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No Matter Who The Man, They’ll Never Change!


Welcome to another episode of “when swirling goes wrong”, but this time it’s the white male version. I keep on saying that it doesn’t matter the ethnicity of male a black female manages to get with, she’ll still remain defective beyond repair for life because her dysfunctional mentality and disjointed psyche will always reign supreme.

No white man worth his salt who knows who he is would ever tolerate such violence from any female yet alone a black one, this is why the majority of black women who manage to get chosen by a white man will typically link themselves to a subservient, unestablished, beta type guy where they can pull violent nonsense such as the above already knowing they’ll get away with it.

The wench even went as far as to spit on her man, such actions clearly demonstrate how little respect she has for him and how she has no problems throwing disrespect toward him.

As I said above, black women as a collective are damaged beyond repair individuals and white men would do well to heed the warning and take that diagnosis seriously. Black men already know this which is why so many of us have left the building never to return, the serious lack of viable and suitable candidates within black female society is very real.

Let’s go a little deeper into this, the primary reasons why so many men in the West tolerate abuse from women is firstly fear of the legal consequences for putting a violent witch in her place coupled with the effects of the new mutant GMO, feminised version of masculinity that has been injected into male society by the State as well as the slow syphoning away of classic/traditional manhood by the same working in conjunction with dysfunctional Western women.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re ever involved in an unfortunate situation with a violent woman, there is no talking her out of throwing hands and you can put the feral hog down swiftly and exit the scene without encountering further “problems”(I shouldn’t even have to say that in view of the circumstances), by all means TAKE that opportunity. Violence and aggression should NEVER be tolerated no matter who the aggressor is MALE OR FEMALE.

This is a very sad situation that has been made even worse by the fact that he impregnated this evil harriet, how many times have I stated on this website how men in general and black men in particular need to proceed with extreme caution when depositing their seed as 5-10 minutes of pleasure in a moment could easily flip and turn into 18 years of pain, misery and suffering?

To make matters worse, in typical black female fashion she won’t even allow this guy to see his own child, this is just some of the evil leverage that the State has given Western women over men in it’s efforts to strip male society of the last vestiges of true masculinity and manhood remaining.

Part of me feels sorry for the guy because of the fact that domestic violence against men rarely if ever is taken seriously and because of this as well as the shame associated, most men choose NOT to report their cases and instead opt to suffer in silence.

The other part of me however struggles to sympathise with him because seeing how much of a violent savage this siren is, he should’ve NEVER gotten her pregnant at all. You must NEVER place your seed into defective women, we SYSBM Knights are always emphasising the importance of choosing a quality stargate and this is one of the main reasons why.

Normally the casualties of Swirl Mountain are black women, however in rare cases white men who have fallen victim to the black witch can be found at the base of its summit broken and decimated.

Gentlemen, IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO REHABILITATE DAMAGED AND BROKEN WOMEN, at the slightest sign of violence walk away and never look back, you’re NOT obligated to put up with such behaviour and NEVER allow these simps as well as the catacomb dwelling, passport hating miscreants to tell you otherwise.

Swirling/divesting/levelling up doesn’t change black female nature, when dealing with non black men they’ll simply mask the dysfunction and degeneracy for longer until their white lord and saviour becomes locked into the system, it’s at this point that the black witch will reveal her true colours and move in for the kill.

Domestic violence against men is very real and quite a common occurrence, however the Western lamestream media in its quest to dehumanise men typically ignores their plight while at the same time conveniently portrays women as the usual and majority victims, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Always remember, women initiate domestic violence more than men, this is an inconvenient truth that the mainstream media has gone to great lengths to cover up, attempt to rubbish or run smear campaigns against those who dare to highlight it.

I’ve no doubt that the high priestess of Swirl Mountain Christelyn Karazin nor the black witch of Scalp Summit Miss Cynthia G will purposely ignore the evidence above, G especially will continue to vent vain ramblings about black men “being in tandem with white supremacy” while at the same time wearing a European style wig on her head, using off tone makeup to make herself look lighter as well as advocating for unborn BLACK MALE babies to be assassinated, you cannot make this stuff up.

