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Black Women And The “Massa” TikTok Challenge!


Thanks to commenter Blackdjedi for alerting me to this. Here is a link to even more videos of black women making a slap fool out of themselves with a few milk toast, soft, lotionised Negro males also participating in the so called “massa challenge”, however the overwhelming majority of the participants are mentally disjointed black sirens:

You’ll notice that in the majority of the videos above, the white folks didn’t know what was going on and most were shocked once the true nature of the “massa challenge” was finally revealed. Do you see how keen, willing and eager this modern day black female is to denigrate, degrade and dehumanise herself in front of her white lord and saviour General Blizzard?

Once again here we have black women making a slap fool out of themselves on the internet via social media and where are these so called pro blackity black, black queen lovers calling this garbage out, that’s right, nowhere to be found.

These are the kinds of women that Dr Umar “GerbilFace” Johnson wants you to take under your wing, cuff and procreate with once Admiral Frost has had his fill and discarded of them in the trash. I stated this years ago, if black women could have us black men back in chains and shackles leaving them free to frolic in the hay with white men, they’d have black men back on the plantation in a heartbeat.

I keep on saying it, I don’t have to go far to look for this stuff, black women are putting out so much junk and showing everybody their bare behinds that material like the above lands in my lap on the daily. It’s now gotten to the point where there aren’t many places especially on the internet where black female dysfunction can be avoided.

This is why I keep on saying that the overwhelming majority of black men who still choose to deal with black women will have to compromise significantly because of the serious dearth of quality within black female society. To you pro blackity black, red, black and green pyramid heads, these are your queens, what do you have to say now?

Black women are the very ones putting their dysfunction out on public display for everybody to see. Nobody is forcing black women to make these goofy videos and upload them to various social media platforms, they’re all doing this under their own autonomy and steam.

It should also be mentioned that in recent times I’ve noticed that there is a growing number of butt-hurt black men out here who are having an extremely hard time accepting the fact that black women as a collective on the daily are demonstrating themselves to be far from the “queens” they commonly claim themselves to be and videos such as the above are prime examples of just how far this modern day black female has spiralled into the deepest sewers.

These guys are extremely frustrated, on the one hand they love their “black queens” and are still holding out hoping that they can be those very few special cases and manage to find “The One”, yet on the flip side they’re not happy at the fact that black women continue to engage in dickhead behaviour making slap fools out of themselves and these same “hanging in there” sorry Negroes are unable to successfully defend them, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

White men aren’t stupid, they’re the ones who created this contaminated black female monster, they know she’s under their control yet by and large Major Sleet still isn’t interested in his black female flunky past sex and ensuring she carries out her government directive to keep black men and black society flat on their faces.

As we always point out, it doesn’t matter what heinous crimes this black female commits, there will always be hoards of simps waiting in the wings ready to forgive her of her sins, take her under their wings, cuff her and have children with her if she doesn’t already have offspring from Lieutenant Breezy.

Social media has destroyed many women in the West and black women are the pinnacle example of what happens when women have no male leadership but are given a free reign of these internet streets. I don’t see Indian women producing videos pretending that they were back in the days of British occupancy, nor do I see Jewish women uploading videos to Tiktok wishing they were back under Nazi rule.

The modern day black female is done and so are those black men who point blank refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall, this is blatant dysfunction on public display for all to see, there is no so called “confirmation bias” being practiced here.

Confirmation bias more applies to things that are not clear black and white and can be reasonably debated either way, it does NOT count when it comes to blatant in your face dysfunction.

And to think, these black sirens have the gaul to call us sellouts and self haters for simply dating out, but they’ll deliberately ignore their own blatant Sambo shucking and jiving for shea whitey. You really have to hate yourself to put out this kind of content smh. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Females, The Biggest Sellouts And Self Haters On The Planet

Most High Bless

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44 thoughts on “Black Women And The “Massa” TikTok Challenge!

  1. I am not shocked at all because this is the true nature of BW.

    As for the butt-hurt simps. If they like it or not they have to accept the fact that BW always be a White-men slave.

