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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


Some of you gentlemen may be familiar with this guy who goes by the name of Mr Let Go. You can watch the entire video if you want, however the main focus for me was his statement between the 0:55-1:09 mark in response to the black female who spoke before up to 0:54.

Mr Let Go’s statement about “staying and tolerating the mess” is the exact reason why black women particularly in the US will never change for the better. US black women already know that the overwhelming majority of their male counterparts think in the same manner and aren’t going anywhere, they simply cannot “let go” of this modern day black female despite her continued deterioration.

Black women know that most black men are weak willed, don’t have the guts to walk away from them and as a result they take full advantage of this situation, hence the continued outright disrespect, the haughtiness, pride, arrogance, brazen and foul attitudes they throw at black men on the daily.

It’s funny how in the thumbnail of the video it says “you can’t guilt trip men into tolerating you”, yet black men like Mr Let Go are doing exactly what they claim cannot be done as spoken out of Let Go’s own mouth, “tolerating” black women and their messy behaviour, smh.

Mr Let Go unfortunately represents most US black men who see the overt dysfunction of black women, however still choose to “stick it out” believing that at some point black women as a collective will finally see the light and change their ways for the better. We SYSBM practitioners already know that such a change is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

As I’ve stated many times before, bad behaviour from women must always be checked and punished, NEVER tolerated. These are the same black females that you’re being told to” negotiate, horse-trade” and “reconcile” with even though it’s clear that black women themselves at present are quite comfortable walking the path of death and destruction which is leading them straight into the bowels of Hell. Black women as a group simply aren’t interested in negotiating, horse-trading or reconciling with black men period.

The main reason why YOU’RE being encouraged to reconcile, horse-trade and negotiate with black women is because you are the guys that count, you have the most resources and you’re the ones who have the mindset and the capabilities to redeem black society.

However, why should you step up for a society you never ruined to begin with and how can you possibly form a coalition with a group of females who have expressed their utter disdain for black men of your particular kind for the longest?

Besides, exactly what would black women be bringing to the table to negotiate with in the first place, do any of you guys have any ideas what “valuables” black women possess and could barter with because I personally can’t see any?

These are the issues that the pro black love pundits refuse to deal with but at the same time expect you free thinking brothers to still step up anyway and rough it out in the hopes that you can bring these ran through and rinsed out unbridled, uncouth and savage black females and babymothers back under control.

The pro black love pundits have their work seriously cut out, they’re desperate to repair the rift between heterosexual free thinking black men and the black women who hate them but at the same time don’t have a clue as to where to begin.

Clean Up Man Avenue is a dead end street with NO REWARDS or gratitude given, NEVER venture into it and NEVER allow black women and their pro black love flunkies to cajole/shame/guilt trip you into doing so, SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable path for the heterosexual free thinking black man and we’re beginning to see a sharp uptick in brothers who are now realising this.

In other news, it looks like the US Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe vs Wade and the child killing lefties are not happy:

No doubt black women who are the largest group of child killers on the planet are foaming at the mouth and convulsing at the news. Tossing out Roe vs Wade will simply mean that black women who live in red states will most likely have to travel to blue ones in order to utilise child killing services at abortion clinics. In my opinion, procreating with a black female should be deemed a criminal offence.

That’s my mini speech over with, another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

SYSBM For Life

Most High Bless

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40 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. Haha I was following that whole thread. I didn’t know it would blow up like that. Yup the melanated queenz bonnets caught fire when they saw that fat booty Latina riding the pole. These same bitches be wanting you to subscribe to their OnlyFans, making you a sandwich is “slavery” and say that they not leaving the house for a coffee date. BM say “bet” and take their money down to Colombia to buy better pussy and get the deluxe treatment while they are at it and they lose their minds.

      BW simply think your resources belong to them, period. You are not supposed to have the option to get on a plane with your middle-class money and go where you cannot be dick-policed.

      BW also hate it when non-BW defend BM. They tried to go in on that cute Latina who stood up for brothas. She was a little chubby and they tried to clown her but she was cuter than these obese baldheaded sustahs.

      Remember when Kobe died and how vicious these hyenas got at the thought of his fortune going to his LATINA wife and mixed daughters and not weave, nails, crab legs, girl’s trips and waist-cinchers.

