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Blood Is On Her Hands! #SHORTS


I’m sure many of you have already come across this video, and black women wonder why more black men are walking away from them in huge numbers. As much as most US black men still love black women, I don’t see black men out here creating rap songs talking about taking the lives of innocent black children in the womb.

You want to know the main reason why the US black population has remained at 13% while populations of other ethnic groups within the same country have grown and continue to expand, blame the modern day black female and her prolific addiction to assassinating unborn children for the stagnation.

This is your modern day black woman, the most reprobate and degenerate creature on the planet. As much as liberal white women seek to protect their rights to killing children in the womb, they most certainly are NOT out here rapping about it.

As I stated in my book Negro Wars, the bottom hasn’t dropped out for the modern day black female and her degradation, there is still much worse to come, stay tuned, coming soon to a street near you.

As a heterosexual free thinking black man I value the life of children beginning from conception, this is why I cannot form a confederacy with a group of women who feel no way about snuffing out the lives of the innocent.

Additionally, since I wish to keep my family tree and legacy in continuance, dealing with a group of baby killers is most definitely out of the question.

There are so many reasons why increasing numbers of black men are choosing to throw in the towel on black women and instead opting for traditional, maternal minded, friendlier women of other ethnicities, the issue of abortion for me definitely ranks as a heavy contention and one of the main reasons why I chose to embark upon the SYSBM path.

SYSBM is for the children, most black women clearly have a deep disdain and hatred for them, hence why it’s been concluded that black women cannot be considered as quality stargates and why black men with their faculties together must choose traditional non black women to sire their children with.

The dangers of having an abortion are already known, we don’t need to go there. Black women have the most fertile wombs on the planet and yet they consistently choose to use them as weapons for decadent and evil works, smh.

The most dangerous place for a black child in the US to be is in the womb or the hands of a black female, you better believe it. Walk away black men, simply walk away and never look back.

Finally, listen to the beginning of the video where she keeps repeating the word “murder”, a clear acknowledgement that women in general know EXACTLY what’s about to take place each time they walk into an abortion clinic, smh. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Child Killers, Protect The Innocent

Most High Bless

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38 thoughts on “Blood Is On Her Hands! #SHORTS

  1. Was that her Grandmother in the video?🤣😭🪦💀 The Daggle is hot garbage!!! The blonde wig was the icing on the cake! Anytime you think the Daggle can’t go any lower they will always meet the challenge! Trash ass hoes!

    1. Val Zod,

      Near the end of the video they showed a boot hanging out of the car with “Christ” written on the side and then somebody giving that name the middle finger(1:48-1:50 mark). I keep on telling you that black women are the devil’s right hand henchwomen, that’s some evil garbage right there.

      As commenter Blue Collar Trevor said recently, these black females would jump at dating the devil if he appeared in front of them, smh. Black women love evil works and absolutely hate anything that constitutes as good.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Wow this black woman is singing about killing kids in the womb at the abortion clinic and this is the reason why SYSBM black men like us are refusing to date black women and we are walking away from them for good. This is the reason why the black community cannot be saved and you still have these delusional black men simps telling us decent black men that there are good black women out there and that we are just looking in the wrong places when in fact that bad black women are everywhere. Black women hate black children but I bet you that they will never abort a mixed race child that is half white because that kid has that good hair and blue eyes and these black women want the white lord and saviours kid because the black woman values the white man’s genetics. I am only interested in dating beautiful single childfree non black women and I will only have my future mixed race children with a childfree quality non black women who is also good looking.

    1. Don’t forget Quincy, simps like Aaron will go after you over dating preference and hate on Passport brothers in America, but they will turn a blind eye on this video and endorse it.

      1. Andy C.

        I fully agree with you Andy and I also have a UK passport.

      2. Andy C,

        Aaron Fountain is a dysfunctional black female apologist who holds a deep disdain and hatred towards those black men who point blank refuse to accept any reprobation and degeneracy coming from the black witch contingent.

        This is why he hates SYSBM the most, because we actually advise black men to walk away from black women altogether which in his eyes is an unpardonable sin. To the blue pilled simp, every black man must bow down to and worship the queen of the swamp, the modern day black female, smh.

        1. Verbs, let me fix this:

          Aaron Fountain is a dysfunctional black female.

