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Is This Clown For Real? So I’m A “Dusty” Now, Lol?


This man who I’m sure we’re all too familiar with purports himself to be a fellow of intelligence, yet rag and bone merchant Coen Naninck has no problems repeating the same lame talking points coming from the black witch of Scalp Summit Miss Cynthia G concerning so called “dusty” black men while at the same time just like the fake academic Aaron Fountain, he purposely ignores the fact that Cynthia G herself got impregnated by a so called “dusty” known as Robert Perkins who already had 5 babymothers on deck, smh.

Do you see like clockwork how these ultra simps all of a sudden become blind to black female behaviour that doesn’t fit the so called “black queen” narrative? Syphoning talking points from an angry and bitter black harridan who has absolutely no rights to speak on below the bar black males seeing as she’s already opened her legs to one and currently has the tainted receipt(baby) in hand as we speak.

Through her irresponsible actions it’s already been established that Cynthia G is a premium grade A bitter and disgruntled knucklehead, if she really hated black men that much then she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant by one. That’s stupid with a capital S and dumb on its face, claiming that you despise your male counterparts yet still somehow winding up pregnant via the same, and this is who Coen Naninck is choosing to reference, really bruh?

So called divestment/levelling up/swirling cronies out here openly talking about aborting black male children only, try and find me one video made by the court jester Naninck addressing this major issue……………….of course, as per usual, nowhere to be found, smh.

Again, when you look at Naninck you’ll notice that there is little to no difference between himself and the fake academic outside of skin colour and age. Notice how Coen Naninck just like Fountain attempts to spread the “black men hate black women for nothing” narrative knowing full well that the hatred currently being expressed against most black women by increasing numbers of black men has a deep, valid and messy history behind it.

Despite the “black men hate black women for no reason” smoke and mirrors Kansas City shuffle that Naninck is attempting to play off, everyday folks with sense and intelligence despite their ethnicities from all walks and all corners of life just aren’t buying it because they themselves have seen black women exhibit and confirm so many of the reasons why the resentment against them from significant numbers of black men has grown exponentially.

Again, just like the fake academic notice how Naninck believes he can hide the transgressions of the modern day black female, however the sins at this point are way too many and are reflected out in so many situations especially when it comes to dating and the fact that more and more black men are opting to bypass black women and instead choose women from other ethnic backgrounds.

Again, as with Aaron Fountain, Coen Naninck’s motivations behind defending black women are exactly the same, oddball and weirdo Naninck just like the fake academic believes that through constant bootlicking and brown nosing services rendered, eventually a “black queenie” will step forward and want to get to know him past his blog site of sparsity as well as his goofy YouTube videos.

Additionally, with Naninck there is also the motivation of coinage. Having seen how reckless most black women are with their money and how they will practically throw their cash into the laps of those who tickle their ears with lies and deceitful words, Naninck decided to throw his hat into the ring in order to “profit” from the black woman’s systemic financial blunderings. Black women have become convenient cash cows for many individuals.

Talking about Naninck’s website, I was sifting through the few articles on it and I came across this paragraph which I decided to screenshot, the words “entire websites” highlighted link here to Slaying Evil, you can see this for yourselves in the link below:

This guy has the audacity to call me a moronic prick, yet isn’t he’s the one falling upon the sword on the daily for a group of females who refuse to give him the time of day past the comment sections of his videos? Smh. No, I’m NOT interested in black women changing, my aim has always been to highlight black female dysfunction and in doing so show free thinking brothers how much better options are available to them.

The black female’s downfall/decline for the overwhelming majority part has been self inflicted and this tap dancing, freeze dried minstrel knows it, this is why just like the Fake Academic Naninck attempts to use shaming tactics in his efforts to silence those black men who disapprove of black female dysfunction and rightfully speak out against it because he knows he doesn’t have a chicken leg to stand on when it comes to the defence of his queenies.

Notice how there is no comment section on his website, again, those who aren’t afraid to face the full light of hard scrutiny and examination will allow others to freely express their views(within reason). After all, when you reside in the truth, you won’t have anything to worry about. Naninck just like Fountain is a “throw stones and hide hands” type of guy because already knowing he’s in the wrong, he really doesn’t want the smoke.

