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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


It makes a refreshing change to see a violent black witch get put in her place when she goes out of her way to instigate trouble. This wig wearing black siren got slammed into the ground and there’s no doubt in my mind she deserved it. We already know and observe how black women’s favourite past time is street fighting and brawling.

Yet these are the types of women that these blue pilled, pro blackity black lames are berating us for walking away from, who isn’t going to walk away from a group of females who hold a strong propensity towards violence? Black men are leaving the building in heavy numbers regardless of what these black love pundits preach.

To my Black American brothers, continue on the mission getting your passports, I’m so happy to see a sizeable amount of black men in the US finally waking up to the fact that the modern day black female is their enemy and that they can do much better for themselves going elsewhere, a maximum salute to you.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    That black woman deserved to get beaten up by that white woman because guarantee you that the black woman started the fight. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women because they are way too violent, too manly and
    too masculine for my liking and black women these days in 2022 don’t know how to be feminine.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Violence is definitely a serious issue when it comes down to black women as a collective, I’ve even had black women admit that they’re known for being violent and short tempered individuals. Violent women are NOT attractive, yet another primary reason why most black women continue to remain chronically single at a high clip.

  2. I actually enjoy seeing a non black woman beat up a black female.

    I would want my quality stargate in future to do the same thing if any of them puts their hands on her.

    These negress females should be put back in their place where they belong.

    The blackistan males love being the gatekeepers of their zoo in the jungle.

    I prefer to live in advanced civilisations/civilizations with a white wifey by my side.

    If Asia is the future of advanced civilisations, I won’t mind living there with a visa if my future stargate beside me is okay with this.

      1. I remember this clip from ages ago.

        Watching white becky destroy her is a rumble I would want to see more often again.

  3. Becky sideslams the ol’ daggle into the ground and wails on her. That’s my girl right there. She picked on the wrong boss bitch.

    SYSBM – date out. Stay out.

    1. Michel,

      Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson would have other ideas, he would’ve expected you to come to the rescue of that weave wearing quean.

      1. Verbs,

        Since you bring up Umah Johson as a response.
        I got something for you:
        Umah is being humiliated because he found out on the National TV he called a Transwoman a ‘Black Queen’ because the transwoman was very intelligent.
        After the show, someone told Umah that the woman is a trans he got pissed and embarrased because he put her on the pedestal on National TV.

        He made a video on YouTube cooking her, however the transwoman name Hope Giselle responded that how he got hos dick wet on TV.

        This is what happen when he overuse and call every BW queens of the black comminity. You end up putting on trans on the pedistal without knowing.
        Mind you Hope Giselle was 85% passable so it is hard to notice from the simp’s eyes.

        1. I looked up Hope Giselle on the internet. This creature has huge manly hands and an adam’s apple. I believe gerbilface knew she was transgender. I also believe that gerbilface is the sort of thirsty dishonest black male simp who would have sex with her.

          This is one of dangers of the scraggle daggle wearing pounds of thick makeup. Because the average scraggle daggle has a very masculine facial bone structure, they are facially indistinguishable from transwomen when in full heavy duty makeup.

          1. I just looked her up. When the ring light is right she’s passable. But when the light is wrong she looks like a nuggah with a weave. It’s sad for BW when a NUGGAH can pass for one, that means BW are default masculine.

          2. AmericanBlkMan,

            That’s the scary part right there, Hope Giselle the MAN can masquerade himself as a black female and most people are none the wiser. The chiselled jawline definitely raised a lot of suspicion for me before I investigated further and discovered the truth.

            Black women ought to be very upset that a black man can put on a weave and heavy makeup and pass for one of them, however that’s the ultimate condition they want black men to be in anyway so that their faux leadership position over “da communitah” isn’t compromised or threatened.

        2. MMT,

          I watched that Fox Soul panel and at the time wondered why Giselle’s jawline was so masculine looking and chiselled. Upon investigating further I discovered that Giselle is a tranny, smh.

          Umar Johnson is so obsessed with calling every black woman a queen even when those same women are the most decadent, evil creatures walking the planet.

          Dude need to focus on the debate or the discussion at hand instead of trying to extend an olive branch towards every dysfunctional black siren he runs into and in this case a tranny.

  4. Lightskin/White girlie did the straight bodyslam on that hoe. Somebody taught her to do that. More of these black bitches need to be put in their place, I’m here for it. Kudos also to the weave walker who got her ass beat, her wig didn’t come off. Shout-out to the Korean beauty supply for that engineering feat.

