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Check out where the plaintiff’s hairline starts, near the back of her head, smh:

This is one of many reasons why the “black love” pundits have seriously got their work cut out, no black man worth his salt is going to deal with a balding black female who has self inflicted that condition upon herself through rampant weave wearing. Additionally, a quality black man isn’t going to tolerate fake eyelashes, fake nails or tattoos either.

The receding hairline epidemic amongst most black women is one of many issues that pro black bootlickers such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson doesn’t want to address, instead his much preferred approach is to attempt to shame black men into sticking with these bald headed, ran through hags, however the shaming tactics just aren’t working.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week fellas? You’ve got the floor, as per usual, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to date black women because they practice self hate every day when they are looking fake from head to toe and I refuse to date a fake looking woman. These pro blacks are so fucking deluded with this black love bullshit because they have no fucking standards for themselves and that is shameful. The reason why I only date non black women is because they look real from head to toe and alot of them are feminine looking and I only date good looking non black women who are a 6 out of 10 in looks or above, they have to be childfree like myself plus they have to be in good physical shape like being slim build or athletic build because I have high standards for myself and I ain’t lowering it for anybody.

  2. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I trust that all is well with you guys; I honestly don’t know how much longer we have before our freedoms are taken away for good, but I do know it’s imminent. On Monday this week, the White House released an announcement regarding their Second Global COVID-19 Summit next month; here’s the link:

    Note the players who are involved here: the United States of America, Belize, Germany, Indonesia, and Senegal; by these 5 countries alone, every major continent is represented at this global summit (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa). The New World Order is right around the corner, and all the world leaders are coming together to fulfill their goals; it’s not a coincidence that world events have played out the way they have recently, because it’s all according to plan. Stay vigilant, brothers. #SYSBM

  3. In UK, interracial marriage has always been legal but the marriage license here should also be abolished.

    There are so many dangers of the government using women to financially divorce men.

    No support systems in place to prevent guys from losing their homes to their ex wife and becoming homeless on the streets.

    This is why its so important for me to have a white wifey material if I can’t leave the west for good.

    The family court is very deadly cause it always favours women.

    Its suicidal to propose an engagement ring.

    Cohabitation is marriage without a license and I prefer it this way.

  4. I would like to piggyback on a Slaying Evil article entitled “Is This Clown For Real? So I’m A “Dusty” Now, Lol?”

    All of this pandering by Coen Naninck for ‘Miss’ Cynthia G and her blk female ilk is bounding to fail.

    Here’s one example, there’s a lifestyle television show ( from Tampa, Florida that I used to watch on a regular basis years ago and I stopped watching because of my access to watching the show became unavailable. Well, days ago I found the program again with different hosts and a different design look. One of the hosts was substituting for another host on a different television show ( by the same owner. This female host named Farron Hipp piqued my curiosity. I went to do some research on her and her Twitter description came up saying “Journalist because real news matter. Wife because I love the greatest woman ever. Christian because I know God is good. Smiling… just because!”

    I said awww because she was married and I thought to a white guy based on how she presented herself is a feminine matter on tv, then I looked at her quote “Wife because I love the greatest woman ever” and it didn’t make any sense because yes she’s a wife and the ‘because I love the greatest woman ever’ line, I thought it was pertaining to herself but I went in deeper by Google searching her spouse and to my shock, she’s married to a white woman. I started laughing.

    Farron Hipp-

    Farron and the woman she ‘married’ and took her last name from:

    To add, this Farron woman might be in her early 30s (between 30-32).

    Pandering men like Coen Naninck will left in the cold for this blk queans only for said women (i.e. Raven Symone, Wanda Dykes and others) to end up in bed with white women. Not a good look.

    1. The irony with all these black lesbos is that even they choose white women. So why should I be race-loyal?

      Simping and pandering never pays, Klingon bitches don’t appreciate it unless you look like Derrick Jaxn or Jacob Mason. Schlubs like Naninck who are old and unkempt will learn the hard way.

  5. I want a son. I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew. I need an heir to the throne.

    When I saw the video of the weave wearing scraggle daggle, I was thinking that she is the next woman that is goanna get alopecia. I just did an article today of black women getting alopecia because of the amount of weave these black women are wearing. When you walk down the street you a black woman not wearing her natural hair. These scraggle daggles wanna be white so bad they will go extreme lengths to copy their hairstyle. And they pay the price of getting alopecia. It’s not a life threading condition but that’s what you get when you wear someone else’s DNA.

    As black men talk about black women wearing this weave, there are some simps will come after them in the defence of their black queens. When they surrender when they lose the battle when they take one black men that are think minded, the scraggle daggles that they are defending are getting their clit rammed out by the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Street Mice, Machete Man Briggy, Rum Head Frasier, Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta and Chopper Man Stoley.

    Anyway, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times because these scraggle daggles and their simps are coming after non black women.


  6. Looks like Taz the Curry Goat is mocking Brian Solange because he is working with the FBI because of the Frank James Incident. I do not know why these simps are attacking FS Avenger as this was meant to be the Black YouTube.
    All these Hoteps talk all about we should have Black YouTube and when you have it, they start hating it.

