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Another Pandering Blue Pilled Simp, Smh!

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I’m sure I’ve written some articles on this muddy bootlicker in the past but I can’t remember his name. Time and time again I have to laugh at these blue pilled simp, black male panderers who still believe that black women are “our women”.

As I’ve mentioned many times before as well as in my book Negro Wars, black women VOLUNTARILY transferred themselves to being under the ownership of white men as soon as they took onboard feminism and fatherless home welfare policies back in the 1960s.

All of this talk concerning black women needing black men to make them “feel safe” in order to relax and become feminine is a load of bollocks, black women as per their contractual obligation towards the State must remain masculine and militant towards black men to ensure their white lord and saviour’s kingdom continues to reign supreme.

We aren’t stupid over here, black women love making false proclamations concerning black men constantly “falling short” of where they ought to be, however at the same time black women conveniently omit the inconvenient truth that black men as a collective have struggled to make significant ground precisely because of the black female continually sabotaging and ruining any constructive endeavours black men have attempted to embark upon(again as per the black female’s obligation towards the State).

Black women talk about their femininity being available upon first being provided with “comfortable conditions”, yet right now you can travel to the poorest parts of Eastern Europe, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines, certain parts of Africa etc and find traditionally minded, feminine women in abundance.

The truth is you black female loving, blue pilled, black male simps hate it when other black men of character compare the femininity of non black women to the serious lack of the same within our female counterparts because you know that femininity is a fundamental part of true womanhood.

The modern day black female of the West is a hard headed, violent, incorrigible, uncooperative, belligerent savage by choice through her embrace of mutant feminism.

The black man’s masculinity despite the relentless attacks on it from all sides is the most formidable, robust and solid form of masculinity on the planet. There is a reason why black women and their white male overlords have been working overtime trying their utmost to effeminise and emasculate black men.

As a black man I don’t need to compare my masculinity to that of non black men because for the longest while they’ve been the ones trying their hardest to strip black men of the manhood which to any honest observer they are jealous of noting its superiority to theirs. The black man is the most masculine individual on the planet bar none.

Knuckleheads such as this clown above is one of many reasons why SYSBM™ as well as genuine Passport Bros will continue to grow exponentially. The only black men who care about wanting to see black women change for the better are the blue pilled simpletons who refuse to acknowledge and understand exactly how black women view them.

This pandering simp doesn’t seem to understand that true SYSBM™ practitioners as well as legitimate Passport Bro members aren’t debating black women or any Western women on femininity, we’re simply upping and leaving to seek NORMAL qualities and healthy characteristics in women elsewhere, we don’t want anything from black women.

The S.I.G.N language won’t work on quality men anyway and it’s too late, more black men having finally accepted the writing on the wall that the modern day black female is their enemy have walked off the plantation NEVER TO RETURN.

Brothers, as I stated in 2022 don’t fall for the Okey Dokey, the entire world is your oyster, go where you will be loved and appreciated. There is an abundance of feminine, traditionally minded, non black women who are waiting for you with open arms. #SYSBM™:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Plenty Of Traditionally Minded Non Black Women Out Here Who’ll Appreciate A Black Man

Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “Another Pandering Blue Pilled Simp, Smh!

  1. Bingo. Spot on, no lies detected. Bottom Shelf Brad, Confederate Flag Shaniqua, RSS Man Rajeet, Action Francaise Mutumbu. Hyperborean Rabbi Azov and Oligarch Olev can keep their racial purity fantasies to themselves, not my business, not my concern. How do these simps and hoteps even survive man?

    1. I’ll tell you how they survive: On the couch watching HER kids while she’s at work. It was the first place he had to land after his prison stint, where he found “Bwack Powah!!!!!” through numerous “teachings”. And in order to boost her ego and tame her claws while she contemplates why he isn’t working or having a matching salary, he comes up with new and exciting talking points of her dominance. That’s how I see it. Anyone wanna argue that point?

