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Come On Man, Are You Serious? Part 1


Come on dog, if these guys were getting regular access to sex then they wouldn’t be coming to you for advice, which one is it? Do you see the double speak here, on the one hand Locario advises men(predominantly black men) on how to get laid regularly and more often, yet as soon as these men begin speaking on desiring women with low body counts, now all of a sudden these same guys must already have a regular sex schedule in place, you cannot make this stuff up, smh.

When I observe the video above, all I see is a dating coach desperately trying to hold onto the last few coins, nuggets and shekels trickling into his hands.

Really bruh, why even tempt me with this garbage? Firstly, as a dating coach when it comes to black society, Locario already knows full well that 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Field Mouse And Shorty Fist are the main ones indulging in the majority of the spoils. Decent black men who still believe in black love however are just about getting the remaining scraps and crumbs, if even those.

Street loiterers, gangsters, criminals, bums and serial impregnators are the ones contributing towards racking up the body counts of black women who by the way equally confess their attraction for those guys and those guys alone. Blue Collar Trevor and White Collar Stephen aren’t even getting a look in, therefore they CANNOT be blamed.

Additionally, the last time I checked, nobody is forcing these women to sleep around, nobody is pointing a gun to their heads saying “allow yourselves to be dicked down by different men or else”. Where is the accountability on the woman’s side, has Locario all of a sudden turned into a feminist?

Since we know that women control access to sex, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it is black women themselves who are racking up their own body counts using Sheggy, Cheezy Grillz, Blac Bloc, Lil Fizzle etc as their favourite instruments of choice as they venture further down “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man, I can do bad all by myself, hot girl summer, I’m having fun doing me” Boulevard.

When it comes down to quality black women, black dating coaches are clean OUT OF STOCK, they only have access to dirty, dysfunctional, entitled, prideful, arrogant, ran through, used up, rinsed out, recreational use only females and single mothers.

This sudden shift was never supposed to happen, just like the black witch and her “not so cosy anymore” relationship with the State, dating coaches thought that they were going to ride the “game” gravy train forever, not once did they think that larger swaths of black men would begin shaking themselves free from the plantation spell and start demanding higher standards from the women they wish to deal with.

As I’ve stated before, dating coaches for a while have been making a decent mint off the average man’s ignorance in how he ought to be interacting and dealing with dysfunctional women, however by men pulling themselves out of the so called “dating game” and instead choosing to align themselves with classic, traditional, feminine women(where NO GAME is required), the dating coach era has been thrown upon its head and as a result will soon be a footnote in the history books.

One of the reasons why an increasing number of black men are pushing back against women with high body counts is because they’re finally beginning to recognise the link between women who sleep around and their psychological instability. The more men a woman sleeps with the further she sinks into mental insanity due to those different DNAs she’s taken onboard.

I recently heard information that suggests it can take up to 7 years for a woman to shed the DNA of any man that she’s slept with. Personally I believe this as it would explain why we have so many contaminated, mentally damaged and unhinged women walking the streets with 25% of them on some sort of medication.

Additionally, most level headed men are actually looking for relationships, unlike modern day women, they aren’t looking to hop from one woman to the next, they’d be quite content with a half decent looking female who embraces her femininity to the fullest and who isn’t influenced by Cardi B, Meg Thee Stallion, Sukihana Da Goat, Kim Kardashian etc as well as social media.

Mr Locario attempting to shame black men for implementing more than reasonable standards, that’s typical low brow behaviour you’d expect from women. The men that count(not the so called players) have low body counts, so yes, they can demand the same from the women they choose to deal with if we accept Locario’s logical fallacy(which we don’t).

Whores, sluts and notorious women are NOT valued, they never have been and they never will be. A woman’s value is directly connected to her purity, in other words, the more men a woman sleeps with, the less valuable she becomes due to her purity being diminished, this is exactly how things work in the REAL WORLD.

Black men, NEVER allow black women, their pro black simps, dating coaches or any other disingenuous buzzards to shame you out of demanding and upholding fair standards. Remember, women are praised for having standards, yet when it comes to men doing the same, ridicule, mocking, being berated and being disparaged typically follows.

Continue to push forward and never compromise your position for anybody, if these Western females aren’t meeting your expectations then by all means feel free to take a look at foreign women. There’s no way that anybody can tell me a woman with a high body count is as valuable as one with a low one or better still a virgin.

