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THIS Is Why You Cannot Rebuild “Da Communitah”!



The above is exactly why there will always be NO HOPE and NO CHANGE for black society as a whole(shout out to the late Dr David Carroll). This is yet again a clear illustration as to why “da communitah” can NEVER be successfully rebuilt.

You’ll notice that out of all of these black love proponents such as Dr Umar “GerbilFace” Johnson, Dr Claw aka Jason Black aka The Black Authority etc, none have ever sat down and brainstormed how they would actually bring about reparations to black society knowing that said women have a detrimentally STRONG preference for the dregs and the scum of the black male population.

The bottom line is because most black girls are raised WITHOUT A FATHER FIGURE IN THE HOME and because they’ve seen their mothers(who’ve set up the blueprint) constantly getting dicked down by random 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Trap House Jim type Negroes, these are the same men most black women grow up believing are so called “attractive” and are the men to go for.

There are equally as attractive black men who have their faculties together and who don’t have a criminal rap sheet 10 miles long, however because black women through their subscription to and embrace of mutant feminism have been wired backwards, as such in their eyes these level headed brothers are viewed as “lames” and “squares”.

However, as we already know, once black women have been ran through by Chunky Bruh, Cheezy Grillz, Shorty Fist and Field Mouse, they know EXACTLY where to go in order to find a good black man.

This is your average black female’s plan, spend her prime years having fun, getting ran through, used up and rinsed out by the dregs of black male society, but then as she exits her prime years(many a time with 2,3,4,5,6,7 children en tow), she then aims to get herself a clean up man/janitor, a so called “lame” to help her bear the burden of the negative consequences unfolding due to the bad decisions she’s made in the past.

As I always say, no thank you, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass. The truth of the matter is black society is completely upside down and has been that way for the longest. When you look at other communities, hands down the overwhelming majority of women of the same will exalt, pursue, view and place the best and the brightest of their male counterparts at the top of the mountain.

However, the complete opposite is true when it comes to black women, they view the dregs and the scum of black male society as the BEST choice and will exalt, worship and chase after those guys instead.

This is exactly why those black men with sense and intelligence simply need to get their passports and date out, they’ll be appreciated much more for their positive attributes and good qualities by non black women when compared with their own female counterparts.

Normal women are attracted to normal men, this is why the so called “educated lames” of black male society have little to no problems attracting white and other non black women because said women in the majority of cases have been raised in NORMAL two parent households.

Most black women having been raised in single mother households are NOT NORMAL, this is why despite noting the continued calamity and disaster of their fellow “sistas” they’ll still choose to open their legs to Pookie, Sheggy and Spoony and in most cases get impregnated by the same.

Those black men worth their salt have no viable reasons to date, marry and procreate with black women, this is an uncomfortable truth that most black men refuse to acknowledge but it’s the truth nonetheless.

In 2022 educated, intelligent, upwardly mobile, non criminal record holding, level headed black men are INCOMPATIBLE with black women as a collective, the sooner they accept this(though most won’t, they’ll still choose to stick it out believing that they can make black male/black female relations work) is the sooner they can move on to greener pastures. #SYSBM™ #PASSPORTHEAVY

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

More Black Men Must Begin Making Better Choices Regarding Who They Choose To Date And Procreate With

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “THIS Is Why You Cannot Rebuild “Da Communitah”!

  1. Truth. I went SYSBM decades ago and living a peaceful, drama-free existence with my snow bunny Mrs. of over 2 decades and counting! Non-black women have been checking for me since grade school. Black women have never been on my radar and I’ve never been on theirs. I say – good! The feeling is mutual!

    Brothers – SYSBM is the way forward. Accept no substitutes.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      Black women are upset because the black men they would expect to step up for cleanup man duties after they’ve been ran through by Slim Sauce and Field Mouse have now chosen to take their MATE(money, attention, time and energy) elsewhere.

