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The Swirl Movement Is Officially Dead – Christelyn Karazin Proves Black Women Will Remain Defective Beyond Repair For Life No Matter What Race Of Men They Deal With!


Thanks to commenter Ryan for alerting me to this development. I called out the so called swirl movement as being a dead duck on arrival more than 5 years ago and now it turns out that the high priestess of Swirl Mountain, one Miss Christelyn Karazin has now divorced her white lord and saviour Michael Karazin, are we really surprised?

The fact of the matter is black women will always remain the primary problem no matter what race of men they choose to deal with because time after time they fail to self examine, self scrutinise and thereafter implement self improvements.

Black women as a collective are renowned for choosing to deal with the lowest dregs of black male society, getting shafted and afterwards blaming black men as a group for the resulting fallout including the productive black men who they deliberately scoffed at, smh.

If you as a black female choose to deal with dickheads, don’t expect miracles to manifest themselves ie don’t be foolish enough to believe that the relationships will be successful because THEY WON’T BE.

This is pretty much the history of the founder of the swirl movement Christelyn Karazin in a nutshell, messed around with a Slim Sauce type Negro back in the day, got impregnated by him(in typical black female fashion), the dude kicked out leaving her to raise her daughter Kayla alone(which she hasn’t done a very good job of because a few years ago her daughter came out as a mentally disjointed lesbian, don’t take my word for it, check out her instagram page):

Knowing how black women operate, we already have a good idea as to what went wrong with her eldest, as soon as Karazin began bringing forth those mixed race children, she pretty much kicked her black daughter to the kerb and left her to her own devices, remember, black women HATE black children but worship and adore white and mixed ones.

Karazin’s daughter Kayla is a living example as to why any black man with sense and intelligence must NEVER impregnate one of these creatures. Remember, Christelyn Karazin is the same dirty buzzard who alongside the gutter dwelling specimen known as Kendall St Charles aka Breukelen Bleu advocates for black women to assassinate unborn black boys in the womb, in other words give birth to girls only.

Since the launch of her book Swirling back in May 2012, Karazin had been attempting to present herself as a pious, humble, concerned black woman who claimed to be looking out for the best interests of black female society regarding dating and marriage, yet her own flesh and blood Kayla Karazin she staunchly rejected and rebuffed in favour of her mixed race seedlings, what kind of a reprobate, degenerate mindset is that?

Don’t be surprised, this is the common mentality of your typical black siren, remember her daughter Kayla reminds Karazin of her blackness(something which most black women hate and try their utmost to distance themselves from), additionally Kayla also reminds Karazin of the black male bum she got knocked up by, thus every time she looked at her daughter, she was confronted with her own gross failure in choosing the wrong type of black man to get pregnant by(something which most black women have professional expertise in).

This is all too common in black female society, black women failing to supply their children with love, attention, emotional support as well as a good father and as a result those same children willingly seek out affection, attention, love and support from other places, many of which are not healthy at all.

The first red flag behind Karazin’s so called “swirl movement” was the fact that her then husband Michael would never appear in any of her videos and in the very few that he did make a cameo appearance, she’d never show his face on camera.

Further troubles would arrive in the form of a white male ex YouTuber who went by the name of The Vegainator, when interviewed by Karazin back in 2016 he stated that he did NOT swirl and he also went on to confirm what black men has been stating for the longest, that black women are the white man’s very last choice when it comes down to dating and marriage.

Of course Karazin and her swirling mutley crew of cohorts didn’t appreciate being told the truth and they made sure to go after the Vegainator with maximum venom and hatred the likes of which any white man had never seen before from a black female.

In light of such a crushing blow to her swirl movement, Karazin even attempted to put on a waterworks bread and circus monkey show in her efforts to stem the heavy flow of blood and was rapidly draining from her philosophy day by day, I’m sure everybody remembers the infamous video from 5 years ago of Karazin pretending to have an emotional breakdown:

These so called swirlers and divestment agents don’t seem to understand that white men as a collective don’t see them as valuable women, in the overwhelming majority of cases they view them as a means to offload some semen, nothing more:

Here is a video that was sent to me by King Sigma which yet again confirms how white men view black women, as semen guzzlers and creatures to enact their outlandish fetishes on. In 2021 very few if any white men will take black women seriously, especially in light of the negative way that black women choose to conduct themselves:

Yep, yet another masculine looking, weave wearing black harriet torn up because Admiral Frost used her as a cum dumpster, her claims of abuse I’ll take with a pinch of salt because we already know how many black women are deeply into race play and love offering themselves up as sex slaves to white men.