    2. Brendan Dubalos,

      Most of these simps have to resort to beating their monkeys to porn because the same women they put on a pedestal, exalt and worship refuse to give them the time of day yet alone access to sex.

  2. Verbs,

    I do not like knocking black men who got beards because in the hotep community beards represent black masculinity and I remember someone mentions this months ago on this:

    Every time I see a video with a black man with a huge beard, all I see these guys purposely chop their cock and ball’s off.
    Picture a pre/non-op Transman, you have a pro-black look all buffed up with a beard and having a vagina. Like a mangina.

    The reason I bring this up because these are the same men makes the black male image very poor because of their silly, stupid simping cucking ways and I cannot stand these type of men who represent the black men, video after video seeing them getting pegged up by these BW, putting these 304 on the pedestal.

    Again, I do not knocking men with beards but these men are making it bad for BM and it is embarrasing and it is not funny at all seeing videos like this. They should showing leadership.
    They need to stop listening to Umar Johnson and these false Pan Africanism because the Real Pan-Africanism are Patriarchal, leadership and never take these bullshit from women. Also never put any women on a pedestal.

    As this man on the video, I do not know who he is but he looks like a mixed breed version of Umar Johnson. Probably a Umar clone or a wannabe.

    As for the Umar clone mention how BW need to fell safe.
    Fell safe for what? The BW made it perfectly clear that they rather get ganged raped and get pregnant by Thugs than feel safe with normal BM because ‘feeling safe’ is boring and lame to them. BW love drama, hate and destruction.

    1. Mister Master,

      I do not blame you for this because I saw a countless videos of these pro-black with big-beards doing the most cuckiest hit you can never imagine and talking all pandering to these BW.
      The simping shit is not funny either.

      He does looks like the light skin version of Umah Johnson.

      1. Those gerbils multiply like rabbits, don’t they?


    2. MMT,

      The beard originally represented a symbol of wisdom hence why back in the day predominantly older men were the chief ones who had them. I don’t have any problems with beards either but what I’m finding is so many of these Negroes sporting beards who get on social media and have so much to say have little to no wisdom and are far from being in a masculine frame.

      I’ve forgotten what this clown’s name is but I remember writing an article or two on him a number of years ago on the old website. These blue pilled, pro black simps are the main reason why black women continue to flow deeper into the sewers.

      This guy right here illustrates the importance of black men with worth and value separating themselves from the riff raff, how on earth do men like this expect to see positive change in the black women they so desperately want when they never allow those same black females to be reprimanded and castigated whenever they engage in dysfunctional and questionable behaviour?

      As for Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson, as has already been established through his inability to open up his boys academy coupled with failing to cuff one of these black women he’s always speaking so highly of, he must be looked upon as a joke and a laughingstock, Johnson is not to be taken seriously at all.

  3. Its always a clone of Umar Johnson.

    The truth is black men aren’t allowed to have 100% ownership of black women.

    Even black African men don’t have 100% ownership of black African women in Africa and in the west.

    There is only two areas in Africa where a black man can find traditional values of femininity and masculinity.

    North Africa of the arab region.

    There is a possibility of me finding a white Afrikaans woman if I went on holiday to South Africa in future.

    Only a white Afrikaans woman can actually compete against a white woman from eastern europe.

    Lower divorce rates in South Africa compare to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia and Lithuania.

    The black population in comparison has a lot more higher divorce rates than the white population in South Africa.

    Slovenia has the lowest divorce rate in eastern europe.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The thing with those countries you mentioned in Eastern Europe with higher divorce rates, they don’t have laws in place to disadvantage men in the event of a divorce/separation so the women engaging in divorce culture profit nothing and aren’t able to take the man to the cleaners(which is unfortunate for them, a damn good thing for men though).

      Remember that South Africa is westernised and at one point had the flag of the UK within its own before the flag was changed. Not sure about the white women down there and interracial dating and marriage, that would be something to research.

