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She Told The Truth, No Lies Detected -PT4

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This is the uncomfortable truth that unfortunately most black men refuse to face, the fact that black women as a collective have formed an unholy confederacy with the devil and have dedicated themselves to permanently warring against their own male counterparts even to the point of snuffing out the lives of innocent unborn black male children.

As we already know, The former high priestess of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin alongside her evil sidekick Kendall St Charles aka Breukelen Bleu were some of the first unbridled black harriets to advocate the killing of unborn black male children in the womb.

This same eugenics, kill a black male baby doctrine was later adopted and is still being championed by the Black Witch of Scalp Summit, one Miss Cynthia G who in turn has been quite successful in recruiting additional members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure to subscribe to such a vile, malevolent, reprobate, evil and decadent philosophy.

The problem is most black men who’ve been raised by single mothers have been heavily indoctrinated and programmed to accept the beyond horrible abuse they received at the hands of their evil mothers as normal.

This is why despite most single black mothers continuing to demonstrate their hatred of black men as well as black children, so many black males will still jump up to defend these black sirens even in light of the endless trail of death and destruction black women have left in their wake, smh.

Didn’t I state in my book Negro Wars which has been available since autumn 2015 that the first negative experiences and disparagement young black boys receive is from their mothers? This is why I still have no hesitation in stating that black women as a collective are the worst parents on the planet bar none.

To this day there are so many black men walking around with deep psychological wounds and scars as a result of being raised by dysfunctional black females, regrettably most will never be able to shake themselves out of the spellbound plantation trance they’ve been put under due to years of continuous abuse(physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, mental, spiritual etc).

Notice that none of the pro blacks or the frying Pan African pundits such as Dr Umar Johnson ever touch on the psychological trauma suffered and damage inflicted on black men by black women, however, whenever a brother chooses to get his passport and travel overseas in order to heal himself as well as interact with NORMAL women, Gerbilface Johnson and his black female overlords will come out of the woodwork thick and fast with their unwarranted two pence worth of shaming, insults and guilt tripping language, smh.

Additionally, notice how these folks who claim to love black people never have any solutions as to how they’d be able to form a coalition with a group of females who hate their guts and who have no problems declaring this.

Black men with sense and intelligence will walk away from a group of females who’ve openly declared themselves enemies of their own male counterparts, in this war abandonment of the black witch is the best weapon in the black man’s arsenal in his quest to establish freedom, longevity of life as well as stress free living.

There’s nothing she said in that video that wasn’t true and I’m sure that the black witch’s coven will come after her(they already have) for breaking the code of the sisterhood ie holding black women to account for their foul actions.

The blue pilled, black male simps as well as other black men with no self worth and no self respect will continue to simp and exalt black women to their own detriment, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. No clean up men over here. #SYSBM™ #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Modern Day Black Women Just Aren’t Worth The Trouble, Walk Away And Never Look Back

Most High Bless

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20 thoughts on “She Told The Truth, No Lies Detected -PT4

  1. As per usual, no lies detected.

    Kudos to that nice lady for telling the truth on da divester sistahood, it’s rare that a BW breaks code. These die-vesters are the hoes BM are supposed to “horsetrade” with…hard pass.

    I find it funny that the same group who advocates killing Black male fetuses in the womb are bemoaning the lack of black sperm at the sperm banks. Where do they think this baby juice comes from? The “most educated” don’t seem too bright.

    Seems to me that lack of Black male sperm is choking off Black girls being born before the daggle can choke off Black boys being born. Go figure.

    Lord Destro on YouTube (one of the funniest creators in this space) did a video about it.

    I think it’s great that brothers are denying these witches their sperm, quietly choking off this single babymama madness at the source. Da Brat is in the news for having a baby with her dyke lover from a white sperm donor. Great that Black male baby batter is not involved in that same-sex shitshow.

    Choke them off before they choke you off and take your seed to better stargates to create the New Race. Leave them to cannibalize each other. SYSBM & Passport Bros are the way!

    Happy Friday!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Verbs need to make a topic itself about this sperm shortage from Black Men.
      I going to be honest with you about the sperm shortage.
      There ain’t no sperm shortage from BM because there are plenty supplies from thugs and bad boys. Also from simps in the communitah.

      The reason why they are saying ‘there are shortage of BM’s sperm’ because the Good BM aka Quality men are not donating at all and why should they. They do not these bad females taking quality sperms and put them on child support.
      So no, they can get sperm from Pookies and simps. There are plenty of simps who are will to give sperm. Thugs can breed lots of sperms to many BW.

      Heck, you can have lesbians have a baby together with a BM sperm and put him on child support.

      Members from the ‘Say No to Single mother group’ has a message to SYSBM: ‘Protect your seed’.
      Meaning protect your sperm, do not let these BW take your sperm and get themselves pregnant or else they will put you on child support.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      I’m subscribed to Lord Destro, he drops banger after banger. As per usual with any black man who calls out black female dysfunction, Destro has gone through a number of YouTube channels because of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure and their usual flagging and reporting campaigns aimed at any black man who doesn’t lick their muddy boots.

