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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


You’ll notice how her white lord and saviour General Blizzard has far more compassion and concern for the stranded black man than she does, I really don’t understand how you on the fence Negroes still can’t see how your “queens” have far more hatred and racism in their hearts towards their own male counterparts than the racist white men who created them.

Additionally, you heard what else this evil weave wearing black siren said, there are already too many n***as in the local vicinity for her liking(as if she isn’t black herself, smh). These are your divesting black harriets right here, remember, this is how most black women feel about black men, however most are afraid to vocalise their true feelings for fear of snapping black men out of the plantation spellbound trance.

Again, as we’ve stated many times before, black women who date out typically can only get with beta type dudes who they can control. Black women honestly believe they can find sanctuary under the wing of the white men who turned them against us to begin with, what a joke.

Black women are the only race of females on the planet who believe Lord Cooler is going to save them, additionally they’re the only race of women on earth who have completely thrown their male counterparts under the bus, smh.

Despite the issues white women have with white men, white women still have the sense and intelligence to recognise that white men are their protectors and that completely casting their male counterparts aside would be suicide and folly on their part.

You already know what the disappointment is, when this guy finally decides to kick his racist(his own words) black female flunky to the kerb, they’ll be some stupid blue pilled, pro black simp waiting in the wings who’ll have no problems taking this evil black harridan onboard, cuffing her and procreating with the monster.

Black women having destroyed black society honestly believe that they can run to white and other non black men in order to avoid pending righteous judgment for their transgressions, not so, the Most High has other plans. Black women WILL drink down their recompense and judgement undiluted at full industrial strength and they WILL NOT be able to escape the days of their tribulation no matter who they manage to date and where they choose to hide.

In these last days in order to survive black men must be ruthless in upholding standards, evil black witches like the above must be cut off and sent right back to the dark and musty catacombs they crawled out from. Do not save them in their days of distress and torment, leave them to burn, stew and marinate in their own failures.

Black women happily continue to allow themselves to be used as pawns and wrecking instruments against their own people as per their contractual obligations towards the State, sadly most black men will never wake up to this uncomfortable truth.

Black women are the new face of the KKK and white supremacy, this has been the case since they embraced feminism as well as fatherless home welfare policies, racist whites down their tools and went to lunch a long time ago, they’ve left the black witch in charge of running the proverbial plantation.

In other news, continuing with Mr Locario and his dating roach cronies week:

Again brothers, never fall for the witchcraft and the sorcery these dating roaches spew about you somehow being “inadequate” and “weak” because you refuse to deal with women who are contaminated and as a result dysfunctional. These dating coach merchants somehow believe they’re several cuts above you because they have the patience in dealing with dirty women whose juices simply aren’t worth the squeeze.

Once again, Mr Locario and crew have no choice but to rattle off anything and everything to save their flagging dating coach racket, just like black men leaving the building at an astronomical rate in terms of dealing with black women, these dating coaches will NOT be able to stem the flow and implement a damage control strategy sufficient enough to save their dating roach Ponzi scheme.

Real Gs in a normal state DO NOT make outlandish, ridiculous and nonsensical adjustments in order to accommodate women, ESPECIALLY those who are NOT NORMAL. Any woman must come onboard with YOUR FUNCTIONAL program, if she refuses then she should immediately be kicked to the kerb.

There’s a primary reason why these dating roaches have come out and attacked the Passport Bros as well as SYSBM™, they know full well that their “game” only stretches as far as Western shores, beyond them so called “game” is NOT a requirement which they are sincerely gutted about. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

I’ll continue to remind you so it sinks into your head, “game” is only a requirement when solely dealing with DIRTY,  CONTAMINATED, ABNORMAL and DYSFUNCTIONAL women, never forget that. In the same manner as the black witch, these dating roaches are trying their utmost to emasculate and feminise you into being a clean up man/janitor for putrid females, this is the real “game” right here. NEVER allow this to happen.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Don’t Listen To Men Who Recommend You Connect With Dirty Women

Most High Bless

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18 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. But is that not what nighas do in general, lower standards instead of rising to meet them aka “lowering the rim”? How many times over the years have you read where a standardized test is “racist” and has to be dumbed down to accommodate functionally-retarded nighas? I was reading a few years ago where Connecticut had to dumb down its Fireman exam for black applicants. 90s supermodels are now watching in horror as fat bitches are walking the runway in 2022, what happened to those standards?

    Verbs, your counsel is correct, pay these Pookies and Skillets no mind. The “real players” of today will be the homeless dudes of tomorrow. SYSBM.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      These single black mothers produce nothing but failures, it’s a rare thing to have children of single mothers to go on and be successful in life without some sort of outside influence stepping in and bringing about some much needed realignment.