      This video’s got over 55,000 views, this is SYSBM at work gentlemen. They all shook up like Elvis. Continue to abandon these bitches, I don’t condone buying strange pussy, but as long as you wrap it up and you’re getting what you want, it’s your thing. All you’re doing is cutting out the bullshit. Fly anywhere you want and leave Shaniqua behind.

      Nobody said shit when Shaniqua takes “girl’s trips” to Jamaica to get her back blown out by Rapid Fire Rasta…Eddie Murphy was doing bits on that way back in the ’80s. It’s only a problem when grown BM show their own AGENCY and DO NOT re-invest in Blackistan but in FOREIGN WOMEN!


  1. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why I refuse to date black women because of all the real negative stereotypes that they possess plus 95 percent of black women worldwide are single mothers and I refuse to date single mothers as a childfree black man at 39. During my travels to Central London on the 3 day bank holiday weekend just gone I have seen so many mixed race relationships between black men and Indian women and this goes to show that Indian women love black men.

  2. I remember over a month ago, Kevin Samuels has a dialogue chat with Nicki Minaj and it was healthy discussion.

    Suddenly these haters calling him simp because he did not call her out on ghetto stuff.
    Simp how? Nicky did not say anything bad about him during a chat.

    I realise why the some of manosphere was turning against him when he was cordial with Nicky.
    It is because there were no beef and they expect him to start a beef with a celebrity and it did not happen.

    It is like what most of the Red pill brothers says, that the Communitah loves the drama, Tommy Sotomayor use to day that if the BW lives in peace, they create drama why? Because they find peace and harmony boring.

    The communitah needs drama.

    1. I remember the video.

      The reason why they call Kevin a simp to Nicki because these Manosphere guys see him as some Saviour to cleanse the Black Community from Black hoes.
      They expect him to roast this woman to make him some like he will clean the sinners, even she was speaking all honesty.
      To me it was a casual conversation and it was clean.
      They were disappointed because there were no beef and they were cordial.
      No beef, no drama.

    2. Mister Master,

      I believe there’s much more to the story, during an interview with Kevin Samuels Nicki Minaj went in on the Black Manosphere but Samuels didn’t saying anything in their defence. Additionally Samuels rated Minaj a 9 in terms of attraction which she most certainly is NOT once you strip off the weave, fake eyelashes and the heavy makeup.

      I personally am not interested in anything Minaj has to say because herself as well as other cohorts(Cardi B, Meg The Male Horse etc) have heavily contributed towards the gutter condition we see many women wallowing in today.

  3. I got something to say to the 2 great London UK brothers Quincy and Money,

    I know you make some good and funny (funny as good) videos.
    I notice on Money Cultural’s website and videos he made that there are war against the SYSBM in the UK.

    For me, I do not know what to think because I understand American brothers go though all this Dick Police because of all the liberals but I do not understand why some British simps going against interracial dating. Especially some London brothers I saw on YouTube which Money mentions.

    The reason I do not understand this is because London is meant to be ‘Multi-Cultural/Natation/Diverse’ and the last thing in your mind is dealing with simps in the UK thinking like this, especialliy in London.

    I think I know what it is why this is happen:
    This is because these UK simps observes and goes to American YouTube panels trying to pander to the BW, competing against the American simps.

    I like you gentlemen to understand this:
    UK BM are more foreign to American BW, so if the UK simps cater to BW, they will get more support from the American BW counterpart than the American Brothers and I have observe this for may years.
    Just like these foreign BW goes after the US brothers because they cannot shame UK brothers anymore.

    My advice to the British simps need to focus on be diverse minded because they are not doing through plantation here. Especially this Black Lives Matter which spread to the UK and they had no idea about the how BLM operates, they think they look at some Black Community organisation which represent their black ass, guess again! Because most Black community and organisation gets infiltrated and hijack by 2 types of people – Liberals and the Alphabet people (LGBT).

    Maybe it is just me observing this.

    1. Most Brit simp panels are a worthless carbon copy of the US originals without the history, like you mentioned. In my opinion, a UK brother talking about “redirecting” us towards the failed State asset known as the modern black woman is nothing more than a copycat trying to get box, just like the rest of the simps.

      UK hoteps are frankly dating failures because they form part of the 30% of brothers who are limited to “keeping it real”, meaning they are only attractive within their black circle. White women here are the majority, brothers date out at 70% rate, unlike the US, it’s not such a big deal anymore.

      UK hoteps only exist online as a copycat fringe minority and more commonly amongst the first generation Caribbean “rastas”. I and I can fuck off.

