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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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No rant from me this week gents, just thought I would do something different and post some light hearted videos. However, this is Open Mic Wednesday, this is your floor. Brothers, what’s on your minds for this week, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice and enjoy. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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45 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


    You guys are going to laugh at this video.

    Comedy is good for the soul.

    In my workplace, there are some attractive white eastern women that are my type but one is already married and the other one is a single mother over 40 years old, so its a no for me.

    It seems like in the wasteland of anglophone western societies, the attractive ones are usually either already taken in a relationship or a single mother with kids, 99% of the time.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Snatch that heifer’s wig yes. Black women are the only group of females on the planet who believe it’s perfectly normal to wear the hair of other races of women on their heads. The sad thing is so many black men accept that dysfunctional and unhygienic practice, smh.

  2. I once called a Pinay “gwapo”, and for some reason, she was very unhappy with that.

    I thought that gwapo was a complimentary word…

    1. ‘Gwapo’ in Philippines means ‘handsome’.
      I think only a Filipina women can say it, not a man which is could be a cultural thing.

    2. The Spanish language has a similar word, “guapo”, which means “handsome”; in Tagalog, “gwapo” has the same meaning, but it’s a word that applies to males. The feminine connotation is “gwapa”.

    3. Kameron Brown,

      I believe what Blue Collar Trevor said is spot on, gwapa would be the correct term when complementing a Pinay.

  3. So an aunt of mine is recently divorced and now she’s without a house and barely has any money for herself and has to live with friends and family.

    She’s in her mid 60s and her ex husband is in his late 60s/early 70s. This man owned everything even when they got married so she had nothing to leverage. I don’t know the full story, but the long and short of it is he realised she only married him for his money and was basically using him throughout the six years of marriage. She basically thought dude was going to be her meal ticket and retirement plan, but he just said fuck that I’m divorcing you and you can go elsewhere. She tried to pull some bullshit but his family (his children in particular who obviously knew she’s a scumbag) were having none of it, so she lost and got her marching orders lol.

    Of course, you know how the Black Coven Sistuh-hood have each other’s backs no matter how wrong they are, so my other aunts thinks he’s the villain.

    I bring this up because this particular relative is a troublemaker and a total sociopath who mistreated me even from a very young age and was later very instrumental in some family drama that caused me a great deal of pain some years ago, so it’s good to see her get the comeuppance she deserves. Bitch is supposed to be so intelligent, but couldn’t even secure her own future lol. Meanwhile, her “stupid” nephew (me) is SYSBM partly thanks to her and some of the other females in my so called family, living the life out here and is only gonna get better over time.

    I’m glad that man didn’t allow himself to get played any longer and think to himself that at his age, he might as well just roll with it. I don’t know how he managed to stay with her for more than six days, let alone six years. Ain’t nothing good coming out of marrying these evil black witches. Been there, done that and my life got significantly worse. Not to mention that video of the weavehead who embarrassed her husband because she didn’t agree with the “obey” part of the vows. Now that’s another black man in for a life of hell:

    You notice how disrespectful black women towards black men even in sacred settings and everyone thinks it’s funny?

    Fuck “bLaCK lOvE”. It’s SYSBM in this life and the next!

    1. I saw that video.
      I do not think she is loyal if she refuse to obey.
      BW thinks ‘submissive’ = ‘Slave’.

      1. Yet they’d have no problem “submitting” to a corporate boss…

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      The groom in the video is a 24 carat black male simp. As much as I despise black male simps, I say live and let live, if that’s what he wants to do to himself. This is how SYSBM adherents differs from black male simps.

      The SYSBM adherent might be disgusted, but he’ll live and let live, if you want to simp your life away. On the other hand, the typical black male simp thinks it is his duty to try to do harm to any black man who does not subscribe to his ideology of simping for the scraggle daggle.

    3. As SYSBM, we can spot the signs a mile away. Problem is, when we point them out, these other dudes wanna mock and call us names to show off for these same females who’ll later burn them.