    Did you notice that even the classy Becky are also called Massa which I saw 3 of the videos. I did not see that one coming. But I remember Minister Jap said the White Women are BW’s god because they want to emulate them with the European Standard.

    Also all the butt-hurt simps saying Verbs go to google search for BW’s dirt.
    Let us explain all the Simps how we find dirt on BW in plain English order:

    1. BW record this ghetto stuff, like Slave play with White Men
    2. The post this on Social Media, Facebook or TickTock
    3. Her friends share their post so it goes Viral
    4. One of the Pages finds it and share it on their page
    5. I go on Facebook and see this trash on my feed, in may face (probably as a suggestion or an ad). Like you see on YouTube and you see what is recommended.

    Basically saying we do go and not look dirt on BW on Social Media, the trash comes to you.
    BW destroy their own images on what they post. This is got nothing to do with BM.

    I am going the bring this up since you mention Social Media destroyed BW and the Black Community:
    I know Mark and the Facebook crew come up with this ‘Metaverse’ meaning the 2nd world (Virtual Reality) which we are all heard of. To me I am a real-world guy so I am not into Virtual stuff.
    Most brothers may agree with me that we are worried about this and this will happen anyway that if the Black Community goes to the ‘Metaverse’. It will be ghetto, fights and beefs. Also they will have this virtual beef so they will come back to the real world and kill each other over some petty ‘Meta-Beef’ (probably over BW), simping more than ever just like you see on Social Media where people get into fights in the real world over Facebook, Twitter posts. Also more doxing like you see on YouTube.

    Right now you see all this drama on Social Media, MetaVerse will become a new hell of Black Community and that will be scary.

    1. I find that frightening about the Metaverse. The good thing that I am not into those MetaVerse/Virtual World. Especially where they introduce the Black Community in there.

    2. MMT,

      I’m not interested in this Metaverse virtual garbage either, I like interacting with real people even though there are so many folks walking around who actually feel more comfortable talking with their friends online rather than in person.

      When I walk the streets of London, they way so many folks especially women are engrossed in their phones to where they’re not in tune with what is going on around them is scary. Even at the gym it’s the same problem, people sucked into their phones to the point where they’re hardly working out, smh. These thieves who go around on bikes stealing people’s phones out of their hands are having a field day:

      Dysfunction Negroes ruin everything they touch, the Metaverse as you’ve pointed out will be no different.

  2. What is disturbing is the gaul and how low they will stoop to be a negro pet. They have no concern about history, human behavior & psychology, and self image. In quite a few clips if you notice, some of their White significant others were surprised yet appalled. A few did found it distasteful and in disgust. Even the White people in the videos know and acknowledge that antebellum slavery and the ill treatment of Black people in the diaspora is no laughing matter.

    I’ve never seen a group or ethnicity that has so many race traitors, backstabber, concubine bootlicks, and agents than the Black diaspora. However, many “Pro-Blacks” don’t address this and their main agent that is the Black Woman. She will throw the whole group under the bus for trinkets and pseudo acceptance.

    Alot of these BW are Negropeans at best. They have very low cognitive & critical assessment ability, and are a representation of what is wrong with the mindset of your typical average negro who does everything for acceptance.

    Besides being a Ghetto Gagger, I predict more Summer Wrights & Candace Owens will be popping up all over the place and humiliating themselves on social media platforms.

    1. This is why there needs to be a further divergence from the Black Manosphere.

      But this is also a call to action for SYSBM to be far more organized.

      1. Anthony,

        You can’t get more organised than the SYSBM tenets and a book that confirms them as well as dives deeper into the lifestyle. Too much organisation typically leads to centralisation which more often than not leads to infiltration.

        SYSBM is a decentralised idea, this is one of the pinnacle reasons why unlike certain black digital spaces, it still remains strong. Haters will always attempt to associate us with the Black Manosphere(2.0) and throw mud in our direction especially when they have an axe to grind.

