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Deconstructing An Amazon Review Of Negro Wars!


A common misconception about my book Negro Wars is that is should of been written from an academic perspective, however Negro Wars was NEVER meant to be an academic work. The book is a basic but understandable work of literature aimed at laying the foundation from which black men with sense and intelligence can confirm within themselves that what they are seeing take place within black female society is NOT NORMAL, additionally the work is also meant to help free thinking black men understand that they themselves contrary to the ramblings of the black witch contingent have never been the problem.

I find it very comical that outsiders believe that they have the right to determine from what perspective a written piece is coming from, not once have any of my detractors asked me what manner of work Negro Wars was meant to be, however this doesn’t surprise me as it is easier to throw stones from a far as well as manufacture their own “convenient” assumptions.

“The book comes off as nothing more than the rantings of a black man who is dissatisfied and disgusted with black women.”

Black women as a collective put plainly in their current state are sadly a disgusting group of females to gaze upon, the modern day black female’s image and reputation as I’ve stated many times before have both squarely sunk into the deepest sewer pipe and black women have been the ones who have put themselves there.

Labelling Negro Wars as nothing more than “a rant” makes absolutely no difference to the current in the gutter state of modern day black female society. At this point I would also like to point out the fact that nowhere in Trini Girl’s review could she point to anything stated within the book that was NOT TRUE.

“If I were a publisher, I wouldn’t even accept this piece of a poorly written diatribe for publication. Run on sentences and paragraphs, the same points repeated over and over in the same chapter, and absolutely no vetted research to back up the claims. YouTube links are not proof of anything.”

That’s what you’re meant to do, repeat things in order to drive the message home, this is a common practice that many people use in order to get a point across. Citing repetitions in the work is NOT deconstructing nor refuting the work. Once again, I wish these detractors would actually point to examples of their gripes instead of simply making broad statements believing them to be true just because “they say so”.

You see once again how black women attempt to stipulate what evidence can and cannot be used against them, that’s like a criminal believing he can determine what can and cannot be used against him in a court of law under trial, how ridiculous is that?

Once again, YouTube links are not proof of anything based upon what metrics? You’d think the author of this review would’ve at least given some viable reasons as to why YouTube links could not be submitted as sustainable and valid evidence. The fake academic Aaron Fountain attempted this same “you’re using social media” garbage, yet even he fell short of justifying why such a path could not be taken when further questioned.

As I’ve stated before, black women and their advocates hate social media being used against them simply because the evidence is readily available and they’re unable to refute such an abundance of observable data. This is why they’ll always try to push you in the direction of statistics, that is until the stats begin flying in their faces as well, smh.

Statistics have their place, however statistics are NOT the be all and end all of evidence, don’t ever allow black women and their cronies to run that Texas Two Step on you, don’t get caught out. Notice how video evidence is always valid UNTIL black women are brought into the equation, enough said.

“The author lives in the UK yet most of his vitriol seems to be directed to black women in the US which further helps to reduce the validity of his claims.”

A reduction in the validity of my claims comes from PROVING ME WRONG ie pointing to something written in the book and then presenting evidence that proves that particular piece of writing to be invalid. Using the “you’re not from the United States” argument simply proves that you have no valid refutations to present and are simply clutching at straws attempting to use nationalism as some sort of leverage in your favour, lame. The “you’re a foreigner” wizardry won’t work over here.

“He also dared to state in one chapter that women are less intelligent than men and as proof, he cited that most modern inventions and technology were done by men. Dude, if you understood the biological makeup of men and women, you would know that the level of intelligence is the same but the focus is different. Men focus on the practical which involves building things, hunting and gathering, etc. Women focus on creativity, seeking to create a haven for her family. You need to read Proverbs 31 in its entirety which focuses on the virtues of the industrious woman. No where does it say or imply that a woman is less intelligent than a man. I have no problems trying to see a situation from a different POV, but you need to back up what you say.”

