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Is This Your Queen? White Women Do It Too Right?? #SHORTS


Aren’t these the same black women who are forever accusing white women of engaging in the same repugnant behaviour? Like I’ve stated before, the bottom hasn’t dropped out yet for this modern day black female, watch and see her take debauchery, degeneracy and reprobation to a whole new level and beyond.

Just listen to the disjointed black harriet cheering this bestiality on while recording it and the black female “in action” looks like she’s enjoying it, smh.

Are black women that hard up for sex that they are resorting to either simulating or having actual sexual intercourse with dogs now? Search engine “black woman bestiality” and see for yourself what comes up.

Reason 589,958,983 not to deal with your modern day black female, observably they’re far worse than the same white women they claim to be better than. Could this also be another reason why black women are so heavily diseased and contaminated?

Here these black witches are constantly claiming to be better than white women, yet how often are black women being caught engaging in the same degenerate behaviour they’re claiming originates from white females?

It really isn’t that hard to see why other races of men especially those of the Caucasian persuasion as a collective want absolutely NOTHING to do with these women.

The modern day black female is a morally bankrupt reprobate and a bottom feeding slob, any black man worth his salt is strongly advised to keep his distance from these feral creatures who have the audacity to call themselves “queens”. The case for SYSBM continues, the height of the evidence stack at this point has surpassed the summit of Mount Everest. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Alongside Thugs And Brad, Dogs Seem To Be A Black Female’s Best Friend

Most High Bless

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53 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? White Women Do It Too Right?? #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Wow black women having sex with a dog and enjoying it. That is fucking disgusting in my book and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women and I avoid them like the plague as much as possible.

  2. In spite of all her disgusting defects, the typical black scraggle daggle female is still a narcissistic, entitled, delusional psychopath. This can only happen because of the armies of black male simps who thirst for this diseased garbage, and gas it up 24/7.

    The average scraggle daggle is a steaming sack of shit. And yet, the black male simp still subordinates itself to this sack of shit.

    This is why I say that the only thing lower than the black scraggle daggle, is the black male simp.

  3. These daggles should be reported to the SPCA, and charged with animal cruelty.

    1. Or PETA, in any case; As I’ve said before BW get a pass on this sort of behavior just as WW get a pass for beastitalty. Yes they both do it and neither is better/worse than the other. BW shouldn’t be held to a higher standard since they are on the bottom of the list anyway.

      1. Fuck that, black women should be held to a higher standard BECAUSE they’re on the bottom. Black folks in general should. You don’t gain respect in a dominant culture otherwise, especially a culture that black folks seem hellbent on being a part of.

        I don’t GIVE A SHIT WHAT WHITE WOMEN DO, because they don’t have net worths of $5. Likewise, asian, Latino, Indian and Arab women are also WAY better off, and they sure as hell aren’t validating this bullshit. Let the daggle be held to a higher standards, hell any standard would be a change of pace.

      2. The WW you see doing this are doing it because of a perverse sexual disorder, and also to cater to sick pornographic websites. The black woman here isn’t necessarily doing it out of sexual pleasure (although that is a possibility) – the disgusting act seems to be more AMUSING than anything. You can even hear her fellow black harridan cackling away.

        What’s worrying is, now that black women find something like this worth filming for a laugh, the next targets will be their children – while the whole pack laughs and thinks it’s cute.

        1. As far as children go,with boys anyway,Some Negro Women have been using them sexually for quite sometime.I remember seeing a video a few years ago where a young black woman had her young son who looked to be around 5 or 6 years old Dry Humping her Doggystyle.That’s bad enough.No one knows what Negro Women have planned next.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      Yep, these dirty harriets need to be locked away themselves because they’re a serious threat to the stability of any society the reside in.

  4. Every time I hear “White Women do it too” I find this comical.
    I do agree with the pro-black that White Women do it to.

    This is where the Pro-blacks and the BW do not understand:

    Even it is true that other cultures can be bad to do nasty sh#t.
    What ‘White Women or other cultures do it too’ really means is that the Pro-Black and the BW are just following them. Basically saying they are following the fool.

