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Black Men, Stop Falling For The Okey Doke!

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Gentlemen, feel free to discuss the content of those videos above, however I’m going to address an issue that isn’t really being talked about by many black men. It’s extremely disappointing to see contingents of black men falling for this obvious and blatant scam, however since large swaths of black men are simps and believe in black women so much, such actions are to be expected.

What are you talking about Verbs? I’m talking about black men going onto panels with black women believing that black women are genuinely interested in having a conversation with them, when in actual fact these interactions are simply part of the witchcraft, sorcery and trickery black women are using to keep black men locked in conversation so that they don’t leave the plantation.

This Kansas City Shuffle is obvious to me, as black men the more time you spend conversing with these black sirens, the more time is wasted that could’ve been spent engaging in more constructive endeavours and activities.

Oh what, you pro black female, blue pilled, black male simps really thought that you were getting somewhere hosting panels and bringing black women on or vice versa, what a joke.

The scheme and trickery is a simple one handed down to the black witch by her white lord and saviour Admiral Frost who has been noticing a growing stir amongst contingents of black men concerning the continued dysfunctional antics of these modern day black females.

More black men are getting tired dealing with a bunch of violent, rebellious, belligerent, hostile, uncooperative, morally lacking savages and instead are choosing to take their chances seeking out sex, love and companionship elsewhere.

Therefore Field Marshall Slush alongside his black female flunkies have devised a scheme to have black men and black women get together on podcasts and panels discussing the same old issues that black women already have point blank refused to address, yet at the same time craftily black women have created the illusion that headway is being made in terms of repairing black male/black female relations.

Unfortunately many black men are falling for the Okey Doke, being bewitched into believing that there’s hope that black women will see the light and change their ways for the better when in actual fact those same black men once again are being played like a games console.

I’ve stated this so many times before, black women as a collective hold to the slave master’s mentality, they view black men as their property, thus as far as black women are concerned, they’re far above reproach as well as being scrutinised, critiqued and examined by their SLAVES.

Black men who jump onto panels, livestreams and podcasts with black women believing that some sort of progression is being made in mending the massive rift between black men and their female counterparts are simply deluding themselves.

Black women, PUAs, dating coaches, blue pilled, pro black simps and Captain Euro have formed an unholy confederacy trying their utmost to prevent black men as a group from awakening and snapping out of “da communitah” spellbound trance.

Whenever you black men with sense and intelligence see these other dudes on panels, podcasts and livestreams with black women going back and forth, know that the entire setup is a carefully thought out and orchestrated racket designed to keep black men engaging in conversation after conversation(going nowhere) so that they remain on the plantation FOR LIFE.

Something else that needs to be pointed out, just remember when black women had the media floor exclusively, don’t forget that they never once invited black men into their circles to discuss these many issues, however in 2022 so many black men unfortunately are suckers and so desperately want to see black women change, they’ve completely forgotten(or deliberately chosen to ignore) the permanent closed shop hostility they encountered in previous times.

Black women already know that most black men will remain loyal to them only despite the various issues and complaints many black men have been raising concerning the black female’s unhinged and loose cannon behaviour, thus black women have no problems taking full advantage of this knowledge and using it to their benefit.

True SYSBM practitioners however are cut from a completely different cloth, we see from 10 miles away the various rackets, scams, scheming and Jedi mind trickery the modern day black female employs and can call them out without hesitation warning other black men who choose to listen concerning the perils and dangers ahead.

Gentlemen, continue entertaining yourselves with these bread and circus monkey show theatrics as over and over again you repeatedly witness unlearned and unwise Negroes forever getting suckered into the black female’s vortex of lies and deception. As the late Dr David Carroll stated, “no hope, no change for the Negro”. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Fall For These Black Male/Black Female “Conversation” Scams And Tricks

Most High Bless

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27 thoughts on “Black Men, Stop Falling For The Okey Doke!

  1. Exactly Verbs, tell em!

    Not interested in watching or taking part in highly suspect panel chat show podcasts (promoted by YouTube, wonder why?) where the back and forth with Dagglestanis is eating up a lot of time that could have been spent building a legacy for themselves.

    Also when BW had the floor thanks to the corrupt media, the phrases “nighas ain’t shit”, “nighas ain’t doing right”, “where da baby daddy at?” where was the right of reply for Black men???

    Enough talk and lets get on with living a Daggle-free life. Move up North if you have to (or overseas, learn a language and start a family).

    1. Michel,

      This is what it’s all about, having black men go around in circles so they never make the actual move to leave the plantation for good.

      I remember the late 80s, 90s and early 2000s very well when black women had the complete run of the media yard and had no problems berating, disparaging, mocking, laughing at and ridiculing black men at every opportunity that presented itself.

