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A Post Wall, “Independent” Old Hag Speaks!


Caylee Cresta claims to be “empowering women”, indeed she is………………to ultimate failure. As we’ve pointed out many times before, there are a cadre of elders out here who wish to see the younger generations walk down the road of failure in exactly the same manner as they did, this cake faced, fake eyelash wearing, post wall old hag above is no different.

We can already predict Cresta’s story, completely wasted her younger years getting dicked down and ran through by knuckleheads who weren’t going to commit to her, exited her prime years only to find herself alone and thereafter allowed the anger and bitterness to creep in and take root, this is the case with many of these washed up older harriets.

If you check the comment section of that video, you’ll observe many other angry and bitter women agreeing with what she said, what are the sayings, birds of a feather flock together and misery loves companyThe fact that Caylee Cresta squandered her prime years on men that were no good is HER OWN FAULT, however as per usual too many women in the West are allergic to accountability and refuse to take their shortcomings and failures on the chin.

Now, the guy at the beginning of the video, I believe he was referring to how so many Western women have proudly adopted an aggressive, rebellious, challenging and belligerent disposition, I tried to find his original video but was unable to locate it. Miss Cresta here comes along and incorrectly interprets men’s disliking of women exhibiting masculine traits to “being intimidated by a woman’s strength, success and independence”.

NO, we simply don’t like women who revel in masculine behaviour, we couldn’t give a monkeys about your so called “strength, independence and success”(which typically amounts to being difficult, argumentative, bossy, uncooperative and non submissive). Strong and independent women are NOT suitable for long term relationships, hence why in the overwhelming majority of cases, men bypass them giving those types of women an extremely wide berth.

Liberal women continue to demonstrate themselves to be individuals that men with sense and intelligence must avoid at all costs. I’ll continue to repeat the same, if brothers are struggling to find true conservative women then instead I would strongly recommend they begin looking in the direction of non Westernised foreign women.

Men who are worth their salt are NOT intimidated by women who claim to be strong, independent and successful, far from it. Applying logic, reasoning and common sense, we simply recognise and understand what those descriptions really stand for and acknowledge that successful relationships can never be forged with women who subscribe to those positions.

Feminism is a complete and utter failure of a religion, fooling many women into believing that embracing and practicing it has somehow launched them into a new realm of achievement, however nothing could be further from the truth. These are the types of worthless non black females modern day black women are listening to and taking advice from, smh.

As I stated in my book Negro Wars, a woman’s true strength and success lies in her fully embracing her femininity, womanhood and biological purpose, NOT trying her utmost to distance herself from the very things she was built for.

Looking through old hag Cresta’s videos and you’ll notice how she’s always cake faced up to the hilt and wears fake eyelashes which are major indications of insecurity. You notice how these same feminists who claim to be independent from men lean heavily upon the cosmetics industry(created and ran by MEN) to help them escape reality, how is spray painting your face as well as using filters to hide your true visage being “strong”?

In reality these women are actually weak because they cannot handle presenting themselves to the world in their natural form. Additionally, as I mentioned before in a previous article, a natural disaster would soon put to bed any notion of women being “strong and independent”.

The bottom line is Caylee Cresta is a washed up, rinsed out, ran through, contaminated old hag that no men of worth and quality are interested in nor checking for, hence why she’s now embarked upon her self proclaimed mission to “empower women” which is directly rooted in her personal anger and bitterness due to no longer being desired and chosen, oh well, that’s her problem, not mine.

Gentlemen, as you can see it isn’t only in the black community where elder men and women are attempting to contaminate and lead the younger generations astray. I find it interesting how most of these so called strong and independent women typically only proclaim those positions once their options have dried up, we aren’t stupid over here.

If men were still checking for them, the words strength and independence wouldn’t even come into their minds. Chad and Brad profoundly wounded Caylee Cresta and she never got over it, so much for being “strong”.

Notice how these cowardly elder sirens never have the courage to confront the men that did them damage, nope, it’s always the men after the fact who’ve done nothing wrong to them that are now seen as the “enemy” who must “pay for the sins” of a dysfunctional few.

Brothers, yet another example of the type of non black female to avoid at all costs, women who are confused, angry, bitter, refuse to cooperate and listen are extremely unattractive and a massive liability, walk away from them with the quickness and never look back. Always remember, QUALITY STARGATES MATTER. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Women With A Liberal/Feminist Mindset At All Costs

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “A Post Wall, “Independent” Old Hag Speaks!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid old post wall hags like Caycee Cresta because they are masculine strong independent women and its a turn off for SYSBM men like me. Women like Caycee Cresta wasted her sexual prime years (18 to 30) with the bad boys and now that she has exited her sexual prime years and that she is a feminist old hag no quality man who has his life together wants her.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      She’s a bitter old hag who no man are checking for, thus she embarked upon a mission to ruin the potential relationships of other women being successful under the guise of “women’s empowerment”, an evil harriet she is.

