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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday arrives, whats’s on your minds for this week gents. You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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31 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Would you like to donate 30p 50p 75p to the Red Cross?

    No, you bloody thieving crooks.

    Cancer Research, Ukraine, Comic Relief, all the charity muggers, even minding your own business in Tesco they want your spare change to give to their special Deep State piggy bank. Tell us, how does forcing me at a self service point to skip your charity begging going to help ordinary citizens?

    Save Water, save soil, help the donkeys, adopt a lion, cancer (yes, even you can catch it), famine, homelessness, women in abusive relationships, stabbings, gofundme hoes, menopause is men’s fault, testicular cancer, moustache Monday, hungry children, abused children, children with cancer and leukaemia, big issue, big corporate newspapers… Every mother ducker wants guilt trip money. I can’t help the whole world, when I do I get taken advantage of!
    So I say go jump tuh bloodclaat! Lef wi alone tuh raasclaat.

    1. Michel,

      The nerve of these clowns, still out here knocking on doors and loitering in public areas begging for money while food and energy prices shoot through the damn roof. Then you find out that in most cases less than 3% of the money raised actually goes towards the cause mentioned, most of that money is pocketed. Charities are some of if not the biggest scams on the planet.

      To avoid being conned, it’s simple, any charitable cause you choose to donate to must be done DIRECTLY, cut out these middle men “charity” sharks, that way you know personally where your money is going and can actually see it at work.

    2. Michel and Verbs,

      I use to deal with these charity people on the streets.
      I notice when a women does it, she will try to flirt you in, whilst the man try to shame you in. This is my experience.
      How I pull this off is, I told them that I am already registered with them online, say it in a polite way with no hostility (even it is not true) and they will just give you a pass and they will let you go freely.

      As for support for Ukraine. I will not support Ukraine because they fund Neo-Nazis who hate black people. I been watching Kid Organic’s video and he made livestream about the Russian-Ukraine War.

      Also I observe a lot of homeless women are pimps. I just offering them food, if they do not want it, then they get nothing. Simple as that.
      I observe their movements and watch how it works. Also you have the regulars.
      Some work for a charity company (such as Timeout) poses as homeless bums, you will mostly see them on Overground and Underground Trains. They will introduce their names and talk about how homeless they are. Then some mostly liberal White people just give them money, unaware they are getting pimped by the homeless. I know regulars.

      If they are genuinely homeless, the government priority are wrong anyway as they focus on housing Ukraine refugees instead of homeless people. They go on about how we should house Ukrainians, but their country is 5 times bigger than the UK and they do not deal with the homeless? SMH.

      I now been rumours from the MGTOW stories and becoming to light (this is early days and I knew this was going to happen eventually) that some liberals mostly White Men who offering housing for Ukraine Women now using them for sex trafficking. Also using them for sex exploitation with the children because they Ukraine women abandon their men whilst their men stuck in Ukraine fighting so WM will bang the Ukrainian chicks, also because the housing bill are going high due to Russian Sanction so the landlord cannot pay the utility so they are using sex for payments.
      To be honest with you, and again: I knew this sex exploit with Ukrainian women refugees will going to happen eventually. It is started from Glasgow and eventually spread the whole of the UK and soon probably in London.

      1. Not surprising although this is new information to look into. Any sources or articles stating those in the MGTOW movement are exploiting Ukrainian women?

        1. Blackdjedi,

          Actually MGTOW are not doing the exploit, MGTOW Movement has found stories about the Pro-Refugees White Male Liberals in the UK are doing the sex exploit to Ukraine Women for money.

          This is early days, but it will grow as this is the beginning as the new Pimps as they done this to refugee women for years.

          Here some link I found so far:

          Poland Gangs are patrolling borders which are hunting Women and Children:

    3. No thanks. I donate enough blood to mosquitoes wearing Red Cross uniforms Spring through Fall.


  2. Verbs 2015.

    These stupid pro blacks need to realise that the black community cannot be saved as black women and thug black men destroyed it. We SYSBM black men are not going to wife up black single mothers as we SYSBM black men and decent black men want to create our own nuclear family from scratch and the majority of non black women can give us that because a lot of them stay childfree until they meet the right men who is also childfree for them. Let these black single mothers stew in their own foolish life choices.