Let’s go backwards for a moment, firstly Proverbs 31 is dealing with the qualities of a virtuous woman, something which black women as a collective have fallen well short of and unfortunately in 2022 are much more aligned with the street harlot mentioned in Proverbs 7 who has taken the souls of many men and whose house is on the pathway to Hell.

Additionally, building, creating, hunting, gathering etc are all activities that require a higher level of intelligence. You’ll also notice that occupations like STEM, IT, Engineering etc which require much more brain engagement are overwhelmingly dominated by who, that’s right, MEN.

I understand that at least in the West we live in a time where it’s no longer politically correct to state that men on average are more intelligent than women, however that’s just the way it is, the truth is the truth whether you like it or not.

Finally, we can see that women on average(black women in particular) are less intelligent than men based upon their dating, mating and financial decision making. For example, black women will sleep with and get impregnated by the same small group of men they already know are NOT built for long term relationships and fatherhood, where is the intelligence in making such a choice?

Most black women are single mothers, where is the so called “intelligence” in choosing such a path? Women in general, black women in particular tend to accrue more debt. When was the last time you heard a black female talking about a 401K(pension) or outlining a solid and robust financial strategy to secure her future, I’ll wait?

This is all too easy, I could go on, however I’ll stop right here. When you reside in the truth, you cannot be stopped. Negro Wars the book always was and always will be an instrument of decontamination and deprogramming for the free thinking black man first and foremost. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Still Waiting For A Solid Critique Of Negro Wars, Been Waiting Almost 7 Years

Most High Bless

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39 thoughts on “Deconstructing An Amazon Review Of Negro Wars!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Your book is excellent because I bought it a while back and I read it plus it showed the true reflection of the bullshit that we SYSBM black men go through in the black community with black women, the simp black men and the thug black men on a daily basis. SYSBM black men are far more intelligent than black women because we make better choices in life and we are less likely to get into debt, choose the right childfree non black women to have kids with and avoid falling into the baby daddy trap because alot of us black men grew up in poverty single mother homes. Black women make the dumbest choices in life because they get into loads of student loan debt for useless university degrees that they will not going to be able to pay back, they are fake looking from head to toe and they think that it makes them look attractive when it does the opposite, they get into all bank debt and credit card debt to fake being rich to keep up with the Joneses and alot of black women throughout the world are single mothers because they are always having multiple kids with the worst type of black men ever who already had lots of kids from different baby mothers and these same thug/criminal black men are not good fathers and they are not good husbands and boyfriend’s and that’s why SYSBM exists and SYSBM black men like me exist. The black community is gone down the toilet and its dead and finished and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 39.

    1. I dare you to send the book to your mum or step mum, that will be funny.
      My mum wanted to read the book, it was the Church Beast Infrastructure. She find it interesting and told me the story about the welfare and this was in the UK.

      1. Andy C.

        I don’t think my real mum or step mum will like those books because they will hate to see the truth about black women and black people in general.

  2. I will tell you this.
    I read the Verbs Trilogy:

    Part 1: The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure
    Part 2: Negro Wars
    Part 3: SYSBM

    Even the books are funny because they true, there are some stuff which hits home with me.

    I remember discouraging my mum to reading the Part 1 of the trilogy (The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure) as this is not suitable for her and I warn her the book is not suitable for her because she is a religious person, but at the end I let her read the book because she was curious. She actually like to book and something dawn on her when she read the book.

    She mention about the welfare state because I know a lot of these young academic liberals such as Cynthia G tried to use academic knowledge to debunk the welfare.

    I remember very clearly and few times my mum said this:
    At the welfare state that to get the full perks (money, rent, housing, resources, everything), you have to kick them man out of the house. Her response was this ‘Where my hubby goes, I go’. Translate in English: ‘Hell No!, not happening, GTFOH’.
    Todays women will do this. Something BW knows very well.

    Someone ask why did men did not fight against the system at the time and abandon their family during the welfare?
    I give you brothers the answer to this:
    At the time you either 2 things:
    Leave your family so they can get fed or if the man stays, the family will starve to death, that is how the system set up.