Once again just like Fountain Top, Naninck is as single as a one way plane ticket. You would’ve thought that all of these years of him feeding black women premium high octane lies and deception would’ve paid off by now, however this guy is yet another blue balled pandering simpleton who has no choice but to surf porn sites beating his monkey to the same “black queenies” he wishes he could connect with in real life.

All of these delusional, bewitched and desperate black women who litter the comment sections of Naninck’s videos and the dude can’t even snag one of them? Coen Naninck’s YouTube channel is seriously struggling, even though the channel has grown in subscribers, for the most part his views on average have remained roughly the same as they were 3-4 years ago.

The bottom line is black women as a group know their image and reputation are both squarely in the sewer, in the back of their minds they already know that they’re a garbage collective of females, however the pain of facing this inconvenient truth for most of them is just too much, hence why they’ll readily run towards and listen to fable spinners and myth disseminators such as Naninck who helps them deal with the grim future that lies ahead in their paths.

Still struggling to snag myself a queenie Naninck is yet another failure when it comes to communication with women on a dating and mating level and once again just like Fountain he believes that siding with the black witch no matter what trash spews from her gutter mouth will gain him favour in her eyes(more than Fountain seeing as he’s white).

Additionally, clarification is required on the “black men don’t want black women to date out” mantra. It’s the PRO BLACK MALE SIMPS who have a problem with black women dating other races of men, we at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable have NEVER had a problem with black women so called “divesting” and “levelling up”, the issue has always been the brazen hypocrisy many black women engage in whenever black men choose to expand upon their dating options.

SYSBM practitioners as well as other productive free thinking black men respect the black woman’s choice to date out, however despite the lies Naninck continues to spread abroad, non black men simply aren’t checking for black women in any significant numbers which in itself is a serious embarrassment, hence why these same black females continue to resurrect the fabrication about black men having an issue with them dating outside of their race.

Black women in 2022 are seriously up the creek without a paddle, they believed they could turncoat against their own male counterparts and at the same time successfully run into the arms of men from other ethnicities, however they’re now having to begrudgingly accept that making such a decision was an extremely dumb and foolish one and believing it would be successful was equally a mullet headed errand, a serious act of betrayal that many black men will NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR.

You failed Naninck, just like the fake academic Aaron Fountain, you’ve put in all of this hard work, blood, sweat and tears and the same black women you’ve been licking the muddy boots of for years won’t even give you the time of day past the comment section.

Since the death of his beloved moggy, white male simp officer Naninck reckons that he’s going to “go more on the offensive” exposing the so called “lack of protection” black women supposedly “suffer” from, yet another sleepy knucklehead but this time of the white persuasion who foolishly believes he can still be successful where all the blue pilled, black male simps who’ve come before him have failed miserably, smh.

You ought to be “more on the offensive” in dealing with your forever SINGLE status, you should also be applying the same “aggressive” philosophy when it comes to black women’s health(since you claim to love them so much), you ought to be encouraging them to lose weight since heart disease is their number one cause of death(at least in the US).

You cannot provide protection to a group of females who religiously walk around claiming to be “strong and independent” and in addition to this have no problems stating that “they don’t need a man”.

Coen Naninck is yet another prime example as to why NO IMPROVEMENTS will ever be seen coming out of black female society anytime soon, you’re never supposed to side step and make excuses for dysfunctional female behaviour, instead you must ALWAYS check and punish it in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the same, the latter approach is exactly what keeps the standard and the quality of women high.

You seriously need to throw in the towel and simply call it a day dude, you’re too old for these mouldy bread and circus monkey show, “I love my black queenie” triple cream certified theatrics Naninck, you’re no Jacob Michael Mason, you cannot save these black sirens from their fast approaching, long awaited judgement and recompense.

Finally, if you have something to say, MAN UP and post your response here, don’t be a chicken necked, yellow bellied coward and email me behind the scenes like you did last time because I will not respond. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Even White Male Simps Are Struggling To Catch A Break From Black Queenies

Most High Bless

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48 thoughts on “Is This Clown For Real? So I’m A “Dusty” Now, Lol?