      The modern day black female has become the complete opposite of standards, anything decadent, degenerate, reprobate, immoral etc she has no problems jumping onboard with and embracing alongside 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh and Spoony.

      Black women have no idea of the irreversible extreme ramifications they’ve set themselves up for in the very near future, discarding the best and the brightest of their own male counterparts to the side will most definitely return to bite them in their backsides big time, coming soon to a street near you.

      1. “Black women have no idea of the irreversible extreme ramifications they’ve set themselves up for in the very near future, discarding the best and the brightest of their own male counterparts to the side will most definitely return to bite them in their backside big time coming soon to a street near you.”

        Don’t worry. The “real nighas” and “true playas” like Locario will protect them.

      2. Even 12 Gauge Mike is getting his passport these days. Things have gotten that bad with the scraggle.


  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women hate black men and its been going on for years now and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women. Even white men and white people in general have a bit more compassion for black men more than black women and the black community does which is ironic.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is why I keep on saying without a doubt that black women as a collective are the number one enemy of black men, it’s not like they haven’t demonstrated this position via openly advocating that unborn black male children be assassinated in the womb in addition to calling us “bullet bags” and wishing we were back in literal chains.

      Out of all non blacks on the planet, white folks are the most compassionate towards us despite their various shortcomings. Travel to a country in south Asia or the Middle East and you’ll see what real racism and extreme non compassion looks like.

  3. Black societies are always lowering the rim.

    SYSBM is highering the rim at its max.

    Black females have always been the hidden KKK before slavery, during slavery, after slavery of segregation and integration.

    They are not hidden anymore as the new face of it.

    The blackistan males will never view them as their enemies.

    I’m not a protector for negress females.

    I will only protect my future white wifey that is traditional, conservative and Christian.

    1. Witwijf,

      SYSBM is the only sustainable and viable way forward for the heterosexual free thinking black man. Black society is in the toilet because black women are the captains at its helm, things will continue to deteriorate within it until it is completely reduced to a pile of ashes and rubble.

      Black men with sense and intelligence only need concern themselves with their non black female significant others and their own futures, leave “da communitah” to burn itself to the ground.

    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      This is why black society is in the mess that it is, however black women would much prefer to rule over the swamp rather than submit to black male authority so that some sort of order can be restored.

      State Directive 101 – Keep black men and black society flat on their face for eternity and ensure that any constructive endeavours black men attempt to embark upon in order to make restitution are immediately trampled upon, sabotaged, derailed, ruined and destroyed.

  4. When a black woman starts an interracial relationship, she will always choose a white man. I have no issues in that. However, when you see a black woman with a white man, you think they will go for the Nice Guy Nick who is successful? No, they will go for the beta male. And out of the two of them in that video, it seems like the white man has more compassion then the scraggle daggle who looks like some chick on ghetto gaggers. I know that these ghetto dungles hate black men. I know that now. As these ghetto ratchet black women get used up sexually by the white beta male, the simps will be there to save them. As usual. And these fools who are dick policing on the second video. Do you know how tired I am hearing their mouth? I’m so tired of them talking, it makes me have a headache. And you know Simpcario who has that bad boy membership thing whatever it calls it, he should change it to

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      The bottom line is a white sugar honey is a far safer option for a black man than dealing with his own female counterpart and this is despite the various shortcomings many white women in the West have.

  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, let’s get right to it: that daggle chose a Captain Blizzard who looks like Beast from the X Men without the mutant appearance (yet they expect us to look like Idris Elba and Boris Kodjoe); also, this guy said she won’t allow him to stop and help the Black guy as if he needs her permission to be a decent human being. What kind of simpish mess is that?! I would’ve kicked her out of the car for that! Also, how is seeking out wife material overseas (due to the dearth of quality stargates here in the West) considered as “lowering the rim”? What a stupid analogy! Learning a new culture and expanding on your dating options is elevating; it’s these game goofies who are lowering the rim to get with the least desires group of women to smash. Don’t get it twisted; go overseas, bag a quality stargate, and be free! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Pay those Skillets no mind, they are virtue signaling for Scooby snacks and a pat on the head from the Sistahood. You only need to be a “playa” or have “game” for these low vibrational Shaniquas out here.

      As for Jedidiah, he seems like a decent enough white dude, not surprising it’s the Black Female Nazi he’s with who’s the real problem. It’s always weird to me how people actually upload this stuff and put it out there.

      David Carroll used to always say that most white dudes worked with, went to school with, or played sports with Black men and did not subscribe to extremist racist rhetoric, yet divester hoes have eaten it up with two spoons.

      The hate is real for heterosexual Black Men. Watch your six. SYSBM.

  6. These black dating coaches are just modern day slave negro patrollers.They want black men to be miserable, hence the shaming language like “you lack game”. I notice these dating coaches don’t shame non black men who are opting out of the western Dating scene.

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