  2. She is nothing more than a karen hag.

    The qualities I look for in a white wifey are Conservative and Christian.

    I could try going foreign but the issue is this.

    Poland has 6th wave of feminism.

    Feminism has been spreading to other nations in Eastern Europe for years.

    Within the next 25-45 years, I won’t be shocked if the Eastern block is fully contaminated.

    The western world could influence the east depending on the situation between NATO, Ukraine and Russia.

    1. Wrong, brother. Poland and Hungary are holding the line best they can against the social contagion of feminism and LGBTQPIA. Problem is, the EU is trying to punish them economically for not falling in line with the Western social engineering agenda slash “Great Reset”. Hope they stay strong.

    2. Witwijf,

      Nope, Eastern Europe is one of the last fortresses of hope when it comes to finding a traditional white woman, my suggestion is that you actually check out these countries firsthand before believing mainstream media propaganda. Polish women are some of the best white women you can run into. Boots on the ground investigations are always best in determining what’s really going on in any country.

  3. Verbs wrote:
    “Notice how these cowardly elder sirens never have the courage to confront the men that did them damage, nope, it’s always the men after the fact who’ve done nothing wrong to them that are now seen as the “enemy” who must “pay for the sins” of a dysfunctional few.”

    Kevin Samuels best quote to describe this: “Making a man in your present pay for stuff in your past equals no future” – Kevin Samuels.

    This is how Kevin describe this.

    This is the reason why the dating is rigged in the west because they are full of disgruntled females because they got hurt by their ex. So instead of healing themselves first before going back to the dating pool, they decide to carry this emotional/physical damage goods burden-selves online.
    You can tell that they are damaged goods because they will say things like “No Strings attached or no sex” like these men are looking for that, then they impose ‘Premiums’ on good men, you know unrealistic standards and pay more for dating because they gave it away easily to thugs and bad boys.

    Also Verbs the reason why these wash up old females telling young women not to date men because the old women fears competition. So they resort to shaming young females and talking shit about men because they have this crab mindset towards the young females.

    Also Verbs and gentlemen, please pay attention what I am going to say:
    Some old-hag white women and now BW starting to do this, they will disguise this ‘Intersectional Feminism’ which means they are concern (which they are not concern) about the poor females in poor countries because old men are wifeing up young women overseas and these old post wall females will mask this as how the poor women are oppressed. Because they are losing to foreign women.
    This started in the white community because those men are dating overseas. In reality they are not getting picked.
    Now the BW and the alliance against the Passport Brothers are using the shaming tactics which you made topic about few weeks ago.
    They are resorting to desperation because they cannot win the dating market against the foreigners.

    1. MMT,

      The bottom line is men are voting with their feet and wallets and there is nothing this old hag above or the black witch contingent can do to change the tide. Indeed, I’ve seen post wall hags and the modern day black female pretending to care about women in foreign countries.

      Some of these deceitful Western buzzards even trying to “reach out” to them pretending that they’re concerned about their welfare, however foreign women are not brainwashed like women in the West, they can see exactly what’s going on, have the ability to think and reason for themselves and additionally feel insulted that Western women are treating them as if they don’t have any intelligence.

  4. Strong and independent. Where?

    I know that the woman on the video and this has to be on Tiktok, I can tell that she has been rammed out by some bottom shelf type dudes. As these women said that they don’t need a man, when they get older, then they will say that where are the good men gone. You see, I have seen so many women like her on Tiktok. And most of these women are really unstable. I was like “Oh my God! These women are crazy!” No man wants a woman that is masculine. He wants a feminine woman ad as a man sees a woman like this, there is no way that he wanna deal with her. A woman that is masculine, no!

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      It’s always the same old story with these broads, the same history continues to pop up time and time again, they don’t learn anything even when observing the calamity of other females engaging in the same reckless behaviours, smh.

  5. They don’t need a man yet will call you when they stranded at night

    They independent yet side begging you for money

    They strong yet can’t lift their own luggage.

