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Speak For Yourself Only Simp, Smh!


Thanks to commenter Kameron Brown for alerting me to this Tom Foolery right here.

Do you see the underhanded witchcraft, sorcery and Jedi mind trickery this elder Gen X so called “reformed Pookie” is trying to work here, attempting to get free thinking black men to pick up the scraps and the crumbs he’s left behind, in other words he wants you to step up and be a clean up man for the females he’s damaged in the past. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

Assuming his baby mothers are black(which is most likely the case), of course they were willing to settle down with you Shahid, you were the archetype Slim Sauce, the dick slinging Negro the overwhelming majority of these black heifers constantly profess their love for as well as readily open up their legs to.

Black women as a collective don’t want level headed black men who are ready for commitment, the only time these types of guys come into their minds is when they’ve already been used up and ran through by Chunky Bruh, Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse with 6 bastard children en tow.

Just because you decided to sow your wild oats in your younger days, don’t apply that to other black men. Many of us were ready to settle down from a young age, however what many of us regularly ran into were a bunch of black whores who much preferred getting dicked down by footloose Negroes such as yourself.

So now all of a sudden this triple cream certified simp has an issue with free thinking brothers holding these same whores to account as well as demanding women of high quality because he knows because of himself, these same females aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm, smh.

It’s easy for court jesting elder simps like Shahid Wiggins to go in on black men, he already had his fun in the sun and has amassed 3 babymothers as a result. There is no “WE” here, you were the one who got bailed out by these heifers, NOT ME!

Again elder simp, get it right, the type of black men who were rolling into the house drunk, running up the phone bill and putting black women in debt are the types of knuckleheaded black men black women desire, don’t act as if these women aren’t attracted to those types of dudes.

Once again, stop the cap, most black women don’t cook, they throw a TV dinner into the microwave as that is the best many of them can do. Gentlemen, don’t fall for this elder Gen X simp’s magic tricks and sleight of hand, this is why these Pookie types as well as the pro black, blue pilled simps desperately want you to “pick up the pieces”, they need you to “step up” and perform janitorial services on their behalf because they don’t have a clue how to fix the mess they’ve created.

Brothers, never allow these so called reformed Pookies and pro black simps to cajole and shame you into dropping your standards because the quality of women they desire you to deal with is squarely in the toilet. No Shahid, you deal with the ratchets and the whores you created, don’t attempt to shame others such as myself into taking the same path.

Just like the black witch, elder Negro Shahid Wiggins knows that the modern day black female is up the creak without a paddle, he knows black men of quality are not going to deal with her and so in typical black female fashion, he believes he can shame and guilt trip you into “compromising”.

There are a lot of elder black men lurking out here who are looking for ignorant younger bucks they can sucker into accepting and taking onboard these ran through and rinsed out black single mothers.

Continue to keep your standards high gents, never compromise, reject low quality women, continue holding their feet to the fire and most certainly don’t allow fuzz-balls like this ultra simp and court jester minstrel to nudge you into doing something you’ll most certainly regret later on, that is taking onboard defective beyond repair goods. As commenter Brendan Dubalos always says, NO CLEAN UP MEN OVER HERE!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Blue Pilled Simp Is The Black Female’s Last Bastion Of Hope

Most High Bless

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13 thoughts on “Speak For Yourself Only Simp, Smh!

  1. Dudes like him infuriate me because they openly gaslight younger black men to date single mothers who banged and still bang the thugs they list after the most all the while be calling a man who got his head on straight a “educated lame”.

  2. Dude was projecting like a MFer! He wants these young cats to suffer the same fate he did with his ol crabs in a barrel ass! Luckily from what i’ve seen these young dudes are bypassing the Daggle for greener pastures.

  3. Blackistan males need to stay in their lane with their negress and I stay in my lane with a white wifey.

  4. Ever since The Slap and the black female SCOTUS judge was confirmed, these elder negroes on my social media timelines have been buckdancing, bojangling, clapping like seals and Yas Queening for these black heffas. Ketanji Brown Jackson is married to a whole white man but I saw one older dude angry because Republicans grilled her. This female on the bench will do NOTHING for productive Black Men and sleeps with a white boy at night, but he still has to defend his qUeEn at all costs. Boomer and Gen X dudes are down bad, all is lost, I’m sorry to share a race with these minstrels.