      You got dudes like the Hotep Walrus and Chakabars (that’s another dick watching clown right there no one talks about. This fruit selling, always half naked vagabond claims black women should be leaders and we shouldn’t tell them what to do and is generally just as big a panderer as any of them SMH) who don’t hold black women accountable and blame black men for everything.

      They fill black women’s heads with all this fantasy, superstitious hotep mysticism and ‘Queen’ bullshit and put the battery in their backs to be disrespectful and uncooperative with black men. Ain’t no woman being my “leader”, ever. Chez Charde – the only black woman on these platforms I admire and take seriously – rightly said, these females are on that Mother Goddess horseshit because they just want to block out the male aspect of the spirit and be rebellious and not submit the way things were intended.

      Simps claim everything is our fault, but yet when we step up to take control and fix things they’re the first to give us resistance and side with the daggle. They need to make up their minds. That’s why we just leave them to it now, so when they get disrespected it’s like, oh well. You made your bed, now lie in it.

    4. SYSBM Forever,

      That disobedient black siren in the Twitter link already has one foot out of the door, I don’t feel sorry for the triple cream certified simp marrying her either, he’ll have to learn his lesson the hard way.

      Most black men are going to learn really quickly that they’ll only be able to find their ideal woman OUTSIDE of black female society.

  4. A little rant, well somewhat of a little rant, but I have to get this crap out of my system. For all these people that are hating, spreading false rumors on foreign women, dudes that are traveling to countries they desire, they need to back the fuck off. They’re losing the war with their ignorance. The ignorance is not helping the situation at all. America is not the whole fucking world. They think the whole world is Atlanta, Florida, California, New York, Nevada. It isn’t! Every-time I hear something ignorant come out of these people’s mouths, I automatically assume that they’re ignorant as hell. Let me debunk some talking points from my perspective:

    A) Men are going to other countries to look for a slave: First of all, please stop using that word slave. That word slave is getting overused. Last time I checked, Dudes are going overseas to look for wives/girlfriends with qualities that are gonna keep them in the long run. The American women don’t wanna cook, clean, or do anything that’s gonna keep the man in the relationship, and have their connection be strong, but they wanna take pics showing the booty meat, be promiscuous, run game on every dude they say, be independent, living a lifestyle they can’t keep up nor afford, but wanna get with a dude who is wealthy as hell, have dudes be traditional, but not be traditional themselves. American women, y’all lost the war.

    B) Women in other countries are poor, dirty feet, they only want you for money, green card: Like the American women don’t do grimey shit?! I’ve seen western women, especially American Women, do more grimey shit to other people than the foreign women, I’m sorry. I’ve seen American women use sex as a weapon to get what they want (which is a high played, dangerous game in the playbooks), run game once again, play stupid games, so what makes the American woman special, since they can’t do no wrong?

    C) You’re gonna get robbed, killed, tortured: Like the same shit doesn’t happen in America?! Yes, shit happens overseas, shit happens everywhere if you don’t use two things: Common Sense and Class. Shit happens everywhere, but don’t act like shit happens in America too. I have a higher chance of getting robbed or smoked, or both in America than I probably would in another country.

    I could have some more, but I couldn’t think of more, because the ignorance is just strong with the haters. For all the black men that are traveling the world, seeing something new other than the hood, keep doing what you are doing because for black men who are not the typical hood dude, the stereotypical black man people want you to be, those who are not on some funny shit, your future is brighter than you think it is.

    1. When they talk like this when they say things like, ‘they are prostitutes out there’ and the other things you mention, they all talk like this does not happen in the west. However worse than you think.

      Also when they say thing like ‘foreign women in other countries will take you to the cleaners’, what they really mean is they do not want foreign women have your money and resources, they (western BW) want your money and resources.

      1. Those who don’t want you to win the race will always lie about the finish line. Funny how people who never even left their own city are such experts on other countries.

        All of that happens in the states everyday. America is pretty much a hugely glorified third world country if we’re being honest.

        The UK isn’t as crazy, but it’s totally washed, especially the dating scene.

        There’s a reason why many men and more recently brothers are exploring their options and leaving the west for greener pastures. The Western world is done. People don’t want black men in particular to live to their full potential, so they think all these scare/shaming tactics will work on us.