          There. Fixed it.


    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The black community is dead and black women were the ones who killed it, I point blank refuse to deal with a group of women who take joy in killing unborn children.

      Black women have signed up for fulfilling the agenda of Eugenics against their own people, white supremacists are no longer required now that the black witch is in charge.

      Black men with sense and intelligence would do very wise NEVER to place their seed into one of these child killing monsters.

  3. I heard that there was rumors about this mystery rapper mentioning about how the BW saying ‘Murder in her mind’.
    But nobody provided the video as proof. Until you put it on this website which I like you thank you for providing not just the video, but also the link of the person’s YouTube channel.

    I saw the comments on the YouTube video and some are mentioning about Passports which I do blame them for what they saw.

    Yet, these blue Pillers will go after the likes of Madbusdriver mind you he did not say anything bad about BW, just only advice BM to build themselves up and have opportunities in life and dick police not just normal brothers also declaring war against BM who got passports, but they will endorse this BW’s rap video.

    1. One word: Nasty

      These modern day Black women and those with the mindset of chaos and destruction are an abomination to human life.

    2. MMT,

      It’s all good bro. Black women and other liberal minded females know exactly what’s taking place each time they step into an abortion clinic, these lame arguments about the child not being alive when they carry out the assassination procedure is all smoke and mirrors, they know full well that they are murdering an innocent baby plain and simple.

      Where is Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson on this? As per usual, nowhere to be found but he’ll come out of the woodwork thick and fast whenever he sees a black man dating a white woman, smh.

      1. As for Umah Johnson, he cannot say shit about BM dating White Women anymore because he is trying to clean up his image after he called a transgender women a queen put her on the pedestal on live National TV.

        1. Dr. Gerbilface is a gender fluid individual waiting to come out.


        2. GerbilFace gassed up a trans woman??

          Dr Umar sez:

          1. Michel,

            He gassed up the Transwoman name Hope Giselle.

            What originally happened and Verbs saws this himself.

            It was on national TV programme called ‘Fox Soul’.
            I did not watch the whole video the who panel as it was Umar, Cynthia G, Hope Giselle and other 2 guys debating about the Pro-Black stuff.

            On live national TV, Umah was calling all BW queens and put them all on the pedestal.
            Someone told Umah after the TV show was finish that Hope was a transwoman and Umar got pissed because he called a transwoman a ‘Queen’ and her her on the pedestal. He is also pissed because Hope has this intellectual knowledge, even she is a trans so she is smarter than a normal women which outsmarted him.

            So now me makes a but hurt video about Hope and Hope responded.

            Now he is embarrassing because he keep on putting BW on the pedestal and accidently put a Trans on a pedestal on TV.

            Umah’s Video =
            Hope’s response video to Umar =

            Serve him right because he keep on putting hoes on the pedestal and want thinking brothers to wife up the hoes. Now he got outed on TV.

        3. MMT,

          Calling a dude trying to masquerade himself as a woman a “queen”, Gerbilface messed up royally on that Fox Soul episode. He’s always trying to bootlick and brownnose for the black female contingent, this time that nasty habit came back to bite him in his backside big time. The Black Witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G plus a tranny in the form of Hope Giselle rolling full steam ahead railing against black men and Johnson still had to introduce his “yas queen” garbage into the mix, smh.

  4. Any black negress and white feminists living in states like Texas would move out of there to live in a state supporting abortion.

    I won’t see a white conservative christian woman protesting for pro choice.

    I won’t see a white conservative christian woman rapping about killing unborn babies.

    1. I know she’s lying because she will never abort pookies kids. Daggle women will only abort an kids when the father wants to be in the child’s life. Nothing turns black women more than a narcissistic pookie.

    2. I almost decided to skip weighing in on the topic of the negress and abortions. I have traveled all over the US, and some in Canada. I can tell you that the state of black people under 50, both male and female, is so bad that most really shouldn’t breed, period, full stop.

      In the vast majority of cases, their spawn will become worse scraggle daggles than the ratchet mothers, or worse Pookies than the sperm donor sires. We should not be encouraging these people to breed, period, full stop. We should be isolationg them in da communitah and leaving them to fester and burn in the hell holes they have created for themselves in da communitah.