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Coen Nannick is a fucking idiot for calling us SYSBM black men dusties because we are speaking the raw truth on the black female fuckery behaviour. It’s ironic that Cynthia G called us decent SYSBM black men dusties and bottom of the barrel conquered men in the world but she got pregnant by a pookie type of black man in Robert Perkins. Black women in general are always making stupid life choices by having kids with the worst type of black men who already have kids with lots of different baby mothers and that’s the reason why the black community is fucked and it isn’t going to get any better. This is the reason why SYSBM black men like myself are dating childfree single non black women because they tend to make better life choices and I refuse to date black women, ugly women, obese women and single mothers and i avoid those four types of women like the plague because I have high standards for myself.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is why I have to laugh at swirlers and the divestment cronies, they pick up their lame talking points from some of the worst characters in existence and they think that white men aren’t watching them do so and taking notes.

      Cynthia G through her “entanglement” with Perkins has become nothing short of a long running joke, only black women who are equally as bitter and disgruntled listen to her alongside some knucklehead simps looking for Scooby Snacks and doggy treats.

      By the way, I saw you on the most recent Black Betterment Broadcast representing, as we’ve seen time and time again, many black folks especially the elders don’t want to read and accept the writing on the wall when it comes down to black women as a collective, smh:

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am so glad that I represented SYSBM on the Black Betterment Broadcast livestream to the record straight to Rap Raven because he thinks there is a unicorn black woman for every black man on the planet and there isn’t because we all know that all types of black women prefer the worst type of black men possible and the black community is dead and it cannot be resurrected or fixed.

  2. you should also be applying the same “aggressive” philosophy when it comes to black women’s health(since you claim to love them so much), you ought to be encouraging them to lose weight since heart disease is their number one cause of death(at least in the US).


    What else did you expect from ex chubby chaser Coen Nanick? Even obese white women from outside his own country (Holland) sensed he was a simp and stayed clear.

    Again, men chase box through various means but the likes of Fake Academic Fountain, Umar GerbilFace and the other hotep heads tried the pseudo intelligence angle. This BTEC Hunter Biden is straight out pimping himself with no success.

    If Lord Antifreeze, with the world set up for him and his advantages cannot interest a regular woman, the problem is squarely with HIM, not anybody else. The regular advice still applies: fix up, look sharp and bury the demons. Does he have the balls to do that?

    1. Michel,

      Naninck is yet another oddball who has lingering issues that he refuses to address, he just like so many other men believes that simply “getting the girl” will solve all his problems. What is up with so many of these dudes and their reluctance to face off against demons that ought to be sent down to hell?

      Like you said, if a white man with the world already laid out for him struggles to snag a regular woman, the issues are all on him. Dude has been struggling for the longest to snag himself a black witch, and they worship men like him, smh.

  3. It’s amazing to me how they love Black Women so much but they seem to never have, a BLACK WOMAN!

    1. Facts! Most of these Pro-Wacks will tell u to wife up the Daggle but they don’t have 1. The closest most of these cats will get to a black woman is a biracial woman or they’ll have a non black woman {like Phunky Phil} or they won’t have a black woman at all!

  4. L Express’ best customers certainly tell on themselves, don’t they?

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      L Express services are much appreciated, we know things are very busy for the company at the moment seeing as L’s are in such high demand, lol.

  5. They got a brad to fight for them?! I’m surprised he hasn’t gone viral with their same tired talking points and came up off donation money lol

    1. DarthAmon,

      He’s an old man, thats’t the problem. If Naninck was Jacob Michael Mason’s age he would’ve gone viral a long time ago. I remember when Mason first came on the scene, even these so called pro black females were littering the comment section of his posts on Facebook, hoards of black women would literally swarm his posts as soon as they dropped.

      1. He’s embarrassing, is what he is. I hoped against hope that at least he was American. Nope. He’s European, from a country that borders mine.

        Please accept my apology, on behalf of the French nation. I cannot stand it when Europeans get in everyone’s business. I just am posting once here to apologize. It’s why we don’t have the moral authority to save our countries. Always in the affairs of other peoples.
        He is a conman looking to become wealthy. Regardless of how stupid he looks.

        1. Colonel,

          Coen is from Netherlands.