      Now I’m supposed to believe that these same malevolent black harriets all of a sudden wish to make amends and form a confederacy while still openly declaring n****a ain’t s**t, get outta here with that rubbish, I wasn’t born yesterday.

      That being said, I am glad to see more black men in US are finally waking up to the scam and leaving in their droves having finally recognised they’ve been played like a fiddle and been given an extremely raw deal.

      1. It’s like when you’re plane arrives too early to the airport and they make the pilot circle around and keep circling until they get permission to land accept in this case the passengers will never get off the plane because the pilot has no intention on landing

      2. Yes, 100% Brother Verbs! Remember those disrespectful songs by that whore, from X-scape, oooooh, she wrote the song for TLC, I don’t want no scrubs! Oh yes, Kandi Burruss. My Good God and that other song from Destiny’s Child, Independent Women, just to name but two! We were all in for the high jump as youngsters in the 1990s listening to such demoralising songs as young black women. It was the evil of black feminism of the highest order. I cannot believe I was that stupid to enjoy such trash when I was younger. Thankfully, the Most High saved me from that evil foolishness and never, ever ended up living like those women!

  2. Verbs!! I second that motion!! I have nothing to say after this outstanding commentary. You read my thoughts exactly. Another classic bro!! RESPECT!!


    1. Melek Taus,

      Appreciate the kind words brother. I see very few black men calling this scam out and too many accepting it as a genuine gesture.

  3. This is a very good topic and I like these topic where you go hard on Black Men instead of Women because of too many simps and blue pillers need to be called out. These are the one who enabling these women just like Derrick Jackson.

    My input on this is that these simps in the manosphere especially rappers on the live broadcast radio and podcast is they think that they can negotiate and debate these 304s. You cannot debate these BW.
    I do understand that these BM simps trying to be cordial with these BW but they fail to realise that these BW will never acknowledge the mess in the Black Community such as picking bad boys instead of good men. Being liberal/feminist and single mother as a choice.

    This is just a waste of time for these simps to talk to these BWs. I do not even bad for these simps who subscribe to BM hating females like Cynthia G and Paris Milan.

    I know Akwesi made a videos about these simps who go on these BW’s live stream like Divestors channels to have a debate. I agree with Akwesi that he, I and some brothers here trying to understand why the hell these simps want to join in these man hating BW’s panels anyway. What these simps trying achieve by joining in these BW’s livestream? They are certainly not getting laid from these swirlers and divestors anyway so it is pointless.
    To be truthful Verbs there are something wrong with these beta male simps who goes onto Swirlers/Divestors’ livestream to chat. These BW have got nothing to talk about so these simps should stay away from these BW.

    I said again that the only time BM and BW come to an agreement is when the whole Western System Change. Until then, I got nothing to say to these BW.

    As for these hoteps talking about ‘We should start building’ or ‘We got to start somewhere to get BM/BW together’. I hate when these hoteps use the term ‘we’. There ain’t no ‘we’, it should them them, not thinking BM because we are no janitors here.

    And the hell with this ‘come together’ because before the Red Pill and Internet, White Men had this Men’s Rights Activists and Fathers for Justice which we had in the UK. Those Cuck of the legal system tell them to go f#ck themselves because women rules. Also in America the Black Community had Detroit 300 who fix and made Detroit a safe place, but the Black Feminist destroy Detroit 300 and Detroit in the Black Community is a shithole thanks to the BW.

    These simps need to stop talking to BW and stop going on panels with BW because you cannot change BW which most hoteps said which they are right that BM cannot change BW. Even Robert Mugabe said is himself that god made BW more natural than White Women but BW do not like it so BM adopt WW style (hair, makeup and European styles). So if god cannot please BW, then what make simps can?

    Also any BM who call themselves SYSBM and going on BW’s livestream are fake SYSBM because practitioners will not talk to these BW at all, thinking brothers has got nothing to say to them and waste of time.

    This is why we have MGTOW, Red Pill and SYSBM.

    1. MMT,

      I would NEVER go onto a swirler/divestor livestream broadcast. Overall it’s clearly a waste of time for black men to go onto black female livestreams and podcasts because black women have already made their position clearly concerning black men as well as their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost.

      Nothing more needs to be said, simply treat those podcasts and livestreams for the bread and circus monkey show entertainment soap operas that they are and keep it moving. Let the simps listen to black women and build for the black females they claim to love and care for.

      I just find it funny how these hotep/slowteps simps will go out of their way to berate those black men who have chosen to go elsewhere over actually lifting their fingers up to begin “building” for “da communitah”.

      True SYSBM practitioners have left the black community never to look back recognising it to be a hopeless pile of ashes and rubble that can never be rebuilt or restored.