      The search for a quality stargate continues, I think it would profit you to check out Slovenia at some point since their divorce rate is low. It might also be worth checking out Turkey and other Eurasian countries if you don’t mind those women.

      Finding a quality stargate can be done, you’ll just have to wade through the women who’ve been contaminated by the internet and especially social media.

    2. In Eastern Europe is the opposite of the west. In the west the majority of divorces are file by women. In Eastern Europe the men are the ones filing for divorce the most. Typically it’s and older guy who wants to trade in his older wife for a younger model. So ye it’s not the same. Like verbs said there are no leftist laws in that region that punish men for divorce under any circumstances

  4. Verbs2015,

    What this black male simp fool doesn’t realize, is that every black man is a free individual. Free to choose whatever type of woman he likes. This fool is free too. He’s just too stupid to realize it.

    Black men don’t owe the daggle a damn thing. They have no obligation to provide a home for her, nor to rescue her from spinsterhood. Black men don’t owe da communitah a damn thing.

    We are not hearing that 1960s hotep lying nonsense about a ‘black nation’. It turns out that the hotep ‘black nation’ is nothing but a degenerate cesspool, led by weave wearing daggles and grifters like that gerbil face simp.

    1. AméricanBlkMan,

      You already know the mentality of your average blue pilled, pro black simp, they’re part of the hive mind and believe every black man should be doing as they are ie unconditionally licking the muddy boots of the black witch contingent day and night.

      You’re right, unfortunately most black men are too brainwashed and indoctrinated to realise that they are indeed free to choose who they want to be with. As I keep on saying, most black men cannot break out of the plantation spellbinding trance, they’re done until they hit the grave.

      For their overt treachery against black men black women deserve nothing from us, they’re not entitled to protection neither provisions, let them seek both of those from their white lord and saviour General Blizzard.

  5. Awww how cute the way that white woman blushed and smiled and showed all her teeth when she explained why she married a Black Man. You would NEVER see any belligerent black heffa smile and blush like that over a brother but watch her fall to pieces for Topher and Connor.

    This pander bear simp nigga is pretending that he himself is not trapped within the white man’s Matrix lol. What exactly is he doing to liberate his peepuhs? What is he building so Shaniqua can rest in her femininity? 😀 I for one ain’t building sh*t for these masculine, hard-faced, borderline dyke-ass heffas. The funny thing is they would drop their drawls for Whitey on demand while this simp is out here defending them hahaha.

    It’s always funny to me how these mama’s boy, bitch-made pander bear simp niggas are more mad at Passport Bros than actual biological bitches are….why? We are leaving them with Leslie Jones, Lizzo, Precious and Glorilla, they should be happy 😀

    SYSBM™ & Passport Bros stay winning!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I keep on saying that I get random smiles and greetings from white women all the time, however I’ve yet to have a black female smile or say hello to me out of the blue. A black female will be sure to give me a mean mugging look though or cut her eyes at me without fail.

      This pander bear is your typical simpleton engaging in gaslighting services on behalf of his black female overlords. We already know that most of these pro black shines are useless when it comes to “doing for the community”, they always expect the “lames” and the “squares” to carry out the grunt work while they sit back barking orders like plantation overseers, smh.

      Let these black sirens build for themselves since they are forever claiming to be strong, independent and don’t need men, better still let them build with the same Negroes they love opening their legs to and getting impregnated by.

      1. Verbs,

        Even if you built a castle for these hoes and dug a moat with your bare hands, they will find a reason to be dissatisfied. While you’re out getting more bricks, she’d be getting railed in back by Pookie because you weren’t giving her enough attention. Nobody’s falling for the “protect & provide” Texas Two-Step anymore. Like you said, let these strong, independent, don’t need no man heffas fend for themselves, or let them build with the Pookies & D’Coldests they really desire. The janitors have left the building, no clean-up men here.