          Some of the brothers here are from UK such as Verbs.
          The reason why we talk about American stuff, even we are from the UK like Europe because American Black Culture spreads to the places like UK and West African continent.
          Except that we are more diverse than the American counterpart when it come to dating options. This is the reason why foreign Black Women such as African BW goes against American Black Men because they are easy target/prey to critique.

        2. Colonel Frost,

          I have to commend you for acknowledging the constant interference of white folks in other people’s affairs, not many white people are willing to admit to this as a serious problem. Naninck is not doing so well in terms of trying to strike it rich off black women, like I said before, he’s an old man. If fraudster Naninck was a younger buck, he would’ve gotten far more traction.

  6. Coen Nannick says he has nothing against black men cause he grew up with black idols from garbage hip hop music.

    But he has issues with certain black men speaking about real issues of negress communities.

    It definitely sounds like the white version of Fountain cause he clearly ain’t drinking enough water in his fountain either.

    I thought this old guy is single until he mentioned in his vid he didn’t want to wake up his wife in bed.

    His wife must be a negress cause why make youtube vids uplifting all of them?

    He is right about one thing, many black men don’t like them and despise them like me cause I’m not naturally attracted to ape females.

    I’m only naturally attracted to white women since birth.

    However the blackistan males are naturally attracted to them and have issues with their female counterparts dating out.

    1. Witwijf,

      Naninck doesn’t have a wife, he simply said that to save face from embarrassment. The dude has been and still remains single. Again, Naninck is just like the Fake academic, he believes that ignoring the sins of black women will make those iniquities disappear, however we already know that problems that aren’t dealt with progressively get worse. Naninck is just another Derrick Jaxn but a white male version.

      1. There are unknown rumours that he has ED (Erectile Dysfunction) which is the reason why he could not get White Women and pandering to Black Women as we know his white skin has now flaws to BW.
        Link =

        He is now going to Black Males spaces declaring war against BM to pimp BW further. That is his main plan which is the reason why he is now using Cynthia G’s and Divestors talking points such as using ‘Dusty’ or ‘White Zaddy’.

  7. So black men hate black women but we don’t want them to date out? Sounds like a whole lot of projection to me. That’s the black witch’s MO. Not only are they mad that the overwhelming majority of black men don’t care if they date out they’re mad because they have no suitors because in the open dating market black woman simply have absolutely no value whatsoever! What I find ironic is as much as the Black Witch worships Dwight Mann this cat still can’t get one. SMH

    1. Val Zod,

      It’s only these pro blacks flunkies who kick up a stink when black women choose to date out, like you said most black men really don’t care, however black women and muddy bootlicking simps such as Naninck feel the need to sensationalise something out of nothing, hence why in this case it fits the black female’s agenda to generalise black men in response to black women dating non black men. Yep, dude is struggling to land himself a queenie and they worship men like him, smh.

    1. I think that guy is still salty because he got checked by a couple of founders SYSBM Bros. That happened years ago and he still salty over it; he’ll be all right. Give him a cookie or something, LoL

      1. Better still, give him a scraggle and call it even.


    2. MS,

      The Melancholic Tigah is a lost cause, he lives out in Las Vegas and claims that the women out there are no good. To a degree I can agree with such a statement because women who travel out there are usually up to mischief, however I now personally believe that he’s the problem, just like so many Negroes who fail to clean themselves up first, believe that snagging themselves a female will fix everything but at the same time can’t land themselves a woman because they themselves are contaminated.

      I have no idea what the guy is talking about, SYSBM isn’t taking any L’s, we’re only going from strength to strength, SYSBM cannot and will not be stopped. I already told Melancholic Tigah to move to a different area if he feels the women in Vegas are that bad, nope, he doesn’t want to do it. What’s the saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink or drink the water on its behalf?

  8. You know, I find it very problematic whenever White people feel it’s their prerogative to weigh in on Black people’s issues as if they can judge who is or isn’t a “good Negro”; in rhe context of today’s article, Coen Naninck is doing just that in regards to the rocky relationship between Black men and Black women. He’s clearly chosen the side of the scraggle daggle and is going to say things that they would like to hear; he must style himself as a guru of Black relationships, but he’s merely White knighting (pun intended) for Black women.