      1. The Black community is indeed a pile of rubble and ashes. Black males do not like Black females and that is fine. All Blacks should marry out but as pointed out here Black Women have the most difficult time. The lack of resources and moral standards along with the absolute lack of an alpha male Father/Husband in the formative stages will not allow Black Women to thrive. As for Villagers who are uneducated and desperate they are easy to marry even with limited resources but they will change as soon as they hit American soil and find out there are better options available than lower class Black men.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I am so glad that I walked away from black women and the black community a long time ago all the way back in October 1998 when I was 16 years old. I never ever go on these panels with these black women like these simps do because I value myself and according to black women their opinion of black men is my way or the high way and this is the reason why I refuse to date black women as a SYSBM childfree black man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The black communities both in the UK and the US are broken relics that cannot be restored as long as black women still remain in the midst of both as they(black women) were the ones who destroyed the so called black community in exchange for dainty treats and State benefits from their white lord and saviour Field Marshal Frosty.

      I’m always happy to see black men like yourself and especially the younger generations finally recognising their true worth and value, packing their bags and leaving the plantation for good.

      Go forth and find yourself a quality, attractive, child free non black woman who you can begin a family with.

  5. The woman who was talking about her dating non black men, let me tell you something. If a non black man sees a black woman like this if he’s goanna date a black woman, he’s not goanna choose this ratchet black woman talking on the mic. The only non black man she can get is a below average non white man who is a bum like Pookie and Ray Ray. Not a Nice Guy Nick who has has a big house in Watford Town Centre, Hertfordshire, a Mercedes Benz S500e, earning over £100,000 a year and dressed decent. She can’t get a man like Nice Guy Nick because he will look at the ratchet black woman and reject her because he’s not with the ratchetness.

    The second video when the man says that when the women have children with the worthless man, I agree on that. If a man who work is ass off and he sees a woman that has a child or children with hopeless dude or worthless dudes, he needs to stay away from that danger zone. No man with who is childless no matter what colour of the man, he should never, ever be in a relationship with a woman that has children. That is mad. Why should any man raise a next man’s child? That’s not his duty. And there are some people will say that “That’s the man’s choice!” But he needs to make the right choice.

    Simp: The pickney want a new father!
    Me: You must be mad!

    Men are the prize yes. But the man who is the prize is the high value man. The thing is that the high value man is a very rare thing just like the good black woman. The high value man is like a unicorn. You don’t see one very often. It’s like a rare sports car. It’s made in small numbers. If the high value man sees these ghetto ratchets, he’s not going near them at all. If a woman is goanna look for a high value man, it’s goanna be difficult thing for her and it’s much harder for a black woman looking for one as well.

    Black men are walking away from the ratchetness. Look at the UK. 60 per cent of black men have now made into an interracial relationship. When I was living in Watford, I have seen black men with white women and having families with them and even marrying them. And there some black men who are with biracial women as well. I know that black men want black women but some of these black women want the bums, the low life and the hopeless man, especially if he’s white, good grief!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      As always I have to take my hat off the UK black men, we read and accepted the handwriting on the wall a very long time ago regarding black women as a collective and how they were and still are a State sponsored evil force working against us.

      I’m also glad to see more US black men are now beginning to accept the truth hence the exponential recent growth of the Passport Bros movement. Black men with their heads screwed on straight need to establish daggle free zones, our lives as well as the lives of our children depend on it.

      1. I always take my hat of them as well. They want something from a woman and the black woman wasn’t giving them something and that is peace. The scraggle daggle ghetto hoodrats is making black men miserable because of her ratchet ways. So black men have no choice but to date foreign black women whatever it’s African or Caribbean or non black women. And black UK men are taking the interracial route! Black American men has had enough with these ghetto ratchet harridans. They are taking their passports and they fly off to another country. They must of wish Concorde was flying still because they wanna leave the country quick!

  6. Blackistan men are only available to negress females.

    She thinks she has many options on divesting but most non black men don’t want them.

    Black men have many options dating out.

    But blackistan males don’t have any option cause they want race purity.

    I’m not interested in black race purity at all.

    I understand white race purity cause the white population is becoming a minority in western societies.

    By 2042, I don’t want to imagine what the west will look like.

    I’m spending more time learning Dutch everyday.

    I would go Dutch on dates with white becky.

    Hopefully by 2025 or 2029, there will be a new nation I can permanently move to after separation from Belgium.

    1. Witwijf,

      Black women stay holding onto an Alice in Wonderland delusional mindset for life, no Indian, White or Hispanic man worth their salt is going to tolerate a tranny looking black female’s fake hair, raptor claws for nails, thick layers of makeup, fake eyelashes in conjunction with a sassy, off the chain mouth and a mucky attitude, it’s never going to happen.

      As I’ve stated over and over again, outside of black men no other race of men are willing to date black women en masse, NONE. As has been pointed out, the only close, reliable and viable option for the Blackistani female is the Blackistani male.

