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Steadfast Knuckleheads Till The End! #SHORTS


Would you believe it, I got to the second video just in time because she removed it shortly after I downloaded it, this is why I don’t have the link for that particular clip, however you can still view this black female’s TikTok and see all of the goofy videos she’s made for yourselves.

Dealing with the second video first, the only black men who are complaining about not being able to hold black women accountable are those black men who still choose to deal with these witches, free thinking SYSBM practitioners couldn’t give a monkeys what she or any other black women are doing just as long as their dysfunctional antics don’t affect us.

As I stated before in a previous comment, drug dealers, street loiterers, gangsters, criminals and serial impregnators are the types of men these same black women love, fall head over heels for and view as “good black men”. Black women love bums, Amara Reyal is no different, don’t be fooled.

What did I tell you before about weave, heavy makeup and fake nail wearing black harriets such as the above constantly getting gassed up by these petrol pumping simps and mistakenly translating that thirsty attention across black men as a collective? Sorry heifer, we don’t care about you over here, don’t include us with the bootlicking Negroes who worship the ground you walk on and would drink your bath water on command, WE’RE NOT THEM!

I really have to laugh at those black men who still choose to deal with women like this, their self esteem and self respect both must’ve sunken to the bottom of the deepest toilet. By the way, before you on the fence Negroes get excited about how she looks, this is what the siren looks like without any witchcraft and sorcery on her face and head, quite a different looking creature isn’t she:

The above photo is the real deal, that’s the true package right there, NOT all of those other pictures and videos of her wearing 10,000 pounds of makeup as well as the assortment of Yaki weaves she’s glued to her head, I’m not fooled in the slightest.

These modern day black females are something else, they spray paint their faces with heaps of makeup, stitch or glue a weave onto their heads and now they believe they’re the best thing since the internet. Amara Reyal also is on the chunky side, that hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

Briefly dealing with the first video, yet again we have a situation where women like this believe that men suffer in the same way as women do if they’re alone, not at all. Men can handle being alone in a far, far superior, controlled and manageable manner than women. WOMEN NEED MEN, NOT the reverse.

As I’ve stated before, there isn’t anything a woman does that doesn’t involve a man at some level, don’t allow these women to lead you into their delusional “I don’t need a man” thinking, women not needing men is a myth, a fairytale, a fable, an urban legend and put bluntly a load of old cobblers.

Black women as a collective are a lost cause, despite the blue pilled, pro black simps doing what they do best, I’m glad to see that more black men especially in the US are slowly beginning to read the handwriting on the wall and accept it.

We keep on telling you that SYSBM™ is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the free thinking brother and black harpies like Amara Reyal continue to prove us correct. Avoid feral hogs such as the above like the plague. Any woman who refuses to be held accountable, there is only one place for her…………….

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Deal With Women Like This At Your Own Risk And Don’t Complain When Your Hand Gets Bitten

Most High Bless

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18 thoughts on “Steadfast Knuckleheads Till The End! #SHORTS

  1. I saw a rap video THIS MORNING from “NBA Youngboy” called like a jungle. This is a young ape with 10 kids at the age of 22, and I’m sure he’s not going to stop anytime soon. Why? Because he’s one of the undisputed Kang’s of the bwack communitah. In the video, this guy admits to being addicted to HEROIN. But he’s looked at as one of the tastemakers, and males that this communitah has to look up to. All learned behavior from his MAMA! I’m not asking. I’m WARNING you to get on the SYSBM Tennents as soon as possible and IGNORE ALL bwack women. Yes, that includes your so called “family”.

    1. “I saw a rap video THIS MORNING from “NBA Youngboy” called like a jungle. This is a young ape with 10 kids at the age of 22, and I’m sure he’s not going to stop anytime soon.”

      Young ape he is. LOL

      Blackistan, the Communitah, Simpistan, they all apply to the degenerate forsaken spaces were low IQ, low information blacks cluster, breed and propogate their blackety black nonsense.

      I was reading a Brookings Institute study this morning about intergenerational income upward mobility.

      The study concluded that US black females born in the lowest economic bracket in the US, have an almost equal chance as white females and white males for income upward mobility. However, the same study concluded that US black males born in the lowest economic bracket have very little chance of income upward mobility.

