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Black Men, We’ve Come A Very Long Way!


Now, I’ll be honest, in my opinion Bootybri isn’t the type of white female to build anything longterm with, remember when choosing the best quality white woman, you want to opt for the Beckiest Becky available. However, in terms of the dark side of SYSBM™ or a short term mutual exchange arrangement, BootyBri fits right in.

White women aren’t even sniping off brothers from the bushes and the trenches anymore, now they’re simply walking into the camp, choosing whatever black men they want, rubbing their spoils of easy victory in the faces of black women(who at this stage can do absolutely nothing to stem the heavy flow of black men throwing in the towel on them and choosing to seek out love and companionship elsewhere) and riding off into the sunset with the same black men said black women already stated loud and clear THEY DIDN’T WANT.

I’ve been telling you for many years now how particular groups of white women have been closely watching and noting black women treating their own male counterparts like complete and utter garbage.

White women have seen that more black men are getting sick and tired of being treated like slaves by the black witch contingent and as far as those particular white females are concerned, if black women don’t want decent black men, they’ll be happy to take them off their hands. The saying “strike while the iron is hot” immediately springs to mind.

The beauty about certain sects of white women boldly declaring their love for black men means that women of other non black ethnicities can utilise the moment and also roll in and scoop up quality black men of their choice under the radar because of the black female’s obsession with watching what white women are doing.

Black women for many decades have been mocking, ridiculing, disparaging and laughing at those within black male society who have their stuff together, heads screwed on straight and who don’t have criminal rap sheets 6 miles long while at the same time exalting, worshipping and only giving sexual access to the dregs and the scum buckets who loiter in and roam the streets.

If you continue to tell a particular group of individuals that they’re not wanted, eventually they’ll leave and journey to where they’ll be loved and appreciated. “I’m strong and independent, I don’t need a man, I can do bad all by myself”, more black men are now responding with “ok then, enjoy your own company, so be it”.

Black men increasingly have had enough of black women constantly throwing them under the bus and are now beginning to rightfully push back against black female victimhood propaganda as well as the black female’s ritual of black male disparagement:

The Nike bonnet wearing bandit at the beginning of that video goes by the Tiktok name caileneasely.
Her TikTok account is dedicated to throwing black men under the bus at every opportunity that presents itself, in fact she also felt the need to put her 2 cents into the mix concerning Bootybri’s video as can be seen below:

You really have to scratch your head when on the one hand black women go around saying that they don’t care who black men date, but then on the flip side double down and make a million and one videos talking about how so many black men are dating outside of their race, which one is it?

Even though she’s light skinned(possibly mixed race), in typical black female fashion the SINGLE MOTHER Cailneasely(who also has a Youtube channel) doesn’t hesitate to erroneously equate black men dating out with so called “self hate”, how many times have we run into that old chestnut before?

Black women in particular and left leaning black folks in general love creating their own meanings for long established words, terms, slogans and phrases and this “self hate” term being equated to black men engaging in interracial dating is the latest buffoonery to come from “da communitah”.

We already know that self hatred means a literal loathing of one’s self, however black women have to alter the definition in their efforts trying to shame free thinking black men into returning to the plantation, albeit this sorcery and witchcraft just isn’t working like it did in the past.

Once again we have another case of so many already documented and archived where black women are jealous of the attention black men are receiving because those same black females cannot capitalise on it or syphon it away for themselves.

SYSBM™ will continue to go from strength to strength and there is nothing black women, their blue pilled, pro black simp flunkies or their white lord and saviour Captain Blizzard can do to derail its current trajectory. Brothers, continue exercising and expanding upon your dating options which is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT and never allow any of these militant racist buzzards to tell you otherwise. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Men, The Interracial Dating Doors Are Wide Open For You To Walk Through

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “Black Men, We’ve Come A Very Long Way!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    White women and other non black women have been attracted to black men for years and this destroys the racist narrative coming from the racist media, black women, racist white men and other racist non black people because they say that black men are ugly because no good looking quality non black women will like us in a loving long term relationship like that and if we do get with a non black woman she is the ugliest non black woman that her own race of men didn’t want. On the streets of London, I see good looking white women and other good looking non black women with all sorts of black men in regards of looks in long term relationships every day and in some cases they have kids together in a family. If we black men are so ugly in the worlds eyes then you wouldn’t see any mixed race person who is half black alive today and they wouldn’t even exist.


  2. I have to pray to the most high.

    The prayer is hoping I won’t have a daughter in future.