We see the scam loud and clear, as long as you’re involved in a relationship with General Blizzard, actions that women of other ethnicities would have no problems labelling as abusive, these black sirens find no fault with, however as soon as Captain Euro grows tired of the black heifer and kicks her to the kerb to seek out fresher pastures, all of a sudden what was more than acceptable behaviour before now becomes abuse, get outta here with that garbage.

Swirling, divestment, levelling up etc are 3 sides of the same fraudulent and delusional triangle, exactly who else is interested in black women en masse for them to “divest” or “level up” with, I’ll wait?

In landing herself a new guy, all Karazin has done is transfer her defective beyond repair self from one white man to the next, she’s still a broken beyond repair black female regardless of who she manages to date, those same defections will manifest themselves eventually, the current dude in like manner will kick out and she’ll be back to square one looking for another Major Sleet.

I’ve stated this many times in the past, so called swirling is on an extremely severe decline simply because black women have no pride in their image and reputation, after all why would your average white guy who has the choice of some of the best women on the planet settle for badly behaved, violent, masculine looking, weave, fake nails and fake eye lash wearing Becky wannabes?

Finally, notice how the crying black female has a wrap on her head, do you see how she’s already lining up the pro black Texas Two Step to run on some knuckleheaded simps who will be more than happy to welcome her back into the fold? The Swirl movement is officially dead, meanwhile SYSBM continues to explode and move forward in leaps and bounds. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Swirl Movement Is Officially Dead, SYSBM Keeps On Rising Higher

Most High Bless

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60 thoughts on “The Swirl Movement Is Officially Dead – Christelyn Karazin Proves Black Women Will Remain Defective Beyond Repair For Life No Matter What Race Of Men They Deal With!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    White men do not desire black women to be proper wives and girlfriends because they are the most masculine women on the planet and that’s what the swirling movement doesn’t want to hear. Also we all know that black women make the dumbest choices on the planet when they become single mothers by having kids with the worst type of black man ever but at the same time they want us childfree SYSBM black men to come and be the clean up man for their mess of being a single mother with their bastard kids from different baby fathers. No thanks I will pass. This is the reason why black women are the least desired women on the planet and what man of any race would want to date a woman looking fake from head to toe. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 39.

    1. Women like Christelyn are not interested in you anyway Quincy you have to remember that. I believe she was child-free before marrying this dude because again to get a bottom shelf Brad they have to meet certain criteria.

      She isn’t attractive like Stacey Dash who was able to remarry another non-Black man despite having children because, well she’s Stacey Dash… She’ll claims she wants a Black man now and some SIMP will step up to the plate and wife her up, because again, she’s Stacey Dash.

      I don’t see that happening for Christelyn, the men she has available to her will become increasingly less attractive as the demand as you correctly stated for Black women from White men is very low.

      This is why they push back that our divorce rate with WW is especially high, conveniently forgetting as I said that WW get their White Privilege card revoked by marrying a Black man.

      Your preference for olive skin Persian or Arab women means you’ll likely avoid such problems.

      Turkey is open to visitors. I know there are restrictions for UK citizens but you know what they say if there’s a will there’s a way. No rush I suppose you are only in your late 30’s.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I don’t deal with masculine women either whether in looks or behaviour and I most certainly don’t expect any black men to do the same even though most unfortunately still do. The reality of the matter is the further away you stray from black female, the higher your chances of finding a quality, feminine, classic, attractive, child free woman.

  2. Swirl Mountain Defense Force is already out protecting Christelyn by propagating the continued lie that WM/BW partnerships are more successful than those by BM/WW.

    Nevermind that US Society does it’s best to break up those relationships in all sorts of ways.

    Nevermind that in most cases White women are especially unprepared for the vitriol that comes with both barrels loaded against her choice of mate.

    All this goes under the radar of the mainstream media. Occasionally IR is talked about in the context typically of BW unable to find a mate or WM going overseas to find a mate. Neither generate any ire worth talking about from impacted parties.

