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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, Slaying Evil continues to provide a platform for heterosexual free thinking to speak freely in a world which is rapidly trundling downhill. What’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I can’t believe that women who got vaccinated are now lying about their vaccinated situation just to get with a man. That’s really crazy. I am so glad that I am not vaccinated.

    1. Women who lie about their vaq status were the very first recipients of said deathshot, posted pictures of themselves on Fakebook with their NHS avatar, brow beating their soy boyfriends to get jibbed up for no reason… While calling us anti-vaq conspiracy nuts.

      We’ll, guess what? You’re now sterile and have myocarditis. BTW post a selfie of your aids test please?

      1. Michel,

        The entire campaign to get folks jabbed up was extremely suspect within itself, this isn’t even including an examination of the so called “pandemic”. Offering folks kebabs and donuts(how desperate is that) if you took take the clot shot and well over half of the UK still fell for the Okey Doke, smh.

        Like I said to Quincy and you’ve pointed out, there are going to be a lot of sorrowful women with barren wombs out here in the very near future and they did it to themselves.

      2. Michel.

        I fully agree with Michel. I am so glad that I don’t fellow the government rules like sheep and that I am a free thinking SYSBM black man who can think for myself.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Air headed women who follow what the government and media tells them and as a result have given up the ability to think and reason for themselves.

      How many relationships were broken over this Convid-1984 bioweapon because the woman refused to listen to those closest to her and instead decided to place her trust in the State and get shot up with 5G interactive, nano tech, DNA altering snake venom?

      There are going to be many barren wombs, sorrow and much weeping in the near future from many women who rushed out and got “jabbed up” believing they were doing the right thing, smh.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Unfortunately there is way too many women these days in 2022 who follow the government rules like sheep and slaves.

  2. The snake venom is in the jab so people who took the jab have been bitten by a snake 3 times with a booster and twice without a booster.

    But there are treatments to cure poisonous snake bites, cure HIV/aids, reduce inflammation, repair DNA damage, simply detoxing the body.

    The question is how many people know how to detox?

    Not many know how to do it so they will end up dropping dead within the next 4 years or less.

    Its unfortunately a shame that so many white women in western societies will be in that catergory of vax death statistics.

    Meanwhile Russia is planning on experimenting with this nuclear missle named Satan 2, it could completely destroy the size of the United Kingdom, the whole of the UK with one strike.

    The UK has been helping Ukraine by sending them nuclear weapons to kill tjousands of Russian soldiers.

    If Putin decides to use it on Ukraine so he don’t lose the war, the UK is probably in trouble for getting involved in political wars.

    1. Witwijf,

      Even if the particular female who took the Convid shot manages to reverse the DNA damage and detox from the poison(if this is actually possible), the problem I have is the woman’s mentality still has to be seriously questioned and examined.

      Women who don’t listen to sound advice from those closest to them are a serious problem and these days they can be found in every corner, unfortunately too many women in the West are wedded to the State and wouldn’t have things any other way.

      As for what you mentioned concerning Russia, their nuclear missile, Ukraine and the UK sending weapons to them, all the more reason why there will be no future in this God forsaken land, as the Americans say, it’s soon time to get the heck out of dodge.

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I trust that all is well with you guys; so, the state of Tennessee has passed a bill that would require drunk drivers to pay child support if they kill the parents in an accident:

    The child support issue just reached another level of crazy; so, they want to make it a law for somebody to financially provide for a child(ren) whose parents they kill in an accident. I can see this backfiring in a major way; so what happens if the accused is convicted and has difficulty paying? Will they be thrown into a debtor’s prison until the debt is paid off by their labor in prison? Why must politicians be such major cucks for women? The grandmother behind this hill is the one caring for the orphans, not the drunk driver! What is it with this country forcing people to pay for children that’s not biologically theirs? I hope somebody fights this because this bill is another step back towards the Dark Ages.

    P.S. Don’t drink and drive.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These lawmakers are a modern day curse and a pestilence, although I agree that drinking and driving is a dumb and dangerous move, it seems that those who dream up and inscribe these kinds of laws into policy are even more of a threat than the drunk drivers themselves.

  4. Gentlemen,

    Yet again we have another tatted up, raptor nail and weave wearing casualty of Swirl Mountain, looks like the marriage with Admiral Frost didn’t work out:

    1. When Dwight Mann decides to take a deadbeat Shaniqua seriously, he eventually learns what Black men already know, these hoes can’t make it work with anybody regardless of race. He’s lucky he found a decent WW to scoop him up and stand up for him in court, though. He seems to be kind of a loser, he better hang on tight to Susan.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Agreed, it doesn’t matter where black women go to find mates, because they refuse to deal with themselves ie their many inner issues, in most cases the men will eventually leave. When the relationship fails, General Blizzard will resort to default and return to his own female counterparts. These mentally unstable black heifers roll into relationships already broken and they wonder why they can’t keep a man regardless of race.