      I remember when Obsidian first brought up horse trading and negotiating with the daggle, I believe that was shortly after his failed attempt to infiltrate and take over SYSBM. Obsidian can bust switcheroo moves like that because he knows that most black men still desire black women. Negotiate and horse trade with the least married and least desired women on the planet, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      The most dangerous place for a black baby is either in the womb of a black witch or in her stewardship. Demanding black men protect them while at the same time happily snuffing out the black man’s seed, the audacity of these malevolent sirens, you cannot make this stuff up.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I am so fucking glad that I walked away from black women and the black community a long time ago. Pro blacks like Umar Johnson are fucking idiots because they preach this black love bullshit even though black women hate his guts. Verbs you are 100 per cent right when you say that black woman are the worst mothers, wives and girlfriends on the planet and that’s why SYSBM black men like myself refuse to date black women and single mothers and instead we are dating beautiful childfree non black women.

    1. Preach and Bingo. This is why I can’t take black women and white men seriously, they cry about being replaced by people from foreign countries and then go to third-world countries to rape kids LOL.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick:Dr.Umar Johnson is every bit of an idiot like you said and Infinitely Worse.He’s a Weak Ass Pandering,Simp,Beta Male Manginas parading around Pretending to be an Alpha Male.He has to continue doing what he does in order to appease his Black Feminist audience so they will continue to pay him for his Deceitful deeds and services.Talk about the Passport Kings has Slowed down but certainly not the movement.The woman in the video Told the Absolute Truth.As far as I’m concerned,she could have went even Harder against Black Women and that would have been even more enjoyable.

    3. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The case for steering clear of the modern day black female has been proven over and over again, of course SYSBM™ members are the “bad guys” for desiring to avoid females who overall are terrible candidates not only for casual sex but also for long term companionships and motherhood. We’re not talking out of our backsides here, we’ve seen this firsthand for ourselves.

      As for Dr Umar ” Gerbilface” Johnson, note that he still has yet to cuff a queenie, the same group of women he’s constantly singing the praises of. Two baby mothers and this delusional still believes that he has the grounds and the right to castigate black men who chose to expand on their dating options. Gerbilface Johnson is not to be taken seriously at all. By the way, there is still no manifestation of that boys academy from him either, smh.

  3. If sysbm ends up on the headlines of mainstream news, the media would try to target your website if they find out about this somehow.

    Passport bros is a perfect example of what to expect.

    They don’t want safe spaces when it comes to black men, especially on international levels.

    We saw what happened with the black manosphere because they believe in fairy tales of black love.

    In reality, I know a white girlfriend does exist somewhere in the world but black love has never existed ever.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Additionally, it should be added that the fake academic Aaron Fountain with his yellow style journalism also gave us an idea of what to expect from the lamestream media if they ever caught wind of SYSBM™.

      I’m more than ready for the mainstream press and their left slanted, bias journalistic garbage. When dealing with them the most important thing is to stand on your square and never fold(unfortunately we haven’t seen very much of that lately).

      Black women as a collective have never been the allies of black men, right from slavery up until the present day black women have always been the flunkies of Captain Snowy and have thrown black men under the bus at every opportunity that presents itself. Black love, what black love?

  4. White sugar honey: I light up the candles. Come to me, baby!
    SYSBM: I’m coming right now!

    The woman is spot on!

    She explained everything what she said about the ratchet black women. There are some simps out there because they are still siding with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles. Black men are walking the streets suffered from Physical, emotional, verbal, mental even sexual abuse all because of their ratchet mothers that ain’t shit.

    The simps especially the ones on YouTube feels like SYSBM has a hatred towards black women. No, they have tried with black women and it failed. So they decide to go elsewhere and find a honey outside of their race. And these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles can’t do nothing about it.

    If a black man say that he hates black women, he will say that because of how his mother is like towards him. And when he grows up, he can’t deal with a black woman when it comes to relationships or marriage because his mother treated him terribly.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. I realize that as an intelligent , well educated black man who functions very well in society, and who has no problem attracting women of all races, most black females would like to do me harm. Even if I didn’t move thru life with some level of success, black females as a whole would still mean me no good.

    I get it that the daggle is my enemy. I realized that long ago. But I don’t sleep on the fact that the black male simp is my enemy too. I have observed that black males who simp, generally despise other black men.

    The more a black male simps, the more obsessed he is with the daggle. He believes every other black male is after his daggle. Because he thinks all black males are simps like him, he views other black males as competitors for the daggle. Unfortunately, this description applies to the overwhelming majority of black males in America.

    The only thing that makes sense for a black man worth a dsmn, is to give black male simps, scraggle daggles, and da communitah as a whole, as wide a berth as possible.

    1. AméricanBlkMan,

      The blue pilled black male simp has become even more of a curse and a pestilence upon black society than the daggle he religiously exalts and worships. The blue pilled black male simp is the gatekeeper and protector of the black witch as well as her dysfunctional behaviour.