    This Mr. Wiggins here made his genetic contribution to Blackistan with three unmarried babymamas in quick succession, but now wants to wag his finger at the younger dudes to hang around and clean up his mess, you can’t make this stuff up.

    Beware these old pimps and players from back in the day, they on some nonsense. SYSBM is the way and the light.

  5. I really can’t stand these elder simps who think they reserve the right to lecture younger Black men about how they should deal with Black women; this guy clearly dropped the ball in his younger years and contributed to the problem in the communitah. He recognizes how he failed to be the correct example, but rather than right his own wrongs, he thinks it’s reasonable to address those of us who refuse to perform janitorial services and clean up the mess he made. How is this level of reasoning even acceptable? This is the kind of elder Black male who would enter the Black Manosphere and tell naive younger Black males how to deal with Black women who have fathers like himself; I see men like him as agents for the scraggle daggle.

    1. There is hope. I am 51 so of course I am smack dab in the Gen X generation.

      I don’t agree at all with this dusty ninja.

      1. I’m In My 50’s As Well And DON’T Agree With This Negro Shahid Wiggins PERIOD…

  6. Shaking my damn head with this Gen X fool. It’s always a spoilt GenX jail bait looking to guide a negro straight off a cliff. Ain’t nobody younger than 30 listening to this third hand simp garbage,let alone take his “advice”.

    Unfortunately for him, his rhetoric gets immediate clap back in this Instagram era, as opposed to trading secrets within the barbershop and keeping tight lipped with information. People like him trade off the fact that father figures do not exist in da communiteh and are ploughing right ahead with an agenda to steer the sheep back onto the slaughter fields. Often it was the slave master’s closest associate doing the hard work with a promise of a promotion. This it that guy here, a Quisling sellout snake.

    3 bastard kids but I must spend 20 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars handcuffed to an angry, ungrateful witch to “prove my blackness”?

    As the Scots would say — Get tae fuck, yer daft c*nt.

  7. I seen this video months ago.

    He is an ex-pimp/Thug, now he is saying that young cats are demonising BW by calling them hoes.

    He is right, we do call them hoes because these are the ex-pimps how made them single mums.
    He goes on about how there are the good women, I agree, they are good women and they taught to be wives until he comes along, pump and dump these women and turn them into a single mother scraggle daggle.

    This remind me of those fake red pill and the false MGTOWS.
    The false MGTOW and fake redpillers as you see on the manosphere are basically the type of men who like to pump and dump these good women and turn them into single mother. Also the same guys who pump and dump single moms with no condom. Basically saying these are the same guys who are responsible for the mess the community is in and most of the women fell for the trick.
    Especially the ones these BW who prefer Pookie and Ray Ray over good men.

    Now these so call ex-pimps saying that we should take accountable for the women. Accountable for what? Thinking brothers do not do knock-up these BW and get them pregnant, thinking brothers do not deal with scraggle daggles or do these pump and dump on these women, he should be doing the cleaning up as these females got kids by him.

    It also remind me of Cynthia G who say that how the Pookie are the role models of the black community. If they are, then why aren’t with the baby momma? Exactly.

    I got this theory on why in the Black Community, there are war between the Elders and the Youngsters?
    This is because the elders are very liberal minded and they always support Liberals and Democrat. Because they are old and retired, they do not have to worry about the slave minded plantation. Minister Jap made video about this.

    Link 1 =
    Link 2 =

    Now the youngers are now aware of todays surroundings and the environment in the dating market and the become more diverse minded. When they are more diverse minded, they see options, which elder people do not have because of they are liberal minded.
    Also the elder live in the 1950/60’s mindset of black love and black family which no longer exist thanks to the Welfare and Feminist. They still try teach youngsters the 1950/60’s mindset, even these women has changed due to feminism like this works, but what they do not understand is they are teaching youngsters to fail and make them simps.

