was definitely jealous of Kevin Samuels because Samuels came up via a bigger platform(the internet) whereas Leykis operated primarily through radio. Some of these older school boys don’t want to let go and allow others to come up.

  11. I’ve come to the difficult decision of cutting off my siblings. My relationship with my sister is over.

    Following being told to fuck off and consistently siding against me, seeing me as “the evil one”, the narcissistic one and the lazy one, I’m done with her completely.

    I’ve spoken to several brothers at work who also have fractious relationships with their sisters, aunts and cousins, because they’ve taken the side of one family member over them. Those bros have simply cut them out of their life and the stress, abuse and mud slinging have disappeared.

    It isn’t just the daggle we have to avoid but female family members who also see you as owned slaves and emotional garbage cans. SYSBM from everybody.

    1. Michel,

      My female relatives tend to be scraggle daggles, even my 2 sisters. While I have not publicly broken with any, including nieces and cousins as well, I give them a wide berth.

      Now they were conditioned to be scraggle daggles by American society, da communitah, and by black people in general. Now the black male in general is probably more guilty than any other cohort. Most black males are simps to the black female. If she looks half way decent, then they are ultra simps. Black males have no standing to expect a better counterpart as long as they continue in their simping ways.

      That said, all black females in America are conditioned to be scraggle daggles towards their male counterpart. It takes extraordinary individual effort to overcome a lifetime of programming, gassing up, and conditioning. Similarly, all black males in America are conditioned to be black male simps to black females. Again, it takes extraordinary individual effort to overcome a lifetime of programming and conditioning. A few do, but not without effort and iniative.

      Rather than debate scraggle daggle behavior and ideology with my black female relatives, I prefer to give them the wide berth. I would gladly embrace any black female relative who changed and made the decision that black females in America must take responsibility for their own behaviors, own their shortcomings, and strive to be better women towards their own race.

    2. Michel,

      It’s a sad situation brother but unfortunately a daggle is a daggle regardless of who she is to you. Remember, most black men have their first bad experiences with black women from the female members of their family, mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, grandmothers etc. This doesn’t really surprise me as your sister has probably decided to extend her hatred for black men to family members.

      The best thing to do is to interact with her as little as possible, the same priciple applies to other jacked up female members of your family, you most certainly do not have to tolerate being disparaged or berated just for being a HETEROSEXUAL black man(that’s the real issue here, if you were homosexual or effeminised, I strongly suspect your sister would be your best friend).

      1. Last paragraph is spot on, I refuse to be at the bottom of the narcissistic family system, with her in the favoured middle seat. Not anymore.

    1. Glen,

      Verbs already made a topic about last year:

      Even the baby’s tattoo is fake because it is a print on, it is still ghetto.
      However they done a video of using the real pen ink tattoo onto the baby which is disturbing.
      Mind you at the time Verbs made this topic last year, the baby was just 6 months old (not even a year old yet) getting tattoos.
      But unfortunately, this is perfectly normal in the communitah.

    2. Glen S,

      After looking at this video, a few things begged the question.

      How did this daggle afford all the parafernalia she was buying for hereslf and her nigglet? From listening to this daggle, it is reasonable to assume she has no marketable skills for the legitimate workspace.

      How did this daggle afford the seemingly nice place she was living in? Hardworking people with legitimate jobs often live in lesser housing.

      It is reasonable to assume that this daggle is selling her ratched sex to black male simps. They are the only ones who would pay for it. It is reasonable to assume this daggle is an accomplice in illegal activities, such as fencing and narcotics selling.

      It is reasonable to assume that this daggle is getting a lot of tax payer money in the form of various types of welfare, to fund her ratched life. It is reasonable to assume that this daggle is gaming the same welfare system.

  12. Verbs2015,
    I Fault Will Smith for SIMPING for Jada, But As you Can See People are Not Letting this Thing Die Out, You Got Mr.s Carpet Muncher Wanda Sykes Who was One of the Hosts of March’s Oscars Show. Still Talking Shit About that Incident. Saying it ”Traumatized Her” Basically Taking a Cue from her White Liberal Hollywood Friend/Co-Host Amy ”Miss Piggy” Schumer. Now I Admit, it Never Should have Happened the way it did, But DAMN We’re in May, Soon We’ll be in June, Later July, August, September etc & People are Still Going on About it. With so Much else Going on like White Actors Bill Murray Being Accused of Gross Misconduct on-Set over the Years including the Movie He’s Doing Called ”Being Mortal” that’s Directed by that Indian Actor Aziz Ansari. Also Ezra Miller of those DCEU Movies Getting into Trouble Every Where he goes & Alec Baldwin Who Shot a Woman Named Halyna Hutchins on Set of his Film ”Rust”. People Turn a Blind eye to those Things, Yet the HEAT,SMOKE & FIRE has to be on Will Smith & Smith doesn’t Have a Track Record of Being a Problematic Person like these Men do, But just Because of a Slap, He’s the Ultimate Evil in Everyone’s Eyes. More so you Have those who are Non-White like Wanda Sykes that Aid in this. Check out this Article that I Uploaded & You’ll see, But Other than That & I Say this with 100% Certainty. ”It’s American Black Women like Wanda Sykes that be The Reason Why I Steer Clear of BW in America” & For All the Carpet Munching Wanda’s Doing for her White Wife I Hope, NO I Pray a Time Comes When She gets Sick of Wanda & Wanda gets Thrown to the Wolves, Because it’s Clear. Wanda Hates Straight Black Men, But Loves Them When they’re like her Boy Chris Rock, Always Taking Garbage about your own People in Mixed Company. But When your Someone like Will (Even Though Jada wasn’t Worth it) Who does ”Step up” for your Family or your Manhood, People Vilify you for it. #SYSBM For Life!!!

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