      The blue pilled, black male simp is triggered even more than the black female whenever he hears another black man reprimanding and calling black women out on their dysfunction, he’ll quickly spring into defence action on her behalf falling upon the sword if need be but more time white knighting ie putting himself in the firing line and the chopping block on the black female’s behalf.

      Don’t worry, I’ve got some articles coming up dealing with the blue pilled black male simpleton and his pathetic attempts to defend she which cannot be defended, stay tuned.

  6. I can certainly relate to the pain inflicted by a black mother. Let’s include sisters and aunts in this too, because the ones I unfortunately have are the living embodiment of the type of female described in the article. I can relate to what it’s like being mentally and emotionally wounded because of mistreatment from a very young age. It’s taken me many many years to even cope with the way I was mentally abused by the black female witch coven I’m related to. Black women have each other’s backs even when they know damn well they’re in the wrong. Female relatives who know they can get away with murder are some of the most horrible people you can ever deal with. They don’t care about your age either. Black male = the enemy. I’ve said it before, but there’s a reason why so many black men for years in this country have headed for hills and chose ANY woman who doesn’t remind them of their mothers. Hell, I was even married to a black woman myself once (surprisingly even after all that), but that was the first and last time cos it damn sure ain’t happening again.

    As for this female in the video, whoever the fuck she is, personally I’m just not moved. She’s only stating the bloody obvious as far as I’m concerned. She might as well be saying the sky is blue and water is wet. I notice all these conniving witches on youtube and other platforms act like they’re championing the causes of black men, but I see right through their disengenous bullshit. They’re grifters who have found a hustle and another avenue to get attention and recognition, nothing more. Of course, most black men are dumb and still under the spell, so they still fall for the bullshit flim-flam and anything that will boost their ego as long as she puts on a soft voice and bats her eyes. Eventually, though, these females show their true colours, but in the meantime they’ll accept those generous cashapps until the hustle is over and then we’ll be no good ‘niggas’ again.

    Black women with crocodile tears have only just started to speak up for black men once they start to realise their meal tickets, fallback options and retirement plans are beginning to migrate to greener pastures in the form of other women, whether it be in the west or abroad. These so called ‘good’ ones stood by the sidelines and never said anything for years and only just recently found their tongue once the sleeping giant woke up. I just see it as panic rather than them caring for the survival of the “black community” which is pretty much dead as the T-Rex at this point.

    Nah man, I’m not having it. I don’t care. None of them spoke up for me when I was a little innocent kid so I’m not trying to hear their shit now. They can fuck right off.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I fully understand your position and don’t blame you for seeking love and companionship elsewhere. I’m not subscribed to any women on YouTube who talk about men’s issues as men especially black men need to take advice from other MASCULINE MEN, not females who are listening to what men are saying, going back to their own corners and rattling off the information as if it’s uniquely coming from them.

      Indeed, the black witch coven’s code and creed is very strong, these black sirens have no problems defending the most evil gutter trash members of the sisterhood and take pleasure in throwing black men under the bus to save own of their own black female degenerates, smh.

      There are very few black men who haven’t experienced the wrath of the modern day black female with typically the first overseer of oppression being their mothers followed by other black female family members. You did well, most black men are unable to snap out of the plantation spellbinding trance because of being too deeply programmed and indoctrinated. Breaking free from the black siren’s clutches, your life will only get better from here on out. Keep your head up brother.

      1. Thanks bro. Pressure on coal only creates diamonds. I’ve seen way too many black men end up in mental institutions or on drugs due to suffering the same shit I’ve been through. That will NEVER be me as long as I’m breathing. I got way too much untapped potential to let that happen.

        Despite my anger, I just use what I’ve experienced as fuel for self improvement and it’s paying off big time. Best revenge is success as the saying goes.

  7. Well, we have yet again another member of the Black sisterhood who is spilling the beans on how her fellow straggs really feel; it’s nothing new to us because we have heard it all at this point. The scraggle daggle wish death on us through police brutality and abortion, a variation of the feminist “Kill All Men” directive; in spite of all of the crazy things the straggs say and do, we still have pea brained simps like Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson who will tell us to get with a witch who wants to see us hurt, locked up, or dead. This is why SYSBM is not just for us, but for the children, as well; don’t let your future child become a casualty of the daggle’s jihad against thinking Black men. Get you a stargate who actually wants to give birth to your seed. #SYSBM


      – Dr. Gerbilface


    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      One issue I’ve never heard Gerbilface Johnson or any of these other pro blackity black, frying pan African pundits pose a solution to is how to build up strong black families with a female who enjoys killing the very same children who are a major part and building block in helping to construct and sustain the black families these same pro blacks claim they want. The pro blacks never deal with the major abortion problem within black female society yet they still want you to cuff and impregnate these black female monsters and child killers. No thanks, I’m good, hard pass, exit stage left with the quickness.

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