    1. Quincy,

      It looks like Aaron is back again as he is caught between the Manosphere and the Swirlers/Divestors.

      He put a clip of you and your sunglasses.

      I would just flag his video just for having a clip you in his video.
      I did ask Money Cultural at the time but he said he is not worth flagging.
      Clip =

      1. Mister Master,

        A guy who has been to 8 different schools in 3 different states and who hasn’t bothered to seek out counselling for all of the trauma he suffered at the hands of his mother as well as other entities is still trying to make the case of SYSBM practitioners being bitter about being rejected as to the reason why they chose to expand upon their dating options, smh. His story is old, we all know his MO now, a wasted mission slandering SYSBM and other black digital spaces in the hopes of landing himself a black girlfriend. Black women are at the bottom of the dating market and even they’re not interested in Fountain Top past his yellow journalistic videos.

      2. Mister Master.

        I just saw that video clip of me on Aaron Fountains YouTube channel and the guy is a fucking gay fag that needs to stop stalking us SYSBM black men because we are not changing our minds in the choices that we made in our lives and that we are going to continue to date beautiful quality childfree non black women. He needs to give up because black women don’t like simps like him.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I guarantee you that if you’d have gone onto that Black Betterment Broadcast, declared yourself a single black man who was NOT SYSBM and who was looking for a single black female, that Rap Raven dude would’ve hooked you up with a weave/wig, fake nail and fake eyelash wearing, tatted up single mother.

      As I stated in the comment section of his latest video:

      “Black women are indeed everywhere, the problem is QUALITY black women(child free, attractive, natural, in shape, feminine, submissive, cooperative, no tattoos, no makeup, traditional, classic etc) are extremely few and far between. Black female society in 2022 is suffering from a serious dearth of high quality women, this is an issue that too many black men out here(especially elder Gen Xers) are failing to address.”

      There are too many of these elder black men who are still trying to pretend that quality black women are out here in abundance when the complete opposite is true. When was the last time you ran into a black female who fits all of the above criteria in the above quote, I’ll wait?

      Elder Gen X black men out here lurking looking for younger bucks to trick into cuffing or at least committing to single black mothers, many of whom those same elders created via their own hands such as Shahid Wiggins from Monday’s article. I stick to my statement, one that I have been making for the longest, quality black women in 2022 are extremely few and far between. You’ve got a much higher chance of finding a quality woman through expanding upon your dating options. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 39 because I have high standards for myself. I am only interested in dating beautiful single childfree non black women who is in shape. People like Rap Raven, older Generation X Black men and pro blacks are fucking delusional into thinking that we SYSBM black men are coming back to the black community to save it. Let these guys clean up the mess that they created when they created lots of black single mothers. You are right Verbs when you say that there isn’t any quality attractive black women in 2022 because of the reasons you mentioned above. I am also proud to be a childfree SYSBM black man at 39 who want to create my own nuclear family with a beautiful childfree non black women. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎🥃

      2. Quincy and Verbs,

        I give credit to that Raven guy from BBB when he interviewed Quincy because at least he offered to introduce him to good quality Black Women other than say “there are good BW out there”. Also try hook him up with Quincy as he can prove it. But he turn it down.

        In driving exams, they use 2 things before you drive and they are ‘Show me’ and ‘Tell Me’.
        If someone say to me that they got friends who are good quality BW, they need to introduce me to them and hook me up with them, if it does not work out, then cool.

        Quincy, about the Raven guy said he is going to film you hooking up with the BW. If it was offline, then you should give it a go. However, since he said he would video it put it on YouTube, I said to myself ‘don’t do it Quincy’. The reason why that I glad you turn down the offer because I know fully well that there will be haters and troll coming after you. Also I know fully well in an instant that Aaron will take the clip and put it on his video to mock you with it because he can’t stop thinking about you all because your dating preference.
        In fact he will use the video you did with Raven and put this on his ‘Tracking the Manosphere’ Channel because he stalks.