    Naninck is essentially the White male version of the fake academic Aaron Fountain, but he doesn’t flaunt any Ph.D., employ word salad, or any pseudo intellectual crap to try and grab the scraggle daggle’s attention; as David Carroll has espoused before his untimely death, his White skin can more than compensate for that, yet he still can’t score a Black queanie! Perhaps he should work on his own self before he points at Black men and call us “dusties”; Coen, you need to stay in your lane!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women know that they have a grim future ahead, so in the meantime they are simply using smooth talking Naninck as a pacifier to help ease the painful thoughts concerning what is coming down the pike for them.

      Nobody who has come along and attempted to save the black female from her sins has been successful, Naninck will be no different and I believe deep down he knows this, however in his mind if he can rummage a few coins loose from black women’s purses then it’s a win win.

      The fact that Naninck would adopt the talking points of the black witch speaks volumes as to the man’s desperation to net himself some cash as well as snag himself a “queenie” both of which aren’t looking good at all.

  9. This white beta male is a fucking dickhead and plus, I forgot about this dude. This bad dressing, age terribly guy is calling guys like us dusty? First of all, he need to look himself in the mirror because he look dusty himself and two, these scraggle daggles love these dusty dudes and they are will to open their legs to black men like them. Guy, we have a sequel of Bareback Fountain is here and it’s this dusty whitey. Let me ask you a question. Do you think any average white women; especially a fat white woman will go for a guy like that? Not a chance. They will run. Right, I have no issues of a black woman dating a non black man but when a black man is with a non black woman, he will get verbal abuse. As I this guy, he looks like there is no confidence in him. He looks beat down, looks like melted butter. He’s just like the simps that are coming after thinking black men when they talk about the ratchet behaviour of these scraggle daggles. I have to address one simp who had my video clip and Quincy’s video clip because he done a live stream of do SYSBM hate black women. No, we don’t. We just don’t like the things what they are doing. And he’s made this dame video as well. Oh man!

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times. And you know why!


    1. He looks like Pedo Joe’s crackhead son, without the access to money, prostitutes and energy.

      Black simps didn’t work to haul us back to the plantation, so it’s the return of the slave master to keep an eye on us. Won’t work.

    2. Money,

      I saw that clip and I can tell you that probably in the future, Coen is going to make a rap music of his dusty Black Male soundbite and he will be famous by the BW of course and some Pookie and Ray Ray will endorse it when this goes viral.
      BW are loving this already and I can tell that Cynthia G and the Swirling/Divestors will get their vagina wet of his rap song.

        1. Money Cultural,

          Thanks for that, I see commenter Andy C has posted the same show. Check out his latest broadcast, Quincy is out here representing from mark 2:51:55:

          1. I just saw it today. They are trying to persuade him to date them scraggle daggles these simps worship and these women don’t want them. Quincy is not interested in black women. He’s SYSBM! He don’t want them scraggs!

            1. Money Cultural,

              There are a lot of elder black men lurking out here who are looking for younger bucks they can sucker into accepting and taking onboard these ran through and rinsed out black single mothers, if Quincy wasn’t SYSBM I guarantee you that Rap Raven guy would’ve set him up with a weave wearing, tatted up, overweight, unattractive black female with 2,3,4,5,6 children en tow.

  10. This Dusty Ass Krakka Needs To Get An Life..It’s Dusty White Males Like Coon Nannick That’s Infecting Their Daggle Qweens With HIV Like This POS DJ Pope….. And That Mike Oliver Guy Over In Kenya But He Won’t Say Shit About Shituations Like This…I Couldn’t Listen To But 30 Seconds Of The BS This Guy Were Spewing..I Wish That Jackass Will Watch This Here So Brothas Can Get An LOL Towards This Dusty Ass Troglodyte!

    1. DocT,

      It’s the white saviour complex, only these are the same guys who created the mess they claim they’re here to fix, smh. Problem, reaction, solution.

  11. Is he not “disrespecting the wombs he was birthed from” when he glorifies and defends dysfunctional black bitches over his own white women?