      From the comments I read from the UK brothers, It seems the same applies to da communitah in the UK. This might just be a phenomenon of English speaking societies with a black diaspora population. I hope it is isolated to English speaking societies. I was recently in France, and I felt a whole different vibe from the blacks walking around in Paris. It felt different from what I feel on American streets. I will revisit France to see if there is something to this.

  5. Verbs,

    You have to be careful with your statements: ‘Black men are choosing to throw in the towel on black women and instead opt for traditional, maternal minded, friendlier women of other ethnicities” and “Black men with their faculties together must choose traditional non black women to sire their children with” because some new blk female YouTuber named Karennie Rose will make a video targeting your statements.

    “Black people are simps for other Races of People #blackwomen #blackmen #passportbros #manosphere”

    1. Who cares what this daggle thinks. Black Men will do what’s best for them. The only people I see “simping” for other races are black hoes who call their white boyfriends “massa” and themselves “slaves” on TikTok, or the many black hoes on Twitter wishing out loud for a white boy. The actual white dudes in the videos are clearly uncomfortable with slave play, fetishizing and Black Male hate.

      I don’t see BM debasing themselves for non-Black women.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Agreed, now is not the time to be cowering in the corner, just look at how much classic masculinity and traditional manhood has already been drained out of black male society by these relegated black harriets and they’re not about to stop the syphoning anytime soon.

        If we as black men refuse to stand up for ourselves already knowing that we have no allies, we’re doomed to reside as just a footnote in the history books.

    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I’m not afraid of any of these disjointed black sirens, they must always be called out on the shortcomings they refuse to deal with. It’s unfortunate and a great tragedy that black women like this always manage to generate the traction and support they need, not only from other members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, but also from weak, blue pilled, pro black simp squads.

  6. Yep, I have heard the rap song before and I did an article about it. How can ayone would rap aboutr abortion? How can anyone rap about something like this. And you wonder why 60 per cent of black men are with non black women in Britain because of this dyfuction. Right, if the woman wants to get an abortion if she has been sexually abused if she was a young girl or incest, then okay but as you hear the song, you just have to shake your head and say “What!?” If a man who has money breeds up one of these scraggle daggles, will do you think that they will abort his child? No way, because that they will put his on child support and he will pay for it for the next 18 years. The ratchet and dysfuctional behavour continues when it comes to these ghetto ratchet black women. And the more black men are seeing this, the more they are abandoning ship!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Black men in the UK done saw the writing on the wall regarding black women from many, many years back and accordingly took drastic evasive action, I’m glad to see more black men in the US finally recognising the monster of a female counterpart they’ve been coupled with for who she truly is and as I’ve stated before, the worst is still yet to come.

      1. Yeah, there is a lot more to come and it’s black women who is goanna suffer a lot. Of all the ratchet shit they have done over the past 40 plus years, it’s goanna come right back in their face.

    1. G!,

      Yep, another new low and the bottom hasn’t dropped out with these black sirens yet, stay tuned, worse is to come.

  7. Dont think that white women don’t know what’s going on between Black men and the daggle. Sure they follow feminist doctrine and fight hard for their “reproductive rights”, but they are a small section of the population. Not to mention white supremacy insists on maintaining majority race status. The daggle also aligns with white supremacy by killing black babies for free for Captain Ice Sheet.

    White women are ready to build with a brother, whilst the daggle will kill you and your children out of existence with zero fucks. “but but but what are we saving ourselves from?!?!”

    1. Michel,

      Black women have the audacity to call us weak and conquered because we haven’t “faced off against white supremacy”, yet here these harridans are already having thrown in the towel working hand in glove with their white lord and saviour General Sleet.

      Killing BLACK children both inside and outside of the womb on the one side, yet on the other having the greater spending power within black society, they’re quick to funnel money out of “da communitah” directly into the hands of East and South Asians, what a joke. #SYSBMFORLIFE

    2. The daggle is completely aligned with white supremacy. But so is the blue pilled black male simp. Take the cleanup man ideology for example. General Blizzard and Admiral Hurricane have engineered the current state of da communitah.

      They have driven the male from the household while giving the daggle just enough resources to keep her brood of fatherless nigglets alive. But it is General Blizzard and Admiral Hurricane, in conjunction with Shaniqua and Pookie, who are behind the crusade to shame productive Black men into cleaning up the mess they have created with the Shaniquas and Pookies.

