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They’ll Do Anything For Captain Snowy!


I’ve told you many times before that black women as a collective don’t seem to understand the relationship dynamic between themselves and their white lord and saviour General Blizzard(or possibly they don’t want to fully understand it).

The modern day black female is the white man’s flunky, tool and sex toy, she is to carry out the grunt work in continuing to destroy her own community as well as satisfying his sexual needs and fetishes whenever the urge comes upon him, nothing more, nothing less.

For some strange reason black women seem to believe that there is more to the relationship than the above and on many occasions Admiral Frost has to put his foot down ie put the uppity black witch back in her place and remind her that she isn’t special to him.

When I discovered the siren was Nigerian, her behaviour didn’t surprise me in the least, African women are notorious white male worshippers, even more than black women in the West and other parts of the world.

Flew out from Washington DC to Iceland twice for a booty call and to be called a n****r, yep, this is your modern day black female in a nutshell. But the divestment/swirling/levelling up brigades would still call this a “step up”, what a joke.

The guy didn’t even take her out to eat or show her around his city, nope, he simply rolled in, dumped his load and bounced. I don’t feel sorry for her in the slightest, no doubt she’s one of these black females who feels the white man’s ice is colder and better.

Glad to see the dude was clued up on the jab and at least tried to pass on the info. I’ve no doubt that this black witch has taken her shots, anything that befalls her as a result is her own fault. As I’ve stated before, I personally wouldn’t touch any woman who has taken the Convid-1984 death shot, why the guy still slept with her is beyond me.

I believe somebody may have posted this before, apparently women are beginning to lie about their so called “vaccination status” because they fear men will see them as an infertility risk(which is exactly what happens when you inject yourself with one of Bill Gates’ magic potions, your reproductive abilities disappear):

Note: The website appears to be down, however you can still find the above article at the Wayback Machine website, the link below should work:

This wide load aircraft carrier has no shame, she likes travelling for dick which she freely admits to in the video below:

Gentlemen, always remember that these are the same “loose” black females who after being ran through by Colonel Sleet and his platoon will all of a sudden turn pro black, roll back into “da communitah” and unfortunately the pro black, blue pilled, black male simps will be lining up to cuff her and call her a queen, smh.

Women like this belong in the deepest, darkest sewer and should never be picked up or be retrieved by anybody. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Ansa Edim Belongs To The Streets

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “They’ll Do Anything For Captain Snowy!

  1. Capt Frost can have these women. I wouldn’t even put my junk near an mRNA bio hazard and I’ve went out of my way to make sure these BWs arent sexual options. These dudes have a replacement rate of like 1.77 births(replacement is like 2.1 I think)and they’re out here smutting out BWs. You cant take these dudes seriously just like these BWs…whole group is being diminished and they’re out here…trolling. Both groups…500 fps…nose dive straight down.

    1. Autodidact,

      Indeed, regarding the Convid-1984 jab, it’s not only the woman’s body that is contaminated but also her mind, the fact that in the face of government propaganda she failed to use critical thinking and reasoning abilities and was so easily lead into injecting herself with what we now know is an experimental poison speaks volumes to that woman’s disjointed mindset.

      As for black women as a group, the future is not looking bright for them at all, throwing black men under the bus while simultaneously believing that they could find sanctuary under the wing of Admiral Frost really hasn’t worked out for them at all and they won’t escape paying the penalty for engaging in such treachery.

  2. In my DJ Khaled voice, “Another one”; how many more daggles will take to the internet to share their stories of how Captain Frost put them back in their place and let them know how he really felt about them. She went back twice to see this guy, but notice how she tried to shift the narrative away from her bad experience with him to “I made it a fun solo trip”? Sounds like a feeble attempt to hide her feelings of humiliation; her White Lord and Savior called her the N word, and it must’ve broke her heart to learn the hard way how he truly sees her. This reminds me of a video where another daggle says she’s done dating White men (at least for the time being) because they weren’t pro Black like her, so she thought she’d fall back on Black men as an option; best believe Ansa Edim will do the same.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      When all else fails these used up and ran through black hags will always come rolling back to black men and there will always be a hoard load of simps on deck ready to take them under their wing. These black women are really out here campaigning hard about how “their past doesn’t matter”, it’s all about going into the future, yet they don’t seem to understand that their past will dictate how the future goes. The fat tub of lard got called a n****r in a foreign land, black women really don’t learn anything at all.

      As I’ve stated to commenter Autodidact, black women were foolish to throw black men under the bus believing that they could find safety and security amongst other races of men, that plan failed miserably and now black women are going to have to drink down their recompense and judgement undiluted for making such a move.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women love their white god, their white father and their white lord and saviour because he cannot do any wrong in their eyes. A white man can just turn up in any form whether he is a bum on the streets or if he is rich, black women will accept white men with open arms whereas black men have to be perfect in every way and jump through all these unnecessary stupid hoops just to get a hello from black women smh.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Major Frost can keep his mutant creations as far as I’m concerned and I won’t be jumping through any hoops for any woman yet alone a weave, fake eyelash, fake nail and heavy makeup wearing black harriet.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am also shocked that women who got vaccinated are now lying about their vaccinated status just to get a boyfriend or husband. I am so glad that I am not vaccinated.