    2. Sheriff X.

      Thanks for supporting my YouTube channel and watching my videos bro. These simps will never win against us. 😎

      1. Quincy,

        Your YouTube content is great.
        You get these haters all because of your preference.
        Any BW have this disdain towards you because of your preference, this is known as the Fox and the Grape analogy.
        You know about the Grape and Fox story?
        Basically if the fox cannot get the grape from the tree because it is too high, instead of taking an L and better himself to jump higher, the fox decide to hate on it and say ‘it is bitter’ because the grape is too high.
        Basically saying, they despise what they cannot have.

        1. Andy C.

          Thanks for supporting my channel bro and I like your Fox and Grape analogy. It’s good talking to a fellow Londoner.

    3. Sheriff X,

      I can give you an answer to this as I am a Londoner myself:

      In the White community, they taught use ‘When American sneezes, the British catches’.
      The black community in the UK like to adopt the simping stuff just like Michel stated about how the online UK hoteps does this carbon copy. I think in most cases because we are foreign to US counterpart, they like to complete against the US brothers for the scraggle daggles.

      Also people like Akwesi, Verbs and Kid Organic mention this that the foreign BW (African, Caribbean, Hattian) immigrants who go to America not just drop their heritage to adopt the West, also go to US panel talking smack about American BM, it was use to be British brothers, but the Caribbean crew do no play this colourism cry-baby stuff so they said the ‘Hell with it’ and they have options to date anyone they want, especially Beckys as we see in the UK. These foreign BW cannot shame us anymore because we repel this shit. Some British guys online try to cater to these Western BWs for brownie points.

      Also these foreign BW who migrate to US talking all the smack about BM, some of them are skin bleachers and they make videos kissing White Man’s ass like these Divestors talking all Colourism BS.
      Onc example, you have a Youtuber name Crys Logic, who is a African immigrant, migrated to America shitting on BM, have this distain hate for them, skin bleacher, drop their African heritage and be all 100% western hypergamy, pure divestor. Mind you she is 23 years old and these BW listening to her and these old BW see her as some new saviour of the divestor, listening to this young naïve foreigner telling them to ditch Black Men for White Men.

      Also notice that these British simps are pro-foreign BW immigrants but what they do not understand that if you understand the foreign BW’s past before they come to the west, they were hoes in the tribal countries like Caribbean or Africa and she was a reject because she was a hoe. So what they do is come to West and talk shit about Western men because of her past which has nothing to do with the Western brothers. Just like BW in the west, they use BM as a scape goat and blame BM for everything, even we are either out of the picture or got not nothing to do with their past.

    4. Thanks for the support! I do worry that the simping in the UK is going up because they are trying to copy the simps in the United States.

  4. Convid, the replacement term for the Wuflu sniffles and pneumonia is back with a vengeance… just in time for the midterm elections. What a coincidence 🤔

    Btw check out Senile Joe’s new disinformation “Czar” Nikki Whatshisface and challenge me that you don’t see Quentin Tarantino in drag… I double dare you motherfucker!

  5. I’m taking a vacation in Europe this summer. I will base in London and take side trips to the continent. I am very much looking forward to England, and London in particular. I know that it has been said on this forum that other parts of Europe, particularly eastern Europe, are better for SYSBM practitioners.

    I admire black men in England for dating out at 70 percent. I wish I could say the same thing about US black men, but unfortunately I can’t. This statistic leads me to believe that black men in England are not as lost deep down in the scraggle daggle rabbit holes, as are black men in the US.

    I’m sure that da black communitah in England is toxic and has many problems. I don’t expect nirvana. But I hope that a large part of that 70 percxent represents men who are walking away from da black communitah writ large.

    I have come to realize that da black communitah, whether in North America, South America, Europe, or Africa, is a system of toxic rabbit holes designed to keep the black male stuck in the mud and muck of society. It was designed by General Blizzard and it is overseen by his army of scraggle daggles.

    Although I advocate for black men to walk away from da black communitah, I will never walk away from black people. I will always embrace any black individual whose head is on straight.

    The fact that 70 percent of black men in England are dating out, tells me that their eyes are a little wider open than their counterparts in North America.

    1. Whatever is left of the UK communiteh is gone by design. Government sees large collection of black people and encourages gentrification. As soon as you touch down at Heathrow, visit Camden, Shoreditch, Elephant and Castle, Brixton and Stratford. See for yourself how deep SYSBM is here.

