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I Keep On Telling You It’s Real! #SHORTS

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What’s funny is the video above cannot be found on her page, I actually found the video under somebody else’s profile. I’m suspecting that the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure pressured her into taking it down because she spilled a bit too much sauce for the coven’s liking.

Notice on her TikTok profile it says “I love the ARTS”, just to let you ignorant black female worshipping Negroes know, she isn’t talking about drawing or painting, she referring to witchcraft, sorcery, enchantments and magic.

I keep on telling you the witchcraft and the sorcery is real. Like I’ve said on many occasions, most black women use Christianity, the Most High, Christ and the bible as cover to carry out their malevolent acts without being questioned or hindered in their evil works.

Again, as I said before, the thing is with most black men, they’re ultra ignorant when it comes down to what the majority of black women are getting up to behind closed doors. I personally believe that black women have purposely cast spells and enchantments specifically aimed at keeping black men in the dark.

Yet again, this would also explain the comatose state of all of these blue piled, pro black simps, no matter how horribly black women treat them, they’ll still bow down to their queenies and grovel at their feet.

Black women as a collective are the right hand henchwomen of Satan, in 2023 there is nothing good that comes from black women, NOTHING. Regarding putting blood in a man’s food in order to allow the spells to take hold, you already know these enchantresses are using PERIOD BLOOD.

What are SYSBM™ practitioners as well as Passport Bros saving themselves from, malevolent hags out in these streets dabbling in the dark arts seeking to bring evil upon black men for the most minor of infractions, thats’s who.

This is the side of saving one’s self as a black man that neither the black witch contingent nor their plantation drone simps want to talk about, this is one of the great secrets that black women are desperately trying to keep hidden under the rug.

Once again, don’t forget this video that myself as well as many of you over the years have reposted:

In a way you have to laugh, large portions of black males are out her exalting and bigging up their black female overlords, meanwhile on the flip side black women are using witchcraft and magic to pledge their allegiance to the devil as well as casting spells to bring calamity, pain, suffering, misery and even death upon those same black male cohorts, you cannot make this stuff up, smh.

Gentlemen, be careful out here, keep your head on a swivel and watch your six, if these black sirens have no problems casting magic spells and enchantments upon their own blue pilled, pro black flunkies, how much more those black men who’ve decided to leave Plantation Headquarters in search of something better?

Unfortunately most black men who don’t interact with black women under dating/mating still have to deal with them under other capacities. Watch out, if possible deal with other folks period when it comes to everyday services.

I’ve warned you black men many times before concerning black women and their propensity towards the dark side but most have dismissed the idea as something out of the Harry Potter or Dr Strange franchises.

Those black men who choose to remain ignorant to the black female’s devises only have themselves to blame when their hands get bitten. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Witches, Sorceresses, Sirens And Enchantresses Abound In These Streets

Most High Bless

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37 thoughts on “I Keep On Telling You It’s Real! #SHORTS

  1. As the above woman said at the end of the video. “F-cking save yourself.”

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I’ll keep on saying it, SYSBM™ is the only sustainable, viable and sensible way forward for the free thinking brother, the black man who is genuinely serious about NEVER RETURNING to Plantation HQ.


  2. These black women do not realize the consequences of hexes. They may not believe in God however, the repercussions will be grave.

  3. LOL….let them do that shit. I’m not a christian, but the universe is self correcting, therefore whatever intent you send out only returns back to you. What you reap, you sow.

    Why not cast spells to get their own act together then? They can’t even maintain their own hair, but they think they got so much power lol. Clearly all the negative energy they’re sending out to black men is coming right back to them tenfold. Look at the absolute grotesque monsters they’ve turned into inside and out in 2023 compared to, let’s say, 30 years ago and tell me you don’t see the difference. Back then, black women still had some class to a certain degree.

    Even the natural physical beauty you could say they once had has waned. Look at them now: grossly overweight more than ever before, tattoos all over their bodies looking like freakshows, vulgar as hell and twerking in public just because they can – no matter what setting they’re in. They’ve lost their appeal. I’ve always experienced the negative side of black women from a young age as I’ve mentioned before, but the daggle I’m seeing nowadays is a different animal, which is really saying something. It’s almost as if they want the world to despise them (and it’s working).

    I bet they’re not putting hexes on Karens and racist white men though, huh? Jokers.

