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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

A lot is going on in the world at the moment including the FDA in the US illegally and unlawfully approving the Pfizer Covid bioweapon despite the horrendous numbers of injuries and deaths it has caused. I’ve reasoned within myself that the time is coming very soon where heads are going to be cracked and blood will run in the streets.

These governments are continuing to push forward injecting people with their potion even though by strict definition it is NOT a vaccine because even after being jabbed, you can still catch Covid and transmit it. For you guys in the US, lock and load because heavy times are coming.

Additionally, I’ve been noticing a serious uptick in weapons(knives, blades, swords, machetes, bows and arrows etc)flying off the shelves here in the UK, not everybody over here is stupid, there are many of us who know exactly what’s up and who won’t hesitate to bring it to those who choose to uphold and enforce evil works by any means necessary.

I hope the UK police are ready because many folks have already drawn a line in the sand, all they’re waiting for is the right trigger, for example the UK government trying to force children to get injected with the Covid poison or police knocking on your door trying to inject people by force.

As I’ve stated before, the police are not your friends, they’re currently observing blatant government criminality in real time the likes of which we’ve never seen before, and all they’re doing is sitting around twiddling their thumbs instead of taking action and arresting the culprits responsible.

Mind you, they won’t hesitate to fine your backside for failing to observe illegal and unlawful Covid regulations, smh. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind), Don’t Get Suckered In By The Mainstream Media

Most High Bless

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50 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I have just launched my Quincy 82 Tshirt online brand business 5 days ago and here is the website link I refuse to take the vaccine because its going to kill me plus I want to live a long life. The government is fucking evil for forcing kids to take the vaccine and can’t believe that the police can come to your house and force you to take the vaccine.

    1. Congratulations for your new clothing line! Brothers making moves in 2021.

      1. Michel.

        Thanks for the support bro. The ways things were going that no company was going to employ me ever again because I was unemployed for nearly 5 years plus I didn’t want to work for anyone again because of the discrimination and racism that black men go through in the work environment on a daily basis.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Thank you so much for buying my royal blue bag from my online store bro. I fully agree with you when you say that black men should be supporting each other especially SYSBM black men.

    2. Congratulations on the site! I will be finally launching my own in the next week, and I’ll also be buying from yours in the next week as well.

      Not sure if your site is Shopify based, but there are tons of free apps to market and promote your site with.

      1. Afrofuturism 1.

        Thank you bro. Good luck in launching your new site soon. My website is not shopify based. I will look into the apps that promote my website for free.

    1. Notice these are all grown ass black idiots. Low IQ simps and scraggle daggles, no doubt. I bet all of them live off food stamps and some sort of government rent subsidies, with the daggles getting welfare cash as well.

      You see, that’s the problem. If these assholes had to work for their daily bread and for the roof over their heads, they wouldn’t have time nor energy for this nonsense.

      1. Truth. Working for a living solves a lot of nonsense. The Charles Schwab and Bill Gates crew know this, so they try to distract the masses to keep them entertained. And with the tribe controlling the banking sector, who knows how much the negress and Lord Euro get paid….

    2. I saw a video on IG early this morning where a dude with no legs attempted this challenge; I bet you already know how that ended.

    3. Thebackhandofreality,

      The entire world is going to hell in a hand basket, meanwhile Negroes are too busy engaging in foolishness to see how close they are to extinction, smh.

      1. In the Negroes case, they’re headed to hell in a milk crate.



    A white female doctor from Northern Ireland is now suspended from her job for speaking out against the jab.

    She is obviously accused by the radio show on mainstream media for spreading false medical information.

    It ain’t false medical information cause there is evidence and proof of people getting blood clots after taking the jab, either injured or dead.

    I’ve seen one comment on the second video stating this quote.

    “All asians and africans off the island of Ireland. The Irish have the duty to kill all the invading foreigners.”

    Someone responded stating this quote.

    “I’m sure Bill Gates agrees with you.”

    Nationalism is on the rise against globalism.