    2. Ryan,

      Self image is the last thing on the black female’s mind, hence why the overwhelming majority of them walk around looking like mutant Becky wannabes with their weaves, fake nails, fake eyelashes and a 1000 pounds of makeup slapped onto their faces. Do they have any idea how disgusting they look?

      This is one of many reasons why I say that the “black love” pundits have a serious uphill struggle to contend with, no black man worth his salt is going to return to the plantation and deal with these plastic, synthetic, circus clown looking harpies.

      He most certainly is not going to deal with a group of women who feel no way dehumanising and degrading themselves in order to get some attention using slavery as their theme, smh.

      Black women are already at the back of the queue when it comes to dating and marriage, with this kind of ignorant, buffoonish behaviour, eventually they’ll end up relegating themselves out of the dating market altogether.

  3. Oh yeah, let me add that many of these waste of oxygen, negroid sperm receptacles end up trying to coming back & being humiliated after being smutted out and ostracized from the community they where trying to gain acceptance from.

    They end up turning into this flaming, blob of tears and mucus to be an embarrassment later on TikTok.

  4. Notice you don’t see BM who date or marry out doing this silly shit. BW are the bottom of the barrel. Move on from them just like non black men do after they have their fun.

    1. Shit, brothers date and marry out, move to the burbs and you never hear from them again lol. They come back to visit their mom maybe and that’s it. No bedbuck slave play from the Black Man like you get from Shaniqua.

      Even the white boys in the videos were taken aback by this “Massa” talk. Won’t be long until even the few white boys who mess with BW will be dumping them by the side of the road.

      Like Verbs says, their problem, not mine.


    2. Spilskinanke,

      I chose to expand on my dating options over 17 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. There is nobody who can argue with the fact that black women have now dug themselves into the Cambrian era when it comes to quality, they smashed through the bottom of the barrel many, many years ago.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    These black women bow down and worship their white lord and saviour because his white skin covers a multiple of sins and that they want to have those mixed race kids with that good good hair and those blue eyes. Simps are lost because they fighting a war with SYSBM black men like us and these simps won’t win the war against us. I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 39.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The simps are incredibly frustrated but that is their problem for refusing the read and accept the writing on the wall, black women are done and there is nothing outside of a miracle from God that can redeem them from the deep hole they’ve placed themselves into.

      All we’re doing over here is simply highlighting black female dysfunction and advising those black men who can still think and reason for themselves to expand upon their dating options in order to increase their chances of finding better women.

      The simps need to deal with and fix their black queenies but at the same time stop worrying about what SYSBM practitioners are doing. Them not having the courage to date out is NOT MY PROBLEM.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro 100 percent. 👍🇬🇧

  6. The metaverse virtual world will be the new social media platform that will end up the same way as facebook, twitter, instagram, onlyfans and tik tok.

    Blackistan negroes and negress females will hop on that with more dysfunctional behaviour.

    I don’t know how blackistan males can allow themselves to stay on that plantation for so long during slavery, segregation and still want to stay there after the civil rights movement.

    It should’ve ended with slavery of avoiding negress females to begin with but no, they chose to procreate blackistan wall street and now blackistan ghetto neighbourhoods.

    The simping is off limits for blackistan societies and I blame the elders for many many past generations and generations.

    No negro and no negress in the real world can tell me who I can date and who I can’t date.

    Only I make that decision to select the best qualities I see in a white wifey.

    1. I noticed something interesting. Carlton Banks (Alfonzo Rivera) never has to do anything like this with his white wife ever. Also, I noticed how these women look very dusty and average which is the very words they use to insult good black men.

      1. Alfonso is doing the Carlton Dance to Tom Jones with his beautiful blonde wife with her own hair and playing with his genetically-advantaged children while Will Smith is making a slap fool of himself over an ungrateful bald bitch and his daughter is writing letters to a dead thug.

        SYSBM -1, Black Love – 0.

    2. Witwijf,

      Blackistani males are profoundly brainwashed, programmed and indoctrinated to the point where very few if any of them can break the spell and set themselves free.