      They reject the best and the brightest of black male society but then at the same time expect those same black men to stick around waiting for them and to take them onboard after they’ve been used and abused, smh. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      1. Black woman loves to say this stop taking our man from us they belong to us We God And Queen Fuck that Shit I Can Date Outside My Race make me happy and I realize they always say you hate yourself you hate Mother you don’t love Black women this is that pro-black Hotep talking point stuff I can’t stand this is about is trying to race hustle you oh that’s what it is I noticed it all these Native Americans idiots who try to keep you back in that Plantation as a slave to your community that means black women y and play Race Card and because they are hypocrites they hate to see blacks guys like you with white women and these dudes marry outside a race as well I know I’m free and I have a right to love outside my Race that how see it they want to call you sell out they still bring up slavery They Will never going to change They Will always going to bring slavery in don’t want to see black man from dating outside of race because they are so much against Brothers having a dating reference and a son woke people out there so much against that because they feel like you hate your own race and you don’t they just love the race hustle you for put you back in that slave hairs with black women that’s what it’s about st and that’s how it’s fucked up double standard will never stop I noticed how they think we supposed to be a slave to them the black woman god king and I think the Woke stuff is the problem right now it’s really it’s about money and power to these Pro black Hotep don’t never be a slave to your people because that’s what they trying to do stick with them be free and love out

  2. I recently tried speed dating and I had to close connections 4 times.

    The reason why I had to end it cause this speed dating automatically pairs me with random women.

    4 of them were black, one of them reported me for losing connection lol.

    This is the disadvantage of speed dating online.

    If I saw a white Conservative Christian wifey, I would have found a connection to stay online longer.

    1. Witwijf,

      How are the connections supposed to be random women yet you got linked up with 4 daggles? Something sounds rigged about that particular system.

      1. This is why I’m not going to use this system again.

        It looks rigged.

        I did end up chatting to a white woman but she was slightly overweight.

        I decided not to match her for this reason.

        It has come to my conclusion that speed dating are mainly for unattractive women.

        A white conservative christian woman won’t need to speed date online.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    The black woman in the above videos is 100 percent correct. This is the reason why the black community fucked and destroyed and it will never be fixed because black women love their bad boy thug black men and they stupidly choose to have kids with these worthless types of men. Even King Richez the youtuber who is a Tyrone type of black man acknowledge that black women do not make good wives or girlfriends because they love having lots of dramas in their lives, they hate good black men and they also pick the worst black men to have kids with and even he understands why SYSBM men like us choose to date women outside of our race. I am so glad that I am a childfree SYSBM black man at 40 and that I went fully SYSBM when I was just 16 years old all the way back in October 1998 after I initially went SYSBM when I was just 12 years old all the way back in Summer 1994 when I was in year 7/the first year of secondary school.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the heterosexual free thinking black man, he’s the only type of black man who recognises that “da communitah” is ruined and has been turned into a pile of ashes and rubble by these same black females who have been appointed by their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost aka the State to ensure it’s never restored.

      Most black men will continue to remain under the plantation trance believing that one day they’ll stumble across that unicorn good black female, of course we already know this will never happen. Black men with sense and intelligent already know what needs to be done and have been taking action accordingly.

  4. Glad it’s a woman saying it this time, you magically won’t get the usual Keisha shaming language (“youse a coon”, “you just jealous you can’t get no pussy”, “why you bashing black wimmen” ad nauseum) for pointing this out.

    BW have made it known in every way that she prefers Pookie so I’m for giving her the world that she wants. The wild thing is invariably these black hoes always come home to roost, looking for a “good man” after they’ve been rinsed out, rode hard and put away wet by Gold Toof Grimy and/or Dwight Mann. If B1 simps didn’t take back damaged goods, we wouldn’t even be here.

    I’ve seen nothing in recent history to suggest that SYSBM is not the way to go for the intelligent, productive, heterosexual, upwardly-mobile Black Man. Passport Bros up, f*ck these bitches. Let “Da Communitah” burn.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Most black men residing under the plantation spell refuse to accept the black female’s heavy preference towards Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim type Negroes. True SYSBM practitioners on the other hand are the only group of black men who fully respect the black woman’s choice in who she prefers as a companion.