    Covid restrictions has killed the travelling industry for unvaccinated.

    No point of going to a hotel and self isolate for 2 weeks.

    The green lines could change to amber lines or red lines depending on the decisions from each nations.

    Ephesians quote 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.


    1. These wignats are a bloody joke…when was the last time we saw them or the pro wack simps do anything useful for society? That’s right, they haven’t done anything useful for society at all. Brendon O Connell was right when he called them a bunch of agents and started bigging up white women, Arabs and Asians for helping him out through his journey. He got a lot of hate from the usual suspects for this, but hear me out:

      When black females and Lord Euro abuse their power and let their anti black male bias show in law enforcement, who’s there to expose them? White women.

      Who normally protests abortion and Zionist expansionism: white women.

      Despite all the tough talk and bad man mentality among white nationalists and black females, we have not seen Bill Gates, Benjamin Netanyahu, Alexander Dugin or Xi Jinping face sanctions or even prison time for CONVID-1984 and inciting the sheep towards tyranny. Nor have we seen any concrete action against the three triangle, red, black and green crew at the WEF or their banker buddies in London.

      Vax worshippers, ignorant elders who expect others to clean up their messes and end up getting killed by the government in nursing homes, and wignats are all cut from the same crew. The fact that no one is talking about Belt and Road, UK government love affair with Soviet Russia and Microsoft’s core facilities in Israel tells you all you need to know about this current crop of ethno-nationalists and pro-wack morons running around the streets.

    2. Witwijf,

      I could only stomach that hatchet job of an interview she had on BBC radio for around 10 minutes till I had to turn it off. As far as I’m concerned, anybody in the mainstream press who continues to perpetuate the Convid scam needs to be burned alive at the stake and their ashes thrown into the wind.

      The Irish are being held under tyranny by their own white overlords, not by blacks and Asians, the same goes for other white countries including Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It just goes to show you how these far right nationalists aren’t that bright and always want to blame “foreigners” for every woe that comes upon them, sounds like the black witch doesn’t it?

      My prediction is the UK government won’t get rid of this red, amber, green foolishness until they have the Covid passport in place, unfortunately the majority of the British public being a bunch of divided dunces will happily comply.

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday to you all! So, you’ve noticed an uptick in weapons sales? That makes me think there could possibly be a civil war coming in the UK (if that’s the purpose for which the weapons were purchased); I don’t know what it’s like for you brothers in the UK, but here in America the government has their own stash of weapons at the ready. The thing is this: they can’t use their weapons on the citizens for just any reason, so they come up with propaganda to sell us on their nefarious agenda (like they’ve done with the “law & order” and “war on terror” talking points, CONVID-19 vaccines, and climate change).

    At this point, I believe the government’s handling of the pandemic is a deliberate act to steer the masses into a certain direction that will mean national ruin in the long run. Men like George Orwell and Aldous Huxley warned of events like what we’re currently witnessing, but it’s apparent that we’ve not heeded the warning; it’s amazing how these men foresaw our modern cultural despondency way back then, but the majority of people alive can’t see it before their very eyes. Here’s a video showing how the dystopian world of 1984 is now a reality in many ways:

    Stay vigilant, stay individual (in your mindset), and stay #SYSBM.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These governments seeing that the Convid 1984 hoax is rapidly falling apart are quickly trying to transition the momentum into the climate change scam and the so called “climate crisis” before they loose traction.

      The police as they already have been will continue to be used as the enforcement arm to stamp on people’s heads when these governments really bring down the hammer, I hope they’re ready for the bloody consequences that will follow.

    1. Although I would never have use for this onlyfans porn nonsense, I still wanted it to go away.

      Look, the world is mass producing thirsty, cognitively challenged simps. We shouldn’t be building social media platforms that encourage them to proliferate, and encourage them to double down on their socially destructive simp behavior.


