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What “A Man On My Level” Really Means!

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First and foremost, once again it’s very rare to come across members of the tatted up, angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure breaking ranks and not falling in line with the code of the black witch’s coven.

The black female with the natural hair and tatted up arm is right, so called “educated” black women pass up successful black men on their “level” all the time for the likes of Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Two Snacks, Field Mouse and Cheezy Griilz because they know that well to do brothers won’t tolerate any of their garbage.

Additionally, at this point it must be added that Western degrees in 2023 hold little to no value as they once did say 15-20 years ago. Touting your degree in this day and age in most circumstances means nothing, also men don’t care about what degrees a woman has or her educational status.

As I’ve been stating over the years, education and intelligence are NOT one and the same, these black females are always blowing their trumpets from the rooftops every time they obtain a qualification, yet aren’t these the same women getting knocked up by the lowest of the low black men on the block? Where is the intelligence, as per usual, nowhere to be found.

Understand the true meaning behind the terminology black women use whenever they talk about “finding a man on their level”. It’s clearly observable that black women as a collective are hedonistic by nature, this means they centre their lives around pleasure as well as superficial and materialistic things.

Finding a man on their level simply means locating suckers who are foolish enough to roll in, pay off the huge debt that these sirens have accumulated chasing after worthless degrees and having these same men perform slave cash mule services thus enabling those same black women to dig their heels deeper into their lifestyles of pleasure and vanity.

Black women behave as though they’re on a unique spiritual journey and awakening, however the trajectory of their form of spirituality is taking them straight into the darkside and hell.

“On my level” means somebody who can help the modern day black female maintain the level of hedonism she’s currently indulging in or alternatively “elevate” her even higher up the hedonistic ladder.

“Finding a man on my level” has absolutely nothing to do with black women character building or seeking a man who is going to compliment the woman’s life productively and constructively. Nope, on the contrary “finding a man on my level” is all about keeping the lifestyle of decadence, reprobation and debauchery in continuance via that man’s money and resources.

If that means taking girls trips, flying out to Jamaica to receive booty massages as well as getting dicked down by Leeroy, Delroy and Dreadhead all at the same time with a plastic carrier bag then so be it as far as the black witch is concerned.

Of course nobody has any smoke for these passport sirens flying over to foreign countries in order to get their backs blown out, additionally very few if any are questioning black women on how getting dicked down by foreign men who generally earn much less than them equates to “finding a man on their level”.

At this stage black women should simply keep their mouths shut, they’re walking hypocrites on steroids and the hypocrisy is wide open for everyone to see. Why even open your mouth to project when everybody can clearly see that you’re actually talking about yourselves?

Black women for the majority part are vanity chasers, if they were serious about finding decent men then they’d stop chasing after and getting knocked up by street loiterers, serial impregnators and instead focus upon the men who are stable, level headed and actually built for long term relationships and fatherhood.

Don’t believe these “queans” whenever they open their mouths and talk about trying to find men “on their level”, since black women are at the bottom of the dating totem pole anyway, it’s only fitting that bottom feeders like Roof Top Trey, Spoony and Sheggy should roll in and perform their due diligence.

Brothers, don’t fall for the “I’m looking for a man on my level” mantra, black women have passed up many good, solid, decent men who could’ve easily provided them with prosperous, fruitful and stable lifestyles, however they don’t want those men, they much prefer dealing with the fast lane boys with criminal rap sheets 6 miles long who bring in that dangerous, fast money as well as engage in “hot” living. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Talking About “On My Level” While Getting Impregnated By Dregs And Scum Buckets, Smh, What A Joke

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “What “A Man On My Level” Really Means!

  1. The so called masters of the universe type cats aren’t looking for Daggles anyway. What black women seem to forget is attraction is a two-way street! They’re just mad because they can’t bully/shame thinking black men into dealing with them anymore.

    1. Val Zod,

      That’s a point right there, they have to try to shame and bully free thinking brothers into liking them because they can’t persuade those same black men to be attracted to them via the NORMAL means and methods, smh.

  2. Then they wonder why no one wants them. It’s never about what THEY have to offer, is it? They haven’t got the memo that no man gives a shit about their edumakayshan and degrees. It’s irrelevant to us.

    They’re still the most repugnant, unpleasant women in the world by far. Unlike the Filipinas they started beef with and ended up being demolished by, black females never talk about the kind wives they’ll make. If a woman is gonna be down for us, be great wives and mothers and be our support when times are rough, that’s what we truly value. We have no problem holding down the fort otherwise.

