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Yet Another Brown Nosing Simp! #SHORTS

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Yet another blue pilled, brown nosing pander bear who once again knows what strings to pull in order to get gullible, silly black women to empty out the contents of their purses into his coffers.

Men in general don’t have any problems with footing the bills for TRADITIONAL WOMEN, the legitimate contention is muddy bootlicking shine buckets like Ace Metaphor expect men to maintain their traditional frame for females who’ve fully embraced modernity, sorry bub, that’s not going to happen.

Once again, Ace Metaphor’s message is only aimed towards fragile, desperate blue pilled, black male simps, black men of worth and value will immediately recognise his message for the garbage that it is and place it in the dumpster where it belongs.

Paying for all of the bills is a TRADITIONAL CUSTOM that’s reserved for and bestowed upon TRADITIONAL WOMEN ONLY, don’t be a modern day female out here demanding that men foot the bill for anything, the reality is you deserve and are entitled to nothing.

Once again, provision and protection are TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS that are reserved for and only bestowed upon TRADITIONAL WOMEN. In case Ace Metaphor hasn’t noticed yet, modern day females are NOT traditional.

“Provide a safe space for the woman to be vulnerable enough to embrace her femininity”

Is this knucklehead serious? Just to point out, non westernised foreign women don’t require “safe spaces” in order to embrace their femininity, they’re feminine by default. Hell will freeze over 10,000 times before black women become feminine.

“Stop complaining about these independent women if you’re not going to be a solution to that”

True SYSBM practitioners aren’t out here complaining about so called “independent women”, neither are the Passport Bros, both groups respect the independent woman’s path.

The only group of men complaining about independent women are these blue pilled ultra simps who cannot understand why they’re not getting anywhere with the women merchant fleecers like Ace Metaphor are protecting.

“The reason why there are so many independent women out here is because n****s like you be so not dependable”

I know this clown isn’t talking about me or any other free thinking black men who hold to a similar mindset, he must be addressing the likes of Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Chunky Bruh, Spoony, Sheggy, Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse.

In this case black women deliberately avoid choosing the men who are responsible and dependable, that has nothing to do with us and everything to do with stupid black females making reckless decisions regarding the men they choose to open their legs to and get impregnated by.

“Don’t complain about the fact that when she comes into your life, she’s not being soft”

That’s the woman’s own doing for messing around with guys she ought have left in the gutter in addition to refusing to heed to sound advice from the men she instead ought to have given the time of day. I’ve got NO TIME for hard women, they’re simply and easily avoided to maintain peace of mind.

Black women in particular aren’t peaceful individuals by a long shot, they thrive on contention, stress, war, turmoil, conflict, pain, suffering, bloodshed, murder, strife etc, this is why they can never be any man’s peace yet alone a black man’s.

Gentlemen, black women are really putting their simp soldiers to work in a last ditch effort to get black men to return to Plantation HQ, however as stated before, the only guys who will be bothered by Simp Metaphor’s statements are the lonely and desperate blue pilled SIMPletons who don’t know any better.

Ace Metaphor, another Derrick Jaxn wannabe who just like the panderer in chief himself will eventually crash and burn. Gentlemen, feel free to weigh in on this mullet head, you’ve got the floor, your thoughts. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Pander Bears Must Always Get Lit Up, They’re The Reason Western Women Never Change For The Better

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “Yet Another Brown Nosing Simp! #SHORTS

  1. The typical black female worships bottom shelf Brad. She pines for him, lusts for him, and fantasizes about landing a bottom shelf Brad.

    But the typical black female loves the black male simp. She doesn’t lust for him, nor pine for him like she does for bottom shelf Brad. But she loves the black male simp for the services he renders unto her, free of charge. He gasses her up, he prostrates himself before her, he empties his meager pockets for her, he will be her attack dog at risk of life and limb to himself, and he enables her perpetual state of self delusionment.

    She has no incentive to, hence no desire to, strive for self improvement; because the black male simp has proclaimed to high heaven that all black females are perfect in their rawest most basic form. In spite of his proclamations of black female innate perfection, he still can’t get enough of her with fake boobs, bbls, industrial strenght heavy duty makeup, and 6 inch talons. How else could the black female be the only cohort of females on the planet, where the average 2 thinks she’s a 9?