  6. SYSBM: It’s a wet night.
    White Sugar Honey: Off course I am!

    Another simps? Oh for goodness sake!

    And you know something? I though that was Dr. Foolmar Johnson. It might be his brother because they look the same. He better go to his mother and ask as her about his long lost brother, Christ!

    We know that there are some black women who will treat a good black man like crap. But they get upset when black men talk about the ratchetness of black women. And when these ratchet black women can’t say nothing when black men say what they say about the ratchet black women, these simps come along and defend these harridans by coming after black men.

    Here this. Why is it always the men and not the women? I have seen this so many times when it comes to these simps coming after black men. We have more and more simps coming out of the woodwork especially in the UK. We have Steve Harvey, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Derrick Jaxn, Bareback Fountain, Woke Poofgressive, D Derailed and all of the simps that are aroud.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      I still remember when that Woke Progressive dude revealed his homosexual escapades, that was something else. Again, only homosexual men concern themselves with where other men are placing their family jewels.

  7. Yes, I remember your articles on the old site of this dude; his name is Mitchell Chance, but he later changed it to “B.F. Nkrumah”. I see no chance of saving blue pilled simps like this guy; this is the same guy who tried to make the case for “consensual rape” in one of his videos. I also remember a Facebook post where he mentioned he went to some business where a Black woman was mistreated, so he donned his “protect Black women” cape and went into the business to confront the one responsible for the offence; you wouldn’t be surprised to hear this, but the Black woman who was there when he arrived called the cops on him! Nothing happened to him, but he felt that what he did was a noble act.

    Now, this fool thinks that White men having governments, militaries, and economies makes them more masculine than us, but these same guys will turn into whiney little brats when a Black man is seen with a White woman; these guys are beta males by nature, so what kind of masculinity is he referring to that we don’t want to compare and contrast ourselves with? This guy is in full daggle mode right now, and I would open palm slap him if he ever came to me with these redundant talking points.

    1. BCT,

      I remember this clown actually did one video back in the day when he snapped out of the plantation spellbinding trance for a brief moment and actually called out the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure on their dysfunction, however that moment was very short lived.

      These pandering simps never learn, whenever the opportunity presents itself they’ll never hesitate to throw on a freshly starched cape in order to “save the day” ie help a black witch evade being held to account for her dysfunctional behaviour for some Scooby snacks and doggy treats, smh.

  8. Verbs 2015.

    I will never ever simp for a black woman. I am only interested in dating good looking quality feminine childfree non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As the saying goes, simping won’t get you access to sex but if your aim is to fill your pockets, black women will pay if you tell them what they want to hear.

  9. Don’t they ever get tired of parroting the same rhetoric? Honestly, I always know what these bamboo eating Pander Bears are gonna say before they even open their mouths. I could easily debunk his b.s. but I won’t bother. There’s tweet going viral of some chick saying black women shouldn’t trust that ‘black queen’ bullshit and calls them all losers. For once, I actually agree with the daggle.

    Black women aren’t feminine because they don’t want to be, end of story. If black men suddenly ruled the world tomorrow, black women would simply move the goalpost like they always do and conjure up some other excuse as to why they can’t conduct themselves as ladies. Other women are smart enough to know that when you’re feminine and support your man, magic happens and they achieve great things. Even white feminists know when to back off and let men take the reins. Black women for some reason just want to remain stubborn, controlling and wallow in perpetual misery. Even on LinkedIn I’ve seen pictures with groups of black men achieving success and the only thing these daggles have to say is “where are the women?” Nothing is ever good enough. They just can’t be happy for you and applaud your achievements if they don’t have full control over it.

    Besides aren’t black women always the ones rattling on about “toxic masculinity” and saying how we want to be like white men and gain power?

    The truth is, black women don’t want black men to run a bath, much less entire societies and I suspect deep down they fear that we’re gonna hold them to account for all the shit they’ve done if we ever got into power, kind of similar to whites fearing we’re going to enslave them if we ever took over.