    WW consider the WM who venture to Latin America, South East Asia or Eastern Europe to look for a mate are riding the L train (Losers) anyway. Conversely BM are not only considered losers, but also lame, broke and incarcerated.

    The incarceration debacle lays right at the feet of BW and WM, full stop.

    The financial illiteracy of the typical BM is also the BW fault because she is setting the example of not to plan life’s biggest challenges and often uses Black male children SSI information to keep utilities on due to BW poor life and financial management skills or lack thereof.

    That generational curse is keeps the majority of BM in poverty. All is not bleak though because despite all that BM earning power is higher than BW.

    One of the SYSBM Tenants is to get your passport and visit other countries, even if it’s specifically to find a mate. I know some in the Red Pill space do not condone this activity but here in the SYSBM Knight Roundtable we recognize building a community starts with the women and the offspring.

    Which is exactly why the Black Communtah finds itself in dire straights, the women are largely uncooperative and the few that are are usually below average in the looks dept IE they are cooperative out of necessity to land a mate.

    Another BW has fallen from Swirl Mountain and she won’t be the last.

    1. Anthony,

      This is how you know that black women are not the sharpest knife in the draw, even if we accept what they’re saying about black male/white female marriages to be true(which it isn’t, maybe back many years ago but not today), it still doesn’t help their own situation.

      The fact of the matter is white men are NOT interested in black women en masse, however merchant deceivers such as Karazin have hoodwinked those that follow her into believing that getting and keeping a white guy is a walk in the park for her crew, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      At this late stage the Swirl Mountain Defence Force can’t help their queen or their movement, you cannot defend that which cannot be defended.

      The writing on the wall concerning the demise of swirling has been there for a very long time, however as in the case of the pro black male simp, swirling black women chose to ignore those writings to their own detriment.

      1. But look at you, on the internet talking about Black women. Losers, losers, losers.

        Black Woman

        1. Carol Summerville,

          Your shaming tactics won’t work over here, I’ve nothing to be shamed of. Reprimand your sisterhood of failure who keep taking L’s left and right each and everyday, they’re the true losers.

  3. @Verbs

    I’m not sure if you are aware, but recently Karazin’s white idol was caught saying he was a N8gga lover on a Clubhouse or YT stream. That’s why she hid her channel a few weeks ago. There is a clip out there if you search YT ‘pink pill karazin n*gga lover’ you’ll find it.

    So, Karazin’s Swirl Movement is indeed dead. The empirical evidence has proven that in terms of ‘interracial dating’ – BW are relegated to the slavePLAY, ghetto gagger and pump and dump position. Ultimately, women are chosen for beauty, femininity, and fertility, and non-BM simple do not desire the 95% of BW besides more than gutter sex.

    I’m still convinced that Swirl Mountain is yet to see the biggest scandal to come. Dj Pope, Mike Oliver, and the Karazin Meltdowns are only the tip of the iceberg.

    In fact, I truly believe there is a murderous version of DJ Pope and Mike Oliver out there that will be caught in the next two years.

    1. I agree King Sigma. You will likely see a version of DJ Kidd with a serial killer twist at some point. They love white zaddy and the serial killer element fits their hybristophilia as well.

      1. @auto

        It seems inevitable at this point when you pay attention to the tier of White men they are forced to engage with – bottom of the septic tank.

        Its coming, stay tuned.

    2. King Sigma,

      I can’t really say that I’m surprised at Karazin’s new boyfriend using such a term in light of the many articles I’ve written in the past relating to black women and their infatuation with Major Frost to the point where they’ll willingly accept being called racial slurs, Christelyn Karazin is no different.

      I’ve stated from day one that black women completely misunderstand and as a result misinterpret the relationship they have with Lord Euro.

      Black women are the white man’s flunky, their job is to keep black men and black society flat on their faces, nothing more, nothing less, however black women mistakenly believe that they can forge something more from the relationship, hence why they throw a major tantrum and act like the world has ended whenever the milkman kicks them to the kerb.

      Black women who swirl don’t seem to understand that the dynamic between white men and themselves is completely different as opposed to a black man getting together with a white or other non black female.

      Popcorn and juice at the ready, I agree, something much bigger is coming down the pike, we’ll just have to wait and see what manifests.