      The Western dating market has turned into a cesspool of degeneracy and corruption and Western women are the ones responsible for its current rundown state.

      As it currently stands, the most viable and sustainable long term option for the quality Western man if possible is to find a quality woman overseas.

  7. They all scam podcasts especially fresh and fit podcast. Even Andrew Tate is a scam “masculinity” podcast always taking about “frame”. There is no way you can form a group with a race of women who openly brags about aborting her child at am records clip.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      Fresh And Fit clips occasionally will come up in my recommended watches, I simply look at their interactions with Western women as a warning and an advertisement for men in the West(especially black men) to get their passports and seek out love and companionship elsewhere or at the least to avoid contaminated females.

      As for Andrew Tate, whenever the mainstream media attempts to paint somebody as a villain, most of the time they turn out to be a force for good that is needed by the people but one that most certainly isn’t wanted and is vehemently hated by the powers that be. Anybody who stands for the truth and exposes lies is an enemy of the State as standard.

      Remember, this is the same lamestream media that’s tried its hardest to paint Putin as an evil dictator. Sure, Putin isn’t perfect, however it’s the West that has continually instigated trouble with Russia, not the reverse.

      I do believe that some of these podcasts may overcomplicate masculinity, not putting up with any garbage from women is a trait of being masculine, recognising yourself as an authority over females is also on the right road to being masculine.

      Refusing to be emasculated and effeminised by any woman especially a black female again is on the right path to being masculine. Setting standards, sticking to them, setting goals and achieving them is also a masculine trait.

      There are so good podcasts out there that actually deal with real issues and provide viable solutions to everyday problems, you simply have to use discernment and wisdom in determining the good from the bad.

      What we do know however is these podcasts with black men and black women such as the above are indeed a fraud as black women as a collective have already clearly established exactly how they look upon and feel about black men, not very favourably would be an understatement, hence why they must be avoided at all costs when and where possible.

  8. I also noticed some of these passport brothers having collaborating live streams with these ABW content creators as well non-Black female content creators which is not true SYSBM. These cats are playing with fire & as the article stated will get burned & be in for a rude awakening. Let’s be honest brothers only a small fraction of FBA/ADOS Brothers will live permanently live overseas & find a wife & build an empire or new Asgard. The majority of passport brothers are weekend warriors or spend at the most ten days in a country at least three times a year. The rest of the year they are engaging ABW in Negroland or Blacknstain or engaging non-BW throughout the Matrix USA. Right now I am in Italy heading back to the matrix USA for the first time since October 3. I am back for family as it is Christmas & New Year’s & once that ends it will be either back to South America or Asia in January to set up shop permanently. With that being said, most Passport Brothers would not think of leaving Negroville & the Matrix USA like me & a remanant of Black Men have done.

  9. I’ve seen that first clip before, but not the latter part where the Black dude spoke; as for the other two clips, they’re not saying anything we didn’t already know. Here’s the folly of even going on these podcasts to begin with: the brothers in all of those clips are literally arguing the facts, data, and statistics that vindicate our side with a collective of broken females that are hell bent on staying in La La Land for eternity. Newsflash to thinking Black men: we’ve already won the battle! Where’s the sense in arguing with the loser that you’re the winner?

    SYSBM Tenet #23 says, “THE SYSBM brotherhood WILL NOT BE NEGOTIATING NOR HORSE-TRADING WITH ANY BLACK WOMEN ON ANY LEVEL AT ANYTIME, black women have chosen their particular path, in like manner SYSBM brothers have chosen theirs. Both pathways are completely opposite to one another and thus cannot be meshed together”. Either you’re saving yourself, or you are saving the communitah; there is no compromise between the two. #SYSBM

  10. Brothers – avoid the Jedi mind tricks from those inhabitants of the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and Wokeistan).


  11. The ABSOLUTE best recipe for this is to COMPLETELY IGNORE DAGGLES. I am to the point where I do not even make eye contact at the checkout line in the grocery store. It will add many years to your life, brothers. And you mean to tell me you got dudes on so called podcasts and panels having 5 hour discussions with these savages????!?!?! “Black men are dumb!!!” R.I.P David Carroll and SYSBM until the casket closes.

  12. You men are reaching…you only get the ugly nonBlack women…no pretty woman would date a man of your mindset. You get the fat back Marias or the honey booboos.

    1. Selfhatesimps,

      TikTok dispelled that “you black men who date out can only get with the fat and ugly rejects of non black female society” mantra, nice try though, smh.

    2. selfhateSIMPS,

      If Black Men only get the ugly non-black women, why are black hoes on TikTok so mad when Black Men post their pics and video of their FOREIGN non-black women? Why do they make TikTok videos to respond? SYSBM and Passport Bros for the win.

      Happy New Year!

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