      However, we DO NOT respect these same black women expecting us to return to the plantation to clean up their mess. That janitorial position is for these blue pilled, pro black simps, let them save their queans and indulge in the scraps and crumbs.

      1. The funny thing is the matriarchal plantation flunkies hate SYSBM as much as the females do lol. Pookie wants us “lames” to marry his daughters and his babymamas to get him off the hook for child support. Sorry, Pookie, no clean up men here. Good luck nigha! LMAO

  5. I grew up very poor. I came from the most impoverished segment of da communitah. But I made it out. So I can tell you that even this daggle is not being quite honest.

    I have seen it time and time again, where black women prefer Pookies. But in most cases these Pookies are not ‘fine’. Most of the time they are as ugly as sin. Sure, many Pookies get buff while pumpimg iron in prison. But that’s about it.

    To a baboon, another baboon is fine. To a hippo, another hippo is fine. To a buzzard, another buzzard is fine. Most Pookies do not have classic male good looks. Many get buff in prison, but that is all.

    I’ve said it a thousand times already. The daggles and the Pookies they love are cut from the same cloth. Many daggles have white collar jobs because of government programs. Many more have fluff degrees from diploma mills because of government programs. This is winding down for them. These daggles are not accomplished nor achieved. Beneath the surface they are hood just like the Pookies they love.

    Now most Pookies in da hood are slimmer and more height, weight proportionate than the daggies. This is because the modern day daggle starts having obesity issues in adolescence. And most daggles have a masculine facial bone structure. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a daggle declare a Pookie fine when that Pookie had a face that even his ratchet mother couldn’t love.

    1. “I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a daggle declare a Pookie fine when that Pookie had a face that even his ratchet mother couldn’t love.”

      As long as he’s ripped with tattoos and a big dick, that’s all these size queen daggles care about.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      Growing up I saw the same firsthand, where black women would purposely bypass decent brothers and instead home in on the scum buckets.

      At the time I didn’t understand what was going on, I couldn’t figure out why they(during their prime years) preferred Slim Sauce and Shorty Fist over Blue Collar Trevor and White Collar Stephen, however understanding the dysfunctional black witch that much better has changed everything.

      As I stated in my book Negro Wars, black women as a collective are chaotic, dysfunctional individuals who look out for men with the same traits, this is why they’re repulsed by black men who are intelligent, who have their lives together and who don’t have a criminal rap sheet 50 miles long.

      Additionally, black women need men they can manipulate and control(as per State Directive 101), thus the free thinking black man is NOT the ideal candidate because right away he’s able to see through the black female’s trickery and lies and can immediately call her out on them.

      Like I said before, most black women are wired backwards, degenerate men most women of other communities would be utterly repulsed by, these same black females welcome them with open arms, smh.

  6. I looked at this daggle’s tiktok, and she talks the talk. But then I looked at her big hair. I’d bet a paycheck that this is not her real hair.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      It’s a wig/weave and I have some articles coming up with videos of her saying things that are not correct, stay tuned for those.

    2. Betting that your rank and file American black chick is NOT wearing her real hair at any given time is the safest bet you’ll ever make.

  7. David Carroll is one of the greatest minds of all time. I really wish he could have been around to see bwack wimmenz having their spawn dance to “leg shaking” songs by R Kelly on Tik Tok. It’s a shame we couldn’t get THAT rabbit hole.

    1. Marc-Lo,

      David Carroll had been deconstructing these dysfunctional black females from way back, as he stated in many of his videos, most black men are not ready to face the harsh truth concerning their female counterparts.

    2. I still think the CIA bumped Dr. Carroll off. Kevin Samuels also, that woman they found him with was a Mata Hari. Both in the same year, both anti-matriarchal. Had captive audience due to the pandemic. Making too much of an impact. The communitah has to remain broken and matriarchal at all costs.