    Personally, I’ve already been through figurative hell with black women so I ain’t worried about them and their little bullshit curses. If anything, God is on mine and many other black men’s side as we’re finally standing up and recognising our worth while exploring the many great opportunities life has. Other women are more exposed and open to black men than ever before while everyone is seeing the black female for who she truly is. Simps and manginas still abound, but you can feel the tide turning. As good, productive black men, we’ll be fine. Don’t worry about their nonsense.

    The real “curse” is having black females as counterparts in the first place. If they wanna self destruct, that’s on them.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      You’re right, you’d think these practicing black sirens would use their spells to make themselves look more attractive without the need of so many of these ridiculous looking external as well as internal appendages they so frequently use and rely upon, nope, instead it’s all about destroying the black men by any means necessary.

      I’ve seen the change unfold especially with regards to the black woman’s physical appearance, I remember many years ago when black women used to look halfway decent, they rarely if ever used makeup, it was all about utilising coco butter which actually gave them bright, healthy, radiant skin.

      Nowadays your average modern day black female looks like a freak and a monster straight out of Frankenstein’s lab, you can’t even recognise these women anymore.

      Don’t even get me started on the tattoos as well as the mutant looking BBLs, the scary thing is they actually think they look more attractive with all of this garbage.

      All I can do is thank the Most High for having alternatives to choose from and many thanks to MBD for formulating SYSBM™ and continuing to blow its trumpet showing brothers than they can do much better for themselves.

      The black siren by herself is a curse and a pestilence upon anything and everything she touches, her blood isn’t even required in order to contaminate things around her.

  4. Black men who have a fully functioning mind, should get all the education they can get their hands on. I’m talking about real education, the kind that developes critical thinking skills, logical reasoning, and teaches useful skills that one can monetize to make a living with, or use to build useful things and repair things with.

    A good knowledge of Anthropology, History, Psychology, Math, Science, Medicine, Law, Language, and Technology is what is needed.

    That said, these same black men should quietly exit Blackistan, not just physically, but socially, emotionally, spirtually, and culturally. The scraggle daggle is at the heart of Blackistan and all the shameful and disgraceful things it has become. So it is not just the scraggle daaggle that black men with good minds should save themselves from, but from all of Blackistan.

    I went to a funeral a couple of weeks ago. The funeral was for a 96 year old black woman. This woman lived a long and full life. So there was no tragedy involved. Black people were dressed like they were going to the BET awards. Nothing low key and dignified about the entire affair. Daggles had squeezed their rolls of fat and blubber into evening gowns. The hooting and hollering, the shouting and stomping, was off the chain. These people were there to see and be seen. I couldn’t tell if it was paying respects or performance art.

    Blacks have taken a religion like Christianity and made it into something it was never intended to be. Every Sunday, blacks all over the US, go to huge palace like mega churches to see and be seen. They are dressed like they are going to the BET awards. These places are meat markets. For the preachers they are ATM machines. Worshipping the Almighty, spiritual, moral, and character development are the furthest things from their minds. Most wouldn’t even grasp the concepts.

    So now we have more and more daggles practicing the dark arts of Black Magic, Voodoo, Satanism, and Witchcraft, and claiming it is part of their African heritage. Whether one believes these things have real power or are just superstitions, the telling thing is that daggles are in it to acquire the power to do harm to other people. What’s next? Soon we will have Hotep simp psuedo academics claiming that Black Magic, Voodoo, Satanism, and Witchcraft should be mandatory ‘black studies’ curricula in the public schools?

    All I know is that for a cohort of people like blacks, whose history is so cluttered and littered with destruction caused by ignorance, superstition, and misdirection, the last thing they should be doing is embracing Witchcraft, Voodoo, Satanism, and Black Magic.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I have more articles in the pipeline that delve deeper into the modern day black female and her obsession with the dark arts, stay tuned. I can’t argue with anything you’ve said, it seems that most black women have a proclivity towards anything that is destructive not only to themselves but to other especially their own male counterparts.

      How can we even argue against them diving into the dark arts when on the daily we see so many blue pilled, black men simps continuing to grovel at their feet even though these same black females have no problems urinating and defecating on the heads of these men without any remorse or compassion.

      The black church is an absolute joke, black male pastors(who are simps/pimps/merchants) telling these black females exactly what they want to hear, allowing them to run amuck and act the fool during services in exchange for filling their coffers with money while living out in the suburbs nowhere near their black female parishioners, make that make sense.