    I hate the black male simp, not because he is making it harder for me to land black females. Truth be told, I find the vast majority of black females to be disgusting. I hate the black male simp because of how he contaminates the social and cultural ecosystem for Black Men who are not simps. Because the vast majority of black males are simps, the caricature of black masculinity that this puts out into the cultural ether, negatively impacts the lives and existences of Black Men who are not simps. And it negatively impacts them in a myriad of ways. This is the greatest sin of the black male simp.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Your last sentence especially illustrates the importance of black men worth their salt separating themselves from the majority riff raff and trash black male simps who have contaminated not only the dating market but black society in general via giving these modern day black females accolades and praise they clearly don’t deserve.

      As I’ve stated before, as long as these blue pilled, black male simps continue popping up, the modern day black female’s greatly awaited and rightfully deserved recompense and crash and burn judgement will be postponed.

      I keep on saying that black men who still choose to deal with black women are under some type of hypnosis/witchcraft. In 2023 black women as a collective certainly aren’t aesthetically pleasing to the eyes at all and this is on top of their hyper masculine nature as well as their default dispensation towards violence.

      At the same time though still in the minority(but growing rapidly by the day), there is a contingent of black men who have had enough and are voting with their feet and their passports, this is a fantastic sight to see and will only increase as black women throw themselves deeper into the sewer system. #SYSBM™

  2. This Ace Metaphor clown is yet another broke dusty black male simp who is too lazy to get a real job. Instead, he relies on the legions of bitter failed scraggle daggles who will pay him to bash black males.

  3. You take one down, several more spring up in its place. Ever since the OG pander bear Derrick Jaxn got exposed, I noticed so many others are trying to fill that vacancy to be the HSIC (Head Simp In Charge).

    This is the bullshit that should be said to Pookie, Ray Ray, Gold Teeth Gary, Wasteman Wayne, Crack Vial Craig etc, not us. But we know black women are usually easy like Sunday morning when dealing with those dudes. All the attitude, entitlement, unnecessary bullshit is aimed at the blue collar worker and well to do good black men who are more than willing to provide all those things and don’t deserve the negative energy thrown at them.

    What does “providing a safe space so women can be vulnerable” even mean? A gated mansion surrounded by CCTV, barbwire fences and pitbulls? AA style meetings? These bamboo stick chewers just spew rhetoric for the hell of it.

    I’m not interested in doing all kinds of cartwheels and magic tricks like Merlin the Magician for females who haven’t even come close to showing why they deserve it in the first place. What does SHE have to do and what’s in it for ME?

    It’s already a given that many other women, particularly those from Asia, specifically Japan, are feminine, cooperative and very pleasant to deal with straight out the gate. Yes, they expect you to take the lead and be traditional men – but the important thing is: THEY DO THEIR PART. And no, you don’t need to be a Ghost/Tupac hybrid and have “swag” while spending half a month’s salary on a first date. If you’re a good regular, well put together man, that’s enough for them.

    I noticed on Twitter over the weekend, the black male Dick Police Special Unit were going in heavy on other black men for dating out. These losers are a huge part of the reason why black women will never change and honestly, I’m starting to think they’re worse than the daggle herself. Any black man with ambition who desires a life of peace and wants to go places would avoid her and immediately move out the way quicker than a housefly that knows you’re coming with a rolled up newspaper.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      The blue pilled, black male simp has become a curse and a pestilence not only upon the dating market, but also upon black society as a whole. Dysfunctional black females and their pro black simp flunkies are permanent loiterers on Twitter just like rats are to any sewer system.

      I’ve had a few run-ins with the black witch over there in the Twitter cesspool of contamination and filth especially when I’ve posted links to my articles that have stripped these sirens clean of their victimhood status.

      Merchant black male simp/pimps like Ace Metaphor understand that most black women are stupid knuckleheads who are willing to throw their money in the direction of anybody who tickles their eyes with fancy tales of how “it’s not their fault”.

      On the flip side the problem is most black men are matriarchal, thus they won’t stand beside and support masculine black men who are trying to show them the light and lead them in a better direction. It’s a damn shame that most black men will reject those who are looking out for their best interests and instead follow the bad instructions and terrible advice from their female counterparts who mean them harm.

      At this stage all we can do as heterosexual free thinking black men is save ourselves and make a separation from the riff raff and the scum buckets of black society, this is the most viable, sustainable and practical way forward for black men who are worth a damn.