        1. MMT,

          The problem is once you’ve first introduced normal and reasonable criteria(no weave/wigs, attractive, CHILDFREE, in shape, no tattoos, no fake nails, no fake eyelashes, no makeup, feminine, submissive, cooperative, responsible, accountable, honest, humble etc), I already know he’d be struggling big time. Even if “no weaves/wigs” was the only stipulation put forward, Rap Raven would still have a hard time finding “the unicorn”.

          Most black men who don’t have the courage to expand upon their dating options in the end simply give up and eventually compromise. Even these young black girls are hard on the fake eyelashes, weave/wig flex.

          Yesterday I was conversing with a Negro in the comment section of BBB latest video who reckons he managed to catch himself a “keeper”, I told him that it’s guaranteed he’s compromised on something, plus the chick works in an office so you already know she’s been ran through by the rest of the office boys. He didn’t like that and told me I needed help, I replied that he’s the one in trouble and all the best with his “queen”.

          Many, many moons ago when black women looked more natural(not like the ultra Barbies and hyper looking mannequins they resemble today), there was a much higher chance of finding an attractive black female, however those days are long gone. Rap Raven based upon the above criteria simply cannot deliver.

        2. Michael Mister Tea.

          I have gone off black women for good and I refuse to date black women. The last time I dated a black woman when I was 16 years old back in 1998 and that was the only time I ever dated a black woman and I haven’t regretted it since. I am going to be 40 years old in early June 2022 and it was one of the best decisions ever because I am childfree man and I don’t have to deal with any baby mother drama if I had a kid with a black woman. When I do have kids it’s going to be with a beautiful childfree Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women, Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown eyes and Indian women.

  3. You know, I cam across a story of a back dude (Christian Obumseli) who was killed by his white gf recently.
    Of course the hyenas had to go looking up the dead man’s tweets for some reason.

    The found tweets from 10 years ago – when he was 17 – saying stuff that we already know about bm, and then used that to celebrate his death and say he deserved it for “hating” and “disrespecting” bw. It’s not our fight.

    Of course they can’t fathom the idea that it was likely how bw treated him at 17 that caused him to make those tweets.

    Of course the hyenas will cling to this ONE incident to push their narrative.

    No wonder SYSBM exists. (Some coon and hyena worshipper’s vid) (Oshay’s video, but he was disingenuous in his commentary)

    1. The white girlfriend is an onlyfans model by the name Courtney Tailor.

      Apparently she physically abused him during arguments in their relationship and she threatened to kill herself when the cops arrived.

      I’m thinking what did this Nigerian guy do to get into intense arguments very often?

      The only answer I can think of is she didn’t like clashing with Nigerian cultural issues and he argues with anyone.

      This story ain’t stopping me from dating out with a white wifey who is mentally stable, not unstable.

      I’m not the type of person to argue with anyone, its unnecessary.

      She should have just broke up with him.

      Clearly she has mental health issues of depression and suicidal thoughts.

    2. I know about this one.
      I just read the 10 year old Tweet he posted.

      What people do not realise that those BW must be truly evil when he was in his teens.
      Some BM experience this. In the UK, those West African are pure evil.
      When we get older we just get over it.
      I think he must of experience the most god-awful heinous stuff when dealing with those BW and posting these stuff on Twitter.

      I know this brother moved on with his life 5 years later after the tweet and found a white female. Then he just move out of the hood.

      If they think he has hate toward BW at the time because of Tweet when he was 17, I do not blame him.

    3. Glen S,

      SYSBM continually emphasises the importance of obtaining QUALITY stargates, that Courtney Tailor chick from the beginning was for the streets especially in view of the fact that she has an Onlyfans page.

      I really don’t understand some black men, Obumseli recognised that black women treated him like trash and he walked away from them only to hook up with a white female who was doing exactly the same, make that make sense.