      1. @Verbs

        All I can do is lean back with the shades, popcorn, and vino; let them cry a river of Swirl tears to their own misery and pain.

    3. “In fact, I truly believe there is a murderous version of DJ Pope and Mike Oliver out there that will be caught in the next two years.”

      You mean the Swirl Mountain death toll from the past 5 years hasn’t been enough?

      1. @Schaden

        The public death toll is just the tip of the iceberg. Google ‘missing Black women’.
        I’m convinced their is a Bottom-shelf Brad serial killer on the lose after reading more into these public murders, domestic violence cases, etc.

        Mark my words, a case is coming where a Bottom-Shelf Brad will be discovered, that will make DJ Pope and Mike Oliver look like boy scouts.

    1. Alex C,

      Indeed, the movement won’t be missed. Black women won’t be able to escape the judgement coming their way for the untold amount of death, destruction, pain and misery they have unleashed upon black society, trying to escape by attempting to climb Swirl Mountain won’t save them from the wrath to come.

      We already know that the base of Swirl Mountain is littered with the bones of so many black female who just didn’t make it, black women won’t be able to escape their fate.

  4. Great post. How many videos and twitter posts have we seen with BW crying about being used and abused by their WM “boyfriend”? How many “My White boyfriend beats me and calls me ni**er, what should I do?” posts have we seen? BW are willing to tolerate anything from a WM just to keep him, and often still end up getting kicked to the curb when their WM is tired of them. Thinking BM have to remember not to save them afterward, leave them for pookie and ray ray.

      1. Now post the BM/WW versions of those articles. Oh right, there aren’t any.

        1. But don’t you understand, white women reaching orgasmic bliss thanks to black men is the same as black women faking lynchings and shooting ghetto Gaggers videos! EXACT SAME!!

  5. Obviously missed her daily dose…

    Yet another example of someone who never dealt with her own shit!

    Now we have a mentally broken mother, a broken daughter and a handful of younguns who will be now cut off from their father and introduced to some random new dude you don’t trust yet around your kids? What a mess.

    All we did was call her out on her obvious grifting and shitting on black men. Turns out the pink pills she’s pushing are mere placebos.

    Wherever you go, there you are. Stop casting spells and blaming black men and deal with your own shit.

    1. Michel,

      Black women never deal with their own problems, the victimhood mentality runs so deep that merely suggesting such an action as far as they are concerned is akin the blasphemy.

      Black women are completely incapable of taking onboard any kind of responsibility or accountability. As I stated in Negro Wars, accountability for black women has remained on the top shelf for years and has a thick layer of dust that has settled on it.

      “Dark wisdom” won’t help the witch Karazin either, you already know how so many black women are head deep into witchcraft, magic and sorcery.

  6. I’m guessing the BW/WM fantasy is coming to an end isn’t it? Black women creep me out with their dark fantasies on sleeping with white men, and that mess ain’t even funny to me. Slave role play, getting into some weird, nasty stuff, too much. This black female is crying because she thought this white dude was her golden ticket, but he wasn’t. Black women trip me up when they think the white man is all perfect, but ain’t nobody perfect in this damn world. It’s funny how they got these books, movies, and tv shows fantasing the BW/WM relationships, thinking it’s all sweet and flowers, but outside the real world, it’s a whole different story. Example: There’s some show on BET called The Oval, I’ve seen some of it when I been around other people, and if you ever encounter this show, your eyebrows are gonna be raising like hell. No shit that this show was made by Tyler Perry, the dude who was wearing a dress in the madea movies. Let me give y’all a little background, You got a president and his wife, A white man and a black woman, they have mixed kids, which their f’ed up, and they hate each other guts. With the president, he’s sleeping around with other women, and all them women were black. He got a fetish for the black woman. I’m just gonna leave it at that.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Tyler Perry understands these black sirens like the back of his hand, he being yet another merchant is capitalising on the black female’s fantasy to either be the white man’s wife or side piece. Black women can have all the fantasies they want about white men, the closest most of them will get to a white guy is a ghetto gaggers type setting, however just like the black male simp, most black women refuse to accept this inconvenient truth and still believe they can obtain something more from Major Sleet.

  7. The negress magic is a dark spell of demonic witchcraft to most black males who still choose to deal with them.

    This is why I say most black males can’t cast out the dark spells of the negresses.