  4. “All that $$$ for bad sex, an anti-vax lecture, and to be called a n***** to my face. Best believe I made this a fun solo trip”

    Excuse me SYSBM, fellas:
    I think this is the part where we are bust out in a huge laughter


    Okay, in all seriousness this lady could have done some basic research to at least find out some cultural aspects of what’s going on Iceland. Cuz apparently you went over there to want to impress the guy, he was looking to smash and he was probably pissed because you was bad in bed. We are talking about a peasant mayo yeti so who knows what was wrong LOL
    She would know that a large portion of population is livid with the draconian restrictions and covid lockdowns that they have an Iceland. What I heard, some of the worst in Europe. Not to mention the injuries and deaths to have resulted in that Nation from the juice. That they have tried to cover up but failed.
    But no, she’s just looking at his white skin.
    This is too stupid to be stupid. And this chick has the IQ of a door knob.
    Are you supposed to be the most
    educated LOL
    These chicks want to act like hoes, don’t want to deal with the shame of being hoes, and in essence they suck at being what they are, hoes.

  5. So the Daggle went to get some international spunk from Dwight Mann huh? I guess she wanted that pure uncut spunk & not the watered down American version of it. The fact that he called her the N-Word probably had her Toxic Avenger level snatch oozing with more bacteria than you’ll find in a Komodo Dragon’s mouth! She probably wanted pregnancy as payment for her dedication to Admiral Frost.

  6. The Naija negress has just humiliated herself even more by mentioning her experience on social media in Iceland.

    Why mention it a year later?

    Lol, its already embarrassing enough.

    She should’ve just kept that humiliation to herself.

    If I decided to travel to Iceland or any other nation, my experience with a white wifey would be a lot different than vice versa of captain admiral frost with his ape negress.

  7. Black women will go for the worse type of white man. They always go for the beta male, not the Nice Guy Nick who has a Mercedes Benz S500e, makes £100,000 a year in the city, has a house in Watford, Hertfordshire and dresses neat. I have no issues of a black woman dating a non black man but what kind of man she is choosing when it comes to interracial? And the white guy who pipe her down, he has sex with a woman who was vaccinated. He might off known what the vaccine can do to a person, especially when it comes to sex, so he might off use a condom. I have done an article on that. So the man knows that it’s very dangerous of having sex with someone who is vaccinated. But the scraggle daggle, she belongs to the street.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles will come after them.


  8. Like Blue Collar Trevor said, “another one.”

    This reminds me of the bedwench last year who was crying in her car because Admiral Sleet curved her at Target, walked right past her, pretended not to know her. She ended up going back with him and ended up with an STD. That woman was African too I believe. I have to laugh when these simps talk about getting their passports and getting an African or Caribbean chick, as Verbs says, they are the biggest white male worshippers. And they seem to love posting their “L”s.

    What’s even funnier is that these black bitches on Twitter balk about making a Black Man a sandwich for lunch, yet this melanated queen flew to Iceland twice just to get smutted out, called an n-word by her white savior, and sent packing. Hahahahaha.

    Verbs is correct that matriarchal pro-black simps will gladly take her back full of the white man’s cum. If Christelyn Karazin is really back to BM after shitting on us for a decade, this hefty Naija queen should have no problems.

    SYSBM remains the game plan gents. Date and marry as far out from these broken, busted, bitter BW as you can.

  9. African women are notorious white male worshippers, even more than black women in the West and other parts of the world.

    I didn’t know that about African women being Major Snowdrift worshippers… 😶 So much for Umar and da muddaland.

    Ghetto Gaggers International! She’s complaining about sucking the baby batter out of some viking soy boy? She didn’t like that Yung Thor dash her away like a used KFC lemon wipe? Oh well. That’s what you get for being the Iceman’s satanic creation. I don’t believe she hated being called a nigha, she got off on it, like a victory dance.

    You can have 100 black simps standing behind the set of Ghetto Gaggers with their vile Azov neo-Nazi race play hate sex and you couldn’t break their matriarchal programming, that’s how strong it is.

    The next time some online pundit is talking greasy about SYSBM travelling to meet so called “dirty water, dirty feet” Colombian women, point them to that Daggle’s Tiktok page and tell them to go worship a pyramid.

    1. These black women and white male betas are crazy bruh. Flying to Iceland to get degraded by some low level white guy, pathetic. No wonder Chabad Chev, Lord Napoleon and Baron Mandeville exploit these losers so much. And she’s Nigerian, that place is literally the fake capital of Africa.

      She didn’t even go to Iceland to enjoy the culture and have fun. Nah, it’s getting blown out in race play. These black females and white males love being seen as the ‘master race’ but have no balls or guts to stand for anything. This is why the right wing walked all over them during the Cold War and Missa Chin is rubbing his hands as Democrats and Putin fight over Ukraine which is in the Belt and Road.

  10. L Express has a new customer. Her shipment of L’s was delivered today.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  11. Upon closer inspection of her TikTok page, you can really see her type from a mile away. The glasses, the natural hair (reserved only for Dwight Mann), the way she talks, the weight = fat gender studies feminist bedwench. I bet her bookshelf is full of that bell hooks type bullshit. Sad to see but not really. As Verbs and others have pointed out, some Black simp would take her on weight and all, but she’s gunning for General Tundra and getting dissed and/or pumped and dumped. She flew all the way to Iceland on her own dime to get dogged out by Admiral Sleet but wouldn’t cross the street, make a sandwich, or go dutch for your black ass. The good news here is that ALL these toxic hoes regardless of race are outing themselves on TikTok, STDs and all, so the wise SYSBM Black Man knows who and what to AVOID.

  12. I seriously doubt that dude called her the N word. These are professional liars who gets support from other professional liars.

    1. I believe it. These bedwenches will take all kinds of abuse from Massa with a cheese eating smile but ready to call the police if a Black Man sneezes wrong. Like the late, great David Carroll used to say, “We know the play, we know the snap count.”

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