        As for foreign women just wanting our money…I’d rather spend it on a traditional, feminine woman who deserves it than any western female any day.

  5. Detained in Dubai, slapped in Italy, chased by white men and arrested in Bulgaria, “twerking for the ancestors” in Ghana, KILLED in Mexico. “Passport Bro(ads)” have been taking L after L acting a fool in foreign countries, trying to one-up us. Black Men on the other hand, respectful of other cultures, are treated like kings where ever we go.

    Gents, we finally know who the problem is, and it’s not us. Straight entertainment, get the popcorn.

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Black women continue to show the world that they cannot behave themselves and act professionally no matter what part of the globe they go to. Additionally, they’re quickly finding out that their Western privilege and dysfunctional antics will NOT be tolerated in non westernised countries. Non black women know black men like us are not the problem, hence why in recent times there has been a serious uptick in them scooping up brothers worth their salt

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Black women continue to show the world that they cannot behave themselves and act professionally no matter what part of the globe they go to. Additionally, they’re quickly finding out that their Western privilege and dysfunctional antics will NOT be tolerated in non westernised countries. Non black women know black men like us are not the problem, hence why in recent times there has been a serious uptick in them scooping up brothers worth their salt.

  6. Good Open Topic Wednesday afternoon,

    Why Richmond veteran created Men to Heal: ‘Pay attention to it’

    Small insert: RICHMOND, Va. –This mission is similar to that of therapist James Harris. The Richmond native started Men to Heal in 2018. It’s an organization aiming helping minority, men and boys with their mental health. Harris said he was prompted to create Men to Heal after feeling like there weren’t many spaces focused on helping men and boys of minority groups.

    1. That dude needs to be careful. Anything that centers and uplifts Black men and boys is targeted for sabotage by the sistahood and their white liberal paymasters. Especially since it made the local news.

      1. Maybe he’s doing it to keep the male slaves on the urban black plantation to fix their community.

  7. Auston Holleman As officially completed his heel turn, he has stated that he will no longer be talking about modern women. And of course, he took shots at men who do talk about women. You know, the whole. “You guys talk about women too much”. “If men will lead and women will follow”. “You just hate BW.” Yada, Yada, Yada. Now some people are saying it might be for his own good since he is a digital nomad
    who officially lives in Kenya.
    Him and his cool people have been all types of shots at Passport bros, supposedly SYSBM and anybody else who has their own story to tell about their challenges in dealing with women.

    I am so glad the Lord Commander MBD X has separated us from these other f****** idiots. I’m slightly embarrassed to even say that. I f****** watch the guy! but at the same time at least he is out of trouble and seems safe. So good for him.
    I’ll try to be diplomatic and not be a total asshole towards this grifter.

    I’ll link this negro’s shit if anyone wanna dissect it.


    1. Just reading some of the comments under his video, I can already tell what time he’s on.

      So just by his logic, if someone is healthy, they shouldn’t talk about the dangers of diabetes, cancer, etc and how to avoid it? What, they should just continue to live their healthy lives and act like illnesses don’t exist?

      Its just some fancy “don’t talk bad bout muh black kweenz” rhetoric disguised as so called ‘growth’. This little boy goes out to Rwanda, meets a cute chick and now he’s gonna tell those of US with more life experience what the deal is. It’s funny, because HE was the one who made the block hot in the first place and gave Passport Bros a bad name, but now he’s disassociated himself from it to save face and wants to act like Mr Know It All.

      I’m subscribed to International Passport’s patreon, and I can tell you, none of the brothers he interviews are “bitter incels” at all. They’re making money, meeting and settling down with foreign women and living their best lives. Some of them have turned their lives around in a matter of months and doing very well.

      I don’t care about Auston not being PB/SYSBM, that’s his choice. It’s his holier than thou bullshit I can’t stand.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        A big shout out to International Passport, he’s another UK brother worth his salt who has been blowing the trumpet for years encouraging more black men to travel in order to find higher quality women.