Another case illustrating just how dangerous and how much of a loose cannon your average modern day black female can be, all the best to those black men who are still holding out with the hope that one day they can find a “unicorn/good sista”. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

A Black Woman Can Never Change Her Degenerate Ways

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “No Matter Who The Man, They’ll Never Change!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are way too violent for my liking and that’s the reason why I refuse to date them. Even her white lord and saviour cannot tame her. I am so glad that I don’t have any kids from a black woman because my life will go to hell.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Racist, leftist white men have created a monster even they’re now struggling to control. If you want to observe a modern day version of Jezebel from the bible, look no further than your average black female. I’m like yourself, I most certainly am NOT interested in violent women either, let the simps and the “black queen” worshippers deal with those volatile sagas.

  2. Verbs, I give you my input with this explanation behind this BW abuse White Men:

    Many years ago, the late David Carroll predicted this as these Swirlers will go after the Beta White Men to control them.
    We all hear about how these Swirlers say ‘White is Right’. Also Kid Organic named them ‘Mr Clean’.

    What happen as predicted years ago and someone mention this to me that when BW become feminine and classy only for White Men and be hostile towards BM as in American Corporate environment with BS degrees as a lot BM mention about the workplace, that these BW has this know as the Femininity Time Limit.

    Femininity Time Limit (made up term I just made) basically means women who has an on/off switch for being feminine. Example, be feminine towards White Men and ghetto towards Black Men. The on/off switch is inherited by the hood environment because of Matriarchy in the Black Community.

    In reality there are no on/off switch for being feminine or masculine, you either be masculine or feminine by nature. Men is masculine and women are feminine by default and nature. You cannot decide when to use it. But some how BW does this and have this feminine on/off switch.

    What has this on/off switch and “Time Limit” got to do with this?
    I tell you straight to the point:
    Swirlers always has a switch and time limit because they are not feminine by nature at all, they just faking and acting it towards White Men and when the Femininity time expires, they will revert back to the ghetto hood selves again.
    You see this faking femininity when they try these ‘I love you BM’ videos and this ‘Soft Girl Era’. However, thinking brothers will see through them easily.

    We all see this on Social Media, this is the reason why most White Men will through their BS when these BW call them ‘Massa’, ‘God’ and into this Slave/Ghetto Gaggers mindset.

    If the beta male White men fall for this Swirlers when they revert back to their hood selves again, these white men will experience what Black Men deal with for many years. These BW may retaliate against their Gods (White Men).

    This is already happening Verbs, also the video you show on this topic is the living proof.
    Also another example, look at Chat Hanks (Tom Hanks’ son) when his black woman. This was 2 years ago.

    1. “Femininity Time Limit”, that is a good term for these BW. Especially how you explain about the on/off switch description how these modern BW does when it comes to being feminine towards certain people.

      What you said about the feminine on/off switch and time limit is spot on because they post this all the time and yes, the BW femininity are just acting and show their true colours towards the White Men when they had enough returning back to their own hood self.
      I may not agree with the Passport Brothers, but I understand why lost of brothers support them and yes, get your passport if you are an American BM.

      David did predict this may years ago about somehow these BW will turn against the masters and this is happening at this moment.

    2. MMT,

      The conditional femininity scam is precisely that, a racket. As we’ve discussed before, the overwhelming majority of black women completely lack any feminine traits because they’ve been completely etched out of them due to their heavy subscription to mutant feminism as well as being raised by equally masculine single mothers.

      Nature has truly taken its course and turned black women into men. I’ve never seen any group of women as violent as black women, the love throwing hands over the most minor situations.

  3. So this time it’s Captain Snowy who has fallen off of Swirl Mountain. Wish I could say I felt bad for him, but he brought it on himself for dealing with this hateful sheboon.

    Like you said, Verbs, divesting/swirling/leveling up does not change BW’s feral, broken nature. That said, I wish a bitch would raise a hand to me, I’d beat the sh** out of her. There is no reason for any grown man worth his salt to take an ass beating off any of these hoes. They would just have to take me to jail. See that red broom stick towards the end of the video? I would have been whaling that bitch like a slave.

    SYSBM remains undefeated. The simple logic is just too much for the detractors. All the thinkpieces and videos and shaming tactics and simps like Aaron Fountain and Shawn James just can’t break the philosophy. Combined with evidence like this, it’s a wrap.

    I wish David Carroll was still alive, he’d be having a field day with all this sh**.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      David Carroll do not have to be here to see this because as Michael MrT stated about the Time Limit because they just acting feminine towards White Men, David predicted that these Swirling BW will revert back to the ghetto selves after they done acting submissive to White Men and show their true colours towards the White Men.

