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Stop It With The “I Don’t Need A Man” Garbage!


I’ve got an even better idea witch, I’ll simply give your house an extremely wide berth to begin with, therefore avoiding any possible future “conflicts” and dickhead behaviour on your part. This is one of the major problems with too many Western women who look halfway decent, they’re typically accompanied by a haughty, arrogant, prideful, gutter attitude which unfortunately is often times boosted by the hoards of simps that flood their inboxes.

I’ve checked out her Tiktok, Instagram and her Twitter, as per usual with these kinds of women, not a man in sight however I see that she has a couple of moggies(cats) to keep her backside company. This chick looks to be as single as a one way train ticket, I can’t say that I’m surprised seeing as her attitude is so foul.

Look, we already know the story with women like this, we foresee how things will pan out. As soon as she begins creeping up to the 30 year mark, it will be “where have all the good men gone” in addition to pouring her heart out expressing how she should’ve chosen better.

As a man who is well travelled, vain ramblings like the above are absolutely no skin off my nose because I have seen as attractive if not prettier women with much more down to earth, pious, grounded and humble attitudes. It’s these low self esteem simps who are currently flooding her inbox who feel the need to “prove themselves different”.

Women like this delude themselves into believing they’ll be young, in demand and the centre of attention forever, even now with each day that goes past, this arrogant knucklehead doesn’t realise that younger women are piling up right behind her, younger women that will eventually steal her spotlight.

Again, I love how these chicken heads talk about not needing a man yet they’ve got no problems with constantly using MAN MADE products. Women need men, don’t let these rag tag feminazis out here fool you, without men women would be well up the creek without a damn paddle.

There isn’t anything a woman does or uses that doesn’t have a man involved at some level. If Soullig’s car broke down or she had a flat tyre, wouldn’t it be a man she would have to rely upon to come out and carry out the repairs? Don’t need a man, really………….whatever, smh!

High quality men won’t even give arrogant females like the above a second look despite her looking somewhat reasonable. This is why I encourage brothers to deal with foreign non westernised women if and where possible, attractive non westernised foreign women compete for men and promote themselves based upon their femininity and character, not upon their looks and aesthetics.

It’s the usual saying with women like this, they look good but as soon as they open their mouths, everything falls apart, the good looks no longer matter as they’ve been tainted by her disgusting disposition.

Gentlemen, never feel the need to “prove yourself different” to mentally challenged, arrogant, haughty, prideful, nugget headed harriets no matter how good they look, ALWAYS keep your masculinity and manhood intact, never compromise either for anyone.

The fact of the matter is too many women in the West are mentally damaged, some beyond repair but rather than seeking out the necessary remedies, instead they’ll attempt to make you feel as if you have an obligation to take onboard themselves as well as their dysfunctional garbage, no thanks, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Haughty and Arrogant Females Must Always Be Bypassed

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “Stop It With The “I Don’t Need A Man” Garbage!

  1. How men are replaceable when women outnumber us?
    A woman can be Miss Universe once.
    A man can be Mr. Olympia as long as he keeps winning

    1. DeAngelo Staples,

      These types of women simply delude themselves into believing that because they have a million and one simps chasing after them now, that situation will always remain a constant, however as we all know and have seen, eventually the attraction wears off as these women get older and instead men will choose to home in on younger women.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Arrogant and haughty women like the woman at the above video need to realise that her good looks won’t last forever and that she will hit the wall one day in her 30s. She needs to realise that there is always a new batch of women in their sexual prime years turning between 18 years old to 21 years old everyday and that they will replace her because older men always prefer to date younger women in their 20s who cooperative to the man’s program and not these feminist strong independent women bitches. Men built this society in world history and without men, women wouldn’t have jack shit. As a older man at 39 years old if I see a womens dating profile saying that she is a feminist and a strong independent woman who boasts about her well paid career and boasts about her university degree qualifications, I avoid them like the plague.

    1. Quincy,

      I remember years ago on the dating profile that I come across Black Transgender Female call themselves ‘Feminist; and ‘Independent’. The only type of men will accept Black Transgender Females are White Men as they are open minded (aka Liberal kink/Fetish).
      Other race of Trans-women do not think like this or put this ‘Feminist/Independent’ on the profile as they know it is harder for them so they understand this.

      On Facebook group called ‘Say no to Single Mothers – Black Edition), the brothers screen shot a lot of BW’s profile and they are the only race of females who put ‘Feminist/Independent’.

      Any women who put either ‘Feminist’, ‘Independent’ or both, I know they belong to the white men so let the white men deal with them. Brothers just skip them as this is a no-no to them.

      1. “Any women who put either ‘Feminist’, ‘Independent’ or both, I know they belong to the white men so let the white men deal with them. Brothers just skip them as this is a no-no to them.”