    This is something Academics will never understand, only the town elders (60+ years old) will tell you this about the welfare because they experience it first hand.

    I did not get the time for her to read the 2nd part of the trilogy (Negro Wars).

    Now back to this woman (Trini Girl) fail to realise that these books like Negro Wars are not for women anyway so why read it.
    Also you do not need to be Academic to write books to know your stuff. Look at Shawn James, he write books about relationship (even he was inexperience and I call him the 1989 man because this is when he last time date a female) such as Man Crisis and Cyber Simp. I never read them myself.

    1. Andy C.

      I already bought the Negro Wars book and it is well funny because it is so true.

    2. Andy C,

      I read that book too.

      I remember some Town elders also told me about the welfare as they been through this welfare 1st hand.
      Never listen to academics or Pro-Black hotep simps because they will always blame Slavery for the Destruction of the black family instead of welfare even the black culture flourishes during multiple purges of history such as Black Wall Street in Oklahoma, but the fucking White men burn black wall street because they were jealous that the BM had oil in that area and they did not want to trade or let BM make money so they burn it to the ground, another reason why the Arabs do not play that game in their country by punish the West by putting the price so high because they learn about the Oklahoma incident.

      Even Kevin Samuels states this and confirmed by the Negro Wars book that there are the 3 stages of Black Patriarchy purge this including the 2 birds with 1 stone rule White Men come up with to solve Race and Gender equality issue. 2 birds are ‘Gender’ and ‘Race’. Race is ‘Black’ and Gender is ‘Women’. Put them both together and you get ‘Black Women’.

      1st Purge is the welfare state
      2nd Purge is give BW high (academic) Education
      3rd Purge is give BW middle Management jobs

      Now the BW has academic and Middle Management job which earns her more money than the Blue Collar BM, she no longer need a BM to provide, hence the Independent.

      Most White Women learn the hard way about having it all (job, money, child at the same time) and they cannot deal with the stress and BW thinks they are better than them which is the reason why the BW have this masculine energy which Minister Jap stated all the time.

      Trini Girl keep on mention that how ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ are built differently, OK we all know that. Then why do the system try so hard to push equality and make BW compete against BM?
      Also no point of bringing up the bible such as Proverbs and the virtues structure because according to the western liberal females, that is oppression. Also they are no longer family material, all they think about hypergamy and White Men are ‘God’.

      People ask why BW’s money and education is useless and has no value to men when it comes to mating/dating?
      I give you the brothers the answer and this is from Kevin Samuels as he has brothers who are the top 10/20% status:
      If the women shares resources with men, even the man provides e.g. women earn more and she is willing to share her wealth with him, that shows women’s education and resources has value to the man. She knows that she have to give up some, example if she owns her own home, she had to sell it to be with the man (compromise).

      So when you hear BW talks about how educated and Independent she is. Living independent and own a home and car. Then she expect the man to protect and provide when she got all of that, I know she has no value because she will not share resources with the man. Also most of her finances are on credit meaning a lot of debt so she has nothing to add to the man, but debt. Also she will not give up resources for a man or compromise for a man because she is financially reckless. Refuse to compromise and expect man to give up his lifestyle to her which is not patriarchy, but matriarchy. The is the reason why BW status has no meaning.

      Also they got this ‘Backup Bank Account’ which they stash money just in case relationship goes weary which also shows that she is not relationship material (Meaning you spend your hard earn money on her lifestyle whist she saves her money).

    3. Andy C,

      Back then I simply wrote the book with the knowledge I held and had gathered at that time, back in 2015 I was fresh into looking at and investigating modern day black female dysfunction from a deeper perspective, if I were to write the book again in 2022, it would probably be almost double the size of the current work.

      You already know though, the critics will critique without really critiquing. An example of a proper critique would be an individual quoting paragraphs or sentences out of the book, declaring that what was stated is incorrect and bringing forward the evidence to bolster their position ie demonstrate my error.