      Yet these hotep black male simps keep hollering about ‘our Quaens got our backs’.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Black women have made it very clear that they’re looking out for themselves and themselves alone, as I’ve stated many times before, black women ARE the black community.

        They don’t consider black men to be a part of them and so treat us as outsiders until they require a clean up man/janitor or they see black men dating out. Then all of a sudden it’s, “what are you doing for the community”?

        My answer is absolutely nothing, the so called “black community” ousted free thinking black men from it ranks a long time ago, additionally black women have made it clear that they much prefer the dregs and the scum of black male society.

        Let these black females alongside Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Shorty Fist, Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse clean up the mess they created.

        1. > “what are you doing for the community”?

          We, the Knights of SYSBM ain’t doing SHIT for da communitah. We left that in our rearview mirror.


    2. Marc-Lo,

      It wouldn’t be a problem if he had 1 mother for all of his children and was involved in a committed relationship with her, however we already know that 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce type Negroes will skeet up in anything that has a hole.

      I checked out his “like a jungle” video, it’s a shame what hiphop has become. I remember once upon a time when true rappers wouldn’t be caught dead wearing skinny jeans, additionally they worked their way up through the ranks, they weren’t just picked up from the local street corner.

      These types of black males are the very ones contributing towards the single mother crisis in black society with black women themselves having no problems opening their legs to these serial impregnators and irresponsible crawlers.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Amara Reyal is a fake looking weave headed black woman who is so deluded because she foolishly believes that SYSBM black men like us can’t handle being single and alone but we SYSBM black can deal with being single and alone for a long time if it means waiting for the right kind of non black woman to get into a relationship with. It’s the black male simps that have a major problem of being single for a long time because they want these horrid black women but these black women don’t want to these simps because they rather date the worst type of black men ever because he gets their panties wet. I thank God that I am a free thinking SYSBM black man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The with and without witchcraft photos and videos of this female is one of the main reasons why I have a serious problem with makeup and despise it with a passion. Like I’ve stated before, once upon a time most black women never wore makeup, cocoa butter was their best friend and their skin looked a lot better for using it.

      Simps are not attractive to any woman, the modern day black woman especially hate these blue pilled, pro black simps and simply use them to carry out the grunt work in order to forward her agenda and her agenda alone as per State directive 101.

  3. I heard this topic before about ‘dying alone’. Many years ago Childfree Forum and Kevin Samuels talks about this.

    The truth is that we all die alone and it is a say way because it is nature.
    However, it is about ‘How you die alone?’ that this what females do not get.

    ‘How you die alone’ is the key point in society.

    If you die alone because you are a widow at an old age, then you die alone with honour.
    That is something these so-called women who enjoy being single do not understand. They listen to these liberals that they do not need a man to survive alone. They all act like they do what bachelor men does. The difference is the men are taught to survive by nature because men are meant to be leaders of the household so survival is the key.

    The reason why these women brag that these men die alone sad because these men lost their way due to the liberal feminist as the feminist system replaces men’s role such as artificial sperm (no men needed), welfare and glass ceiling employment (giving BW Middle Management).

    Deep down, they need men because without men, they have to pay their own extortion college debt and they cannot survive economics which is happening at the moment with the war in Ukraine. Also they all go homeless without white Zaddy.

    Take out all of those white Zaddy rules and lets see how far they can survive.

    Another note Verbs, there was a show on TV about the 2 island, one full of men and another full of women. These women say they do not need men and when they go through survival mode in nature, they did not stand a chance so the men have to come to the aid which proves that they could not survive alone.

    Also they thing they enjoy being single together, most of the cases, these BW cannot even work together as a team so how would they learn to survive in an island?

    Also they can brag all they want until the ‘Wall’ get to them.

    1. MMT,

      What I find amazing is how women can say that they’re smart and even in some cases claim they’re smarter than men, yet too many of them are so easily falling for the liberal “you can be free, independent, you don’t need a man” dribble.

      We as men can see the massive hole that so many women are digging themselves, yet try telling them this and you’ll be met with rage and hostility beyond measure especially with these black sirens.

      Even the most ardent feminists are now having to admit that the “I don’t need a man” mantra is cobblers and that women cannot do anything without a man’s involvement at some level.

      I remember coming across a YouTube video that broke down that 2 islands programme and showed how the women constantly needed external help because they didn’t have a clue. With this up and coming economic crash, so many females are in for an extremely rude awakening.