      Looking at the case of Jason Roger Pope, despite that travesty these black heifers are still out here begging for scraps and crumbs from Admiral Frost’s table, these modern day black daggles have absolutely no self respect nor do they hold any pride in who they are as a people.

      As we’ve pointed out many times before, most black women hate being black, if they could click their fingers and turn into white women, I estimate over 95% of the black female population would disappear overnight.

  7. Behold gentlemen! It’s the B-Dub doing what they do best! No surprises here & you see how happy they are while basking in the glow of their fuckery! Who wants to bet when they start getting called out for their dysfunction the Daggle will blame black men for this bullshit like they always do! Shout out & RIP to David Carroll. As we all know he always said being a B-Dub should be labeled as a mental illness. I can hear him laugh now!😆🙏🏾

    1. Dr. Carroll would be having a field day with these dumb bitches. Miss those notifications on my phone every Saturday when a new public video dropped. Because at the end of the dayyyy….hahahahaha *slap*

    2. Val Zod,

      The fake academic Aaron Fountain attempted to discredit David Carroll and his work but Carroll up until his death was spot on when it came down to understanding the modern day black daggle. I believe I’ve come across one black witch called Yanie who is already trying to manufacture an angle from which black men can be blamed for this black female buffoonery:

      1. The Daggle is so predictable. Dude in the video wouldn’t feel disrespected afterwards because that’s the same type of sexual activity he has with the Black Witch!

  8. I saw a compilation of these videos posted on Instagram by somebody I follow; the scraggle daggle never fail at projecting their “Yes, Massa” slave fantasies to the entire world. I, too, noticed the shocked expressions on all of their faces, and they should be because they provably don’t expect Black people to joke around with a sensitive subject like slavery in that fashion; imagine if the tables were turned and Whites made jokes about Blacks being their slaves? That wouldn’t fly with the social media oligarchs! What’s even more sad is that most Blackistanis would turn a blind eye to this challenge and have all kinds of smoke for Black men like this (and falsely accuse SYSBM of doing the same):

    1. Its hypocritical –

      Whites can’t have Slave play with Black people but Black women can have Slave play with White men.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women are nothing but a bunch of dickheads for engaging in this nonsense, but these will be the same women talking about “black men need to build, you guys are conquered” etc. Who can possibly be more conquered than black women playing out slavery roles.

      As for that Negro in the video link you posted, there will always be some fringe Blackistani males who wish to engage in some dysfunctional garbage. The dude can give white women his member without involving any form of slave role, smh.

    3. Dr Umar sez:


  9. Fountain Pen is nowhere to be found to defend his slave-playing queans. Neither is Dr. (WIF UP DEM QUEANS, YOUNG NIGHA!) Gerbil Face. No surprise there.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      The usual suspects and critics of heterosexual free thinking brothers are nowhere to be found when black women put out premium garbage like this. A massive shipload of L’s need to be delivered once again.

      1. Many thanks for bringing this to light. At this point, I am not surprised of the fuggery regarding this “massa” challenge. BW will always be the fool to themselves.

      2. L status: SHIPPED
        Estimated time of delivery: 30 minutes.

        L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  10. These scraggle daggles love their white beta male just as they love their white Jesus Christ. I don’t have a problem with a black woman dating a non black man but here is the thing. When do you see a scraggle daggle with Nice Guy Nick, a guy who drives a Mercedes Benz S500Le, a house in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, earning owning £100,000 year by working in the city? Never! I don’t think that Nice Guy Nick will go for a woman like the women you see on these Tiktok videos. And also, these simps liek Dr Foolmar Johnson say that we have to wife up these scraggle daggles that are for the roadz? When I saw the Tiktok videos, I was like “Oh God help me!” Like I said, I have no issues with anyone dating someone outside their race. Even I would do it but when I saw the videos, I have no choice but to shake my head. When they see a successful black man, they will choose him. but they will go for the dirtiest, scruffiest white man available. I head that there was a black American woman that was with a white man which is fine but he was living under a bridge. Mi say mi bomba claat! Lol.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all time as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  11. Verbs2015,