      General Blizzard wants productive Black men to clean up his Shaniqua and Pookie problem because he doesn’t want to bear the costs. He wants to offload the costs onto productive Black men.

  8. Pro-abortion rap. Black girl magic hits a new low. They’re not killing Enrique or Chad’s seed, though, just the Black Man’s. They want them good hair mixed babies. I guess in this case it’s both Black father and child who are dodging a bullet. Imagine being connected to these demonic, twerking, weave-wearing sheb00ns for the rest of your life lol.

    Even fat, blue-hair, septum-pierced, white lesbian, radical feminists haven’t stooped this low.

    SYSBM remains the final solution for the intelligent, progressive Black Man, gents. Travel, date out, marry out, be free.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I honestly believe that black women are the closest creatures on earth to the devil himself simply because of the fact that they can be so easily persuaded to dive into and engage in degenerate and reprobate activities.

      As much as white and other non black females in the West have their various shortcomings, at least as a whole those women have a line that they will not cross, not this modern day black female however, she’ll always seek to sink lower than the deepest parts of hell and still never be satisfied with the level of evil presented, smh.

      Black men would be doing themselves and their seed a huge life preserving act of justice by keeping both away from these malevolent monsters who unfortunately are our counterparts.


  9. “Black men would be doing themselves and their seed a huge life preserving act of justice by keeping both away from these malevolent monsters who unfortunately are our counterparts.”

    Yessir, many brothers already are. A lot of black women in the USA are shook over “Passport Bros.” Many of these guys haven’t even gone anywhere yet and they’re still bitching on TikTok and Twitter. We brothers can be a hard-headed lot but once the message starts getting through it’s a wrap. Love to see it.

  10. Please bear with me while I do my best to break down what we’ve just seen and heard in this grotesque music video; first, let’s address this song before we break down the video’s imagery. She’s chanting the word “murder” over and over again before going into the chorus talking about how she is “baby daddy free”, she “forgot” to take the Plan B pill, and she has murder on her mind; that’s putting it plainly that abortion IS indeed murder, and I dare any liberal academic or “science supporter” to try and explain or defend this daggle’s video glorifying the practice as such. Also, her verse confirms that abortion is NOT about healthcare, but it’s rather a means for Western females to continue their hoe phase without it being disrupted.

    Now, let’s break down the visuals of this video and the symbolism therein, but understand that nothing you behold in a music video is put there accidentally; this video was shot in a controlled environment. So, while the daggle is chanting “murder”, you see a shot of the Planned Parenthood sign (which signifies that abortion facilities are centers of murder); also note the paint job of the Dodge Charger: half of the car is black, the other half is white; what does this mean? Per Wikipedia, “The contrast of white and black (light and darkness, day and night) has a long tradition of metaphorical usage, traceable to the Ancient Near East, and explicitly in the Pythagorean Table of Opposites. In Western culture as well as in Confucianism, the contrast symbolizes the moral dichotomy of good and evil”*; these colors are also used symbolically within the Masonic rites of initiation (checkered floor design). The red halogen lights give the car a “demonic gaze” as if to match the evil character of the artist and her lyrics.

    Lastly, as a part of her THOT uniform, she’s wearing a pair of boots with “Christ” written on them, and she flips the bird while the camera focuses on that name, which is disrespect to the Lord; is this the type of Black “queen” that Dr. Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson wants us to marry? Is it now clear to the Manosphere janitors what free thinking Black men are saving themselves from? This braud is showing that she is a child of the Devil who rightfully calls abortion by its proper name: MURDER. If she can be so brazen with her glorification of murdering the unborn, just imagine how she feels about it when it concerns adult Black men. #SYSBM


    1. BCT,

      A solid breakdown especially of the symbolism in various parts of the clip. Nothing in that video was put there by accident, it was all deliberately applied in order to convey the devil’s message of death and destruction running this modern day black woman. Those black men who still choose to stick with black women are seriously bewitched, outside of such witchcraft I’ve no idea why any man would want to be around women like this.

      This is unfortunately how most black women think, however most are not as vocal regarding their deep hatred and utter disdain for black children as the witch above, they’ll either go to abortion clinics or alternatively they’ll destroy whatever black children are around them both physically and mentally.

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