Body counts don’t matter when you’re a dating coach who has nothing outside of, used up, ran through 304s in stock. As I said before, these dating coaches are slowly going out of business as more men wise up to the “game” that is really one sided and rigged against them. Dating roaches shouldn’t sweat it though, Whole Foods is still hiring.

Always remember that having and using game is in essence being a blue pilled simp because you’re choosing to capitulate to women who are NOT functional(remember, game is only required when dealing with DYSFUNCTIONAL WOMEN). I will NEVER capitulate or bow down to a woman ever, as men we are supposed to be reclaiming and re-establishing classic masculinity and traditional manhood, not throwing them both down the toilet for the slim possibility of getting sex from low quality, contaminated, ran through, expired females. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Women With High Body Counts Are Irrelevant And Should By Bypassed Using The Highest Speed Possible, You Cannot Shame Quality Men Into Accepting Them

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “Come On Man, Are You Serious? Part 1

  1. Locario is another Pookie/Ray Ray apologist and defender because he admires their pussy access! These same dating coaches of today are similar to these male ‘female empowerment’ coaches/gurus, they were squares back in the day now they got some money, better fashion/haircuts now they want to talk to da ladies and give dem da advice on these menzes.

    The big problem is that many of these black male dating coaches, black love advocates, black manosphere commentators, and black liberal political men want black men to settle for less and we’re not doing that anymore. We’re not doing the stepdaddy shit. We’re not loving her so-called body positivity. We’re not going to heal her from her childhood-ex boyfriends-baby daddies for nothing. Black men are finally recognizing they have worth and exploring their options. Better late than never!

    1. SYSBMRookie,

      One racket after the next, attempting to shame black men out of implementing reasonable standards and demanding the same from the women they choose to deal with is a serious low blow.

      As I stated above, black dating coaches don’t have any quality women in stock, they want black men to continue being the clean up men/janitors of the “dating game” so that they can continue minting it big.

      I’m glad to see more black men are finally recognising the deceitful wizardry at play and as a result are manoeuvring accordingly.

  2. >When it comes down to quality black women, black dating coaches are clean OUT OF STOCK

    Not only OUT OF STOCK, they’re OUT OF PRODUCTION.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,



  3. Dating roaches shouldn’t sweat it though, Whole Foods is still hiring.

    Cold blooded. As if dating roaches understand the concept of hard work, lol.

    We said SYSBM™ is a tidal wave, it’s now creating new lands and territories with the sole decision of refusing to play the rigged game of death and choosing life. Nothing more needs to be said.

    1. Michel,

      Dating Roach Central isn’t happy that more black men are choosing to step their standards up, the task of locating janitors to clean up after these used up, ran through expiries and single mothers just got harder for them. As I always say, oh well, that their problem, not mine.

  4. Andrew tate in the video explains the value of a low body count very well.

    I once said it is rarer to find a virgin woman than gold.

    Its rarer to find a woman with one body count than silver.

    Andrew tate said the exact same thing explaining why gold is valuable cause it ain’t easy to find.

    A traditional woman ain’t easy to find either.

    This is one of the reasons why tech companies want to ban him from having his own platform.

    Silencing freedom of speech for saying the truth.

    He has enough resources to never come back to the west.

    He is based in Romania around Eastern Europe.

    Dating coaches will only be a thing of the past, not a thing in future.

    The damage of anglo western world is irreversible.

    I’ve just turned 29 years old today.

    As I’m getting older, I’m still digging for gold to settle down with a white Conservative Christian wifey at my age.

    1. Witwijf,

      The mainstream media and their masters don’t like Andrew Tate because he represents classic masculinity and traditional manhood ie the original man that these same evil buzzards in the shadows have spent the last 60 years trying their utmost to erase.

      The elites want men to be lazy, fat and compliant to being emasculated and feminised, sorry, that’s not going to happen over here.

      I find it funny how the mainstream media had nothing to say about Tate until the moment he got banned on all social media platforms, then all of a sudden they all came out of the woodwork at the same time claiming that he was a misogynist.

      Any man who takes a true stand for classic masculinity and traditional manhood will be attacked by the lamestream press, SYSBM™ at some point very soon will be in their crosshairs especially because we place the heterosexual free thinking black man first, the most dangerous individual on the planet.

      At this stage you’ll be hard pressed to find a traditional woman in the West, I would suggest you implement some sort of plan to head towards the East if possible.