    Praying to find me a white wifey in babylon societies of the UK.

    Someone who ain’t contaminated by radiation of western doctrines.

    Hopefully my prayers will be answered in name of Christ Yahweh.


    A prayer is always needed in times like this as a minority seeking another minority.

    Black American men have come a long way for this.

    Black British men didn’t have to come a long way.

  3. The Weave Walkers PSYCHOTIC jealousy and hatred of White Women in particular and White Women/Black Men Couples in general is so absolutely HILARIOUS because they have an inability to hide it. As Babatunde said, they’re so furious with the FACT that they’re NOWHERE NEAR as desired as Black Men and it drives them CRAZY 🤪

    1. Teamwhitegirls,

      They are mad at anything BM are part of that they can’t bully and shame their way into.

      There was a study (can’t find, it take my word for it) that noted that young BM can integrate white spaces better than BW because in their words BM bring a “cool factor” i.e. sports and music. On the other hand all BW do is disrupt spaces with their victimhood, anger issues and insecurity a.k.a. “activism” etc. Nobody wants to deal with them.

      Of course BM are more attractive to WW than BW are to WM.


      1. I agree to that because look what happen to the Black Manosphere because Obsidian and Oshay decide to create a alliance with the BW.
        BW are nothing but a Trojan horse because of they bring the alphabet into the mix which always hijacks the main agenda.

        1. If BW are the problem that led you to make a YouTube channel in the first place, then why bring them into your mix, you are only importing that very same problem. Agreed these chameleons are Trojan horses they can only keep up the nice facade for so long. Also agreed they are the handmaidens of the LGBTQP agenda, first feminism then trannyism.

  4. I saw this video about the Becky’s preference.

    I notice the bonnet female when she made a response video to Becky’s preference for BM, she did not deconstruct Becky. Instead she go right after Black Men.
    It is funny that she went after BM, even BM did not made the video, the White Women did.

    I think the reason why she went after Black Men because White Women are the true goddess, White Men are 2nd to god status because of Feminism. Basically saying BM are the scape goat and the easy target.

    Also Verbs, watch out for these Bonnet gangs as they are some Stealth Hotep Feminist. Madbusdriver did made reference about these Bonnet. You may need to make a topic about these women as they are starting to be the rise of them.

  5. I know that the white sugar is just a girl who is not for long term but but yeah man. She’s a big time cutie. I don’t mind white girls with big booties you get me? So I don’t feel anyway about it but they are called pawg which stands for phat ass white girl. I did an article called SYSBM Curves just last year. Now the pro black chick. If I was dating a woman from Britain, it will not only a white chick but mostly a mix chick especially the thick proportionate ones. But the thing is this. When I see a biracial chick, they are always on that pro black bull shit. This is something new now for me as I’m seeing mix chicks being pro black. I do find it very uncomfortable seeing some chick who is acting pro black that going against a white woman that has white in her blood as well. I have seen biracial women get pissed off of seeing a black man with a white woman but say nothing when a black woman does interracial dating. Black men did come a long way especially with the battles with ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and the simps that worship them every single day.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.

    Oh yeah, you know how the ghetto ratchet black women always attacking white women, Asian woman and Latin women (Latinas will defend themselves), guess who the ghetto hoochies will attack also. The mix race girl.

    Laters SYSBM G’s!

    1. That is why I avoid light skin BW. Even I partially light skin myself.
      If I see light skin BW, I know they belong to the White men.

      1. So many dudes in the SYSBM/Manosphere space fetishize light skin chicks but in reality they’re either on Team Ghettogagger, or on the failed swirler/pro-black/”Dear White People” trip, or full-on identity crisis ratchet trying to be accepted by the dark-skinned, nappy-headed hoes. We BM are in a trick bag because these are the very females we produce when dating/marrying out. You can be the first Black POTUS of the USA and your daughter will still bring home some white boy. Quite the conundrum. SYSBM.

  6. I saw this White girl, Booty Bri, on MadBusDriverX’s recent video; it’s amazing how the daggle’s mind works. So, a random White girl States that she’s interested in Black men, and this bonnet gang member comes out of nowhere telling Black men to go; these brauds really believe that they own us and can direct us on what to do in the dating realm. FYI: Black men don’t need ANYBODY’S permission, let alone some scraggly redbone with a Jiffy pop bag on her head, to date who we want to; why is she so pressed about it, anyhow? Stay in your lane, and shut your mouth!