    These elders are mad because the youngsters are smarter and see clearly which make them have the Crab in the bucket mindset.

    I keep hearing by these hoteps and Pro-Black saying ‘we’. No, there ain’t no ‘we’ because I am not part of the problem, they are.
    So no, this is not the youngsters problem as they did not create the mess. In fact I encourage them to leave the hood when they become successful and have options.

  8. Not anther simp.

    So this man not only breed up three scraggle daggles but he wants black men who are think minded to take care of women that he damaged no thank you. You see, we are now seeing a huge number of simps coming out of the woodwork not only on YouTube but on Facebook, Intagram, Twitter and even on TikTok. I did a article today called simping is up on the rise because these simps are siding with these 304’s by attacking black men. I’m a person who is not goanna get married but if I was, there is no way that I’m goanna wife up a woman with children, no matter if the woman has one child. I nearly became a father at a teenager and almost when I was 30 when I had a steamy affair with some Christian chick who was a single mother in Jamaican in 2010. She has a third child in 2012 and then in 2013. How many simpish men who are with children? Listen to me, there are tones of them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times now because they are being hunted down by the scraggle daggles that don’t want the good black men.


  9. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to date black single mothers or single mothers in general and play step dad to kids that aren’t even mine as a childfree black man at 39. Shahid Wiggins needs to step up on his responsibilities and clean up the mess that he created with his 3 baby mothers and stop guilt tripping SYSBM childfree black men to clean up the black single mothers mess.

  10. Cam Newton is under fire for comments he made to a female reporter. He specifically said “Women don’t know how to cook and don’t know when to be quiet”

    We all know who he’s talking about. Yet this dusty Gen X wants members of the SYSBM Round table to marry these women after the majority shunned us as teenagers, as women in their 20’s and not in their 30’s and early 40’s as I am sure is talking about Gen Y because the majority of Gen X are near the end of their ability to have children.

    As Black men we are seen as egalitarian by non-Black women. We accept their flaws (not all of them) as Verbs has said many times that even though there are vast issues with non-Black women in the US/UK/Canada/AU/NZ/SA they are still miles better than the average SG and especially headstrong, so-called educated BW.

    Younger men can try their luck in the US because as I told somebody recently. If you are in college and broke and she is also in college and broke neither of you have assets. You will date each other, it’s not a big deal. But get outside of that, say you work as a shift manager at fast food restaurant. That becomes problematic; why? As Biz Markie said in Vapors as his man TJ Swan who sings on his records tried to push up on this girl named Pam. She said, Ninja please work at UPS!

    Meaning any blue collar job or career is unacceptable to the majority of BW. How dare this ninja suggest that Black men step in front of that runaway train?

    I just want to tell my man Q that in some very LIMITED cases single mothers are acceptable long term mates. What you don’t want is a non-Black SG with bamboo earrings, talking all ghetto. Lots of Slavic women and Philippine women have been cast aside by their children’s father for usually unexplained reasons.

    For Slavic women it’s a few reasons. One they marry young (often ready for marriage straight out of high school at 17 or college at 21-22) They will marry a man of similar age or sightly older and if you have heard Slavic women complain about the maturity of some men, it’s something I’ve heard repeated from Moscow or Mariupol and everywhere in-between.

    Second, many reach their 30’s without even sniffing the altar, so they get scared and try to have a child before menopause. I personally know of one woman who did this and never, ever asked the baby’s father for any support, even though he does give some.

    I will caution men to not superimpose issues you have had with women in the West on women overseas it’s beyond unfair because many of them see the Gender War in the West as unnecessary (especially Latin America, Eastern Europe and SEA). Many of them come to the States to take advantage of what Western women have protested for, yet still want to be “weak” when they come home.

    That even makes the Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Romanian and Czech women in the UK, Germany and Canada viable, though it seems lots of men have written them off.

    I’ll let Sunshine Shoulders talk about what he knows best which is Philippine women –

    I am not trying to sell anybody on this idea, I believe that if you are single all options are on the table, especially if you are approaching 40. You’ll be 50 before you know it, ask me how I know.

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