    (White) parents are finally fighting back and have had enough, with one dude beating the shit out of a teacher for masking his kid. GOOD! Most of these teachers and teachers union folks should live in fear for their lazy ass lives. They aren’t heroes, just academic whores, college professors, too.

    I saw somewhere that homeschooling is also increasing en masse, and it’s almost entirely non-black. Blacks will be the main ones (along with Mexicans and other “Latin trash”) stuck in these shitty failing public schools.

    1. Good news. I wonder where the hoteps, wignats and black females are in this? Nowhere to be found, only riling up the masses. These guys claim to be kings and queens, but what have they done? All agents the whole bloody lot of them. This is why the negress, beta white males and racist Jews must be bred out of existence.


    The Dutch are also protesting, tired of government lockdowns and mandates. This was a 70,000+ event and speaks fo how much many European nations are thing of this nonsense.

    1. If they push the people far enough, it has the potential of making Bastille Day go viral in the E.U.


  6. Yep, we’re getting extremely close to a freakin warzone. It’s gonna be some bodies and blood coming up in a heartbeat second, and you can thanks these psychos. Sometime soon, the funeral home and cemetery are gonna be pack forreal. They finally freakin lost it. They lost it to the point where I know they’re definitely gonna have a debt to pay to society. Putting people in covid camps, putting strict ass restrictions, tryna be on some holocaust shit, trying to kill their own citizens because of “safety”, Yeah, they went down a deep, dangerous road to once again, bodies and blood are gonna be on these psychos hands for sure. They just completely open doors to a war that’s gonna get extremely ugly. Ugly to the point where the people that’s left alive, they gonna start asking questions like what the F happened, and How did all this happened? My answer, these elites straight up lied to you. They lied to us all. These psychos are not your friend. All this shit ain’t for no damn safety. That flip flopping these psychos are doing is getting real dangerous to the point where some people are gonna find out that they hiding something. I already at the point that they been playing the people from the beginning. I swear, these psychos send some goons, and tried to force that vaccination on me, or take me away to some stupid covid camp, on some holocaust shit, they better be prepared for a fight.

    Now as for the onlyfans, Mack G, I saw the article. These folks that on that adult content creation, trying to make a living off of pornography, let them gone on and do that because at the end, they gonna learn the hard way that what they’re doing have consequences. Are these people gonna live on easy mode forever with that onlyfans and adult content? I’m a tell y’all something right now, these folks ain’t gonna live a happy life after once they retire from that occupation. That porno occupation shit stays on you like a criminal record.

    1. You’re right. Some people never learn at all….shills and their elitist masters have the same mentality. These black women and elites don’t understand jackshit and never will.


    As the article itself stated, some of the points on the list are outdated, but others definitely stand out as we see them being fulfilled before our eyes today; also keep in mind, this isn’t a “Left vs Right” issue as the author of the article stated. Organizations like the Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, etc., all boast membership of politicians from both sides of the political aisle; they’re all on the same team behind the scenes.

    1. Damn right it is. The so called woke and ‘red pill’ MGTOW/wignat crew should have been spreading this and China and Boris’ connections with Israel and Soviet Russia like wildfire across the net, and demanding that their government’s take action against Zionist expansion and Soviet imperialism, but nope, the weekend warriors at 4chan are content on the ‘burn the coal’ forums. Just as delusional and absolutely worthless against any form of invasion as the blind boomers who raised them.

      N.B: Governments have been investigating the alt-right and have discovered that major leaders and inciters of violence in this movement are actually chosenites. By creating a white nationalist boogeyman and inciting tension over black men dating out, they can destabilize enemy countries and cover up the genocide in Palestine.

      Bezmenov was right, BW, Lord Euro and the hegemonist intersectional left are ALL useful idiots. BoJo promotes Zionist fascism and theocracy in Europe and the US through Israel, while supporting the alt right communists through Russia and media control portraying his puppet Putin as a messiah for the white race. Meanwhile, he makes white nationalism illegal across the Commonwealth and supports fascist China, which has no interest in any form of Bolshevism in its country.