    Person will always tell me “Is because some guy does stupid things, it does not mean you do it”. Which is spot on.
    Then you have suicide mountain analogy will always goes like this “If the person jumps off the mountain, would you do it too?”.
    Very common sense question to show that you can always pull back and not make a fool out of yourself.

    They will always use this “White Women do it too” as a scape goat to justify why they just blind follow what WW does.

    1. Mister Master,

      The minority of white women who engage in this type of behaviour don’t attempt to call themselves “queens” at the same time, they keep this type of decadence to a dark corner, they aren’t posting it to social media websites and bragging as if these actions are daring, brave and honourable, they know they’re scum and accept it. Not this modern day black female though.

  5. “White Women/People Do It Too” is a lame excuse due to the fact that both low rung black women and men look up to white women and people in high regards as a deity. “If white people can do it then I can do it too.”

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      But again, aren’t these the same black females who are constantly claiming to be better than white women? How can they be “better” if they’re engaging in the same reprobate behaviour they claim that seedy white females partake in?

      This is why I have no hesitation in labelling this modern day black female as a bottom of the barrel pure bred dunce.

      1. The irony is lost on them because it’s been said before that White women make better Black women.

        In the words of Trick Daddy “Tighten up Black women, these White and Latina hoes are getting spiffy out here.” “I’m tellin y’all tighten up because if these White women can fry up some chicken you hoes will become useless…”

        Black women are already useless, it’s the hoteps, Black first IMORs that can’t let go. They run from Kevin Samuel’s channel, to BGS IMOR’s channel(s) and then over to Dr. T Hassan’ channel.

        8-9 hours of discussion only about Black women. Most of the Gen-X Black men are a complete lost cause.

  6. Just more examples of how depraved the modern day BW is. They are willing to do ANYTHING for attention, up to and including bestiality. Stay away and keep the Wall up.

  7. As Kevin Sameuls would say “buy a dog” has a deeper meaning now. The results of liberalism.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      The only black men still willing to deal with these black females are the blue pilled simps, Kevin Samuels is going to have to focus on them in trying to rekindle “black love” because any black man worth his salt is NOT going to deal with these fallen creatures under any circumstances.

  8. Every time I see something like this. I think about Resident Evil and survival zombie games like Days Gone for the PS4. The future will be caused by black women which will be mutating viruses. I see why weapons sells are going up plus the advertising of survival gear. Prepare accordingly.

  9. “White women do it, too”; well, have you heard of White women recording themselves engaging in bestiality and posting it on social media? At least in the White community, this reprobate behavior is frowned upon and shamed, but not for the daggle. They say water seeks its own level, so what does that say about this daggle literally getting a doggystyle pounding? The mental and sexual despondency of the scraggle daggle knows no boundaries or depths; it only gets worse with time. To the hoteps, Is this your queen? She looks more like Fido’s bitch to me.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The pro black simps will have a million and one excuses at the ready for this type of behaviour. Like you said, at least in white society as a whole such behaviour is viewed as totally unacceptable and those who engage in it are rejected. Now we await the simps to roll through and fall upon the sword for these “dog lovers”.

  10. OK is the dog actually IN HER through a hole in her leggings or is he just dry-humping? Either way, damn. Verbs you were right, the bottom has not dropped out for these sociopaths. Just when you thought they hit rock bottom, they manage to jackhammer through to a lower level. And just think, unknowing Pookie is gonna be coming right behind that dog playing sloppy seconds. This your queen?????

    Reason # 345819765910012547771097743210900087124 to give these disgusting bitches a w i d e berth. SYSBM!

    1. “ Reason # 345819765910012547771097743210900087124 to give these disgusting bitches a w i d e berth. SYSBM!”

      Supreme Court throws out Biden administration eviction moratorium

      Soon hoodrats and (unfortunately) their kids will be all over the streets. Homelessness, prostitution, and theft are about to be off the chain in a few weeks. They will be even harder to avoid.