  5. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday. Busy day for Money Cultural people.

    I all most finish my script which I was working on since October last year. So maybe tomorrow or in the weekend, it will be done thank goodness.

    The women who has been vaccinated. Men really need to be careful of who they sleep with. men better use protection if they are goanna have sex with these women. They really need to be careful who they are banging now.

    Right with the war between Russia and the Ukraine. I know that there are little Hitlers there. Some of them. However, I wanna know why the Russian soldiers and raping the women and the children. I heard that a 13 year old girl got raped by the Russian soldiers. I don’t know why they are raping the woman and the children.

    And speaking of the Ukrainian women. as I see them coming to the UK, I bet you that the dating market is goanna go up for the first time for a long time. SYSBM, get ready for it star! I’m goanna get ready for them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times.


    1. Looking forward to seeing Homo Nazi Vern, Rum Smuggler Don, Rapid Fire Rasta and Weed Man Jake on a big screen near me soon.

      1. ALL THEM Sorry  ASS PRO BLACK SIMPS  NEED  Counseling and THEY  Think BLACK Women Are God help them for SOME HOODRATS Stankin Ass PUSSY WHAT A JOKE!! 😀🤣😂😄 Only those Pookie and Ray-Ray Take the skank trash out back In The Hood Rat Hair shopping In store Real I can’t stand fake hair and fake ass and titties black woman look like transsexuals Us. #SYSBM Brother Get Real Women Outside His Race Save yourself And Date Out FUCK Them PRO-BLACK

  6. Gentlemen,

    I really feel sorry for the younger generations, are these the kind of wild, contaminated, disjointed and dysfunction young women you guys have to wade through? The recommendation continues to remain the same, outside of true conservative women, free thinking brothers should seriously consider dealing with NON WESTERNISED foreign women. Steer well clear of unbridled and unhinged savages like this:

  7. Salute fellow brothers. How are things. Upon doing research does anyone have information regarding the actions of Harriet Tubman and the Black Panthers.

    I want to know that:

    Did she really have the desire to free every slave besides her family?

    Did the Panther party practice communism courtesy of China?

  8. By the way, I have been listening to Tito’s content lately and he delivers plasma knowledge that encourages thinking and analysis.

    His roast on BGS IMBOR definitely has truth especially from BGS’ questionable sexual preferences and communist policy specifically supporting the scamdemic

    1. Tito’s back hopefully for ever. His jail term was suspect and based on nothing but a rumour, taking advantage of the courtesy of the justice system.

      1. Michel,

        It’s funny how the fake academic Aaron Fountain was quick to call out Tito on his shortcomings, yet to this day has nothing to say concerning Taz the Curry goat Exclusives, his handler Nylah Vibes and their numerous criminal endeavours, smh.

  9. Gentlemen,

    Look like another black female has croaked it in her quest to “build a better body” via plastic surgery out in the Dominican Republic. Black women will never learn, it’s gotten to the point where they are outpacing other races of women in going under the knife. The insecurities with black women run extremely deep.

    Not one teardrop coming from her sisters eyeballs, the pretence of mourning could be convincing to the ignorant but is seen as very sloppy acting to those who know better.

    I don’t feel sorry for the heifer, besides I thought black women already came with butts, isn’t that what they keep on telling us? Such is the fate for those who obsess over and chase vanity:

    1. Wait don’t the melanated queenz naturally have the bodies that white women imitate and have to pay for? What gives? I’m confused.

  10. Salute, brothers; the following was shared with me today on graphene oxide and how it can be removed from the body:


    “Ricardo Delgado, who is part of La Quinta Columna, has successfully tested an inexpensive way to remove magnetic graphene nano-particles from human body after they were injected with vaccine. If you know someone who has had a Pfizer, Moderna or Astra Zeneca vaccine, which all contain graphene oxide nano-particles, or whose body now sticks to magnets, then they need to see this video so that they can get rid of the magnetic nano-particles. You will see him describe what to do. This video contains subtitles.

    Thanks to scientific articles we have seen, we know that every antoxidant, especially the master antioxidant GLUTATHIONE, DEGRADES GRAPHENE OXIDE. Glutathione can REDUCE EVEN TO ZERO ITS TOXICITY. And we have demonstrated that. We have proven it empirically through people who presented their own or acquired magnetism after the ‘invasion’ of graphene oxide via inoculation, through the vaccine, or other routes of administration.

    With these two antioxidants, I have personally and particularly helped people affected by magnetism after inoculation. They had two doses of Pfizer, and after two weeks they no longer express it:

    * Glutathione
    * N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)
    * Zinc”


    The La Quinta Columna researchers have a channel in English:

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