    They always flap their filthy gums talking about how other women just want us for our money (as if they don’t too), little do they realise those women give us peace, support and other qualities we value in return. You give a black female the sun, moon and stars, they’ll be nagging you for not throwing in some comets in there too.

    Waving a certificate around like a flag thinking that means anything is laughable and quite pathetic. A brotha in IT could become a Solutions Architect in a couple of years and make waaay more than her while not amassing huge debt – plus he’ll have more options career wise.

    And yes, like that chick admitted, most of them passed up the good black men anyway. So of course when those black men finally get on, damn right they’re gonna rebuff the females who did it to them. They’ll be with women who appreciate them while bdubs will be shit out of luck and repeat the same old tired Jungle Fever echo chamber scene with those daggles whining and bitching. Any black man with sense would find the best woman possible to be his partner….shit, when it comes to that, I’d say black male athletes in the western world are probably the smartest black men on the planet! They won’t admit it outright obviously, but many of them (particularly Premier League footballers) are already SYSBM. As well they should be.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Premier league footballers have been on the game for a long time, they’ve known from the beginning that the modern day black female isn’t worth a fart in a windstorm. They’ve grown up around useless black women sadly including their own mothers, so as far as they’re concerned, it’s a no brainer to abandon “keeping it real” and instead to expand upon their dating options.

      The bottom line is black women really don’t care what black men want, as far as they’re concerned they believe that black men should accept what they themselves determine, you cannot make this stuff up.

      Black women have to pretend that they qualify for even the most basic black men. Again, take note how they’ll always push the focus on what credentials and qualifications the man needs to bring to the table because they already know they have nothing of value and substance to add to any relationship.

      SYSBM till the wheels fall off and even then we’re more than willing to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly.

    2. SYSBM Forever wrote:
      “You give a black female the sun, moon and stars, they’ll be nagging you for not throwing in some comets in there too.”

      There is a mysterious quote from Robert Mugabe and he use the realest quote to reflect African BW which represent you said as they are never satisfied by God’s creation.

      Link =

      If you do not have Facebook account I give you the quote directly from Robert Mugabe:

      “You cannot give a woman everything she needs.
      If God Himself gave them eyebrows, they shave it and draw their own.
      God gave them nails, they cut it off and fixed their own.
      He gave them breast, they repackage it to what they want.
      God still gave them buttocks, they arrange it to the size they want.
      If even God can’t satisfy them then who are you to think that you can please them?
      My brother don’t kill yourself.”

  3. Edumakated scraggle daggles are not the prizes they portray themselves to be. As for their degrees, most have degrees that are not worth toilet paper.

    I can’t tell you how many scraggle daggles I have seen with degrees in fluff from noname intitutions, who are functionally illiterate.

    Then, add in their ridiculously outrageous super egos, bad attitudes, and extraordinary sense of entitlement, and you have a recipe for disaster.

    Leave these obese, testosterone laden, weave wearing beasts for the plentiful black male simps who worship and adore them, who would pay to sniff their dirty underwear.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Personally I struggle to see any value in your average daggle, she most certainly doesn’t bring anything of worth to any relationship.

      I’ve been asking the same question for a while now, how does a degree help keep a relationship strong, healthy, sustained as well as aid it in going the distance, I’ll wait?

      I’ll keep on reminding black men not to get hoodwinked or sidetracked whenever black women wave their degrees in the air, by doing this they’re openly advertising that they have nothing of value nor substance to contribute towards any relationship.


  4. Level 100 is my level with a future white girlfriend.

    Level 1 is black relationships aka blackistan male with a black negress female.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Level 100 all the way and we don’t stop until we get there. Let these pro black simps manage and look after their dysfunctional queanies.

  5. Once black women (some other women, but mainly black women) start opening their mouths about a “man on my level,” or “a real man,” I just look at them crazy and say one day a “real man” is gonna slap some real sense into these women because these women are hell on earth walking. Do these women know how crazy they sound when they talk like this? Whenever women, especially black women, talk crazy about a “man on my level,” or a “real man,” I automatically assume they looking for a “slave.” You know how these women complain about men are looking for “slaves” because they can’t handle a “strong” woman, well they need to explain:
    A) The ridiculous requirements they have for men to even get with their dumbasses.
    B) The unrealisitic standards that they have for men (have to be NBA height, have to have a big inch you know what that’s gonna give these women reproductive problems, the usual bullshit).
    Explain all that bullshit, since they “Educated,” and all that.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      It’s common knowledge that the more established a woman makes herself, the less options she has available, therefore black women outside of their bad attitudes, terrible dispositions as well as Frankenstein esque looks and features have already relegated themselves into obscurity especially when they start flashing their degrees around as if they mean something to the opposite sex.