    I don’t care who swirlers date, as long as they don’t get in my way.

    They say WM/BW last longer, in reality it don’t.

    BM/WW relationships last longer, history has evidence and proof of this, such as the Moorish empire in Europe, North Africa and South America.

    Even the black men that were slaves in North America from 1500’s until 1800’s still had relationships with white female slaves that lasted longer.

    Back then and now, WM never had relationships that lasted long most of the time with BW.

    The crocodile tears in the video is just an act, it means absolutely nothing to me.


  8. We have yet another casualty of Swirl Mountain, the High Priestess herself, Christelyn Karazin; now that she is attempting another climb with a different Mayo man, it’s clear that she hasn’t taken time to reflect on what went wrong with her last relationship. Seems she found herself an old simp to pick up where her ex husband left off; I wonder how long this new husband will last before he leaves her and she cries again. Speaking of crying, the daggle in the TikTok video is horrible at fake crying; also, she told on herself for being a bedwench.

    Karazin is the scapegoat that has led many of her fellow daggles to the foot of Swirl Mountain, and has now fallen victim to the same; there is no greater representation of the treachery of climbing Swirl Mountain than this SCP narration by TheVolgun:

    Meanwhile, SYSBM continues to grow by leaps and bounds:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Thanks for the video ! All the brothers with their white and Asian cuties. Not a bottom shelf Karen in the lot. It was the bomb !!! If enough black male simps saw this video, even they might wake up !

      1. Nope still marinating in the BW sauce of Blue Pill-dum, Gen Xer’s especially should be more self-aware but they don’t want their Black Community passport revoked so they want BW to come to the table to negotiate.

        1. Anthony,

          Any black man with just a tad of good taste, would take any woman in that video over the best that the scraggle daggle world has to offer. Notice that I said, “any black man with just a tad of good taste”.

          Too many decent black men pay too much attention to the whole hotep screed about owing something to da communitah.

          But, the main reason that so many otherwise decent black men don’t date out, is that they simply lack the confidence to seriously make a play for non black women. This is the case in the US. I can’t speak about Europe. They have been successfully brainwashed into believing that the scraggle daggle is their only option.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women typically don’t know anything about honest reflection and self improvement, this is why they immediately move to point out faults with black men whenever their shortcomings are highlighted.

      Such a move however is retarded and pointless as pointing to somebody else’s faults does not negate your own. Black women stay blaming others(mostly black men) for the negative consequences that they’ve brought upon themselves via their own hands and the world is beginning to see this.

  9. Whoa, Christelyn Karazin’s daughter is a lesbo swirler?

    By me making the following statement, I think the swirling movement is far from being dead, it has new life, a LGBTQRSTUV+ spin. Wanda Sykes, Raven-Symone, Amandla Stenberg, Alice Walker, and one of the founders of Black Lives Matter Alicia Garza to name a few all in relationships with non-black women in one form or another.

    Get ready for a revamp version led by Christelyn herself coming out of the closet, through her daughter or some related party of hers.

    1. Funny you’d mention Stenberg, as that little half-breed was in a movie where she was romancing a nazi in Germany! Shit you not!

      1. That Instagram page had the smell of rainbows, fish and crab legs. #pridecomesbeforethefall

      2. Verbs2015,

        I want to throw in a couple of more names to the list of women that Christelyn, her daughter or a ‘Swirl Mountain’ disciple might use in a revamp version: Robin Roberts from the ‘Good Morning America’ breakfast television show here in the United States and another black woman that I suspect could be an interracial dyke swirler and that’s comedian Leslie Jones from ‘Saturday Night Live.’

        Search results-


        See how close these two are to each other?

        1. Didn’t know about Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, but would not be surprised in the least. Mostly all of these liberal actresses are at least baseline bi. We do know Leslie also likes dick, as revealed by her phone “hack.” She also likes it in the ass.

      3. Also to add, certain black women are doing what people like radio DJ host Howard Stern accuse black men of doing with their non-black femates (particularly white women) when black men gets the fame and fortune and begins to date and mate interracially in a heterosexual way. Notice how same famous black women in open interracial lesbian relationships (particularly with white women) always in some form of social activism and making a gold and silver mine off of it plus having more than four houses in white suburbia. Crazy!