        1. Check this out:

          You see how the worse females on the planet talk to us? This is why they’re getting their asses kicked in foreign countries cos other people just ain’t having it and will put the fucking clamps on these weavehead sows without hesitation or remorse. Only black men put up with it cos most of us are just weak and this is how many of our mothers talked to us, so we sadly see this abuse as normal.

          If I was that guy I would have left sooner, cos I’m not trying to catch a case and wind up in jail over some loud mouth, disrespectful beast. Notice at one point she said “so you just gonna ignore me now?” So she was looking to pick a fight with any black man. Next thing you know she’d be threatening to call Pookie and Ray Ray to shoot him if he stayed any longer and those brainless simps would gladly oblige.

          I’m preaching to the choir on this site obviously, but black men, save yourself with the quickness.

          1. SYSBM Forever,

            If that AC repairman had been white Chad with muscles and his repair uniform on, she would have invited him in for a cold ice tea and her “chirren” would have a new bi-racial sibling. And why was she taping much less uploaded it? These black bitches ain’t shit all the way around.

            1. Schadenfreude,

              Anything to clout chase and get likes on social media from those just as disgusting as her. There’s literally no rhyme or reason in starting a fight with an AC repairman you don’t even know in the middle of an intense heatwave….I mean, who does that? Black ‘women’ are total parasites who feed on negative energy and chaos.

              They make it very easy for everyone to hate them, yet they’re too stupid to realise that all this shit they’re pulling in America and the rest of the world is opening them up to serious danger. A lot more of them are gonna be paying the ultimate price, because nobody, including their own men, are gonna protect them. Unfortunately, the so called “good” ones are gonna be casualties too. But they never spoke up and called out their fellow sisters when they should have, so hey…..

        2. Verbs2015,

          Indeed. He is literally doing God’s work out here. It’s good to see that type of content coming from a brother in the UK since most of the information we get is state side. His channel and patreon is the type of information ALL good black men with sense in this country who aren’t simps or tied down to our female counterparts need to hear.

  8. Funny videos. You know when a man says to a woman that wants a man that have this and that and he says what can she bring to the table? He’s just asking a question to the woman. When a man ask that question to the woman, she will lose her mind in rage. Me, I don’t ask that question to any woman. I will ask her what do you want in a relationship and that is it really.

    Right, I know that SYSBM have no issues of a black woman who dates non black men. I have no issues of non black men dating black women. There’s no dick policing here. But the thing is this. When a white dates a black woman if he wants one, he wouldn’t go for the ratchet black women. White men are not into ratchets if he’s just a beta male. But as white guys like Nice Guy Nick who makes £100,000 a year, drives a Mercedes Benz S500le and has a house in Watford, Hertfordshire, he’s not goanna deal with one.
    Did you see the video of Sukihanna when she was at London bringing the ratcheness to the UK? She did it in front of Buckingham Palace as well. Let me tell you something. When it comes to the women in the UK, some of them have a class. When the old white woman saw Suki and here her ratchet mouth, she must be thinking what did she say. And if a black person from America of from the Caribbean, Britain takes ratchetness differently.

    Sunday, there was a woman I was talking to on Facebook. She ask me if I’m married and I said no and then she says that she’s divorced and have kids. And she says that she’s looking for a man that can love her and her children and I say no thanks. These single mothers are coming after childless men with the quickness especially childless black men. No man is not goanna do a Russell Wilson out here or a Steve Harvey.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  9. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, Andrew Tate has been trending again as of late, and this time they are bringing forward “resurfaced” videos and are also alleging that there are texts exposing how he would lure women into his alleged sex trafficking ring; I personally refuse to read anything about him from these elite funded media sources, but it seems to me that they are crafting their narrative about him as they go, which shows how desperate they are to undo whatever influence he has left over the minds of young men in Western society. I wish I was more familiar with Tate’s content before he was cancelled so that I can truly make a fair assessment of him; I see this whole debacle as a microcosm of what is to come in the very near future concerning freedom of speech. I might also address some elements of the negatively biased video essay community on YouTube in a later post, so stay tuned for that.