      Black women will pay the price for their devil worship as well as engaging in other evil practices, as we’ve seen in recent times their privileges don’t stretch beyond Western shores, some have tried to invoke their dysfunction in non westernised countries only to find out the hard way that societies lead by traditionally masculine men won’t tolerate that garbage.

  5. I identify myself as an evangelical conservative because there are so many denomination branches under the Christian label.

    There is no such thing as a black conservative woman.

    For example, Candice Owens is not a true conservative and only hiding underneath conservatism as fake.

    All the black females around the world who call themselves Christians are not really Christians either.

    The origin of a negress has always been satanic since its own existence of sub sahara human creation.

    I would only date a white Christian woman that is easternized with conservative values and standards.

    I don’t think I’ll find a unicorn but if I do find one by chance, it’ll most likely be from my church in this anglonized wasteland.

    It ain’t a black church and I always avoid those kind of churches.

    I have an important video for all of you to look at to protect your belongings while travelling abroad.

    There is a reason why I always travel light with a rugzak backpack and not a suitcase.

    I never check in my bag and always have it with me at all times.

    Here is the video.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      It’s very hard for me to believe that there are black female conservatives in existence when all I continue to come across on the daily are black women who subscribe to feminism and modern day liberalism.

      I also believe Candace Owens is pretending to be a conservative because she’s landed herself an Admiral Frost who in turn has given her children with “good hair, light skin and pretty eyes”, something that nearly all black women desire.

      Owens has also built up quite a conservative following so it is profitable to keep that gravy train going for as long as it can be milked.

      Black women as a collective are steeped in evil by default because most of the them have been raised by malevolent single black mothers who don’t want their children to succeed and outshine them.

  6. PS,

    I think the tatted up creature in the video is a tranny. Its hard to tell with black females because most have elevated testosterone anyway, which is probably why there are so many black lesbians and dykes.

  7. SYSBM: Trying to hypnotize me or what?
    White Sugar Honey: Yes!

    I know that black women use witchcraft just like them black women on the news. Witchcraft is very dangerous and if you mess with it, something really goanna happen to you. Something like this should not be messed with.

    However, you how some black women use witchcraft? Why their pussy! They will use that pum pum punany to lure a black man and I know that there are some black men have gave in to it. And when they get it, all of their energy is gone. Completely gone out of them.

    I know that these scraggle daggles love the white Jesus which belongs to white supremacy. When you see black women in the church, most of them are single mothers who had children with worthless men that can’t do shit!

    This is real alright. Some of the black women are using witchcraft towards black men. Why don’t they use it on the beta males?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Too many black men allow themselves to get snagged by the black female’s contaminated snatch because they refuse to expand upon their dating and mating options. Most black men in following black women are destined for death and destruction, a sad and grim reality but nether the less one that’s based in reality.

  8. I observe her YouTube channel, she is not into any dark arts. Just normal arts, not this witchcraft or magic stuff.

    Verbs wrote
    “I’m suspecting that the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure pressured her into taking it down because she spilled a bit too much sauce for the coven’s liking.”

    I think what happen was that she was sending a message to Black Men and coming to the aid of the Black Men. As soon as any women come to the aid to BM, these hounds of sisterhood, 304s or any bitter black liberal BW will silence them. This is the reason why her video is gone because they come after her like a pack of dogs.

    David Carrol made videos about witches and Voodoo stuff.
    Also the reason of more rise of the “Plantation Bros” (Foes) and I will bring up Umar Johnson as he is getting fetish over the female rapper who like and fantasises sewage waste as she loves potty stuff, Sukihana. As he also he declare war on BM who date interracial and blaming productive men because they refuse to be the ‘Plantation Bros’.

    The curse is real as we seen them, also mention that they can control Pookie and Ray Ray and make them submit, that is why they have kids by them.

    1. MMT,

      I don’t take any black female at face value, besides if you check out the “about” section of her YouTube channel, in it she states that she’s promoting amongst other things “practices”, that sounds rather fishy to me. Exactly what “practices” is she referring to, it’s an open and shut case as far as I’m concerned:

      I honestly have to be extremely suspicious of any black women coming to the aid of black men because for so long they’ve been silent and said nothing in addition to those who’ve pretended to be on our side only to return to the black witch’s coven and fall in line with the sisterhood.