    Kid Organic made a video about Frank James

    At the moment FS Avenger website is under FBI surveillance since the incident.

    If anyone do not know who Frank James is. He is basically a David Carrol look alike. He had is YouTube name ‘Prophet of Truth 88’ and on FS Avenger is called ‘Prophet of Doom 88’.

    Now Aaron Fountain Jr got sexual aroused or political Erection (David Carrol call it) because he got some of the videos from FS Avenger before investigation and is on the rampage and put them on the ‘Tracking the Manosphere’ Channel. Giving these Bitter Black Bitches knickers wet because one of these women want to be a hacker just to declare war against men and the manosphere thanks to Aaron’s video claiming that Frank is part of the manosphere which is now on the main stream news and open a can of worms for the manosphere.
    He was not part of the manosphere at all.

    To be honest Frank had his own issues.

    Gentlemen, what are your thoughts about Frank James incident?

    1. I watched one of Frank James videos. His views are consistent with old Black men his age, not too far off from David Carroll to be honest, only DC focused on these dysfunctional black heffas. I agreed with a lot of the rant that I saw. People aren’t used to plain talk anymore especially from Black Men. It’s only “shocking” to weak leftist whites and NYC is socialist central. It shocks them that old kindly Uncle Remus secretly hates them.

      The circumstances of his crime and capture and his smirk when he got caught don’t add up and some say it was another false flag by the NYPD to justify more money. He even said in his video that he couldn’t go to prison, yet there he was smiling. I’m getting a Lee Harvey Oswald vibe. Watch a hero citizen jump up and shoot him a la Jack Ruby. I don’t put anything past the pigs these days. The Twitter account “Maze of Deception” is doing a good job breaking it down from a conspiracy viewpoint.

      I haven’t watched FS Avenger since David Carroll died.

  7. Remember Miko Worldwide when he got arrested years ago for paedophile and flee to other countries
    He got released less than year ago and it turns out this was all false allegations.
    All these haters think he was part of the SYSBM which he wasn’t and nobody know about this guy until he got arrested still thinks he is the villain, even the paedophile claims is all a lie by the media and the hoteps.

    Part 1 =
    Part 2 =

    1. Sheriff X,

      Notice how none of those shines who attempted to link Miko to SYSBM and who were gloating at the allegations levied against him have retracted their dodgy statements and accusations. That is some typical Aaron Fountain-esque type journalism. How many of them will come out and produce videos acknowledging that Miko has been completely cleared…………that’s right, crickets.

  8. Yup these are the hideous, musty, ran-through, Section 8 hippos with kids, herpes, alopecia, bald spots and struggle wigs that you as the rare college-educated, employed Black Man with his shit together are supposed to reach back and wife up. I saw a divester on Twitter say that BW should keep quiet, lose weight and wear their natural hair to attract white men. A brother responded that this is what BM want, but they refuse to do that for us. Realistically in 2022, every brother cannot abandon ship en masse. This is why SYSBM is for the few, the proud, like the Marines lol. The good news from my perspective is that I’ve been seeing this foolery, gaslighting and double standards from BW for literally decades but the world is catching up due to social media and blogs like this. SYSBM is an elegant and simple solution, MBD is a genius for coming up with it.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Yep, and as we’ve pointed out many times, a clean up man/janitor is just that, a dude who steps up and literally sacrifices himself and his resources for an ungrateful witch who didn’t demand any of the same from Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse or Shorty Fist, nor is she interested in him past his money.

      As they have demonstrated time and time again, black women as a collective are willing to put in that work and change for General Sleet, however when it comes to their own male counterparts, they’ll present themselves to us in a run down condition and expect free thinking brothers to take them onboard without question.

      Here is another example of a balding black female who is trying her utmost to disguise the fact that she lost a serious amount of hair, this is what happens to those black women who religiously wear weaves, there are always consequences to face and penalties to pay for engaging in dysfunctional and unhygienic practices:

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Yep, simping hard for a group of females who at this stage aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm, smh.

      1. One thing that brother Quincy 82 should’ve done to counteract against Rap Raven’s assault and his so-called network of black women is to ask him (as if he’s Umar and guys like him) “Rap Raven, where’s your black woman?”

        Just an hour ago, it came to my mind if you want to find a good black woman/women aka sista(s), it has to be away from the stereotypical blk community and culture that these clowns want you to help build and bring in good resources. Yep, you have to around well-to-do upper class black and non-black communities in the wealthy suburbs.

        1. Brother Dan unfortunately those non-ghetto suburban BW are all into white boys in 2022. What, you thought she was intelligent, slim, in-shape, into nerd shit like comics, manga, and anime, happy, feminine and friendly to attract who? You, Black Man? Hahaha. Nope all those qualities are reserved for Admiral Frost. You get bald heads, struggle weave, wig askew, fake nails, fat, loud, other niggas kids, musty fat folds, stank attitude and possibly STDs. Like David Carroll said, no hope, no change for the Negro. SYSBM.