      1. “Soon hoodrats and (unfortunately) their kids will be all over the streets. Homelessness, prostitution, and theft are about to be off the chain in a few weeks. They will be even harder to avoid.”

        I’ve heard that before. I’ll believe it when I see it. There will be another last-minute save, watch. You will never see female homelessness on par with men, especially females with kids. I saw an article that said Biden just increased SNAP benefits by 25%. Matriarchal America thinks bitches are too big to fail.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Like clockwork, notice how the usual suspects such as the fake academic Aaron Fountain are nowhere to be found when videos like this pop up. But SYSBM is a “fringe group” for wanting to avoid reprobate women who engage in this type of behaviour???

      1. Verbs,

        Yep, nothing but crickets from the bLaCk LoVe crew. Wonder what Fountain or Shawn James think of this bestiality. Oh right, they will pretend not to see this post even though we know they hate-read this blog. Them simp negroes really expect us to play sloppy seconds after Fido lol.

  11. The innocent dog needs to be looked after for animal rights against sexual abuse of beastilaty.

    The RSPCA charity organisation should come to rescue the dog.

    Most white women ain’t into beastilaty at all, they like pets as family companions, nothing more.

    Only the minority named Karens have beastilaty diseases, not the majority.

    Most negresses have more STD’s than all other ethnicity races of women combined.

    The black male simps will start catching not only STD’s but also beastilaty diseases.

    If a white woman tells a negress to jump off a cliff, the negress will do it cause the commander jumped off the cliff first.

    The white female did it too.


  12. This shows how Sick these Black She Devil’s have become.. The Pro Wacks won’t say SHIT about this.. Guarantee it…

    1. DocT,

      These pro blacks never have anything to say whenever their queenies get caught with their pants down whether figuratively or literally.

  13. I didn’t even wanna look at that damn video. I almost threw up my lunch just looking at the thumbnail. How much nasty can the black woman in America even get? Then, the pro black simps tell me I need to get with that? Somebody gonna get the brakes beat out of them. These people be having the nerve to say “white women do it too.” Okay, for the pro blacks and black women that might encounter this website and this comment one day, Let me tell y’all something right now, and y’all better read this comment too clearly because y’all heads are getting too big for this dumb shit: Yes, white women, and other non black women got their ways of doing crazy shit, and got their ways of throwing a fit, but that doesn’t mean that the black woman is exempt from that shit. They’re not. This is one of the reason why the “black race” ain’t getting nowhere because y’all trying to hide and excuse that fuck shit, acting like there’s nothing to see here. Ain’t nobody perfect in this world, but stop trying to make excuses for the fuck shit the black woman be doing because it’s not helping at all.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The message to black men with their heads screwed on straight remains the same, avoid these black sirens like the plague. The fact that they would actually use the line “white women do it too” is indicative of a mental disorder. We already know that the overwhelming majority of black females suffer from severe mental health issues, this is enough to eliminate them from being potential mates.

  14. I love black pussy but I sure won’t simp – DJ Quik

    Looks like that scraggle daggle wants to remake the movie Animal Farm. They say that white women have sex with dogs. Dogs go behind black women as well. Do you know how many black women engaging into bestiality? There are videos on these porn websites of black women having sex with animals. I kmow that black men have sex with animals with the mentally ill man from Jamaica known as One a penny who has sex with cows. He use to have sex with got but he sex with cows because cows have a better hole then goat as goat pum pum small. Nothing shocks me now of what black women are doing. When you type in black woman bestiality, the videos of these bestiality scraggles are sucking and having sex with these animals. You know when they say that it’s the end of days, look here, the end of days are here already. My God!

    1. “When you type in black woman bestiality, the videos of these bestiality scraggles are sucking and having sex with these animals.”

      I tried doing that, and was utterly shocked. I didn’t know they had such sites as these on the web.

      The fact is that the western world has gone way off the rails with new age feminism and not holding females accountable for their behavior. This applies to white people as well as black people. There is a segment of liberal white male culture that has allowed white women to get out of control and escape accountability.

