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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


Black women have become the biggest laughingstock and embarrassment in the entire history of mankind. Have you noticed that these types of “accidents” DO NOT occur with white and other non black women?

Black women happily stay engaging in goofy, nonsensical behaviour but at the same time try their utmost to pass it off as normal. Whoever told black women that wearing the hair of other women on their heads is normal behaviour outright lied to them.

The interviewer is blatantly laughing in her face and yet she still chooses to place that ridiculous contraption back upon her head, smh. This clip simply goes to solidify the case that black women as a collective don’t like being black, they hate the way God made them and if they could snap their fingers and turn into white women, they’d do so in the blink of an eye.

And to think these feral harriets have the audacity to call black men who date out “self haters” when the real self hatred is being ashamed of your natural visage and attempting to cover it up. Yet another reason why more black men are bypassing black women, what man in his right mind wants to deal with a female who despises her own heritage and natural looks, I’ll wait?

Goofy broads continuing to engage in goofy activities, but these are the women that you supposedly must have “game” for? She did it to herself, had she embraced sporting her natural hair, this foolishness would NOT have taken place.

Black women should rightly be laughed hard at, mocked and ridiculed for eternity for wearing weaves, wigs, fake eyelashes and all of the other ridiculous external appendages that are continuing to make the East Asian(US), Pakistani and Indian communities(UK) richer by the day.

Black women stay looking ultra goofy and stupid wearing all of these funky contraptions, nothing about fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake nails, thick layers of makeup etc is attractive, NOTHING. Lastly, notice how she used the N word to address the host, plantation vibes right there.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I am laughing so fucking hard at the above video because this particular black woman is so foolish because she is wearing a white woman wig on her head because she hates being black. This is the reason why I only date non black women because they are proud to display their natural looks with their real hair whereas black women are the biggest self haters on the planet and the least desired women on earth.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Most black women subconsciously know that they aren’t attractive, so instead they lean heavily upon makeup, fake nails, fake eyelashes, weaves/wigs etc in their attempts to elevate their looks. The problem is they look even worse, not far off at all from exaggerated caricatures and cartoon characters especially with the fake eyelashes(yuck). #TEAMNATURAL #SYSBMFORLIFE

  2. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    The YouTuber Peso Man (Peso Boy is what I call him) is on B.S.. He talks bad stuff against traveling black men but he’s a travelling black man from the United States and living in Uganda. According to Hardcore Tito, Uganda’s medium cost of living in around $30 U.S. and that’s why PesoBoy retreated there. Peso used his attack videos as revenue (donations) to make ends meet.

    A video of Peso being called out.

    The coward Peso Boy did a Livestream last night about the new war against black women is black men weaponizing said passports on them. The Livestream is now on private.

    1. Peso Man is always have this personal beef against the Passport Brothers.
      Even Ringo TV Raw still doing this.

    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      This Peso dude sounds like a premium chump, how can he be hating on travelling black men when he’s a traveller himself?

      1. I notice this Verbs,

        It mention on the panel that Peso is gone to Uganda and Peso said himself went around the world, but the problem is that he still got the hood mindset so he is no different from these fake Red-pillers who go to overseas and go to the Tourist areas and saying all women are the same.
        He even admit himself that he ‘loves the matrix’.

  3. I have more vids of weave wigs falling off in public.

    Now I’m about to share vids of white feminism spreading in Ukraine and Poland.

    I’m not shocked at all.

    Obviously there are some white traditional women not contaminated.

    The only difference is there will be more fighting against feminism in the east compare to the west.

  4. Hi Quincy

    I agree with you.
    You made a YouTube video a probably a year ago about you go to the gym for workout.

    I give you an advice about the gym.

    Always go to the male only gym, not unisex gym (male/female) because these women are not going to the gym to work out, they are purposely instigating trouble with their videos.

    I seen these woman claim Gym-harrassment/stalking men.

    What they do is they record a video at the line of sight and if any man just looking at them even for 1 second, they will put this on Social Media and saying how men are perverts. Even they are not looking at them. They will somehow claiming that you are staring at them.

    I advice all brothers the same that way, no women can complain and record you.
    Find a Men only gym and you be safe from these gym 304s.

    That is the reason why I do not deal with gyms because these women just start trouble for no reason and call you a pervert online, even you are minding your own business. Even men do not look at their direction but they will find ways.

    I seem alot of these gym harrasement videos and I am put off by the gym because of this.

    Again, as long as you find men-only gym, you have a safe space.

    1. I built my own gym in my house. It can be done. Saves time, drama and money on gas traveling to workouts.


    2. Andy C.

      I fully agree with you Andy. When I go to the gym no women look at me or even bother me so I am okay. I go to the gym to do my gym workout and not look for a woman.

  5. Gentlemen,

    Yet another clear example as to why more black men are choosing to walk away from the black witch contingent, yet knuckleheads continue to go after SYSBM practitioners because we point blank refuse to deal with the Buffarilla Squads who have absolutely no problems throwing down regardless of the location.