        Real talk I was out walking yesterday and saw a pretty biracial chick sitting at an outdoor cafe by herself, lightskinned with a kinky afro. As I walked past her table I saw she was reading “Hood Feminism” and I kept it moving. LMAO.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These types of women are ultra delusional, I really don’t understand how they feel so comfortable setting up an account on TikTok, thereafter posting dickhead nonsense and not feeling embarrassed, smh.

      I feel for guys like yourself because it is getting very difficult to find a decent woman, there is so much rubbish to wade through.

      It seems that there is a large cadre of Western women walking around who feel it is a good thing to behave like dickheads and additionally they believe that men should accept such dysfunction. Nope, not over here, let them take their dickhead attitude over there.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Its getting harder to find a decent woman especially in 2022 if you are a Millenial man like myself or the younger Generation Z men because women these days think it’s cool to be arrogant, stuck up and haughty to men.

  3. The “I DON’T NEED A MAN GARBAGE” works on the feeble minded black male simp. As long as the majority pf black males continue to simp, nothing, and I mean nothing can change for the better in da communitah.

    The scraggs know full well that most black males are hopeless simps. They also know that no other cohort of males simp as universally as the black male does. They don’t dare try the crap they use on black males with any other cohort of males.

    Aside from differing sex organs, the black male simp and the black scraggle daggle are the exact same creature. It is best to avoid both entirely. This why I give a wide berth to da communitah in general, and any black male with a simp mentality, as well as any black female with a scraggle daggle mentality, no matter how she looks.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The simps are the primary reason why these delusional females have become so arrogant and brazen, as I’ve stated before, the simps especially the black male variety have become even more of a pestilence and a curse than the women they worship and pine after.

      The formula for high quality men is simple, keep your high standards in place, avoid these feminazi harriets like the plague and only entertain traditional, classic women whether they be foreign or domestic.

  4. My time is too precious to not waste it on social media caring what feminazis think of men.

    Women age like milk, the looks ain’t everything at all.

    The personality is the most important aspect when it comes to high quality.

    I’ve never personally seen women in general trying to build civilisations without men.

    Females that belong to the streets will always be jealous of family oriented relationships.

    When it comes to the dating market, women of colour will always see a white wifey with me as competition.

    1. Witwijf,

      Disrespectful, arrogant and unappreciative harridans simply need to be left to their own devices, in time they’ll learn that men of quality will not tolerate nor deal with their contaminated attitudes.

      The talk constantly coming from their camp about not needing men is a false one, as I’ve stated before, everything women do has the involvement of men at some level.

      Men build civilisations, women are invited to inhabit upon the condition of them fulfilling their roles, in 2022 too many women out here have lost their way and are no longer fit for dating or marriage, the black witch is a primary example of this.

  5. Once again, we see the “Gremlin Effect” on full display: an attractive woman that morphs into Jezebel in a split second; I won’t lie, she has my preferred aesthetic for a Black girl: lightskin with pretty eyes and cute face, but the moment she opened her mouth and said what she said, I thought “never mind; she ain’t cute no more”. I must question what kind of men she’s surrounded by if they are so unnecessary to her; sounds to me like she is attracting men who she can feel superior to because they’re worthless in her eyes; this is the kind of female who’ll do a 180° turn and run to Kevin Samuels seeking to be hooked up with a “high value man” after her prime years are behind her. Women like this need to be abandoned for life and not given a chance by any man who knows his worth. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As you and AmericanBlkMan have pointed out, the dudes she’s most probably surrounding herself with are the ones she can control and manipulate ie the simps, no man worth his salt is going to stick around and tolerate any female with a Jekyll and Hyde disposition.

      She’s your typical daggle, she believes that it’s cute being a Jezebel, however once again the only guys who don’t have a problem with this type of dysfunction are the desperate simps who are hoping to catch a whiff of her snatch.

      Once again, the formula for quality men is simple, keep your high standards in place, avoid these feminazi Jekyll and Hyde harriets like the plague and only entertain traditional, classic women whether they be foreign or domestic.

    2. It’s all the simps that run to KS for the entertainment of the argument that breaks out on cue whenever he invites one of these women on his live stream.

      Look it’s just going to get worst. The delusion is real and the where the Black women at on Passport Bros groups is really getting on my nerves.

      They just can’t get pass it. I think there needs to be a further division.

  6. When a woman say that she don’t need a man, when they hit their 30’s, that’s when she says she need a man. And the man don’t come, she will say that where are the good men gone. The good man is there but she didn’t want him at first until she touched her 30’s. And the woman on the video, she looks pretty until she opens her mouth. And that’s when a man will just say that “Nah babes, I’m good!” These women do need a man but kind of man she wants? That’s the question. And these simps who are blue pilled are the ones sliding into their DM as well.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times.