      I say let the Beta Male Brad deal with the Swirler as BM do not want them, now these White Cuck now dealing with what BM dealt with.
      The swirlers fake their feminine mindset then like a Trojan Horse and turn against their masters aka Mr Clean.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      I’m completely in your camp, as far as I’m concerned violent behaviour must never be tolerated and accepted no matter who it’s coming from. As a man we have the right to defend ourselves from any violent encounters, however the Western judicial system being the malevolent piece of trash that it is penalises men for standing up for themselves. I made this comment on a recent YouTube video I watched:

      “A cloudy and extremely dark day is close on the horizon for black women, this is the decadent bed they’ve made, now they must lay in it BY THEMSELVES”

  4. I actually like the piano melody from the second video.

    When I think of positivity, I often think about a peaceful life of not worrying about anything.

    The music is a reflection of that, similiar to one of my instrumental tracks I’ve made in the past.

    The first video is another story of domestic violence.

    Another story of single motherhood.

    When I think of negativity, it reminds me of black societies, black countries, black couples etc.

    Swirling couples are a minority but damn, this Caucasian guy wasted his seed.

    I won’t tolerate any kind of abuse from anyone.

    My seed is secured for the right person to have kids with.

    Anyone that tries to sabotage my relationship with a white wifey in future has another thing coming to them.

    1. Witwijf,

      As a small consolation, at least in these non Westernised black countries you can punish violent black women on the spot for their transgressions and not have to face the consequences of a judicial system that favours women coming down upon you like a ton of bricks.

      Regardless, I equally won’t tolerate abuse or violence from anybody either, any women especially black women will NEVER be getting a pass to throw hands against me ever.

  5. Obviously the Daggle is mentally ill {but then again that goes without saying} shout & RIP David Carroll. Secondly how does the this bitch have custody of the daughter with her being as violent as she is? This is why you don’t procreate with Daggles! There’s no fucking way I want any of that Daggles genetic makeup passed on to my child/children.

    1. Val Zod,

      The dude messed up royally getting that heifer pregnant, now he has a child that in all actuality he may never be able to see. Tommy Sotomayor has been stating for years that black women are the worst stewards of children on the planet, even though Tommy recklessly still chooses to sleep with them, that statement is 100% spot on.

  6. Verbs,

    In this article, you’ve mentioned that this white beta dude had gotten her pregnant. This reminds me what the typical weak minded black female when they fall for the low life group of black men. Yep, they think getting pregnant by these guys will make them change their ways and get the lives right for the good which it doesn’t.

    Imagine him thinking if he got this woman pregnant which he did and which she was then that pregnancy would slow her violent rage down and go mellow. Pfff.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Where femininity has been removed from the modern day black female’s DNA, it’s been replaced with masculinity and unbridled violence. The guy made a fundamental mistake placing his seed into that feral hog, will he ever see his child since she’s already preventing him from doing so? Maybe never but hopefully for him things won’t come down to that. Duly noted, pregnancy doesn’t change the wild nature of black women either.

  7. No matter what the colour the man is, they will never ever change. Not by one bit, star! When black women date a white man, they will always get a white man that they can control. The video showed a big example. I do feel sorry for him but yo, he shouldn’t be with a violent some scraggly daggly. There is no way that any man will deal with this crap. They will just leave the crazy narcissist. Domestic violence does happen to men but its a small number because most of the time women go through it and sometimes they don’t report it. What’s make matters worse right is that he breed up the scraggle daggle. Is worth breeding off a harridan after a few minutes of a few seconds of pleasure? It’s not. And she will use the system to make sure that she will make him not see his child. But here is the thing. Is that baby is his? Well know that the scraggle daggle will sleep around. He better do a DNA test. The only time that scraggle daggle don’t act like this is when she with the thugs, worthless men, hopeless men and the unproductive men. Corner Boy Ronney, Fist Them Up Shawn and Clap Them Up Bob will clap her the fuck down.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles like her will come after non black women.


    1. Fist Them Up Shawn?
      Clap Them Up Bob? 🤣

      Followed by Raas Lick Robert and Bitch Lick Barry.

    2. Money Cultural,

      Corner Boy Ronney and Fist Them Up Shawn don’t play, they’re ready to put a black witch in her place should she step out of line. Like I said, black women only act out of pocket with men they know will tolerate it.