      Let them continue chasing after and opening their legs to the dregs and the scum of black male society, black women and those types of black men are made for each other, those are the real men “on their level”.

  6. White Sugar Honey: Am I on your level, hun!?
    SYSBM: Hell yeah!

    Listen here, the level for the daggles are these type of men. Weed Man Jake who sells weed up at Church Road who lives in Neasden, Rapid Fire Rasta who just done jook one gyal in her man’s house, Cell Block Scrappy, Rum Head Fraiser who’s on his three bottle of rum, Des The Drunk who is on the street drunk as hell, Corner Boy Ronney who’s always at the street corner, Machete Man Briggy who is not afraid to chop off his woman’s head, Long Cocky George who is giving the scraggle the long pipe and Fuck All Night Freed who is still at it with a ratchet harridans in the bed.

    The scraggle daggles really don’t want a good black man. Everybody knows that. But when they get older and they ready to settle down or have the worthless man’s children, that’s when they are looking for a good man to be with. I know that the good black woman is a huge rarity but when it comes to the daggle, there’s a huge amount of them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      If you wear your cap to the back, sport a set of gold grills, sag your trousers down to the floor, loiter on street corners and around petrol stations for hours at a time and impregnate random females then black women will most definitely be interested in that type of man, hands down.

      1. That is so true. Black women don’t want a good black man. They don’t even want a feminine black man. They want the man that is worthless.

    2. If your name is Thick Dick Tyrone, Lemar, Leroy or Gold Grillz Killa, women (black and white) will spread it for you.

      If your name is John, David, Stephen or Mike and you look like you can string two words together, you’re “not black enough”.

      Fuck em.

  7. Verbs 2015.

    These educated black women are fucking stupid because they may all have the university degrees(Foundation, Bachelors, Masters and PhD) in the world but they are still in massive student loan debt to the government so that they will never be able to pay that student loan back plus these edjumacated black women are always getting pregnant by the worst black dudes ever making very stupid life choices. When I meet women I don’t give a shit about her university degrees or her education level because all I care about if she is a good looking beautiful childfree non black woman with a good personality who is in shape and who is feminine which is something black women lack. I am proud to be a SYSBM childfree black man at 41.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Once again it’s a case of black women attempting to dictate what we should find attractive and valuable in them, in their eyes our own preferences must be discounted, they are the ones who decide what we’re to like. You cannot make this stuff up. Only the blue pilled, black male simps will go along with this ridiculous garbage. Black women refuse to understand and accept that their market value is dictated by outsiders, not they themselves, smh.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I will never allow black women to determine who I can and can’t date. I am a free thinking SYSBM black man and I can date whichever women I bloody like. Black women think that they own black men which is laughable.

  8. The most educated demographic stay getting gaslighted, manipulated and impregnated by dudes who read on a 3rd grade level, make it make sense.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      As we keep on saying, education and intelligence are not one and the same, the modern day black female’s ultra poor choice in mates continues to illustrate this.

  9. This is why Black men do not take BW seriously when they use 2 things: “Not on my level” and “Real Men”.

    BW’s version of “Real Men” is a cuck and a simp who is a clean up man.
    Another reason why Educated BW are bottom of the barrel because when they admit that they turn down ‘potential men’, that is a complete turn off for top tier men.

    Lets get to the Man on the women’s level.
    When I watched this video as my observation, she believes that the High Value Man which she describes and she expect them to cater to her. You also notice Verbs that there was a picture of Kevin Samuels there because when Madbusdiver and I was binge watcher of the late KS, they thought that the top men will submissive to BW and when Kevin told them the truth that it is BW’s job to cater to men, being a help-meet, these BW went mad and their dreams shattered.

    Lets us be real here and give these Educated BW a reality check:
    The men who are hybrid High Value and SYSBM will never cater to BW because they doing their own business offline and real life, that is the reality. Also they are looking for a wife, not a side-304.

    These BW can call themselves ‘Independent’, ‘Educated’ or say things like ‘men are not are my level’ will never in god’s chance get those men. If they do meet the man ‘on their level’, these women will not be chosen anyway. The ‘men of their level’ will wife up foreigners anyway because they are a financial liability

    What BW really means when they say ‘there are no good BM out there’ basically means the men they want do not want them.