      For some reason there are some black men out here who believe that ratchet behaviour from black women is wrong, however if the female exhibiting the same behaviour is non black, then somehow it’s now ok, smh.

      Regardless, this case doesn’t help the pro black female/black women first crew at all simply because cases like this are extremely rare. Willie D is a black female muddy bootlicking simp, in his eyes the black woman can do no wrong.

      The number one enemy of the modern day black man still remains the modern day black female and it looks like nothing is going to change that, not even a white female killing her black boyfriend.

      ODJ is a disingenuous buzzard, therefore the same should typically be expected from his commentary.

    4. Once again, Black women prove that they lack compassion and human decency by celebrating the death of a Black man who was murdered by a Becky he was dating; as for Obumseli, he’s not a good representation for SYSBM given that he dated a White woman who indulged the Jezebel spirit by having an OnlyFans. Such dating arrangements are not in keeping with SYSBM Tenet #3.

  4. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I wanted to revisit the Will Smith fiasco to start off this OMW; if you haven’t already heard, Will Smith has been banned from attending the Oscars for 10 years, but I think the worst punishment for Will is staying with Jada, especially with the continued public humiliation she is putting him through; Jada spoke out after the incident saying that Will didn’t have to slap Chris Rock over the joke. Apparently she didn’t tell that to Will before he acted a slap fool (pun intended).

    I’m convinced at this point that Jada exists just to make Will look bad; it was revealed recently that she didn’t want to marry Will and she cried at their “horrible” wedding. She didn’t even appreciate Will’s efforts in planning her 40th birthday FOR 3 YEARS STRAIGHT! I really feel bad for Will that he was curved by “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” costar Karyn Parsons; he’d be as happy as Alfonso Ribeiro is with his White wife. This is why SYSBM is the only viable option for Black men to be happy and prosperous.

  5. Has anyone seen the surviving R Kelly documentary of season 1 and season 2?

    I’ve just recently seen the whole thing and its an eye opener.

    Most of these females are a negress, not surprising at all.

    I believe half of what they said are made up lies, half of it is truth.

    Negress females have a track record of falsely accusing blackistan males of rape.

    I don’t have any empathy at all for any of them.

    Black parents/single negress mothers often put their kids life in danger and many examples are shown in this documentary.

    R Kelly’s mother never protected him from being molested by family members, then later in life he becomes a pedo.

    All kinds of black on black crimes are kept under the rug in silence.

    If R Kelly were molesting mostly white teenage girls, he would have killed his own music career very short earlier on and gone to prison 31 years ago.

    If he didn’t have a music career, he would have had to find work that won’t require him to read and write.

    It ain’t my job to protect a negress.

    It is the blackistan male that has that job of trying to protect them.

    When it comes to protection of significant other, my job is only protecting a white wifey.

  6. I heard that the chancellor and the prime minister were fined for breaking the rules when lockdown was happening. They were fined for £50 for breaking the rules. It seems like a slap on the wrist. Tired of these politicians fucking up shit. That’s all they do really. And as I’m looking at these simps on YouTube, it looks like simping is up on the rise. They are coming after SYSBM all because they don’t want to be with these ghetto ratchet black women that these simps are defending on a daily basis. And with this rap raven guy on his Black Betterment Broadcast channel on YouTube, I think simping is goanna up on the rise in Britain, very quickly.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe as all times.


    1. Chanting the name of a fallen human being (who can’t even identify what her own gender entails biologically) in the house of God is disrespectful; what this pastor did is an abomination! Also, how pathetic is it for Black men like this guy and Cory Booker to praise this woman as an icon for Black women and praising her “African-ness” when she is married to Lord Frostbite!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’ve been saying this for a while, there are no peaceful methods available that can be used in dealing with a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who believe they have the rights to dictate to me what goes into my body, blood is going to have to run in the streets, there is no way around this.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This is consuming organic whole foods is the safest way forward, I make all of my food from scratch.

    2. Salute fellow brothers. How’s everyone doing.

      Regarding the BS-19 “sharpshooter” any articles & videos confirming mercury and/or aluminum in it?

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