  4. In some cases both couples die together.

    In some cases a woman dies but her husband/boyfriend is widowed.

    In some cases a man dies but his wife/girlfriend is widowed.

    A bachelor man would often live a lot longer than a bachelor woman on average.

    This is why women are pushed more than men to find a partner in conservative families.

    Historically on average, men who are in relationships/marriages die before women in relationships/marriages.

    Men do hard labour work while dealing with stress on dangerous jobs that most women would never do.

    The liberals complain about men getting paid more than women on average.

    The irony of entitlement has turned anglo western societies upside down.

    It is better for a every negress to be a bachelor their whole life than to have kids.

    If all black females in the world were childless as bachelors, half of planet earth would be fit to live in.

    Africa and parts of South America would be like the best side of Asia for very advanced civilisations.

    Less crimes in many parts of USA, Caribbean islands, UK and the rest of Europe.

    Black females breeding creates more crimes, more single motherhoods, more poverty, more zoo jungles, more drama, more liberalism, more garbage music and more prison cells.

    A white wifey is what I need in my life to avoid the zoo jungle.

    1. Witwijf,

      Most criminals come from single mother households, there’s no doubt that black society would be a much better place if the irresponsible women within it were made barren ie prevented from having children.

      Only a minuscule amount of black women would be having children under those circumstances. Black women have formed an unholy alliance with the State in order to carry out Directive 101, keep black men and black society flat upon their faces by all and any means necessary.

      Unfortunately, most black men in the US don’t see the black female as their enemy, they chirp themselves into believing that the rotten apples only represent a small number within black female society when the complete opposite is true.

      Most US black women are contaminated beyond repair, the same goes for UK black women as well as they’ve chosen to follow in the degenerate ways of the mascot of destruction, the US black female.

  5. I have to say something. If any man breed this woman off, he need to get his ass whooped.

    The more black men see these type of black women, the more they will go to be with non black women. As I see Amera Reyal, I was thinking like this narcissistic woman look really crazy. As she says that a man’s mum should hold her accountable for raising a bum, which type of man she will deal with? A bum, a worthless man, a hopeless man, an unproductive man and a irresponsible dude. She will not go for a good black man or nice guy. She will go for him after she is a single mother or finish going on her 304 phase, you get me? But she get rejected by the good black man because that she’s not his type of lady to deal with. So she is ends up with the simps and that is something that she don’t want.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Don’t watch that, the show is about to begin for these haughty, arrogant and pride filled harpies who believe that things will be all gravy for them till the end of time. Amera Reyal will be selling herself on the street corner in order to make ends meet, so will many other women who think they’re untouchable.

  6. Oh, the projection of this daggle! Men are afraid of dying alone? Men today aren’t afraid of living alone; the only people I’ve heard recently complain about being alone are all women. I remember the actress Leslie Jones speak about how she thinks she’ll die alone, not to mention the many females on TikTok who cry about how they don’t have a man by their side; recently, we’ve seen an IG model and influencer by the name of Marissa DaNae have an emotional breakdown after she was dumped by Memphis rapper NLE Choppa:,the%20breakup%20has%20affected%20her.

    There’s a reason why there’s a “Men Going Their Own Way” movement and not a “Women Going Their Own Way” movement; men today aren’t afraid of dying alone, but women are afraid of BEING alone. The Wall never takes an L! #SYSBM

    1. A few years back they tried to push BWGTOW (Black Women Going Their Own Way) but that lasted about as long as the “Soft Girl Era” LOL.

      They will do literally ANYTHING other than be a decent girl to a decent dude.

  7. I’ve noticed a few tweets and videos where BW have tried to jiu-jitsu Kevin Samuels’ “buy a dog, die alone” catchphrase back onto BM. Sorry honey, I’ve just had one of the best summers of my life as a bachelor. All my money is my own, no baggage, no whining, no emotional coddling.

    And this isn’t BW but *all* westernized women at this point, all these modern females are in competition with you.

    I wonder how much of a man’s life is simply wasted waiting around for women to get ready, or slowing down because they can’t walk as fast, or with petty arguments, or even them trying to throw a spanner into the works when you start getting too successful (yup they do that).

    SYSBM and Passport Bros till the wheels fall off, gents. Have fun and watch your six.

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