    Verbs wrote:
    “It’s clearly observable that black women as a collective are hedonistic by nature, this means they centre their lives around pleasure as well as superficial and materialistic things.”
    That is why those men of their level will never chose them. They are just a drain on resources.

    1. MMT,

      At this stage knowing just how hedonistic, superficial and materialistic most black women are, black men who still choose to deal with them really have no excuses regarding what they’ll be getting themselves into forming a confederacy with the daggle.

      As I stated in the article, the average Negro who still chooses to “keep it real” is simply lining himself up to be a cash mule helping the black female either maintain her life of hedonism or elevating it to the next level.

      I still have to laugh at those black men who believe they can come to some sort of agreement or reconciliation with the the scraggle daggle. The daggle is the overlord of the average black male, therefore in her eyes only what she says goes, never vice versa.

  10. I’m not on the level of beetles, earthworms, ants and pig shit.

    So yeah, witch, you’re right. I’m definitely not on your level. Thanks.

    1. Michel,

      Sadly, most black men(at least in the US) are still pining and proudly chasing after these bottom feeders, smh.

      1. “Sadly, most black men(at least in the US) are still pining and proudly chasing after these bottom feeders, smh.”

        The single mama-raised Black simp/matriarchal attack dog/male dick policeman epidemic in America has been shown to be in massive proportions thanks to social media. Bigger than anyone thought. This is why SYSBM and Passport Bros is a must.

  11. “It’s clearly observable that black women as a collective are hedonistic by nature, this means they centre their lives around pleasure as well as superficial and materialistic things.”

    That’s only done by BLACK women? There aren’t numerous examples of non-Black women engaged in the same type of behavior? Hypergamy, materialism, narcissism, etc., are only BLACK women traits? Are you guys living under rocks or what? Are the vast majority of white women the breadwinners in their households? How about Asians & Latinas? I can’t believe you guys are denouncing Black women for behaving the same way other American women behave. if you wanna denounce Western culture that’s one thing, but to pretend that Black women are the only practitioners of said culture…good grief.

    1. AfricanAmericanMan,

      Why do you need to introduce non black women into the equation order to defend your “black queens”? Why are you unable to defend black female upon their own merits? It simply goes back to what I stated before, attempting to defend black women is a fool’s errand, it cannot be done, even black women themselves know this as they’ve been failing at it for years.

      But let’s just go along with your though process, non black women though sinking deeper into materialism and hedonism still aren’t as steeped deeply in the filth as the modern day black female who is the queen and the originator of all things carnal, superficial and materially focused. Remember, Jezebel was a black woman simp. You continue to tell on yourself:

  12. “the modern day black female who is the queen and the originator of all things carnal, superficial and materially focused.”

    Wow, what a declaration. The idea of a Black man having such bitter contempt for his mother and all women of her ilk…I don’t even know what to say. I used to think you folks were merely stupid and misguided but it’s clear there exists a self-hatred far greater than anything I imagined. I find myself feeling sorry for you the way I feel sorry for trans folks; I can’t imagine being at war with the very essence of who I am, of believing I’m wrong/cursed/unfortunate by default.

    There’s nothing further to debate; I genuinely hope you and others are able to find love and beauty in yourselves and in the women who birth, nurture and LOOK like you.

    1. Man, GTFOH with this “Queen Mother Earth Afrikan Womb-man” bullshit. Fuck all that. Save that for Umar, Chakabars, Brother Polight and the rest of them useless, ankh and flip flop wearing hoteps who say shit just to get pussy.

      Black women couldn’t produce black children without the seed of the BLACK MAN. What, you think they’re making babies by themselves? Doesn’t stop them from doing the same things you accuse us of though, right? It’s OK for them to speak out against and hate their fathers, sons, brothers, etc though, right? Not stopping them from aborting babies though, right?

      We don’t need you feeling sorry for us, sir. We’re good. SYSBM is growing. You should be glad since there’s more “sistas” for you lol. We know we’re beautiful. Other women confirm this all the time and actually APPRECIATE good black men and value intelligence without them needing to be criminals or have “swag”.

    2. AfricanAmericanMan,

      You really went there with the “your mother’s black” shaming line, smh. Triad simps such as yourself are the reason why black women will never change for the better, every time somebody like myself attempts to hold their feet to the fire, bootlicking flunkies like yourself come crawling out of the woodwork thick and fast using the all too familiar shaming tactics.

      I’ve already found love OUTSIDE of and far away from the black witch’s coven, I’m doing great. It’s black men like yourself I’m concerned about, those who continue to hold out in hope believing black women will one day see the light and change for the better. Newsflash simp, THAT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

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