      You would’ve thought that the PHD candidate aka the fake academic Aaron Fountain would’ve been able to do this, however even he was unable to carry out such a straightforward task.

      1. People update books all the time. If you can continue to refine and add more information I look into doing that.

        If you need to add more pages that is proof that things have gotten worse and will continue to slide downhill.

    4. Andy C,

      “Now back to this woman (Trini Girl) fail to realise that these books like Negro Wars are not for women anyway so why read it.”

      Because the daggle has to stick her nose into everything the heterosexual Black Man does so she can report back to her overseer, the white man, or figure out how to sabotage it. Either way there’s no building with these double agents.

  3. Only a hit dog hollers & Trini Girl has been diagnosed with a bad case of butthurt. These Daggles are mad because their dysfunction is on full display for the world to see & they can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

    1. Val Zod,

      This is the point right here, black women are the very ones putting their dysfunction out on public display for everybody to see. There are also a lot of butthurt black men out here who are having an extremely hard time accepting that black women as a collective are far from the “queens” they commonly claim themselves to be.

      As I’ve stated many times before, the overwhelming majority of black men who still choose to deal with black women will have to compromise significantly because of the serious dearth of quality within black female society.

      Some black men just aren’t ready to accept that their so called “black queenies” are a bunch of unattractive, overweight, weave, fake eyelash, fake nails and heavy makeup wearing failures.

  4. I’ve only read your negro wars book out of 3 cause its available on Ebay and I don’t use Amazon at all.

    This book ain’t suitable for negress females at all so this trini ape shouldn’t be reading it cause her brain won’t understand any of it.

    However, if I end up having a son, he has to read negro wars by force, no if’s, no buts.

    He has to understand why he can only date a white wifey that looks like his mum.

    1. Witwijf,

      When I published Negro Wars back in 2015, I set it up to where you could and still can buy the book from all leading book stores, not just from Amazon, here is a Barnes and Noble link that I found:

      I use the Amazon link to advertise the book because that where a lot of people shop now. In the early days of the book’s release I was contacted by quite a few fathers who got their sons to read the book.

      I agree with your stance, it’s all about educating black boys from a very young ages about the perils and the dangers of dealing with modern day black women, though black women as a group are becoming so contaminated, the younger generations are clearly seeing their dysfunctional ways from many miles away without any pointers.

  5. Verbs, you touched on all of the points I wanted to address; I, too, noticed the similarities between this daggle and Fountain’s review of your book. I do wonder if this braud is a fan of Fountain on YouTube because she parroted the same points Fountain used, such as your use of YouTube videos as proof, your grammatical “errors”, and that you didn’t sound academic enough; it’s sad how people have been brainwashed to trust only the “official” sources for information in spite of their well documented history of lying.

    I also couldn’t help but notice the “you’re a foreigner” shaming tactic being employed against you. Imagine if Vladimir Putin told the Western media that they couldn’t speak on the actions he took towards Ukraine because they were foreigners; if I were a reporter, I’d immediately counter him by saying his actions were done on a global stage for the world to see, so I definitely have something to say. The same principle applies to the scraggle daggle’s dysfunction being broadcast online in 4k for the world to see; their dysfunction acknowledges no borders.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      You would think that people out here would understand that American English is NOT the standard across the world, however it seems that there are many who simply don’t have a clue. I really have to laugh everytime somebody comes at me with the “grammatical errors” line.

      As some have suggested, Trini Girl could’ve been Aaron Fountain himself, nothing should be counted out. When the police and the courts use video evidence it’s acceptable, however when Verbs uses the same, all of a sudden it’s not valid and shouldn’t be taken seriously, you cannot make this stuff up.

      Once again, advocates and supporters of black women and their skullduggery including black women themselves hate social media being used against them because they cannot argue against so much evidence and data, therefore instead they’ll attempt to ridicule those who use it as if that somehow discredits to scrutiniser and the evidence source, smh.