    My fellow productive, intelligent brothers, keep minting those US passports, book those plane tickets and get the fu** outta Dodge. Orbitz is your friend. Book flight and hotel at the same time for combo rates. Blackistan is Pookie and Shaniqua’s problem, not yours. SYSBM™.

    1. I enjoyed watching the daggle get her ratchet ass beat down. It seems like she had a daggle girl friend off to the side watching. Her daggle friend wanted no parts of Becky/light skinned girlie. The weave heads are looking more pathetic by the day.

      Oh well, maybe she can go take out her frustrations on some deserving black male simp. After all, according to the black male simps, these are Quaens who can do no wrong. They are always right, and everybody who disagrees with them are always wrong.

  5. Good Open Topic Wednesday afternoon,

    Some news from my neck of the woods starring the black daggle.

    “Chesterfield woman arrested after hair theft ends in Richmond shooting.”

    Notice, this particular shop location is being run by Asians where the Hispanic population is taking over middle-middle to lower-middle class black neighborhoods.

    1. Keniyah Vaughn, another black quean who can do no wrong. Shooting people for hair, you can’t make this shit up. Not for food for her child (you know she has one), not for cash for an operation or to save her house, but HAIR. But let’s hear about how niggas are “broke” and “ain’t shit.” Da backbone of da communitah.

      That building is interesting though, look like a strip club lol.

      SYSBM all day, everyday.

    1. The Canadian dollar against the pound is 1.5. Two years ago it was worth double sterling. You best believe it’s orchestrated by Klaus Anal Schwab and his World Ecommunist For-Them puppets. Just wait until blood is shed in the streets.

  6. Gentlemen,

    Even this tatted up daggle understands that so called “game” is only required whenever dealing with DYSFUNCTIONAL women. These going out of business dating coaches are out here trying to make you feel as if you’re somehow an inadequate individual just because you refuse to deal with women who are NOT NORMAL ie problematic, smh:

    1. Coolio was popular for his song “Gangster’s Paradise”, and he was also the guy who did the theme song for “Kenan & Kel” in the 90s.

    1. What is wrong with these successful wealthy black men and their sons? Marcus Jordan is 31 and the son of a world renown billionaire. Larsa Pipin is 48, way past the wall, used up, ran through, a true skank.

      Marcus Jordan should have his pick of the finest young women on the planet. I don’t get it.

  7. The BW is right.
    Dating coaches losing money in America since travel restrictions in certain countries are lifted because brothers were saving up during the lockdown and not thinking about game and swag.
    Whilst the coaches laughing at SYSBM becuase of the restrictions, the brothers in real life and off the internet were planning ahead.

    Mind you, there is currently Covid restrictions to travel from UK to America. However, there are no restrictions from America to UK.
    That is a reason why that the BW travel to UK to meet the white man and not other way round.

    Now the brothers who saved up during the lockdown now has the last laugh which is the threat to the coaches and PUA.

    Now the brothers got options to travel, their PUA scheme is collapsing to they resort to join the Alliance against the BM with passport and resort to shaming tactics which is no longer working.

    Even BW trying hard to talk shit and making slandering statement, talking shit about 3rd world countries online about brothers who travel just to relax in another country.

    1. Michael Mister Tea,

      Since the UK Pound and the Euro are now on par with the US dollar, that’s another reason for Passport Bros to get up. Imagine needing “game” or a dating coach to bag these masculine heffas. You don’t even know if you dealing with a tranny these days, ask Dr. Umar lol.

      Passport Bros get up! SYSBM!

    1. I’m getting tired of talking about black women not appreciating black men. They never have and they never will. We need to accept it and get on with our lives.

      The fact is that most black females in the US don’t look like anything, don’t have anything, and their personalities are toxic to everyone except Colonel Blizzard. They don’t want to change, they are not going to change, and I am not begging them to change.

      I don’t want the vast majority of them, and I don’t even want them around me. I don’t mind ridiculing them, and I like putting their fuckery and foolishness on blast. But I don’t want anything from them, don’t need anything from them, and would be very happy in a world without them.

  8. Now these white and Asian hoes are screaming about going 50/50. Black women have been on this bullshit for the last 40 years. Another example of how toxic black feminist talking points have trickled down to, and contaminated the mainstream. It’s almost like abandon the English-speaking West entirely to find a halfway decent woman in 2022. Smdh.

  9. For the UK brothers:

    Just been called a black bastard at work by a smack head. To press charges or nah?

    1. Press charges, if things were the other way round this wouldn’t be question.
      Fight fire with fire and make a clear example of that fool

    2. If it was a joke, I let it slide. If it was serious, I will report it or press charge.

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