      As I stated in my book Negro Wars, black women shouldn’t be trusted under any circumstances, we require black masculine support and assistance, the black female’s historical track record is too tainted with treachery and betrayal against he own male counterparts to place any faith in her being a genuine help to our cause.

      1. Verbs2015,

        “I honestly have to be extremely suspicious of any black women coming to the aid of black men because for so long they’ve been silent and said nothing in addition to those who’ve pretended to be on our side only to return to the black witch’s coven and fall in line with the sisterhood.”

        Yup and as I’ve stated before, they wouldn’t be doing all this fake support if black men didn’t have other options. They’ve only just started speaking up in recent times, yet black men have been suffering under the black witch for decades. One little bullshit tiktok video doesn’t move me.

        Besides, just two weeks ago when black women and their little effeminate simps were having a massive field day making fun of that older black man (whom they deliberately falsely labelled a ‘passport bro’) in Asia being disrespected by his partner, I didn’t see none of these females coming to HIS defense. So they’re full of shit.

  9. How can these hoes put period blood in your food if they don’t cook you nothing? I haven’t had a BW make me a plate since the late 90s and it was some elder ladies at church. My mom used to talk about hoodoo women who would put some kind of powder in dudes drawls to make his balls shrink like a shrunken head. SYSBM-style Black men have nothing to worry about from these witches, but Plantation Bros who insist on dealing with them better watch their 6. These black heffas are the handmaidens of chaos, satanism and degeneracy and the worst female counterparts on the planet. The so-called “communitah” is a wrap.

    She was right at the end: SYSBM.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      It seems to me that there will always be a sizeable cohort of brainwashed blue pilled black men who’ll stick by this modern day black female no matter how much treachery, betrayal, damage and destruction she brings to their front door. As I always say, those black men cannot complain when their hands get bitten.

      Black men who continue to deal with black women will find out the hard way that they’ll never find any suitable candidates within black female society. Since they want to stick with the black witch and “keep it real”, they’re the ones who’ll have to compromise, negotiate, horse-trade and reconcile with their enemies.

  10. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women like the plague because I don’t want them to destroy my life as I want to live to at least 90 years old.

    1. It’s a miracle black men are living past 50 when dealing with these harridans, never mind 90 years old. I agree with Verbs that literally nothing good comes from dealing with black women nowadays. It’s like that video I posted in the last article with the bdub starting a fight with an AC engineer for no reason. There’s no way you can expect to live a long, happy life with them. You put some of them in a room alone with an Aloe Vera plant and that thing will probably dry up and wither away in hours due to their toxicity.

      1. We keep saying the scraggle daggle does this and the scraggle daggle does that. But I tell you this, the scraggle daggle can’t do 1/10 of the shit she does without the complicity of the black male simp.

        I live in a large US metro with a large black population. I see black male simps in action every day. It is true that black males at all economic and social strata are simping. But I’ll just talk about the Pookie and Ray Ray type of simps.

        Most Pookies and Ray Rays are basically homeless. They are also bottom feeders, because a better class of woman is totally off limits to them. They are the only cohort of males who will gas up, bow down to, and grovel before the lowest of the lowest of the scraggle daggles. Of course, the lowest type of scraggle daggle loves being in charge and having a male who is dependent on her for a place to sleep, hence she can treat him like one of her kids. The Pookies being thirsty as hell because a better class of woman is off limits to them, inevitably get these low class scraggle daggles pregnant.

        Sure, there are a few upper echelon scraggle daggles with a thug fetish. But most of the scraggle daggles getting pregnant by wastemen, are bottom of the barrel scraggle daggles. Its just that Pookies, and bottom of the barrel scraggle daggles make up a large part of the population of Blackistan.

        Most scraggle daggles only know males with the Pookie and Ray Ray mindset. Her way of talking to and interacting with Pookies works in her favor. Because the scraggle daggle has no clue about quality black men, she interacts with all black men the same way she interacts with Pookies.

        This is why I say that the solution for black men worth a damn, is to not only give the scraggle daggle a wide berth, but to also give all of Blackistan a wide berth.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      That’s all the overwhelming majority of black female seek to do, destroy the lives of any black men in their vicinity. Avoiding them as much as is humanly possible is literally a matter of life and death.