    2. SYSBM Forever wrote:
      “I’m starting to think they’re worse than the daggle herself.”

      Blue pillers, simps, Dick Police and Plantation Bros are 5 times worse than feminist because whilst BW and feminists represent ‘fire’. The blue pillers represent ‘oil’ and ‘petrol’ which they add more fuel to the fire to the BW.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    This brown nosing Ace Metaphor simp is a fucking idiot because he thinks by dissing us SYSBM black men and caping for these rinsed out black women because he thinks that he is going to get in their pants and have sex with them he is brutally wrong because we all know that black women love black men thugs or their white lord and saviour. I will never ever jump through all these hoops just to get with a black woman because I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 41 because I know my self worth and value as a SYSBM childfree black man. I am only interested in beautiful childfree Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women, Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown eyes and Indian women who are good looking (at least a 6 on the looks scale or above) in shape like slim or athletic build, lives in London like me and they must be childfree like myself so I can build my own nuclear Fitzpatrick family from scratch. I refuse to date black women, ugly women, fat women and single mothers.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Straight out of the gate Ace Metaphor’s mission to shame the black men that count back onto the plantation is already a dead horse on arrival because the quality of the goods he’s attempting to peddle off onto quality brothers in value are less than trash at best. Like I said before, only the blue pilled, black male simps will be moved and shaken into action by his words.

      The prime objectives of any man should be to keep his lineage and family tree in continuance as well as to keep himself in the best shape physically, mentally and spiritually. These objectives cannot be achieved if you are raising somebody else’s children as well as dealing with a disjointed female who is rebellious, combative, belligerent, violent as well as uncooperative and incorrigible.

      Most black men(in the US) still refuse to acknowledge that in 2023 they won’t be able to find their ideal woman amongst their female counterparts, they’ll only be able to find the qualities they seek amongst non black females and as an extension non westernised foreign women. #SYSBM™

  5. Traditional versus independent are two different things.

    An independent woman can’t be traditional.

    A traditional woman can’t be independent.

    This is the truth of reality.

    If this blackistan man has a problem with me seeking a white quality girlfriend then he should shut the fuck up cause I ain’t bothered on what he has to say at all.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Agreed, you’d think these blue pilled, pro black simps as well as their black female overlords would understand this, apparently not. The opinions of blackistani males and females concerning who free thinking black men choose to date are irrelevant, they always have been and always will be.

  6. As soon as he mention about ‘resting her feminity’, I find this embarrasing for the black race.
    This is embarrasing for the ‘Black Race’ because since when BW need to rest her ‘feminity’? It is like me saying I need to rest my masculity and I do not know what the hell that means.

    This is straight up ‘Looney Tunes’ as Madbusdriver will say.

    I think this simp is talking about the manosphere because they keep on debating and negotiating with these broads.

    SYSBM and Passport Bros are done with them a long time ago.

    1. MMT,

      It all boils down to the fact that guys like Ace Metaphor know that most black men in the US still desire black women, therefore they in typical overlord fashion bark and throw down orders ane dictates which these yellow bellied weak simps pick up and go along with.

      The fastest way to emasculate yourself is to begin negotiating with women. Men control access to relationships therefore we are the ones who MUST set down the ground rules and framework from the beginning which women MUST follow if they’re seeking out relationships.

      MBD is right, this is some looney tunes garbage if every I did see any, since when do men negotiate and horse trade with something they have complete control over and access to?

      Unfortunately It also boils down to most black men not understanding and therefore not properly valuing their worth.

      It just goes to show us just how far men in the West have fallen, the Western male on average has a become a complete and utter disgrace, smh.

  7. Am I the only guy here who wants to slap this daft simp in his face? What does it even mean to provide a safe place for BW to be feminine? Let me keep it a stack: if she doesn’t come to you already secure in her femininity, any attempt for her to be feminine AFTER the fact is all 🧢🧢🧢; I dont care how safe you make the place for her! Also, this “pay all of her bills” provider nonsense is a bunch of BULL! Why am I expected to pay the bills for a grown woman who’s perfectly capable of doing so herself? You’re just asking to get used for your money if you listen to his advice; never lead with your wallet, gentlemen.

    These Derrick Jaxn wannabe has to be the most zesty and effeminate guy I’ve seen; did you notice that he can never make a statement without getting worked up and catty? He also uses SIGN Language to try and shame brothers into treating Black women with traditional treatment; always remember the traditional treatment disqualifiers for women, and in light of this article, here are a few that apply:

    20. If any woman claims to be strong, independent, doesn’t need a man, can do bad all by herself and encourages other women to embrace the same, she is most definitely NOT a traditional woman, she can kick rocks because she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    21. Any female who demands traditional masculinity from a man while not offering traditional femininity in return is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    22. If any woman takes dating advice from bitter single women or self styled relationship gurus/simp motivational speakers, she is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.