      Dating coaches will definitely go the way of the Dodo bird as more men realise they can do much better for themselves by opting out of the “game” altogether.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I fully agree with what Andrew Tate said. I prefer to date/get into a relationship with a woman who has a low body count or a woman who is a virgin because they are more than likely to make better girlfriend’s or wives in the future.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      What Tate stated is also backed up by the data, if a woman sleeps with more than 3 men, her ability to pair bond ie settle down with one man diminishes significantly.

      These Western women out here claiming to be smart and clever are actually dummies because they’ve been so easily duped by celebrities and social media into believing that they can sleep around and still retain the same value they had at 0 bodies.

      As I stated in one of my recent articles, body count matters and there’s nothing whores, sluts, harlots as well as other low grade females can do to change this.

  6. Dating coaches are just like marketers who market to black men using the promise of more pussy as bait.

    But the pussy they are baiting black men with, is used up and ran thru. We used to call these types of women skanks.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      SYSBM™ and Passport Bros have an abundance of receipts demonstrating that your average black man can do much better for himself travelling abroad and dealing with normal, traditional women without of all the hassle and the games typically associated with most Western women.

      Dealing with traditional foreign women is so straight forward and friction free, black men who are new to the experience will immediately think that something’s wrong when encountering game free females. No clean up men/janitors over here.


  7. I think my brain went haywire because I had to replay that first video of what Locario had to say a couple of times. He said in order to get a woman with a low body count, you need to have a low body count too? I’m super duper confused right now. What was he trying to pull there? Is it just me, or do these dating coaches seem highly suspect? Personally, I desire women with little to no body count. Last time I checked, Women who have a high body count, can’t really pair-bond like that. Women who let loose, been in that adult industry, can’t really pair bond like that. Why do we see so many women crying on camera on social media saying they can’t find no good man, they had their fun, now they wanna settle down?

    1. That Retro Guy,

      What he said made absolutely no sense whatsoever, however if you’re a guy who’s desperate for some snatch, ludicrous, outlandish statements like that will fly clean over your head and you’ll miss them because the drive for cooch would’ve clouded your judgement.

      Locario believes his audience is filled with dummies who are going to overlook any knuckleheaded statements he makes due to his clout in the dating roach arena.

      Locario actually attempted to debunk the high body count equals a reduced ability to pair bond science, again anything trying to save a flagging career that’s soon to be a part of the Cambrian era.

      In the words of De La Soul, 3 is the magic number, once women pass that figure, in most cases their goose is cooked and they can kiss settling down and finding a good man goodbye.

  8. This is my observation about these Dating coaches like him:

    They use to be legit and use to help brothers about BW but what is happened now and why the gaslighting/U-turn all of the sudden is because of the Passport Brothers. Before the Covid lockdown, they use to Dick Police BM on who they date.
    They stop dick policing brothers who date non-black and join an alliance against the Passport Brothers because they see them more of a threat.

    BM dating non-black is one thing, but going overseas makes these Dating Coaches losing money because the Black Men with Passports do not need game or swag to meet people, they just meet people in an original way like Mr T said – ‘Be Original’ and that is what BM who got passports are doing.

    Also something SYSBM Rookie mention that some PUA are ex-Pookies and Thugs, just like some elder guys who use to be on Thug dicks who get these good BW pregnant and turn these wife potential Black Women into a Single Mother Scraggle Daggle. Then, these same ex-thugs want to gaslight young cats and shaming them because they want the young bros to cleans up their old-ass mess, they created. I say no to them, this is their problem. Not the good brothers.

    As for body count, I already explain weeks ago about why body count matters and Andrew Tate explain this.
    No Mr Locario mention that how we should have low body count and be virtuous to these BW.

    I am going give you SYSBM secret about this:
    In the white community, the White Women do not like Virgin men, because the mature virgin male represents the man who follows righteous path turns them off. Because they prefer men who are sexually experience.
    So it it kind of pointless for Hachim Locario to tell BM to have low body count as BM with low body count represents Dick Discipline (Kevin and Minister Japs word meaning Sexual Discipline) and BW do not like BM who are sexual discipline because they cannot manipulate them. If an older Black Male is a virgin in the Black Community, they will see you as a ‘Garlic and Holy Water’ combined, meaning you can repel these hoes and scare them away. Just like you scare away these blood sucking vampires.

    1. MMT,

      As long as certain black men were volunteering to offer cleaning up after Pookie, Ray Ray and Skillet, everything was cool, now that more black men have decided they deserve better and have begun to value themselves, all of a sudden now there’s a problem.

      As far as I’m concerned, whether they be Passport Bros, true SYSBM practitioners or any other black men who’ve decided that they can do better for themselves woman wise, they all deserve a 21 cannon salute for sticking it to these dating coach merchants ie refusing to SETTLE FOR LESS.