  11. There’s an old rock song by Cliff Richard that sums this woman and her fellow witches up perfectly:

    “She’s just a devil woman
    With evil on her mind
    Beware the devil woman
    She’s gonna get you
    She’s just a devil woman
    With evil on her mind
    Beware the devil woman
    She’s gonna get you from behind”

    The things she described as taking place in those “Witch/Oracle/Empress/Black women coming into the Craft” type groups is eerily reminiscent of the things many ex-Witches say they were involved in; the thing she said about them taking pictures of different Black men and casting spells on them whenever there’s a full moon or a New moon is not a joke. In the occult world, it is believed that during a full moon there is a buildup of energy, so what better time for a witch or warlock to summon demonic spirits?

    There’s also the thing she said about putting blood in a man’s food, tea, or on his tooth brush, and Verbs said it was period blood they were using; the late David Carroll had stated in the past that he would never kiss a Black woman, nor would he eat their food. In light of the above video, I believe he was aware of what it was they were doing on the low: they were probably dabbling in blood magick; on a hunch, I looked up “blood magick” and found this article:

    The above article underscores what she said about Black women not believing in “that Jesus Christ s**t” and knowing what power their blood has; they just hide their wickedness behind Christianity . I totally understand why she deleted this video from her page: she didnt just spill the beans, she dumped the whole stew out and told on her fellow witches that they have nothing but bad intentions for Black men! Where are the White women doing this to us? This is yet another L for the image of the westernized Black woman; to wrap this up, I’ll repeat her last words: save yourselves! #SYSBM

  12. It’s funny how they can cast all of these “spells”, but they can’t conjure up anything to stop single motherhood and babymama-ism, nor ratchet behavior.

    1. They can’t even conjure up a spell to make Captain Frosty see them as desirable!

      1. BCT,

        They could use their spells for so many other things, yet the destruction of black men is their number one priority above all else, you really have to shake your head in disappointment and bewilderment because they view the downfall of black men far more important than anything else on the planet, smh.

        1. This is why it’s NEVER advisable to tell black women (and yes that includes family) anything good you’ve got going on. Don’t tell them your dreams, goals, aspirations, none of that. Just portray yourself as some regular, degular dude going through the motions.

          In my experience, other women are genuinely happy for you and want to see how they can enhance your situation in any way. Black women on the other hand either want to latch on to you like parasites, come with some sarky/negative remark or outright try to destroy whatever positive stuff you’re doing. Whenever I’ve made the stupid mistake of telling black women anything, I always walked away feeling I should have just kept my mouth shut.

          It’s always a good idea to keep things to to yourself and move in silence generally anyway, but telling black women is an absolute no no. We really need to highlight this to other black men.

          1. SYSBM Forever,

            I am glad that younger BM like you are getting up on game faster and faster. I have learned the hard way it isn’t wise to tell a BW (or any female really) anything, no dreams, no aspirations, least of all how much money you’ve got. And that includes Dear Mama. They are the main ones trying to bring you down or finesse/bully/shame you out of your bread if they know you got it. Moving in silence is correct.


    2. Kameron Brown,

      Nope, the destruction of the black man is their number one priority, in the modern day black female’s eyes nothing else matters.

      1. Even Lord Voldemort had the decency to use his magic to try to improve life for his “people” (pure blood wizards–but he was a half-blood himself, but I digress) but under his command, of course.

  13. ANYONE who believes enslavement can be achieved by adding blood to spaghetti is an idiot.

    1. AfricanAmericanMan,

      You’re just proving exactly what I said in the article about most black men and their ignorance of the dark arts a sizeable amount of black females practice. Just look at yourself as a clear example, you’re defending these women and yet you don’t even know them…………but the witchcraft and sorcery is still ridiculous, right???

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Unfortunately most black men dwelling in their simpleton mindsets believe witchcraft and magic is all a joke. I remember years ago when I first began to call black females sirens, witches, enchantresses, harpies, sorceresses etc, it was these blue pilled simps alongside their black female overlords who openly mocked me, yet those same simp flunkies are clearly under the same spells and enchantments they believe are not real, smh. I’ve said it many times before, the modern day black female is the devil’s righthand henchwoman.

      1. Verbs2015,

        This is the beauty of SYSBM. It literally cuts out ALL that mess from the jump, so the crap these other men are dealing with and whatever spells they’re under are just not an issue for us since we don’t even mess with these trashy females in the first place.

        Some men will just have to be sacrificial lambs. They’ve had ample warnings over the years, but still simp for these devils. Oh well.


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