  6. #SYSBM Brother Are FREE Have Mixed family MAN Like I Said FUCK PRO-Black I’m Not allowed NOPE Thug ASS Niggas Disrespect Me Thinking About The Future Love Outside My Race We Ain’t No Slave To The Community Is A Downfall To The Black Woman is Over for Them And That’s My Happiness Date Out

  7. I just finished my movie script. As I about to drink some Irish cream, I see some broad taking shades on the book. And I went rass claat bwoy. The book is brilliant. It’s one of the greatest books I ever read since The Art Of War and Nicco Machiavelli The Prince. When you write a book like Negro Wars, it will spark huge controversy for the scraggle daggles and the simps. They will take shade on the book you have written. My friend read the book and he said that it needs a sequel. You know, I’m not surprised really.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all the time because these scraggle daggles will come after them.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Appreciate the kind words bro, just trying to do my bit to stir the minds of those black men who still have retained the ability to think and reason for themselves and who don’t follow the black woman’s lead.

  8. Nice try Trini Girl , that review was from Fake Academic Fountain.

    To be fair, Negro Wars could have done with some form of statistics such as the amount of abortions since 1970 (20million), the single mother rate (70%), the interracial dating date in the UK (70%), the STD rate of USA black women, the obesity rate, the amount of welfare recipients, the homelessness rate, the highest testosterone levels in black women…

    Sometimes you have to talk to boneheads in their own language because then their criticism will sound even more foolish and strawman.

    1. Michel,

      Many of the statistics you mentioned I only stumbled upon after the book was published as I wasn’t as deep and well versed into investigating the modern day black female as I am today. Slaying Evil is more or less the continuation of Negro Wars filling in the gaps and allowing brothers like yourself to bring new information to the forefront. I do hear you though, the critics will critique regardless of what evidence you bring to the table even if they look and sound stupid.

  9. Case and point the “Massa” challenge going on in TikTok as Black Women once again make fools of themselves by going to slave acting.

    Confirming another point proven in “Negro Wars” again.

    1. BlackdJedi,

      I looked up the massa challenge which I had no idea about, absolutely disgusting, why are we not surprised though? Black women love degrading themselves for their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost. Here is a video I came across of a guy showcasing some of these “massa challenge” videos as well as giving his commentary. Below that is a video of a black witch who as per usual is making excuses for the black women who are engaging in the so called challenge and the heifer is even going as far as blaming black men, so predictable, smh. Article coming this Monday, stay tuned:

      1. Imagine Jewish women doing a “Nazi Challenge” where they get white boys doing the Hitler salute to grab them like they’re getting rounded up for the prison camps. That’s the sickness that the “massa challenge” is. These y’all black queens?????

        1. Schadenfreude,

          And the worst thing is these black heifers don’t see anything wrong with their “massa challenge”. Mental illness at its height and I’m expected to form a confederacy with such women, nope, that is never going to happen.

  10. To be honest the review is spot on. To be more to the point, you asked for him to provide evidence to refute that which you don’t provide evidence of. WTF!!!
    DO I agree with the premise of your book? Some. But I understand the definition of confirmation bias.
    If you put your ideas out into the world expect feedback.

    1. Deep Tanner,

      Why do I get the impression that you haven’t even read the book yourself? There is plenty of evidence throughout the book to illustrate black female dysfunction, however to those who’ll attempt to run the “you can only use A,B and C as evidence WE’LL ACCEPT” Texas Two Step, they ought to be manufacturing goalposts because that’s all they’re moving.

      Black female dysfunction is everywhere, It’s not hidden in a dark corner, there are no techniques and mechanisms that can be used to hide black women’s shortcomings anymore, the internet has blown their bad behaviour wide open.

      Black women wearing weaves for example isn’t anything to do with confirmation bias, that is blatant in your face dysfunction as are so many other practices black women engage in.

      I don’t have any problems with constructive feedback or factual rebuttals, however critics of the book have yet to provide either(dealing with specifics, not generals) including yourself.