      The family court system in the US is an abomination. And I’m not just talking about child custody, but also the confiscation of men’s resources and giving them to women. White men as a collective allow this. White men are still the most powerful collective in the US and other western countries. So they can change the family law paradigm anytime they want.

      I’ve long suspected that there is a small clique of very wealthy and powerful old white men propping up the whole family law paradigm. And they are doing it for some nefarious reasons having to do with exercising control over other men. The family law paradigm serves no good social or moral purpose. And as I’ve said, white men as a collective, have the power to stop it at any time. So there must a nefarious reason why they don’t.

      Even though, a segment of the white male population subscribes to simp ideology, they are the new age liberals who do not comprise a majority of the white male collective. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of the black male collective, subscribes to simp ideology. The black female collective is in a far far worse state of decline and degeneracy than the white female collective, or any other race of females. And so black male simping to the scraggle daggle is infintely more insane, self destructive, and widespread, than white male simping to white women.

      1. Yeah, when I saw the clips of the black woman’s bestiality thing, I just couldn’t look at it anymore. Black people say that white people have sex with animals. Black people fuck animals too, just as white people.

    2. Money Cultural,

      Again, we have to keep bringing up the fact that black women claim to be the better females on the planet, yet here they are taking part in some of the most grotesque and degenerate behaviour known to mankind, posting it to social media and bragging about it, smh.

  15. I honestly think the “communtah” needs a gigantic bulldozer to just drive over it, while its dwellers are doing the milk crate challenge. I honestly would love to go out on permanent disability. That passive income would make it 10 times easier to permanently leave America. The internal rot of this place is seriously getting out of hand.

    1. JayinChi,

      Buckle up as things are about to get even worse, this black female hasn’t reached her lowest form of depravity yet.

  16. Doing it doggystyle!

    This is the NORM among black women, don’t let them fool you. And before ANYONE mentions white women, PLEASE point out the plethora of white women doing VIDEOS of this and be praised for it as funny.

    Black women also love to say white women smell like dogs, even though black women are the ones with funky cooches and weave stink.

    Bestiality, pedophilia, dykism and incest and the NORM for black women because they’ve pushed away their men, period.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      And notice how black women have no problems bragging and boasting regarding the degeneracy that they’re involved in, what other race of women as a collective do this, I’ll wait?

      Again, where are the so called “good black women”, you know those who will occasionally all of a sudden pop up and say, “NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT”?

      Yep, nowhere to be found. These degenerates have now set themselves up as the representatives of the black female collective, therefore those same black women who claim to be “good” shouldn’t complain as they unlike productive black men allow these reprobates to represent them and say NOTHING to oppose them.

  17. Yeah, this is more common than one would think. Some women may not go all the way with their dog, but I have heard of women allowing their dog to eat them out by putting peanut butter on their snatch. If you ever talk to a woman & she’s single with a big dog at home, then just know something is going down in that house, especially when she drinks her box wine after a long day at work, lol.

  18. Shawn James from the year 2027 here checking in again.

    I’m a bit pertubed that most of you negroes are more obsessed with watching a dog have sex with a black woman, rather than listen to my dire warnings from the future.

    To recap: black women, due to extreme political correctness and white liberal guilt, have essentially taken over the world. Their number one agenda is to hunt down all thinking black men and exterminate them. Only simps and coons are allowed to live, solely for the sake of procreating another generation of violent, masculine, disgusting black ‘queens’.

    Among all the outspoken black bloggers, I am the one of the few to survive. As I write this from my hiding place, I hear the screams of Asian shopowners, as black women mow them down in order to steal weaves. Regular guns no longer work against black women, as since 2021, most have gotten so obese that bullets fail to pierce them.

    Verbs, if you are out there somewhere in the UK – hell, if you are still alive – you need to stay safe and organise your readers to fight back. I am ready to go down defending my ideals and I believe you are too.

    I will keep updating when possible.

    1. Tell me something Flat Top, is corona still an issue in the New Daggleverse? And have you still gotten any pussy since you got a first sniff in 1981?