      The game in the West for black men in particular and men in general is two fold, on one side you have these Western females playing their part in the game and on the other you have these dating roaches who use their wizardry trying to persuade you that dealing with ran throughs is more profitable than circumventing those contaminated females in favour of clean, classic, traditional women.

  9. I want a son. I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew. If I get a daughter, I want her to look like my grand niece.

    The reason why men want a woman that has a low body count is because that a woman that is a 304 or a 405 has a huge body count. Lets not forget that a man who is childless will not deal with a woman that is a single mother. Why black men are shaming black men? I see so many black men doing this to other black men and it’s about to get worse now. Let me tell you something. Do you think I’m goanna take dating advice from Beta Male Strategies and Locario? No thank you. I don’t a man to tell me how to date a woman. I know that their audience are black men but why would a black man take advice about dating? These fools spend tones of money on these fools and what do they get in return? Nothing but shit!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these simps, beta males and the ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      “Why are black men shaming black men?”

      Because there are black men who’ve made it their occupation to profit from the dysfunction of black society and black men choosing to no longer be clean up men places a huge spanner in their grand scheme and a huge dent in their pockets.

      1. “Because there are black men who’ve made it their occupation to profit from the dysfunction of black society” Yes Like Your Drug Dealers,Race Hustlers,Black Pastors,Black Feminist’s And Other Black Opportunist’s Who Lived Off Black People Dysfunctions And Insecurities….

        1. Yo, black men are getting more and more insecure then ever now. Have you see them? Shit, makes me wanna scratch my head.

        2. @DocT


          Booker T. Washington once said something similar decades ago…

      2. Yeah man! That’s true. Right, there is another reason why black men shame other black men or show hatred towards black men is because they get the hate from their mothers who raise them by their own! Simples, blud!

  10. “When I observe the video above, all I see is a dating coach desperately trying to hold onto the last few coins, nuggets and shekels trickling into his hands.”
    Statement of the Day

    Me and GW3 just tackled the F’ out out of Race & Wrongful Convictions in The US. This deals with innocent black men and EXONERATIONS after false convictions.

  11. I can take one look at this guy, and tell he’s a goofy; Man Of Tomorrow has done videos on guys like Mr. Location in the past. Listen closely to what he said: if a man wants a woman with a low body count, he must have a low body count himself, or else he’s a hypocrite? Does this not remind you of the logic daggles use? So, “in order to get something from her, you must give something of equal value” is what I’m getting from his logic; guys like this are agents of feminism, and should be shunned. This guy has no knowledge to share on dealing with traditional women, so he has to resort to shaming brothers with backwards reasoning like the scraggle daggle; he also doesn’t want his cash flow disrupted by brothers getting their passports and taking their resources elsewhere where their productivity will be truly appreciated. Lastly, what Andrew Tate stated in that video is the truth; everything of value is difficult to come by, and that’s how it is with finding a traditional women who isn’t giving her body away to every Tom, Dick, & Harry who crosses her path. SYSBM is the only way to go for free thinking brothers; disregard men like Location who give women centered advice.

    1. Correction: I meant to write “Mr. Locario”, but autocorrect put “Mr. Location” instead.

    2. BCT,

      I remember MOT doing videos on Locario a while back, what MOT said was correct about Locario’s teachings not bringing about favourable outcomes to black men who are worth their salt. Again, what Locario said makes absolutely no sense, however as I’ve stated before, if you’re a guy who’s desperate for some cooch, ridiculous lines like that will fly straight over your head.

      Locario is just another dodgy sales merchant, just like the daggle he’s willing to sell black men down the river in order to keep his dating coach racket afloat. In his eyes anything and everything must be said in order to attempt to stem the flow of black men finally waking up from the plantation trance, realising their worth and recognising that they can do much better for themselves elsewhere.

      All dating coaches like Locario have in stock are used up, ran through, rinsed out 304s, such goods must be rejected at all costs.

  12. Imagine needing “dating coaches” and “game” to bag the least-desired females on the planet lol. 90% of these hoes in the urban environment are fat, loud and hideous with bonnets and Bebe Kids, 10% are presentable, and of that 10%, 5% either only deal with white men or are man-hating feminist lesbians. All are problematic. The odds are not in your favor, gents. Lothario needs to STFU trying to sell us used and damaged goods for full price lol.

    Passport Bros up, hoes down. SYSBM.

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