      1. That is right. Black women only don’t act like this when they are with men that will take them down with one hit!

  8. I usually empthasize with men when it comes to domestic violence and out of control women but when it comes to white boys with colored girls, I laugh. These same white boys who prided themselves on showing us how to treat women and prioritized black women over black men, their frankensteins are coming to haunt them. These colored girls think the white man is the prize and many of them tend to be on their BEST behavior when they are with them. They lose weight, they smile, they cooperate and more. But you get those who just a strag looking for a place to come in and get warm in the cold winter nights. These broads will play the jedi mindtricks of ‘soft girl era’ just to get you to let your guard down and then move in for the kill. They get bonus points when they get pregnant by these guys as they got the ‘pretty baby’ now to show off. They don’t care if white boy leaves them to their vices as long as they got a pretty baby to show off, they’re happy. They’ll make up stories about his absence to the public by saying he’s overseas working, he stays busy with business and more. Yet, these same strags are panhandling to black men

    1. SYSBMRookie,

      As far as I’m concerned, white men can take back the monster they’ve created. The modern day black female has been rendered useless, at this point she’s only fit for the scrapheap.

  9. Any white man worth his salt is nowhere near Laquiesha’s radar, not even for race play abuse sex. Jeez. Black men gave up a long time ago which is why these street fighter girls are even available to Lord Icesheet.

    But Dr Umar sez:
    Y’all nighas weak, you can’t handle a skronk womenz, you love da struggle for real, your mother birthed you, who burnt you etc. WIFE UP DAT CASSIUS CLAY HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE HOOD QUEAN NIGHA!!!!

    1. Michel,

      Even Lord Slush has realised that he’s overcooked the formula and created a malevolent beast even he can’t control. As it currently stands black women have essentially been abandoned by their white lord and saviour, however they don’t know it yet.

      On the other side black men are leaving the building at an astronomical rate, the modern day black female is literally on her own and this reality is soon to hit.

      Like I said before, a cloudy and extremely dark day looms over the horizon for black women, hard times are rolling in fast and black women are going to be caught out with NOBODY to protect or save them, NOBODY!

  10. …This abuse would NOT go unanswered by me. I would book a vacation to some Latin American spot where the police is not interested in females making calls of being disciplined. Simply slipping the police 2 Benjamin Franklin bills will have them on their way. This particular woman would be SEVERELY DEALT WITH and she could do nothing but complain to US authorities when she returns. It is out of their jurisdiction so there is little she could do to you back here. Of course she would be dumped afterwards!!!

    1. Rick Scorpio,

      These women don’t seem to understand that the wild man spirit is still within the overwhelming majority of men and that it’s only this fragile, hanging on a thread western system that is preventing them from being punished to within an inch of their miserable lives. If violent women like this really want to see what a primal man looks like unleashed, they’re heading in the right direction.

  11. I never enjoy seeing footage of a man being abused by a savage female; it’s a “lose-lose” situation for him because if he fights back, he’s seen as the aggressor, or he’s seen as a punk for not fighting back. This daggle only felt safe treating her White zaddy like this is because he’s an ultra beta who won’t put her in her place; there’s only one way to deal with a violent sheboon, and that’s to punish her with a worse beating than she gave you. Bullies always stop when they meet their match.

    1. BCT,

      Yep, the bully only stops bullying when you punch said bully in the mouth. Violent women have to be “dealt with” to the point where in the future they’ll think four times before they ever try to throw hands at a man.

    1. Red Gryphon,

      I remember this guy. Firstly, it’s the complete opposite, it is black women as a collective who don’t value good black men and the black family, hence why they’re frequently getting knocked up by the worst candidates of black male society and additionally why they’ll have no problems assassinating so many unborn black children.

      As for the second video, those comments the guy read out originally were suspected to have actually come from black women pretending to be white women. This is how black women alongside their blue pilled simps are operating online now, pretending to be racist white women and racist white men writing disparaging comments about black men in the hopes of throwing a monkey wrench in the interracial dating market between black men and non black women(white women especially).

      Black women believe all black men are dumb out here, we already know what lengths they’ll go to in their efforts to turn non black women off from dating us(remember, these are the same black women who claim they don’t care who black men date, smh), however their tricks and schemes aren’t working, lol.

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