        2. Great points both of you. The Story of My Life
          Well, I’ve been able to attract mostly those types of bws. And yeah you do have to compete with white boys and other races of men. Especially for the biracials. As the OG above said. Trust me, my dad let me know this early and told me emphatically do not back down or be intimidated by them. And I’m not. I guess he saw that some of the women in my family were calling me “color struck” even as a little freaking kid. How the hell supposed to know what that means? LOL
          And well, I was mainly able to pull those “proper” light skin and dark skin chicks because they saw me around non black girls and were curious as hell.
          “How is this black guy not even flirting to us? mostly dealing with this Latina, that one white girl from Europe, and the Eurasian chick that he used to hook up with?”
          Of course this is after their little insults and low-key disses started to bounce off of me. That damn curiosity alone was the reason why I was able to score with them. Especially those dating non-black dudes. They will flirt with their man in front of you, and then being your DMs asking what’s up. This s*** happened at my previous job with a divestor . Because I guess they’re not used to black man showing confidence and DGAF. What you find is that in essence, the bws are followers and they’re only going along with what society says is the standard.
          The default man. As mentioned so eloquently in the SYSBM book.
          As I mentioned before though, I f***** with a lot of these chicks who end up dating white guys. Also well I act like a white guy. (Wherever the f*** that means, I didn’t know you could act like a crayon color LMFAO! ,(Obviously I don’t look white, lol, unless you count the polo shirts and glasses I sometimes wear. It helps that I am athletic and muscular LMAO) honestly, I’ve never really romanticize bws, so I just look at them as other women. The few that I started to romanticize were the non-hood types. (After Latinas in certain Euro women LOL). And I knew in my teens I have to deal with other races of men. But then again this was the 90s and interracial dating was almost seeing as normal on tv. Amazing how they decided to change the narrative right in front of people’s eyes. I guess that nonchalant IDGAF attitude towards in the reason why I still get attention from them. But then again, I’ve been knowing they be dealing with other dudes, you be amazed the stories me and some of my friends of all the races I’ve talked about in regards to the BW.
          It still stands as I said numerous times before, the woman doesn’t belong to you, and she wasn’t brought over here for you, she was brought over here for the “dominant” society. Freedom of Choice for SYSBM

          PS: tip for those Brothers lurking on here who still want to deal with the bws. Go right ahead you ain’t got to worry about me lol but please try to act nonchalant and act like you don’t give a f*** if she walks out with whoever or not. She knows and believes that you only giving her praise and defending her to get brownie points and to get in her pants (like Godfrey. Saw how well that worked out for his ass haha). She knows her shortcomings and she sees through that lame ass “game,” some dudes been playing on her since she was a teenager LOL! Please maintain your frame. This will usually work and getting their attention. Especially if they start doing insults that you. Because their childish ass likes you. WALK AWAY AND STOP GIVING THEIR ASS ATTENTION. BE WHAT SHE DON’T EXPECT YOU TO BE. YOU CAN EITHER PULL HER OR, IN OUR SITUATION, OTHER RACES OF WOMEN. And especially African women.
          This is just for the BW lovers who lurk on here, they want to defend them but know they will get demolished on here. Don’t say we didn’t try to help your asses

  9. There was a recent event where Ben Shapiro spoke, and he was confronted by a college student who challenged him on his use of “outdated” data and terminology when it comes to the subject of gender and sexuality; watch how it unfolds:

    I would employ the Ashton Kutcher “BURN!” meme here, but this situation doesn’t warrant that; please excuse my language, but this has to be the niggerest thing I’ve ever heard since that dumb Black tranny tried to blame Black men for Adele’s “fatphobia” and “transphobia”. Now, I’m not a fan of Shapiro, but I’d say he won this debate the minute this fruity Black male decided to use name calling and ad hominem attacks to counter his point. What does his ability to get punany or get his wife wet have to do with the subject? Why do these Blackistan males always have to charge every disagreement they have to you not getting sex?

    Another thing that caught my attention was how this guy framed his argument for this “gender fluidity” confusion: the gender binary is a product of Western colonialism, and there are examples of “gender fluidity” in the Indigenous, African, and Latin American cultures. So, colored people were all gender fluid until Whites came along? The lies and deceptions!

    1. I was reading somewhere that facial recognition AI had a problem differentiating or identifying dark-skinned black faces. Much like its white programmers. Good news for black folk.

  10. A Scraggle Daggle member responds to the murder of Christian Obumseli:

    So, this daggle says she’s a Cnristian, but her YouTube channel description says she’s Pro Black; she also speaks like your typical Black feminist proxy, spreads the lie that Black women have been fighting for Black men, and vents about White women like the typical insecure Black harriet. Man, sometimes I wish David Carroll was still alive because I know he’d have some serious smoke for this braud.

    1. I miss that man every Saturday when his public video would drop and I’d get the notification.

  11. Blue Collar Trevor,

    Pro-Black Women always have a hate towards BM, that is the requirement to become a Pro-Black female, is to hate straight BM.

    1. You would think “Pro-Black” would mean intact Black families but we are dealing with Bizarro black bitches, the BBBs.

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