      1. Michel,

        Thanks for the tips. I will try to visit all. I’m keeping an open mind. I’m not building expectations, but England has been on my bucket list for a long time.

        I find it impressive that 70 percent of black men are dating out. This speaks well of black men in England.

      2. Michel,

        I have seen some of the biggest, toughest ghettos in the US up close. I have not seen or experienced even one that I could call a wholesome community that turns out good people. Being poor is not a license to have bad character, but most blacks seem to think it is.

        In the US, da communitah is always a breeding ground for crime, degeneracy, every form of immorality, premature death, matriarchy, and generation after generation of black debasement.

        Da communitah breeds the worse sort of scraggle daggles, and the worse sort of black male thug-simps. They are shitholes where the most perverted bottom shelf Brads can take cheap sex vacations, where Chabads without scrupples can make easy profits, where racist Asians clean up selling weave, nails, and other worthless junk. The illegal drug importers clean up as well. The pillars of da communtah are the scraggle daggle communitah leaders and the immoral preacher pimps. As far as I’m concerned, dispersing blacks will solve a lot of these pathologies, while forcing black people to either evolve or perish. So I wouldn’t care if all ghettos disappeared.

        1. I agree with you as a product of Essex County, New Jersey (specifically Irvington, Newark, and East Orange). All Ghettos in the US are the same and constructed that way purposely. There are some good natured, civil, and humble people in these areas.

          However, their lack of resources, propaganda & programming makes it difficult, if not impossible to escape. Also, with many factors considered, the scumbags are held to high regards in these enclaves. Your gang member, drug dealer, neighborhood rapper, career baby mother, and prostitute are highly praised over working-class to high-class professional individuals.

          What isn’t discussed is the trauma these folks have not addressed nor get treatment which develops into mental illnesses. Beside all the health risk Black Americans face and having shorter life spans, there is a tremendous amount of mental illness floating in the Black community.

          While BM are looking to go to certain countries for women, I plan to stay away from those hotspots & look for a new country that would be beneficial for my skillsets & overall health.

  6. I’ve seen youtube vids a few years ago of one blackistan british youtuber who is against black men dating out.

    As you mentioned they get their influence from blackistan USA.

    From where I use to live in London since birth, not a single negress has shamed me for not dating them and they know better not to.

    The USA as a nation is a bad influence to the rest of the world like a covid convid virus.

    Another example, white british women get their negative influence from white american women.

  7. A few weeks back, I did a post about how 2022 will see much wailing and teeth nashing by the scraggle daggle population in the US. Well, the recent Roe-V-Wade firestorm is just the beginning.

    When Affirmative Action is stopped, the US scraggle daggle cohort will send out a collective howl that will be heard on the moon. Of course, there will be contingent of black male simp acolytes joining the chorus. And this year, the whole Affirmative Action house of cards is going to come tumbling down for the scraggle daggle.

    Historically, white women and scraggle daggles have been the chief beneficiaries of Affirmative Action. More recently, the chief beneficiaries have been white women, Hispanic women, south Asian women, east Asian women, and black women, in that order.

    The vast majority of black women who lead with “my degrees, and my great job”, were Affirmative Action beneficiaries. The words behind Afirmative Action may sound noble.

    But, historically General Blizzard used Affirmative Action to disingenuously show the world how he was trying to repair the long term damage he caused by enslaving black people for 300 years.

    More recently, General Blizzard uses it to disingenuously show the world how magnanimous he is to his racial minorities. When General Blizzard speaks of his magnanimous Afirmative Action programs, he uses the term ‘minority’ where he previously used the term ‘black’.

    Black males have derived very little, if any, benefit from Affirmative Action. In fact, it can be argued that it harmes them.

    Most black men who have accomplished anything in life, would have done so without the existence of an Affirmative Action program. In fact, any association with an Affirmative Action program might jsut as well tarnish their achievements with ‘Affirmative Action stygma’

    Not so for the scraggle daggle. Many scraggle daggles went to better schools than they could qualify for, and received better jobs than they could qualify for, via Affirmative Action. In fact, many scraggle daggles were able to get thru tier 1 schools where they couldn’t perform at a competitive level, via academic leniency policies which amounted to social promotion. This is one of the dirty little secret that scraggle daggles don’t want to talk about. The other dirty little secret is that most of the time, their ‘great job’ is an Affirmation Action job meant for show only, with no meaningful function other than window dressing.