    1. Money Cultural,

      If you check out her TikTok account there are quite a few videos of her putting on display the fact that’s she’s a mentally unstable, belligerent witch. These kinds of women are to be avoided like the plague.

      She’s got 652K followers, no doubt the overwhelming majority of them are men and most of those are simps who are hoping to get whiff of her snatch. I tend to find the deeper women are involved in social media, the more contaminated they are.

      1. Not only that, she has over 15.5 million like as well and it’s mostly men. She’s a beautiful girl but when she opened her mouth, it was very off putting. When you look on social media, you will see how damaged these women are and the things they will do on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram.

  7. 🧏🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️……

    As always congrats on the new book you deserve a hand👏🏿 will buy it on my next payday next friday and drop a review

    1. Michel,

      Once again, she can only run that arrogant garbage with the desperate simps who follow her and pile into her inbox on the daily, any man worth his salt has already examined her TikTok profile, seen just how contaminated she is and bypassed her with the quickness.

      In fact with some quality men, as soon as they hear any woman they’re interested in has multiple social media accounts, they’ll immediately move on elsewhere.

    2. BOOM! I was just getting ready to post that.

      At times when certain women open up their mouths they make my penis soft LOL

  8. As you guys have already said, young women like her turn 20 every day on God’s green earth, so it’s only a matter of time before she herself is thrown away like last night’s Nando’s. I’m just waiting for the Aba and Preach video where she’s crying over some “worthless dude”. Damn, Light and Brights acting the fool, smh.
    As for the simps, they like being talked down to, so they get off on this boricura.

    From Nighas ain’t Shit to Where did the Good Men go? How soon? Maybe give it 5 years.

  9. Damn talk about a Jekyll & Hyde transformation. I was lulled into a false sense of security for sure before Jezebel kicked in. Like my man said above, this chick is close to the golden mean when it comes to black chicks…that biracial Lisa Bonet in her prime look. Then the demon emerged, yikes. Somebody call the Exorcist on this bish lol.

    This new generation man, whoooo. Social media done destroyed these hoes

    SYSBM fellas, don’t be fooled by that pretty face!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      No doubt she’s one of these females who’s happy with having her cats on one side and a set of vibrators as well as other sexual instruments on the other. Repeating what I said before, the deeper these women entrench themselves in social media, the more contaminated they become.

      Social media has completely shipwrecked the dating scene in the West with these Western women in tandem being the primary culprits behind its demise. Outside of true conservative women, I’ll continue to recommend that free thinking brothers deal with non Westernised foreign women.

      Apparently this Soullig chick is a gamer, gaming is yet another arena that attention seeking women have ruined and destroyed in their desperate quest for validation, likes, approval and attention.

      Large swaths of these gamer chicks aren’t genuine gamers, they’re only there because that’s where loads of men are where they know they’ll be able to receive their daily fix of attention and validation, smh.

      1. “Large swaths of these gamer chicks aren’t genuine gamers, they’re only there because that’s where loads of men are where they know they’ll be able to receive their daily fix of attention and validation, smh.”

        As a lifelong comics fan, I’ve seen comic-cons also get overrun by attention seeking hoes under the guise of “cosplay” smh. Mind you these are the same ones who rejected “nerds” in the first place. The worst of them are the black chicks pretending to be “black girl nerds” to get next to white or Asian boys, but would reject a black boy with those same interests as not thug enough or black enough. “Don’t need no man” but follow us everywhere smh. I hate these bitches.


      2. Verbs, you hit the nail in the head on this one about the Gaming Community.

        I remember Sandman and the MGTOW community mention that these gamer girls are in the male space so they can attract males.
        The females will say that this is a hobby, no it is not.

        They know the gaming industry is a male space so once they move into the male space, this is where the simping and thirst kicks in.

        Put these female gamers in the real tournament and they will lose easily.
        These females complain about how this is sexism because they lost.
        In reality, they lost because they want to attract attention on males so the male audience especially on YouTube and Twich for them to masturbate and beat their dicks on their keyboard or laptop whilst the male players are there to win. Basically meaning the female gamers are not serious when it comes to video games.

        Now you got these BW Gamers especially in the UK complain about colourism because they are Black Girl Gamers.
        The reason they face colourism because it is not normal in the black community for BW to play video games. This is due to western BW keep focus on what ‘Real-Men’ does and Video Games does not consider ‘Real-Men’. Even this is just a hobby.

        I do not believe this colourism stuff in the gaming industry because again, they are not serious about video games, they just want simps throwing money at them.

        I pay those Black Girl Gamers no mind because they will end up with dating White Men anyway. No chance of getting a BM as they will reject BM anyway as Schadenfreude stated.

        1. White women and Asian women pull off Cosplay and aren’t afraid to say they do it and feel sexy.

          They are looking for me to accept that side of their personalities. Guess you get to step to the front of the line?

          The egalitarian Black man.

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