  10. Yo, did no one else notice what that ugly dark skinned one said? Brad was using her for Ghetto Gaggers shit, or rather, she ALLOWED him to do so AFTER he had already publicly humiliated her. WTF?!!! You wanted SYMPATHY after admitting this nonsense? This shows how even black women can’t make black women sympathetic, just pathetic.

    As for Piss-All-on-Her Karazin, I didn’t know she had a dyke daughter. As verbs stated, this likely results from the little cunt muncher looking for love in all the wrong places due to her own mother practically shunning her in favor of her half-breed siblings.

    Also note that Mr. Karazin, as mentioned, wanted NOTHING to do with her or her movement. How are you all up in people’s faces about your movement yet can’t show off the fruits of it?

    And now her ex husband was found calling himself a niggar lover? Wtf?!! These chicks aren’t even fetishes to these dudes, they’re to white men what tortured animals are to future serial killers. As Kid Organic once said, if you see a Brad with a daggle, just assume he’s racist.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Remember, Admiral Frost can do no wrong until he decides that he’s had enough of said black female and chooses to abandon ship. Now all of a sudden these black sirens come running back to black men looking for sympathy and a shoulder to cry on, sorry, no sympathy nor shoulders available over here.

      It’s funny how you mentioned Karazin’s ex husband wanting nothing to do with her movement even though he was supposed to be an element of it, here is another example of a valley girl speaking, weave wearing swirler trying too hard to advertise the fact that she has a white boyfriend:

      When you skim through the videos, nearly all of them are her behind the productions whether they be pranks or vlogs in general, her Captain Snowy doesn’t seem to be interested and simply plays along just to keep the black siren happy.

      This is your modern day swirler in a nutshell, manages to get scooped up by her white lord and saviour but can’t simply ride off into the sunset quietly, nope, these heifers have to make a song and dance about being in an interracial relationship especially towards black men in their efforts trying to make us jealous. In her eyes all she’s missing now is the mixed child to seal the deal.

      SYSBM practitioners don’t have any problems with black women dating and marrying out, in fact we encourage it as then black women can actually begin dealing with the men they really want.

      The black males simps are the ones who get butt-hurt whenever they see one of their “black queanies” with a white man, NOT US.

  11. The swirl apocalypse is here. It has exploded. I saw the video on Christelyn Karazin crying her eyes out. It was cringe. Just couldn’t watch it. And the other black chick, the white beta male just don’t even want her. And if he breeds her off, he won’t even be there for the child. And I didn’t know about Karazin daughter. Seriously! There are some women that shouldn’t have children and she is one of them. I have said this before and I will say it again. These swirlers will go for the worse type of white dude and that is the beta male. They will not go for a Nice Guy Nick who drives a Mercedes Benz S600L, earns six figures and lives in St. Albans. They will go for the worthless type of white dude all because of his white. As these swirlers move on from the white beta male, then they will try to snug up a good black man. But there is no way that a good black man will ever never choose these swirlers. Because he knows that these swirlers said negative shit about black men. So there is no way that a good black man will even choose these women.

    1. Money Cultural,

      I have to keep on repeating the same, so called swirlers don’t understand the true relationship they have with white men, black women are viewed as an easy pump and dump, nothing more, however these delusional heifers simply won’t accept the harsh truth.

  12. Another bullseye from Verbs, once again getting back to the Slaying Evil fundamentals. That dark-skinned mammy who was fake crying also has herpes. Three guesses who gave it to her but somehow black men will get the blame. Steer clear of all these disjointed black heffas and go SYSBM. Even the mixed, pretty hoes from the best homes y’all fetishize go out of their way to be either be gay, bi, ratchet or submit to white dick. There’s no winning with da queanz, a decent black dude with his shit together is poison to them, so keep it pushing with a non-black stargate.

    1. BW are always blaming Black men for some STD. Not their swirling or carpet munching activities…

      Exactly about this dummy’s child, she has the chance to rise above scraggle daggle behavior but nope, it’s ingrained at this point. I’ve said it once it’s bears repeating; Black women see themselves as victims because they aren’t on the same plane as White women when it comes to “standards of beauty”. They are even going to tell their biracial children this bullsh*t which will impact decision making going forward.