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I am not too familiar with Mr. Let Go and his content, but I have seen his face before in a clip posted somewhere else online. Regarding his “tolerate her mess” comment, it makes no sense to tolerate disrespect from a woman who you’re in a relationship with; that is a sign of weakness on the man’s part. Note his body language when he said that; he looked like he spoke from a defeatist mindset as if he doesn’t have a choice other than putting up with the woman’s mess. This is why SYSBM is NOT for every Black man; tolerating a daggle’s bad behavior goes against the whole idea of saving yourself. With that said, I’m going to save my comments for later on SCOTUS overturning Roe v. Wade, but until then, may the 4th be with you. #SYSBM

  9. Gentlemen,

    Another example of a black siren who feels she’s above the law. How can you occupy a property and believe that you can either skip out on rent payments or partially pay them? Even a 5 year old could see through the garbage explanation this harriet rattled off.

    Notice how she’s got a fresh weave on her head though, she sure found the money for that, smh. Black women believe they can run their attitudes with everybody, even those who hold authoritative positions:

  10. The reason why black men are with non black women or dealing with non black women is because that they will refuse to deal with the black women’s ratchetness. So it was like forget it. I might as well get a non black woman to be with. And when black women see a black man with a non black woman, they will call him all sorts of names. The simps do the same as well. There is a huge war with the simps and SYSBM because these simps are butt hurt because black men are not with non black women.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight as these simps are hunting them down and try to kill them for the love and affection for these scraggle daggles.


  11. It is a frightening thing to me that this scragg operated a daycare center in Indianapolis. I shudder to think of the harm she might have done to black children.

    Also, I shudder everyday thinking about the harm that scraggle daggle school teachers are doing to black children, especially black male children.

  12. So the newest rumour is that Kevin Samuels has died. Allegedly found unresponsive n his apartment.
    Of course the BWs have begun celebrating. Easy topic for Friday, even if not confirmed true.

    1. Glen S,

      These disgruntled black heifers can’t even wait for an official confirmation, smh. If the rumour is true, their actions don’t surprise me at all as black women always celebrate the death of black men, especially those who reprimand them or choose to take their money and resources elsewhere.

      1. So far, only negro chitlin’ circuit social media has even reported on this, nothing reputable. But that hasn’t stopped the misandrist black hyenas from cackling, which of course, proves KS right. Remember upthread when I mentioned how they were poppin’ bottles over Kobe’s death? Worst bitches on Planet Earth, broken beyond repair. SYSBM.

      2. Samuels talked about his past experiences dating black females. If he was still dating black women, this would have been risky for a man like himself.

        Back when I was simping heavily I dated a black female who had a BS in nursing. She considered herself a God fearing Christian. But she regularly said things like, ‘if a man I’m involved with makes me mad enough, I can take him out and make it look like natural causes with what I learned in nursing school’.

        This daggle didn’t even realize how sick this sounded. I truly believe most black women in the US would thumbs up this statement. Most black females in the US are clinically insane and homicidal as well, when it comes to their feelings about black men who don’t simp.

        I hope Samuels is still alive. And I hope he is not fooling around with scraggle daggles (assuming he is not gay).

      3. The more the scraggles celebrate, the more black men are turned towards the path of SYSBM.

        RIP Kevin Samuels. May the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and their allies) continue to celebrate their eventual demise.


    2. Unfortunately, its confirmed. Cardiac Arrest at 53. What sickens me although not surprising though is the swath of BW celebrating his death as well as moist-simp biscuit Black Male feminist. When I say most Black people are the biggest race traitors, backstabbers, and liberal shill puppets, this is why. As futile as his mission was, one thing I give to Kevin was he really wanted improvement between the dynamic of BM/BW.

      Also, he wanted BM to step up their game to become better men. I realize (realized this since 2016) that there is no hope for these people. SYSBM is the only way.

    3. So David Carroll and now Kevin Samuels? Damn…

      Putting aside the Convid death jib, BW are fully capable of taking out a brother using hidden, spiritual means, like the brother said above. Obeah, mind control, incantations, even “praying” for someone is a spiritual attack. Brothers mysteriously drop dead through others, yet the puppet master can be traced back to the Daggle.

      Now you see why Mad Bus Driver wears a helmet? Can’t be targeted if you don’t know what he looks like.

      1. I never knew that praying for someone is a spiritual attack. That is why a always question when black women say things like “I’ll pray for you”. Dark magic indeed.

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