      He has all the cards in his hands and the idiotic white boys and black females can’t see that they’re being played. And they love to call themselves kings and goddesses, even a baby could see the scheme being played out wit CONVID-1984. Get the population used to government intrusion so that when the time comes for smart cities, nobody will ask questions.


    Again, note the European countries who want NOTHING to do with this: for her Soviet blocs. They know what tyranny is and are done with it. They will be the face of Europe going forward, mark my words.

    Also, learn Russian, Romanian, Polish or the Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian trinity. Those are your pathways to the future.

  9. Right, let me talk about what happened today in Luton town centre first. I went into the one pound shop and I wanted to buy kitchen rolls. It was like twelve rolls for 3 pounds. It’s a one pound shop and they are selling something for three pounds but anyhow. I was at the cue ready to pay for it. There was this African woman who joined the cue and she had two items in her hand. And she says to me can you pay this for me. I was like what? My mind went everywhere in that shop. So I put the kitchen roll down and I just walked out of the shop unhappy. I went to Holland and Barrett to get Vitamin tablets and I was talking to the customer service assistant. The white woman was puzzled. Look if the woman was my girlfriend, maybe but what the hell!

    The vaccine. The damn poison that is killing people. Listen here, the government is forcing people to take the jab and people know that the jab is dangerous like a crazy person with a loaded gun. And you know what piss me off is that they are forcing the jab to the children. You see how wicked the government is? And the police officers are not on anyone’s side especially black men’s side and see the proof of how many black men die under the hands of the police. Bill Gates is not only a mass murderer with this vaccine but he’s using the vaccine in Africa and try to kill off the African them so he’s a racist bastard. There is no way that taking that vaccine. No way.

    Meanwhile up swirl mountain, I know that these black females are going through the worse shit with their white beta males. The beta males are using them for sex, sexually brutalized them on ghetto gaggers, abusing them, not providing for them and so on and so on. just remember, these black females use to be with worthless black men, so why do you think they will go for the beta male?


    COVID curfews in Africa, give me a ****ing break. And they’re being killed for breaking curfew? Negroes are doomed, I thought they were smart enough to not get caught up in this, but that’s obviously untrue.

    Also, note this bit if news:

    Afghan refugees in black countries, seems they will be bypassing Europe this time, smgdh. Honestly, good! Import more Afghan women to those countries and breed daggles out.

    1. The city itself is nice, its a shithole because of Democrat leadership. For example a few months ago the BW mayor of New Orleans wanted to pull funding from the public library to build more section 8 housing, thankfully the people voted no.


    Lots of Shaman King shiz to read!

  12. Everyone, this is Shawn James. Not the Shawn James you know now, but Shawn from the year 2027.

    I have a deeply urgent message from the future, and for reasons I cannot explain, this is the only outlet I can use to reach 2021.

    First of all, in 10 days you will hear news that change the world. Noted House Negress Condoleeza Rice will announce her run for US presidency. She will receive unconditional support from black women, white feminists, liberals, and all manner of scum. UNCONDITIONAL.

    Second, she wins in 2024. SHE WINS! And the first thing she and her ilk do (this includes Oprah Winfrey) is to round up all thinking black men and throw them into camps… or worse. Any black man who speaks against black women is automatically handed a death sentence.

    Tommy Sotomayor? Shot like a dog. David Carroll? Dragged out of his home and never seen again.

    And Verbs himself… damn, just damn. We had our differences, brotha, but hearing the news of you being thrown out of a 20 storey building by a mob of obese Hair Hatted Hooligans put a tear to my eye.

    I am now on the run, using the stealth skills I picked up reading comics. I used a time transponder (something that is yet to be invented in your time) to log into this website, and speak to the last bastion of thinking black men that can stop this from happening.

    I urge you all – stop Condoleeza Rice. Stop Oprah. Stop Gabourey Sidibe. The fatter and blacker they are, the more dangerous.

    Shit! I need to go now. I can hear the baying black women not far from here. Stay vigilant.

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