    The only treatment the scraggle daggle deserve is a royal flush back to the sewers; as Verbs says, the streets are too good for them, and perhaps we can clean up the communitah vy getrinf rid of them, but we must first rid ourselves of simps like Ace Metaphor. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      You comment is a slam dunk, there is nothing more that needs to be added.


  8. I don’t know about y’all but these hoes need to provide me a safe domestic space first so I can rest in my masculinity. I can’t protect and provide until then. Sorry.

    This simp is pretty passionate and zesty with his rant. Fatherless behavior.

    On another note did you see the video where a bride refused to “obey” in the middle of her own wedding vows in full view of guests? Without clicking the link, guess which race cares the least about embarrassing not only the groom, but the pastor? Hmmm, let’s see now.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      These dark sirens have made this dude a millionaire, another Derrick Jaxn wannabe filling in the space. The most educated are clearly the dumbest individuals on the planet to continue buying into nothingness.

      As for that woman who refused to declare she would obey during her wedding vows, the dude was even more of a fool for continuing with the ceremomy. When the marriage goes south, he cannot say that the signs weren’t there beforehand.

      In fact I’m pretty sure that she was throwing up red flags way before the wedding itself.

  9. Great article Babs! Ace Metaphor is the true definition of a sellout. Taking money from black women while telling lies and attempting to subjugate Black Men. He is proving that the customer is always right. Black women are large consumers of Black Male hate and dispensing it is very profitable. Somebody has to take Derrick Jaxn’s spot, right?

    1. Mikeisezmc,

      Yep, throwing shade on black men is the modern day black female’s favourite pastime and there are plenty of black male merchants who are more than willing to facilitate this “hobby”. Black women won’t change and with simp/pimp merchants such as Ace Metaphor, we clearly see why, if you cannot hold black women accountable, at that point they are only good for the scrapheap.

  10. White Sugar Honey: Last night was great.
    SYSBM: Glad you enjoyed last night.

    Right, I heard the term simp in 2013 when I was living in Watford. Since then, I have seen tones and simps come and go and come back again. And disappear again. I had my shares with the simps but now ten fucking years later, we have more and more simps around.

    I know that the dick police like Dr Foolmar Johnson and all of the other simps are coming after black men who are with non black women or passport brothers but the scraggle daggles are not even interested with these simps while they are getting wet for the thugs like Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Corner Boy Ronney, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Freed.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  11. Verbs,

    I am going to use Michael Mistertea’s talking point about this ‘femininity Bullshit’ the simps and these BW use.

    We all know that this is all of this ‘femininity’ as a requirement as this is all lies from the Black culture. No other culture do this. It is either they are feminine or not naturally.

    I am going to go in depth with is modern females and this femininity issues they have.
    I watch few videos briefly about who females complain that they cannot be feminine because they are independent. Also they claim as they have to be masculine at work and feminine at home. Let us run with what they say.

    This part time masculine at work and feminine at home is all crock of shit from these modern females, especially from BW. This is why these simp/pimp preach this bullshit.

    Let me tell you reality check:
    Other race of females, not-western/modern women. Traditional women can have logic and feminine. What does this mean by ‘Logic and feminine’?
    The answer is simple, if traditional women use logic in femininity, this means they can be naturally feminine in the workplace. For example, you see them in the frontline jobs such as reception or customer service. So when I say you see women who can mix logic with femininity in the workplace, they are just not paid to be nice and friendly, they are just naturally friendly at the workplace. They are best as frontline workers.

    You have BW who just uses ‘femininity’ as a requirement, this means they are just acting and faking it. Because I do not believe in this ‘have to be masculine in the workplace’ or else you cannot be working at all. Now I live in the UK, however I read countless stories that these 304s at the workplace are just closet divestors because they just act hostile and masculine towards BM, but all feminine towards White Men. So basically saying that because they make money from work (getting paid) so they submit to their job and not their men.

    We all seen videos and Verbs made videos about how awful BW are when it comes to frontline and customer services. So ‘no’. I do not believe in this resting femininity or be cannot be feminine at work.

    Michael Mistertea wrote:
    “As soon as he mention about ‘resting her femininity’, I find this embarrassing for the black race.
    This is embarrassing for the ‘Black Race’ because since when BW need to rest her ‘femininity’? It is like me saying I need to rest my masculinity and I do not know what the hell that means.”

    I agree with you. Michael. Why do these manosphere spending time debating about BW’s femininity anyway. This is a stupid debate from these simps and manosphere. I am glad that SYSBM and Passport Bros as they are done with these females along time ago.

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