    Here’s a Recent Article that Will Really Leave you Saying WTF, A Black Teen Girl in a Prom Dress in a Selfie Photo Posing with Automatic Weapons With her ”Prom Date”. It’s Not a Surprise that She was Raised in that Gutter Minded Environment of Being ”Ghetto Fabulous”. It’s Said that She’s an Honor Student & Got Accepted to a University, But After Posting that Photo. That Opportunity just went into the Toilet. People are Saying White Supremacy Caused this. I Say ”Maybe”, But Why Would you want to Imitate the Stuff they do. When White Teenage Kids Post Photos with Weapons & things like the Confederate Flag. We Know what they’re on. They’re Giving the Message of ”We hate Niggers, Don’t like Niggers & If they see a Nigger, Shoot Em Dead”. This is on Her. For Thinking She Could do What they do & Not Face Any Blow Back From it, But the Ghetto Gaggers you see in this Article are Defending Dumb Shit like this. Just Shows How Everyone Can talk About How Black Men/Straight Black Men Make Bad Judgement Calls, Apparently so do Black Women. I Mean just the Fact that She Thought along with her BF Who looks like a Relative of that Marlon Wayans Character ”Loc-Dog” from that Movie ”Don’t be a Menace to South Central, While Drinking your Juice in the Hood”. Posting a Messed up Photo that They Thought was Cute. She Forgot that People look at What you put out on Social Media, Even College Admissions. So in Other Words, She Don’t want to be Productive. She wants to be a Future ”Ghetto Baby Mama Popping out 2 or More Kids to Which She Better Hope that dude she’s with in that Photo will be Around to Step up & Handle his Responsibilities, But I Seriously Doubt that”. All in All I Would Tell Young Black Men Who got their Heads on Straight to Avoid Ratchet Black Girls at All Costs. #SYSBM For Life!!!

  12. Told y’all that the hotep black men still chasing the modern day satanic “black” “woman” will either start physically fighting each other or drilling out each other- all from sexual frustation. They won’t be getting cookie for a long time and writing articles (Fake Academic Fountain), debating (Taz the Goat Molester), race hustling (Umar GerbilFace) pimping (Tariq) and thugging (Robert “One Shot” Perkins) won’t get them anything near a functional and productive relationship.

    Black woman is G-d! is false, blasphemous and total Stockholm Syndrome from abused boys.

    1. Tariq is married to a lightskinned woman with a Black father. He knows what’s up with these dysfunctional full-black heffas.

  13. Long time lurker but first time poster: God bless you brother. Thank you for shedding a light on the plight of the modern black woman (modern = has probably been this way for decades but we’re able to witness it for ourselves via social media etc.) If only a site such as yours existed in my 20s I would’ve steered alllll the way clear, thankfully in my 30s I’m finally released from the clutches of these….things lol. Their behaviour is embarassing at best but the death of K. Samuels only reinforced the evilness behind their actions, heaven forbid someone give them some insight that could change their lives for the better but *shrugs*. I wish I’d posted more over the past few months but I’ll try to do better. Much love broski!

    1. D,

      Glad to be of assistance brother, at this point the material literally falls into my lap and is such a high quantity that I cannot cover everything I come across. Like yourself, I wish I’d expanded upon my dating options when I was much younger, a lot of trouble, drama and strife would’ve been avoided.

      This modern day black female is done, the sad thing is most black men still refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.

      1. Not only do they refuse, they openly mock and dance on the grave of someone who might’ve said something they don’t want to hear. I look at the social media accounts of exes and almosts from the past ten years and shake my head at how oblivious I was to their nature. From their blatant narcissism to outright defiance of logic — how could I be so blind, to paraphrase Bobby Caldwell haha. Anyway, been reading since January 2020 and just had to chime in after this ridiculous “massa challenge”. The same ones talking about “divesting” from black men, hoping they get killed by police etc. or whatever the hell that means smh. Never again! What a relief to know I’m not alone out here, shout out to every regular on this board for finally wising up.

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