      I have made a decision though it’s not fully fleshed out yet. There two many roadblocks and obstacles for Black men, especially over the next decade plus.

      First I need a face of my franchise. I am not going to tolerate getting on the real estate ladder where Lord Euro tries to ensure my property is worth less than his at appraisal time -

      To be fair the appraiser said this was based on where the house is located (in a middle class Black neighborhood), I call BS because this story has played out elsewhere in America. This might not be an issue where some of you live because nobody else wants to live there either, I am just saying.

      Sure you have some leaving more expensive mega metro areas like San Francisco to move the Idaho for example. That trend will continue; however BS tactics like that to try to keep me off the real estate ladder I won’t tolerate and if they are going to play games like that elsewhere then I need to prepared.

      If Karazin is a tale of BW failing at IR, let me give hope to other Black Men.

      A few weeks ago LaVar Ball was VALIDATED when all the NBA Punditry tried to call him an overbearing Sports Dad, even telling him to shut up. Maybe that was Skip Bayless; Anyway when he said he would have all this three boys in the NBA and was sure to tell the story that he married his White wife Tina specifically to have athletic children proves my point of marrying with purpose not just love/companionship.

      The Elites do this sh*t all the time and don’t apologize for it. When a White boy gets caught red handed banging a unconscious woman behind a dumpster he is called a pillar of society and a future VIP, so the judge gives him a light sentence. Of course the #MeToo movement has a hissy fit but the point was made. They put their children in position to succeed, I can’t see that happening if you have a BW as Queen on your chessboard.

      What is the most powerful chess piece? I rest my case.

    2. You’re definitely right about the mixed ones too they chase white man and make a black man jump through hoops. I’d say just cut them loose go straight for non-black women. I used to wonder why some would ignore mixed women but seeing the evidence out there. I’m not surprised at all. Each to their own.

      1. There is always some kind of hitch with these “Dear White People” style mixed chicks, I’m seeing it more and more. They are always the first to be flying the BLM or rainbow flags, to be gay, bi, or any other made-up white term like “pansexual” or “genderqueer.” Always the first to latch onto bizarre far-left politics, the first to be some kind of radical feminist, and as Verbs confirmed, the first to chase white penis. Not to mention general tragic mulatto issues. I submit there are as many pitfalls with the modern brainwashed liberal lightskin/mixed chick than with the ratchet, twerking Section 8 hoe.

        Since we sire the majority these heffas, I’m wondering if the problem is us as black men.

    3. Schadenfreude,

      What you say about mixed chicks chasing after white penis is very true especially here in the UK, most mixed chicks in England you’ll find pining after Lord Cooler, they won’t even look in a black man’s direction.

      Note, the mixture I’m specifically referring to is black mother/white father or black father/white mother.

      Over here mixed females without any black in their bloodline on the other hand generally are much more receptive to black men which bolsters the position of moving as far away from the black bloodline as is possible.

  13. Thank you for the mention Verbs. In the clip that King Sigma sent you, I found out some interesting information about the bedwench. She is from my home state, New Jersey. And seeing her TikTok with her inflection & accent, she more than likely from Central or South Jersey. She goes to Rutgers in New Brunswick.

    She’s one of those Black Jersey girls with the suburban White girls accent. She preaches she’s proud to be black yet her whole existence screams White Validation. Please also note that Ghetto Gaggers is incorporated in the city I was raised, East Orange, New Jersey.

    She’s only getting broken in to be a nice subservient bedwench. Don’t be surprised she is on Ghetto Gaggers being a good gagging bedwench one day. Bootleg loves those types😂

    1. Ryan,

      Her accent sounds so fake and annoying, it’s amazing just how far these swirlers will go just to get scooped up by General Blizzard.

      I’m not surprised the dude walked away from her when she confronted him in the store, the chick looks disgusting and the frat boy could’ve done much better for himself.

      We’ve said this time and time again over here, there is a serious dearth of attractive women in black female society, they’re extremely few and far between, hence why you either have to dilute the black bloodline or depart from it altogether in order to find a decent looking woman.