    Sad to say, but black women for the most part are a lost cause. We tried, but there’s no saving them. Only ourselves. Thank God there’s other women to choose from.

    1. SYSBM Forever wrote:
      “Even on LinkedIn I’ve seen pictures with groups of black men achieving success and the only thing these daggles have to say is “where are the women?” Nothing is ever good enough. They just can’t be happy for you and applaud your achievements if they don’t have full control over it.”

      This is pathetic. I understand why Tommy Sotomayor says all of the worse negative things about the black community, the black race and the black culture as a whole. I bring up Tommy because this is an example of it.

      Here we are you have BW hating on men and now dick-policing BM on Linked In.
      Linked In is a professional version of Facebook.
      Linkedin is for people who have professional careers, records, business and portfolio. Also use for professional networking. These BW should not be even commenting about dating at all as this not a dating site. This is embarrassing for BW even commenting about ‘where is the BW at’ on Linked In.

      But again BW cannot even keep business/professional and pleasure/personal aside as they love to mix it together, that is why you hear haters in America doxxing each other over opinions and getting each other fired over personal stuff. They cannot even wait until they go home, lunch break just to get to the bottom of it, but they bring their personal beef into their workplace and film it like is is some sort of skit/joke but in reality this cost them their jobs.

      1. I used to HATE Tommy Sotomayor back in my time wasting, pro whack days, but the man was right. His delivery may have been extreme at times, but he was actually trying to HELP black women and men in general. It’s just that black women aren’t used to criticism because so they’re so used to scaring weak black men into submission that if one simply tells them NO, all hell breaks loose. If I remember correctly, they and their pander bear simp squad have come for his family and everything.

        And yeah, that LinkedIn shit pissed me off. I know all too well that black women can’t be professional in the workplace when dealing with black men. They can’t even be courteous. We’ve all seen and experienced them in customer service positions where they will smile and kee-kee with a white customer, but the minute they serve you that smile disappears, there’s no greeting or even eye contact. Working with them is another pain in the ass, especially when they don’t like you.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      The Most High foresaw that the black witch would heavily derail so I believe that he opened up the door for other races of women to swoop down and scoop up the “lames” and the “squares” black women said and still say they don’t want as well as brothers worth their salt in like manner being welcomed by said non black females.

      The bottom line is black women don’t appreciate good black men, therefore it makes no sense for black men who are worth a damn to stick around trying to persuade them otherwise.

      1. Verbs2015,

        LOL even Filipina women have been saying that if black women don’t want these lames, squares, nerds etc then they will happily take them off their hands. Joan J on youtube is a Filipina woman who has incurred the wrath of daggles and knows where black men are coming from and defends us all the time – that woman is a WARRIOR lol. In fact, Filipina women seem to understand our position the most because they were attacked by daggles out of jealousy, but they aren’t the quiet weaklings black women thought they were, so it backfired when they clapped back at black women and gave them some home truths lmao. It was so beautiful to see.

        Other women are just happy to have a man who is healthy, working and a good dude in general. I’ve heard a lot of them say they can’t even understand what more black women want…? As they say, one person’s trash is another one’s treasure. I’m more than happy to be a “square”.

        And despite all the fruitless attempts of black women and mainly white men trying their best to make us look undesirable and acting all giddy whenever a random tiktok/youtube video of some unknown non-black woman (usually unattractive anyway) saying they don’t like black men, there’s way too much receipts showing otherwise that women in many countries are very open to the thought of dating and marrying black men.

        This is why I like watching vlogs of good, successful black men travelling and just making positive moves in general because we get to put out our own messages and change our image and even more importantly, young black boys will be inspired by it and see there’s other cool ways you can move through life without be a thug. Women of other races can see this and it arouses their curiosity. A good brotha RIP who sadly passed away a couple of years ago (look up Moses, the brotha who could speak multiple languages) was one of my biggest inspirations.

        Black women simply don’t deserve good black men.

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