  8. The woman is right. She is correct of what she is saying. The men who are Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Man Man and Day Day are the most attractive men in the so called black commuinty. It’s not the black man like computer wiz kid Tyler or the Book Warm Carl. It’s the men like 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Thick Dick Tyrone, Colt Five Rounds, Fuck All night Fredd, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. You guys know I’m from North West London. And I know that the good black man don’t have a chance to get them women there. Only the dudes like Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. If a good black man was in North West London and he start a relationship with one of them gyal, she will play games with him. Black men have to go elsewhere to look for companionship outside of their race. Because it’s truly inpossible to have a black woman to marry and start a family. These women knows that Chopper Man Stoley, Mchette Man Briggy, Whiskey Baron Tony and Rum Head Fraiser is their kind of men.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Why you wan run up mi bloodclaat?

      Mi find out mi gyal dun fuck annudda man, yesterday, so mi haffi chop it up tuh raasclaat. Chop off di head an dash wey inna gulley. Police nah catch mi, and mi nah care yu know. Nobody nah wan fuck with me, you hear?

    2. Money Cultural,

      Rapid Fire Rasta and Weed Man Jake can have these broads, since those are the guys these black women prefer, so be it. The daggle will always stay daggling.

  9. Yeah, Verbs I hear what you’re saying, but Dr Umar sez:


    I can’t tell you the amount of kindness white women and normal white people in general have shown me over the years, far much more than my parents ever did. I’m a square negro. So is it a wonder that white women are the ones who have sought a brother like myself?

    1. Michel,

      I get smiles from white women all day, hands down white women despite their various shortcomings are generally much nicer and kinder towards black men than the daggle. It’s sad that as a black man you’re appreciated by women of other ethnicities way before your own female counterparts.

      I only wish I’d snapped out of the plantation trance in my early teens instead of my late 20’s, I would’ve avoided so much drama and inconvenience.

  10. At this point, I’m convinced that Black women would run off with the devil himself if he were to show himself to them; all of the red flags are flapping hard as ever, and they ignore that because he’s fine? They deserve whatever consequences come with choosing Cheesy Grillz and Spoony over Blue Collar Trevor and White Collar Stephen; to answer her question in the second video, the reason why the Black women who are in good jobs stay falling for the Slim Sauce types is because water seeks its own level. They are not compatible with decent, hardworking men on any level, and any decent brother should consider it a blessing that these dysfunctional wenches aren’t attracted to them; in light of what we know about the daggle, not being appealing to them can actually be life saving.

    1. BCT,

      Black women simply aren’t wired right but for years they’ve pushed the narrative that something is wrong with the average black men who has his head screwed on straight and who doesn’t have a criminal record.

      I’ll admit that it was extremely refreshing for me to finally come to the realisation that I wasn’t the problem when it came to black women choosing nefarious characters over decent black men.

      As you stated, upwardly mobile, intelligent black men are NOT compatible with the overwhelming majority of black women, outside of the Passport Bros, true SYSBM practitioners are the only group of black men who truly accept this and have moved on.

  11. I heard Verbs on MBD’s live stream. It was hilarious hearing him actually saying Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse and Trap House Jim in that London accent. LMAOOOOOOO

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Just keeping it real, lol. It was good to get on a panel with MBD, it’s been a long while since he’s hosted a livestream with all the SYSBM Knights at the Roundtable.

    2. Don’t forget 12 Gauge Mike.


  12. The first video is not true. Now if it is the shape of the dude maby. Looks wealthier people tend to marry and mate with more attractive wealthy people. Thus wealthier blacks tend to be more attractive, but do not date down to women like her. Just a thought..

    1. Yes, black women are lying. Pookies tend to be on the uglier side, the vast majority. Average at best, they’re saying this the same way the low end black men act like fat women are attractive.

  13. I used to feel sorry for the blk females when they said no good brother are around and eligible black men are hard to find. I was like ok finding virtuous bw would be easier take for me then reality hit me. If your attractive have a degree successful. bw for the most part see you as a creep. Now I don’t even care for bw I don’t even care if their attracted to me or not I’m glad their not. I can rationalize my failure with them much easier and I understand that only pookie and ray ray they live even educated ones it’s sick man. I don’t give an anyway any man considering dating a masculinesha in 2023 needs a New Years plan.

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