      1. His response:

        The latest additions to Ghetto Gaggers and Round and Brown are pretty great if i say so myself. Sure, I’ve yet to even talk to a woman, let alone the few remaining black ones left in America, but I still know a thing or two about a successful relationship. After all, my hand and are have been goin steady for quite a while now, longer than you whippersnappers have been breathing.

        Also, I want to add that God is good, all the time. And since I’m doing his food service, care to spare a few pieces of change my way? There’s a new KFC sandwich out, and given that my pockets are colder than my bed, I’ve yet to try it.


        1. Isn’t it sad that you resort to making nonsensical fun about me, when I am reaching to you beyond TIME AND SPACE to warn you about the upcoming apocalypse? An apocalypse that is specifically targeting negroes like yourself who have rightfully spoken against the Luciferian Beast that is the black woman?

          Brotha, this isn’t the world of anime or japanese comics that you love. The world I am in right now is on fire. I have no idea of your fate in particular in my time, but I doubt it is good.

          We may have had our differences, but take a brotha’s warning – start arming yourself and being vigilant.

          And lastly – oh god, hold on. HOLD ON. I can hear the mechanical bellowing of a T-1000 Black Terminatrix approaching. These are obese black woman who have been modified into cyborg for extra efficient hunting of thinking black man. I will return to you men later – if I can.

          Stay vigilant.

    2. Shawn James,

      If we’re actually looking back in the past from the future, these were the same black females that you claimed there was “hope” for, the same ones you super simped for, the same ones that you wanted to establish “black love” and “black unity” with even though they hated your guts to the core and weren’t afraid to show it.

      You wasted most of your life believing that one day a unicorn black female would descend from the clouds, one that would be different from the decadent collective, one that you would be able to live happily ever after with.

      Unfortunately for you this never happened, chiefly due to two main reasons, black women as a collective were a reprobate basket case heading straight for hell(read Isaiah chapters 3 and 4) and also you were unable to break away from staying in your house beating your monkey to those same black women on porn sites.

      For some reason you didn’t understand that meeting up with the opposite sex required that you got out of your house and socialised. The future is very bleak for the modern day black witch, she won’t be taking over anything on this planet because she’ll soon cease to exist upon it.

      The very men that could’ve saved them they spat in the faces of as well as constantly mocked, ridiculed and laughed at, oh well, that was their problem, not mine.

    3. Funny post until you realize that today is the anniversary of Skynet becoming self-aware. What is the historical crux point that leads to the Daggle taking over?

  19. I haven’t even read the article and I’m repulsed. “White women does it too” wasn’t a challenge. But are we surprised really? Abortion, child abuse, emotional incest, ghetto gagging, carpet munching, fighting, running over others, shooting and robbing, morbid obesity, pissing on a shop floor, ritual sacrifice with chickens, now chicken and dog fucking. This black woman truly comes from the deepest depths of Satan’s cave.

    1. Michel,

      Black women as a group don’t aim to be better than the people they claim to be better than, nope, instead black women choose the seediest white women they can find, emulate their decadent practices and when confronted say “white women do it too” as if that is their own justification.

      This is how you know that most black females are 12 kegs short of a 6 pack, they simply aren’t right in the head at all.

  20. What gets me is how the SIMPS of the so called “black community” will try to downtalk Caucasian females and hide black females doing the same thing. For instance, when I was in college I heard a ton of black SIMPS running with the “If da bwack mayne gets with uh whyte woman she is fat, but if da whyte mayne gets wit uh bwack woman she gone be bad af.” The saying that black men date only fat, unattractive Caucasian females originally started with Caucasian racists and black females.

    Here is the funny thing though. The race and gender that tends to be overweight when looking at Caucasian female and black females is overwhelmingly black females. Most black men are with FAT BLACK FEMALES who have trained their SIMPs to call them “thicc.” WS and gynocentrism work together to gaslight and oppress black men. This is why you see people from these two camps ganging up on and d policing black men.

    In addition, I see more Caucasian males with fat, ugly black females than black men with fat Caucasian females. Look at all of the fat and/or ugly black female celebrities with Caucasian males. Even around my state I see Caucasian guys dating fat black females.

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