    Every woman past 40 wants to reconnect with Chad and Tyrone but all she can get is Nice Guy Nick (even then he’s travelling to Greece to smash). Angry, bitter, full of rage, the independent story is simply a lullaby misdirect to protect their ego. It was fun sitting on different cock, now it’s over deal with. All good things come to an end. Being angry will guarantee she never gets another man in her life (unless it’s Beta Man Bob)…

    1. Michel,

      The chickens have come home to roost for this witch above, what’s sad is she has a large following of equally braindead knuckleheads who can’t see that old hag Cresta is leading them straight into a hole they won’t be able to get out of.

      As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. Grim times are fast approaching for these so called “strong, independent, boss chicks”, they’ll soon realise that railing against men would have been the biggest mistake they ever made.

  6. LOL @ this filter-faced wall-smasher. I only question whether it’s BW taking their feminist marching orders from post-wall, misandrist WW, or the other way around? I mean this old, big mouth, cake-faced white broad is sporting flyaway eyelashes and fake nails like Shaniqua, and talking the same sh*t.

    I’ve said it before on here, and I will say it again; it’s sad to see the once-platinum standard, feminine ideal white woman who could get any man she wanted, sink to the level of the least desired, chronically-single black HEFFA.

    SYSBM, gents!

      1. “You best believe that Becky is now listening to Keisha on being a feminist; even the feminist organizer Gloria Steinem (co-founder of “Ms.” magazine) said herself that Black women have ALWAYS been greater feminists…”

        Oh my god the West is doomed. These hoes are irredeemable.

      2. BCT,

        I’m glad you posted that link, the truth right there in our faces, the modern day black female, the mascot of destruction leading the charge that so many other females are now following.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      About the only places now where quality white women still exist in reasonable numbers are in Central and Eastern Europe. Western white women as you’ve mentioned before now look up to Cardi B, Meg Thee Male Horse, City Girls, Sukihana etc. It’s a chicken wrap for Western women, it was a chicken wrap a long time ago for the modern day black female.

  7. I have always observed that old hag white female feminists come off as fundamentally unhappy people. They come off as being entitled and aggrieved at the same time, while having no sense of responsibility for the consequences of their own actions.

    They seem to be appealing to the thirsty beta male mentality. You know, the type of male who has always had a hard time getting snatch. The sort of male who is thirsty for snatch in any condition, and at any cost. These are the sort of males who will twist and contort themselves into psychological and emotional pretzels for the long shot chance of getting some wash up contaminated snatch.

    You will notice that when these type of hags are married, especially the high profile ones, their spouse is usually a beta who is confortable slinking in the background beneath her shadow. He typically allows her to speak for the both of them, while having no strong opinions on anything, and none at all that differs from the opinions of his domineering spouse.

    When these hags do land a spouse, he is typically a mealy mouthed milk toast beta male, who is confortable being led around and publicly humiliated by a battle axe feminist harpy.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      A lot of these disgruntled, expired women are slowly realising that the State and its equally corrupt system cannot save them from The Wall, loneliness and the eventual unfolding negative consequences of the bad decisions they’ve made in the past. Once The Wall hits, nothing can be done to reverse time.

      I personally believe that Cresta is done, she’s past the point of no return and just like the devil she’s determined to take as many non critical thinking females down to hell with her as she can.

      Imagine that, knowing that you’ve made some jacked up decisions in your life that have lead you to the point where you’re at now, however because of pride, arrogance and an outright blockhead attitude, you’d much prefer to march younger women into the fire rather than admitting your errors and pointing them out so that said younger women don’t make the same mistakes you did, that type of behaviour is beyond evil.

  8. I’ve seen this braud before, I think on Instagram; when you hear women like Caylee Cresta speak this way, this is how you know you’re dealing with a knucklehead. Women like her refuse to listen to understand, but to respond with some feminist babble about how men are trash and are intimidated by women doing the very things that responsible adults do anyway; we could care less about your financial success or your careers because no man with his head screwed on tight will take issue with that, but it’s the insufferable behavior and attitude they adopt that drive men away. Also, does anybody else notice that liberal White women are starting to regurgitate talking points that resemble those uttered by the scraggle daggle? Caylee Cresta is just another example of the type of Becky that SYSBM Tenet #22 warns against dealing with; avoid them at all costs! #SYSBM

  9. Today I was looking on YouTube and saw a absolute beauty from Colombia I couldn’t stop staring the gynocentric west is full of crap the good thing is that most men don’t have the money to relocate so I’m focusing on building wealth and moving over there I’m 21 so I have time it is too difficult in the west these women are clearly delusional asf so I’m moving over there.

    1. Zidane,

      Stack up your money and get the heck out of dodge. The West is done and it’s never going to be the same again.

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