      1. Pay the haters no mind. The only gubmint stats or sources that the melanated queens believe are the number of BM being extrajudicially murdered by cops, and the ones that show them somehow “running rings around Black Men.” Anything else–like BW are the #1 abusers of children–is dismissed as “da white man’s statistics.” Even if you *had* included scholarly sources your critic would have dismissed them anyway.

        “The book comes off as nothing more than the rantings of a black man who is dissatisfied and disgusted with black women.”


        Keep pushing the message, sir. Those with their antennae up will receive it. SYSBM all day everyday.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Yes sir, will do. Don’t worry, we’re going to be dealing with that “running rings around black men” garbage this coming Friday, I saw the video, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Rebecca Lynn Pope transgressed when she decided to venture down that road, however she’s a cake faced, weave wearing black siren, therfore such switcheroo behaviour is to be expected.

          Yep, as you’ve pointed out, any stats or info that doesn’t paint black women in a good light is completely ignored, dismissed and skipped over, we already know how the overwhelming majority of black women and their advocates roll.

  11. Little does Fountain Pen know, L Express just shipped him an entire pallet of L’s the size of a house.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  12. I’m going to keep it 100% real. I sound like a broken record but it is so true.
    The BW knows her shortcomings, she knows how she be f****** up, she knows the struggles, she knows that she and her image is being seen as last, she knows that she may only be accepted if she willing to compromise herself for the “dominant” society, she knows that she may not be picked due to her complexion (something that she cannot control.), She knows that her offspring if it comes from a non black man they’ll have a better chance to date a Huwhite guy. (You can look at television and see how often you see mixed Chicks with white dudes, even when you don’t watch TV as often like myself. But here in the Midwest is the opposite. More brothers in interracial relationships and dating light skin chicks. I digress.)
    The only reason why black dudes defend BW mistakes and don’t try to at least have a conversation with them about how to correct it, it’s because they’re trying to get brownie points or trying to get laid. And because this man’s not seen as the default man, their sound, logical advice holds no weight. And these dudes think that these women don’t see through that. Of course they see through that. They’ve been having guys and boys kissing up to them since they were 8 and 9 years old, lol facts. It’s like I want to yell at these dudes YOU’RE STILL NOT GOING TO GET LAID FOOL!
    Triny girl didn’t debunk anything that you said Verbs because she knows it’s true. Trini girl just don’t like the fact that you’re talking about it publicly. Because she can’t debunk it or use a proxy/simp to debunk it. You supposed to say that they’re strong and powerful and can overcome anything. Like the people who say stuff to them like that to kiss up to them. Especially if they label you as a lame based on some unoriginal standard. They have no problem with a guy who they seen as worthy doing what he wants (i. E. How quiet the BW were in general when the crimes of Mr DJ Pope were reported. Assault, child endangerment, child trafficking, among the serious heinous charges
    or even giving your goatboy Taz a pass up until recently). Since they have some status made up by somebody, they can do that according to these females. And this is why you don’t put them in charge of the communitah.
    That’s all it is with these people. They don’t want you to talk about it because it makes them feel insecure. These narcissistic people put their selfish feelings over the bigger picture of the world. And then wonder why the calamity and collapse continue. The BM and especially as SYSBM men cannot afford to lack this urgency like a woman can. It’s the same as ppl claiming that women (more protected in the us, the uk, and really the West in general) are getting things done and saying stuff that the man aren’t. Most men have checked out from this feminist culture, there is a historical precedent for that. Lauren Bobert cute but dorky ass has privilege, so do Joy Reid LOL
    Again that’s what happens when you put weak powerless people ( the BW) in charge of the communitah.

  13. Why, oh WHY it had to be a Trinidadian woman???
    Honestly, they’re almost as bad as their US counterparts. Just as embarrassing. Get me off this island!

  14. Read the Book I liked it . Brothers go read it much love #respect love what you did to the new book Sysbm.

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