    These are the violent, masculine looking creatures that we’re supposed to have “game” for? Daggle worshipping and bootlicking simps trying their utmost to doxx MBD just because he’s rightly advising black men to steer clear of these monsters, smh. Shout out to TeamWhiteGirls for alerting me to this Tom Foolery:

    1. Verbs,

      I say nice try to whoever the haters trying to dox Madbusdriver because, some brothers may know his real name.
      But however, they will never get his face. He will always be the man with the Knight Helmet. Why?
      Because Madbus is way smarter than Tommy Sotomayor.
      I know Aaron Fountain try to attempt but failed.

      Remember people hide their face for a reason and we all learned from what happen to Tommy Sotomayor.

      1. Michael MisterTea,

        Speaking of MadBusDriver’s face, he stated in one of his earlier videos on his current channel that his face was revealed in one of those videos. You won’t get me to tell. He’ll remain faceless to most.

        1. Brother Dan,

          Yep if you are a longtime MBD fan, you know his face was revealed in an early video. Smart man though, he knew the daggle and her simp enforcers would come after him, and hid his identity accordingly. Should have distorted his voice as well.


          1. Yep, I know what MBD looks like in one of those videos but as I stated above that any of these daggles and their simp enforcers won’t get me to tell them anything.

      2. Michael,

        Don’t forget out of all people, it was Grand Master Troll. I thought Madbusdriver’s real name is something else, but I rather not say it here.
        I just found out who done it.
        I think GMT pay some consultant to gain access to public record to dox, that is how haters dox. It is not always just a Google Search.

        I notice that in the Europe, we have this GDPR rules so police record is private and confidential. However in America police and mugshot is public by a simple google search.
        It is worse than name and shaming. Haters done this for long time.

        Except for women especially BW because they just purposely put their personal business online.

        Verbs, you need to make a topic about this Grand Master Troll because of his doxxing.

  6. When I saw the wig drop off her head, I went woo! I turn it to Rick Flair at that point. I know that there are more and more of black women wearing weave. When I walk into the street espacailly North West London, when I walk past these Asians shops from Indian to Pakistani, they are selling them weave hard. And these black women are buying it making them rich. Knock off the price of them weave and trust me they’ll get sold out. Black women have a addction of this weave. They are obsessed of wearing something that doesn’t grow out of their hair. As black men see black women wearing this weave, more and more black men will dip out and date non black women.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles come after non black women.

    R.I.P to Angela Lansbury 1925 – 2022



      – Dr. Gerbilface.


    2. Did you see the dude on the sofa looking on his mobile phone? The man didn’t even care. He wasn’t interested.

  7. Damn that first video was cringe. That they let it go on was even more awkward. Imagine having sex with that chick, you pull her hair and it comes off in your hand. LMAO. Sistas be taking self-inflicted Ls. Black Men near-unanimous say they want natural hair yet they do the opposite just to spite us, and look at the results. The host was rightfully laughing at that bish. One of the many problems you eliminate simply by dating and marrying out. Oh well. Passport Bros up!

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! My brothers and I have a group chat on IG where we share funny shorts and other miscellaneous posts with each other, and one of them shared this video; I can honestly say I’ve never seen any other group lose their wigs so much. The host laughing at her is representative of how the world views the BW at this point in time; she’s a joke, and she doesn’t recognize that the world is laughing AT her, not WITH her. To add this installment of “BWs Have No Shame”, Lizzo appeared to respond to Kanye West’s recent comments on her weight, and she, of course, sees nothing wrong with herself:

    There’s a lot that I can say right now, but I want to hear what you guys think about this.

    1. I love how the white liberal Joooo media always pushes these fat black mammies at us while fat-shaming white female celebs to the point they lose weight. Adele and Rebel Wilson are both slim and hot now but Lizzo is the “body positivity” icon. Her in that body stocking playing Thomas Jefferson’s flute or whatever was just disgusting.

      She, an obese black mammy, was playing the (skin) flute of a dead white slaveholder. But dumb b*tches don’t get symbolism, they think it’s an own. But somebody came up with this idea. That’s how wicked these people are.

      1. “She, an obese black mammy, was playing the (skin) flute of a dead white slaveholder. But dumb b*tches don’t get symbolism…”

        Funny you should mention that; it was actually James Madison’s flute, but still, the symbolism of a fat Black mammy using an instrument on stage that was owned by a former president who was a slaveholder is very telling.

  9. Gentlemen,

    Check out this knucklehead, bull ring wearing overweight black female attempting to explain what a “real man” is and does. With the requirements she’s putting on the man, this fat, lazy, fully loaded oil tanker is on permanent cruise mode DOING NOTHING, smh.

    And black women wonder why they’re the least married and least desired. When other black women choose not to speak out against mullet heads like this chicken head, they’ll automatically be lumped in with her which will be their own fault:

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