    As I’ve said on here before, productive, heterosexual Black Men are dealing with the fallout from the white man’s divide-and-conquer social engineering (The Great Society, affirmative action, the welfare state, feminism) on our people, especially in the US, so they should have zero opinions on the BM/BW relationships that they sabotaged in the first place. But then again that’s the white man’s game, cause the problem then provide the “solution,” Ordo ab chao.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Naninck, he is too old and desheveled to fully capitalize on pandering and kowtowing to black hoes. I do not pay attention to him, so I do not know if he actually has a black queen of his own, but these ass-kissing simps usually don’t.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      The guy is something else isn’t he? It would be one thing if he was taking up for a group of quality women, but no, this guy has decided to defend the last choice of females on the planet. Black women are at the bottom of the dating market for many, many reasons.

      Naninck is also looking for easy dockets and black women have demonstrated time and time again that they are the easiest to part with their money whenever the right lyrics are spoken to them.

      You’re spot on, straight black men are having to deal with a serious fallout as a result of the unholy alliance between racist white men and their black female flunkies. Black women are trying to escape the damage believing they can swirl and divest, while at the same time dodgy white men are sticking their noses into the situation as if they never had any part to play in the entire affair to begin with, smh.

      As commenter Colonel Frost has acknowledged, too many white folks love getting involved in business that has nothing to do with them, white male simp officer Coen Naninck is yet another prime example of this.

  12. The reason I do not go hard on this guy because I pity him.
    Why do I pity him? Because he mention on the video that how he is caught in the battle between the Communitah War between BM and BW. Also he his getting trolled by hoteps.

    The reason White Men get caught in the gender war between BM and BW because BW always pushes White Brad agenda on BM.

    Let me explain:
    White guys like him has a preference and I respect that. He is into Black Women, I support that. The problem is when BW see these videos, the swirlers/divesters use his dating preference as a weapon against the BM like we give damn. These BW tries so hard to rub these WM in our faces, that is why Coen gets trolled by Hoteps, not average BM because average BM on the streets do not care who BW dates which we told these BW a million times, that we do not care if you go for White Brad. They can have BW, even David Carrol said ‘Leave, I help you pack’.

    This is another reason why White Men do not want them because these average White Men finding love towards BW, unaware that some of the BW are swirlers/divestors and when they do, these BW push this propaganda against BM. These husbands of the Divestors do not want anything to do with the propaganda against BM which these divestors are doing. It like these brads dealing with a woman who still talks about their ex all the time.
    Deep down these divestors cannot get over BM because deep down they miss that BBC. Even they are married to a Brad, they cannot stop thinking about them.

    This is why Coen is now using BW talking points when he calls BM, ‘Dusty’.

    Another note: European White Men are more of a God than American White Men. How do I know this? These BW keep on going about these European standards of Beauty, even Jacob make a video and it goes viral, when you have White Men live in Europe, he not simp/pimp BW in America, these same BW write biblical words on the comment section such as ‘God’, ‘Jesus’, ‘White Saviour’ like he is some undisputed God, because is white skin covers his flaws just like David Carrol said.

    He even ask why aren’t we uplifting BW?
    I give you the answer:
    BW do not respect BM period.

    I remember there were 3 videos made by Black Man (hotep), White Man and a Chinese Man saying how wonderful Black Women are. They use the exact talking points and not using simping words.
    The view counts speaks volume and it goes like this:

    Black Man uplifting Black Women (3 years old) = 1000 views, 5 comments
    White Man uplifting Black Women (1 day old) = viral, 150,000 views, comment counts more than Black Man’s views (BW speaking biblical like he is god on comment section)
    Chinese Man uplifting Black Women (5 day old) = White Man’s views x3, comment counts more than Black Man’s views (BW speaking biblical like he is god on comment section)

    When you compare the view counts between the 3, you know where the BW loyalty lies.

    Also he talks about how BM and BW are against each other and do not build, I agree with Schadenfreude when he mention that these are the same White Men who created the system/law which cause divide and conquer by using welfare and anti-family policy.

    1. “Also he talks about how BM and BW are against each other and do not build, I agree with Schadenfreude when he mention that these are the same White Men who created the system/law which cause divide and conquer by using welfare and anti-family policy.”

      And back in the day when the Black Man built, Whitey came along and burned it down and ran the Black owners off their land (the ones they didn’t murder). Whole towns were Black and self-sufficient. Some Black descendants are just today getting their land back. Now this same white man wants to call Black Men “dusty” for not dealing with his socially engineered black concubine bedwench. Fuck Coen Naninck.

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