    1. Like I said above, anybody who centers men and boys is targeted for destruction in this gynocratic hellscape that wants us to be nothing but male slaves. As you pointed out, they are making this up as they go or else the Tates would have been arrested and charged by now.

      No big follower of Tate but seems to me he promotes masculinity, fitness, learning to fight, and making money. All crimes in this liberal queer feminist dystopia.

      1. I agree, anybody who focuses solely on males is a target; I remember seeing a video where this female teacher wasnt pleased to hear the young males in her classroom talk to the girls a certain way, and the teacher also cited Andrew Tate being brought up in conversation. Dr. Jordan Peterson is another person who’s focused on helping males, and look at how the academic Left treats him.

      2. The insane feminazi talking points that are repeated over and over again in western chattering class echo chambers, are designed to beat down the male psyche. Unattractive, uninteresting, unintelligent females, use feminazism to impose themselves on men who they could never get the time of day from, men who they are invisible to.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’m still awaiting the evidence against the Tate brothers, we already know the powers that be are targeting Andrew Tate especially because he’s leading men back into the land of traditional manhood and classic masculinity, massive obstacles that stand in the way of the so called “elites” enslaving any given population.

      Traditionally masculine men don’t take too well to authoritarian governments throwing down orders, dictates and pushing boundaries, they might just kick off. The West is seriously lacking in masculine men, hence why it’s currently being overrun by leftists and their LGBTQP+ garbage.


  10. For the UK brothers.

    If you watch a lot of TV, you’ve probably noticed that almost every advert on TV nowadays has some sort of obese black Jezebel shaking her fat ass for something:

    • Dove antiperspirant with a heifer claiming to be “still fresh, still dry!” while covered in buckets of sweat.

    • Dove shower gel for some arm pit nonsense, girls showing off their disgusting underarm hair, claiming to be “beautiful and unique”. At this point, only LGBTQ find the abhorrent lack of standards “beautiful”. “I’ll choose Dove anyday!” says some black hippo.

    • Some mature woman who can’t stop peeing her pants needs incontinence pants just to go to a pop concert. “I’m letting it all go!”

    • And endless shite about the menopause!!!!!

    It’s absolutely rank how western women are led to a socio-communist hell hole of warped standards. Everyone’s the same regardless of ability and deficits. Not to add the absence of men (Women’s World Cup) and we’re heading for some sort of moral collapse. I don’t like Andrew Tate (he’s a pysop character) but at least the male half of society are starting the come back.

    1. Michel,

      I don’t even watch general TV and haven’t for a very long time. Literally everything on the tell-lie-vision is a disgrace now. It’s like people aren’t even real humans anymore.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Sitting back with some popcorn and freshly squeezed juice watching the saga unfold. Yep, black women have been the the most openly vocal supporters of trannies, now just like non black women that support is coming back to bite them in their backsides. As I always say, oh well, that their problem, not mine. This is why I say that most women in the West are stupid, dysfunctional movements at some stage always begin eating their own, I guess now it’s the black witch’s turn to suffer. This righteous recompense and judgement is long overdue.

      1. Yup they will “ally” with anybody over their own men only to be taken for a ride and discarded. Democrats, LGBTQ, liberal white feminists, Bottom Shelf Brad, etc etc. Oh well. Orville Redenbacher is my favorite brand of popcorn although I have to cut down on the salt & butter, health first! LOL.

    2. Schadenfreude and Verbs,

      I call this the time of ‘Patriarchy is out of the picture’.
      This basically means, when every time these liberals beat patriarchy, this will always be a ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ as win over Patriarchy has consequences.

      In these time of ‘Patriarchy is out of the picture’, there are no men involve with these situations, so they cannot blame men and men has got nothing to do with their own karma. This is females own fault.

      Example of this ‘Patriarchy is out of the picture’:
      BW call themselves ‘Strong, Independent, Don’t need men’. Don’t ask BM for protection when shit hit the fan.
      Changing Welfare rules, don’t come back to black men when shit goes bad.

      Then you have Asian vs Black Women, because of Passport Bros, this is got nothing to do with BM. This was BW’s own fault.