    How much you wanna bet that she’ll eventually make a video encouraging Black women to swirl? She probably tried it in the past and failed, so now she’s on her Hotep phase; on her YouTube channel, there’s a few videos of her trying these natural hair products, and one of the video’s thumbnails showed her wearing an ankh. If that is the case, it makes sense now that she’d be triggered by Booty Bri stating that she likes Black men: she knows that it will be easy for Bri to lure a brother in, taking away her options; that still doesn’t make sense as to why she’s directed her ire towards Black men, but when does the scraggle daggle ever make sense?

    Let her be mad to the point her bonnet sets ablaze atop her head; happiness awaits us elsewhere. #SYSBM

  7. Just came back from Europe. My first time going to France and italy. I can tell you, the white French cuties are wide open for a brother with any amount of business about himself.

    I noticed some things about the mixed race black women in Paris. They are not nearly as ratchet as the scraggle daggles in the US. And they were extremely flirtatious to me. They came off as humble and demure. Now I am still very circumspect about them, because they might have some contamination from the US black sisterhood of failure. But it seems like the French culture and the French language gives them a degree of separation from the US scraggle daggle sisterhood that UK black women don’t have. I’m hoping that’s the case, because I liked Paris, and I will return.

    Regarding the ‘self hate’ meme, the black male simp is the embodiment of self hate. And he is the one most likely to sling that meme at others. He eats, sleeps, drinks, and breathes self hate. He hates other black men, he has no honor when interacting with other black men. Oh well, those are the simps’ problems, not mine.

    1. White French women are still feminine. Mixed black French women also…depending on their social caste. Stay away from the masculine urban hoes who look and dress like female rappers or hip-hop backup dancers and you should be good. They’re not hard to spot.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Your points are well taken. As for the masculine urban hoes who dress like female rappers and hip hop backup dancers, I avoid these type of cretins in the states, so I wouldn’t suddenly be open to them in Europe.

        But I was surprised that Paris has a lot of attractive mixed race women who are feminine and dress in classic feminine styles. I don’t exagerate when I say these women smiled at me in public, some tried to engage in small talk, but I don’t speak a lick of French. However some spoke some English.

        An example, when I was at the Louvre, I stopped at a gift shop to get some chocolates. There were 2 very light skinned mixed race cuties running the shop. They were simply fascinated by me, probably because I was a descent looking US black man who presented himself well. They both spoke English. I encountered this a lot. No weave because they all had their own hair. No heavy makeup because they were truly attractive. There was a tall light skinned cutie at the front desk of my hotel. She had a pretty afro. She was very attentive during my stay, always asking if there was anything I needed. When I checked out, she said she was sorry to see me leaving, and she hoped I enjoyed their beautiful city, and hoped I would come back.

  8. Black women always say they don’t care about black men’s dating choices but as soon as they see a black man with a non black woman {or a black woman from another culture} they start punching the air like Tre from Boyz in the Hood! Black women know where they rank in the open dating market that’s why they’re always trying to shame/bully black men into dealing with them. The shit is laughable & pathetic!

  9. Why would you present yourself to the world with a damn bonnet on your head? This is how Bootybri can snipe these brothas in plain sight. LOL

  10. the only ones upset are black men when they see beautiful black women with other races of men. you are the cry baby men of the races…well black men with your mindset are
    the only interracial relationships that are for vanity reasons are black men with nonblack women…lol
    that’s why you try to be seen, you are nothing without your relationships and most are bonded on your hatred for black women. you will all be exposed…even the white women you are turning into single mothers are exposing you.
    I love my black wife.
    the self hate is sad…

    1. Doesithurt,

      Firstly, beautiful black women are an extreme rarity in the West. It should also be noted that the only black men who care about black women dating out are the pro black simps, they are the ones always kicking up a fuss whenever they see black women with white and other non black men. True SYSBM Practitioners don’t care who black women choose to date, we never have and we never will.

      Black women are the ones going out of their way to make videos with their non black male significant others, a search of interracial dating on YouTube will quickly reveal a plethora of videos made by black women showing off their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost.

      Black men don’t care to be seen with their non black female companions because interracial dating is an easy walk in the park for us. Black women fully deserve the increased hatred and vitriol towards them coming from more black men, it’s not like black women as a collective haven’t done anything to spark off the venom and hostility.

      If you’re actually a black man and not a black women pretending to be somebody else, stick to your “black quean”, don’t concern yourself about where other black men are choosing to place their family jewels, smh.

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