  14. I’m confused. If you hate black women so much (as you all have made pretty clear in the comment section) then why do you waste your time talking about them so often?
    I mean, I know why black women talk about you. They talk about you because most of you go out of your way to talk badly about them to anyone who will listen. Most of you actually use it as pick up lines to non black women. So the reason BW talk about you is because they are trying to figure out how to handle the global embarrassment that comes from sharing the same skin color as men who openly embarrass themselves with excuses disguised as reasons. They also sit around trying to deprogram themselves from the loyalty they had for you now that they recognize how yblack men use them as collateral damage and are not even remotely interested in providing the same emotional, physical and financial care for their women as EVERY OTHER GROUP OF MEN ACROSS THE GLOBE do! So again, I know why THEY talk about you but if you hate them so much why do YOU talk about them?
    Oh wait. I know. Because the threat of not being able to have them all to yourselves to use, manipulate and mistreat makes you mad! Yes, you want white women but you ALSO want black women to want you and to continue to be miserable as you blame, reject,mistreat and expect them to accept less and BE less to make YOU look like more! And dating other men! HOW DARE THOSE WHITE MEN GAIN ACCESS TO THE WOMEN WE WANT TO MISTREAT! THEY ARE OURS TO MISTREAT…and then you sit around spending more time trying to convince black women that NO ONE WANTS THEM while hoping and praying for one of them gets divorce – which actually shows why black women should not want you in the first place! I mean, with this post you literally gave me material to PROVE how hateful black males have become! And all of this bitch blasting (because you sound like gay men) when these women are doing what you’ve obviously been working for – to leave you to your white queens…LOL! You should be grateful that we’re leaving you alone but you’re not….because deep down you know why this community has survived (and it’s not due to black men) but you’ve never been taught how to be man enough to admit it. Bless your hearts!

    1. CJ,

      I’m afraid you’ve gotten SYSBM black men mixed up with the blue pilled, pro black male flunkies, they are the ones who still care about black women, NOT US. I’ve answered this question a million times before, even though we no longer deal with black females within dating and mating capacities, most of us still have to interact with them within other arenas and more time those experiences are still negative.

      Black women as a collective are still out here engaging in plenty of tom foolery which reflects badly upon black men seeing as they are our female counterparts, therefore we simply make it known that they have nothing to do with us and that any dysfunctional acts black women engage in are on their own backs.

      You talk about how we continue to converse about black women, yet you’ve conveniently omitted how black women continue to blame black men for any and every calamity that befalls them, including those black women bring upon themselves via their own hands.

      We don’t say black women aren’t wanted by other races of men just for the sake of it, we continue to repeat this fact because it is just that, a fact. The single rate of the modern day black female speaks for itself, additionally it’s black women who are the ones out here complaining about black men choosing to give them a wide berth in favour of women from other ethnic backgrounds, here are just two examples of many:

      Once again, SYSBM practitioners do not care who black women choose to date and mate with, only that those same black women must own their choices and the consequences that may follow. This is yet another reason why we continue to talk about black women over here, because more time we are the ones who come face to face with the devil spawn seedlings they produce as a result of their reckless reproductive choices, encounters with 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Slim Sauce and 2 Snacks are nothing to be laughed at.

      The hatred you currently see aimed towards black women from an increasing number of black men has a solid basis, this is what black women such as yourself attempt to dismiss, putting out the false notion that the hatred has magically appeared out of nowhere for no reasons when nothing could be further from the truth. Black women have brought this situation upon themselves and they know it, pretending to be ignorant won’t work over here either.

      The so called black community as of today sits in a pile of ashes and rubble and it is black women within the space of 50 years who have reduced it to such a state, this is why you send out your simps and pro black male flunkies, trying to shame the so called “educated lames” into returning to “da communitah” because you know they are the only black men who can rebuild it(which you would subsequently destroy shortly thereafter). No thanks, I’mm good, I’ll pass, keep your black community.

      1. CJ’s post was nothing but pure projection. Flip the genders in her rant and you’ll get the actual truth.

        I love how these hyenas try to pretend that BM just woke up one day and decided to “hate” BW and BW’s actions and choices and misandry had nothing to do with it.

  15. I am a WM who loves to Swirl, and I think Miss Christelyn is just great. I thank God there is a Queen like her out there making a positive difference for our communities. You haters need to get a life.

    1. Davey,

      If you are genuinely a white man and not a black man or a black woman pretending to be somebody else then enjoy yourself, there are plenty of black women for you to choose from, nobody is hating on you over here.

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