      Feminists and Transwomen alliance, as a result, Transwomen has rights to females spaces, do not ask men when Trans taking over females spaces, dating scene and sports.

      Now Transwomen are fighting back against Black Women. Again, they deserve what they get.
      Women wanting asking men to come to the aid of them to fight back against Trannies? Again, I say ‘no’. Not my problem and not my fight.

      When I see this ‘Patriarchy is out of the picture’ events it basically saying as Verbs stated, ‘Oh well, their problem, not mine’.

      Also I notice females saying that they did not support Tranny Invasion against biological females spaces, then who did then?
      They all vote for Biden or Black females voted for Biden so let them deal with the Transwomen themselves.

      To be truthful, I enjoy watching this at the side-lines because they deserve what they get and they get punish ‘naturally’ when you go against ‘Patriarchy’ and nature. I say let them cannibalise each other.

      Red-Pill will say ‘Another victory for the Patriarchy’ as Patriarchy will always prevail no matter what females do.

      1. Michael Mistertea,

        You are absolutely right. Patriarchy is out of the picture. When BM tried to sound the alarm about these trannies, we were called “transphobic” and to “stay out of BW’s business.” OK copy that. As I stated before I’m on the sidelines with my popcorn. Let da Strong Black Wahman deal with these trannies invading their spaces since they were the Trojan Horse who let them in in the first place.

  11. Well guys the Black Matriarchy finally got Dennis Spurling. He roasted “Passport Bro(ads)” and Eboni K. Williams a little too heavy. Only his old videos from 2 years ago and older are still there. Even his shorts are gone. RIP Blizzard King. Hope he makes a comeback.

    1. That was quick. Dennis Spurling rebuilding on this new channel. Hope he re-posts all his live streams, very entertaining to listen to while I am working. Too bad niggas can’t keep a place like Black Avenger TV alive, we’re always at the mercy of back-end feminists behind the scenes at every platform, censoring. David Carroll’s whole Rabbit Hole series is lost because niggas can’t get their shit together. Shameful.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        The problem is most black men even though they’re not happy with their female counterparts unfortunately don’t look upon black women as a threat even though those same black females are openly shafting black men at every turn. Most black men still want to be around black women, they still want to talk to, negotiate, horse trade, reconcile and build with black women, they still believe they can find that unicorn within black female society.

        Because most black men are matriarchal, they’ll continue following behind and grovelling at the black female’s feet. Even Auston Holleman, the same guy who talked at length concerning the many ills of dealing with Western women in general and black women in particular eventually folded. The only groups of black men holding the fort and staying true to NOT returning to the plantation are TRUE SYSBM™ practitioners as well as genuine Passport Bros. is one of the very few places remaining where heterosexual free thinking black men can actually speak freely concerning the ills of the black witch without being censored. I have no problems declaring and making a pledge that NO BLACK FEMALES will ever control this space nor have any input as to how it is operated and managed.

        I’ve been lighting these black sirens up for more than 10 years and I will continue to do so regardless of what obstacles and hindrances they may throw in my path. I’ll be honest, it is very disappointing to see so many black men without hesitation throwing their masculinity and manhood down the toilet just for the possibility of getting a whiff of a black siren’s contaminated draws, smh.

  12. Verbs2015,

    “Because most black men are matriarchal, they’ll continue following behind and grovelling at the black female’s feet. Even Auston Holleman, the same guy who talked at length concerning the many ills of dealing with Western women in general and black women in particular eventually folded. The only groups of black men holding the fort and staying true to NOT returning to the plantation are TRUE SYSBM™ practitioners as well as genuine Passport Bros.”

    I literally just had to block a dude on Twitter I thought was cool who acted like he was SYSBM at first, but I see him now mocking other black men for speaking out against bdub 304s (even though that’s part of his ‘anti 304’ Twitter handle) and telling them they just can’t attract “bad bitches” cos they’re nerds according to him.

    He’s said a few questionable things in the past, but now he’s confirmed to be a faker. Many of these dudes are. All it take is for a picture of a black female who looks halfway decent, then they start to think with their smaller head then do a complete heel turn and lash out against other black men. SMH.

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